Hangover Blues
by Annabelle

This story is another sequel to Catturata.

I haven't said this in a while, and I should say it more often. But I want to thank Zack for his encouragement, bullying, and editing help in all my stories. Without him nothing would get done at all, so you guys thank him too! :)


'Fuck, I wish I had an aspirin!' I thought to myself, as I woke up with a splitting headache, my hands manacled behind my back as usual.

Waking up with a hangover is hard enough, the throbbing pain, the sensitivity to light and sound... and the feeling that you would rather die than take another breath. I've had one or two when even the thought of opening my eyes sent waves of pain through my brain. I really hate hangovers, and was happy I didn't get them very often.

I had one now though, really my first since coming to Arizona. I'm not really a big drinker normally, which is probably why when I do drink it hits me so hard. But while you won't find me in a bar every night drinking my weight, there is one sure way to get me drunk...'have a Gordon Ramsey drinking party!

Back in Kansas before moving out here, we used to have one every couple of months or so. Some of us from the restaurant I worked at back there would get together after work, plus a bunch of friends in the trade from other places nearby.

We would go to someone's house, put in a DVD of 'Hell's Kitchen, uncensored", and laugh at all the dumb so called chefs they have on that show. Really, we found it rather insulting that out of the thousands of applicants they must get, they choose people that either can't cook, or are simply so weird or annoying that they are there obviously for the drama, rather than to win!

Well... 'I could rant about that for hours, and we usually do at these parties, but really we are there for the drinking games. Gordon Ramsey can always be counted on to say a lot of different phrases over and over again, which makes him perfect for this! For example, if he calls someone a 'Donkey', we take a shot. If he shouts "IT'S RAW!" we take another shot! And my personal favorite, whenever he says "Oh, fuck me!", we all shout back "FUCK YOU GORDON!" and take another shot!

Yeah, I know, strange and rather juvenile. But kitchen service can be stressful and this was a great way of relieving stress for us. And I missed playing that game with the friends I left behind, and thought it about time I introduced the game to my new crew at Catturata.

It was a good time for it too. The restaurant was going to be closed for a week because the City of Scottsdale was going to be messing about with a giant excavation under the road and the gas would have to be shut off. And since all our tops and ovens were gas (something I insisted upon at the start for their finer control), it meant we wouldn't be able to cook a thing!

So, I decided to give everyone a week off while Jason and I took the opportunity to have the place completely cleaned by a professional crew. Jason was even going to have some builders in for something, although I didn't know what for. It was supposed to be a surprise.

So after our last night of service I had almost my entire staff in, and we put 'Hell's Kitchen' up on the big menu flat screen in the dining area, and had a party!

My head ached even more at the memory of that party, and I groaned and rolled over onto my side, eyes still tightly shut, as I pulled and tugged at my cuffs. I was also aware that my ankles were cuffed too, not too far apart it seemed, but that was okay. I was used to it. It must have been a good party though because I had no memory at all of coming home.

I did remember lots of alcohol. Sean took over bartender duties and was pouring out something blue for us to drink. And as the evening went on people started to leave, which was okay, it was very late anyway. And, I remember that at one point we were down to just a few of us, all a part of my 'special dinner' crew... you know the ones, the ones who helped me cook and serve a full dinner service naked and chained for invited guests only. So, once it was just us, our inhibitions dropped a little more, and soon we had a stripping game going along with our drinking games.

Basically, the last one to down their shot had to take something off! So it wasn't too long before I was nude. Amanda got naked first though, but I think she cheated and simply got undressed. Eventually we were all naked though, and I think by then that Sean was the only guy there, lucky him! But what happened after that sorta disappeared into the fog in my exploding head, so I reluctantly opened my eyes so I could get out of bed.

"What the... oh fuck," I said in shock, carefully looking around because I didn't want my head to fall off my neck. I had expected to wake up on my bed in my cage at home... but instead I had woken up on the floor in the main dining room at my restaurant, Catturata.

"Oh shit," I whispered, struggling to sit up, something that was a little harder to do with your hands cuffed behind you. Taking in my situation, I was still very nude, and in addition to the cuffs I wore on my wrists and ankles, two chains were locked to my collar. One was one of the tether chains we used here at the restaurant during those special dinners. Copied from the wonderful Settlement stories by Kristen Graham, Catturata had girl rails running through most of the building. These were metal rails set into the floor and had a slot in the top that contained a steel ball with a ring on the top that stuck up out of the rail. Our tether chains were then locked to these balls, which allowed us to go anywhere we wanted to go along the rails, but no further than two meters away from one. When not in use, the cuffs and chains were all stored in a crate in my office, but apparently during the party last night, someone decided to get them out and put them on me!

And as my eyes focused better on what was around me, I followed the second chain attached to my collar to its other end... and saw I wasn't alone.

It took me a moment to figure out who it was, although it should have been obvious since he was the last guy at the party and my companion in chains had a cock... it was Sean.

"Oh, that's just great!" I whispered, not daring to speak louder. I had struggled to my knees and my head was paying the price, and I just wanted to throw up. But I had to get these cuffs off and find my clothes!

Who the hell locked us up like this? Then it came back to me; Amanda. Something about a game forfeit or something. The Bitch!

I had to smile though, it had been a fun party.

"Amanda?" I croaked, before saying it again a little louder, hoping she was around some place, maybe passed out as drunk as I was. But she didn't reply. Instead, I heard a groan and a grunt from Sean lying on the floor nearby, and I had a sudden case of the shames as I sat back and tucked my legs up. Catturata was my second home, and I was no stranger to being nude and chained here. But like this, not knowing what was going on, I suddenly felt vulnerable with Sean there.

I watched, silently, as Sean came awake. He was cuffed up just like I was, hands behind him, ankles, and a tether chain to the rails. He was naked too, of course, and yes, I admit my eyes strayed a little... he is a handsome guy. I didn't feel guilty for looking though, it wasn't like he didn't do the same to me! And I remembered the grin he had on his face during the party, the only naked guy among four or five naked women.

From the look on his face he was obviously in as much pain as I was, although I wasn't sure if it was because of his drinking or because he had been sleeping in bondage, something I doubt he was used to. But he was facing me when his eyes finally opened and I could see him working out where he was.

"What the... Annabelle?" he said slowly, and I nodded... carefully.

"Hey," I said back, trying to smile but failing. "You have an aspirin?"

"Oh Jeez!" Sean exclaimed, rolling onto his back before gasping and rolling to face me again. "What the hell, why am I chained up?"

"I think it was Amanda's idea," I said quietly.

"Oh... yeah, you're right. Where is she, I need to take a piss and I want these chains off me."

"Me too," I agreed, wondering if I could stand.

Sean started to struggle to his feet, swearing all the way, and I think it was only then that he noticed that we were chained together. Amanda had obviously found another use for our two meter tether chains, for that was as far as Sean and I could get from each other at the moment.

Seeing this, Sean started to chuckle until it hurt his head too much, and smiling, we both stared at each other, naked and chained.

"Would it be inappropriate, Boss, for me to say you look great?" Sean said to me with a smile.

I tried to scowl at him, but it came out half smile. I didn't think I looked great, my hair was all over the place and parts of my body felt sticky from something I had been lying it. And no... it wasn't what you thought... I may have had a foggy memory of what went on at the party, but a woman does know when she has had sex... especially when she is chained up and has no opportunity to clean up afterward.

"You have to still be drunk," I replied, shaking my head and then thinking better of it.

Sean laughed, then turned to face the kitchen. "AMANDA!" he bellowed, making me wince. "AMANDA, ARE YOU HERE? IS ANYONE?"

There was only silence in reply.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. "I hope to hell she's just passed out somewhere, 'cos if she left us I'll kill her!"

"Right now," I said, getting to my feet, "all I want is a bathroom and a couple of pain pills! We can kill Amanda later!"

Sean grunted in reply, but didn't move. He looked down at his feet which were cuffed together with only a few inches of separation, then he looked at mine which were the same way. Amanda had shortened the hobble chains with padlocks. "How are we supposed to get anywhere like this?" he asked.

I shrugged, so Sean turned and started to hop, or at least try to. I had to yell at him to stop because the chain connecting our collars together started flapping about and hitting both of us!

"Sorry," he said with a groan, and I smiled when I realized what jumping up and down had done to his hangover.

"We just need to shuffle, slowly," I told him.

"Yes, Boss," Sean sighed, and off we went.

We must have looked a sight, a naked man and woman, hands cuffed behind us, shuffling along because we couldn't walk otherwise. And because of the arrangement of the tether chains I had to follow Sean, which I didn't mind all that much... nice view!

It took a little while to reach the bathrooms though, which was where we had our first problem. I wanted to go into the women's, Sean the men's!

"Wait!" I called out.

"NO!" Sean answered firmly, which surprised me, and I had to follow him into the men's room. He shuffled over to where he could reach one of the urinals, and then turned to look at me. "I don't suppose you want to aim it for me, do you?" he said with a grin.

I looked down at his half hard cock. "I don't think you should have any problems shooting that thing where you want to," I replied, shaking my head and sighing.

Sean laughed, then looked me up and down as if telling me where he wanted to really shoot it, and I turned to give him the finger.

All this might seem strange to you, the way we were joking around. But working together we had become good friends, and we both knew his flirting was just that, nothing to be taken seriously or frightened about... even when naked and chained together. Not long after Catturata had first opened, Sean made his moves to me more seriously. I had to let him know that I didn't date people I worked with, especially people I had to really depend on like Sean, who was essentially my second hand here. He took it well, and we moved on!

I wished he would hurry up and pee though. Connected together I couldn't get into one of the stalls and I really wasn't going to stand next to Sean and pee standing up, even though he suggested it.

"Can you shake it for me?" Sean asked innocently.

"Shake this," I growled, showing him the finger again before dragging him into a stall. Living the lifestyle I do now, I've learned not to get too embarrassed about things. Yet, sitting on a toilet with Sean standing right there watching... well... it was a bit much!

"Can't you turn around or something?" I asked him.

Sean looked like he was about to smile and say no, but I think he saw how serious I was and nodded instead. So I got to pee in some sort of privacy, and straining hard I was even able to grab some toilet paper and wipe.

We were both able to wash our hands at the sinks, although for Sean it was a novel experience for him to do it with his hands cuffed behind him, and soon we were shuffling back out into the hallway.

"Now what? Sean asked.

"Let's check the office and the kitchen, maybe Amanda is passed out in there," I answered. "Besides, I really want something for my headache and I'm really thirsty."

Sean grunted in agreement, and I followed him along the rails to the office which wasn't far. The rails, as I said, run through most of the building, but don't go into the office I shared with my manager, Charlie. Charlie wasn't there of course, but our clothes were, all out of reach behind the closed and locked office door, we could see them through the window in the door.

"Fuck," Sean said again, pulling hard in frustration on his cuffs. I could see that the amusement factor of our situation was finally wearing thin with him.

"Kitchen," I said curtly, not feeling all that amused either, and we continued along the rail. Again it wasn't far, and passing through the doors weren't a problem. But again, no Amanda. We were alone in the building.

"Where the hell is she?" Sean exclaimed.

"Right now, I don't care," I said. "Head to the fridge, I really need some water!"

We have a lot of small coolers scattered about the kitchen, filled with various raw ingredients. One of them though was for the staff's personal use, and contained, among other things, bottled water. Reaching it was easy, I had designed this kitchen to be run by people chained up exactly like we were, and it was no problem getting the water out and opening them. Although I had to show Sean how to pick it up in his mouth and drink from it.

"I always suspected you have had a lot more practice at this than you let on," he told me.

I ignored that remark, and instead took my bottle of water and headed for where we kept our kitchen med kit, dragging an amused Sean behind me. Opening it, I saw we had some pain pills which made me very happy indeed. Getting the pills out of the bottle was easy enough, but I had to tip them into Sean's cupped hands and then turn around, kneel, and take them from him by mouth, which also amused him.

He also amused himself when I did the same for him. After taking the pills from my hand he quickly kissed one of my bare butt cheeks before laughing and getting to his feet again.

"Sean!" I said, turning quickly, wishing I could kick him.

Sean just laughed. "Just kissing your ass, Chef, as usual!

That made me laugh, despite my headache.

"Fucker," I said to him, which only made him leer at me a little. I shook my head in disgust, although I couldn't stop smiling.

That was when I noticed the back door.

The back door led out to a private, fenced patio for the staff, which in turn led out to where our dumpsters were kept and on to the parking lot. Staff could eat out there, and smoke, and we also had a hot tub out there for staff use, to help us relax after shifts, a present from Jason. But the reason I noticed the back door wasn't because I thought that maybe Amanda might be out enjoying the tub (we couldn't reach her because of the rails anyway). No, it was because there were a set of keys stuck in one of the locks!

Of course, they weren't the keys to our cuffs, I could see that from where we were standing, they were a set of restaurant keys. But still, why would Amanda go off and leave those keys there?

"What's up?" Sean asked.

"Keys, in the door," I answered. And he turned to look.

Sean caught on faster than I did. "You don't suppose she went and locked herself out, do you?"

"Which is why she isn't here now?" I added. "I hope so. I hope she's waiting outside for us right now, I have a plane to catch this afternoon."

"Oh, where are you going?" Sean asked as we began shuffling slowly toward the back door.

"Flying home for the week, visiting the folks!"

"Cool! When do you leave?"

I hadn't even thought to look at a clock the entire time we were awake, my head still foggy from my hangover. But when I turned to check one I groaned. "Fuck, I was supposed to be on my way to the airport ten minutes ago!"

"Sorry," Sean said sincerely.

But... that wasn't the worst of it. Something else popped into my head that I had forgotten. Something that both the time and the audible click of the restaurant's front door being unlocked reminded me off, and my blood chilled.

"Hey!" Sean said. "Amanda's here, now we can get out of these things!"

"It's not Amanda," I said, looking about for a place to hide. "Remember I said that this place was going to be cleaned this week? The cleaners were due here today... now!"

Sean looked at me. "Oh come on... really?" Then he saw how scared I was. "REALLY? FUCK! If we hadn't woken up when we did, they would have found us out in the dining room!"

I hadn't even thought of that disaster.

"Well," he continued. "they can help get us out of this."

"Are you stupid, Sean!" I whispered, turning on him. "We can't let them find us! Our reputations are at stake! What kind of publicity would we get when it gets publicly known that we've been found naked and chained up here!"

"We do those dinners...," Sean started to say.

"For trusted customers, idiot! We can control that. We can't control this! We need to hide, now!" I almost screamed, starting to panic a little.

The trouble was, where? Attached to the rails, we could only go where they went, and that didn't leave a lot of places where the cleaning crew wasn't going to go. I could only think of two, and Sean figured that out as fast as I did once he realized how serious I was.

"The walk-in freezer, or the wine room," he said. "Are they cleaning in there?"

I tried to think. The freezer was no good for obvious reasons. Naked and chained, we wouldn't last very long in there, even pressed together to conserve body heat. Besides, that door didn't lock, so there was nothing to stop one of the cleaners from going in there anyway.

That left the wine room. Smaller, it was basically a closet lined with shelves containing the restaurant's wine collection, with a table in the middle of the room to put things down on. It was still a climate controlled room, it would be a little cool in there, but tolerable. The downside though was that now there was a window in the door, put in after our first special dinner here at Catturata, so anyone walking by could simply look in. However, the door did lock, if you had keys, and Amanda had left a lovely set of keys in the back door for us.

Really, it was our only choice!

"Grab those keys, it's the wine room!" I said. "And hurry!"

We could hear voices now in the dining room as the cleaning crew started coming in, and we moved as fast as we could in our bondage. Both of us were scared now of being found this way, so we both knew how important it was to move quickly. Yet the sounds of all our chains frightened us more... how could they not hear them out there!

Sean got the keys out of the lock in the back door, and we shuffled back to the wine room. Sean wasn't used to working behind his back though, and wasted a lot of time trying to get the key into the lock. Frustrated, I almost took them from him, but he got in and we scrambled inside. I locked the door behind us, and we stood close together, waiting.

"They're going to see us through the window," Sean said, "even with the light off!"

I knew that, but what else could we do?

There was one thing.

"Under the table, we can hide there," I said.

"What? Under that? You know how small that is?"

I didn't get a chance to answer. We suddenly heard voices in the kitchen and we scrambled fast to find cover. I had thought of us crouched next to each other under the table, but Sean's chains tripped him up as he dropped to his knees, and he rolled under the table instead, lying on his back..

Desperate, I waited for him to move, but a shadow across the window made me dive in after him. The thing is, the table was so narrow that the only way I could get in with him was to lie on top of him! So in moments I found myself lying naked on top of my naked Sous Chef!

Both of us were a little too scared to fully appreciate that for a moment though, as we held our breath to see if we had been discovered. No one banged at the door though, yelling about the naked couple, and we both started breathing again as we listened to the voices of the cleaning crew in their mix of English and Spanish.

That was when we started paying more attention to each other, and looking into Sean's eyes, feeling his naked body beneath mine, I felt myself starting to blush.

Sean was looking at me too, not quite as scared as I was, and I felt some movement lower down.

"You had better get control of that thing," I whispered, "or I'm going to lop it off and fry it in butter and garlic for your next meal!"

Sean just raised an eyebrow. "Annie, I'm naked with a beautiful woman lying naked on top of me. I don't think little Sean is going to listen to me right now!"

Little Sean... I would have laughed if I hadn't had been so scared. But I saw his point, and felt it too. Besides, bondage had always been a turn on for me, and living with Jason had probably conditioned me more into feeling horny when chained up. So Sean wasn't exactly alone in his reactions. Still, just because I was horny, naked and lying on top of a horny, good looking naked guy, that didn't mean it had to lead to anything... did it?

No, it didn't, although there was no denying our situation. Every breath I took made me keenly aware of my breasts pressed against his hairy chest, and the hard thing throbbing gently against my pussy was very hard to ignore. And the hornier I get the more I tend to pull against my bonds, so it took conscious thought not to do that as well!

But I was scared too, and so was Sean by the look of it, although what Sean was scared of I didn't know. I was scared of the people outside! The lights were off in the wine room, but light came in through the window in the door, lighting up a patch of the room and the table above us. Sean and I were only just out of sight, part in shadow, partly screened by the table. But every time I saw a shadow pass through that patch of light I got nervous.

Sean groaned under me, and it was only then that I remembered that he was lying on his bound arms, something that was hard enough to do at the best of times, but now he had my weight added to his!

"You okay?" I whispered.

"Well... on one hand I have my beautiful naked boss lying on top of me doing naughty things with her nipples... while on the other I think my hands are going numb. It's a toss up at this point," Sean replied.

"Heh... you're fine," I said, shifting slightly to maintain my balance on him while pulling at my bound wrists.

Sean moved too, one particular muscle that is.

"Will you find a way to control that thing?" I whispered, feeling it press against me.

Sean closed his eyes and started whispering to himself. He was so quiet I couldn't catch what he said at first, then I realized he was reciting the menu and how to cook every dish on it. Some distraction!

"How long are they going to be here?" Sean asked eventually about the cleaning crew.

"Probably all day, its a big job," I replied.

"I don't think I can lie here like this much longer, Boss!" Sean admitted after a moment.

I nodded in the semi-darkness, then shook my head because my long hair had gotten in my face again. This made me move my entire body, and my wriggling caused something to shift. The tip of Sean's cock was now pressed against my sex, rubbing it in just the... right way?

This time it was me who groaned.

Sean swallowed. "I'm really sorry, Annie," he whispered. "I know we mess around and stuff, but really I'm not doing that on purpose!"

"I know, Sean," I said slowly, closing my eyes.

Sean was pressing right at that sweet spot, and it was driving me nuts. What made it even more difficult was that the moment I felt him touch me there, I lifted my hips. If I relaxed and put them down again, he would penetrate me for sure... yet... a part of me was fighting to do just that!

A part of me figured, why not? Sean and Amanda were no longer a couple, and I didn't know if Sean had anyone special in his life at the moment. And while I had Jason... well... it wasn't as if Sean and I would actually be fucking, right? I'd just be relaxing because we were probably going to be like this for hours yet, and I wouldn't be able to stay off him without rolling off Sean completely, something that would definitely get us seen.

And yet I knew that if I let Sean in, that delicious friction would quickly take over and I would start moving my hips again... and again... and again... and despite best intentions, physical pleasure would start to rule.

I guess you could call it predicament bondage. There I was tied up on top of a guy, and it was either hold my hips up and preserve the last shred of friendship I had with that guy... or take the plunge as it were and change things.

It was getting hard though, no pun, and it wasn't long before I started getting tired and his cock head was bouncing against my now very wet pussy.

"It's starting to smell in here," Sean said after a while.

"Oh shut up!" I told him, blushing furiously because even I could smell my arousal in this climate controlled room. I just hoped the smell would come out eventually.

"OH GOD, woman. Will you stop moving around!" moaned Sean a little while later, as I struggled hard to maintain my precarious balance.

"I'm sorry," I said, meaning it.

"Just... do it, will you!" Sean said, looking me directly in the eyes. "Just relax, slide down, and keep still. You have no idea how much it hurts right now. I hate to say this, but fucking you is the last thing on my mind at the moment, because if it wasn't for the pain I wouldn't be able to feel my arms at all!"

I hadn't realized he was in so much pain. I guess being a lot lighter I never put that much pressure on my arms when I lay on them like he did. But he had both our weights on his. But... to let him inside me?

"I just need you to be still... please?" Sean asked quietly.

So I nodded, and let my hips ease down. And Sean slid into me, his cock having no place else to go. He didn't slide in far, not much more than the head of his cock really, but it was enough to make me close my eyes and try reciting in my head how to cook the entire menu myself!

Someone tried the door handle, and I jumped!

Sean and I froze, everything else forgotten, well almost.

"Annabelle? Sean? Are you guys in there!" called a familiar voice. It was Amanda.

"Yeah... YEAH, we're here!" Sean yelled out.

"I can't get in. Quick, open the door!" Amanda called back.

"What about the cleaners?" I asked out loud.

"They're all out back on a break. Hurry!"

Sean and I stared at each other for a second, his cock still inside me, before I rolled off him into the light. I could see Amanda's face at the window, and the look of surprise on her face might have made me laugh in other circumstance, but I was pretty mad at her all of a sudden for leaving us like this.

Sean crawled out from under the table a lot slower than I did, wincing as he did so, and as he did I saw that he had also kept the keys under him, which can't have been comfortable. I had to wait for him to stand up though, still helpless in my bondage.

"Hurry!" Amanda said through the door.

Sean nodded and found his feet, and hopped over to the door. I could reach it now and reached up behind me to undo the latch, no key needed on this side, and Amanda opened the door.

"I am SO sorry," Amanda said, taking hold of the obviously hurt Sean. "I didn't mean to leave you guys here like that, really!"

"We can sort that out later!" I said curtly. "Just get us out of these cuffs and get us our clothes!"

"In the office, you have the keys? Good." she said, taking them from Sean's cramped fingers.

Amanda helped Sean back down the rail toward the office, while I went on ahead, fully conscious of how at any moment we could still be found by one of the cleaners coming back in. It seemed like an eternity for us to cover the distance, but we made it and Amanda opened the office door.

We still couldn't go inside though, there was no rail in the office, so Amanda quickly unlocked the tether chains from our collars and hurried us inside. "I have to hide the chains," she said, pulling them along the girl rails to where they could be disconnected.

I closed the door behind her, just in case and then sunk to my knees. Sean had found a seat, and was slowly flexing his fingers and arms as best he could. But even though the tether chains were gone, we were still both cuffed and naked.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him, concerned.

He nodded, and gave me a sort of smile. "A lot better than I was, thanks." He looked down at his cock, still waving in the wind. "I think little Sean had the better time though."

I growled. "I wasn't kidding about cutting it off!" I said.

Sean chuckled. "You mean he didn't do... anything... for you?"

I blushed and pressed my thighs together. I wasn't about to tell Sean that I could still feel him there, between my lips. Or that if Amanda hadn't shown up when she had that I might just have started moving again.

The office door opened suddenly, which made me jump. But it was Amanda.

"Are you guys okay? I'm so sorry!" she said, coming over to me with keys in her hand.

"You should be sorry, what happened to you?" I asked her, feeling a little mad again.

"God. We were all so drunk last night, and we thought it fun to lock you too up for a while... but then I wanted some gum, I just had to have gum, so I stepped out, got my gum, and then just went home! I had forgotten all about you!"

"Jeez, Amanda!" said Sean.

"I'm SORRY! So when I woke up I remembered you guys were still here, and I had the keys to your cuffs and stuff, but when I got here I find out that I forgot the restaurant keys inside, and was locked out!"

"So how did you get in?" I asked her, rubbing my now free wrists and looking for my clothes, while Amanda freed Sean.

"The cleaners let me in. I did some busy work in the kitchen as an excuse for being here, then when they all went on break I went looking for you. I didn't think there were too many places you could hide like that!" she said quietly, and I could see that she was really sorry about what happened.

I sighed. "Well, you came back," I said eventually, now dressed in my shorts and T. "But really, that was pretty stupid."

"Sorry, Annabelle."

I looked at Sean, who was still naked, but free of his bonds. He was waving his arms about, attempting to put feeling back into them. "You feeling better now?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I'll be okay," he said. "What are we going to do about her?" he continued, inclining his head toward Amanda.

"What do you mean, do about me?" Amanda asked.

"You owe us for this, Mandy," Sean told her, acting more mad than I thought he actually was. He walked over to Amanda and took both her shoulders. "I think a little payback is in order, don't you Chef?" he asked me.

"You can have yours now," I said, an idea popping into my head. "I'll have mine later!"

Amanda looked at both of us, a scared look on her face. "What payback?"

Sean grinned.

Five minutes later I was in the kitchen playing look out, the cleaning crew about to finish their break, while Sean carried a naked and wriggling Amanda into the wine room. Well, to be honest, Amanda wasn't completely nude, but the collar and cuffs on her ankles and wrists couldn't exactly be counted as clothes.

Sean deposited her on the floor of the wine room. "I'll be back for you after the cleaners leave!" Sean said with a grin, closing the door and locking it on a shocked looking Amanda.

"WAIT!" she said, but that was all.

Sean waved through the window and turned to look at me. "She'll be safe. I'll stick close by. I might even let her go when I come back!"

I chuckled. "Just don't get carried away."

Voices started getting closer to the back door, so we quickly grabbed the rest of our stuff, relocked the office and left through the front.

I found out later that after rescuing her, Sean took her home, still naked and cuffed, and gave her a sound spanking before releasing her. They then had a wonderful night of passion which Amanda still likes to brag about.

I would get my revenge on Amanda later. But right now, I had to figure out another way to get back home for my visit, since I had missed my flight.

God, I need another aspirin!

The End

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