by Annabelle

In case you are interested, this story was typed out bit by bit, with lots of breaks, while I had my hands cuffed behind me. I don't know if anybody else has ever written a story chained like this, but it was hard and fun! Hope you like it!


I had a dream last night...

I was walking from my car through the parking lot of my grocery store, after dark, the cold wind making me shiver. I shivered because in addition to the chains connecting my ankles, and the cuffs binding my wrists behind me, I was also completely naked.

Yet, I walked toward the store with no worries about my nudity, or the chains I wore. Instead, all that concerned me was my shopping list, and if remembered everything, since I had nothing on me to write it on.

I was aware though of the people around me, out even this late in the day. Other shoppers who were apparently surprised to see a naked and bound woman walking bravely outside in the cold. They stopped and stared, and talked among themselves, but didn't approach me.

I noticed them, and they noticed me, but for some reason that didn't stop me from walking into the grocery store. I was there to get my shopping done, and that was that.

Inside, it was a whole different set of sensations. Outside, the pavement was cold and covered with small stones that even now stuck to the bottoms of my feet, and before I went any further I tried wiping my soles on my calves to knock them off, my hands useless to help. But inside the store, the smooth floor was warm and easier to stand on.

The air was also warmer, and it felt wonderful not to be out in the wind anymore, not to feel it whistling around my naked body. The warmth made me smile and I stood for a moment just soaking it in, while the people around me stopped to look at me.

I smiled at them too, then padded over to the cart rack, my steps short due to my hobble chain, which clattered against the floor as I walked. I had to turn my back to the cart I wanted so I could reach it with my bound hands. I pulled it out slowly, lifting my arms in order to reach. And when I got it pointed the way I wanted, I turned to push it along with my belly.

There was music playing in the background, but I bet you could still hear me moving all over the store, since no one was talking. But I didn't really mind, I had shopping to do. So with a gentle touch, I moved down the aisle toward the produce section.

I had mu list in my head; apples, cabbage, and carrots, and as I approached each I looked over them carefully.

The apples... so many different kinds, it was hard to choose. I would walk over to a bin and turn to pick one up in my bound hands. Not wondering at all why my hands were cuffed or why I was naked. Instead I examined the apples and then tried to bag them. I found it difficult to put the apples I wanted in the little plastic bag, but I kept working at it and soon it was done and in my cart.

The cabbages were large and felt good in my hands, green leaves brushing the small of my naked back as I stuffed one into another bag. And carrots completed my needs in that section.

I needed to steer the cart around a couple of corners, but that was where my belly pushing failed I ended up pulling the cart behind me, like some naked ponygirl hitched to a wagon. But I eventually made it to where I was going, and had to squat low to gather some canned fruit from the lowest shelf.

It felt weird to me, almost on my knees, my back turned, as I picked up the cans. Yet, I wasn't embarrassed by what I was doing at all, it seemed so natural to be there, naked and bound as I was.

I still had more shopping to do though, and I would push or pull the cart for a bit, then do what I needed to do to reach the things I wanted. But, when I got to the pasta aisle, the kind of pasta I wanted was high up on the top shelf. I stood there, trying to reach up with my cuffed hands, but the pasta was so far out of reach. I wondered if I could climb the shelves, but they didn't look strong enough.

There were still people watching me though, some even following me around, and I walked over to one and asked if he could help me. He looked me up and down, eyes wide, before nodding and stepping around me. He picked the box I wanted and held it out to me, and with a smile I turned and took it from his hand. He smiled back and moved away as I put my prize in my cart and continued on.

In the meat section I dwelled over some large, fat country sausages, thinking how good they would be... but settled instead on butterfly pork chops that i could stuff myself later, and a whole chicken. The butcher behind the counter served me with wide eyes, not used to seeing a naked and bound girl standing in front of him asking for service.

When I got to the soft drinks aisle I had problems there too. I had to get on my knees to grab the soda I wanted and transfer it over to my cart, and no one offered to help me then. But the crowd had begun to fade anyway, with shoppers going back to their shopping. By the time I got to the frozen foods there were just a few people still actively watching me.

The frozen food aisles were cold, which was actually kinda nice since i was getting pretty warm in the store by then. The cart was becoming harder to push and steer, and reaching for stuff with my hands cuffed behind me was becoming a real workout. A great way to stay slim maybe.... lol

Most of the coolers in this section had glass doors. So to get something out of one I had to back up to a door handle, pull it open, then turn to face away from the shelves so I could reach what I wanted. But, the door would close on me each time, the cold glass pressed against my body, making me shiver.

I needed frozen veggies though, and those were in a huge, open-top freezer in the middle of the section. I wondered how I was going to reach the bags of peas I wanted, because the freezer was pretty deep.

I rested my butt against the side and leaned backwards; I still couldn't reach. But I tried harder. I managed to sit on the edge of the freezer, my bare butt feeling the chill, so I could reach my goal, and I must have looked a sight, arched backwards like that. But as I stretched out with my arms behind me I over-balanced and toppled right in!

I landed with a thud in the freezer, my naked body coming into contact with all those frozen bags of vegetables, and it made me yelp! The bags were slippery too, and I had to struggle to find purchase and sit up. They were also very cold, a shock to my bare skin! But I managed to get my chained ankles under me eventually, and I got myself to a kneeling position.

So there I was, kneeling naked in a freezer in the middle of my grocery store, with lots of people watching me, while I wondered how I was going to get out. At least I had thought to grab the peas I wanted. A couple of guys came to my rescue though, and gently lifted me out without too much groping, and I thanked them with a smile. Still shivering a little, I put the peas in my cart and continued on.

My last stop was the deli section, they have a wonderful egg salad there. The woman behind the counter had a scowl on her face though, and I thought she wasn't going to serve me. But as mad as she looked, she got me what I needed.

I got my heavy cart to the checkout lines and waited patiently for my turn. I grabbed a couple of magazines from the stand but it was hard to page through them for the latest on Brad with my hands cuffed.

The checkout girl who served me was smiling a lot, but she didn't say a word as I stood there watching her check my stuff, until she asked me how i wanted to pay.

To pay?

I was naked... all I had with me were my cuffs and chains... I didn't bring any money!

"You have to pay!" the girl kept saying to me. "You have to pay!"

Other people started saying it too, but I couldn't pay. I was naked and alone and didn't have any money... how could I pay!

People started to surround me, all demanding that I pay....

...and I woke up, no longer dreaming.

I was safe at home in the dark, lying on the futon pad that was my bed. My blanket had slipped down, leaving me bare from the waist up, and the cool night air caressed me.

I would have pulled the blanket up, but I have been sleeping with my hands cuffed behind me for months now, and dealing with blankets is a major affair at the moment, and I was comfortable where I was... so I tolerated the cold instead.

What a weird dream, as if I would really go grocery shopping naked and cuffed! Yet, it was a fun little fantasy, wasn't it?

What would you do if you saw a pretty, naked girl in cuffs struggling to get her groceries done?

Thoughts like that kept me smiling, as I went back to sleep.

Night all! :)

The End

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