by Bad Barrett

Chapter 2 - Showtime

Finally the morning of the scheduled start arrived, and so did our first meeting with the shows director. A rather shifty looking fellow by the name of Tom Counter, as he began explaining the day's timetable to us, I got the distinct impression that behind his eyes he was laughing at my expense, of course that was impossible so I put the feeling down nothing more than  pre-show jitters. Having been briefed on our responsibilities for the day, basically be dressed and ready at six pm sharp. The rest of his patter consisting of veiled references to our tasks, which he refused to expand upon even when pushed. We did meet the shows host though -- a rather well built chap called John Long, John was obviously selected for the job on the basis of his looks. I assumed he was just there to appeal to the lower class woman's baser desires. Undoubtedly there was a female counterpart to him somewhere on the shows lineup; it seemed that no ruse was too low for Counter and Wood to gain viewers.

Around lunchtime the man himself showed up accompanied by his wife. Informed by Counter of their imminent arrival, I was waiting with interest to see the woman that had financed Mike Woods' rise to the wealth he now enjoyed. When I finally saw the woman herself my mouth dropped open in shock! It wasn't her beauty although she was certainly extremely attractive, with long blonde hair and a slightly fuller figure than Jennifer. No my shock was down to the fact that I knew this woman, very well in fact, she was my first wife Sarah. Sarah greeted me coolly seeming  to all the world as this was the first time she'd ever laid eyes on me, deciding that there was nothing to be gained by putting a dampener on things. I followed her lead. Jennifer never having meet Sarah or even seen a picture of her as I'd destroyed them all after the divorce, remained in the dark as to Mrs. Woods and our shared history. So we sat down to lunch Mike making his usual expansive gestures and flashing teeth are everyone, Jennifer sensing my discomfort and assuming it was my normal shyness carried our side of the conversation. Sarah sat quietly eating her meal smiling quietly to herself. As soon as I felt I could leave without causing incident, I made my excuses claiming the need to get dressed for the show. Jennifer, not wishing to be alone with the Woods followed quickly, agreeing to meet in my room 30 minutes before the show, we headed of to get ready.

Whilst I was showering I came to a horrific realization: Woods' first production had been financed by his wife's money, and I knew that the only money Sarah had, she'd received from our divorce settlement. Which meant that my inheritance had started him on his way! He was using my own money to pay for this show! Seething inside I resolved to not let this realisation show on my own face, no wonder Sarah was smiling at my misfortune! So showered and shaved I started to get dressed into the charcoal suit I had selected for my entrance. Counter had told us that we would be getting changed into our provided show clothes straight after our entry, but Jennifer and I had resolved to enter the set well dressed and well groomed. We'd show our class by not sinking to their level! At five thirty Jennifer knocked and entered my room, looking stunning in a snow white pant suit.

"Last chance to back out," she bravely joked taking my hand in hers.

"We must do this, in two weeks this will all be over and we'll be able to get on with the rest of our lives together." Taking her in a embrace I held her close, god how I loved her. "We'll get through this together I promise."

Finally we could put things off no longer and returned to the dining room arm in arm; finding the Woods were there waiting for us along with Counter.

"Just wanted to make sure things got off on the right foot," Woods enthused at our approach. "I didn't want you two getting cold feet!" Again the beaming smile was unleashed on us.

Counter smoothly took over from his boss, "Lord and Lady Tillman if you'll follow me please, I'll take you through to the backstage area."

"I'm sure we'll bump into each other again soon!" called Sarah at our receding backs.

Standing in the barely finished backstage area, doubts started to creep in yet again; grasping Jennifer's hand to confirm that she was with me, I told myself it was too late to back out now no matter what may happen.

"Almost time," Counter informed us tersely, his hand pressed to the earpiece in his right ear. "John is just going to welcome the audience to the show and give your introduction. When I give you the signal just walk straight down that corridor and turn left at the end."

Coming from the indicated corridor I could hear some muted applause, which I assumed was the audience. Interspersed with it was John Long's booming voice but I couldn't make out what he was saying. Suddenly Counter was pushing us down the corridor, taking this as our cue Jennifer and I strode out onto the stage heads held high.

My initial sight of the set was blanked out in the glare of the spotlights, spearing us with their beams, but hearing John Long's booming voice welcoming us, slightly ahead and to my left Jennifer and I stumbled over that way. Feeling strong fingers gripping my right arm I came to a halt facing into the battery of lights, Jennifer was pulled away from me her presence abruptly replaced by John Long his bulk allowing me to identify him. Feeling that I may be able to risk blindness by opening my eyes slowly shading them from the glare with my left hand as I did, I took in the floor near my feet, it seemed to have bolt holes and brackets covering the limited area I could see, presumably those where what had tripped me just before. Looking to my right, my eyes widened when I saw the woman who had grasped my arm. She was five or six inches shorter than my five foot ten inch height, wearing a small black dress with vertical green stripes running down it, the dress itself seemed to be made from some sort of plastic. Although it was surely elasticized in some manner, as the size of her monumental breasts stretched the top of the dress out considerably. My slightly higher perspective and the low scooped neck combined to leave me in no doubt that she was braless. Realising that I was most likely on camera, I quickly raised my gaze to her face, not wanting to appear lecherous in front of whoever may be watching. Her face seemed almost immobile in the way of those who've received excessive plastic surgery, and seemed stuck in a expression of lustfully pouting. Her lips had obviously been enhanced along with her breasts as they were freakishly engorged, her nose seemed too small for her face sandwiched as it was, between that mouth and her wide staring eyes. It was the eyes that disturbed me the most, appearing to be fixed half way between a wide-eyed expression of innocence, and the lustful gaze of a harlot. Compared to all this, her long platinum blond hair was positively mundane falling simply down her back in a long wave.

Looking across to Jennifer standing on the other side of John Long from me, I saw that she was having more trouble with the lights than me. Still staring blearily at the stage floor as she was unable to use her hands to shield her eyes from the glare as I had, as John was holding onto her right arm and another woman holding her left. Taking in the woman holding my wife's arm I realized she was the identical twin to the woman holding mine! They had the same mammoth breasts, the same lustfully pouting face and appeared to be the same height. In fact the only difference I could discern was that the second woman had jet black hair and blue stripes on her dress. Looking down to her feet, I saw they were in some sort of black ankle boots with high spiked heels, the boots looked to be a size too small even to my inexpert eye and gleamed wetly in the stage lighting. I guessed that my escort must be wearing the same uncomfortable footwear, her feet being hidden from my view by the mass of her breasts. A sudden squeeze of my left arm by John, made me snap my attention to his face craning my neck to bring him into view. He was looking at me as if expecting an answer, it dawned on me that whilst I'd been gathering my wits he'd been speaking to me. Blood rushing to my cheeks as embarrassment blossomed in me, having no idea what the question was I muttered something indecipherable, bobbing my head in agreement as I did.

"That's great!" he boomed as if my reply was the wittiest thing he'd ever heard "And you Jennifer," he said, pointing the microphone at my wife, "are you as happy your husband to be the first couple ever on CUMupance?"

Jennifer who still didn't seem to be over the sensory overload of our entrance yet, mumbled something indistinct in reply as I had a moment before. John though, didn't really seem to care what her reply was as he launched into his patter.

"And we're overCUM with excitement to have you here on CUMupance!" putting the emphasis on the word come whenever he could "The show that makes paupers out of princes, ruffians out of the rich, bag ladies out the beautiful and..." turning to me and grinning a quite frightening grin, "Lackey's out of Lords and Ladies! That's right this is CUMupance and I'm your host John Long! Long by name long by nature!" The audience, judging by the amount of applause that answered this statement must be huge! All I could see was the glare of the stage lighting but I could feel the vibration under my feet as they whooped and hollered their approval. It was terrifying to imagine all those eyes on me but be unable to see them.

Waving his hands until the noise of the audience had faded enough to make himself heard John continued, "Well without any more time wasting from me lets begin! Lord and Lady Tillman! It's time to receive your CUMupance! Dolly's take them away!"

The woman holding my arm began herding me towards the back of the stage, pushing me uncomplaining at a door set in the left rear of the stage. Looking to my right, I had just enough time to see Jennifer being herded through a similar door to the right. Before I could call out to her I was through the portal followed closely by my escort.

I took in my new surroundings; the first thing catching my eye was the full clothes rack to my right. In front of me was another door, leading further into the backstage area I guessed, to my left was a waist high table about six feet long and about half that wide. Perched on the table was Sarah!

"Thanks Dolly," she said to my escort, "why don't you wait backstage while I get him ready," a little giggle escaping her lips my escort nodded and headed out through the second door I had noticed.

"Sarah..." I began, words failing me as I tried to come with a reason for her presence, in what I assumed was my dressing room.

"Oh relax David! You're going to need some help for you to get into your show clothes, and knowing how shy you are I thought it was better someone you knew."

"I see, well if it is that hard to get into the protective gear perhaps Jennifer could help me?" I didn't want to display myself in front of anyone except my wife not even to an ex wife.

"Jennifer is busy right now getting into her own ermm... protective gear, really David it's either me or Dolly." She moved towards the door to get Dolly.

"Wait! Okay, okay but please don't tell Jennifer it might upset her, the thought of me undressing in front of another woman I mean," at this she broke out into a huge grin.

"Of course I won't tell her that would be wrong," she said between chuckles, "believe me I take the thought of someone seeing you naked very seriously!"

Unable to see what she found so funny, I simply turned my nose up at her disdainfully. This abruptly stopped her giggles, a look of anger passing quickly across her face. That was better she should remember who was the one with breeding here!

Having asserted my superiority I began to undress placing my suit carefully on the table, with just my briefs on I turned back to Sarah.

"I thought Zoren told you to shave for the show?" Sarah said her ire at me showing in her voice.

"I did." I said running my hand across my chin self consciously, perhaps I had missed a hair or two?

"Not there," her eyes dropped to my chest and then down to my legs.

"You can't mean..." I began

"Of course I do," she interrupted. "Some of the ermm safety gear has to go right against your skin or it won't protect you properly. Dolly! We're going to need a waxing kit in here," she called through the closed door, hearing the receding footsteps of Dolly going on her errand she turned back to me. "Look I know what some of your tasks are," she said earnestly, "trust me on this, you don't want to risk an injury causing you to fail one of them do you?"

"Well I suppose." The thought of failing a task and losing everything made me weak.

"Okay then now lie down on the table and we'll get this done as quickly as possible."

As I was making myself comfortable on the wooden table there was a knock at the door, I glanced up just in time to see Sarah receive a number of strips of cloth and a large pot of something from Dolly.

"Okay now this is going to sting a little," she began spreading the wax from the pot across my upper chest. It was hot enough to be more than a little painful. Oblivious to my discomfort Sarah began smoothing one of the pieces of cloth across the waxed area.

"Now hold still," she said fingers gripping the edge of the cloth the other pushing down on my chest, then without warning she yanked the cloth away! A scream ripped its way out of my throat as I flew six inches from the table the pain was immense!

Sarah was suddenly shushing me. "The walls on this room aren't that thick," she informed me. "If you make that much noise the audience is going to hear you! We need to get this done David perhaps if I gave you something to bite down on?"

Nodding weakly I agreed the thought of all those people laughing at my squeals was too much, she walked over to the clothes rack and picked up a what looked like a little leather belt. Returning to me, she quickly pushed what felt like a large ring into my mouth wedging it tightly behind my front teeth,

"I'll just secure it in case you swallow it or something," she muttered to me reaching behind my head to fasten the little belt as she tightened the contraption, I felt the ring being pulled back into my mouth stretching my jaw wide open! I tried to protest, but trying to speak with my mouth like this was impossible. Sarah didn't even seem to notice the grunting noises I was able to make, and began waxing my chest again. Panicking I attempted to remove whatever it was strapped around my head, this did get Sarah's attention.

She sounded like she was addressing a small child. "If you keep thrashing around like this we're going to be here all night," she admonished me. When I didn't stop fumbling at my head she continued, "I was rather hoping we could have done this the easy way. Dolly! Get in here!"

Dolly must have been waiting for just this moment and burst through the door almost instantly.

"Hold him down for me please," Sarah said matter of factly as she reached under the table for something, having found what she was looking for she waved the retrieved roll of tape in front of my face. "Luckily I plan ahead," she grinned down at me. "Okay Dolly flip him over."

Dolly was a lot stronger that she looked, having no difficulty in first holding me down and then flipping me onto my front as requested. I felt hands on my lower arms pulling them together behind my back, then tape was wrapped round and round my wrists immobilising them. The process was repeated on my legs, my tape wrapped ankles stopping me getting any leverage with my lower body. I was then unceremoniously flipped back over pinning my bound arms underneath me.

"Let's try this again shall we without all that bothersome squirming this time." Smiling she began applying wax to my chest once more. "Although I must admit it does work out quite nicely this way, well for me at least." She smoothed the cloth across the wax grinning madly as she yanked it off. Even though I was expecting the pain, I think I would have flown of the table even bound as I was, If not for Dolly's weight still pressing my shoulders down onto the table.

Sarah though seemed to be enjoying herself, tearing the strips from me to punctuate her words. "I can't believe you think my being here is a coincidence!" another strip was yanked from my chest. "You truly are the idiot you seem to be! If it wasn't for your inheritance and your title, you'd be even lower than those menials you so despise." Another strip, she was starting to pick up pace, I screamed through the thing in my mouth. "Please don't think I'm here for revenge though, tormenting you is just a bonus." Another strip gone. "You see whilst Mike and I where making those programmes in Asia, with the money you gave me after you found me unworthy. Thanks for that by the way." Another strip, tears where flowing down my cheeks now and she was still only on my chest! "We realised something, people will pay to watch other peoples' misfortune. The greater the fall from grace the more they want to witness it." Another strip. "So I thought of you, possibly the biggest snob I've ever met and completely unable to hold on to money too boot!" Another strip, this one from just below my waist.

"So I made sure to keep an eye on you, I waited until you'd made one bad deal to many, and then sent Mike in with his last gasp chance to save yourself." Another strip! She was working her way down my left leg now. "And you leapt at it dragging that lovely wife of yours down with you," No! What had I done to Jennifer? "So now I have a bona fide Lord and Lady no less who've signed themselves into servitude for my and the audience's amusement." Another strip! I'm not sure what's worse, the strips or the pain of my guilt. In my hubris I've damned myself and Jennifer. "You know you really should have read those contracts you so gleefully signed," Another strip! "But I digress your fall from grace will be beamed out to anyone who wants to pay for it, and they already have by the thousands." Another strip, she moved to my right leg. "You see we realised television was so limiting, so we thought hey what about the internet! So that's what we did, you see right now people all over the world are watching me do this!" Another strip yanked so hard I'm sure my skin came off with it.

She paused with her relentless waxing, to allow her words to sink in. "Look up into that corner over there, see that black thing with the little red light on it? That's sending you in glorious colour, with full sound I might add out to currently... How many is it right now Tom?" she said speaking to the camera, putting a hand to her ear as she received the reply. "Ten thousand Six hundred and seventy two people! With more joining in all the time now that the word is getting out." My god! No she's lying! She must be! But I knew she wasn't, Sarah looked to be enjoying herself far too much for this to be all a lie. "I should tell you though that nearly twenty thousand people are watching your wife right now, but then she is the looker of the pair." No! Jennifer!

Allowing me no more time to take things in she returned to her waxing with renewed enthusiasm, quickly finishing the rest of my right leg. "Dolly we're going to need to flip him over again so I can do the backs of his legs, but before that..." suddenly she pulled down the front of my briefs and poured a great blob of the hot wax over my genitals! I bolted straight up from the table unable to do anything but scream at the pain, the pain only got worse when she replaced my briefs and pushed down making sure the wax was squeezed all over my groin.

"Okay flip him over." Being suddenly dropped face down on the table did nothing to lessen the pain in my groin. The impact with the table did drag another cry of pain from me though. Tears were flowing constantly down my cheeks now. The combination of pain, guilt and humiliation destroying any self control I might have had. Without pausing to berate me any more she quickly tore the hair from the back of my legs.

"Now David it is time for the really painful bit." What? More painful than what I'd been through so far? Hearing the snip of a pair of scissors behind me I felt the back half of my briefs cut away and without warning the hot wax was poured between my buttocks. I screamed into the table top, but then I felt the horrible sensation of Sarah applying a strip of cloth to the wax. I was expecting at any moment to feel it ripped away, but Sarah seemed to want to prolong the tension and merely toyed with the edges of the cloth strip for a while. Just as I was starting to relax and think that perhaps she had gone as far as she was going to go, she tore it from me! The shock of the pain was so intense that I couldn't even scream, giving me no time to recover I was flipped over again and my briefs were yanked from my groin, reducing me to a blubbering wreck as I felt my pubic hair torn away. "Oops missed a bit," she muttered spreading more of the wax around my testicles, another two strips of cloth quickly followed and she was satisfied.

"There all done! That wasn't too bad was it?" she grinned evilly. "Now to get you dressed properly." Suddenly reality crashed in on my thoughts I was lying bound, gagged and naked on a table with thousands of people paying to watch my humiliation! If I could have I'd have curled into a ball and remained there forever, but bound hand and foot with the strong hands of Dolly pinning me to the table, I had no choice but to stay on display to whomever cared to look. I was starting to gain some self control and managed to stop my tears, when Sarah returned from the clothes rack carrying my outfit, placing it out of my sight before I could get a clear look at it. She reached down to my feet and I again heard the snip of a pair of scissors, this time cutting through the tape binding my ankles. The tape being pulled from my ankles was too much like the sensation of being waxed and I let out an involuntary yelp of remembered pain.