For Demonstration Purposes Only
by Arty


Holly stood alone in the room. All along one wall was a large viewing window. She could see that behind the window were the Judge and a group of local dignitaries and all of them would be seeing her naked in less than three minutes.

A large digital clock on the wall above the exit door was counting down from 180.

"Prisoner will undress or punishment will be incurred."

Holly started to unbutton her blouse. How had she got into this predicament anyway? Only this morning she had been looking forward to helping the Judge open this new prison, mixing with his guests and keeping them entertained. ‘Well I’ll certainly be doing that soon enough’, she thought.

"Prisoner will undress or punishment will be incurred."

Glancing at the clock she realised that she had less than 90 seconds to go. What had the judge said?

"The prisoner is given a set time to accomplish each task. If she exceeds that time then she will receive a stroke of the strap for each second that she delays."

With more and more urgency Holly stripped off; throwing her clothing into the box provided. Inexorably the clock counted down. Every twenty seconds the impersonal voice would re-iterate the threat. Holly knew that the punishment strokes were added up and then administered as part of the ‘introductory strapping’ that each prisoner received as part of the automated induction process.

"Prisoner will undress or punishment will be incurred."

Paying no heed now to the thought of all the people watching from behind the glass, Holly frantically slipped off her panties dropped them in the box and raced for the exit door.

"Prisoner is still wearing Jewellery. Prisoner has not placed box in receptacle provided."

Holly raced over to the box and desperately pulled off her watch and her earrings the locket that she always wore and all her rings. Then grabbing the box she ran to the hole in the wall and shoved the box into it.

"Prisoner has failed to undress in the time allotted. Punishment has been incurred. Eight extra strokes."

Holly looked at the clock above the door. It had counted up and had reached eight before she managed to get the exit door to open and she was through to the next stage.

"Prisoner has 30 seconds to place herself in the Automated Search Facility or punishment will be incurred."

Holly walked quickly over to the machine, which was based around a truncated Ob-Gyn examination table. Lying down she raised her feet and placed them in the stirrups. As soon as she was in position straps tightened around her ankles, preventing her from moving them. She looked between her spread thighs and realized that the table was directly facing the viewing window. She blushed to think of the view that she was providing to the assembled dignitaries that she could see standing there.

"Prisoner will place herself in the Automated Search Facility or punishment will be incurred."

Holly’s thoughts whirled, what had she forgotten? Oh yes her hands. Reaching up she placed her wrists in the depressions above her head. The straps that were there also tightened. Holly was now helpless to prevent the Automated Search Facility from perpetrating its indignities upon her.

"Automatic search process starting."

Almost silently, electric motors whirred and Holly felt her legs being spread inexorably further apart! She blushed crimson as her exposure was increased, just as she felt that her legs wouldn’t widen any further the movement stopped.

"Depilation procedure."

Holly groaned. The machine was going to take all of her womanly hair away and make her feel even more naked than she already was! A small spray attachment raised itself from the table between her legs and sprayed her pubic hair with greenish foam. Holly felt the itching and burning that comes with all of the cheaper brands of depilatory cream and cursed the Judge for his penny-pinching ways. Finally, after what seemed an age, the device sprayed cooling water to wash away the foam, and all her hair with it. Holly strained her head to look down; she was a bald as a pre-pubescent girl. A couple of small tears trickled down her face. This wasn’t fair; she wasn’t a criminal! Of course the Judge didn’t care about that. If he had his way every women between the ages of sixteen to sixty would be strip-searched twice a day and three times on a Sunday!

The water spray finished.

"Lubrication procedure."

Another small probe was raised and gently insinuated itself between her pussy lips. When it was seated properly it began to vibrate. Damn the Judge! In another, seemingly public-spirited, nod towards saving the public purse from unnecessary expenditure the device would stimulate her natural lubrication! The Judge had felt that since the women could provide their own lubrication -- with the proper stimulation of course -- it shouldn’t be necessary to use anything else! The machine did its job and Holly was unable to prevent herself from being stimulated to orgasm. She new that the machine wouldn’t stop until the sensor detected sufficient lubrication. She was just climbing to her second cum, when the machine abruptly stopped leaving her groaning in frustration!

"Vaginal search."

A third probe raised itself; it was thicker than the other two and this one was pointed towards her womanhood in a most threatening way. Slowly, but with inhuman persistence, it twisted and wormed its way between her pussy-lips and into her vagina. Once in place it began to expand! Helpless to stop it the device expanded until it was possible for the camera, with it’s fiber-optic light, to advance into her pussy. Above her a large plasma display sprang to life.

The flickering of the display caused Holly to look up, where she was mortified to see the inside of her vagina was on display. Holly squirmed uncomfortably, but she knew that she would be trapped here until this infernal machine had done its job.

"Rectal search."

The process was repeated, with a few slight alterations. The stirrups had moved her feet closer to her head and thus exposed her anus to the eager gaze of the watchers behind the glass. A smaller probe was used for the rectal search, but before being inserted into her rectum, it was first ‘dipped’ into her pussy to ensure that it was lubricated. Once more Holly cursed the Judge and his parsimonious ways. Holly groaned as the rectal probe insinuated itself inside her and began to expand. She closed her eyes in shame as the pictures of the inside of her rectal cavity were displayed above her.

Would this be the final indignity? She wondered.

"Prisoner has 90 seconds to provide a urine sample."

Holly’s eyes opened and she gasped in shock. She’d forgotten about the drugs testing requirement. As the impersonal announcement was made that heralded the worst moment for Holly so far, a cup-like attachment was raised from the table and placed itself over her vulva. A gentle suction ensured that it sealed itself to her smooth and hairless skin.

"Prisoner will provide a urine sample or punishment will be incurred."

Holly remembered the Judge’s words. "I don’t have no truck with ‘bashful kidney’! The sluts will just have to pee on command or they will get the strap! That’ll soon fix any problems they may have."

She struggled to relax, but the clock counted down and every twenty seconds the everlastingly impersonal voice issued its threat. The clock reached zero and began counting up.

"Prisoner has failed to provide a urine sample. Punishment will be incurred."

As the cold statement was made another attachment in the form of a small cushion-like pad, came in from the side and pressed down at the base of her stomach and started to vibrate gently. Oh sure! Provide assistance now I’m going to be punished! Suddenly she felt the pressure in her bladder give way and she peed into the cup. The suction caused a terrible slurping sound to emanate from the machine.

The sound, rather than the act of peeing in front of all those people, made her blush again. She looked up at the clock and noted that it had stopped at 18. That was 18 strokes added to the 8 she already had plus whatever she was going to get for the ‘introductory strapping’ anyway!

"Prisoner has failed to provide a urine sample in the time allotted. Punishment has been incurred. Eighteen extra strokes."

As she was contemplating her fate, the ASF was returning her legs to a more normal position and releasing her hands and feet. As she got down from the table she was mortified to see the faces of the viewers staring through the window at her. When she got out of here she would never be able to look them in the eye again, half of them were people that she had to deal with every day! How could she cope knowing that the person that she was speaking to had seen her naked, had seen her spread open, had seen her cum and finally had seen her peeing on command?

Wearily she got down from the table and walked to the door that would take to the next stage.


For now.