by Bad Barrett

Chapter 4 - Jennifer is Dressed

Gazing into the mirror Jennifer took in her appearance, from her jewelry: the simple diamond stud earrings and matching pendant. To the snow-white suit she'd had specially made for today. The suit was cut to show off her athletic frame to the best effect, subtly shaped around her figure. Its design was a perfect example of the simple elegance she strove to always maintain, alluring without being crass and beautiful without being gaudy. Smiling at her reflection in the mirror she slowly turned one way and then the other, checking that the jacket didn't ride up or bunch as she moved or heaven forbid prove revealing if she bent forward. Lady Jennifer was quite proud of her soft, full brunette tresses. Reaching up she ran her hands lightly over them, checking to make sure that it was still perfectly held in the French braid she had artfully constructed. She was fastidious about her hair's look and length keeping it always to exactly six inches below her shoulders. She always used the most expensive shampoos and conditioners to maintain its faultless appearance, and never ever letting it become unkempt in public.

Realizing that it was thirty minutes before show time, she leaned forward to give her subtly applied make-up a last check, picked up her wedding band and slipped it on to her finger. Then head high strode out of the door towards David's room

As I walked down the short adjoining corridor, I began feeling a nervousness rise within me. I wasn't worried so much for myself but for my David. He had never been comfortable in public; the prospect of being watched by untold amounts of people must be terrifying to him. I resolved that no matter what I must maintain a brave face in front of him, if he thought I was worried also it would only increase his anxiety. Reaching David's door I took a moment to marshal my courage, summoning a smile I knocked on his door and walked in. Seeing him trying to hide his worry from me, made me want to hold him close and promise him everything would be all right.

"Last chance to back out!" I joked trying to get him to raise a smile.

"We must do this, in two weeks this will all be over and we'll be able to get on with the rest of our lives together," he replied holding me close, I felt his love for me through the embrace. "We'll get through this together I promise." He told me, his resolve adding to my own.

Too soon we ran out of time. Releasing David from my embrace I smiled and offered him my arm. Summoning our courage we returned to the dining room arm in arm. Finding the Wood's were there waiting for us along with Counter. Wood was his usual crass self, but it was his wife who worried me more. At lunch I'd seen there was some connection between her and David, although they had both tried to hide it they had met before I was sure. Her appearance here as Wood's wife couldn't just be coincidence, like the rest of her class she must want something from David and me. Her type always did when they met people of our stature.

"Just wanted to make sure things got off on the right foot," Woods enthused at our approach, "didn't want you two getting cold feet," again the beaming smile was unleashed on us.

Counter smoothly took over from his boss, "Lord and Lady Tillman if you'll follow me please, I'll take you through to the backstage area," he said managing to address us properly at least.

"I'm sure we'll bump into each other again soon," called Sarah, her words sending a shiver of anxiety through me.

Standing in the backstage area, waiting for Counter to give us our cue. I could feel David's anxiety through his sweaty grip on my hand; in that moment I was so proud of him. He was tackling to him what must be his worst nightmare in order to protect me and our future. I was just about to whisper this to him when Counter shoved us rudely down the corridor, the familiarity of the action erasing in my mind any favor he might have attained from addressing us correctly. He was saved from my ire by David pulling me down the corridor, the time was upon us!

Drawing in a deep breath I stepped into the brightness of the stage still clasping David's hand in mine. David was pulled from me as I felt small strong hands grip my upper arm positioning me to the left of him somewhere. Hearing John Long's voice just to my right I realized that he'd moved in between us. Feeling his hand moving across my backside, I felt myself coloring as my eyes flickered at his crude attempt to fondle me. I discretely moved to slap it away, but John merely grabbed my wrist holding it tight. Now with both of my arms held I couldn't shade my eyes from the glare. My blindness made me feel uncomfortably vulnerable, at the mercy of the people holding my arms I felt the faint stirrings of fear within me. A drop of perspiration was slowly running down my spine, whether it was due to fear or the hot lights on my skin I could not say. Trying to hard to maintain my poise, I noticed that John was really squeezing my wrist now.

"And you Jennifer," he said, I sensed the microphone in front of my face, "are you as happy your husband to be the first couple ever on CUMupance?"

I mumbled something indistinct in reply my head down, as I tried to open my eyes a little. I saw whoever held my left arm was wearing high-heeled boots, It must be a woman I deduced. Trying to take in the rest of her, all I could make out was a vague impression of a petite woman with large breasts; I was still too sensitive to the light to make out more details.

"And we're overCUM with excitement to have you here on CUMupance!" John was shouting to my right "The show that makes paupers out of princes, ruffians out of the rich, bag ladies out the beautiful and... he paused, "lackey's out of Lords and Ladies! That's right this is CUMupance and I'm your host John Long! Long by name long by nature!" I was finally managing to find my feet in this unnerving situation, when the noise of the audience startled me back into shock! The wall of noise they produced was almost like a slap across my face, knocking me back a step. The audience must be huge! Sure I must look like a scared deer trapped in the headlights of a oncoming truck now. I hoped David was as blinded as I so that he wouldn't see me like this.

Slowly the noise of the audience had faded enough for John to make himself heard "Well without any more time wasting from me lets begin! Lord and Lady Tillman! It's time to receive your CUMupance! Dolly's take them away!" prompting another wall of noise from the audience. When I managed to get control of my faculties again I was in a small room. Fortunately the lighting in here was set at a normal level so I was able to take it in properly, I found myself in a dressing room with racks of clothes and a large table off to the side. What I wasn't expecting was Mike Wood to be standing in the corner next to another door arms folded, grinning confidently at me.

"What are you doing here?" I yelled outraged, my voice rising in anger at my treatment on the stage. "This is my dressing room! Get out!" Really! If the man thought I was going to get changed in front of him he was foolishly mistaken, I was a Lady! Not some dizzy cabaret dancer he could ogle. "I won't perform for your titillation Wood, that's what muck like her are for!" Indicating the petite black haired woman closing the door to the stage, the young woman stopped a brief look of anger appearing at the insult before melting into a grin of anticipation.  

Wood though just stood there unmoved by my outburst, "Lady Tillman," he began slowly pacing his words, "you'll do whatever you are told, and as for performing for my titillation you will do that and so much more."

"Never!" Who did this gutter trash think he was talking to? I was incandescent with rage now the man even had the nerve to talk down to me.

"I was hoping you'd resist it'll make things so much more exciting, but I am a man who gets what he wants Jennifer," the same deliberate tone.

How dare he be so familiar! "My father is the Earl of Shaftesbury! And I am Lady Tillman to you!" I began back to the door, intending to storm back out onto the stage, away from Wood and his disgusting attitude.

"Dolly." Wood said simply. The little woman by the door stepped in front of me blocking my way, I attempted to knock aside the impudent harlot as I tried to move past her. Suddenly I was against the wall Dolly's hand around my throat pushing my head against the wood. Anger rising I kicked out at her, my foot rebounding of the hard packed muscle of her leg. If my kick had hurt it didn't show on her face, she merely gazed up at me coldly.

"I suggest you stop resisting Jennifer, Dolly didn't like you much even before you made that muck comment." Dolly's hand tightened around my neck at this reminder. Deciding that I wasn't going to get anywhere like this, I tried to calm myself. Feeling me relax in her grip Dolly slowly lowered me down; she stepped back between the door and me.

"Good," Wood said seeing me relax, "Jennifer do you remember those contracts you signed a couple of weeks ago?" I nodded of course I did, did he think me a fool? "Well those contracts gave me control over you, body and soul."

"No they did not!" I retorted confidently.

"They did Jennifer, in fact short of killing you there isn't a lot I or anyone else can't do to you, until we've finished our little show of course."

"I remember that I could exit the show at any time." I had him now, I smiled to myself; it was ridiculous of this crass little man to think he could get the better of someone of my stature.

"You are correct that is a option available to you." Satisfaction flooded through me, finally this oaf had realized he was outclassed. "But, that option requires you to pay me one million pounds immediately and you can't."

"You can't take what I don't have," I said using my anger to cover the embarrassment of our financial plight. Heading for the door again, Dolly still blocked the exit. I turned back to Wood, "Tell your lap dog to move, I am finished with this discussion."

"Indeed you are finished, the contracts you stupidly signed without reading, specifically mentioned what would happen if you were unable to pay. Let me paraphrase it for you, In case of a inability to pay you will need to provide services equivalent to the amount owed. As there is actually nothing you are qualified to do, I would pay you a wage of say £8 an hour, and you can spend the 125,000 hours it would take you to clear your debt cleaning the hotels toilets."

I stood stunned, my gaze flickered from him to Dolly and then back could he really do that?

"There is the other matter of course' he walked over to television in the corner and pressed a button the picture flickered on. It showed her in one of the private suites at the club, she was snorting white powder from a glass coffee table. The feet of another person could be made out in the corner of the picture. As she fell back on the floor grinning happily her tennis skirt rode up displaying her white knickers briefly. The camera zoomed in her face, faint traces of powder could be seen around her nose as her eyes rolled in ecstasy. Wood paused the video leaving the close-up stuck on the screen, "I've only met David a couple of times and he seems very forgiving. He doesn't seem like the type of person who would approve of his wife doing this though!" Wood said smugly pointing at the screen, I staggered back against the table stunned, no one was supposed to know about this. "I suppose I could sell this film to the tabloids to pay off your debt if you prefer."

"No! Anything but that." The words were out before I had time to think about them, but I realized I'd meant every word a scandal like that would destroy me and break my dear David's heart. "That was a long time ago I haven't touched drugs in years!" My brief dalliance with drugs had come as mine and David's physical relationship waned, I'd taken it as a sign that he didn't love me any more and sought solace elsewhere. It was David's love that had brought me back though; eventually I saw that he loved me for who I was inside not just for my looks. Our love was deeper than the mere physical and from that day I never touched anything stronger than aspirin.

"I believe you, but how many others will if this tape sees the light of day?"

He had me trapped, I had no choice. "Okay you win I'll do the show."

"No matter what happens?" He knew I realized I was trapped, the scandalous tape would ruin my precious reputation forever. He was just rubbing salt into the wound now.

"Yes anything, no matter what." I muttered under my breath, my head spinning at events of the last hour.

"Excellent! Let's put all this unpleasantness behind us then and get started." Reaching out he turned off the television hiding my image. "Now take off your clothes and lie down on the table, remember whilst the camera's are on I own you body and soul."

‘Perhaps you own my body for now Wood but my soul will always belong to David!' I thought to myself. Drawing strength from this resolve I began to fumble with the pearl buttons on my jacket, as I did I saw a red light start to glow on the little black box placed up in the corner of the room. Odd that it should light up just now I thought.  My musings were interrupted by sound of the far door opening and Wood hurrying into the backstage area without a further word. Maybe I'd misjudged him, I was sure he would want to watch me undressing to complete my humiliation. The little seamstress I'd seen when I signed those damned contracts, replaced him in the room a moment later.

"Hurry up," she said to Dolly ignoring my presence completely, "We don't have all day." Her voice was high and squeaky making her seem even more mouse like. Some of my hesitancy at disrobing faded when Wood left, now at least there were only women in the room. I tried to convince myself I was in the changing rooms at the club, getting ready for a tennis match. Quickly I slid my jacket off and folded it setting it neatly off to the side, my two inch sling back heels followed. I slipped off my earrings and pendant placing them in the pocket of my jacket for safekeeping. I paused now hoping someone would stop me before I had to go further, but no reprieve came. I slowly undid my belt and trousers and stepped out of them, placing them folded on my jacket. Soon I was standing now uncomfortably in nothing but my bra and knickers.

"All of them you stupid bitch." Dolly's voice was the opposite of Zoren's being husky and full of anger, she made no effort to hide her enjoyment of my shame as she moved towards me as if to rip them off herself. Hurriedly I complied reaching around and unclasping my bra, I paused momentarily before slipping it off my breasts and felt my face blush. Embarrassed I held my right arm across my breasts and tossed my bra onto my trousers. Using my left I slid my white satin knickers down my legs and stepped out of them. Stepping out of the last of my clothes I climbed up on the table, feeling the cold wood against my back and legs I shivered more with fear than cold. I was powerless, the superiority I'd been born into and brought up to believe in absolutely was gone. These two women could do anything to me and I would have to accept it.

Dolly and Zoren stood on either side of the table gazing down at me hungrily, their gazes never touched my face as they took in my body. I self-consciously moved my left hand to cover my mons my right still across my breasts. Zoren started touching me here and there in a almost childlike manner, just to see if I was real it seemed,

"Turn over," she said simply. I rolled over and she resumed her inspection of me, griping a buttock absently. After a few minutes her prodding stopped. "Turn back over."

"Where do you want to start?" Dolly asked Zoren.

"I suppose we might as well fix her hair first," Zoren replied matter of factly, "though it would make things easier if she would stay still."

"I'll stay still," I promised

"Yeah you're right, hold this." Dolly spoke as if she hadn't heard me, reaching down to pass something to Zoren under the table. Dolly reappeared holding the other end of whatever she had given to Zoren. Before I knew what was happening Zoren had passed her the strap and Dolly yanked it tight across my chest just under my breasts pulling my right arm off my bare breasts exposing them completely. They'd strapped me to the table! I began to protest its tightness, my shouted threats utterly ignored. Dolly calmly looped another strap just above my groin, pinning my lower arms against my hips. I felt a third across my ankles halting the thrashing of my legs abruptly. A fourth went across my thighs; I could only move my head now.

I was truly petrified, my shouts promising revenge melted into pleas to be released. I'd never been bound before, but it was the way they seemed to not hear me that was most scary. I was Lady Jennifer Tillman, when I spoke people listened and obeyed. I felt sick at my own weakness, but I couldn't stop myself babbling and begging to be free.

"That could get annoying," Zoren muttered inclining her head towards my face, the little woman seemed entranced by the motions of my breasts as I begged and pleaded. Reaching out she began to pull on a nipple using it to lift my breast up and then drop it back down on to my chest. The movement and shape of my bronzed firm C cup mesmerising Zoren. She seemed to consider me little more than a living doll she could pull and poke as the whim took her, tied down like this I had no choice but to reluctantly accept her manipulations of my body.

Dolly taking the hint about my begging, simply picked up my discarded knickers and pushed them into my mouth. Pulling a strip of tape across my mouth to hold them in place. My eyes flew wide open in shock and disgust; my knickers filled my mouth muffling my words. My face was beet red at the humiliation.

"Problem solved," she said smugly. Zoren was still pulling my nipple and letting it drop repeatedly. "Zoren," Dolly said getting no response, she tried again "Zoren!" The little woman suddenly broke out of her trance, dropping my breast. "There'll be time for that later, we have work to do now," Dolly chided her.

Muttering apologies Zoren picked up a can of something, shaking it briefly she sprayed a dollop of whatever it was onto my groin. As she placed the can down next to my head I managed to get a look at the label, shaving foam! My muffled protests from around my own underwear bringing a brief grin from Dolly.

"Now hold still," Dolly said nastily, "as Mr Wood said, when the camera is on we own you and the camera is on," nodding her head to the black box I'd noted earlier.

She had said the camera was on! That meant there were recording this right now! I must get that tape! I inhaled sharply as I felt a hand spread the foam across my vagina. I was already well waxed down there so they could only mean to shave me bald! Zoren slowly with intense concentration began scraping the remaining strip of my hair away. Feeling the progress of the razor move down one side of my vagina I froze, fearing that as Dolly's words echoed around my head I'd flinch and cause her to cut my most sensitive parts. Zoren's hand was as steady as her gaze, completing one side she moved the razor across and mirrored the process on the other lips.

"So whore how does it feel to know that tens of thousands of people just watched you have your cunt shaved?" She pulled out the gag so I could reply.

"What?" was all I could manage. I lifted my head to inspect myself I was now totally bare! The burning in my cheeks displaying my disgust and shame for all to see.

"You're live on the internet, with more and more people paying us with every passing minute to watch you and your husband." Dolly was beaming now, her enjoyment of this moment was immense.

"You can't do that!" I moaned in defiance trying to assert some authority. Looking up at the red light I began to despair inside as it sunk in. How many people had watched me disrobe and have my vagina shaved totally bald.

"Oh we can, you and your husband sold yourselves to us to do with as we please. So Whore how does it feel to have sold yourself for a few pounds?"

"You tell me." I retorted, inside I was distraught but I refused to bow to Dolly.

"Whore!" she yelled slapping me across the face.  Tears began to form in my eyes at the shock and humiliation; no one had ever raised a hand to me before! "Poor baby, did that hurt?" Dolly cooed, I was trying to protest but she pushed my underwear back into my mouth. "We're not paying you to talk Whore, you just lie there and think about all those people watching. I wonder what they are doing at the sight of you the prim and proper Lady Jennifer Tillman naked, shaved and tied down," she taunted, winking suggestively down at me she refastened the tape across my gag. I tried to put her words out of my mind sure she was trying to break down my will, but I couldn't resist her taunt my predicament made it impossible. I closed my eyes and I saw all the audience in my head all staring at computer screens, staring at me, people from every walk of life. Some old, some young, some men and some women. Some were alone, some grouped around the screen, some laughing at me, some lusting after me, some excited by the sight of my naked bondage and worst of all some were masturbating using my image as a sex aid. I wondered if they could tell I was thinking about them and if they could whether this increased their enjoyment of the show. I felt so exposed, I was sure the feeling would never leave me, that I'd always feel the eyes of a thousand voyeurs on me long after the two weeks were up and I took my revenge on these people.

Zoren having finished shaving me put away the razor and wiped the foam away, allowing me to relax slightly at least that was done with now. The sensation of cold air moving across my newly bare skin brought an unexpected tingle to my loins, Dolly noticing this smirked happily.

"I think the slut likes it," she proclaimed bending down, her dark hair brushing my thigh. I cringed and moaned into my knickers at her words, and the soft fleeting sensation of her hair on my skin. She blew softly across the sensitive skin, causing a bigger tingle. My thighs clenched and my hips to spasmed underneath the straps. "Yeah you like that don't you whore, let's see what else you like." Moving her head up my body, the ends of her hair dragging along my body from hip to chest. She drew my left nipple into her mouth, slowly dragging her teeth across the sensitive flesh. My hips bucked once again. Realizing that there was a spare nipple Zoren hungrily began sucking on it, nibbling and running her tongue around the hard bud growing there. Feeling the moisture building in my exposed labia, I began to whimper into the gag horrified by what these two women were doing and my bodies involuntary betrayal. This was wrong! I felt the camera's gaze on me as a almost physical weight. How could I possibly get turned on at a time like this! Dolly looking up from her ministrations, saw my reddened face and arousal at the attention my nipples were getting.

"I thought so! All you rich bitches are cast iron sluts under all that superior attitude," she laughed as my spirit fell. Zoren sensing a opportunity for further exploration of my body, slowly slid her hand down to my vagina. Cupping it in her palm she began to slowly run her finger teasingly up and down my moist opening, daring me to move my hips for pleasure.  Dolly had taken her mouth off of my nipple now and was running her fingers over the hardening flesh. My eyes closed in shame and passion. I didn't see what Dolly was doing until a dagger of pain shot through my left nipple! My eye's now wide open, I just had time to see that a gold ring was now running through the engorged bud before Dolly's mouth closed over it again. They'd pierced me! My anger was pushed from my mind as I tried to reconcile the conflicting signals from my body, the horrible pain on my left nipple and the wonderful sensations coming from my right and Zoren's skilful finger work down below. Eventually pleasure won out over pain as Dolly's soft mouth soothed away the pain in my chest and I sighed deeply.

Dolly hearing my grunts turn into moans of contentment, pulled Zoren's head away from the breast it was clamped to and began preparing to complete the matching set. Zoren pouted at Dolly like a child denied a sweet, until she realized I had another place she could put her tongue. Diving face first into my sex she rammed her tongue into me as deep as she could. She obviously knew what she was doing though, pressing my buttons with ease and soon her fingers joined her tongue in its probing. I was trying to resist, I could feel the audiences gazes on me all those leering eyes! Their excitement growing in tandem with my shame, but her touch was too expert. It had been so long since I had sex of any kind and David had certainly never done this to me! I felt like my vagina was on fire, but Zoren was relentless thrusting her fingers in and out as her tongue teased me.

Dolly with exquisite timing pierced my nipple just as any decorum I had left was washed away in an intense all too public orgasm.  The pain sharpened my senses and magnified my orgasm as my body bucked against the straps. Unable to draw in enough air around my gag, fireworks started going off in my brain. Dolly saw my distress and quickly yanked the gag clear, the tape tearing off painfully. I lay there for long minutes barely aware of my surroundings; breasts heaving as I sucked in air. Lights seemed to flash behind my closed eyes as my brain misfired. Slowly my pulse slowed and I returned to the horrible reality, I saw that Dolly had given me a third piercing while I was gathering my wits. My navel now held the same ¾ inch gold ring as my nipples. She had linked the three piercings together by a Y shaped piece of chain, the center of the Y falling in the middle of my chest, slightly below my breasts.  This nightmare had to be ending soon my mind rationalized looking for any hope no matter how slim.

"Good you're back, enjoying yourself so far whore? Well you won't be soon. I think it's time I explained things properly to you; but first let me just make sure I have your full undivided attention." Dolly said taking hold of the chain raising it slightly to pull on my nipples my eyes opening wide as she did so. "You are now property. You will do whatever you are told by me or anyone else, No matter what it is."

My mind screamed, ‘Property? I'm Lady Tillman and no one's property!' This tramp was insane and I started to protest "But..." A yank on the chain brought me up short.

"No buts; remember whenever a camera is rolling we own you, and from now on there is always a camera on you every second of every day, 24/7."  To emphasize the completeness of my situation she repeated, "Always, every second of every day. From now on you have no say in anything, understand?" She raised the chain and held it there pulling painfully on my breasts as my eyes wide in pain and humiliation.

"I understand, can you please lower the chain you're hurting my breast's?" I whimpered.

"You don't have breasts, Whore, you have tits. It's time you spoke like the whore you are." The pressure on the chain increased again; strapped to the table I could do nothing to lessen the agony, nothing but listen and learn. "When you talk to a woman you will address them as Milady, and men you address as Milord."

"Milady please let go of my tits." I didn't hesitate to do as she commanded, the pain was too much. 

"Not yet you still have a few more lessons to learn Whore." She was going to pull my nipples off if she kept yanking like this. "I bet you think this is your vagina don't you," slapping her hand across the still sensitive skin for emphasis. "Whores have cunts and you're a whore aren't you?"

"Yes I have a cunt Milady, please stop Milady." Tears were pouring down my cheeks now.

"And what are you?"

"I'm, I'm a whore Milady." It took me two tries to get the word out my upbringing and status fighting the intense pain in my tender nipples, the pain was almost better than saying it out loud. Tears were starting to overflow my eyes uncontrollably now.

"I didn't hear you, say it louder." Dolly was getting excited by the physical and emotional pain she was inflicting now, her eyes bright in happiness.

"I AM A WHORE!" I yelled as loud as I possibly could.

"Good that will be your new name, Whore." With one more yank she released the chain. Tears began to slide down my cheeks as the pain slowly faded, being replaced by humiliation at Dolly's domination of me.

"Last one," Dolly told me as she attached some tongs to my tongue and stretched it uncomfortably out of my mouth.  I had no idea what she was going to do and even if I did I was in no position to stop her. I saw the terrible piercing gun in her other hand and moaned a mumbled plea, but she let me know that it was useless with a click right in front of my eyes. A second click, a quick burst of pain and I had a little tube through my tongue a half-inch from the tip. I admit I could have protested much more, struggled and thrashed as best I could but I let her do it. I was too scared of Dolly now. The pain she had caused my throbbing freshly pierced nipples was a reminder not to resist.   

Zoren was removing the straps holding me down, correctly guessing I wouldn't be moving anytime soon.  "Lets get her dressed," Zoren said addressing my breasts. Sucking on the ice cube Dolly had pushed into my mouth. I realized what was so disconcerting about the seamstress, she never spoke to me only about me. She treated me as little more than a mannequin, a frame to hang her creations on and flesh to play with. I helped her squeeze me into a pair of tiny bright pink leather hot pants. I looked down and blushed deeply as they barely covered my bald mons, if my tiny patch of hair had not been removed it would have been visible.  I could feel the bottom of my cheeks exposed and uncovered. The thought that my panties covered more than these crossed my mind. A panel down each side had been cut away, a thin chain zig-zagged down the two inch gap holding the front and back together. Pulling a belt tightly into place around my waist Zoren attached a large padlock to the front. I wouldn't be able to get out of them now. I assumed the front and back zips through the crotch were there so I didn't have to.

Zoren then produced the matching leather boots I was to wear, as she pulled them up my leg I realized that they went all the way up, stopping only an inch or two below the hot pants. She threaded a chain through the eyelets up the outside pulling the boot tight around my leg as she went. This left a widening gap all the way up the outside of my leg matching the gap in the hot pants. Padlocks secured to the top of the chains ensured the boots were staying on me. The inside of the legs had steel D rings every three or four inches, from the top of the thigh all the way down to the obscenely high heels. I didn't think they honestly expected me to walk in these; the heels had to be 8 inches high! They even had room for a couple of the same D rings as the legs on the inside and outside. Even with the two-inch platform under the front of the boot, there was still a six-inch difference between heel and toe.

As the pain from my nipples faded my mind slowly began to return to normal, I had to admit that I was curious as to what I looked like. The clothes I was being dressed in were impossibly tight and absolutely not my color. Even more so, a Lady would never ever dream of wearing anything remotely close to what I had on. Yet I was wearing it. Zoren stepped back from the table pulling me up on my feet. The ridiculously high heels made me tower over her and accented my height even more. I stood up and took a tentative step. It felt like I was walking on tiptoes like a ballet dancer. I considered telling them that I couldn't walk in them, but it had been made clear that I had no rights any more. So I tried another step and then another making it across the room finally. The padlock slapping the front of my groin with each step, my calves felt like they were on fire and I was sure that I'd crushed my toes. I had my arms out to my sides for balance my focus entirely on walking, it never occurred to me that my breasts were totally exposed and bounced with each halting step I took.

Looking back at Zoren I realized she was staring at my backside, licking her lips. I turned my shoulders and looked down behind myself. My face fell as I saw that the bright pink hot pants had the large white fluffy ball of a bunny tail attached to back, of course they would! Anything to make me look more of a foolish whore! Surprise pulled me up short, I'd never even thought the word whore before and now I was applying it to myself. Dolly must have got to me. I tried the word again rolling it around my head whore! Was I a whore? I realized I had sold my body to Mike Wood, by agreeing to do whatever he wanted I had technically become a whore. The thought left me cold; I resolved then that even though they had my body for two weeks they would never get my heart, my soul, spirit or mind. I steeled my mind. I was privileged and my upbringing and pride would see me through this. My resolve strengthened, I stepped carefully back to the table more concerned with my balance, I could feel Zoren gazing steadily at my backside packed lewdly into the hot pants. The boots forcing me to swing my hips and bunny tail as I walked. The thought of thousands of eyes on my bare bouncing breasts and ringed nipples never entering my fogged mind.

"Well at least you didn't fall over," Dolly commented. "Come over here slut and turn around." Obeying instinctively I tottered over and stood facing away from her. Feeling something around my neck, I panicked wondering what Dolly had in store for me now. Bizarrely I found myself hoping the camera hadn't caught my flinch. Fortunately it was just a leather choker with a cute pink bow tie on the front, oddly a metal ring hung underneath the bow tie.  Zoren reached up freeing the remainder of my hair from the braid I'd painstakingly created only hours earlier, though most had already come away during my ordeal. Now loose and unbound my hair fell in unkempt messy waves down just past my shoulders. I would never let myself be seen in public with my hair in such utter disarray but I had no choice. Finally the expected set of pink and black leather bunny ears finished my headgear, straps pulled snugly down the sides of head and attached to the choker making sure the ears stayed in place. I blushed as tears welled up, I was certain the ears looked ridiculous.

Zoren was pulling a hot pink leather bra up my arms and fastening it tightly. I had a momentary feeling of gratitude that I would be covered but it was fleeting. The bra did nothing to support or cover my breasts, on the contrary it seemed its only purpose was to wedge itself uncomfortably underneath and around my full round mounds pushing them out rather than up. Looking down at them self-pitying thoughts raced through my mind as I took in their appearance, I might as well have been topless. The "bra" made them look bigger than they were and how could anyone's attention not be drawn to them.  With each thought deep and deeper color rose to my cheeks as I remembered people were looking at me now, how many and who?

Taking a hand each, they pulled tight black leather mittens over my hands.  The mittens stopped me from using my fingers independently, little padlocks ensuring I would not be removing them they were on for good. I was a bit puzzled as my hands would be mostly useless for grabbing and picking in the silly mittens. Then I realized the effect was to make me resemble a female bunny.

"Get up on the table slut we've got a big surprise for you." Dolly seemed to be really looking forward to whatever was about to happen next, which worried me. I had no choice though so I obediently climbed up on the table. "Move your feet apart so that they hang over the edge of the table." Again I did as requested glad for the leather hot pants I had on, feeling something being hooked onto one boot, then the other and pulled taut under the table. They'd tied me to the table again, this time they'd made sure that my legs were well spread. A number of possibilities flew through my head, none of which I wanted to try. Dolly appearing at the bottom of the table holding a six-inch long, one and a half inch thick black rubber penis, confirmed my worst expectations.  She laughed at the worried expression on my face.

"Are you going to put that in my vagina?"  I managed to get out, fear of Dolly's intentions causing my throat to dry up.

"No," she replied, relief flooded me. "I was going to put it in your cunt, but it seems you still can't talk properly so I'm going to shove this up your ass. I'll find a bigger one for you cunt, maybe then you'll remember what it's called and how to address your betters." I was stunned, I'd never had anal sex and the phallus she was holding looked like it would hurt a lot. "I'm not completely unreasonable though so if you ask me properly I'll make sure to use some lubrication."

What? She was going to make me beg to have that thing shoved up my ass? Dolly didn't seem to want to wait for my reply though, reaching forward and undoing the zip down the rear of my hot pants. I couldn't bring myself to ask, knowing that Dolly was just trying to force her will on mine. But I knew she wouldn't stop until she'd broken me.

"Wait! I'll ask properly. Milady will you please use lubrication?" I quickly and politely tried.

"Not good enough slut, you still sound like you think you're a lady.  Tell me how much you want me to shove this in your ass." She reached forward and spread my cheeks.

My heart was pounding and I felt myself grow weak as panic rose throughout me, I couldn't answer her, I didn't know how to. With a sudden inspiration I reached into the dark recesses of my mind, where all my most secret, dark and embarrassing fantasies were. These were the ones I didn't even want to admit to myself I found exciting. Pulling all of these debauched and degenerate thoughts together in my mind, I created an idea of the whore Dolly wanted me to become. A persona I could employ to make Dolly think I was broken. It was the Whore who spoke through me eagerly answering Dolly in the way she demanded.

"Wait! Wait! Okay. Milady please shove that cock in my tight ass, I've always wanted to be fucked in the ass."

"Not bad whore there is hope for you yet, start practicing how you are going to beg to have the other one put into your cunt." She reached for what I guessed was the tube of lubrication, squeezing a dollop of the stuff onto her hand, after rubbing it across her fingers she slowly began to push a single digit into my ass. I winced in humiliation and discomfort. As Dolly ran her finger around the inside of my asshole I realized that the Whore in me wanted to feel that cock in my ass. She wanted to be wanton and slutty. Dolly now had two fingers in me and was squeezing a third past my sphincter. Once she had all three in she pushed them in and out slowly, loosening my muscles. The whore had taken complete hold of me now and was groaning softly at the sensation of being anally fingered. Unconsciously I arched my back, thrusting my enlarged breasts outward.

Dolly reached for the cock and carefully spread the lubrication along its thick length, I was licking my lips in anticipation now willing her to hurry up. Finally satisfied, she placed the tip against my hole and slowly began to ease the thick head into me. The sensation of having my asshole slowly stretched was terrible and confusingly wonderful at the same time. The feeling of being degraded like this was affecting me intensely, my body was overtaking my mind and I was being turned on immensely. I felt like the dirty slut Dolly had told me I was. It was so liberating to give myself up to another, to let them do whatever they wanted to me. The feeling of release was immense! Dolly had got the head of the cock past my sphincter now and was slowly feeding the slightly thinner shaft into my hole. Looking up I saw Zoren was staring at my exposed chest; my mitten-encased hands were unconsciously trying to pull and twist at the rings in my nipples. I hadn't even known I was doing it! She had one hand down her skirt I could see the outline of her hand moving as she fingered herself. With her other hand she was mauling her breast through the fabric of her blouse. Surprising myself I reached up, grabbing her head pulling it down on to my willing nipple. If she complained about this it was lost in the muffled sucking as she fixed her mouth around my breast and its attached ring.

A groan escaped my lips as Dolly fed another inch of the shaft inside me, I thought I was full but Dolly still had three or four inches to go. Feeling the contoured sides of the cock slide past my wide-open asshole was an amazing sensation. Combined with Zoren's skilled work on my nipple I was getting really turned on. Another inch was lodged inside me now, I was sure that she'd have to stop soon my insides not being able to accommodate that much cock. Dolly was relentless though gently twisting the cock deeper into my ass without ever slowing its onward progress. She stepped back finally leaving the last half-inch sticking out of my ass, holding my hole stretched wide. Pulling the zip down the back of my hot pants closed, trapping the invader stuffing my back passage. She smiled down at me; there was nothing friendly in her face though. She either didn't noticing care about Zoren fingering herself as she sucked on my tit.

"So slut, how much do you want me to shove this up your cunt?" She stated nastily brandishing the second cock in front of my face, as promised it was bigger than the first. Its black seven-inch length was veined and uneven. The Whore eyed it hungrily, so wanting and needing to feel its impressive two-inch width sliding inside me. My mind swam in conflict until The Whore, pleaded and convinced me that just this once it will be okay.  Let's play along make them happy.  Play along and get that wonderful thick black cock in our cunt.

"Please Mistress Dolly! Stuff my slutty cunt with that lovely thick cock. I need to feel it filling me up! Please Milady." The Whore said with my mouth I don't know who was more surprised, me or Dolly as we both realized that I was dying to have her stuff that dildo inside me.

"Well seeing as you asked so nicely slut, I'll give you your wish." She grinned down at me, excited by my lust-induced submission.  Teasing me now she knew how excited I was, she slowly slid open the front zip on my hot pants. I shivered feeling the cold air across my steaming pussy.

"I don't think we're going to need any lube this time," she said teasing my wet lips with the head of the cock.

"Please," I moaned trying to push my hips down onto the dick. Laughing at my efforts she pulled the dildo away. The Whore knew what to say, "Please Milady, Whore needs it."

"What are you going to do in return Whore? Will you suck on my cunt, get me off with your tongue?"

"Both of us," Zoren put in, lust written across her face before she returned to trying to swallow my tit.

"Yes Milady! Anything you want me to Miladies! Please I need it!" I shocked myself at how much like a wanton slut I sounded and how true the words were.  Behind the lust and need of The Whore my own protests were falling silent at the hope of an orgasm.

"Okay Whore here it comes!" She pushed the dildo so the tip was barely past my lips, holding it there teasing me right on the edge of being penetrated. Then just as I was about to start begging again she thrust it halfway into my sopping cunt. I screeched with pleasure as I jerked my hips an inch away from coming and regaining my sanity.

"More," I begged, "I need more Milady." My hips where bucking now trying to help my cunt grab and pull the dildo deeper inside me.

"You don't get to cum until I do slut," Dolly said letting go of the dildo leaving it sticking obscenely half out of my open and needing cunt. Dolly climbed up on the table, facing down my body she pulled up her skirt and sat on my face. Grabbing my hands to stop me getting myself off.

"Start licking bitch and if you're really good I might push that dildo all the way inside your cunt." My nose pressed against her ass, deep in my mind I was screaming no but the Whore instinctively started licking and sucking. Pulling first one then the other of her lips into my mouth, I gently sucked them feeling their heat in my mouth as the blood rushed to them. Slowly as I'd never licked a pussy before and was unsure of myself I worked my tongue inside, tasting for the first time in my life another woman's pussy.

"Tongue fuck me Lady Jennifer!" She cried as she felt me sliding my tongue into her pussy. The taste of Dolly filling my mouth and trickling down my throat almost got me off on its own. My nose buried in her ass and her pussy coving my mouth completely, I began rolling my tongue around the nub of her clit. For Dolly this was too much, the idea of a real rich bitch lapping at her cunt like a whore was turning her on more than anything else. She came with a gush into my open mouth filling it, the overflow sliding down my cheeks. As she ground her hips her juices smeared over my entire face. The amount of liquid made me gag slightly under her, in a brief moment of sanity what I had just done invaded my lust filled mind. Tears of humiliation and debauchery welled up in my eyes.

Zoren was impatiently waiting for her turn as Dolly climbed down, she didn't even take off her knickers just pulled them to one side and sat on my face. As I started on my second pussy in five minutes and the second of my life, I felt Dolly sliding the dildo out of me. I was licking maniacally on Zoren's juicy lips trying to get her off so that Dolly would let me come. Dolly was slowly sliding the cock in and out now, never going quick or deep enough to push me over the edge. The anticipation was driving me crazy making me lick harder and faster to get my reward, after what seemed like an age as I was held on the verge of ecstasy Zoren clamped her thighs around my head.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" She screamed as the orgasm rocked through her. Dolly taking this as her cue, slammed the remaining length of the cock into me filling my cunt to the brim. I screamed my joy into Zoren's convulsing pussy as my cunt clamped the dildo in place, exploding with pleasure. I felt like I had electricity running across every inch of my skin, my limbs twitching as the feeling reached them. I barely felt Dolly as she quickly zipped up my hot pants sealing the dildo deep inside me. Too soon the wave rolling through me ended and I just lay on the table spent.

Zoren was too drained to move from my face and I was too weak to move her. So I just lay there with her collapsed across me, her cum still dribbling into my mouth and all over my once perfectly made up face. I rocked slowly as my heart slowed in the aftershocks of my orgasm, I slowly became aware that my incredible wetness was seeping from my stuffed cunt squeezing and squelching around my hot pants.

As if waking from a dream I was Lady Jennifer again, although I could feel the Whore now in the back of my mind urging me to greater acts of debauchery promising huge pleasure as my reward. I was more scared right then of myself than I ever could be of Dolly, what had I allowed myself to become? For a while I had given into my darkest desires, I had allowed Dolly to do unspeakable things to me and I had reveled in them. I wondered how long it would take me to put the whore in me away, now that I had set her free.  I steeled my mind I was privileged; my upbringing and pride would see me through this temporary indignity no matter how much my body said otherwise.

It was then that I saw the red light of the camera staring down at me, it wasn't embarrassment that I felt now as I remembered all those watchers it was complete shame and self loathing. I had become a whore in front of all those people and as much as I wanted to blame Dolly for it, I knew that the whore had come from within not without. My attention was pulled back to my surroundings, as Dolly apparently tired of waiting for Zoren and I to pull ourselves together and simply picked the seamstress up and dumped her on the floor. She then pulled a gag of some sort into my mouth pulling it hard from behind to secure it under my hair, the metal hoop pulled behind my teeth holding my mouth wide open in an O.

Dolly pulled me on to me feet from the table. I suddenly felt the dildos moving inside me as I moved, the sensation of both dildos was not pleasant, not pleasant at all especially compared to a few minutes earlier. I now had to stand with my legs apart to accommodate their girth. In addition I leaned slightly forward to accommodate the dildo in my ass, the result of which made me accent my bunny tail and appear to be offering my breasts. Embarrassment coloring my cheeks, I felt a wetness on my inner thighs as I stood up. Trying distract myself from the cum shamefully leaking out of my tight leather hot pants I concentrated on my surroundings hoping no one would notice the wetness.

Dolly was busily removing the chain linking my nipples to my navel, Zoren was still lying spent on the floor where Dolly had left her. I wished I could lie down also. I wanted to sleep and wake to find this had all been a horrible depraved nightmare. Feeling a yank on my nipples again I was abruptly pulled back to reality, Dolly was attaching another chain to me. Like the first this one was Y shaped but the bottom of the Y was a lot longer. Attaching the top part to my nipples as before, she pulled the longer bottom part through the ring attached to my choker leaving the end dangling just below my breasts.  Picking up a rectangular tray she placed it into my mittened hands, the tray seemed to be quite a bit thicker than I'd expected and had a solid weight to it.

I felt a pull on my navel as Dolly did something to it hidden from my view by the tray, then with a quick grin of satisfaction she pulled the loose end of my nipple chain down hooking it onto the top of the tray. Feeling the weight of the tray pull my nipples upward, I tried to raise the tray to relieve the tension. When the tray was a half-inch below my breasts I felt a pain in my navel, as the chain attached to me from the bottom of the tray pulled taut.  I couldn't raise the tray enough to remove the tension on my breasts only lessen it!  At this realization I looked straight at Dolly with wide pleading eyes. In return I received a knowing devilish smile.

Dolly was moving around me now happily checking my appearance, making sure I had been removed of all self-respect I thought bitterly. I hated the little tramp. Satisfied she let me stand in front of a large mirror to see the conversion that had been done to me. I sucking in a gasp of air at my appearance and fought back tears. My hair was totally disheveled hanging down to my shoulders limply a few strands plastered to my drying face. I became aware with every breath that the scent I wore was one of a woman's intense lust. The matching bunny ears and choker looked  foolish and silly. Combined with the tray I was holding up as high as I could in front of my exposed swollen tits they made me look like the cheapest of waitresses, who for a few pounds extra would meet any request.

The smeared mess of my make-up and the wetness glistening on my inner thighs confirmed that I'd already had a few takers for my special services. Below my waist the crotch high boots and hot pants with their revealing side view of my naked skin were pure streetwalker signaling my availability for the right price.  The two invaders filling me thankfully could not be seen but their presence was very noticeable to me, reminding me of their presence every time I shifted my weight.

Coming up behind me Dolly spun me around; reaching into my open gaping mouth she again fixed the tongs to my tongue and pulled it fully out. Holding a small piece of metal in her hand, she grinned at me.

"Hold still now can't forget your last piece of jewelry can we Lady Jennifer?" As an extra dig she added, "I bet ladies like you love all kinds of jewelry." She held the metal pin in front of my face so I could read the word stamped across the metal disc attached to the top. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as Dolly fixed it securely through the tube in my tongue.

"Come on, time for your big entrance Lady Jennifer!" She said excited now, pulling open the door and dragging me after her she strode out on to the stage.  I followed walking with my legs apart my bunny tail swinging, bunny ears flopping and my bare breasts bouncing after her. My eyes open in fear unable to do anything but follow. I was barely aware of my surroundings as I broke out all over in perspiration. The pain of my boots, the dildos inside me and the weight of the tray dragging my nipples skyward all unnoticed. All I could think about the piece of metal now in my tongue and the word stamped on it "WHORE".

Coming Next: The First Trial.

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