The Games We Play
by Annabelle

Madame Khadra was old, but I didn't know how old. She could have been anywhere from forty to eighty years old, with her long graying hair and wrinkled face. Yet her body was firm and lithe, with the deep tan of someone who has spent most of their life out in the desert sun. And I knew that with people like that, you couldn't always judge age from what you saw.

Her fitness may have had something to do with the yoga she did every day, or at least her version of it. She sat naked on a woven mat under the cover of a huge canvas awning, ankles crossed, knees spread, back straight, her hands resting on her thighs. A position I uncomfortably tried to copy, along with about two dozen other men and women... well... mostly women.

And yes, since I know it just popped into your head, I was naked too, just like everyone else.

My search for inner peace was competing with the fibers from the mat I sat on biting into my butt, so I couldn't stop squirming as I looked around me. I was embarrassed, uncomfortable, and a little lost among all these truth seekers.

What was I doing here... at this low desert ashram? I looked around until I saw my friend Amanda. Amanda was one of the servers at my restaurant, Catturata. But more than that, she and I had grown to be very good friends since I moved out to Arizona six months earlier.

Amanda's eyes were closed, her posture as perfect as our Guru's. She must have sensed me staring at her though, because she opened her eyes and smiled at me. So I stuck my tongue out at her because it was Amanda who had dragged me all the way out here, which made her grin even more.

"Annabelle?" I heard from the front, and I turned to see that Khadra, was looking at me. She raised an eyebrow and shook her head. So I sighed and nodded and tried to settle down, which wasn't easy when you are sitting cross legged and naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

But then I wasn't completely nude, which had almost been a problem right at the start because Khadra demanded that nothing hold us back from our spiritual quest while in her presence, not even clothing! But I wore my collar, the beautiful, shiny steel collar that Jason gave me and that I never took off. And couldn't take off even if I wanted to since only he had the key.

But once I quietly explained why I couldn't remove it, Khadra simply nodded and allowed me to stay, and I had the feeling that I wasn't the first girl so adorned to sit with her.

Sitting naked on straw mats wasn't all we did today though. There had been exercises and even arts and crafts of a sort as we wove the very mats we were sitting on now. There was even a body painting session as we decorated each other with mystic symbols, followed by a ritual bathing as we washed them all off again. Amanda found my shyness rather amusing during those parts, but it wasn't so bad really. And every so often Khadra would speak to us, giving rather intelligent talks about Mother Nature and our place in it, and how we can better connect with the Earth Spirits.

And last was meditation time, where we were meant to reflect on all we had heard and observed and done that day.

It hadn't been a bad day, even though I hadn't been allowed to dress at all throughout the whole thing. But still, the next time Amanda suggested a day out in the desert to unwind and re-energize, I plan on asking for more details!

About the only thing off putting about the day happened during lunch. I had just finished up at the "washing station", where we all had to wash and dry our own lunch plates because it pleased Mother Earth to do so, when I decided to get away from the group a little bit. I didn't go far, I wasn't really out of sight of anyone, but I just needed a moment alone to enjoy the warm sun on my bare skin, still amazed that even in January it was warm enough to go out naked in Southern Arizona. But my moment of solitude was interrupted by one of the men.

Short, balding, his belly overhanging, he really wasn't easy to look at naked. But he had a warm smile on his face and I nodded and smiled back when he stopped next to me.

"I own three jewelry shops," he said with an accent, that sounded very European to me, although I couldn't tell you where in Europe.

"That's nice," I replied, smiling, and thinking he was a little odd.

"Lot's of jewelry, lots of gems. I am a very rich man!"

"That sounds wonderful," I said politely, hugging myself and wishing he would go away.

He turned to look at me. "Lots of jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings. All good quality, very expensive!"

I wondered if he was trying to sell me some, so I said nothing.

"I have so much, I give it away, no problem. I like to give jewels to pretty women!"

I thought cool, and wondered if I was going to get a present! I like jewelry as much as the next girl!

But then came the kicker. "If you suck my cock, I will give you diamond earrings!" he said, straight faced, totally serious.

"What did you say?" I asked him, totally surprised.

"You suck my cock, and I give you diamond earrings, very expensive! Do it good and I give you diamond bracelet to match!"

I honestly didn't know how to react. It was one thing to have guys make suggestive comments and know that they might be kidding, or just insulting. But this guy was so open about what he was saying, so direct! His pure honesty threw me, and I wondered how many women had said yes to him, because he had obviously made this deal before!

"Diamond earrings and bracelet, worth thousands," he pressed, "you suck my cock and make me cum, and they are yours!"

"Why?" I asked him. "Why make such an offer, and why me?"

He blinked, as if confused. "Diamonds, mean nothing to me, I have so many. And you are so beautiful, they look better on you, ah! Better than that slave collar you wear. I can make you diamond slave collar if you like instead! You are slave, you can't say no!"

And that's what made me angry. I wear a collar, yes, because it pleases Jason and it pleases me. But I'm no slave, and this guy presuming I was just pissed me off! So I turned and walked away, not trusting myself to say another word.

"Last chance," he called out, "I am rich, I can make you diamond chains!"

Fuck him!

I refused to let the encounter ruin my day though, and didn't say a word about it until we finally got dressed again to head home.

"Are you crazy!" Amanda said as we got into her car. "You gave up diamond earrings because you didn't want to blow a guy?"

"I can go find him if you like, He probably has something that would look good on you if you want to do it yourself!" I said testily.

Amanda laughed. "You know, I'm half tempted!"

I growled and chuckled at the same time, closing my eyes as I leaned back in my seat.

"You know," Amanda said as we got back onto the highway, "You do look more relaxed. I knew this day would be good for you,"

"Oh yes, a day spent naked with Madame Khadra and her followers."

"Don't be a shit. It did do you some good. And you cant say that you aren't used to being naked in front of strangers, can you?"

I sighed. It had been almost two months since Catturata hosted its first special dinner party, a dinner where all the staff, including myself, worked naked and chained. I wasn't sure about the rest of my crew, but that night Amanda had put together a few things she knew about me back then, and got me to open up a little about my current lifestyle as a bondage submissive to Jason Laird, whose home I shared in nearby Scottsdale.

Since that night, I opened up even more to Amanda about who I really was inside, and she proved to be supportive, discreet and endlessly fascinated about the things Jason and I did together. Which wasn't all that surprising, since Amanda was rather a free spirit in many ways. A shortish, slim blonde, with her hair usually up in a pony tail, she sometimes described herself as being part Goth, part nature child, with a dash of kinky bitch thrown in for seasoning.

What Amanda was, was non-judgmental, and a good friend when I needed one. It wasn't that I couldn't talk to Jason, whom I was also close with. But... girl stuff... need I say more?

But, despite repeated invitations, Amanda had never joined me in bondage again, not since the night of the dinner. Odd.

Still, she knew more about me than I did about her, including knowing about my week out at the Sandhills Spree. So she knew very well just how exposed I have been in the past.

"Well?" she asked, glancing over at me as she drove.

"Yes, you're right. I shouldn't complain."

"Thank you!"

"It might have been nice though, if you had told me first that we would naked in front of all those people," I added.

"If I had, you probably wouldn't have come," Amanda said firmly.

I looked over at her. "Sure I would," I said gently, "Of course! I trust you! You just didn't have to trick me, that's all."

"Sorry, Annie," Amanda said after a pause. "Khadra was nice though, wasn't she? I told you she knew what she was doing!"

"Yes, she was nice. And limber, wow!"

We giggled. "I think that last pose she tried to get us to do had every woman there blushing and every guy stiffening up!" Amanda said.

"Oh God...yes," I sighed, and we laughed and chatted about the day the rest of the drive back to Scottsdale.

We stopped for dinner as we passed through Phoenix, this little Thai place near downtown that I had grown attached to, before Amanda finally dropped me off at home.

Home was the estate of Jason Laird, several acres of semi-landscaped desert on top of a hill, with a rather large one-level house that was Jason's, and a smaller guest house where I lived. I say landscaped desert like it is something unusual, which it is to me since I'm from Kansas. But in Scottsdale... heck in Arizona, if you have a garden, it's usually landscaped desert. I loved it for the colors and variety of life, even in the middle of so called winter. It sure beat the cold, wet and sometimes snowy winters we got back in Kansas.

Anyway, after Amanda dropped me off I went straight to my place to drop of my things before going to see what Jason was doing. He was home again from one of his frequent trips, and I hoped to spend some time with him too on this, one of my infrequent days off from the restaurant. But when I got in the door I saw a note on the notepad next to the phone.

Jason often left notes, or instructions there for me to follow. Usually they were simply about how he wanted me dressed or bound! Well, I say dressed, but most of the time I spent at home was done in the nude. And now that Amanda was in on our secret, that naked time now extended to when she visited too... again to her amusement.

But sometimes, if Jason had something specific planned, like a dinner out or something, he would let me know so I could dress accordingly. Or, if he wanted me locked in a certain chain arrangement - for example, if he wanted me in Settlement Bondage - he would let me know that too. Most often, I would simply be nude with my hands cuffed behind me, and if I didn't see a note from Jason I would go that route anyway unless there was something I needed to get done first.

This time though, the note was brief set of instructions that made me smile, and some clothing instructions. But I had to hurry, he had also written a time down and it was almost upon me.

* I* *

There was a knock at the front door, and I got up and went to answer it, my modest skirt flapping about my legs, while the sweater I wore clung to my figure more like a coat of paint than clothing. My five inch heels made a click clack sound as I walked across the tile entryway, and when I opened the door there was a policeman standing there.

The policeman was Jason of course, in a rented and badly fitting police-type uniform. (But I ignored that bit.)

"Oh Officer, I'm so glad you came!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

"Good evening, Ma'am. You reported a break in?" Jason said formally.

"Oh yes... it was horrible! There was a man in the house!"

"Is he still here, Ma'am?"

"Oh no, he's long gone. But I am so glad you're here!"

"Well, may I come in and take a look around, just to be sure?" Jason asked, and I opened the door wider to let him in.

I had to stifle a smile as he stepped into my home, because when we played these games he said it was important to stay in character. And he got rather annoyed when I didn't. So I do my best to make it fun for both of us.

Jason made a good show of checking every room in the house, while I followed along pretending to be the frightened woman, and we ended up back in my living room while he took out a notepad from a pocket.

"Very good, Ma'am. It appears we are alone. Now, I need to know some details, can you tell me what happened?" he asked, his face stern, but with a smile in his eyes.

"Well... it's sorta hard to describe," I replied, remembering my instructions. Now, Jason hadn't scripted every line in this role-play session, he had just given me a brief overview of what he wanted us to try. So I was on my own for the details of this so called break in. Which was one of the fun parts for me!

"Just take your time, Ma'am," he said solemnly.

"I'll try... but it's so hard!"

Jason nodded. "It sometimes helps, Ma'am, if a victim, such as yourself, acts out what happened to them. It can help you remember more details than you might think. Do you feel you can do that?"

"I don't know, Officer. Will that really work?"

"It can't hurt. And if you like, I can play the part of the intruder for you!" he said, almost smiling and breaking character himself.

Hey, we aren't actors, just two people having fun.

"Okay... if you think it would help!" I surrendered, according to plan. "Well, he came in through the patio windows which were unlocked, and he had a gun!"

Jason nodded and walked over to the patio windows on the other side of the room. He pulled from his holster a pink tinted plastic squirt gun, and I almost lost it right then. But I managed to stifle the laugh and continue.

"Like this?" he asked, knowing full well how funny he looked, the bastard. And I say bastard because while he didn't like it when I broke character, he also found it funny to try to subtly make me do just that... and earn a spanking for it. lol

"Yes, Officer, just like that!"

"Then what?" he asked.

"Then, he told me to... well... take my skirt off!"

"He asked you to take your skirt off?" Jason repeated.

"Yes, Sir."

"Well, if it would help your remember, perhaps you should do that for me now... in the interests of accuracy. After all, if we want to catch this guy, we need all the information we can get!"

I nodded, pretending to be nervous and... lets face it... rather dumb for a housewife type, and pulled down the zipper on the side of my skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

"Did the intruder let you leave your skirt on the floor?" Jason asked me.

"Er, no," I said, thinking quickly. "He had me pick it up and fold it and lay it on the couch."

"Go ahead then."

I turned so I was facing away from him, and bent over to pick up my skirt, revealing the bright red bikini panties he had asked me to wear as the hem of my sweater rose up. I knew his eyes were on me as I folded the skirt and put it on the couch.

"Then what happened?" Jason asked.

"He... er... told me to take off my sweater, Officer."

"Go on then. Best take it off."

I reached down and lifted the hem of my tight sweater, revealing that under it I hadn't worn a bra. Although in this sweater that was pretty obvious anyway. I didn't own it because it was thick enough to be warm!

I had just lifted it up high enough to clear my chest, my head and arms still engulfed, when Jason said "Stop!"

I froze, aware that my breasts were fully exposed to him.

"Just let me finish writing this down, I don't want to get behind on my notes, do I?"

"Of course not, Officer," I replied, grinning now that he couldn't see my face, just my boobs.

"Okay, continue," he said eventually.

I finished pulling my sweater off and folded it neatly, putting it on the couch with my skirt. Now I was dressed in just my panties and heels, and when I turned to face Jason I crossed my arms in front of my breasts, acting all nervous and embarrassed.

"Did your intruder allow you to do that?" Jason asked me.

"Do what, Officer?"

"Hide your breasts like that!"

"Oh... oh no, he wouldn't let me hide anything!" I replied.

"Then in the interest of accuracy, you shouldn't hide anything from me!" he said sternly.

I dropped my arms, looking at the floor.

"Then what did he do?" Jason asked.

"He... told me to take my panties off too," I whispered.

"Well, to get a complete picture of what happened, perhaps you should show me!" he said firmly.

I sighed, and reached down to slip off my panties, stepping out of them and placing them with the rest of my clothes. All that was left were my heels now, as far as our play was concerned anyway. I still wore my collar, but that didn't count.

I put my hands on top of my head and stood facing Jason, half blushing and half aroused. His eyes took me in, and my real embarrassment grew. Even though I have spent so much time naked in front of this man, he could still make me blush just by looking at me.

"Why did you do that?" he asked.

"The intruder told me to," I replied.

"I see. Well, what happened next?"

"He decided to tie me up!"

"He tied you up. How?" I was asked.

"With rope, Sir."

"I expected that, Ma'am. What I need to know is, how were you tied up with the rope?"

"It's really hard to describe, Sir."

"Maybe you should show me then!"

I nodded. "Okay. All the rope is on the floor over there. Can I go get it?"

"Of course, it's your house, Ma'am. I'm just taking a report!" Jason said with a grin.

I almost smiled back, but instead I walked over to where I had piled some rope, again according to instructions. As I walked in my heels, my hands on top of my head, I added a little more swing to my hips, smiling softly, knowing how I looked to him. And when I turned to face Jason again, I caught him adjusting his pants a little. Cool!

I picked up the rope and pretended to look lost. "Er... I can't do this by myself, Officer," I said, trying not to grin.

Jason put his notebook away. "Then I will help you, in the interests of the law." he volunteered.

I almost chuckled as he took the ropes from me.

"Well," I said, quickly thinking about how I wanted to be tied, "He had me fold my arms behind my back, and then he wrapped the rope around my body, binding them tightly just like that!"

"Hmm, okay. I think I can duplicate that," Jason said with a serious look on his face, although his eyes were practically dancing.

The next fifteen minutes were spent with him binding me. Jason giving the odd instruction, and me complying. My arms were behind me, my hands touching opposite elbows, my wrists bound first. Then Jason began weaving the rope around my torso, binding my arms tightly to my back and compressing my breasts between the strands. He even roped in my shoulders, and by the time I was done I couldn't move my arms at all. I knew, as Annabelle, that what he had tied was a Shibari... but of course the helpless housewife I was playing wouldn't know that at all!

"Is that right?" Jason the police officer asked me when he was done.

I tried pulling against the ropes, feeling their warmth against my skin and the way my breasts slightly throbbed now. I felt very open and helpless like this, and I liked it. But I put a scared and nervous look on my face, as my role demanded.

"Yes, Officer, it was just like this!" I told Jason. "I felt ever so scared and nervous! You have no idea how helpless I felt with him!" I cried.

"There, there, it's okay now, Ma'am. You are perfectly safe with me!" Jason said calmly. "We're just taking a statement, that's all."

I nodded, stifling a pretend sob. "But, that's not all he did, he also tied my legs!"

"Oh, and how did he do that?" Officer Jason asked, a curious and eager look on his face. Yes, he was clearly having fun too!

"Well... first, he sat me down on the dining room table!" I told him. Next to the living room was a small dining room, with a normal dining room table in it. So Jason inclined his head and I walked over to it, aware of how I couldn't hide anything from him now that all I wore were ropes and my tall heels.

I stood with my back to the table and waited. "Er... could you help me up, Officer?" I asked quietly.

"Of course, Ma'am. I am here to protect and serve!" Jason said with a grin, and he took me by the waist and lifted me up until I sat fully on the table. "Now, how did he bind your legs?" he asked.

"You might want to get some more rope, Officer. It'll be easier that way," I said slowly, batting my eyes at him.

Jason grinned again and went to get some rope, while I squirmed in my bonds, my ass cool from the smooth surface of the table.

When he returned, I had him take my left leg and bring my knee right up to my shoulder. He used a length of rope to tie my knee to the web of rope around my body, then at my instruction, my left ankle to my left thigh. Then he repeated this with my right leg, and when done I was completely trussed up, yet still very open in a certain way that caused Jason to adjust his pants again.

By this time I was blushing a lot, embarrassed for real, but I was also getting very horny. All this bondage... well... you know me... it is making me squirm just writing about it now!

Anyway... after staring at me for a few minutes, Jason asked what happened next.

"Well... as you can see I was very, very helpless in front of the intruder by now," I replied. "And too my horror he was very aroused by my shameless, helpless display!"

"You don't say!" said Jason, pretending to be shocked.

"I do! He even began... touching me... I was so ashamed!"

"He touched you did he?" Jason asked, dutifully pulling out his notebook again and writing it down. "How did he touch you?"

"Well... he used his fingers... his hands... and he started stroking my... well... my vagina."

"Hmm... like this?" he asked, reaching out and rubbing my wide open sex.

I shuddered at his touch, not from revulsion, but because I was already so horny and it felt so good! "Yes... just like that... and he also touched my breasts... my body."

"I see. Well, I will need to get more details, so I'll just go ahead and continue touching you, and you can tell me where I go wrong. Okay?" Jason said with a grin.

I just nodded, my eyes closed, enjoying the attention and my helplessness to stop it, while Jason proceeded to tenderly and thoroughly drive me insane with his fingers.

He caressed my pussy, making me moan, and I felt myself easily grow wet and engorged before him, and he would cup my breasts and fondle them, pinching my nipples both softly and hard. His fingers slid about my body as I wriggled before him on the table.

It was all very sensuous, very stimulating, and I started to moan as he took me nearer and nearer to heaven. But Jason had grown to understand my body pretty well, and he knew when I was getting close to cumming, and that's when he stopped.

"I think I have enough details about this part now," he said, his voice a little raspy, and I knew without opening my eyes that he was pretty heated up too. "What happened next?"

I pretended to sob a little. "The beast... he got me all hot and aroused, quite against my will... it was horrible!"

"I know, I understand. It can be very traumatic," Jason said soothingly. "But he is not here now, you are perfectly safe!"

"Yes, I know, Officer...and I am glad that I can help you catch that evil man by doing this!"

Jason almost chuckled, I could tell it in his voice. "Good girl, but I need to know everything. Did he do anything else?"

"Yes... he did. He... had... intercourse with me... after driving me almost mad with his horrible touch!"

"I see," Jason replied. "And do you know if he was a big man, or a small man? From his... er... size, I mean?"

"I don't know, Sir. My departed husband was the only man I ever had... relations with, before this. I can hardly tell you!"

I heard a fumbling of belt buckle and zipper, and the falling of clothing. "Hmm. Well, was he larger than this?" Jason asked me, pulling me to the edge of the table and sliding himself deep into me.

I gasped, feeling him filling me, feeling him inside me while I was wrapped so tightly in his ropes. All this was enough to make me cum just from that single stroke, but I held it back, knowing that Jason would appreciate it. Instead I gasped "I'm still not sure... you seem... so much larger... but... maybe if you did that again... a few times... I could tell better!"

This time Jason did chuckle. "Well... I suppose I should do my duty as a servant of the public!" he said, and he stroked me again... and again.

I moaned and gasped each time he did so, feeling his wonderful girth inside me. That beautiful, God given friction we all crave so much in our lives. I was so very, very happy!

"Yes... like that," I would gasp between strokes. "A little faster... there... and again... again... again... like that... and he... would bite... my nipples... as he... yes.... oh God... just like... faster... yes... yes... YES!"

Jason kept pounding me, knowing exactly how I liked it, and as always a part of my mind marveled how this man in his sixties had the stamina of a man half his age when it came to sex. But soon even those thoughts were banished from me, as I became a woman of nothing but sex as I started to cum hard under him, my naked body straining against the ropes that wrapped me so completely!

A few moments later I could feel him cum inside me too, and we both rode it for everything we could before slowing down, spent.

Jason pulled out from me, laying me back on my bound arms as I panted. I opened my eyes to see him leave the room, and I knew he went off to clean himself up a bit while I lay helpless and leaking all over my dining room table. He returned after a few moments, uniform done back up, a flush still on his face, looking at his notebook.

"So," he said, his voice husky from the activity, "were you able to make a... size comparison, Ma'am?"

"Oh Officer, you were so much bigger than he was!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

"Very good," he said, grinning, "then I think I have enough detail there. But can you tell me what happened next?"

"Yes, Officer. After we... well, you know... he lifted me down to the floor, and told me that there was a pair of scissors on the floor in the kitchen and that to give him time to escape, I would have to crawl all the way there to get them so I could free myself!"

"Yes, that makes sense," Jason agreed, giving me a wink. "In the interests of accuracy, I suppose I would need to see how long it took you to do this. So..." and he grabbed me and set me on the floor, "... why don't you get started and when you get to the kitchen I'll have a pair of scissors waiting for you!"

I sighed, but I also grinned. I was still shaking a little from the sex, and now I had a long way to go and little leverage to do it in. I know it's crazy, but I felt great! So off I went, shuffling along as best I could on my butt, making way in inches as I got my bound feet to pull me along.

It took me quite a while, with Jason watching me the whole time, and I was pretty exhausted and slightly rope burned by the time I got to where the scissors were. So tired was I that for the first time I looked up at Jason as if asking if I had to really do it. But his expression told me I did. So rolling onto my side, I inched over to where I could reach the scissors, and slowly began cutting away.

It seemed to take forever, and my fingers were almost numbed by the effort, but eventually ropes started falling free, and as freedom returned I began to stretch, aware of how stiff my body would be after so long being bound like that. And eventually I lay flat and unbound on the cold kitchen floor.

"That seems to be all I need now, Ma'am," Officer Jason said, putting away his notebook. "I'll give you a call if we find the guy!"

I laughed. "Thank you, Officer. I was happy to help!"

"Thank you, Ma'am. If only all my other witnesses were as cooperative as you. It would make my job a lot easier!" he said with a grin.

"Yes, I suppose so!" I replied, stifling my laughter.

"I'll just see myself out then!" Jason said, "Good bye!" And he left the room.

I lay quietly glowing for a few minutes, not wanting to get up, because I knew Jason would be back. And he did return, out of his police uniform and back in his regular shirt and slacks. He bent over and helped me to my feet, locking my wrists behind me with my usual cuffs.

"Come on," he said quietly, kissing me on the top of my head. "I had Mrs. Ramirez run the big tub in the house, it's waiting for us."

I just nodded, too happy to talk, and let myself be led naked and bound out of my own home, and into his.

He didn't take my cuffs off for the rest of the night, but that didn't matter. The tub felt wonderful as Jason, now naked, bathed me and pampered me, and we spent a quiet night in his bed together.

Happy, with the games we play.

The End

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