by Bad Barrett

Chapter 5 - The First Trial

As they dragged Jennifer towards me I felt what only can be described as horror at her transformation, my own was humiliating enough but hers dear god! Where my own had covered my flesh in this degrading exterior, Jennifer's degradation was in the lack of covering hers offered. How could these beastly people forget who she was? Her breasts seemed too be held out in front of her on a silver tray, inviting anyone who should feel the urge to take the opportunity to fondle her beautiful globes. As she came closer, I realized that tears were slowly leaking from the corner of her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. Dirty trails ran through the make-up and other unspeakable fluids on her face. I saw the similarity with hers and mine after Dolly had used me so vilely. I tried not to think where the additions to her make-up had come from. I tried to run to my darling Jennifer but Dolly caught me after a few stumbling strides, pulling me back and slapping me on my behind with a sarcastic "Bad Boy!"

As I watched her make her way across the stage straining as I was against Dolly's grasp, she seemed to be unable to walk properly having to stop every few steps of her strutting walk to regain her balance. I knew that I had not had that much trouble walking in my own heels what else had they done to her? Finally she was before me and I could take her on properly, I couldn't look on her face the pain and humiliation surely shown there would be too much for me to bear. I saw that she had been dressed almost totally in the basest shade of pink possible. The bra around her chest seemed to offer her more in discomfort than it did in support. Tightly fitted around the base of her breasts, the garment gave her round full breasts a swollen appearance as it pushed them out brazenly. A tiny pair of shorts girded her loins; notable more for what they did not cover than any protection they offered. I saw the glistening wetness on her inner thighs and on the ridiculous boots she was laced into. My heart fell. My god, my poor, poor Jennifer! What had the monsters done to her! What had they forced her do?

Knowing that Jennifer needed my support and strength more than ever now, I raised my eyes to her face. Looking into her eyes I saw only a hollow blankness there -- she was in a trance her mind in some far off place. The ordeal must have pushed her into a stupor! I felt my heart break to see her brought low like this, in front of the one person in the world who mattered to her! Trying to hide my own horror, I took in her face below the ridiculous ears in more detail. She seemed to have been gagged as I had, with a similar tongue piercing I couldn't make out what hers said though. It dawned on me that there was a chain running through the choker around her neck. My eyes followed its length down to her pierced and ringed nipples. The flesh of her breasts hung from the nipples as they were pulled up.  They had desecrated her perfect breasts with the jewelry of a whore! I was unable to stop my tears now, to view my wife altered like this and to see what my mistakes had forced upon her was too much. They would pay, every last one of them for the outrage they visited upon my Jennifer! I felt my anger rising with my resolve. I could not tear my eyes from the chain though as I followed the other end down to the tray, they were forcing her to hold it as high as she could to relieve the tension on her nipples!

"Now it's time for your first trial Lord and Lady Tillman, or perhaps I should address you properly as Wench and Whore?" John Long's voiced boomed out. Feeling the man himself move up behind me I attempted to turn around. But the Dollies were positioning Jennifer and me again. The audience though seemed to find his remarks hilarious laughing and jeering as we were moved. Coloring rapidly I tried to shut out the audience and their obvious enjoyment of our predicament, but they were simply too loud and close to be ignored. Pushed and pulled by the Dollies we were finally placed correctly in the centre of the stage, slightly facing towards each other. Now we could see each other and the audience could see both of our faces clearly.  Looking past Jennifer, I saw a screen mounted from the ceiling showing the images the cameras were capturing.

The Dollies were doing something to our feet as John placed himself between Jennifer and me. I felt something attach itself to my footwear. Trying to raise my foot I realized that it was attached to the floor I couldn't budge an inch! Looking down at Jennifer's feet, I saw that they had been attached to the brackets protruding from the stage floor, holding us in place captive in front of the audience and their taunts. Looking up I saw the most horrific sight! John was standing there fondling my wife's breasts; he was happily running his hands around them and teasing at the chains leading to them. Yelling in horror through my gag I dived at him, intending to protect my wife in any way I could. The boots locked securely to the floor stopped me immediately; in my rage I had forgotten about them. Only the presence of Dolly stopped me falling flat on my face as I over-balanced.  I wished the man an eternity in hell, he gave me a smirking gloating smile and lowered his hand to between my Jennifer's legs. Making sure I got a good view of his hand cupping her mound, mocking my attempt to intervene.

The audience was now in uproar. John's degradation of my wife right in front of my face brought them to their feet as they signaled their approval by their humiliating laughter and cheering. Some crass low-born fool or another would occasionally shout vile words of encouragement to my wife's groper, urging the debauched crowd to higher decibels.  I was in tears now trying to beg him to stop, the infernal gag swallowing my words, the shame too much to bear. Hearing the crowd's approval, John stepped behind Jennifer running his hands over her groin and ass. Egged on by the crowd he began squeezing and mauling the tight globes of her pert behind. Grinning madly now he slowly slid his hands up her sides, reaching around her, arms under her armpits he began kneading her breasts like two golden lumps of dough. The crowd was going wild now screaming for more. Leaning his head over her shoulder, he began licking along her jaw line like a dog -- his long tongue fully extended against my Jennifer's perfect skin. This final humiliation seemed to snap Jennifer out of her stupor as she started falling forward.

I became aware that two strong hands had stopped me falling forward, my feet seemed mired to the floor for some reason. I felt wetness on my cheek, oh my god! Horror snapped me into full wakefulness instantly, I was being licked!

The helpful hands that I had thought were supporting my stumble were in fact pawing at my breasts. Disgust ripped through me; instinctively I let go of the tray I was holding to pull the vile rough hands off of my breasts. Forgetting the devilish chain attached to it, the sudden yank on my nipples did help me push away the hands fondling me though. Then a fraction of a second later the pain reached me, the unsupported weight of the tray had fallen four or five inches. It jerked to a sudden halt as my nipples where stretched as high as they could possibly go. The pain I felt now was worse than any Dolly had inflicted, I arched my back, falling backwards against my attacker. Trying to catch the tray on my stomach, as my mittened hands tried to gather it. I was screaming now at the top of my lungs in pain and outrage.

"That's what you get for spoiling my fun Whore," John Long whispered his mouth a inch from my ear. I knew now who had licked me. Revulsion and humiliation flooded through me to be treated like a object was horrific enough, but worse was to come as his wet disgusting tongue ran the length of my ear from lobe to top. As my perceptions widened I realized I was in the middle of the stage, and the audience were shouting and screaming their approval at my debasement, their disgusting gutter talk were directed at me. Tears of humiliation and pain flowed from my eyes, how had I gotten here? The last thing I remembered properly was Dolly putting that horrific tag in my tongue, the tag! At the thought, its presence reasserted itself like a lead weight through my tongue. As long as it was there I would be constantly reminded of the hateful word written on it, and what I had let loose inside my own head. I could feel the Whore now at the back of my mind, telling me to let John run his hands all over me and how good his touch would feel.  I became aware of the drool running down my chin out of my O shaped mouth, like I was a dog begging for a treat.

My body was reminding me of the ordeal I had been through, my feet and legs ached tremendously, complaining about the punishment the boots were inflicting on me. The two dildos Dolly had stuck in me rudely made their presence felt as I shifted my weight trying to find some position that was bearable. John resumed his pawing of my breasts, increasing the pain in my nipples as he twisted them between his fingers. I tried to squirm out of his grasp, twisting and turning but it was hopeless. Without my hands, feet anchored securely to the floor I was defenseless. My pointless resistance only seemed to excite him further, and to my horror I felt his growing erection begin to press insistently against the small of my back. To escape the growing presence I tried moving my hips forward and from side to side, I was rewarded for my efforts by a loud male voice in the audience shouting, "She likes it!" The humiliating laughter that followed was worse than I could have ever expected. I tried to regain some of my composure and bearing despite the depredations my flesh was undergoing, straightening my back and standing aloof as if above it all. It was then I saw the other figure on the stage, at first I took her to be another Dolly this time dressed as a tart of a maid. But then my gaze reached the eyes it was David! Oh my poor David what had become of you!

What must he be feeling seeing my flesh assaulted by John right in front of him, just out of reach and powerless to help me! John finally stopped his manipulations, stepping around in front of me to take in my horror at David's transformation first hand. David most shockingly of all appeared to have breasts now complete with pierced nipples, I knew intellectually that they must be fake but they looked so real. How must he feel buried under all that rubber and latex, his appearance transformed into a harlot? The only sign that remained of his true sex was the obscene phallus jutting from his groin lifting the front of his skirt up. The tightness of his underwear showing, that the only place his genitals could be was trapped inside that thing! My eyes were glued to the jutting phallus, I did not realize David was... was... that large.  I questioned how I could not have long...and thick. I had to force my eyes from it. Then I saw the shoes he was forced to wear they mirrored my own in lack of comfort, I could barely walk how had my David managed!

For an instant our eyes locked and I saw incredibly sadness and love for me.  Through my eyes I tried to send him the same message.  Our loving gaze for each other was broken as the monster John Long spoke.

"Wench and Whore, I trust the Dollies have explained your situation to you, but for the benefit of any late joiners on the internet let us recap." John announced playing for the crowd, "A few short hours ago our contestants were the Lord and Lady Tillman and looked like this!" I saw the screens behind us light up showing our entrance, it seemed like an age ago but it could have only been hours at the most! David and I looked so refined, so gracious, so incredibly elegant! I thought of how we must look now and felt the tears begin again. "But victims of their own incredible hubris they fell into our clutches, so now they perform for your amusement and gratification!" Cheers from the audience bounced around the stage. "I would ask them how it feels to have been brought so low, but I don't really care, after all who cares about the thoughts of the entertainment?" The audience was laughing now enjoying John's barbs and insults. I saw that David was starting to cry, the sight increasing the flow of my own tears.

Slowly he paced in front of us continuing his demeaning monologue. "So now they are known as Wench and Whore," he said indicating each of us in turn. "So far we have pierced them, shaved them," at that comment he turned and looked at me and winked bringing a flood of cheers from the audience as I felt my face flushed crimson red.  He quieted the crowded and continued, "We costumed them for your amusement and as we speak Whore has over A FOOT OF COCK inside her!" I felt every single eye in the place move to my crotch, David's, John's, The Dolly's and every single member of the audience. Horrifically the large ceiling mounted screens started repeating a speeded up video of Dolly inserting them into me. I was sure they could all see the dildos through my skin or in the way I stood. All of them knew what I had let happen to me now, the shame was crushing I was beyond tears now. I wanted to run and hide; I willed myself to disappear but I could not escape the crude comments about my condition. "They have both stuck their tongues inside our Dollies' pussies; I'm told Whore was the best pussy licker by far in case you were wondering," he grinned horribly now. "Whore even came for your amusement, the first of many times no doubt." I couldn't look at David, I closed my eyes trying to shut it all out; all the shame, all the things I had done and had been done to me. My mind screamed, 'I was forced!' But it did nothing to lessen the intense shame overwhelming me.

The stage lights abruptly went out plunging us into darkness, John's voice boomed out into the sudden silence, "Now ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to welcome you to the wedding of The Whore and The Wench!" I could hear the quiet scrap as set pieces were moved into place around us. "After all it would be unfair of us not to join these two souls together before we send them off on their two week honeymoon in the Hotel Tillman!" With that the lights were again raised, John was now standing holding a comically oversized book facing David and me, his back to the audience. Just to my left was the blonde Dolly dressed as a bridesmaid in snow white satin; her ankle length dress billowed at her feet and was cut open up to her belly button revealing her extremely brief white panties and thigh high clad legs. On her feet she had impossibly high white stiletto heels.  Her massive breasts were barely contained by the material of her dress.  I blinked when I saw her jewelry; shock ran through me it was my jewelry: my pendant, my earrings.  The little slut was wearing my jewelry: the jewelry David gave me on our wedding anniversary. The little bitch would pay for this.

The Dolly next to David was dressed as best man.  Her body was barely covered by her suit: a pair of black satin chaps with a black thong. Her overly large breasts were covered by a black pin striped tube top if you could call it that, as the narrow strip of material did not even cover the top and bottom of her breasts.  She had a black bowtie gracing her neck. If I could have I would have ground my teeth together.  My dislike for what the two bimbos had done to David and me was growing into a fierce hatred.  I made up my mind up there and then -- they would pay for it. No matter how long it took me.

Without warning I felt hands at my waist yanking the hot pants higher-up, jamming the shameful dildos further into me. Eyes popping from my head I struggled against the grasp. Feeling the hands let go and move to my chest, I got a look at my tormentor. It was Zoren seemingly in her own world as she rearranged my 'clothing', oblivious to the pain she had just caused. Happy with her adjustments she switched her attention to David, circling him slowly as she ran her eyes over his costume. Reaching forward she adjusted his fake hair slightly, patting down an errant strand. Stopping in front of him she inspected his breasts, tugging on the nipple of one. David's gasp of pain surprised me; how had he felt that? Zoren though merely smiled happy that everything was as it should be. Oblivious to John's impatient glare, she wandered to the back of the stage moving out of my sight again.

"Now that everyone is properly dressed let us begin," John announced moving towards me.  With a smile he flopped the oversized book into my tray.  My eyes streamed and spittle flew from my open mouth as I almost dropped the tray again, I barely regained control of it, sparing my nipples excruciating pain once more.  The infernal mittens made it extremely difficult to hold on to.  He offered a sarcastic, "Oops, bet that would have hurt," grinning at my struggle to maintain the weight of the tray and book. As he flipped open the large book on the tray I felt myself breaking out in perspiration as the weight was increasing as my muscles grew weary

"Dear viewers, we are gathered here today in front of these witnesses, to join Wench and Whore in unholy matrimony."  The Dollies were removing our ring gags as he spoke, the blonde one whispering into my ear that unless I wished my hands cuffed behind my back to cooperate. The thought of the damage letting the tray hang freely would cause my already abused breasts was too much to contemplate. I decided to play along for now. I would save my strength for a more important battle later. David had seemingly received similar instructions from his 'best man', the color draining from him at the thought of whatever they had threatened him with.

"Whore repeat after me, I Whore take you Wench to be my bitch, amused by your attempts to be a man." I swallowed heavily, the thought of uttering such hateful words to David was too much, I would not do it. Do what they may to me but I would never utter such hurtful words to my dear David.  John seeing my rebellion start to form motioned to the Dolly next to me, pushing a small button on a device he held in his hand. The dildos buried in me suddenly leapt to life, my knees wobbling from the unexpected and unwelcome arousing sensations.

"That is the lowest setting, Whore," Dolly whispered to me again. "Would you like to experience the highest in front of all these people?"

"No, no I don't want that, I'll say it." Horror filled me at the thought.

"A pity I'd like to see it, oh well maybe later," she gave me a knowing smile and ran her tongue slowly down my bare chest. Stopping at my ringed nipple she tenderly began to kiss and nibble at it, all the time gazing up at me lustfully.

"I Whore take you Wench to be my bitch, amused by your attempts to be a man." I stumbled and mumbled over the words, my voice barely more than a whisper.

"Whore please speak up, all of these wonderful people are here to enjoy this ceremony. Now again," he ordered finger hovering over the setting control on the remote control.

"I Whore take you Wench to be my bitch, amused by your attempts to be a man." I said in a louder voice trying unsuccessfully to block the sensations growing between my legs, Dolly's lips and tongue on my nipples adding to my arousal. I just prayed David could read the sorrow in my eyes.

"Better," John smiled, "I will never respect you, or obey you." John motioned me to repeat his words. Slowly I mimicked him feeling the insistent vibration of the cocks in my groin and Dolly's teasing lips on my nipple. As I spouted the lines he commanded.

"I will never respect you, or obey you."

"I will suck and fuck any man or woman I wish." I was crying now as I spoke in some awful parody of a real bride.  I heard snickers coming from the crowd as I began to rock my hips unconsciously.

"I will however let you suck the come from my pussy after other men have satisfied me."

"If only to remind you how unworthy you are, for as long as we both shall live." Finally John had no more words for me to speak and turned off my two intruders, Dolly returned to my side.

"Whore the emotion with which you spoke your vows is a inspiration to us all." He bowed his head in mock respect as I felt rivulets of moisture roll down my inner thigh, I did the only thing I could do and lowered my eyes in humiliation to the floor.

"Now Wench it is your turn to speak, I Wench take you Whore to be my slut, to be my fuck toy whenever I wish." David barely hesitated before he repeated the words my brow furrowed did I hear him right? Did he call me that word! His clear well-spoken tone was adding even more hurt to the debased ceremony. The dark haired Dolly knelt down in front of David and smiled nastily up at me. I returned the smile with a killing glare from my eyes. Slowly she began sucking on the phallus jutting from his groin. The little slut, how could she do that to my David? Could he feel her lips around him? If he could he gave no sign. Her performance raised a cheer from the crowd, as the spectacle of a woman dressed as a man performing fellatio on a man dressed as woman met their disgusting and degenerate approval.

"All of your holes are mine to use when and how I wish." My David speaking such horrors to me was worse than any pain I could imagine, what had we become?

"If I offer your body as a gift to another you will be grateful for the opportunity to please me."

"I will fuck any woman I wish and you will enjoy hearing of my conquests, for as long as we both shall live."

"I now pronounce you Wench and Whore! Dollies, please perform the ring giving," John proclaimed to the applause of the audience. My "bridesmaid" even mimed wiping a tear from her eye. My hate for the sluts was growing with every passing minute.

Both David and I had perplexed looks on our faces at the crowd started to chant progressively louder rings, Rings, RINGS.  The dumb shameless Dollies strutted across the stage shaking their bodies for the crowd encouraging their raucous nature even more, each holding a gold ring up.  As my bridesmaid came close I saw the "wedding" band was large enough to at least fit on a thumb. The Dollies stepped forward reaching into what I'd thought were merely prop handbags they were carrying for effect. My bridesmaid removed her hand holding something I'd wished never to see again, the piercing gun! What could she be intending to do with it? I couldn't think of anywhere I hadn't already been obscenely pierced! The audience was clapping their hands in unison, chanting, "Give Them the Rings!" I felt like a Christian thrown into the lion pit for the entertainment of the baying crowd.

With my feet anchored to the floor there was nowhere I could run to or hide, but that did not stop me from shaking my head and pleading no, no, no, over and over as I tried to twist out of her way. The threat of the weighted tray made my hands useless as a method of defense. Deliberately she raised the gun and her free hand to my nose. 

"No not there!" She didn't even hesitate though, the hateful click sounding in tandem with a crunching noise. For a brief moment shock overrode the pain, and then in a rush it was on me rocketing up my nose to my brain and back again. My eyes where watering constantly now, Dolly without thought for the pain she was causing pulled my newest modification through my nose. As my head cleared from the pain my mind repeated over and over take it out, take it out.

Her job done, Dolly stepped back allowing me to see David again. I did not want to look at his face, knowing that whatever had been done to him was surely reflected on me. My attempts at denial were overturned by a returning surge of pride and bearing. Damn them and their games! I would stare straight into the face of their tests and not falter in my resolve I was better than they were, David was better than they were. Opening my eyes wide I fixed them unashamedly on David's face, the sight almost overturned my resolve but I held my nerve... just. David had a small sign hanging by a short chain from the new ring in his nose, the ring rested against his upper lip and the sign hung over his mouth and simply said "WENCH" in brass letters.  Knowing that I now had a sign reading "WHORE" dangling in front of my mouth was almost a crushing blow to my fragile confidence. Now wherever I went people would see the sign and know what I had briefly let control lapse from me. For the first time in my life I was glad to hear John speaking again as it gave me something to focus on.

John finally removed the book weighting down my tray and handed it to my bridesmaid and started his monologue

"Now we have officially joined Wench and Whore together they must consummate their joining, what sort of people would we be to deny them such a joy? Of course there is a twist." John laughed evilly; the audience was lapping this up now, waiting eagerly to find out what torment they had in store for David and me. "We thought why not make sure they did things properly? After all THE LADY must come first! But being a properly attentive wife she would also make sure her husband wasn't left out of the fun." John was striding up and down the stage, whipping the audience up. 

"So Whore is holding a very special tray, inside is a little device that when held perfectly level will give great pleasure to her and Wench, via the devices inside and attached to their genitals of course. If she were to let the tray move though, well then Wench would feel some pain, well a lot of pain actually." Laughter followed this comment the audience caught up in the idea of the spectacle they were about to witness.

"So to pass our little test all Whore has to do is give Wench an orgasm, BEFORE she has had 10 of her own. A simple-sounding task, but here is the twist the devices are set that Whore will come before Wench as is proper, but if she is unable to hold the tray straight through her own orgasm he will feel needles poking into his dick! A little bit of a passion killer that!" The audience was applauding loudly showing their approval of the test John had set. I didn't know what to think. I had to cooperate but the shame of being made to orgasm on command for the amusement of the crowd was too much!

"Well enough talk from me let's begin!" John pulled a remote from his pocket and pointed it at me. A red light lit up in the centre of the tray. David was screaming through his gag suddenly his cries informing me that I needed to level the tray. After some fumbling, in my haste I had let the tray slip slightly causing David's squeals to reach an even higher pitch. I got it level and the red light switched to green and I felt the dildos start to vibrate within me. David had almost collapsed with the pain and was now bent forward his hands on his knees.

I tried to get my wits together, I knew that the longer the trial lasted the harder the tray would be to support. I resolved to put my all in to the test to get it completed as soon as possible. The speed of the dildos inside me seemed to be faster than during our wedding ceremony, were they speeding up?

"Slowly our little toys will increase the pleasure they generate, not even a stuck-up bitch like Whore will be able to resist for long," John announced confirming my thoughts. I could feel my arousal growing. Now a tremble was starting to run through me as my eyes fluttered and I fought to stand still and focus on keeping the tray level. I looked up, David was now standing straight his face flushed; I could see his lips moving repeating something over and over I strained to hear what he was saying. My distraction almost caused me to let the tray slip from my grasp as my senses where slowly taken over by the unrelenting vibrations between my legs and in my behind.  The mittens were making controlling the tray extremely difficult and the fear of dropping it was ever present.

I was near to the edge now soon the vibrators would push me over the precipice; suddenly it was ripping through me and I felt a wonderful wave as my legs wobbled anchored still to the floor.

"ONE!"' the audience screamed in unison. The volume of their shout caused me to lapse my concentration for a spit second but it was enough. David's screams came again as the red light flashed on. Trying to focus through the aftershocks of my orgasm I tried to right the tray. Finally the green light was on and the dildos started their cycle up again. The audience were happily applauding themselves now proud of the distraction they had provided.

"One down and nine to go!" John was commenting for anyone unable to see what was going on. I tried to push all the noise out of my mind and just concentrate on holding the tray. I felt myself grow so warm, hot, I felt perspiration forming all over, and the hot stage lights were unbearable. But without warning The Whore was back in my mind begging me to keep going for the full ten, how wonderful it would feel to come that many times. She was incessant in her cajoling, and I was so busy trying to block out her words that I lost track of what my body was telling me. My second orgasm exploded without warning, unprepared I had no chance of staying still.

TWO!" David was screaming and begging me now I heard him plead my name and ask for help, whether it was to stop the pain he was in or to give him release I don't know. I was trying to regain my former control but there was too much noise. Everyone was shouting at me, yelling, cheering, the audience was clapping and chanting, "We Want Ten." David was begging me to let him come and the Whore was begging me to have another orgasm. Just one more then she'd help me hold the tray she promised. I was lost in my own hell now, orgasming for the sadistic enjoyment of the crowd. So I obeyed the loudest voice, the one in my own head. I listened to the Whore's promises of help if I'd let her enjoy just one more orgasm. So dully I stared at the light only caring that it stayed green long enough for me to complete my bargain with the Whore even wiggling my hips to help it along.

"THREE!" My knees were trembling now as I tried to recover from another blast of passion flowing out of my pussy. Never in my life had I ever orgasmed so quickly.

I felt the Whore reveling in the waves of passion rolling through me; my eyes could barely focus as I tried to keep the light green. Hoping that any moment the Whore would lend me her strength but all I heard was her mocking laugh, as she ignored my pleas for help. I was betrayed by my own mind! It went red! David's pain-filled scream confirmed my failure. Finally I had it level again and had the terrible wonderful feeling of the dildos speeding up within me oh yes faster, faster, dragging me upwards to another unwanted orgasm. I was casting my mind around now for something to focus on. Something I could concentrate on totally and block everything else from my mind. Horribly my mind was drawn to the wetness on my thighs, No! The shame was too much my own come was running down my legs for all to see. I couldn't control my arousal any more it controlled me.

"FOUR!" I was leaking come constantly now; surely my shame couldn't get any worse. Dolly tapped my shoulder and laughed as she pointed to the screen.  I moaned so loudly as I saw myself on the screen. Bunny ears bouncing as my perspiration-covered body shook from the stress in my legs, the tray and my orgasmic state.  My bare breasts, my face a total and complete mess.  The vile cameraman playing to the disgusting crowd zooming in on my bright pink hot pants, the close-up showing the world my wet thighs, as moisture oozed from the cuffs between my legs.  The picture was going out to how many countries? How many homes? Twenty Thousand, Forty who knew? I cried now all resolve lost I held the tray in a death grip focusing on the little light hoping to drown my shame in another orgasm. The Whore had stopped her mocking laughter now and helped me keep the dildos going again her purpose and mine for once linked.

"FIVE!" David was screaming at me now, I could just make out his words. He was cursing me as I again denied him an orgasm with another wave of pain. I tried to tell him I was sorry, that the Whore had tricked me. But all that came out was an unintelligible mumble. The Whore was right though this felt oh so wonderful. I felt lips on my nipples; the Dollies had decided to have their own fun with me now. Their expert mouths dragging me to another vibrator assisted orgasm.

"SIX!" David had given up berating me merely repeating one word over and over.

"Please, please, please..." I tried to blank him out, my poor beautiful David! I couldn't help him now. I was lost in my own hell; the only things that mattered now were the tray and the dildos it controlled. Nothing else mattered. All I could see through my watering eyes was the green glow of the light letting me know that it was level. I barely felt the hands running around my crotch, so good, so good. I started to move rubbing against the hand not knowing I was helping them smear my most private juices across my thighs, hot pants and boots.

"SEVEN!" A hand was pushing into my mouth; I didn't have the strength to keep it out and instinctively sucked on it. If not for the Dollies attached to my tits I would have fallen long ago. The fingers of the hand filling my mouth were covered in my own juices. Revulsion grew in me as I felt myself sucking my own taste from them. The tray felt lighter now, but the dildos were still going so I knew it must be level. Blearily I made out hands helping me support it, it must be the Dollies I thought. They didn't want the show to end.

"EIGHT!" My pussy was out of control now; spasmming constantly around the dildo held inside it. My knees gave out finally and I lost my grip on the tray, but still the Dildos didn't stop. The Dollies must have been holding me and the tray up; forcing me to continue with the trial. My eyes were closed and random sounds were coming from my mouth. Reason had deserted me.

"NINE!" I had no idea of who I was anymore; it seemed so hard to get air. All I wanted was for the orgasms to stop. To be left to lie where ever I fell, to just rest in blessed darkness. The intruders where buzzing so fast my entire body shook. I was held from restful oblivion by the incessant pressure growing within my cunt. I felt my limbs shaking in the grasp of the supporting hands. A single thought managed to form in my mind. Just one more, one more and it would be over.  I felt something in me focus down on my crotch to the exclusion of everything else. It focused on drawing the last explosion from me.

"TEN!" was the last thing I heard before I willingly let the darkness take me.

Coming Next: Meeting the guests.

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