College Mascot
by Arty

Chapter 2: Friday Night

"You’re really going to keep me naked all the time, for the rest of the term? You were serious?"

"Did I look like I was joking?"

"Why wasn’t I warned about this?"

"I did try, twice, if I recall correctly; you were quite rude to me too."

I looked down at my, now bare, feet and blushed. He was right; he had tried to get me to read the paper that I had signed, even after I’d been quite nasty to him.

"I’m sorry; I should’ve listened to you; what did I sign myself up for then?"

"I’ll let you have a copy; but it was just an agreement to stick to the rules and traditions of the College Nude Mascot program for the Fall Semester. I’ll give you the brochure that we give to all our mascots."

"That sounds organised; how long has this Nude Mascot thing been going for?"

"This is the 25th year; I think you’re the 73rd or 74th mascot, I’d have to check ‘The Book’ to be certain."

"I don’t suppose there’s any way for me to get out of this is there?"

Alan considered my question; I could see that he was giving it some serious thought. While I waited for an answer I became aware of how cute he was. He came back from his reverie and his eyes twinkled as he returned my scrutiny; I blushed to be caught staring at him so brazenly.

"I’m sorry, but the nearest we came to it was a postponement due to pregnancy."

"Pregnancy?" What sort of program was this Nude Mascot thing?

"Oh don’t worry; we don’t let anything happen to you once you’re in the Program. She’d had an accident with her contraception a few months before the eliminations. It was ten or fifteen years ago, I don’t know all the facts. Anyway, once the baby was born and she was back in shape, she volunteered to do another semester."

Volunteered! I’d rather walk over hot coals every week before I’d volunteer to take all my clothes off and parade around naked for ten weeks! Wisely I kept this thought to myself. Alan smiled at me and I got the distinct impression that he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"So. Do you want to resign?"

"You mean I can?" I tried not to sound too eager and failed miserably.

"Well obviously we can’t actually coerce you into taking part; this is the first time that I can remember when the Mascot didn’t know what she was getting herself into." I had the good grace to look guilty at that point. "I wouldn’t like to say what the attitude of the rest of the students would be, but I can’t imagine it would be pleasant for you."

Some things that my Mum and my Gran used to tell me suddenly popped into my head. ‘Never go back on your word, no matter how lightly given.’ And ‘It takes years to build a good reputation and seconds to lose one.’ I knew that if I pulled out now, Mum and Gran would not be pleased with me at all. I steeled myself, drew a deep breath and hurled myself into the abyss.

"No. You’re right; it’s my own fault; I should’ve read what I signed, before I signed it. Anyway, my family has a reputation for keeping their word and I’m not about to break with family tradition now." I was rewarded with an enormous smile and Alan’s relief was a palpable thing.

"Thank you. You truly won’t regret it; you may have some rough patches, but we’ll help you through them; you’ll see." He leant forward and gave me a hug, trying to keep away from ‘dangerous’ areas of my body. Suddenly I yearned for some real contact and grabbed him and hung onto him like I was drowning; I suppose I was in a way. After a minute or two I felt better and let him go. With the decision made and even with the implications starting to sink in fully, I began to feel unaccountably happier.

"What’s going to happen to me now?"

"Well first, your attendants" he indicated Jane and two other girls that I knew vaguely by sight, "will wash you. Then, I’m afraid there’s no easy way to put this, they will depilate you so that you have no hair on your body below your neck."

I pondered the ramifications of this statement; I waved my hand at my bush. "You mean?"

"Yes, it will all have to go. Sorry." He didn’t look very sorry; I sighed and thought back to the time when I’d first grown hair ‘down there’; I’d been inordinately proud of it since it meant that I was getting to be a ‘big girl’. Now it looked like I would be losing my ‘badge of maturity’.

"What happens then?"

"When they’re satisfied that you’re properly cleaned and depilated you’ll be led back downstairs and ‘put on display’. We have a special stand that you’ll be attached to, that ensures that every part of you can be fully inspected. No one will be allowed to touch you, but they will be allowed to examine every square inch of you as closely as they wish."

"How long does that go on?"

He glanced at his watch. "You should be on display from about 10:30 until about 11:30. At which time you have to choose someone to do the next stage." He looked embarrassed at this point and I hated to ask the next question.

"What’s the next stage?"

"The person that you choose will fit you with, ummm, ahhh, stimulating devices and then they will be turned on so that you will come at least once and probably more than once until midnight. At midnight you’ll be taken down from the stand and then you’ll be fitted with the ‘chastity suit’, which you will be all that you can wear unless you are performing your official duties as Nude Mascot."

"I thought you said that I couldn’t wear clothes?"

"The suit isn’t clothing; it doesn’t hide anything, in fact since part of its function to stop you from masturbating it actually ensures that you show a lot more than you normally would." This didn’t sound at all good.

"How do I go to the bathroom?"

"Someone will be with you at all times, and they’ll be allowed to take it off and then you can use the bathroom, but they’ll have to stay with you to make sure that you don’t masturbate at all. Sorry, those are the rules."

He didn’t sound all that sorry, I couldn’t see the point of all this stuff about not masturbating; wasn’t it enough that I was naked all the time? I said so. "Why do you have to stop me playing with myself? What’s the point of that?"

"We want you emotionally invested in the team for which you are the mascot. If they win you get to come as often as you can that night. If they lose though, there’s a forfeit to be paid." A feeling of dread filled me at the word ‘forfeit’. I knew I was not going to like this at all!

"What kind of ‘forfeit’?"

"You get paddled by some of the crowd, about twenty or so; they each get to give you ten with the paddle."

"Two hundred strokes with a paddle?"

"It takes place over a couple of hours; it’s not as bad as it seems."

"How the hell would you know?"

"Yeah, well, you’re right; it was a stupid thing to say. Forgive me?"

I smiled at him ruefully. "It’s my own fault; I got myself into this thing. I suppose I will just have to make sure that I inspire the team to win all its games."

Alan signalled to Jane and the other two that they could come over and start preparing me. He introduced me to Alice and Sarah and all four of us made our way to a shower room. As we stepped into the hallway I hesitated; I was naked and someone might see me! I remembered how I used to feel embarrassed walking from my room to the shower in the morning and then I was dressed in nightclothes and dressing gown! I gave myself a shake and stepped out; I was going to have to get used to this, so I might as well start now.

Alice and Sarah were obviously prepared for this role as they had swimsuits on under their outer clothes. Jane just shrugged and got undressed.

"Careful Jane, they might mistake you for the Mascot."

"No chance of that, you’re far more beautiful than me." My protestations, that she must be joking, were cut short as they herded me under the shower. I have to say that I could get used to being washed by someone else. It felt so sybaritic. Once I was clean they pulled me clear of the spray and covered me with a pleasant smelling cream. Alice read the instructions from the tube and announced that we had to wait for two minutes and then rinse it off. Jane reached for her watch and counted down the seconds. As the two minutes were reached I sighed with relief as I was allowed to get back under the shower and wash off the cream, which was starting to itch terribly. When I was finished Sarah leaned in and turned off the water; I didn’t recognise myself in the mirror. I was all pink and smooth and my pussy lips were far more prominent than I remembered; they looked huge. The heat and being washed by others had turned me on a little and my inner lips had started to show; I turned away embarrassed. Jane hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"You’re so beautiful and sexy; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier pussy, the guys are gonna to think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they see you tonight." I blushed but what she said made me feel much better. They all grabbed towels and soon I was dried; like I said, I could get used to this. They led me back to the room we’d come from and lay me down on the bed. Alan made a point of whistling his appreciation and I blushed some more.


"Why thank you kind sir."

Alice chipped in. "They’re gonna cream themselves when they see her in ‘The Stand’"

This reminder of the next part of my ordeal dampened my good humour a bit, but I was soon cheered by the continued appreciative remarks.

"Time for your first inspection, Susie." I swallowed nervously. "Don’t worry, just close your eyes and it will be over soon." I smiled my appreciation at his concern and waited while the girls checked me for hairs. I blushed crimson as they pushed my legs up to my chest and checked my pussy and anus. I don’t think even my Mum had ever seen so much of me and now I was letting almost total strangers examine me intimately. After a couple of minutes the girls pronounced themselves satisfied and I was led from the room to the next stage of the ceremony.

The ‘Display Stand’ dominated the room that we had played poker in.  It was a large circle of a clear plastic with obvious places for my feet and hands. I could see that when I was in place I would be emulating the DaVinci drawing of the naked man in the circle. Alan led me to the stand and helped me stand on the footpads. There were slots for each individual toe; I couldn’t believe it, even the skin between my toes would be on display! Similar arrangements for my fingers ensured that hardly a square millimetre of skin was hidden from view. More quickly than I would have imagined I was soon in place and secured. The final thing was initially a mystery to me; two specially shaped clear plastic pieces clipped across the circle front and back and held my waist in place. I felt like a butterfly trapped under glass for collectors to peer over. Alan flicked a lever on each side of the circle where the floor stand connected to the circular thing and suddenly the circle was free to rotate. I realised that the central bar arrangement was to support me when the circle was horizontal. Alan cleared his throat.

"Our newest Nude Mascot is ready for your inspection."

Someone had switched off the main lights leaving me illuminated by three or four spotlights that were arranged for this purpose. On the one hand I was thankful as it made it hard for me to pick out individuals, but on the other hand it meant that my every crease and fold was brightly lit. One by one they came closer and examined me; I was helpless to stop them and I closed my eyes and burned with embarrassment as first one person and then another tipped me up so that they could check out my freshly denuded sex. My widespread legs meant that both my outer and inner pussy lips had separated exposing the very core of me to public view. I’m not sure what bothered me most; the exposure or the burgeoning awareness that I was becoming extremely turned on by it all. Someone asked to see inside my mouth; I looked askance at Alan.

"It’s best if you do as she asks; I’d rather not use this as it’ll make you drool." He held up a ring like object that I presumed he would place in my mouth to keep it open. I resigned myself to more humiliation and opened my mouth.

"You’re doing very well, Susie. Not much longer now." I smiled at him to show that I appreciated his concern. But before I could voice my appreciation someone flipped me right over so that I was face down and proceeded to croon over how wonderful my ‘rosebud’ was. If I thought that I had been embarrassed before then I was wrong; nothing could compare to someone being that close to my anus and describing it in loving detail to his friends. I felt my whole body blush, but for all that I couldn’t remember a time when I was more turned on; as I was turned upright I could feel my juices begin to seep down my thighs. Alan spoke.

"It’s time to choose, Susie."

Choose? I replayed Alan’s description of events and my embarrassment turned to dread as I realised that my ordeal was about to get much, much worse.

I pondered my choice; Alan hadn’t given me any guidelines, but I got the distinct impression that I was expected to choose a man and I must admit that though the thought of a woman doing ‘that’ to me was not unappealing, I think I’d prefer a man to do it. While this was running through my mind I could see Alan getting the equipment ready for whomever I would choose. Of course the choice was extremely limited and in the end there was only one person that, I realised with some surprise, I wanted to do it and he was...

"I’ll choose you, Alan; if that’s okay with you?"

The crowd in the room cheered my choice.

"If you’re sure? I’d be delighted to do it." He grinned at me and stroked my hair, which I found far more comforting than I would’ve expected. He checked his watch and picked up the ‘equipment’ that he’d brought in earlier. The first thing he picked up was a very small vibrator that he switched on to a gentle buzz. With careful attention he ran the tip of it around my nipples, which caused them to grow erect and me to sigh heavily. Once he was satisfied that I was starting to get turned on he ran the device down between my breasts and on to my pussy, pausing once to insinuate it into my navel. This made me giggle breathlessly. The feel of the vibrations on my pussy lips made me moan and I started to feel my hips make involuntary movements. With infinite slowness he pushed the vibrator into me and started to fuck me with it. All too soon he withdrew and centred the tip over my anus.

"Push down like you were going to the bathroom." He whispered in my ear; I moaned in protest, but did as he asked, as I was desperate for the stimulation to continue. I felt a strange but satisfying fullness and a slight pain as my sphincter reached maximum distension and then clamped tightly on the slight depression about half an inch before the end. The buzzing in my bottom felt weird but by now I was too turned on to care about the spectacle I was making of myself. He withdrew a larger dildo and began the same process all over again. The constant stimulation from the vibrating butt-plug made me thrust my hips back and forth shamelessly. Alan stopped teasing me and placed the tip of the second dildo between my pussy lips and held it still as I groaned my way through my first orgasm. As I was relaxing from the first paroxysm he pushed the dildo effortlessly onto my pussy and held it there as he picked up an arrangement of belts that he began to wrap around my waist just above my hips.

It felt like a thong panty, but the panty section was a soft rubber wedge that nestled against my clitoris. The thong was pulled down between my pussy lips, holding the dildo in place, and back up over the butt-plug and finally buckled to the belt at the back. It was lucky that I couldn’t move very much in the display stand otherwise I doubt that he could have put it on me, all the time the stimulation from the plug and the dildo were driving me relentlessly to another orgasm. Alan flicked a switch on the outside of the panty section and suddenly I felt a vibration directly on my clitoris. I screamed as my next orgasm was wrenched from me. Almost immediately I felt myself swept towards a third cum.

The minutes passed and I was cumming almost continuously moaning and crying as each crest passed me by. I sweated and groaned as minute followed remorseless minute. Dimly I heard someone say something about midnight and Alan turned off the vibrator that was stimulating my clit. The two others were more than enough to keep me moaning; working quickly now, he unbuckled it from me and gently removed the dildo from my spasming pussy. I groaned in relief as the torment reduced beyond the level necessary to keep me cumming. With a firm tug the butt-plug was removed from my anus and I relaxed as much as I was able, now that all the stimulation was gone.

Someone turned on the main room lights and switched off the spotlights. Initially this was better as I didn’t feel like I was the centre of attention so much, but it felt worse because now I could see my audience quite clearly. I closed my eyes to save myself the embarrassment of meeting anyone’s gaze. Alan busied himself by undoing the straps that held my feet and hands to the display stand; when everything was undone he helped me to step down and held his arm around me as I almost collapsed because my knees felt so weak.

"You’re doing great. We will dry you off some and get the suit fitted and then we’ll get you back to your room and you can sleep."

Sleep! God that sounded so good; I couldn’t believe how tired I felt. Jane arrived and took Alan’s place in helping me stay upright while Alan retrieved the ‘Chastity Suit’. Alan returned and started to dress me in the top part of the suit. I felt each breast encased in a clear mesh, except for each nipple and its areola. This was covered in a clear plastic dome that prevented it from being touched in any way. I verified this once Alan had finished locking the strap behind me; whatever I tried I could feel nothing, even with my nipples still in their aroused state. Whoever designed this suit knew what they were doing. Then I reflected they must’ve spent years getting it right. While I was still thinking about this Alan was showing Jane how the bottom part fitted. This turned out to be a whole order or magnitude worse; the bottoms were designed to prevent accidental stimulation by me rubbing my legs together and squeezing. Channels in the crotch section kept my inner and outer lips separated, this extended forwards and a small dome exposed my clitoris and prevented it from being touched. Finally I could feel the two thin probes that fitted in both of my passages, front and back. Alan explains to Jane that they are to prevent anything else from gaining entry. Like the top the straps were locked together; Alan held a small key on a silver neck chain.

"Jane, since you’re Susie’s roommate and if both of you find it acceptable, will you accept custody of our Newest Nude Mascot?"

Jane looked at me and I nodded; I was too tired to be thinking clearly, but even in this state I could see that having someone else in charge of me would be impractical.

"I’d be glad to." As soon as Jane had accepted the position of my handler Alan placed the necklace with the key around her neck.

"Keep this safe, we do have spares, but Susie won’t thank you if you lose it and she has to wait for the spare when she’s desperate for the bathroom." Alan smiled slightly as I winced at the thought of such a predicament. Next he took two copies of a thin pamphlet and gave a copy each to Jane and me. "That’s the Nude Mascot Program brochure; it’s got the history of the program and it explains the rules and traditions that have grown up around the Mascot.

Alan turned to the crowd, which was still as numerous as ever it was, even though it was well after midnight. "That’s all for tonight folks, we’re taking her back to her room; it’s been a long night."

The crowd started to applaud and cheer and I felt embarrassed all over again, not because I was nude, though God knows that was bad enough, but because I didn’t feel like I deserved all this adulation; it wasn’t as if I was anything special, after all. Jane and Alan took a hand each and led me from the room and outside into the cool night air.

Outside! I was naked and outside! Someone would see! I shivered.

"Are you okay?" Alan was concerned for me. ‘Pull yourself together.’ I told myself, out loud I said.

"Yeah, it's a bit colder than I expected; I suppose I wearing a few more clothes when I was outside last though." Alan put his arm round my shoulders and tried to shield me from the breeze as we walked briskly towards Jane’s and my room. It felt good to have his arm round me.

We met no one at all during our short walk.

We stood awkwardly outside our door as Jane unlocked it. I realised that my mother had been sadly lacking in not teaching me the correct etiquette to adopt when standing naked in a corridor with a man who not an hour before has driven me to the most amazing orgasms in my life. I smiled to myself; things can’t be all bad, if I’m making jokes about them.

"Will you be all right?"

"I think so, it’s not like I’m on my own."

"I think you’re doing amazingly well considering that you didn’t know what you were getting into."

"Well, it’s like I said I have a family reputation to uphold."

"Is your family reputation that important to you?"

"It is when it’s 1500 years in the making."

"Yeah, well, umm, look when you’ve read the booklet you’ll see that there’s a mentoring program for the Mascots. Well, anyway, until you’ve decided on who you want to be your mentor, that’s if, like, you want one at all, you can call me at any time if you need to talk." Alan finished in a rush and pushed a piece of paper into my hand. At the same time he leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on my cheek and before I had time to respond he had turned and walked away. I held my fingers to the spot where his lips had brushed my cheek and I floated into the room after Jane.

"He really likes you, y’know."

"Oh, he’s just being kind."

Jane sighed dramatically, "‘There’s none so blind as those that cannot see.’ He likes you a lot and, if I’m not very much mistaken, you think he’s pretty cute too."

I smiled enigmatically. The door to my closet lay open and I noticed a piece of paper taped to the inside of the door. The closet was empty. I read the note, it simply said that my clothes had been removed for ‘safe keeping’ and would be returned to me at the end of term. I turned to Jane and started to cry.

"Oh God, Jane, it’s really true; I’m going to be naked for the rest of term! What am I going to do?"

"Come on, let’s get you to bed, you’re tired; things will look better in the morning when you’ve had some sleep." She led me to my bed and helped me under the covers and then she lay down next to me and snuggled around me. The last thing I remember was the feel of her stroking my hair and telling me to relax and go to sleep. At least I won’t have to worry about what to wear for the next nine weeks, and I’ll save a bomb on laundry bills. My thoughts became disconnected and I fell asleep dreaming of the kiss that Alan had given me.