Hacker's Punishment:
Tasks 5 and 6

by B. H. Paulson

I keep hoping that I will wake up and find all of this a nightmare, but it just keeps on going and going.† Levi told me that each task would get worse; but I donít know how it can.† I had to walk almost 10 miles naked last night, I was seen very well by one person, and probably spotted by a few others -- and all of this within 5 miles of my own house!† And now, to make matters worse, I have to come up with $250 for the paper boy.†† This is terrible, for more than one reason.† First, with a new house I donít have a lot of spare money right now.† Second, I had planned to purchase some thicker, more opaque blouses for work, and now I have to dip into my clothing budget in order to pay Joe the paper pervert.† But so goes my life.† I guess Iím a third of the way done now, and itís only been a few days.† Perhaps this will be over with soon and life can get back to normal.†

Of course you know, since youíre reading this, I must have done another task.† Truth is, I did two today, and Iíll tell you about them shortly. †First, though, I am supposed to recount my entire day so far.† I guess Levi thinks that typing all of this stuff will help it to sink in.† So here goes.

I got up this morning, and went through my normal routine, naked of course (I hadnít worn any clothes since midway home from work last night).† When I got around, I went to find the darkest-colored blouse I could.† I found a dark red blouse, and figured this would do the trick -- not see-through at all.† Unfortunately , I only own a four blouses like this, but since today is Friday, I have the weekend to do laundry, and that will give me the weekend to make sure they are all clean.† So I picked out the blouse, and I grabbed one of the few pairs of slacks I own to wear with it.† The extra cover would be welcome, and Levi has not forbidden slacks.† So I carried the clothes out to my car, locked the door behind me, and opened the garage door.† Then I got in the car, drove outside, got out of the car and closed the garage door, re-entered the car, and headed out the driveway.† I knew that I couldnít get dressed until I left the road I lived on, so I drove toward the highway.† After turning onto it, I pulled over, quickly threw the blouse on and started buttoning it.† Then it dawned on me that I was only allowed three buttons.† I had just buttoned the third one, and I realized that there was a lot of skin showing, still.† I tried a few combinations, and finally decided that buttoning every other button would be my best bet.† Then I threw the pants and shoes on, and continued to work.† When I arrived, I walked quickly to my office, trying to be seen by no one, and I sat at my desk.† Upon sitting down, I turned on the computer and checked my email.†† Then it hit me -- I had forgotten about the punishment of being bottomless today!† I quickly mustered up the courage to get that way.† Since I was wearing pants, I had to take my shoes off first, followed by my pants.† I left the shoes off, in case I had to get dressed again in a hurry.† Then I settled into my work.

As luck would have it, Levi is very concerned about safety.† He emailed me shortly thereafter reminding me that OSHA requires that shoes be worn in the workplace, for safety reasons.† I donít see any cameras around here -- how could he possibly know what I did?!?† This is getting so frustrating!† He must have access to spy stuff or something, to have cameras so discreetly placed.†† But nevertheless, I put the shoes back on and got back to work.† A few minutes later, my boss stormed in the door, and it took my by surprise -- so much so that I almost leapt out of my seat -- thank God I didnít!† It turns out he was pissed off about something he had heard in a meeting earlier, about downsizing.† I should mention here that my boss is very loyal to his employees, and he fights tooth and nail to make sure we are well taken-care-of by the company.† He kindly pointed out that we need to make sure we are the most productive unit in the company so that none of us will get the ax from the higher-ups.†

With this, he left the office.† I started to think about what that might mean.† It could mean more hours, and since I am salaried, that would not entail overtime.† But as I said before, I really cannot afford to be relegated to the job market right now.† So, I will do as he asks, and weíll wait to see what happens.

In the meantime, lunch was approaching, and I was hungry.† I thought about working through lunch, but I needed the sustenance if I was to stay at my best, so I got up from my desk, only to be reminded of my nudity.† I sat back down, checked the windows for peepers, found none, and kicked my shoes off.† Then I stood up, put my slacks back on, replaced the shoes, and headed out for a light lunch at the nearest fast food place.† Within 20 minutes, I was back at my desk, with my pants off again.† I really hoped nothing happened that caused me to have to get up quickly.† My computer chimed, indicating a new email message.† I looked at the screen and just saw that it was from Levi, at which point the fire alarm started going off!† Within seconds, all the power was shut off and the sprinklers were on full force.† I jumped up, took off my shoes, and started to pull on my slacks when the door burst open and a coworker caught me buttoning the slacks.† She looked for half-a-second and then remembered the emergency.† "Hurry up, Mel!" she said as she grabbed my hand and we started running for the fire escape.† Of course, at this point I had not yet replaced my shoes, and the fire escape, being a latticed metal, was none too comfortable on my feet.† But down we ran, me barefoot and barely dressed, covered in water from the sprinklers.† †

An hour and a half later, the fire department had finished examining the building and determined that there was no sign of a problem --† probably just a prank.†† We returned to our workplaces and were warned not to turn on any electronic devices because of potential water damage.† Of course, my shoes were soaked, but I put them on anyway, as I roamed the office in search of some way to check my email.† I was worried that Levi would be upset if I didnít read his email within the 2 hour limit, and I was terrified of what that might mean.† Hopefully he would be understanding of the circumstances.†† Just then, I remembered that I can check my email on my cell phone, and my purse is waterproof.† So I returned to my office, sat down, and started to check.† Then I remember Leviís orders and ditched the slacks, putting my feet back into my wet shoes.† Unfortunately, by this point, 2 hours and 15 minutes had passed since I received his last email, which I could not read, and now there were two messages from him.

The first message read:

Dearest Melanie:† I see you are acclimating well to your new rules.† I am happy to see how well the day is going -- Iím tempted to make the bottomless thing permanent for you, but I think Iíll let that idea go, at least for now.† In the meantime, I have another task for you this evening.† It is written on a sheet of paper in an envelope on the ground by your garage door.† Good luck -- you will need it!† Please respond to this email right away so I will know you have read it.

Love, Levi

I hesitated before reading the next message.† But I knew I had to.† It read:

My darling, I am very disappointed.† It has been two hours and I have not heard back from you.† I know, I know, there was a fire alarm.† But there ARE other ways to check your email.† I must confess something to you, though.† This morning, I re-read the message I sent you last night, and I realized that I had specified that you could not wear a skirt at your desk.† When I saw you with pants, I figured that you had out-smarted me.† I was prepared to deal with that, and perhaps even congratulate you on your ingenuity.† But when you removed them, I realized that you are not as smart as I gave you credit for.† That said, since you missed the deadline, I am going to limit your punishment to this:† for the rest of the day, you may wear nothing but your shirt when you are at your desk.† The OSHA thing I sent you was bullshit -- it doesnít apply in an office setting, so no shoes either.†† And just to make it a bit more fun, you must remove your slacks and shoes as soon as you enter your office, and you cannot replace them until you are about to leave.† So, if you need to get anything from elsewhere in the office, you will do it bottomless.† And to make sure the lesson sticks, it will continue to apply until next Friday.† I know, it may seem a bit harsh, but you must learn to be more diligent and creative in figuring out how to obey me.†

Sincerely, Levi

SHIT!!!† 15 minutes is all I missed it by!† But I figured Iíd better respond to both of these messages right away, or at least as soon as I had my shoes off.† So I sent a quick email, informing him that I had received and read his messages.

The rest of the workday was uneventful -- that is, if you consider walking around your office bottomless to be uneventful.† When the day was finished, I gathered up my things, re-dressed, and left the office.† On the way out, my boss informed me that we needed to meet some deadlines and he would need my help tomorrow.† I hardly ever go into work on Saturdays, but with imminent downsizing, I decided it would be worth it this week.† So with that, I headed home, remembering to stop and strip before I got on the road to my house.

At about 6:15, I got home and looked for Leviís envelope.† It was there, just like he said.† After my way-too-naked routine of getting the car in the garage, I went inside and read it.† It read as follows:

My lovely slave, you have been a very good sport about everything so far, so Iím going to reward you with two tasks tonight -- then youíll be halfway done!†† I fear that our time is passing too fast, so I may need to slow things up in the future, but in the meantime, I hope you have fun with these tasks.†

First, find the following clothes:† a t-shirt (the tightest one you own), a pair of short shorts, and a pair of sneakers.† Then get your digital camera.† Take these with you, as you drive to the city, but donít put anything on until you have driven at least 20 miles.† Then you may put the shirt on.† Once youíre in the city, go to Veteranís Park, park the car, and put the rest of the clothes on.† Then I want you to find a man there by himself (there are usually several around), and ask him if he could take some pictures of you.† If he declines, keep going until you find one who agrees.†† The pictures should be taken on one of the walking trails, and there are to be a minimum of 12.† By this time, most of the trails will not have too many people walking, and you should be able to find some nice spots to take your clothes off and pose for pictures.† Once youíve stripped, however, you may not put your clothes back on.† Let the man carry them for you.† I would like at least 3 pictures showing some sort of modesty and shyness, and the rest are up to your photographer.† †Once your mission is completed, get your camera back, and apologize to the man for not having money to pay him.† Offer to pay him by letting him keep your clothes.†† Then get into the car and drive back home, naturally still naked.†† Make sure youíre home by 10, and there will be another email waiting for you.

Your loving master, Levi

GOD, how could I do this?!?† I looked at the clock, and it was approaching 6:30.†† The city is 40 miles away, so I knew I would need to hurry, and there would be no time for cover of darkness.† Then it hit me -- I needed to have the $250 for Joe by the time he came by, and that is usually around 9:00!† So I quickly set out to do the task.† There was no time to be nervous.† I also thought about Levi, and how he might be pissed off about my trick getting the key back from Joe.† Why did I write that in my last account?!?† But, whatís done is done.†† Iíd better not piss Levi off any further.† So I set out to complete the task.† After 20 miles of driving, I put the shirt on, and drove into the city.† Once I got to Veteranís Park, I stopped the car, put on the rest of my clothes, and set out to find a not-too-mean-looking stranger.† Levi was right, there were a lot of men here, many of them running to stay in shape.†† The thought of willfully exposing myself to one of them was almost more than I could bear, but then I remembered what I had to lose.† I found a man who didnít look too sinister, and asked for his help.† He told me that he was in a hurry and didnít have time.† But there was another man, who looked a little bit sleazy, standing nearby.† He overheard and offered to help.† Knowing my time constraints, I agreed, and we set off on one of the trails.† We passed a young couple, and I saw no one else coming.† Itís now or never, I decided, so I stripped.† The man stood with his jaw on the ground, but I did my best to play it off as if it was no big deal.† I asked him to hold my clothes, and posed, covering my private areas with my hand, in front of a tree, for three pictures.† Then I told him that the rest would be up to him.

This was not good for me, though.† He suggested that we take on a bridge over a creek, which was about 50 yards down the path.† I said OK, and he handed me my clothes.† It was only with great difficulty that I said he could hold on to them while we walked.† His face lit up, and I just blushed in shame, feeling like a slut.† But we walked down the path to the bridge.† Nobody was coming yet, and he had me hold my hands above my head like I was stretching.† He snapped three pictures, at different angles, one zoomed in on my nether regions.† Then, we continued down the path and he asked me to climb a tree.† I did, and as he was climbing, he snapped a picture of my ass.† Then, he had me turn toward him, with my legs spread and he snapped two pictures of me from below.† At this point, an older couple passed.† I thought the man was going to pass out, but his wife said she thought it was great how the younger generation was so open to new things!† I couldnít believe it!† But they walked on, and we had three pictures to go.† For the next three, he said he would like to see how I looked wet, so he had me submerge myself in the water, and then stand up.† He snapped two pictures of me just standing there, dripping with water, and one more from behind as I walked back onto dry land.† I told him that was enough, and again he offered my clothes back.† I told him he could keep them as payment, and he looked unsure.† I practically had to beg him to keep them.† Then he started to walk away, and I realized he still had my camera!† By this point, he was almost back at the path entrance.† I had to dash after him, dripping wet, freezing because of it, and I passed at least three single men, all of whom tried to offer help.† I just ignored them, and I finally caught up to the man with my camera.† He apologized profusely and handed it to me.†† I was amazed that he was such a gentleman about it, and I headed back to my car.

I arrived home at about 8:50, and was relieved to not see the paper yet.† Just as I was closing the garage door, naturally still naked, I saw Joeís car pull in.† He was dumbfounded to see me naked again.† I didnít even bother to explain, and just said that Iíd be right out with his money.† I quickly went to my petty cash jar, and found $235 there.† Shit, I was $15 short.† I asked him if he would take a check for the rest, and he told me he never takes personal checks.† So I dug through my purse, and found that I only had $10 in my wallet.† After scrounging through my car (Iím sure he enjoyed that view!), I was able to dig up $5 worth of quarters, and I handed it to him.† He thanked me as if this was just a normal transaction, and went on his way.

By 9:15, I was at my computer, but there was no email from Levi yet. I waited, and the minutes seemed like hours.† Finally, precisely at 10, the email arrived.† It said:

My dearest Melanie, I am glad you enjoyed yourself in the park.† I canít wait to see the pictures -- please email them to me before you go to bed tonight.† Before I give you your sixth task, I have a couple of things to say.† First, I realize that you have to go into work tomorrow, and I hope you remember that the bottomless code will continue until next Friday.† But for your next task, I want to make tomorrow even more interesting, since you and your boss will be the only ones in the building.† Once you enter your office, you are to remove the skirt, and you MAY NOT retrieve it for any reason.† At any time your boss is out of the building, you are to be naked.† When he is in the building, you may only have one button fastened on your blouse.† Oh, and you need to wear the shortest skirt you own -- you know, the red one -- with a white blouse.† No shoes at all tomorrow --donít even bother bringing them.† You are to stay until at least one hour after your boss leaves, and when you leave, you are not allowed to take the clothes with you.† Instead, you are to throw them in the trash compacter as soon as your boss leaves.† Donít forget, I am always watching, and I look forward to seeing how creative you can be at staying behind your desk when the boss is around.

Love, Levi

P.S.† I am impressed with your cleverness with Joe.† Of course I know about it, but I never said you could not buy the key back.† So congratulations on your ingenuity.† Iím sure Joe appreciates it too.

I was too exhausted by this point to think about the implications, so I dutifully emailed Levi the pictures and went back to bed.

The next morning, I woke up at 7.† Usually I sleep in on Saturdays, but today was an exception -- I had work to do!† So I found the clothes Levi was referring to, and got them ready.† I went through the usual routine upon leaving the house, and headed to work, stopping to get dressed as soon as I was on the highway.† When I got to work, I went inside and met my boss there.† He looked me over with lust in his eyes, but didnít say anything, except to comment on my being barefoot.† I just said that if I had to work on Saturday, I at least wanted to be comfortable.† At this point, he looked at my blouse, held together with one button.† He said, "Why donít you at least button your blouse?"† I didnít know what to say, but out of fear, I just said, "This blouse is a bit tight, and itís uncomfortable if I button it more than this."† It was true, actually -- since I hadnít done laundry yet, the only blouse I had clean was one that had shrunk slightly. †He replied, "Well, dressed like that, you might as well be naked!† But I guess as long as you can still do your job, I wonít complain."† God, that was humiliating -- I already knew he was undressing me with his eyes, but now he had to do it verbally too!† But I just walked in with him, and we talked about the work we needed to get done today.† It turns out, there would be a lot of moving things around, and I didnít know if I could do this bottomless.† But in a feat of quick thinking, I said, "If I had known that, I would have worn shoes, but Iím not sure that will be safe if Iím barefoot."† He conceded, and told me I could just take care of typing up some letters and documents for today.† I lucked out on that one!† I felt naked as it was, but I donít think I could actually be bottomless in front of my boss, traipsing about the office.† So I went over what needed to be done, and he mentioned that he had skipped breakfast, so he was going to go pick something up while I got started.† He asked if I wanted anything, but all I really wanted was for this to be over, so I politely declined.† Just then, a guy from marketing walked in!† I didnít think anyone else would be here today!†† But we made some quick small talk, he looked me over a few times, and then he went to work.† At this time, I realized that my boss was on his way out and I was supposed to be naked!†† So I hurried into my office and grabbed hold of my skirt.† I realized this would be the last time I ever wore it, but with hesitation, I slipped it off.† I opened the blinds slightly to see the parking lot, and saw that my boss was just walking out the door.† I hadnít even heard any doors click -- how would I know when he was back?!?† But I knew what I had to do.† I unbuttoned the blouse and removed it.† I put both skirt and blouse in my desk drawer where I could grab them easily if needed, and then it hit me that I wasnít allowed to.† So I just sat down and tried to be engrossed in my work.† This was easier said than done, knowing that the marketing guy was only a couple-hundred feet away.† But I worked, and eventually I got so involved that it startled me when I heard a knock on the door.†† Shit, I didnít know if it was marketing-moron or the boss!† I peered out the blinds again, and saw that the bossís car was back, so I figured it was him, and put the blouse back on quickly, buttoning the one button I was allowed.† Then I yelled, "Come in!"† He said that his hands were full and he needed me to open the door for him.† Now what was I going to do?† If I put the skirt on, I would be violating Leviís rules, and I was sure the pervert was watching on video.† But if I left it off, I might be risking my job, and certainly my modesty. I pondered for a second, and then I heard marketing-moron offering to open the door. †When they both entered, my boss had a look of disgust on his face that I wouldnít open my door for him.†† But he came in, Egg McMuffin in one hand and coffee in the† other, and sat down.† "Zeke," (the marketing moron), "is going to take care of some of the moving since youíre not dressed for it," he said.† "I just got a call from my wife and I need to get home quickly.† It sounds serious, so I wonít be back today.† I trust that youíll get everything finished before you leave."

With that, he left, leaving me with Zeke drooling over me.† I told Zeke I donít work well with distractions, and asked him to leave my office.† Reluctantly he complied, and as my boss was walking out the door, Zeke was closing my office door.† I knew I had a few hours worth of work to do, and I realized now that I would be doing it all naked.† But there was no time to waste.† The boss was on his way to his car, and I had to get my blouse off.† Just as I unbuttoned it, Zeke popped his head back in the door, and his eyes just about shot out of his head.† "Mel, I donít know whatís gotten into you today with that outfit, but I like it -- especially now!"† God, how humiliating!† I canít believe this guy was talking to me this way!† I just sat there stunned.† He said, "If you leave the office door open, I promise I wonít make any noise!"† I told him no, and please close the door on his way out.† He shrugged, and walked off, leaving the door open.† I couldnít work in front of him naked, so I hurried to get up and close the door while his back was still turned, but just as I got to it, he turned around and saw me in all my bottomless glory, with my shirt hanging open.† Before he could respond, I slammed the door shut and broke into tears.† I knew Levi would get a kick out of this, but now I didnít care -- I just wanted this day to be over.† I almost stopped and said I was done with this foolish game, but I thought better of it, remembering what was at stake -- loss of career, jail time, and loss of probably everything I own.† I took the blouse off, and heard a ping at the computer.† I checked, and it was an email message from Levi.† He told me how disappointed he was that I had waited for so long after the boss had left to get rid of the shirt.† He reminded me that sometimes I will be seen, and I might as well get used to the idea.† And he said that, just for that, I needed to take the clothes to the compactor now, in full view of marketing-moron, and leave the door open when I returned.† He told me I also had to help Zeke with the equipment moving and apologize for my rudeness.†† Astonished, I broke into tears, and without drying my eyes, set out to take my clothes to the compactor.† Zeke didnít say a word as I walked by -- I donít think he could even think straight at that point.† The compactor was in the loading dock, the next floor down.†† When I got there, I almost turned around, but I went ahead with it, loading the clothes into it.† Then, as I hit the "Compact" button, the reality of the situation really hit me and I collapsed on the floor.†

I donít know how long I was there, but when I woke up it was to Zekeís voice.† "I was worried about you, so I followed you down here.† At first I thought you were either truly a slut or crazy, but after seeing your breakdown I know something else must be going on."† He helped me up, and I wished he would get his hands off my naked body.† But he seemed genuinely concerned.† He wasnít feeling me up or anything inappropriate.† He walked me back to the office, at which point my apology was truly heartfelt.† He asked me to explain what was going on, but I wasnít sure if I should, so I just said, "I donít like what Iím doing here, but thereís a reason I have to do it.† Beyond that, I canít say anymore."† For the rest of the day, I worked with my door open, and occasionally I saw Zeke looking in, but for the most part, he kept his eyes to himself.† I found myself actually glad he was here.†

When the day was done, Zeke walked to the front door with me, and offered to give me a ride home and something to wear.† I declined both and thanked him.† He walked in front of me to our cars, trying his best to shield me from view of the road.† Finally, at my car door, he said, "If thereís anything you need -- anything at all -- just let me know.† If thereís someone making you do this, I can call the police anonymously.† Whatever you need, Iím here to help."† With that he left, and so did I.

I made it home this afternoon, and there was no sign of any messages from Levi.† No congratulations, no complaints, nothing.† I typed this report because I knew I would need to, and Iím submitting it to you now.† Part of me wants this to be over as soon as possible, but another part just wants a break.† However, with these new rules, there can be no true break, so I really just want it over.† Please, Levi, when you read this, have mercy on my and give me the rest of my tasks so this can be done.

Thank you,