by Bad Barrett

Chapter 3 - David Is Dressed

Feeling some underwear being pulled up my legs and deciding that anything would be better than being naked. I tried to assist by lifting my hips from the table, the briefs though seemed too tight for Sarah to pull up on her own. After some failed attempts she swung my legs off of the table and with her pulling on one side of them and Dolly the other, gravity finally dragged me down into them. Feeling the waist band grip tightly above my hips I wondered how I would ever get them off! The painful vice-like feeling of my genitals being crushed into my stomach by the taunt fabric was suddenly relieved by Sarah reaching down and yanking my genitals through a hole in the front of the briefs. As I was maneuvered back onto the table, I managed to get a glimpse of my new underwear. They were made of a shiny white material which pressed into my skin tightly. My penis and testicles jutted obscenely from a reinforced hole in the front, the edge of which seemed to get even tighter as it restricted the blood flow out of my genitals. A cold gust of air informed me that there was a similar hole in the rear for what purpose I dreaded to think.

This time Sarah slid me down to the bottom the table folding my knees over the edge, pulling my ankles apart she taped each to a leg of the table. With my own weight and Dolly still holding me down my arms were useless, I was effectively immobilized. Sarah then fed my genitals into something and pulled it down attaching it on to the ring. It began to whir faintly then compressed my testicles into a tight ball while I yelped through the gag. Then something gripped the base of my penis tightly, pausing for a moment the device then began a rippling sensation, pulling the head of my penis along a tube lengthening my shaft painfully in the process. My terrified mewling emerging from the gag, I began to panic sure the device wouldn't stop until it ripped me apart! Suddenly the sensation ceased and I felt a ring grip me just under my head holding me at my new length. Feeling cold air flow across the top of my now stretched and highly sensitive penis, I realized that it must have been pulled all the way through the device attached to my briefs, I managed to raise my head just enough to see what had been done to me. My penis had been stretched out to at least seven or eight inches and was held away from body at a 45 degree angle by the black restraint which engulfed it. The device had obviously been made to look like a real set of male genitals complete with veins and such. Sarah completed the device by fastening the separate lifelike head over my own into the shaft of the device, I felt it click securely into place, my penis was now completely hidden away!

"Okay David, thoughts of escape are probably starting to occur to you now."' They hadn't, I was still too shocked to be thinking clearly enough for that. "But let me make this clear, if you do not do what you are told when you are told to do it this will happen." she pressed a button on the little remote she was holding, the interior of the device attached to me suddenly became filled with sharp points all pushing into my crushed scrotum, my stretched out shaft and across the head of my penis. I screamed louder and longer than I had since the ordeal had begun, cold sweat broke out all across my body. As she pressed the button again and the pins retracted, I began to shake all over with shock at the agony inflicted on me. "I trust that will be enough of a demonstration?" I nodded weakly, anything but that again. "Good now there are a number of these controllers so don't think about trying to steal this one, also if you leave the manor grounds your cock ring will automatically activate."

"Now that unpleasantness is over we should finish getting you dressed, it's not as though we have all night. Dolly if you please."

"Yes Milady," Dolly replied, this was the first time I'd heard her say anything, except the childish giggles she let out every few minutes, her voice didn't make her sound any more mature though as she sounded just like a petulant teenager. "I think this would be simpler if he was flat on the table though."

"Okay well if you think that is best." My torso was lifted up and my arms freed, any thoughts of resistance I might have had were quashed by the sight of the remote in Sarah's hand.

"I'll strap him down though just to be safe, I don't want him squirming whilst I do it." Dolly said reaching under the table. Do what? My mind raced, well whatever it was it couldn't possibly hurt more that Sarah pressing that button again I reasoned. Dolly was happily strapping me to the table now, looping the strap around the underneath of the table back across my lower chest pinning my elbows to my sides and me to the table. Next she put one across my forehead forcing it against the hard wooden surface. Grabbing what looked like a little make up case from under the table she selected a pair of tongs and a little gun. Sticking the tongs into my still wedged open mouth she fastened them to my tongue and pulled stretching it out of my mouth. She then attempted to do something to it with the gun but couldn't seem to get the right angle, without hesitation leaving the tongs locked onto my tongue she hopped up on the table to sit astride me. Her tight skirt riding up from mid thigh as she settled herself down on my stomach, feeling her pubic hair brush across my navel she I discovered she wasn't wearing any underwear. Despite the ordeal I'd been through or perhaps as the result of it, I started to feel myself press painfully against the inside of the device on my genitals. The combination of Dolly's pubic hair brushing my now hairless stomach and her breasts looming inches from my face, caused my body to send signals my loins had to obey. Wearing a look of absolute concentration that was almost comical on a face as wide eyed and pouting as hers, she tried to get the tongs and gun positioned correctly. Finally she managed it and with a quick smile of satisfaction pulled the trigger, I felt my tongue jerk slightly as something pierced it accompanied by a quick burst of pain. She removed the tongs and I ran my tongue around my mouth, discovering there was a hollow metal tube with rounded edges stuck through it about a half inch from the tip. She'd pierced me!

Reaching out of my line of sight she picked up something and popped it into my mouth the sudden cold informing me it was a large ice cube.

"Suck on that it'll stop the swelling," she said. Working quickly she started to pull at my nipple I felt another flash of pain, then the new sensation of something being pulled through it. Followed by a click as she locked whatever it was in place, she quickly repeated the process on the other nipple.

Then perhaps sensing that I wasn't exactly upset about her presence on my chest, giggling slightly she switched herself around so she was facing my feet and lowered her vagina to within a inch of my face. Removing any doubt about whether she was wearing underwear or not, bound to the table as I was there was no way I could do anything but smell her musky aroma though, as the pressure in my crotch increased yet again.

"Try not to enjoy yourself too much will you?" I heard Sarah complain but I've no idea if she was talking to me or Dolly, perhaps both.

I was so distracted by Dolly displaying her well-trimmed vagina to me that I barely noticed her pulling at my belly button, until the now familiar flash of pain informed me I had just received my fourth piercing.

I know I should be outraged at being pierced without my consent, but it just didn't seem to matter that much given everything else that was going on. Dolly climbed down and unstrapped me letting me raise myself up to inspect the additions to my body, she quickly swabbed something that smelled like rubbing alcohol across my chest and plopped another ice cube into my mouth. In each nipple I had a little silver bar bells ¾ of a inch long with little rounded ends ¼ inch across and in my navel nestled a ¾ inch diameter gold ring.

My inspection was halted when Sarah pushed me back down onto the table, wiping the rubbing alcohol off of my chest with a cloth. Looking up I was shocked to see Dolly hovering above me holding what appeared to be a pair of mammoth fake breasts in her hands! Turning them so the flat bottom was facing me I saw that the back seemed to be covered in white grease paper, except for two holes which looked to be located in line with my nipples. Sarah ripped off the backing paper. Dolly began slowly lowering the breasts onto my chest, taking care to ensure the two holes fell exactly over my nipples. As the rest of the fake chest settled onto mine I realized that the back was covered in glue which bonded them to my chest! Satisfied that they were placed correctly, Sarah pressed another button on her little remote and I felt two clicks as something inside the fake breasts fixed itself to the piercings in my nipples. Pulling them slightly away from my body as it did so, Sarah and Dolly then took great care to make sure that there were no air bubbles stuck under my new mammaries. As I shifted my weight slightly I felt a pull at my nipples, round weights had been placed at the front of the breasts just inside from the nipple and the rest of them filled with some sort of gel. The weights were attached somehow to my nipples so that when ever I moved the breasts shifted realistically pulling tightly at my nipples as they did so. Looking down at myself once more I realized that they had matched my skin tone almost exactly, and aside from a barely noticeable line where the edges were they looked like a real pair of 36E's attached to my chest. Looking closer I noticed that the fake nipples had been pierced in exactly the same way as my real ones!

Sarah slapped my new breasts a couple of times experimentally, drawing grunts from me as my nipples were pulled. "Oh my Zoren outdid herself with these if I didn't know better I'd swear they were yours. You really should have been nicer to our little Miss Zoren by the way, I think her dislike of you inspired new heights of sadism from her when she was designing your wardrobe." Zoren? Who was that? I racked my brain for her, then I remembered Crookshank’s menial she disliked me? I'd barely spoken to her; one after all didn't converse with menials. Reaching behind my head she undid the gag, giving me a chance to exercise my cramping jaw, my tongue seemed a little swollen from the piercing but I could probably speak okay now.

"From now until the show finishes you are the lowest of the low, do you understand?" I nodded. "Say it!" she commanded.

"Yes I understand," I admitted quietly.

"That's yes Milady!" she shouted into my face.

"Yes Milady." I said louder now.

"That's good from now on anyone you address is either Milady or Milord got it?"

"Yes Milady."

"You will obey any instructions you are given by anyone you meet in the manor."

"Yes Milady."

"From now on your only name is Wench you will answer to no other."

"Bu..." I began intending to protest this, stopping in mid word as she raised the controller and pointed it at me. "Yes Milady." I finished weakly, I felt something inside me break as I gave in so tamely to her will.

"Good, it seems that you aren't completely useless." She freed my ankles from the table with a couple of quick snips of the scissors and again I felt the stomach clenching feeling of something being ripped from my skin. She began dusting my legs with talc making sure she got an even covering, then I felt something being pulled up my leg it was awfully tight whatever it was taking considerable effort by Dolly and Sarah. Eventually it was on encasing my left leg completely to mid-thigh; repeating the procedure on my right leg they stepped back to admire their work. Both my legs where tightly encased in the same shiny white material as my briefs were made out of, the feeling of my legs being tightly wrapped like this wasn't completely uncomfortable I had to admit. Taking a foot each they quickly forced my feet into a pair of black platform high heels, the little padlocks fastening the straps letting me know that they wouldn't be removed anytime soon.

"Stand up Wench," she commanded, barely hesitating I swung my legs down off of the table and put my weight on the heels locked onto my feet. Toppling forward as I underestimated the height of the heels my legs now two inches longer than usual due to the platforms, I stumbled across the room. My legs seemed to be moving slower than usual as the tights on them resisted my attempts to get my feet under me, and breasts bouncing up and down on my chest were pulling painfully on my nipples. I reached the other side of the room smacking into the wall head first. Dolly and Sarah having both burst into fits of laughter, reddening rapidly I managed to hold myself up against the wall as I tried to reposition my legs underneath me. The angle of the heels combined with the unusual weight at my chest kept throwing off my balance, every little stumble pulling on my nipples as my breasts bounced around. I got myself balanced in the end, standing as much as I could on the front of my feet I needed to keep my shoulders pulled back constantly or I'd overbalance again. This of course pushed my breasts out in front of me, so slowly I made my way back to the table with them bobbing in front of me. Sarah had managed to gain some control and was merely chuckling at my antics now, Dolly though was still lost in fits of giggles holding her sides tightly as she rolled around the floor. Bizarrely I began to feel my penis expanding again, the feelings of humiliation and the pain of my breasts bouncing against my chest turning me on.

"Hmm that's interesting," Sarah muttered as a little green light on the remote lit, she looked up at me the joy on her face telling me that somehow she knew what I was feeling, and how ashamed she knew I must be to get turned on in this situation. Grinning at me with sadistic pleasure she tapped a button on the remote causing my restraint to activate. I panicked expecting the pain again, but this time it began massaging my shaft and head gently increasing my arousal it slowly began to increase in speed.

"You like that don't you Wench?" I said nothing, not wanting to admit my weakness. "Tell me how much you like it or I'll turn it off."

What! No this felt too good. "I like it," I managed.

"You like it what Wench?" she bellowed.

"I like it Milady!" I shouted understanding what she wanted, I leant forward to grab the edge of the table the full weight of my breasts pulling on my nipples now, I didn't trust my balance with the beginnings of a orgasm growing within me.

"Where does it feel good Wench?"

"It feels good in my Penis, Milady." I stuttered my humiliation rising with the growing pleasure in my groin.

"You're a wench, you don't have a Penis you have a cock!"

"It feels good in my cock Milady." I said the unusual vulgarity catching in my throat; involuntarily my hips started rocking back and forward trying to increase the sensations coming from my cock.

"What are these Wench?" she asked swatting the breasts hanging from my tortured nipples.

"Breast's Milady." I muttered lost in my own passion.

"Ladies have breasts. Wenches like you have tits. Tell me how much you love it when I do this Wench!" She aimed another slap at my breasts setting them swinging madly, more pain flared in my nipples.

"I love it when you slap my tits Milady." Anything to keep the thing massaging my groin going a little longer I was almost there!

Seeing the little green light change to yellow she quickly turned off the massager, "You don't get to cum yet Wench we have more work to do."

"Yes Milady," I said automatically I was so close! My legs began to shake in frustration at my denial of release.

"Now turn around and hold out your arms out in front of you." As I automatically moved to obey, I saw Dolly looking up at me from the floor lustful interest written across her face. She got up and licking her lips she began to run her hands across my tits, moving one down slightly she began to pluck at the ring in my navel. My predicament was turning her on! She began to massage her own tit in time with her manipulations of mine. Sarah turned around with a mass of black rubber and white lace in her hands exclaimed. "Dolly! For Christ sake control yourself for five minutes you slut!"

"Yes Milady," she instantly moved her hands to her sides. "Sorry Milady."

"Now you," she said addressing me again, "raise your arms." Doing as requested she began to feed my arms into this new garment, when my arms were through the appropriate holes she pushed the rest of it over my head. As it fell about me I found I was dressed as some sort of French maid, the design wasn't exactly standard though, it seemed it was mainly made from rubber. The puff sleeves barely came off of my shoulders and were trimmed with white lace. The top of the dress ran down on the outside of my new tits leaving them completely uncovered, there was a slight shelf at the top of the corset like section, which did little more than lift my tits out further. The rest of the garment down to my waist was a thick rubber of some kind, there was a set of laces down the open front to tighten it around me. The skirt trimmed like the shoulders with white lace, was made of layers of thinner rubber to make it seem a little more like fabric. It would have fell to just below my crotch but my stretched out cock was holding the front of the skirt up, displaying my confinement and the top of my legs.

Taking a firm grip on the laces Sarah began tightening the rubber piece around my waist, enlisting Dolly's help to pull one way while she pulled the other they began to really pull the corset tight around me. Finally feeling like my lungs had been pushed up into my shoulders they had it as tight as it would go. Wrapping a tape around my waist Sarah proclaimed it at 24 inches and not bad for a start. 24 Inches! My waist was usually 32 inches! Taking up pair of gloves made of the same sort of shiny plastic as my briefs but with lace trim she pulled them onto my hands buckling them to my wrists and securing them with the same little padlocks as those on my ankles. The lace brushing my forearms, I tried to move my fingers I discovered that whilst the gloves had four individual holes for my fingers on the inside, the outside of the glove was molded into one. I could hold things between my fingers and thumb but anything more complicated than that was now beyond me! Tying a little white lace apron about my now shrunk waist I though she was finished. But there was more! Instructing me to sit back on the table she picked up some clippers and quickly shaved my head down to a slight stubble.

"Just the Hood to go now," she said holding it up so I could see. It was made of latex and would fit around my face with a piece wrapping around my neck. It was modeled to look like a maid with a with a lace hat holding down some shoulder length straight black hair. The section that would go around my neck was made to look like a black choker trimmed with white lace. She pulled it over my head feeding my ears through holes cut in the sides for just this purpose, I began to calm a little being stuck in the hood unable to hear wouldn't have been pleasant, she got it into place smoothing the ripples out with her hand. Now the only parts of my head showing were my eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Everything else was either covered by the hair attached to the hood or the choker hiding my Adams apple.

Sarah stepped aside letting Dolly through, she reached into her little make up case again thinking I was going to pierced again I recoiled. Instead of the gun she pulled out a tube of red lipstick and began applying it to my lips, next she spread some powder along my cheekbones. Lastly she told me to shut my eyes and I felt make-up being applied there also. Feeling something being pushed into my mouth I opened wide and felt the ring gag being returned to my mouth and the buckle being fastened under my new hair.

"Menials should be seen and not heard Wench." Sarah informed me. "Good job Dolly she looks good enough to eat."

"Speaking of eat Milady do you think I could..." Dolly said sheepishly.

"I suppose you've earned a reward go ahead, Wench lie down on the table. You'll probably need to instruct him though as I don't remember him being much good."

I climbed up on the table wondering what they were talking about, as soon as I was lying down Dolly climbed up on top of me once again. Lowering herself above my face as before except this time she didn't stop until her pussy was pressed across my wide open mouth.

"Start licking Wench I'm not moving till I'm satisfied," Dolly commanded seeing that I didn't have much choice I stuck my tongue through the ring gag and began running it along her lips. "Not like that," Dolly muttered, "in and out not around the outside." And I complied curling my tongue up and thrusting it in and out of her. "Better," she muttered and began grinding herself down onto my face her thighs holding my head tight. "Higher." Obediently I angled my tongue more running the edge of the tube in my tongue along her clitoris, hearing a sudden intake of breath I knew I'd hit the right spot. "Yes, yes just like that, keep going, faster, harder." She was starting to pant heavily now and grinding herself even harder into my face. Dolly in her excitement was making it very hard to breathe, but I knew she wasn't going to let me up till she was happy, so I kept going running my tongue along her clit as quick as I could. Spots were starting to flash in my vision when Dolly's thighs clamped immovably around my head as she gave out a cry of ecstasy I felt her squirt into my mouth filling it, having no choice I began to swallow the slightly salty liquid as quickly as I could. Finally spent Dolly climbed up off of me allowing me to grab great lungfuls of air.

"Not bad for a beginner Wench," she informed me. "I'll make sure you get plenty more practice though." Shifting her weight back so she sat on my stomach again. "This should make things easier next time though." She produced a little piece of metal holding it in front of me so I could examine it. It was a little metal bar with a flat circle of steel at the top looking closer I could see the word "WENCH" stamped into the circle. Pulling out my tongue she pushed the bar through the tube in my tongue attaching a little ball to the bottom to make sure it stayed in place.

"You've messed up her make-up Dolly," Sarah complained, as Dolly reached for her make-up bag Sarah stopped her, "No leave it like this she looks more slutty this way. Now the final touches." She pulled a black garter with lace trim up my left leg, leaving it a couple of inches below the top of the tight latex encasing my leg. Pushing a feather duster into my hand she proclaimed me finally dressed. Pulling a full length mirror from behind the clothes rack she let me get a good look at myself. I was transformed! My face under my lace hat was framed by my dark hair, lipstick was smeared across my lips and cheeks, Mouth held open by the gag. The skin surrounding my eyes was darkened as if I'd spent the night on the streets. My tits hanging out and my legs wobbling unsteadily in my too high heels made me look like I'd spent the last few hours being screwed by a succession of men. The large black phallus growing out of my crotch, added to the impression of me as little more than a toy for other people’s desires. In short I looked like a maid who spent most of her time bent over a table for others pleasure.

"Now take a twirl for the camera Wench," Sarah commanded. The camera! I'd forgotten it was there! I wondered how many people were watching me now, a little seldom heard part of my mind hoped they liked what they saw as I slowly rotated for their amusement. A sudden tightness in my crotch informed me that humiliation and the thought of being turned into a sex object for other peoples desires was turning me on again.

Sarah smiled as the green light on her remote blinked on again, letting her know that no matter what I said some dark part of me was enjoying my ordeal. "Well time for you to return to the stage Wench!" Leading me again by the arm, Dolly pulled me out onto the stage once more. Tottering along I was concentrating on not to falling over, my tits reminding me painfully of their presence with every step. The lights had been dimmed somewhat now and I could see that the audience only numbered thirty or so people! All the audience noise from earlier must have been faked I guessed. Those that were there were wolf whistling and laughing at my attempts to walk Dolly turned me to face the back of the stage, my cheeks coloring when I realized, a huge television screen had been lowered down in front of the dressing room I'd just emerged from. It was now showing the empty room I'd just left. The audience had seen everything!

Looking across to the room Jennifer had been taken into I saw a similar screen, it was showing nothing at the moment though. Dolly whispered to me that it had just been blanked to preserve my surprise at my wife's entrance, the audience had been watching both all night. The door opened and the other Dolly led my wife out. If Dolly hadn't had a tight grip on my arm I would have fallen over with shock. My mouth was wide open even without the gag holding it, what had they done to her!