Sandhills Spree
by Annabelle

Part 1

Before I start this story, I have to thank Zack for coming up with the initial idea, and his encouraging me to write it as if I was there. And I also want to thank Graham, who's Settlement stories have provided me with enjoyment, inspiration, and sore shoulders, ever since I started reading them. :)

This story is a fantasy, although some of the individual moments are based on things I have done for real, and I hope you like my first effort to write a real story. Thanks.


I stood out in the open, grass poking through the gaps between my toes. On my back, I could feel the warmth of the evening sun soaking through to my bones, the heat temporarily relieved by the occasional breeze. The warm smells from the pot bubbling close by wafted through the air.

I carefully finished slicing the raw jalapeno pepper I was holding, doing it through touch with only the briefest of glances. I'd gotten quite good at working with a knife over the last few days, and have surprised even myself with what I can do with it. Chopping vegetables, peeling them, cutting meat.... none of it is very complicated really, something that can be done with one hand tied behind your back, or in my case... both!

Setting the knife down where I know I could reach it again, I carefully scooped up the sliced jalapeno in one hand, tugging at the padded steel cuffs that hold my wrists together just a couple of inches apart, and step over to the slow bubbling pot and dump them in. It is only a few steps from one spot to another, but even this short distance reminds me of who I am now, or at least who I could be in another life.

A naked, chained Settlement Girl, just like the ones in Graham's fantastic stories.

Of course at home I just played at being a Settlement Girl, although I tried to make it as real as I could. I got the bondage right, the 16 inch hobble chain connecting my ankles, the cuffs on my wrists, the metal collar about my neck, and the two meter chain connected to a ring that was threaded on my own version of the Settlement's girl rails.

I learned how to sleep like that, eat like that, and when I was lucky even to spend days like that. But it was still all play, the keys were never really out of my control. But it was enough for me, at the time anyway.

At least I thought so.

I was even encouraged to write about my experiences, and my poor efforts even earned me some fan mail!

Which is kinda what brought me here, to the Sandhills of Nebraska, and the annual festival known as the 'Sandhills Spree', a Mid-Western version of 'Burning Man'. A place where for a week, anyone can be anyone they choose and most social conventions are relaxed, as long as no one gets hurt. At the Spree, no one cares if you want to dress up like a giant pink bunny, or make art out of toilet paper rolls, or make music out of frogs...or, in my case, spend the entire week naked and chained, making pot after pot of chili!

No one cares!

Especially about the nudity, of which there is a lot, considering this is Nebraska in the summer and this is an outdoor event.

That I wasn't the only one naked certainly helped my nerves when I first came here, and I wasn't even the only one naked and cuffed! I was told that 30,000 people attend the Spree, so I knew there had to be a few of us. But it was still... strange.

But then I was told what to expect when I was first told about this place.

Like I said earlier, I had been getting some fan mail because of the writing I had been doing for the Writings of Leviticus site, and one of the men I had been exchanging emails with was called Jason. A nice man, curious about my experiences, and with a certain knowledge of the lifestyle that intrigued me too.

And then came that special email.

Dear Annabelle,

Now that we've exchanged some email and know each other a bit I'd like to make you an offer. Once again this year the 'Sandhills Spree' will be held in the Nebraska sandhills. You may not be familiar with it, but it is a Mid-Western version of the 'Burning Man' gathering that takes place over Labor Day in Nevada. The Burning Man attendance is 50,000 and the Spree attendance is only about half of that, but except for that the Spree, which takes place over seven days ending on the Fourth of July, is the equal or superior of the older event.

Two of the traditions of the Spree are that clothing is completely optional, and there is a spectacular chili-making contest. This year I plan to serve my famous chili, and I would like you to cook and serve it. We've never met in person, but I've read your stories and I've seen your picture, and you are the perfect woman to fulfil my fantasy. Please understand that your duties do not necessarily include sex. You set the limits, but you must agree to wear what you do when you're a Settlement Girl and to always be chained to a girl rail. If you agree to do this I will pay all of your expenses plus a fee of $10,000.

Naturally, you want to be cautious, so I will meet with you in a public place in a city of your choice. I will produce identification and references. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,

Wow, I thought, and my first instinct was to say no, of course. Talking about my fantasies and games was one thing, but doing them in public with someone I didn't even know except in cyberspace was something else entirely.

Yet, the idea just wouldn't leave my head, and while I didn't say yes to Jason, I never really said no. So we continued to email about it, and he opened up enough to me to let me check him out a little, to see that he was for real. And he was!

Company website, self made man... his life had been one success after another, and now that he was in semi-retirement he was able to relax and enjoy the things he missed when building up his business. And the more real he became to me, the easier it became to consider actually going to this Sandhills Spree thing and be a Settlement Girl for him.

So... I agreed to meet him. And he was just wonderful! A perfect gentleman the whole time, which was nice and not what I expected, or perhaps dreaded, might happen. Two days in Tulsa, where we talked about each other, and the offer he was making me.

And here I am!

"Excuse me," said a voice, breaking my train of thought as I stood there remembering how I got here. "Could I try some of your chili? I'm told it's pretty good."

I look up to see a young man about my age watching me, a smile on his face. And I begin to blush as I see his eyes flicker down my naked body. Instinctively I pulled at the cuffs holding my hands behind my back, but of course they didn't budge. Naked for all to see was how I was supposed to be, and that was how I was!

"Hi," I said, smiling with embarrassment. Even though we had been there a couple of days now, it still didn't take much to make me blush, and being naked and in steel bondage in front of thousands of passers-by wasn't easy.

"You look beautiful!" he said with a smile. "Some friends told me about the beautiful chili cook in this section, who had this amazing talent of being able to cook with her hands cuffed behind her. I didn't believe them, but there you are!"

"Yes," I said with a grin and shrug of a shoulder, "here I am!"

He chuckled, then nodded toward where the chili cookers sat bubbling slowly over a low heat. "So, may I?"

"Oh... yes. Sure! What kind did you want?"

"What do you have?"

When I gave first thoughts toward what chili to cook for Jason, I had planned to make a couple of very meaty chilies, my favorite being one based on a jalapeno sausage I loved to cook with. But then, after I got here, I quickly found out that a lot of the free-spirited people attending the Spree were vegetarian. So, knowing full well that you listen to your customers, I put together a meatless version that seemed to go down well. I explained this to my visitor, who chose the sausage chili.

Jason and I had talked about how the chili would be served, since he wanted to keep me locked up like this as much as possible during the Spree. He had suggested that my hands be locked in front of me while I was actually cooking and that I could serve that way too. Or, it could just be self-serve, with people filling their own bowls. But I really wanted to see just what I could do with my hands cuffed behind me and a chain hanging from my collar, so we settled on the system I was about to show off now.

Separating my cooking area from the public side was a long counter, custom built. It was a two step counter, high on the public side, but low enough on my side for me to reach everything easily with my bound hands. Even the burners the large chili pots sat on were low down, and with a ladle I could easily reach even the bottoms of these pots.

Nearby was a stack of simple wooden bowls that Jason had provided for the Spree. He had provided everything of course, but these were for giving away, and we had boxes of them around the back of the huge tent that was our home for the week... but I will tell you about that shortly.

Anyway, all this preparation meant that my handing out free chili had become a bit of theater, and sure enough, a few other passers by stopped to watch me, the naked girl, do her job.

To keep my cooking area clear the bowls were stacked a few steps away, and as I hobbled over to get one, ever conscious of the chain connecting my ankles. I knew I was now being watched closely from all sides, and I tried not to blush too much. Bowl in hand I walked back, flicking the chain that connected me to the girl rail that ran directly behind the counter over to one shoulder so I wouldn’t trip on it.

Then, with a smile at the gathering crowd, I put the bowl down on an especially low table I had set up just for this and took the ladle in my hand. Now, it did take me a little while to perfect this, and there are a few spots on my bare legs to show just where I had scalded myself learning this trick, but mostly just by feel I deftly scooped up a ladle full of chili and poured it into the bowl, hardly spilling a drop. Then it was just a matter of gathering the bowl carefully in my two, cuffed hands, and lifting it up to the high counter, the hardest part of the process, without spilling anything.

My customer clapped, a big smile on his face, and a few others joined in too. And as the requests came in for me to fill more bowls and hand them out, I felt a surge of happiness inside me, a surge that grew stronger when people started to taste my food and smile.

This was a long way from the loud, hectic restaurant kitchen where I normally worked... yet the simplicity of what I was doing and who I was... it made me happy! I got several compliments on both my chilies before the group dispersed, and then I was back to work, gathering up the empty bowls that had been left and taking them to the wash area.

"Stuff is mounting up, Jason," I said out loud as I tried to clean my work area, and I glanced over to where my new boss sat reading a book.

A broad canopy, the length of the front of the tent, extended over my work area so I wouldn't have to suffer the direct heat of the sun during the day. In one corner Jason had set up a little seating area, and often spent time there watching me work, or reading, or even taking short naps which he often denied doing. The Spree was supposed to be a safe place where even going around naked wouldn't be a problem, but Jason and I both felt better if there was someone with me at all times... just in case.

"Jason?" I called out a little louder, pulling a little on my cuffs and wondering if I could throw a bowl at him with my hands cuffed behind me, because the girl rail I was attached to didn't quite reach his little rest area, something I think he planned.

Jason looked up at me from over his book, and grinned. "Yes, Annie?" he said with all innocence... not.

"The dishes?" I said back. "I need some washing up done!" Washing the pots, pans, and other utensils I needed to cook with was not something I could easily do bound as I was, so I was happy to delegate that nasty job to those that had free hands to work with.

Jason blinked, then put his book down and stood up. Jason was a handsome man, despite being just north of sixty. His hair had turned all gray, but he still had all of it, and while just shy of six foot tall, he still towered over my five foot three. He strolled over to where I stood, my nudity in sharp contrast to the khaki slacks and polo shirt he wore despite the heat, until he stood directly in front of me and took me by the shoulders.

I could smell the soft cologne he was wearing, and feel his heat as he was so close... and bound as I was, naked as I was, I began to breath a little faster. I dare any woman to be in my position and not feel a little sexual vulnerability, especially with a man who just oozed Boss, as Jason did.

He kissed me on the top of my head and began massaging my shoulders, which felt very nice indeed after so long with my hands cuffed behind me.

"How are you doing, Annabelle?" he asked quietly.

I smiled. "Better, now. It's been a long day."

He chuckled. "I know, but a good one. You had a lot of admirers today!"

I couldn't help blushing again. It was easy to be admired, naked and chained and unable to get away. Yet I had to smile too.

Jason chuckled again, then turned me round and gently swatted my bare behind, something else he liked to do. We had agreed that I wasn't required to have sex with him or anyone on this trip, but that didn't stop him from touching me, his hands caressing me here and there... never invasive, but still rather frustrating since I never had the privacy to... well.... relieve a little tension?

"Well, Annie, you go ahead and finish that last batch of chili and we'll see about getting some dishes done for you, okay?" he said, heading toward the tent.

"Yes, Sir, thank you," I replied, rubbing my butt cheek and grinning. And as I got back to work, Jason yelled "JOE!"

Yes... Joe.... ahhhhhhhh... Joe.

Joe the hunk, Joe the mighty, Joe the virile... Joe, Jason's, well, right hand man? To be honest, apart from being Jason's private pilot and helper for this little event, I really didn't know much about him. Except that maybe he had the most perfect body I had ever seen on a man. Square jawed, wavy blonde hair, the body of a Greek God... and a smile that made you feel like you were being blessed while at the same time being aroused down deep by some primal, sexual urge.

That was Joe.

It was just a pity that what you saw was what you got! I mean, the man had to have a brain, he learned how to fly a plane, I know! That's how we got here, on Jason's private plane, a little two engine, propeller thing. That was the first time I had ever seen Joe, and the thought of him seeing me naked for a whole week kept me warm and happy the whole three hours of our flight out of Tulsa. But after talking to him for a couple of days I could see there was nothing there, nothing beyond the facade.

Oh, he could hold a conversation, as long as he dictated the subjects. Try to talk about anything else, and he would quickly switch things back to what he wanted to talk about. And the way he acted with me seemed to be just that, an act. I got the feeling that this very handsome man had had so many women pass through his life that it was all becoming routine for him, there was no spark left in him.

But hey... that wouldn't mean I wouldn't... well... thoughts of that has kept me warm since I got here!

In any event, after a few seconds out came Joe, who had been napping inside our large tent, and the two men tackled the dishes together. Which always made me smile because Jason didn't look the type to do his own dishes anymore. Yet there was a realness about him that showed me that he wasn't the sort of man to think anything was beneath him. He just took charge.

It didn't take them long to finish, and once done Joe said he was going to explore for a while, leaving Jason once again to retreat to his corner while I finished up. Once the last pot of chili was bubbling away I started cleaning up, a tough job to do with my hands cuffed behind my back, but made easier by the low counter. But I enjoyed the work, it made me feel like a Settlement Girl. Keeping busy with my chores, while trying to come to terms with my new imprisonment.

As I worked, naked for all to see, and held in my steel cuffs and chains, I couldn't help feeling my vulnerability, my utter helplessness to do anything about this. Of course, Jason would have ended this the moment I told him I couldn't go on, but that wasn't the part I wanted to remember. I was now, at least for the week, a Settlement Girl, as trapped as any of them were in my nudity and bondage. And that was that, no matter how many people saw me.

And lots did! As the afternoon grew late and the sun started to fall I served a lot of chili to a lot of people, never once being let out of my cuffs to do so. Most people applauded my efforts, some asked what the point was, and a few were very annoyed at my being held in bondage and 'exploited'.

"Think about the damage you are doing to female power!" one ardent middle-aged woman kept telling me.

Well, I guess she had a point, but she had me all riled up with her badgering, so I stood directly in front of her, spread my legs as wide as I could and said "Do you really think I don't have any power over men, like this?"

She was so taken aback she just left, muttering to herself.

When I looked over at Jason to see why he hadn't come over to help me, I caught him laughing into his book.


My kitchen closed at 9 PM, and that's when Joe turned back up to help us put everything away. I had insisted to Jason that there be enough refrigeration for all the fresh ingredients, so inside the tent two large coolers stood humming away, ready to receive all the food.

The men, of course, took care of the heavy lifting, with me tidying as best I could in my bondage, and soon enough we were done, and I wasn't a chef anymore. Now, I was just a nude girl in chains, a tired nude girl.

"Fancy a bath?" Jason asked, and I nodded, smiling at what was to come, yet embarrassed. This wasn't the first... bath... he had given me, and hopefully not the last.

"I could really use the toilet first though," I added, meaning it.

"Sure, you go in, and I'll get things ready out here."

Now going inside wasn't as simple as you might think. I couldn't just walk in there anytime I chose. Just like the women in Graham's wonderful stories, I had some limitations on where I could go and when.

I think I already told you about the girl rail behind the counter that allowed me to move from one end to the other, well, that wasn't the only one. Jason had faithfully recreated the same girl rail system that Graham described in the Settlement stories. A grooved track, inside of which was a steel ball that the two meter chain connected to my collar was locked to. I had the freedom of that two meter chain and wherever the rail could let me go. But just pop a locking bolt anyplace in the rail and I could go no further.

Without the bolts though, my girl rails ran like this: The first rail ran the length of the counter, which was also the width of the tent and the canopy over my entire work area. Directly in the middle was a T junction, and another rail headed straight for the door to our tent and inside. A few feet inside the rail split again, the main part going straight, with branches going right and left to reach all the coolers and stores. But the rail that went straight continued all the way to the back of the tent, where a branch to the left led to my sleeping area. The main rail kept going straight for a few more feet before making a sharp right behind a partition where our chemical toilet was sitting.

The whole tent was about thirty feet deep and twenty five feet wide, with the canopy and counter area outside extending another 20 feet forward. But because of the girl rails I could only reach about half that space, and that was the way it was going to be my entire stay. I had to stay locked to the girl rails.

But like I said, while the girl rails gave me access to certain parts of the tent, it was only at Jason's (or Joe's) discretion. Jason wanted me outside as much as possible during the day, so I was only allowed beyond the tent door when he unlocked and removed the block in the rail for me to use the toilet. Even then, all the side branches were locked off, so all I could do is hobble down the center of the tent, which was what I did now, dragging the tether chain behind me. It was a relief to reach the toilet, but as I sat and peed, I had to lean forward a bit to get comfortable. Peeing with your hands cuffed behind you isn't that easy!

But as I sat, one of the few times today that I had been able to, I couldn't help admiring the cuffs Jason had bought for me. Now those of you that had read about my experiments in Settlement bondage at home know that my own cuffs are all leather. Very comfortable, I can wear them for days! Jason's cuffs though, were stainless steel, with a neoprene inner liner. This made them very secure, and a lot heavier than what I was used to. The weight I got used to pretty quickly, but the feel of that steel against my back when I rested my hands, and the mere, solidness of it all... it made me feel so... owned.

In Graham's stories, the women aren't owned, they are protected by their rules and constant bondage. But I'll let you in on something... being bound like this, you do feel owned. Naked, your ankles chained to restrict your stride, your hands trapped behind you, you feel less than protected. At least by your own hand. Protection has to come from someone else, which puts you completely dependent on whoever is around you, especially the one with the keys. Completely dependant.

You could easily be overwhelmed by that single thought alone, so I tried not to think about it as I contemplated my bondage.

Finished, I made my way back outside, my chains jingling and swinging about. I almost tripped at one point, my hobble chain swinging forward to be caught on a big toe. But I was used to that, and never went so fast that I would fall over from something like that. I have tripped and fallen forward with my hands cuffed behind me, and it isn't pleasant. You can't use your arms to catch your fall.

Outside, Jason had set one of the short, wooden benches we had brought to sit on out where I could reach it, and with a smile he showed me to my seat.

This was one of the embarrassing parts, because I usually would sit on it normally, but for my bath he insisted that I straddle the bench instead, walking my hobble chain under it as he lifted up one end. This meant that once I was sitting down my legs were pushed wide by the bench seat, revealing... well... me!

But now I was trapped like this, and I tried not to blush as Joe settled in a nearby seat and Jason's own performance began.

It was pretty much dark now, but our own lights lit up the area under the canopy quite well. So I felt under a spot light as Jason brought over a pan of warmed water and a sponge. I kept my eyes open, another order from Jason, while he used the sponge to rinse me down, letting the water pour all over me and flow down my naked skin, while I tried not to think about the gathering crowd out beyond the counter who were also watching us.

I looked up at Jason, who simply smiled as he soaked up more water in the sponge. I knew he didn't like to talk while bathing me, he said it wasn't about talking, but about making me feel good, and I have to admit, it did. The warm water cascading down my body, flowing over my breasts and down my belly, did feel really good. The dust and dirt of the day washing away.

He had me stand for a moment, so that my butt also got rinsed, and then he pulled the pins I used to keep my hair up. This was another thing I had insisted upon, basic kitchen protocol. Long hair is worn up or put in a hat. I wasn't allowed the hat, so I wore my hair up to cook. But now with the pins out, it hung to my waist, flowing down my back in a long, dark wave.

Jason got more water and soon my hair was soaking wet, ready for my shampoo.

I got the feeling that Jason really loved washing my hair... the care in which he applied the shampoo and massaged my scalp was wonderful. He made sure that every strand was thoroughly soaped up before moving on to the rest of me.

For this, he used a scented body wash, and with a couple of sponges he began rubbing my entire body down. The first time he did this I was very nervous... nervous about where he was putting his hands, and also embarrassed that I might... well... respond a bit too much.

But now, I really didn't care as much. I was still painfully aware that we weren't alone, that my naked body was now very much on display...but his hands upon me, so gentle, so stimulating, so relaxing... contrary feelings all at once... it was fantastic! I could feel myself giving in to his attentions, especially when he worked on my shoulders and back. And I found myself closing my eyes and giving a little moan as he cupped my breasts and tenderly stroked them.

The aches and pains of constant bondage were being washed away as I sat there, as were the tensions of the day. To be replaced by a growing arousal that made me flush with embarrassment whenever I let myself think about it. Yet, as his hands descended from my belly, I couldn't help pushing forward a little. The entire situation was turning me on, my nudity, my bondage, his contact.

I was just a creature of feelings at this point, in my own world yet so wonderfully aware of every square inch of my naked body. The warm wood of the bench between my open thighs... the wet grass under my feet... the warm, soft air contrasting with my wet skin... the cuffs about my wrists and ankles... the hard, steel collar around my neck... and Jason.

Yes, it made me horny!

But that was as close as I was going to get to that sort of relief, and Jason knew it as well as I did. Because once I was completely soaped up he started to rinse me down again, washing the shampoo out of my hair and the soap from my body. He never hurried, but while the whole process left me clean, it also left me rather frustrated. And not for the first time I wished I wasn't in bondage, as I tugged uselessly at my bonds. But the clean steel cuffs and chains that Jason had put me in were more than adequate to the task. I wasn't getting free, not until Jason let me free.

"There we go," he said, helping me up, and as I stood there was a little round of applause from the group that had stopped to watch, and I blushed quite a bit.

Joe brought over a couple of towels, and I stood quietly between the two men as they dried me off, their hands snaking everywhere, both men smiling and caressing me as they worked. And I had to stifle another moan of arousal and frustration, not willing to show them just how turned on I was at that point. Maybe because it embarrassed me, or maybe because I had been so sure earlier that sex wasn't to be a part of what we were doing here!

But, always kept naked, always kept bound... how could someone like me not be aroused. Just standing there in the open air between these two big men made me crazy. I don't know if this is a fetish or not, but I like standing close to tall men, having to look up to see their eyes, their bodies close and towering over me. And now here I was naked between two of them, and I couldn't look up. The submissive side of me was so triggered by my situation that all I could do was keep my eyes down and stand there quietly.

I truly believe that had either of them ordered it, I would have given them anything at that point, and right where I was, spectators or no spectators.

What does that say about me?

But the moment passed as such moments do, and Jason got my brush and started brushing out my long hair, pulling the water out until it lay dry against my back. Then he helped me inside the tent while Joe put the bench away. And still in my bonds I followed the girl rail. Where else could I go?

"Some chess before bed, Annie?" Jason asked, and I finally was able to look him in the face again as my passions started to cool. He was smiling at me, yet his expression also told me that he knew exactly how I had been feeling outside just now, and it made me blush.

Jason chuckled and pulled me to his chest, giving me a hug that I wished I could return as I tugged at my bound wrists. "It's okay, Annabelle," he said, holding me, "I know that what you're going through must be pretty overwhelming right now. But it's okay, you're doing great, you really are."

He let me go and stepped back, his hands still on my shoulders. "You are a beautiful, wonderful woman, going through an experience you never thought you would ever get to do in real life. We're putting you through so much right now, and yes, we're having some fun with you too. But then, isn't that why we're all here, to have some fun with this? You are enjoying the experience, aren't you? We haven't gone too far, have we?"

Too far. What did that mean anymore? For a naked girl in chains, that line seemed to get fainter and fainter. But I shook my head. "No, not too far."

Jason watched me for a moment, his smile never leaving his face, although when I glanced up at him properly, it looked like he was thinking about something more serious. But the moment passed and he led me down the girl rail to where a small table had been set up with a chess set on it. "Settle down then," he said, "and I'll get you a drink."

The table was low, and I had to kneel on the canvas sheet that covered the ground inside the tent. Joe came in at that point, and we settled down into what was becoming a rather unexpected routine here at the Spree. You would have thought that two guys, having a willing, naked, chained up woman at their disposal, would have instantly tried out some bondage games once the day's work was done. But Jason knew, without having to ask, that what I really needed at the end of the day was a way to relax, not more stimulation... bath time not included. So, being an avid chess fan, he set up a game, and we talked and played while he watched amusingly as I tried to catch up with my own skills.

But I knew he also watched me for an entirely more masculine reason, which also made me blush a little if I let myself think about it. Still, it was a way for me to get to frustrate him for a bit, 'cos I'm sure he had never had to play against someone like me!

I doubt he ever had an opponent kneeling naked on the other side of the chess board before, one who's arms were helplessly pinned behind her back. But I could tell that he enjoyed it by the way his eyes flickered across my body between moves, settling on my bare breasts more often than my face. And I took advantage of that. When it wasn't my turn I knelt back, arching my back a little and swaying from side to side just a little bit, never completely still, pulling his attention from the game as much as I could. And when it was my turn, I would get up on my knees, and slowly lean over the board, my long hair falling about my face, my breasts hanging and almost brushing the chess pieces, as I picked up the piece I wanted to move in my mouth, and set it down.

Chess had always seemed such a boring game to me before, but the way Jason and I played it was a lot more fun. I'm not a great player, but I won our second game.

But tonight we didn't play for very long. I really was tired, and it was hard to tease Jason while trying to stifle a yawn. And perceptive as always, Jason soon called it a night. "Time to put you to bed," he said.

I nodded, glad to go actually, and carefully got to my feet.

We had established a routine here too, as we followed the girl rail to the back of the tent. Next to the toilet was a wash basin, and once we reached it Jason slipped a lock through the rail that effectively stopped me from going anywhere else. Then, for the first time since this morning, he unlocked the lock between my wrists.

Now, I love being in bondage, I love how it feels to be restricted like this, and I have grown pretty used to having my hands cuffed behind me for long periods of time. But no matter how much you love it, there is still nothing like being freed. It felt like heaven to be able to raise my arms and stretch them out... to flex my muscles in a way I couldn't do all day. To touch my body, my face! You have no idea how weird it is not to be able to touch your own face, until you can't do it. Getting my hands back felt like I had been given my whole body back, and I enjoyed the sensation of freedom while it lasted.

I wasn't really free though. My ankles were still cuffed and hobble chained, and my neck still collared and chained to the girl rail. But it was night and day when it came to my hands. And I took a moment to simply run my hands down my body, enjoying my own touch.

But Jason hadn't freed me to play with myself, and while a part of me wished I had a little privacy to deal with some... issues... I got started on dealing with my own personal hygiene, the reason for my freedom. And soon, teeth brushed, face washed, and toilet taken care of, Jason once again locked the cuffs on my wrists together behind my back before undoing the lock he put on the girl rail.

It was only a few steps to my sleeping area, or should I say, my cage!

As usual, Jason had spared no expense in recreating the Settlement experience for me. But out of everything he had done having this cage built was the most surprising. This wasn't some soft wire dog cage he had parked in one corner of the tent. This cage was big enough to hold a twin sized mattress, with about the same amount of floor space left over. It was tall enough for me to stand upright in, and it was separated from the rest of the tent by a canvas screen, giving me at least the illusion of privacy. The bars were square, and looked about an inch wide, and the door was also very solid. But the door didn't have a lock, just a catch on the outside that could be easily opened by anyone but me. With my hands cuffed behind me I had no way of reaching it. The cage had been designed to hold me, just me, and given that I was still chained to the girl rail, it was complete overkill. Yet... I loved it!

My girl rail led into the cage, dividing it in half, and my tether chain easily let me reach all sides. Once I entered it I turned to watch Jason shut the cage door behind me. The hard bang of the metal always seemed so permanent, even though I knew I would be let out in the morning. But for now, I was done for the day.

"Good night, Annie," Jason said with a smile, and away he went, leaving me alone, or as alone as we could all get in the same tent.

Alone... a part of me really didn't want to be alone... yet it was also a relief to finally not be under someone's gaze for a while.

I knelt down on the bare mattress that was my bed, chains jingling as usual, and took stock of myself. I was so much the prisoner here... naked, chained, and locked in a steel cage. This was how Graham's Settlement Girls lived, the stories that made me feel so hot, the ones I tried to copy with my own self-bondage games. And now here I was, living the dream... my wrists trapped in solid shiny two-inch-wide steel bracelets, connected by a single lock... my ankles trapped in the similar cuffs, although they were connected by enough chain to at least let me walk... and around my neck, my own steel collar, an inch wide, connected by a strong two meter chain to the girl rail embedded in the ground.

God, I was so turned on.

And that was the horrible part of it all... or should I say exciting? It is so hard to be sure!

I lay on my side and scooted over on the mattress as best I could, finding my comfy pose almost automatically now. For to sleep in such bondage takes practice, and the right body position. But, as always, my attempts to get to sleep was being drowned out by my need for a more basic physical release. Yet even though I had the flexibility to... almost... touch myself... it was never enough to actually do anything. And there was nothing in the cage for me to use, either. It was just me, my bonds, and the mattress.

Besides, I could hear the men talking quietly at the other end of the tent, and I knew that if I could hear them, then they could certainly hear me, and I would be mortified to be discovered trying to masturbate.

So, as usual, after another stimulating day, I had to curb my frustrations and try to get to sleep. And as I thought about another day of being naked and chained while I cook Jason's chili... I did.

* * *

It's not easy to sleep at the Sandhills Spree. There are things going on 24/7 here. And while it does calm down a bit at night, canvas tent walls don't really block out the noises of the party next door, or the drunks walking around in the dark yelling at each other from two feet apart.

Still, when you are forced not only to spend the day in restrictive bondage, but also have to work in it, it's amazing how exhausted you can get by bedtime. So sleep can come easy, despite having to do it with my hands cuffed behind me.

I've written about sleeping in this bondage before, about how long it took me to learn how to do it, how to find just that right position you need to feel comfortable, without cutting off the circulation to anything. I got an email from another reader of my stories, who told me how difficult she found trying to sleep with her own hands cuffed behind her was, and my reply was that a lot of it depends on your basic body type. The younger you are, the thinner you are, both help. And for sure, I think that we women have a bit more advantage than men because in general we are more flexible! I am young, thin, and rather flexible, which has helped, I know. But even I had a learning curve to get through, and it wasn't easy.

But by the time I got to the Spree, sleeping with my hands bound behind me had become second nature, although on my first night, nerves, and the fact that my manacles were now metal instead of a more comfortable leather, did keep me from getting any real sleep. But now I could drop off almost immediately, my naked body automatically finding that comfortable position it needs for rest, without my really needing to think about it. And even with the noise outside, I get some nice, deep sleep.

So this was why I didn't hear the cage door open very early the next morning, and my first conscious thought was how nice it felt to have my hip stroked.

I woke up slowly, enjoying the touch without being fully aware of it, and certainly not even thinking about why I was being touched at all. It just felt nice, and I rolled over slightly on my side, exposing my front more without even realizing it. It was only when a 'what's going on' thought finally happened, and only then, that I woke up fully and opened my eyes.

It was Joe, crouched in the dark next to my bed, lit softly by the light outside bleeding through the tent walls. He had obviously opened the cage door and had come in, but what shocked me more was that he was completely nude. And... despite the dim light, oh what a body! He had his hand on my hip, and smiled when he saw me wake up, that beautiful smile of his that I am sure had opened a few girl's legs in its time... and I felt myself blush under his gaze as my eyes flickered from his face down to his... well... manhood, and back again.

But I had to find my voice, as my concern started to wake up too. "What's going on?" I whispered.

"Don't worry," he replied quietly, his hand gently brushing my hip again, "I'm not here to rape you."

"You're not?" I asked, surprising myself. His touch did feel very good, and my frustrated libido had also decided to get out of bed and put in a word or two.

"Nope!" he said with that wonderful smile of his. "What happens next is entirely your decision!"

His hand drifted upward, sliding from hip to belly... stroking, circling, ever so light, ever so... electric, and I could feel my breathing deepen, quicken.

My wrists pulled at the cuffs that held them close together behind my back, and my knees... well... they weren't as close as they used to be. His touch was turning me on, big time, and the logical part of my brain could see that while he wasn't going to make me do anything I didn't want to do, he wasn't going to make it easy to want to do anything else.

But... wasn't this one of the reasons why I came here? I wanted to experience life as one of Graham's Settlement Girls, and if you have read her stories and books, (which I really recommend you buy, by the way), sex certainly plays a part in their lives.

So... what was I waiting for?

I didn't know. Because here was this naked Greek God of a man at my bed, smiling at me... touching me... and I was helpless and naked and horny... This was no time to say I didn't.

I suppose you are going to want to read a passionate sex scene now, with detailed descriptions of how he touched me, and how I touched him... what got pushed into what and how I ended up riding him on my knees, bouncing up and down with my chains all chiming like bells while I tried not to scream as I came!

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Trust me, I tried.

I suppose writing something like that is hard because while there are so many great bits, there are so many bad ones too. Such as, how much it ended up hurting Joe having my hobble chain pressing his knees down as I straddled him. Or, how just getting into position while chained up was tough, or how my tether chain and collar almost choked me when he moved the wrong way and pulled on them. Or simply just how much hard work it was!

But God, was it worth it! And I ended up collapsed on top of him, my sweaty naked body against his, with him still inside me as we both got the giggles about what we just did.

I'm not sure what he was laughing about, but at that moment I thought that he had never fucked a girl like this before... something new for him at last!

But then, it was new for me too. I had never had sex in bondage before, unless you count the time my high school boyfriend pulled my top up over my head and used it to hold my arms up while he tried to french kiss me. That turned out to be a startling revelation for both of us! I found out that I liked being made helpless by a guy, and he discovered that his jeans didn't hide the newly erupted stain as well as he thought!

But, my time with Joe was my first real naked and chained bondage experience ever, and I let that soak into my brain as he pulled himself out from under me and, after a kiss on the shoulder, left the way he came. Not forgetting to lock the cage door behind him.

So there I lay, in the wet spot, naked and chained, wondering what was going to happen next!

I had no illusions that Joe and I were going to start any sort of... relationship. I knew he wasn't that kind of guy and, well, I wouldn't trust him if we tried. Joe was an alley cat: tough, beautiful, and probably the father of half the kittens in the neighborhood.

But thoughts and fantasies kept me entertained until I heard stirrings from the rest of the tent, and soon Jason appeared at the cage door, dressed as usual in polo shirt and khaki pants.

"Good morning, Annabelle," he said with a smile, his eyes looking me over.

"Morning," I replied as I struggled to get to my knees, hoping that he couldn't tell what I had been doing a couple of hours earlier from my appearance. But as I watched his grin grow broader I began to blush furiously as I realized he knew all about it.

Damn these thin tent walls!

"You look like you could use another bath!" Jason said with a grin, leaning against the cage door.

"What I need," I said, getting to my feet and avoiding his eyes, "is to use the toilet!"

He chuckled, but made no move to open the door, and once again I felt my helplessness as his chained and naked captive. He could, if he wanted to, keep me in this cage the rest of the week. Settlement Girls are often kept caged for days, so of course I couldn’t say anything about it if I wanted to honor my agreement. But again, when you are actually locked up naked in a steel cage, it makes you feel vulnerable whether you agreed to it or not!

But my bladder really needed attention too. "Please... Sir?" I asked, finally meeting his eyes.

"Are you enjoying your time as a Settlement Girl, Annie?" he asked gently. "Is it what you expected it to be?"

I nodded, not trusting my words at that point, the feelings inside me so mixed and alive.

"And Joe," he continued, a little more concern in his voice now, "He's not... are things okay there? Is there anything I should be concerned about?"

What a question! For a second I didn't know how to answer it. But it wasn't news to me that Jason could tell I was attracted to the man in some base, sexual way. Heck, when I first saw Joe I think my jaw actually hit my chest, and I think I spent more time on the flight here looking at him than I did at the scenery! And I think the only reason I kept looking out the window was because I kept thinking about how soon he would be seeing me in all my naked glory, with me unable to do anything about it!

But I knew what Jason was after with that question. He wanted to make sure that my time with Joe hadn't been forced on me, that I was okay and not... well... afraid. So I told Jason that I was fine, and that Joe and I were good, which made Jason smile... yet, not.

It's hard to explain, but at that point I felt that Jason might be a little jealous of Joe and my attraction to him. Jason was just past sixty, while Joe was a lot closer to my age than his. Maybe Jason felt a little left out; after all, he was the one paying for all this, and it was his idea for me to be out here, naked and chained, in the first place. Yet, it was Joe that... well... got the obvious benefit, last night at least.

Jason and I had agreed early on that no sex would be required of me by anyone. But I think that knowing what happened between me and Joe had affected him a little. Maybe his pride had been hurt, men have such delicate pride, and it always seemed to me that the stronger the man, the more delicate the pride. But we both knew before coming here that sex just might result anyway.

All this passed briefly through my mind as I reassured Jason that everything was fine. But what I didn't tell him was that, now that I was getting to know him better, and the strength and domination that I knew was inside him... well... that I probably wouldn't object to an early morning visit from Jason too. His attraction to me wasn't as physical as Joe's, of course, but Jason the Man went a lot, lot deeper... and a girl like me could be very attracted to that too!

I quickly got to see more evidence of that Man inside, as Jason, now reassured and in control, ordered "Come closer, Annabelle," the tone of his voice changing ever so slightly, yet ever so much. And I did as he asked, stepping to the cage door, my tether chain rubbing against my side.

He took me by the chin and lifted my face, his grin now faded into a genuine, warm smile. "I wish you could see yourself right now," he said softly. "You look ever so beautiful. Your chains, this cage, suit you completely. I wish I could keep you like this always!"

A part of me, a larger part of me than I am ready to admit, almost said that I wished he could too. But....

"But," he said, as if finishing my thought, "there is work to do, and some fun to be had this morning. So, let's get started."

Jason unlatched the cage door and set me free, well, as free as I was going to get this week anyway. He set the bolt in the girl rail so I couldn't leave the wash area, and unlocked my hands so I could clean myself up.

Again, it was heaven to be able to stretch my arms and move them about and scratch that itch on my shoulder. But as I washed up, brushed my teeth and brushed out my hair, I couldn't help thinking of my time with Joe, and Jason's comment.

What did I want?

I was to think about that a lot over the next few days.

My hands fastened behind me once more, Jason led me along the girl rail to the front of the tent and back outside. Even though we had been there a few days now, and I had passed through that tent opening dozens of times, it still made my heart leap a little stepping out in public naked. The shock of exposing myself like that, my hands trapped behind me, the long tether chain hanging from my collar, always embarrassed me. I kept expecting someone to point at me in shock, or worse yet in laughter. Or yell at me in anger for being such a slut.

Stepping out for the first time every day always sent a stab of fear through me, but I think that is why Jason brought me outside himself. Not to scare me, but to give me support, as if to say that it was okay because he was there, and that I didn't have any choice anyway!

So the moment would pass, and the fear would vanish, to be replaced by the usual general embarrassment of just being outside naked, a feeling that would fade to nothing as the day went on, especially when I was busy cooking.

But we weren't going to be cooking or prepping just yet, I saw. For outside waiting was Joe, and something new. Standing at one end of the counter, right over the end of the girl rail, was a metal frame. It was huge, rectangular, and looked very strong, and it was connected mid-way up to a wide base. Strong enough to hold me certainly, which made me smile in anticipation.

We were going to play some bondage games.

"Time for some fun, slave girl!" Joe said with a wink, and he pointed at a large cardboard box that so far had been kept out of my reach. It was open now though, and inside I saw coils and coils of rope.

"Yep," said Jason, "I think it is time you experienced some rope bondage. Didn't you tell me that this would be something new to you?"

That was true. Locks and chains and leather cuffs were my usual thing, and my attempts at self bondage with rope were never really satisfying. The main reason being that for it to be done well, someone else had to do the tying!

So yes, it was, and with a nervous grin I approached the frame, wondering what they had in store for me, and only slightly concerned that my first proper rope bondage experience would be done while I was naked and exposed in public.

Both men were grinning now as Jason led me the last few steps toward the frame, and I wasn't too surprised when he unlocked my wrist cuffs.

"Now what I want you to do," he ordered, "is to step up onto the bottom bar of the frame, holding on to the top bar. Can you do that?"

"Sure!" I said. My hobble chain didn't interfere at all as I did as I was told, but while I could reach the bar above me it was a stretch, and I was painfully aware of how exposed that made me.

I was ordered to spread my ankles, and I did so obediently, sliding them apart to the extent of my hobble chain. Jason then adjusted my hand placement, pulling them apart, while Joe, behind me somewhere, pulled rope from the box.

Now this was still early in the morning by Spree standards, the sun not long up. Yet even at the start of our little game there were some people about, and it wasn't long before we had quite a few onlookers. And yes, of course, this made me blush yet again as I watched their eyes take in my naked form. Yet, I was excited too, despite the embarrassment, ready to take on a new bondage challenge.

The men worked as a team. Jason did all the tying while Joe handed him ropes and helped when needed. They made a good team, hardly needing to say a word, and while they worked on me I wondered just how many other women the two of them had tied up together.

Jason started on my hands of course, coiling rope around my wrists several times and winding it around the bar I held on to. So pretty quickly I once again lost the use of my hands as a means of shielding my modesty. My ankles were next, pulled to the extent of my hobble chain before being tied securely to the hard metal bars that bracketed the one I was standing on. This left me bound helplessly in an X shape, and Joe, behind me, let his fingers glide up my inner thigh and lightly brush my pussy, sending a shiver through me that made me turn and glare at him.

He just laughed as he went to get more rope, and I smiled too, already squirming a little in my tight bonds. But the men weren't done yet.

Jason wrapped the center of one long, doubled up length of rope about my waist, before tying off the ends to the bars beside me, centering me in the big metal rectangle. I could see that Jason was having a good time, especially since it wasn't just Joe taking opportunities with my naked body. Both men would let fingers graze me, touch me, and even pinch me here and there as they worked. And at one point Jason even tickled me a little, an evil smile on his handsome face.

But what they did with all those ropes astounded me, because they quite literally wove a web around me. Ropes went around my chest, thighs, knees, elbows and places in between, and all radiating out to the frame I stood in. And each time a rope was added I could move less and less.

People kept on coming to watch too, and as the crowd grew they would comment on what was going on. Some would offer advice on how I was tied, with one rather elderly gentleman pointing out how a rope around my upper thighs might cut off my circulation. He was the only stranger Jason let retie a rope in a safer way.

And of course, there were also comments on my nudity and how I looked, all good, thank God, and while I was happy that people liked what they saw, of course I was still embarrassed about being so exposed, especially since all this bondage and how the men kept touching me was making me as horny as hell! I was also happy to hear a few people ask me directly if I was okay with what was going on, and how I felt. And I answered honestly, reassuring everyone that it was all consensual, and fun for me too.

When the last knot had been tied I thought the men were finished. But Jason wasn't quite done. Gathering up my hair, he carefully wound a rope into it in one big braid, which he then bound to the bar right over my head. This meant I couldn’t even move my head anymore, and since I had never been hair tied before it was a really weird sensation. But I liked it.

Jason and Joe stopped at that point and while Joe fetched some drinks Jason wandered into the crowd, chatting about how I looked with those who had stayed to watch. He would look at me and smile, taking me in, while chatting about how beautiful I looked, naked and bound in this metal frame. His words and his looks made me squirm in... frustration... but of course I barely moved a muscle, except for my fingers and toes.

Joe handed Jason a beer, and the two of them stood admiring me for a short while before Jason came over to me. He asked if everything was okay, and checked me over to make sure no blood circulation was cut off anywhere. But he had done a great job tying me. While I felt totally gripped in all those ropes, not one was so tight as to hurt or feel dangerous.

And then my world turned upside down, literally. I was aware of Jason pulling a pin on each side of the frame, and to my horror and surprise the frame started to tilt forward. I screamed as I continued to fall forward before realizing that the frame was actually spinning in its stand, and in a moment I was upside down. Yet I didn't fall, all those ropes kept me completely centered and supported. It felt so weird!

Jason laughed as he again checked to make sure that I was okay, then spun me around head over heels a few times, with me helpless to stop him. Of course I screamed each time he did it, but not because I was scared or hating it. I just... screamed!

Jason, however, had one last trick to play on me though, as he set me back upright and secured the frame. "Okay folks," he said to the crowd. "Annabelle and I now invite any artists in the crowd to take advantage of this delectable canvas. I've got some paints that are safe to use on her, and it is our hope that in a couple of hours her entire body will be alive with color. But, please, don't let anything crude or insulting be painted on her. Use this opportunity to enhance her beauty, rather than diminish it. Any takers?"

A few hands went up and some questions were asked. And I found out that I would be wearing the paint all day, but that they only had until I needed to be free to cook to paint... well... paint me, in the literal sense. Then, after pictures were taken, it would be washed off tonight.

I have to admit, the thought of being held naked and helpless while being painted by complete strangers had me... feeling so many different things at the same time, that it is hard to express. But I had never felt so turned on in my life as the first artists started... and the feel of those tiny brushes working on me would have had me wriggling like crazy if I hadn't been tied down.

Also, with my hair tied above me, I couldn't look down to see what was being done to me, so every touch was unexpected, including the times the artists themselves took the opportunity to stimulate me more than was necessary. But Jason and Joe stayed by me the whole time, so no one was allowed to go too far with me, and as time passed I became a piece of art, with two or three people working on me at the same time!

I was even flipped over a few times, revealing completely new sides of me! There was one female artist who, while I was suspended face down and horizontal, cupped my right breast with one hand while she worked on my right shoulder blade. She kept her hand there the whole time as she worked, and not only did she paint a wonderful songbird on my shoulder, she also kept rolling my right nipple between her fingers, non-stop! I couldn't do anything about it except open my mouth, but the whole experience was so novel, and her constant attention felt so lovely, I didn't say anything. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the whole thing!

And the artists kept coming, decorating all my exposed skin in tiny increments. And some watchers talked to Jason about me while Joe made sure not too many liberties were taken with my helpless body.

At one point I thought I heard Jason's voice take on an edge I had never heard before, and when I strained to see what was going on I saw him with two large men who seemed a little out of place among the colorfully dressed and undressed Spree crowd. Both men seemed to be crowding Jason, pushing him backwards with their bodies. I thought that he was about to be hit by one of them, when suddenly Joe was by Jason's side. Joe was looking a lot more menacing than I have ever seen him before, and he and the two big men seemed to stare each other down while Jason expressed some point I couldn't hear over the chattering of the crowd. But whatever he said, they weren't happy about it, and I think it was only because Joe was there that they left.

Alone for a moment, Jason and Joe had a quiet word, before Joe returned to my side. But for the rest of the day it seemed to me that Joe kept as close an eye on Jason as he did on me.

And the artists worked on!

By the time everyone was done, I was covered in birds and other animals, including a large tiger across my belly, which happened to be the theme animal for this year's Spree. Also, someone had painted an animal face on each of my breasts, with my nipples becoming noses. And while Jason had insisted none of the art be crude, the closest thing to that was a snake wrapped around my left leg and up my thigh, its head rather close to my pussy as it stuck its tongue out!

When I was completely painted Jason called it quits. Quite a few people took photos of me as I stood suspended in my rope web before Jason and Joe began the long process of getting me untied.

Seeing all those cameras worried me sort of, it was the only thing about the Spree I really didn't like. Yet, it was also the one thing I couldn't really avoid if I was to be out naked in public. With so many people about, and with cameras in phones, there just wasn't any way to avoid having my picture taken. So I just had to hope no one I knew would ever come across one.

Still, it was good to be free of the ropes, and finally free to be able to see what had been done to me, and it was amazing, as I said. The wild part was that all these drawings were separated on my body by deep rope marks, and it made me look very weird indeed! Jason was happy though, all smiles as he started to bring my arms back to lock them again, but I had to stop him.

"What's wrong?" he asked, curious and concerned.

"Nothing," I replied. "I just want to pee first, and put my hair up for work!"

"Oh... okay." He grinned, and for the first time since we got here I hobbled into the tent with my hands free, pulling my tether chain along the girl rail.

I took my time getting ready, looking in the mirror and admiring the art painted on me. The whole experience had been quite a surprise, and I wondered what else Jason had planned for the rest of our stay. But eventually Jason came to see what was taking so long, so I had to quickly finish up and pin my hair up while he waited.

But as I worked I asked him about the two men I had seen, and when I did his expression darkened a little. "Don't worry about them. It doesn't concern you, Annabelle."

"It looked like they wanted to hurt you," I replied, setting the last clip and watching him in the mirror.

"They weren't going to hurt me, our discussion just got a little heated."

"Well, it's a good thing Joe was there!"

Jason nodded and took my arms, turning me so he could lock my hands behind me, and without another word he led me back out toward the front of the tent, and the three of us started our prep for a day of chill cooking.

But for a while at least, Jason seemed a little more somber, while Joe seemed to watch the street more than me for a change, and on and off through the day I wondered just who those men were.

We worked steadily through the lunch rush though, or at least I did... serving chili to whoever wanted any while remaining cuffed and naked. After the prep was done Jason retreated to his spot in the corner, and even Joe stayed closer than he normally did. I got the impression both were worried about something, but after a while I was too busy to notice anything as my chili, and I guess my service, made us pretty popular for a while.

When things did die down Jason surprised me by telling me that he was going to leave me alone at the Spree for the very first time! "There's an event in B Compound I want to see," he said to me, a soft smile on his face that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"Oh... okay. So you are going to leave Joe with me?"

He looked a little uncomfortable. "No, Joe is coming too. You have to stay here, you know that!"

I did have to stay here, I could never leave the girl rails, that was the agreement. Still, it would have been great to see some of the fantastic things that were happening at the Spree this year. My view was limited to the tents and street in front of me.

Jason chuckled when he saw my wistful expression. "Hey... you set this condition, not me! I'd love nothing better than to take you on a walk around the entire event, naked and cuffed and on my leash." He grinned, and I flushed at the thought of being led around in public like that. God, that would be a rush... yet I would probably die of embarrassment. "But," he continued, "we agreed you would stay chained to the girl rail, no matter what. And if I do nothing else, I honor my agreements."

"Yes, Sir," I sighed, a little jealous, and also a little nervous, considering my bound and naked state.

"Don't worry," he said. "I'm not going to leave you out here unprotected. What do men do with their women at the Settlement when they leave them alone at home?"

"Er... they lock them up in the cages?"

Jason chuckled again. "Exactly. Some cage time for you. Let's get you in there."

"What about the chili?" I asked, and I would have spread my arms out to show him, if I had been able. Instead, all I could do was flap my hands in the general direction of where the food was.

"I've got someone to sit out front while we are gone, don't worry. We'll put the raw stuff in the fridge, and it won't hurt the chili to simmer on low for a while, will it? We'll only be gone a couple of hours."

I sighed again, but nodded. I guess I was going to get some cage time, and like I said, he could keep me in there all day if he wanted to. But I did want to know what he was going to see that I would miss. "What are you going to see, sir?"

"Oh, Some old friends have put out some art of theirs in that compound. I promised to drop by."

"Well, buy me something nice, then," I said with a grin.

He laughed. "Sure thing, my painted lady."

Five minutes later I was shut in my cage, unable to see what they were doing on the other side of the canvas screen. And ten minutes after that all was silent inside our tent. I could still hear the bustle of the people around us, but for the first time since getting there I felt completely alone. I paced my cage, the chain connecting my ankles dragging along the ground, and my tether chain bumping against my naked body, and pulled at the cuffs holding my hands behind me. But of course, nothing gave, nothing changed. They were there and I couldn’t do anything about that.

Neither could I shift the cage door, or even give it a good rattle. Just to see if I could, I backed up and tried reaching though the bars to the door latch. But while the door wasn't actually locked, that latch might well have been on the moon for all the good it did me. I couldn't even get close! I was trapped in the cage, locked in chains, helplessly naked, and there wasn't one thing I could do about any of it.

This was what I wanted, what I signed up for when Jason first suggested I join him at the Sandhills Spree in that long-ago email. And now that I had it I found it very frustrating indeed. All this bondage and helplessness brought my submissive feelings to the fore, not to mention how horny it made me. Yet, Graham had designed a perfect way to keep a girl frustrated, for no matter how I tried, when I was in Jason's steel cuffs I couldn't reach anything that made any real difference. His cuffs kept my wrists too close together, and the solid steel they were made of was very different from the leather I was used to. Unlike the Annabelle in Graham's short story, I didn't need any waist chain to prevent me from bringing my hands to the front and touching myself. There just wasn't enough give in these cuffs. An end to my frustration was kept just inches away.

The best I could do was to lie on my front on my bed pad and rub my nipples against the rough fabric. But the effort wasn't worth the pleasure, and I soon stopped. So with nothing else to see or do, all I had was my bondage and my thoughts.

Jason said he was going to B Compound, while we were in C Compound. I remembered Jason pointing them out to me on the flight out. We flew low over the entire Sandhills site as we came in for a landing, and I could see that it had been laid out in a giant triangle.

In the middle was the huge exhibit area. Most of the artists, musicians, food vendors and so on were set up there. It was the hub of the Spree, and where most people spent their waking hours. But extending from the hub in three directions were the residential compounds. Sure, there were things going on there too, and a lot of the chili contestants were set up in all three compounds. But it was there mostly where people relaxed or had their private parties and shows.

Jason told me that A Compound was where families were camped out, ones that had brought children. And while nudity wasn't restricted anywhere at the Spree, it was understood that nothing more adult than nudity was shown in the A compound. So my turning up there naked and chained would really be inappropriate.

But B and C were anything goes, and working out front I had seen a lot! I remember especially one couple that came up to sample the chili on our second day here. She was dressed in a gorgeous half corset that exposed her breasts, black leather panties, black lace stockings, and black open toed stilettos. Her hair was teased out to the max and she had gold rings in her nipples. She looked fantastic!

But she wasn't the sub in this couple, he was. 'Cos all he had on was a pair of steel cuffs not unlike my own, pinning his hands behind him, and a steel collar tight around his scrotum, separating his balls from his cock. And this tiny collar was attached a leash, which she held in one hand. I don't think it was uncomfortable though, because he had a huge hard on that was hard to look away from, and right from the start I found myself blushing, being naked myself!

She asked for some chili, and watched with a smile as I served it, while her guy watched me a little more... hungrily, which made me blush even more. She tried the chili and smiled some more, which made me happy of course. But she didn't say a word to me, instead addressing herself to Jason, who was watching us from his comfy chair in the corner.

"She is quite lovely, isn't she?" said the woman, who introduced herself to him simply as, Simone.

Jason agreed, and stood to greet the newcomer.

"And quite gifted too," continued Simone. "Did you have to teach her to cook like that, or does she come by the skill naturally?"

"Oh, she comes by it quite naturally," Jason replied, his eyes dancing over Simone's well presented breasts, something else that made me smile. "She's a chef by trade, and she graciously agreed to spend time with me here at the Spree."

"Oh, so she isn't yours then?" Simone asked, looking me over once more, and this time it seemed like she was giving me a deeper assessment, which of course I could do nothing about.

"Oh no, she doesn't belong to me, at least she won't once the Spree is over." Jason glanced at me as he said that, and while at that point I was still just getting to know the man, I could tell even then that he wished it were longer.

"Pity," Simone replied, walking around the end of the counter and under our canopy, while her man helplessly followed on her cock leash. Now I had an unobstructed view of him and he of me, and while I blushed under his naked scrutiny, and that of Simone's, I also noted that his cock was so hard that it bobbed ever so slightly to what I guessed was his heartbeat. And it made me wonder just how horny this guy had to be to be so hard for so long. He was certainly good looking though, fit and well built. But no Joe!

Simone carefully walked (she would have to on those heels) right up to me, and smiled as she took in the girl rail I was hooked to. "That's ingenious," she commented as she came close. Then when she could reach me she asked "May I?" to Jason, who nodded, a bit under her spell himself, I think.

So, while I stood there not knowing what to say or do, or even if I should, Simone touched me... here... there... graceful little touches that made me shiver each time. She partially cupped my breasts, as if to test their weight and firmness. She ran her fingers along my belly, butt and thighs, and tugged on the chain connected to my collar, her eyes looking deep into mine as she did so. And all I could do was stand there, trapped in my bondage, shaking... not from fear, but because her touch and scrutiny was really turning me on.

"Yes, a real pity," she continued, lifting my left nipple ever so slightly with one of her long, shapely fingernails. "I was looking for a bitch for my pet to relieve himself in. It has been... several weeks since he has had any fun. Haven't you." she said, turning to pat him on the cock, making it bounce even more.

Her man closed his eyes at her touch and said "Yes, Mistress."

"He would enjoy the girl, that I can tell," Simone said with a wink in my direction. "And it seems, she might enjoy him, too!"

This made me blush furiously, and again I had to tear my eyes away from the large, hard cock bobbing not three feet away from me.

"No doubt she might," Jason said, finally getting into the conversation. "But she isn't a bitch, she isn't a slave, and while she is in my chains during the Spree, whatever else happens to her is her decision, not mine."

Simone took a deep breath and sighed, before reaching down and deftly running a finger up along my now aching sex. This made me gasp, and Jason took a step forward. But Simone turned from me and ran that same finger along her man's upper lip, wiping my wetness where he couldn't help but smell it.

"There, that should help keep him going for a while," Simone said sensuously. "But, dear Jason. If you change your mind, we aren't too far away. Your girl is such a gem, I may just save my pet for her for another few days at least!"

Her man actually groaned when he heard that, and Simone's light laughter was accompanied by a tug on the leash as she led him away. But he did steal a look over one shoulder and smiled at me... and on and off since then I did think about him, and if he was still hard and waiting. Pacing my cage, I thought about them again, Simone and her pet, and thought some more about how they made me feel.

It wasn't just the arousal, the sexual heat they both gave off, that I responded to. It wasn't even that while Jason was certainly a dominant personality, Simone was equally dominant, but in an entirely different way. But more that Simone was the first person to really make me feel like... well... that I wasn't... human.

It's so hard to explain. I was just an animal to her. That was obvious from the way she examined me, the way she didn't talk to me. She didn't even pretend to consider me to be human. I was a well trained and beautiful animal, but nothing more than an animal just the same. If I had belonged to Jason, and he had said it was okay, I probably would have been mounted by her pet right then and there, with no more thought given to it than you would give to having your dog bred.

She examined me carefully to see if I were a suitable bitch for her pet, her words, and found me acceptable, that was it. A part of me felt angry about being treated like that... but a much larger part wondered, would I have been okay with being fucked like that? I certainly gave in to Joe easily enough. And as the days passed here, I only felt more and more turned on by my situation.

What if Simone came by today? What if she came in right now with her pet and found me alone and naked in my cage? The way the bars were, they certainly wouldn't prevent our having sex, his cock was long enough to be sure!

Would I? Such thoughts kept me horny and fantasizing until Jason and Joe finally returned.

"Miss us?" Joe asked, the first to walk around the canvas partition that separated my cage from the rest of the tent.

"Oh yes, I just hated getting to just lie around for a couple of hours in the middle of the day," I replied with a giggle.

"I bet!" laughed Joe.

Jason appeared, and raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm. You look a state, what have you been up to in here?"

"Nothing, Sir," I replied, starting to blush a little. Could he know just by looking at me how frustrated I was, and what I had been thinking of while he was gone?

"Mhmmm. Nothing, huh? It doesn't look like nothing. It certainly doesn't smell like nothing. Can you smell her, Joe?"

Joe nodded. "Come to think of it, Jason, there is a certain scent to the air."

"Come on, guys," I said, wondering if it was true, yet realizing that it probably was. I knew I was sweaty, the tent wasn't cold in the slightest. But was I...? Oh God.

"It looks to me," said Jason, "that she's been a naughty girl while we've been gone. I don't know how she did it, but isn't that disrespectful for a Settlement Girl?"

"So you keep telling me, Jase," laughed Joe.

I sighed and shook my head, standing where I had been lying down on my bed. "Very funny guys, but I think I need to get back out to my kitchen. There's work to do!"

"I know, I know," said Jason. He moved to the cage door, but then he changed his mind. "First though, I want you to back up to the side of the cage."

"What? Jason!" I exclaimed.

"Back up, to the side of the cage," Jason repeated a little firmer.

I nodded, recognizing the tone, and as ordered I stepped backward until my bare skin was pressed against the cool steel bars of my cage.

Jason nodded and walked around until he was behind me, then he quickly unlocked one of my wrists and locked it again so I was now bound with my arms around one of the bars.

"This is so you don't go wandering around for a few minutes, Annie," he said. "I have a present for you."

I smiled, wondering what it could be, and why he had locked me down even further. Wasn't the bondage I wore enough, not to mention the cage? I wasn't going to be wandering around anywhere!

Jason left my field of view for a moment, while Joe opened the cage door. When Jason came back, he was holding something rather long in one hand.

"I had this specially made for you, right here at the Spree. I read about it in one of the Settlement books, so by our agreement, you should be able to wear it for a while. A spreader bar!"

It sure was a spreader bar. It looked to be the same length as my hobble chain, with two cuffs attached to the ends.

It made me gasp, and I felt a flush pass through my body at the thought of wearing it. To go around in my hobble chain wasn't too bad, but the spreader bar would make things a lot more difficult. But I could do nothing about it as Jason knelt on my bed and started unlocking my ankle cuffs, and in a minute he had replaced them with the held-apart cuffs of the spreader bar.

As he stood up, I looked him in the eyes, and with my legs spread felt even more vulnerable. I swallowed, and was able to turn and bring one knee over a bit, but it was a short term solution. The bar would keep my legs apart no matter what, exposing me even more.

"Let's give her a few minutes, Joe," said Jason, and the two men left, although Jason made sure the cage door was shut and latched before he did so. Why, I don't know, I was handcuffed to the bars and couldn't even reach the door.

What I had do deal with now though, was the bar between my ankles. The cuffs were solid steel, with the same neoprene padding my other ankle cuffs had. They were attached to the bar by ball and socket hinges, which allowed them movement, but by no means any slack at all. I couldn't bring my ankles together, nor could I pull them any more apart. My ankles were now set at a specific distance, and nothing I did could change that. And it left my inner thighs... it left me... very open.

I closed my eyes and just let myself feel my bondage. It felt so... wonderful... yet... could I work like this? Could I even go outside like this? Did I have the courage to continue on like this, even for a little while? It didn't matter, that choice wasn't mine, unless I chose to end all this completely. That too was part of our agreement. I could end it all at any time, but there would be no going back, no starting again, if I changed my mind.

No, I didn't want to end it. So I stood there, handcuffed to the bars of my cage, waiting for Jason, because there was literally nothing else I could do!

When he did come back he first released my hands, gave me a moment to stretch, and then relocked them behind me so I could leave the cage. He then walked behind me as I worked out how to make each step, my ankles fighting the spreader bar. It was awkward, and ungainly, and embarrassing, but I made it outside and Jason set the bolt so I couldn't go back in again. And I got back to work.

I certainly wasn't as graceful at serving chili than I was before the spreader bar. I had to think of every step, and even the ground under my bare feet, which I had gotten used to in my hobble chain, felt new and different to me.

And yes, I got stared at by those who noticed the change. And many commented on my new piece of bondage, mostly favorably. I got asked to walk back and forth a lot, and when facing someone, especially when ladling out a bowl of chili, there was nothing at all stopping them from getting a good view of me.

I don't think I stopped blushing till supper time.

* * *

Dinner was interesting. For my meals I either ate something the men brought back from another vendor or whatever I could prepare for myself, and tonight it was a very nice chicken fried rice that a fan of my chili had gifted us.

I usually ate at the little side table I used for prep. It was at a good height for me to use by kneeling on the ground, bending low to gather my food into my mouth, since of course I couldn't use my hands to eat. But now, with the spreader bar, kneeling wasn't as comfortable. I didn't have as much choice on where to put my knees, and with my legs so spread I felt very, very open indeed as I bent over to eat.

Behind me, I saw Joe and Jason watching me, plus a couple of other people who had stopped to talk to them... and I could tell from their focus, their silence, just what sort of a show I was putting on for them. The bar spread my ankles and my knees, giving them a completely unobstructed view of me.

And I hated it.

If there was any time in the Spree that I truly hated up to that point, it was that moment. Because while it is one thing to feel sexy and vulnerable in naked bondage... this was something entirely different.

Up until now, no matter what we were doing, Jason had always treated me... no... seen me as a real person. But being ass up naked and spread as I ate, I could see in his eyes, and the eyes of every man staring at me, that for that moment at least, all I was to them was a... cunt. Something ready to fuck. Well presented, helpless.

I admit I lost my appetite, but that was just one of the things I felt. If I ever came close to quitting, it was at that point. But once I had struggled to my feet and got back to my job, I began to think about what had happened.

There are many ways for women to be humiliated, ways to position us that can expose us completely, and I don't just mean our bodies, I also mean our souls. Heck, being bound to the frame that morning was one such way. Yet, while that had been embarrassing, I never really found it humiliating, because I knew it was just a game, and that while I was exposed I was also protected by Jason and Joe. But kneeling like an animal in the dirt, legs spread, like some bitch in heat presenting myself... that had affected me differently.

Without really wanting to I started to cry. And after a few minutes, Jason was at my side.

"Hey, there," he said gently, turning me to face him. "Are you okay? Why are you crying?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I said, "I don't... mean to."

"What's up? What's the problem. Is something hurting you?" he asked, checking over all my chains.

I said nothing as he checked me over, not wanting to move as I was forced to stand with my legs spread open and my hands trapped behind me. But Jason wasn't going to let it rest there.

"Tell me," he said, a little more sternly. "I can't fix it if you don't tell me what's wrong, Annabelle."

A part of me resisted, not wanting to admit my weakness, while another part of me didn't want to risk ending it all if I voiced the way I currently felt. So I shook my head.

"Annabelle. Look at me!"

I looked up into his bright blue eyes.

"Annabelle. The last thing I want is for you to be upset or hurt by what we are doing here. There should never be a reason for you to suddenly start crying by yourself. We'll end this whole thing right now if it upsets you, but I think we both know that we would rather fix things than end it all, if we can. So, please. Tell me what is wrong, and what it would take to get you smiling again, okay?" He gave me a smile of encouragement, and bent to kiss me on the forehead.

The look of concern on his face completely wiped away the look of... well, whatever it was. Now I wasn't as sure it had ever been there. In fact, I felt a little silly and ashamed at thinking that I had suddenly become just a piece of meat to Jason. But there needed to be a change, because I knew now that for as long as I wore that spreader bar there would always be a feeling of dread inside me. But I couldn't bring myself to tell him that, so I just asked him to remove the spreader bar and put me back in my regular hobble chain, saying the pain in my hips from my legs being spread was becoming unbearable.

And Jason just smiled and nodded, happy that I had confided in him. "It's okay," he said, digging in a pocket for his keys. "I was going to take it off before you went to bed anyway. I doubt you would have had a good night's sleep in it. There is no problem taking it off now."

I smiled, grateful that he accepted my little white lie. "Thank you, Sir. I hope that doesn't disappoint you."

"Disappoint me? Annabelle, just by being here you don't disappoint me. Don’t ever think that you can. You are doing something very brave and exciting here. And while I admit that you look very, very beautiful in your chains and spreader bar, you are equally as lovely without it, and there is no reason for you to be in pain just to fill my own fantasies. Okay?"

"Okay," I replied, smiling a little more and feeling both glad and a little guilty.

He gave me a hug and then yelled for Joe to fetch my hobble cuffs, and a few minutes later the spreader bar was off me and I was back to my regular Settlement Bondage.

Maybe I should have told Jason the truth. But I didn't want him to think I didn't trust him, because I did. I just couldn't handle being exposed like that.

I never did go back to my food, instead burying myself in my service. My bonds, my nudity, and the colorful designs painted all over my body attracted a lot of people, and I got to talk to quite a few of them.

There was one girl, about my age, who I enjoyed talking to a lot. She said her name was Sky, or at least that was her Spree name, since a lot of people here took on new identities as a part of the event. She wore a shiny dress of silver sequins that showed off her figure nicely, her was hair teased out and colored in whites and grays, and every exposed part of her skin was colored pale blue. And on her face someone had painted tiny, flying birds! She looked like the sky, her dress the stars, her hair the clouds, and her body and face the beauty of a summer's day, and it was lovely! It made me feel rather drab and underdressed... which of course I was since I was naked.

I expressed this thought. "No!" she objected. "You look fantastic with all that body art. Are they tattoos?"

"No, just body paints."

"It's weird the way they are laid out," she said, reaching over the counter and turning me around.

I blushed a little, yet another person giving my naked body a good look. But it wasn't as embarrassing as it would have been in the spreader bar, and for some reason, it being a girl my age made it even less so. I guess I was getting used to my usual level of nudity and bondage.

"Well, I was tied up when my body was painted," I said, and I explained what had been done to me that morning, since by this time the rope marks had completely faded from my skin.

Sky listened, enthralled, and then started asking about me, and what I was doing here and about my bondage, and I was happy to talk to her. We seemed to connect on some level, and after my earlier scare some girl talk was just what I needed.

At one point I looked over to see what Jason and Joe were doing, and with a grin I saw them both chatting at the other end of the counter with a couple of nearly naked young women who were body painted a bright yellow. In fact, there was no mistaking Joe's body language as he leaned across the counter and laughed with one of the girls, and I wondered briefly what line he had chosen to use on this one, while the other girl was all smiles and talking to an obviously flattered Jason. But Sky quickly brought my attention back to her, and we continued to talk for a little while longer while I told her everything about my stay here at the Spree.

"You mean they really lock you up in a cage at night?" she asked, amazed.

"Well... it's only locked from the inside," I replied with a grin. "Anyone can open it from the outside."

"Cool!" she said, laughing. "I never thought bondage games would be any fun, but you seem to be having a good time!"

Yes, I was. And as I realized that, I began to feel a lot, lot better about where I was and what I was doing.

"But," Sky said, pulling her cell phone out of a clutch she carried with her and checking the time, "I have to go. Meeting some people."

"Oh, do you have to? I'd love to talk some more!" I said, disappointed.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll make a point of coming back when I have more time. We'll talk!" Sky said with a grin, and with a wave she was gone.

My smile never left my face the rest of the evening as I served the last of the chili and began to clean up what I could in my bondage. It was fun making a new friend.

It was also fun watching the men, for the two painted girls never left. They stayed in Jason's little alcove, where I couldn't go because of the chain connecting me to the girl rail. One was draped across Joe's lap, which I saw was good for Joe, although a part of me felt a little pang of... well... early this morning it had been me getting that attention from Joe. But, like I said, there was no point in getting all emotional over that man, so I tried to be happy for him.

But what really amazed me, and why it should I don't know, was how the other girl managed to keep Jason occupied, although I could see the older man was being a bit more of a gentleman about it. And again, watching her whisper in Jason's ear and then laugh, the couple sharing an amusing secret, I felt a pang of... jealousy? Wasn't I supposed to be... well... here I was all naked and chained by his hand, and there he was having fun with someone else!

And yet, that sort of fun was not what I signed up for, was it?

I got as close to them as I could, pulling my tether chain along the girl rail, and called out to him.

"Jason? Jason?"

The laughter stopped as all four of them looked up at me, the men smiling, the women looking as if I had rudely interrupted something. Joe, however, started to tickle the near nude bimbet on his lap, and the couple giggled together. Jason stood up though, which I could see didn't please his escort much. But, gentleman as he is, he bent low and kissed the girl on one yellow cheek and begged her forgiveness for a few minutes before coming over to me.

"All done?" he asked, taking my shoulder and turning me around.

"Yes, Sir, as much as I could do anyway," I replied, flapping my bound hands behind me.

He chuckled. "It always amazes me just how much you can get done like that. It's a pity we can't take the time sometime to keep you in this bondage for a few months, just to see how you get on!"

I laughed, but the thought of it also created a little stir inside me. Something that happened frequently when I thought things like that. "That would be fun, Jason. But what I could really use right now is a bath."

Jason nodded as he turned to face me, but his attention was taken for just a moment by the yellow, panty clad girl waiting for him in his chair.

"Unless, you have other plans tonight?" I asked, only a little upset that I wasn't the center of attention at the moment.

Jason took a deep breath and let it out. It seemed he was about to apologize when he suddenly had a thought. I could literally see his thinking change as he looked at me.

"You know," he said. "There is one aspect of Settlement life I didn't think we would get to see during the Spree."

"What's that?" I asked, wondering where he was heading, with a feeling I wouldn’t like it.

"Well, according to Graham's stories, you are living the life of a pledged Settlement Girl, right?"

I nodded.

"And as I understand the stories, while pledged women are always to be faithful to their men, the men live to a different standard."

"Yes... that's true," I said slowly, understanding dawning and really not liking it.

"Then, I think for you Annabelle, that all you get tonight is a quick wash up and straight to your cage!"

Jason gave me a grin that made me want to kick him in the shins. But barefoot and chained as it was, it would probably hurt my feet more than it hurt him! I was also honestly upset that we weren't going to spend the rest of the evening together... but because of how he put it, I really couldn't refuse!

I had agreed to be his Settlement Girl for the Spree, and while I was never fond of this aspect of Graham's stories, what he said was true!

Still, I thought as he went over to unlock the bolt that kept me from going into the tent, this was Jason we were talking about. And even if the yellow bimbo smiling at him had other plans, I doubted that Jason would let it go too far. In fact, I wouldn't put it past Jason to be doing this just to tease me!

So I tried to comfort myself with that thought as he led me inside, unlocked my hands in the wash area, and let me have a little time to deal with my toiletries and hair before relocking my hands behind me and shutting me in the cage. And again, I was left alone.

It took me a while to get to sleep, this being an earlier bed time than I was used to. I would sit, or kneel, and even pace my cage as boredom set in, although pacing was more like a few steps in one direction and a few steps back, all the while trying not to trip over my tether and hobble chains. I had nothing at all to engage my active mind, and all I could see from my cage were the blank canvas tent walls that surrounded me. And as darkness descended I could barely see that, since they didn't leave a light on at the back of the tent for me.

At one point I heard a couple enter the tent, and I recognized Joe's voice as he continued to chat up his yellow bimbette. And he must have succeeded, because shortly afterward I began to hear other familiar noises. So I sat, listening in the dark as he fucked the girl senseless, feeling lonely and unwanted and... frustrated, in my cage.

This wasn't like Graham's stories, because this Settlement Girl was having a hard time dealing with the men in her life right now. Feeling sorry for myself, I curled up on my bed and finally fell asleep. The next thing I knew there was a hand over my mouth.

I had a brief flash of fear, a cold chill that flowed through me as I woke and struggled against who was holding me down. But it passed quickly when I heard a feminine giggle, along with Joe's voice.

"It's okay, Annabelle," he said softly. "Just be quiet and enjoy."

"Joe?" I replied, shaking away the hand and turning to look at him, only to have someone put their hand over my eyes. "Joe, what's going on?"

Hands started touching me, rolling me onto my back, several hands, and I heard a girl giggling close to my ear.

"Just trust me, Annabelle," Joe said from somewhere close. "And keep it down, we don't want to wake up Jason."

"Trust you...?" I started to say, before someone started sucking on one of my nipples.

I was so surprised that I couldn't say anything for a moment, and as I paused, the hand over my eyes moved away, only to be replaced by a cloth blindfold. But I got a flash of who was in the cage with me; Joe, and his yellow-painted female companion. She was on the bed with me, while Joe knelt at my side, and both, it seemed, were as naked as I was! Or should I say, even more naked, as they weren't wearing any cuffs or chains!

I struggled against mine as I started to realize what was going on, but lying on my back there was little I could do to stop them.

"Joe!" I said... half pleading. "Please... what's going on?"

"Hush, Annie. Kaye and I just want to play a little... and you didn't mind it last night, right?"

I'm sure even in the darkened tent, they could have seen me blush at the reminder... but then maybe I was getting flushed for other reasons. Since it was Joe doing the talking, that only meant that the skilled little mouth driving my nipple to distraction had to be... Kaye's. I was about to protest again, but a hand slid effortlessly down between my legs, where fingers started immediately teasing my clit. A warm, naked, female body pressed against me from one side, and Joe started sucking on my other nipple as the manipulations continued further down. It took only seconds for me to groan and start panting from all the attention as I lay helplessly between the two of them.

"Good girl," said Joe happily, leaving my nipple for a moment to kiss me on the cheek, before returning to torment me some more. Blind and helpless, all I could do was feel and hear, and I felt Joe cup the breast he was dining on with one hand and begin massaging it, while Kaye, who was obviously dealing with my pussy, started sliding her fingers up and down and quickly ventured into my wet folds.

I groaned louder as she entered me, rather overwhelmed by the sudden attention I was getting. There were so many sensations to process! I had never had both my nipples sucked on at once before, and had never had another girl have sex with me before either, and both were enough to make me melt. I soon stopped struggling and simply lay there in my bondage as more and more fingers found their way into me and as both my breasts were massaged and sucked on.

I began to squirm again, not in protest but in pure pleasure, and I drew my ankles up, widening my knees to give Kaye better access. She took this as an invitation and shifted her body, throwing a leg between mine, and pressing her own pussy against the top of my thigh. And she began to rub herself on me, back and forth, keeping the rhythm with the fingers teasing my insides. I had never had sex with another woman before, but it seemed Kaye had, since she knew just how to push every button I had, and for herself too, as I started to hear her moan as well.

On the other side of me Joe changed position as well. He too threw a leg over mine, and between the two of them I was spread quite wide. All this of course was just a part of what I was feeling and aware of... for I could feel an orgasm building slowly inside me. Kaye's fingers in my pussy and on my clit were sending shocks of pleasure right through me, all the way to my nipples and back, and between them and the breast massaging I was getting... oh wow.

I was in such sensory overload that I barely noticed when the fingers were withdrawn and replaced by Joe, who had moved on top of me. He pushed himself deep into me and I almost came right then, but the evil man only stroked me a few times before pulling out again, chuckling.

Joe whispered something I couldn't catch, and then they both changed position again.

Now Kaye was straddling me on her hands and knees, her head at my pussy, her mouth... well... playing magic on my clit. I knew it was her because I could feel her soft, full breasts on my tummy...not to mention the smell of her own pussy wafting down on me. As for Joe, he was kneeling at my head, and it took me a moment to figure out that he had entered Kaye, pushing into her right over my face.

I felt drops of what had to be her juices as he pumped her, and could feel her move and hear her grunt with every stroke. But she didn't stop licking me, and as she was being fucked I felt oh so close to a cum of my own.

In fact, I was the first one to cum, and as I writhed with pleasure under Kaye she too started gasping in a half scream as Joe reached full speed. Kaye eventually collapsed full on top of me when she finally stopped cumming, her pussy landing on my face as Joe pulled out of her, and I turned my head to avoid a mouthful of both their juices.

Joe, however, seemed in great shape as Kaye and I lay together trying to recover, and he chuckled as he pulled the blindfold off me. "You guys are amazing!"

I tried to glare at him, but couldn't hold it, and instead started to laugh. "You bastard," I said, half in anger over being taken like this, and half in affection because it had all felt so great.

He laughed again, a handsome laugh to go with his handsome face. "You have no idea," he said with a grin, and got up to quickly leave the cage.

Kaye, it seemed, had been fucked almost senseless, but she was just starting to recover when Joe returned a moment later. In his hands he held something shiny, and to my surprise it turned out to be another pair of cuffs, just like my own. Since Kaye was lying face down on top of me it was no problem at all for him to cuff her hands behind her and then scoot back out of the cage, closing the door behind him.

Kaye, quickly realizing her predicament, rolled off me and started pulling at her cuffs. Of course they didn't give in the slightest, I could have told her that!

"Joe, you asshole!" she called out. "What are you doing?"

"I promise I'll let you go in the morning, Kaye," he said smiling. "But I thought you guys might enjoy some alone time."

"Asshole!" said Kaye, pulling hard at her cuffs and getting nowhere.

"Well you did say that you wondered what it was like to wear those, Kaye. Have fun!" And with that he left.

Kaye swore again, but I could see that she wasn't really angry at Joe, and I didn't blame her. It was really hard to get angry at a Greek God of a man like Joe, and I could see that she had caught the bug. So it didn't take long for her to stop struggling and sigh.

We looked at each other in the dim light, two naked girls handcuffed in a steel cage, both a mess from our recent sex... and we started giggling.

Our giggling turned to laughter until, unexpectedly, Jason bellowed out from the far side of the tent "SHUT UP THE PAIR OF YOU! OR YOU'LL FIND OUT WHAT IT IS REALLY LIKE TO BE SLAVE GIRLS!"

We both shut up for just a second, stared at each other, and then started giggling again, although a lot quieter. And Kaye moved to lie next to me, head to head, while I struggled to get off my now aching arms. We faced each other on our sides, and in the darkness the naked girl now sharing my bed said, "Hi... I'm Kaye," and we started giggling again.

"SHUT UP, AND GO TO SLEEP!" yelled Jason, with Joe laughing in the background, and Kaye and I did as ordered, not saying another word as we both smiled and tried to get back to sleep.

I could tell she was having problems, though. Well, it took me a long time to learn to sleep with my hands cuffed so closely together, so I wasn't surprised that Kaye couldn't manage it. At first, she lay between me and the bars of the cage, but her restless turning back and forth as she tried to find a comfortable way to lie kept us both up. In a half doze, I was aware of her at one point sliding to her feet at the foot of the bed, and carefully stepping off, only to pace back and forth. She would try the door, which of course was locked from our side, and the latch was just as far out of reach for her as it was for me. Then she would pace again, twisting her arms up and to the sides, trying to break free of her cuffs.

At least she didn't have the hobble chain to deal with, or the tether chain and collar that connected me to the girl rails. Although at one point she almost strangled me when she tripped over my tether chain.

"Sorry," she whispered, coming back to kneel next to me.

"It's okay," I said quietly, coughing once while attempting to readjust the chain and get some slack back.

"I don't know how you manage this," continued Kaye, still pulling at her cuffs. "I can't get comfortable at all, and my shoulders are hurting."

I sighed, and struggled to sit up. "You shouldn't struggle, it only makes it worse," I said. "Just try to relax. Let your arms hang down."

"God, this is hard. How long have you been doing this?" she asked me, trying to do what I said.

"I've been practicing on and off for months and months now, especially sleeping bound. And no, I didn't get it from the start either. It hurt for me too. But it was something I wanted to master, and eventually I learned how, or my body finally gave in and let itself be trained. I don't know. But really, I rarely have any difficulties now."

"Lucky you," Kaye said with a small giggle.

We smiled in the darkness for a moment, and thought about how weird it was to have company in my cage for a change. I never thought I would be sharing it with another naked, cuffed girl. I was surprised I wasn't more embarrassed about that, but given the way we were introduced, what did I have to be embarrassed about! But there was one thing I wanted to know.

"Kaye, why did Joe lock you in here with me?"

"Oh," she said. "Well, we were talking, well, before, outside, about you. And I told him I thought it might be fun to spend a night in a cage locked up by him." She looked away and shrugged. "I didn't think he would take me seriously."

"He's not keeping you away from anyone, is he? What about that other girl I saw?"

"Sandra. She spent some time with that other guy, Jason. But he sent her home. It's okay though, I told Sandra that if I was lucky I would be spending the night here. But I was hoping that it would be in bed with Joe!"

"Yeah," I said. "He has that affect on us, doesn't he."

"You too?" Kaye asked, a concerned look crossing her face. "Look, I didn't know. You two aren't together are you?"

"Oh no, God no," I replied, quickly. "It's just that... well, you know."

Kaye's expression slowly changed to a soft smile, and in the dim light I thought she was blushing too. "Yeah, I know. And you know what? Being locked up naked in a cage, by him, isn't all bad!"

We both giggled again, quietly.

"Look, I'll show you how to lie comfortably. Just do what I do!" I settled back on the mattress, lying on my right side and slightly on my chest, my weight off my arms, my left knee brought up to hold me there, my right arm flat against the mattress, my left bent slightly at the elbow. "Like this," I said.

Kaye looked me over, then crawled back onto the mattress so she was opposite me again. It was a bit of a squeeze, but she got turned around and was able to copy what I did. If we had our hands free, we would have been spooning. But instead I got to watch her slowly find some sleep, while thinking about how wild it was to have her so close to me, before falling asleep myself.

End of part 1

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