by Annabelle


Hi everyone. I was really happy to find out how much a lot of you liked my last story about Jason and, given a lot of urging, I am writing another one. And of course, it wouldn't have happened at all without the help of Zack and Graham! I can't say how much I appreciate the help they have given me! Hope you like this one too! :)

For background, read Graham's Settlement stories.


In a way I knew I was dreaming...

I was back at the Sandhills Spree again, only it wasn't quite right, as if the Spree was being held in a Walmart parking lot, the asphalt hot under my bare feet. My hands were cuffed behind me, my feet bound together, and a sort of rope-like web was wrapped all around me, including a very itchy crotch rope that dug deep into my pussy. Yet, I was still expected to fill six large pots with chili and cook it, and I had to hop back and forth as fast as I could as I tried to keep up.

Worse yet, I could see my parents sitting at a plastic picnic table not too far away, They hadn't seen me yet, and I really didn't want them to since I was also very naked, the ropes around my breasts making them bulge out. So I had to keep ducking as I tried to cut food up, almost unable to do either because of all the rope binding me.

And if that wasn't bad enough, instead of Jason behind me, I had Gordon Ramsey, host of "Hell's Kitchen", yelling at me. Shouting things like, "OH NO! What are you doing!"

"I've seen cows cook better than you!"

"Get over here you lazy twat, and taste this! YOU LEFT OUT THE SALT!"

"FUCK ME, where did you learn to cook!"


And I had to keep yelling "YES CHEF!" or else he would swat my behind with a spatula...

You know, come to think of it, I kinda liked the Gordon Ramsey part. He is pretty sexy. :)

But then Gordon changed into Chris Laird, who started to spank me harder as we stood in Jason's back yard, before picking me up and dropping me into this huge canopy bed that was there. And his hands would be all over my bound body, slipping in... slipping in...

And then I woke up, still feeling his touch for just a moment, still feeling... incredibly horny and aroused...

Wait... that touch was real... as was that one... someone was caressing my inner thigh.

I opened my eyes, but still couldn't see, and that was when my still fuzzy senses realized there was something around my head... a bag. We had this sackcloth head bag with our playthings, and now I was wearing it. Someone had put it on me as I slept.

"Jason?" I croaked, wondering who the hell was in my cage touching me, and afraid to find out.

"Hush, girl. A pleasure slave needs to know when not to speak!" whispered a familiar voice, and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was Jason. So I just nodded, playing the game and looking forward to enjoying it.

Jason quit running his fingers up and down my thighs and I felt him reach for my bound wrists. A jingle of keys, and a moment later my hands were separated, but not free. He shifted me around and brought my arms up and out above my head.

My cage has lots of tether points inside it, of course, and Jason used the two at the top corners of my futon pad to trap my arms. Then he moved down to my free ankles, locked my ankle cuffs to them, and spread my legs wide... very wide, and chained them in place too.

I was now on my back, spread-eagled and very, very open to whatever he had planned... and yes, I was getting excited as I pulled at my bonds, picturing how I must look to him, how helpless I was. I was still horny from my dream and I wriggled for him... needing him.

I couldn't see, but I felt Jason close by. I could hear him breathing as his hands began again to caress me. Not an inch of me was spared as his hands ran all over my body. When they were at my breasts, they kneaded them roughly, pinching my nipples hard and making me gasp out loud.

"Silence," Jason whispered. "Not a sound!"

I clenched my mouth shut as he continued to manipulate me, and soon relaxed again as he continued to explore my body.

I heard the buzzing of one of our toys, and almost immediately I got a shock through my clit as the vibe was touched against it. Not an electric shock, but one of pure pleasure to which I immediately responded, stifling a groan as I lifted my hips up.

I tugged and pulled at my cuffs as the vibe stayed on my clit, driving me nuts with its non-stop vibrations. But of course there was nothing I could do about it. I was cuffed to my bed until Jason decided to release me! All I could do was lie there and take it, which was what I did.

I don't know how long he teased me like that, but eventually the vibe did move... sliding down to my slit... my outer lips... where it slowly penetrated me, pushing deep and forcing another cry from me.

A line of pain crossed my breasts, and startled, I yelped. What was that?

"I said, no noise!" Jason growled in a whisper.

Jason and I didn't often engage in any pain play, but once or twice he did include it when the mood struck him. I'm talking spankings and stuff like that. But this hurt more than any of that, and made me concentrate more than anything on doing what he told me!

Besides, the vibe now deep inside me was taking up most of my attention anyway, and when Jason added a second vibe to my needy clit, I couldn't help but start to cum.

I did so as silently as I could, but cum I did, bucking away at the vibes until Jason pulled them both from me. And I lay wasted in my spread eagle for a moment, enjoying the aftershocks, while Jason put them aside and began to straddle me.

He was hard, very hard, there was no mistaking that, and my still very sensitive pussy felt his entrance as Jason pushed into me.

God he felt good!

Vibes are one thing, but a good, fleshy cock feels the best, and I took him in eagerly... his heat... his size. I held my tongue as he filled me, and barely kept it together as he began to stroke me with measured, powerful thrusts.

I was wide open to him, helpless underneath him as he started to stroke faster, his weight on my body, his hairy chest rubbing and stimulating my sensitive breasts. I had already cum once, but my senses were quickly overloaded as I came again, my pussy sucking hard on him.

He didn't stop though, he kept pumping me, slowing down and speeding up, never letting me know what he was going to do next. He stroked me to a third orgasm before finally cumming himself, and I could feel his cum squirt into me like water from a fire hose. For a fleeting moment I wondered if I had remembered to take my birth control pill, but that thought quickly vanished as he continued to stroke some more.

I knew he couldn't cum again, but he managed to keep himself hard inside me long enough for me to have a last orgasm, before he collapsed on top of me, breathing as hard as I was. Not bad for an old guy, I thought. He had certainly worn me out!

I wondered if I could say something now, but didn't dare try. I was still bound, still hooded, and I could still feel the sting of whatever it was he had whipped me with. Besides, my mind was too blown away to form any decent words anyway as we lay there together.

Eventually, Jason started to get up and I felt him pull out from inside me. As he undid my ankles and returned my arms to their former position behind me, he whispered in my ear "Goodnight, bound slut!" which was also something new for him, but I was too wasted to think about it, and my last memory of Jason being there was when he rolled me over and the simple feeling of his hands rubbing my back, soothing me, and I quickly fell asleep again, exhausted.

When I did wake, I was alone in my cage again, and the hood was off my head. There was nothing to show that Jason had been there and I wondered if I had simply had a really good dream. But then I spotted the mess on my thighs and the stain on my bed, and smiled. Jason enjoyed his little early morning hook ups, and so did I. It made me feel rather used, but then I was the naked girl locked in a cage, so who was I to judge?

I struggled out of bed and sat on my toilet, feeling strangely free, even though my arms were still bound behind me and I was locked in a cage. But the strictness of a tight spread eagle sometimes affected me this way.

As I sat, I noticed one other clue that I hadn't been dreaming, a thin red line across the tops of my breasts, just visible against my tanned skin. I could feel it too, just a little, a slight discomfort, and I wished my hands were free so I could explore it more. But I was stuck as I was.

Done, I tried the door to the cage, but of course it was locked. I felt a mess and wanted to clean up. Hard sex was fun, but pretty messy too, yet I had to smile as I thought about what happened. There is something so deliciously indescribable about being penetrated by a hard cock, something guys will never understand. The feeling of fullness it brings, the wonderful friction, its heat. I love to bear down on them, squeeze them while they are inside me... give them the hug only a woman can give.

If only they weren't so messy!

With nothing else to do I sat back down on my futon pad, and was still daydreaming when Mrs. Ramirez entered the room.

I immediately began to blush, knowing what I looked like, and Mrs. Ramirez stopped for a moment, a stern look on her face, before coming over to the cage and opening it.

"Mr. Laird wants you to give yourself a proper bath," she said, producing the keys to my cuffs, and I obediently got up and padded over to her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Ramirez," I replied, always a little humbled by this woman and well aware of how I must appear to her.

"Mr Laird say, that when you are done bathing, you are to come... as you are... to the big house for breakfast!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Ramirez. You can tell him I will be there," I said, my hands now free. Feeling a little embarrassed, I crossed my arms in front of my breasts and turned around.

She looked me up and down, shrugged, and headed for the doorway. "You have thirty minutes," were her parting words, and I was alone again.

Half an hour isn't long enough for a proper bath in my opinion... well maybe for a guy it is, but I gratefully did the best I could and, wearing nothing but my collar, I headed over to the big house.

I went in through the back and into the kitchen where I knew Jason liked to breakfast, and walked in on him and Chris. I don't know why I didn't think that Chris would be there, but the two men made me stop dead in my tracks, and the rather frank and assessing look Chris gave me, much the same as his father's, made me blush.

Jason, however, stood up and smiled. "There you are, I thought you were going to sleep in today!"

"Well, I might have, had I not been woken up earlier," I replied, walking over to him and kissing him on the cheek.

Jason chuckled. "I guess the excitement of last night affected us all! Chris, you should have been there, Annabelle was wonderful and beautiful and fully in her element! She did a wonderful job!"

"I had help, Jason," I said, going to the counter to fetch some coffee. Despite being nude I felt quite at home in this kitchen too. "Without my crew the evening would have been nothing!"

"You told them about their bonus?" Jason asked.

"Yep, and they love the tub!" I said with a grin.

"Good. But you should have come along last night, Chris. The food was excellent and the service exquisite!"

"A good investment is she then, Dad?" Chris asked, looking at the newspaper sitting on the dining table. "The restaurant is going to make money?"

Jason looked at his son, a little lost for words for a moment.

"Would you like me to make you some breakfast?" I asked him, breaking the silence.

"No, no... Chris and I are almost done. But please get something for yourself, we have a little time before we have to go pick up Kirsten."

"We're seeing Kirsten!" I cried out, grinning, as I grabbed a bagel and some cream cheese from the mess on the counter.

"Yes, she's spending the day with us, and maybe the night too, we'll have to see about that. But we have to go pick her up soon, so eat!" Jason said, sitting down again.

"Well, I hope I get a little bit more to wear before we leave, Jason," I said with a giggle as I brought my food to the table. I sat down across from Chris and I noticed the way his eyes flicked up and focused on my breasts. I don't know why, but I pushed my chest out just a little more for him, and it took him a moment to look away.

"I thought that nice yellow dress I bought for you last month would suit," Jason said.

"Yellow isn't my color," I replied, opening the bagel.

"But it does look lovely on you," countered Jason.

"You like it because it practically has no back to it!"

"There's that too!" he said honestly, and we looked at each other and laughed.

Chris sighed and stood up. "Why don't the two of you get a room?" he said, and he left us without another word.

"Is he okay?" I asked after Chris left, all serious again.

Jason paused before he answered. "Chris is going through some business problems. But he'll be fine."

I wondered about that, but thoughts of seeing Kirsten again soon filled my mind, and once I finished eating we headed back to my home to get that awful yellow dress.

* * *

Like most men with money, one thing Jason couldn't stop buying was cars. He had several parked at the house, and he told me once that he rented space somewhere where he had a bunch more sitting and waiting for him. I really don't understand car collectors, but I had to admit that one of his favorites quickly became one of mine.

It was built way before I was born, back in 1967, and at first I thought Jason called it Elvis, which made me laugh because such a beautiful car certainly didn't look like Elvis, fat or thin. It turned out its real name was Alvis, but that really didn't matter. What liked about it was that it was beautiful, a convertible, and that Jason looked good in it with his white hair and dommish bearing. It suited him completely, and he suited it. I couldn't imagine anyone else driving such a car. I don't really care much about cars, but this one seemed... right!

So I was happy that Jason chose to take the Alvis this morning, and smiled in amusement when he pulled a length of rope out from the glove box before we got in. He held it up and gave me an expectant look, so with a sigh and a grin I turned around and crossed my hands behind me.

The rope he used was large and stiff, and felt like steel bands around my wrists, yet with my wrists crossed I felt very secure indeed as I sat in the car and waited for Jason to put my seat belt on.

"Why am I not surprised?" I said as he leaned across me.

"Get used to it," he replied. "I don't intend to set you free again for the next few days."

"Days! I have to work tonight!" I exclaimed.

"No, you don't. You're taking a few days off. Setting up the dinner took a lot out of you, and you need the... well... break."

"But I can't take a break now, there are things to do!" I said firmly.

"Which Charlie and the rest of your staff can easily handle for a few days," Jason replied just as firmly, climbing into the car and fastening his own seatbelt. "You have a good staff there, well trained, and it's about time you started trusting them to take care of the place for you."

I wasn't all that happy about it, but Jason reached over and touched my chin, making me look at him. "You haven't had more than a day off at a time since the place opened, and that has to change. In the Spring we'll take a trip, and for now I'm insisting on a few days off for you. And you know I can make that happen!"

"Yes, Sir," I replied, worried about not going to work, yet aware that Jason was probably right. It would be nice to spend a few days relaxing, and to be honest, it would be fun to simply surrender and do nothing but take orders for a while. I felt very responsible for Catturata, but with that responsibility came stress. Being a bondage plaything for a few days was the least stressful thing I could think of, next to simply lying in the sun, even now in November.

Besides, I could trust Charlie to look after the place, and Sean could handle the kitchen better than I could! It's just that... Catturata is mine!

Sitting bound in Jason's car in my yellow dress, I didn't really have a choice... at least not unless I really pushed it... and I didn't want to do that. So, I decided to surrender to whatever fate had in store for me.

The drive to Kirsten's hotel was fun. Even though it was just ten in the morning, the sun was warm and bright. Getting in the car I felt the heat of the leather against my almost bare back, and now that we were moving I was conscious of how the ruffles of my skirt kept catching the air in the open car... a concern for me, since the dress and my heels were all Jason wanted me to wear today.

But I just smiled and enjoyed it, remembering my nude drive of the night before, while tugging gently on the ropes that bound my hands. And as we went along, Jason and I chatted about the night before and all the wonderful people we had met.

We eventually arrived at the "Ardilla del Desierto Resort" in west Scottsdale, and pulled under the huge canopy sheltering the main entrance. Waiting for us was Kirsten, looking cool and beautiful in dark sunglasses and a cream colored, low cut blouse and black skirt. She walked over to us as Jason got out, and the two of them shared a peck on the cheek. I, of course, was trapped by my seat belt, but even if I wasn't I wouldn't have gotten out of the car with my hands tied.

"How's your head?" Jason asked with a smile. "You certainly enjoyed our wine cellar last night."

"My head is just fine... mostly," Kirsten replied, her Scottish accent a little broader this morning. "I just had a little more than I am used to!"

"I thought you Scots were famous for handling your booze!" Jason said, winking at me.

I think Kirsten tried to give him a withering stare, but her sunglasses spoiled the effect. Instead she noticed my inability to move and came over to me. "Annabelle, aren't you going to get out?" she asked.

I laughed and shook my head. "I can't" I replied, and leaned forward as much as my belt would let me. "Look!"

Kirsten did, and broke out in an embarrassing smile. "Oh," she said. "You started early this morning!"

"We never stop!" I said, with a wink at Jason.

"Oh my!" Kirsten said with a grin.

"Come," Jason said, walking around to his side of the car and opening the door, "there are plans. Kirsten, if you would?" The Alvis is a two door, and Jason had to tip his seat forward so that Kirsten could get into the back. Then, with the three of us aboard, we set off again while Kirsten and I tried to chat. We had barely gotten started though when Jason pulled into a side lot and parked somewhat out of sight of the road.

Curious, Kirsten and I sat silent, wondering what was happening as Jason got out again.

"Kirsten," Jason said, smiling, "You have seen that Annabelle is rather nicely tied at the moment, and she told me that you don't have very much experience in such things. So, before we go any further, I would like to ask you if you would like to make the drive with your hands tied, just like Annabelle!"

Kirsten blinked and began to blush again. She looked over at me and I smiled in return. It was a surprise to me, but I thought it a fun idea for her, so I nodded and said, "Why not, it's a thrill, and a safe one. You should!"

Kirsten took a deep breath and then nodded, but I could see she was nervous, so I told her that it was okay and she smiled.

Jason had us both get out of the car, and I was the nervous one standing bound in semi public while Jason took another length of rope and tied Kirsten's wrists just like mine. When he was done, Kirsten was breathing a little harder, a flush on her face, and a worried smile crossing her features. But she seemed okay with it, so Jason had us both sit in the back, and he acted like a chauffeur during the drive back to his estate.

And it felt pretty good, sitting there with my new friend, the two of us tied up. We were visible to everyone around us, yet we were enjoying our secret bondage. And while we couldn't say much over the wind, we would look at each other and giggle and relish the moment.

When we arrived at Jason's, it was to a lot more privacy, and Kirsten felt a little easier once she saw that no one else was looking at us. I think she almost asked Jason to untie her, but she quickly realized that Jason wasn't moving to free either of us and she shut her mouth. So Jason picked up her purse and took us both on a tour of the grounds, two bound woman following a free man.

We ended up, of course, at my house, and Kirsten immediately noticed the girl rails. "You are so lucky to have those," she said, smiling at me.

"Would you like to try it for real?" Jason asked her.

"Try what?" Kirsten said nervously, although I was pretty sure she knew exactly what Jason was talking about.

"Young lady," Jason said with all formality, "You have written so much about Settlement bondage, yet Annabelle tells me you have never tried it yourself. I'm not a writer, but I do believe that one needs some real world experience to work from. So, would you like to try it? Would you like to be bound as a Settlement Girl for a while?"

Kirsten swallowed, very nervous. "Would I have to do it naked?" she asked after a moment.

"Are Settlement girls allowed clothes?" Jason replied, having read all her stories too.

"No," was the soft reply.

"Are Settlement girls allowed modesty?"


"Are Settlement girls allowed to run free wherever they choose?"

Kirsten took a deep breath and shook her head. "No... they aren't."

Measuring his words out carefully, Jason asked, "That is because, for their own protection, they need to be bound in steel. Right?"

"They do," Kirsten replied after a moment.

"They do?"

Kristen had been looking at the floor during this, feeling the strength that is Jason Laird just like I was. But she looked up at that point and said, "We do."

Jason nodded. "Yes, you do." He moved forward and held Kirsten by the shoulders. "If at any time you really want to stop, just let me know, and we will. But I think you want to experience this for a while, the true helplessness of your bondage, and how a woman really feels under the control of a man. Am I right?"

Kirsten just nodded, her eyes down again, but her breathing had quickened, and her lovely blouse couldn't hide how sharp her nipples had become.

Jason nodded too, then he kissed her on the forehead. "I'll start with Annabelle, so you can see how it is done, then it will be your turn. Okay?"

"Aye, alright," Kirsten replied with a soft smile, and she followed us back to the playroom.

I didn't think that Kirsten had ever been a proper playroom before, and now, without her sun glasses on, I could see how wide her eyes got as she looked about at our collection. And then there was the smell of the room, the warm smell of leather, the harsh smell of steel.

But her attention was quickly drawn to me as Jason untied my hands and gave me a moment to stretch. Another reason Jason liked my yellow dress was because he just had to undo the clasp at my neck and it practically fell to the floor all by itself. I just had to wriggle it over my hips and I was naked once more.

I began to blush a little in front of Kirsten, despite the fact that she had already seen me naked, but I think she was more interested in the hardware Jason was about to lock onto me.

As usual, first he did my wrists, locking them behind my back in my well worn, comfortable steel cuffs. Then came the hobble cuffs for my ankles, the sixteen inch chain between them curled on the floor between my feet. And finally the tether chain, which he locked to my collar, its other end attached to the ball suspended in the girl rail.

I was now locked up exactly as the women in Kirsten's stories, exactly as I was the night before at Catturata, and I found it quite comfortable.

"There, see?" Jason said, turning me around so that Kirsten could look at every inch of me. "Now, your turn?"

Kirsten just stood there for a moment, her face flushed, her eyes wide. And then she swallowed and nodded.

I moved aside, pulling my tether chain along the girl rail until I was close to the door, while Kirsten took my place.

Jason carefully untied her hands, then stood to one side.

"Settlement Girls," he said softly but firmly, "do not wear clothes."

Kirsten had been rubbing her wrists, but at the sound of his voice she stopped and looked up at him. Jason had slipped into one of his more formal Dom personas, and Kirsten was as aware of this as I was, because she dropped her eyes and glanced at me, before moving to unbutton her blouse.

It was a bit of a surprise to me, but as Kirsten undressed we found out that she too hadn't been wearing any underwear, although she did take longer than I did to undress completely. She looked very nervous, yet determined as she first handed her blouse over to Jason, then her skirt and shoes.

She stood quietly naked now in the middle of the room, not really knowing where to place her hands. That wouldn't last long though.

Jason approached her with a set of steel cuffs just like mine, and locked her right wrist into the first one. Then he slowly pulled her arm behind her, gathered her other arm, and locked her left wrist up too.

Now her wrists were trapped behind her, just like mine were, and he stepped back to let her get used to them for a moment.

Kirsten stood stock still, except for her arms, which she twisted from side to side, pulling on her padded cuffs, first softly, then with increasing strength. Her breathing started to quicken and the flush in her face started to spread across her lovely naked body as she discovered what all the women in her stories already knew... that cuffs like these were well-designed and that no one, especially a woman, could break out of them.

Once that realization came, Kirsten looked up at both of us and... after a moment... nodded.

Jason then picked up her hobble cuffs, and I realized as he did so that she must have sent him her measurements or something, because they, like her wrist cuffs, fit her as if they were made for her. Which was good because cuffs that are too tight or too loose are a bad thing!

Her ankles cuffed, Kristen experimented a moment by shaking a foot, before looking up at me and grinning.

"Are you okay, Kirsten?" I asked her.

"Yes... I'm okay," she replied, watching Jason who now had a collar and tether chain his hands.

Kirsten closed her eyes as Jason slipped the steel collar around her neck, and as the lock clicked home, she flinched. The tether chain was already attached to the collar and the girl rail, and with a grin Jason placed the chain down between her breasts and along her belly before stepping back.

Kirsten didn't move, although she did shiver a bit because of the cold steel chain. She didn't even open her eyes until her breathing slowed, then she looked down at herself, then at us, and said "Wow,"

"Feels good, doesn't it?" I asked, moving toward her.

"This feels so weird!" Kirsten answered, tugging on her wrist cuffs again.

Jason chuckled. "Well, I think you are absolutely beautiful, Kirsten. Naked and chained, as you should be!"

Kirsten blushed, clearly not used to being naked before someone she barely knew, yet again I saw in her face her realization that there was now nothing she could do about it. If Jason, or anyone, wanted to see her naked, they just had to look, and our bondage wouldn't let us stop them!

"Thank you," was all she could manage in reply to Jason's compliment, but she also started smiling too.

"He's right you know," I added, bumping shoulders with her and smiling.

"Oh... pooh," Kirsten said with a grin. "You're the one with the young, hard, tanned body, Annabelle. I'm just a pale-skinned Scottish woman and I'm a lot older than you, too!"

"And yet!" added Jason, "while you might have a few pounds on our skinny stick of a girl here, you have the curves of Aphrodite and the complexion to match! And your chains enhance that beauty wonderfully! Don't knock yourself!"

I think Kristen was more embarrassed by the compliment than her nudity at that moment, because she couldn't look Jason in the eye.

Jason chuckled and I smiled and bumped her shoulder with my own again, which made her look up at me and grin too.

"Very good," Jason said. "Now, Kirsten: Having read all your stories, there is one thing we are going to adopt today, just to really get into the spirit of things. The women in your stories are all referred to by numbers by the men of your community. Well, we will do that here today as well. I know that Annabelle's number is 175. What is yours, Kirsten?"

"Er... well... I had never really thought of giving myself a number," Kirsten replied softly. "There is so much of me in every character. But if I had to, it would probably be one of the early ones. So... 3?"

Jason nodded. "3 it is! So from now on, you are 3 and Annabelle is 175. Agreed?"

We both nodded.

"Good girls! Now for the rest of the tour!"

Kirsten and I grinned at each other as we followed Jason out of the room. I walked with ease, well used to all my bonds, but Kirsten struggled a bit with the hobble chain and the tether chain, trying to find a way to deal with both with her hands bound behind her.

"Not as easy as you write about, is it!" I said with a wink.

Kirsten stuck her tongue out at me, but soon managed to get the tether chain in her hands so she could pull it along behind her, and we set off.

I've already described the basic features of my house to you all, so I won't do it again. But Kirsten was very impressed by the cage in my bedroom, and the way my kitchen was set up. She also really liked how the girl rails ran through the house, although she watched with dismay as Jason put her clothes away along with mine, out of reach of both of us!

"And now... outside," Jason said, leading us back to the kitchen.

"Outside!" Kirsten said. "Is it safe?"

"Of course it is, number 3. Do you think I would let 175 out there like this if it wasn't?"

Kirsten just swallowed as we got to the door. But Jason stopped us before we could go any further. He first made a big show of unlocking the bolt across the girl rail that stopped us from going outside, and then turned to face us.

"Before I set you free out there, I should check to make sure you are both secure. We wouldn't want you getting into trouble, would we?"

Kirsten and I both laughed, but again Kirsten stood still as Jason approached her first. He examined her bonds carefully, just has Kirsten had done mine the night before, even though he had only just put them on her a little bit ago. And as he did so he made sure to touch her... here... there... very lightly, yet unmistakably. His hands moved about her body with the lightest of caresses and Kirsten began to breath harder, her nipples extending, and there was no mistaking that she was getting turned on by it all.

I watched all this, a smile on my face, as my silver haired Master gave Kirsten the most thorough examination she had probably had in a long time... and I felt jealous! This morning we had made love in a wonderful, crazy fashion... and now he was... well...

I didn't know where this surge of feeling came from, I never thought I was in love with Jason before... and where the hell did that 'Master' come from? But it quickly passed... well almost passed, as I remembered that Kirsten would only be here for a day at the most, and that Jason was most likely just playing it up to give her the full experience.

Still... I didn't know if I was troubled or excited to know those feelings were there.

They were quickly forgotten though when Jason turned his attention to me, and his very careful examination had me wishing we were in private and back on my bed by the time he was done. But he just smiled as we parted, and I knew he was thrilled to have two very horny, naked women in his chains!


So, Jason led his two frustrated Settlement girls outside and into the sunshine.

I could tell that Kirsten was nervous being outside naked, but her nerves soon calmed when she saw the garden. I've already told you about the grass, but not that it was surrounded by so many of the native trees and bushes, some large, such as the mesquite and palo verde trees, and others smaller, such as the creosote bushes and the cactus, and all naturally placed to give both privacy and beauty to the area. The girl rail limited how far we could travel, but it was still worth the walk.

Kirsten started asking Jason about what she saw. "You won't see anything like this in Scotland!" she kept saying, while I hung back, smiling as I saw my naked friend forget about her nudity and bondage for just a moment. But when she stumbled after catching a toe on her hobble chain, it all came back to her, I think. She blushed and pulled on her cuffs again.

We eventually made it to where Jason had set up a patio table and some chairs. Well... not quite chairs. Sure, there were a couple of nice patio chairs available, but this table was like the one in my kitchen.

We had used it before, Jason and I, because built into it was a... well... girl bench... something a Settlement girl could sit on, provided she opened her knees and slid onto it from the open end. Of course this forced me to keep my legs open, something Jason didn't mind at all!

But now I saw that another bench had been added, and when Jason directed us there I saw that Kirsten was very embarrassed about sitting down on it.

"A Settlement girl isn't permitted modesty, is she?" Jason reminded her.

"No, she isn't," Kirsten replied. "But I didn't think I would ever be sitting on one... and that it would be so wide!"

"Oh... somehow, I can't believe that you have never, ever, thought about sitting on a bench just like this... naked... and cuffed... with a man to watch you, number 3," Jason said slowly.

Kirsten blushed even deeper red, and glanced at me.

I was embarrassed for her too, but then I was always embarrassed when Jason and I used the girl bench. It did open my legs very wide.

"Here, let me show you," I said to her in encouragement, and I parted my legs, shuffling forward so my hobble chain was under the bench, and when I was far enough along I sat down. My pussy was pulled slightly open by my open legs, and I was embarrassed by how turned on I was. Yet, I also found my own pleasure in it, in how the warm, bare wood felt under my butt, and how the sun warmed my body... and especially in the smile Jason gave me.

Kirsten swallowed, then followed suit, and I could see that she was trying to cope with all these mixed feelings as she sat there naked and bound, her own sex very much on display for both Jason and myself. I think she would have had a harder time if I were not right there with her, but I made sure I gave her every support as the three of us started to chat about mundane things, and she eventually began to properly relax.

She got a little shock though, when Mrs. Ramirez appeared carrying a tray, but said nothing as Jason's housekeeper approached the table and put it down. Kirsten was also surprised to see that a tea service was laid out on it.

"Mr. Laird," said Mrs. Ramirez, "There is another visitor here to see you and... Annabelle."

Jason looked up. "I wasn't expecting anyone else this morning. Were you, 175?"

"No Sir," I said truthfully, wondering who it could be.

Jason thought for a moment. "I'll see them in the main house, tell them I will be there in a few minutes."

"Yes, Mr. Laird," replied the housekeeper, and she left after giving me and Kirsten a sad look.

"Maybe we should stop, if someone else is going to be here!" Kirsten said nervously.

"Let's see who it is first, 3. If they can come back later, then there is no reason to spoil the day's plans!"

"Yes Sir," Kirsten echoed... and we glanced at each other, both realizing how easy it is to defer to a man when bound this way... and not just by calling him 'Sir'.

Jason went ahead and poured tea, a mid-morning snack I assumed, in honor of our British guest. I'm really a coffee drinker, but I like tea on occasion too, so this was somewhat nice, yet rather surreal. Jason was trying to give us 'Tea on the Lawn', like they do in England. But I doubt the tradition required the female participants to be naked and cuffed!

"Milk or sugar, 3?" Jason asked Kirsten.

"What kind of tea are you serving, Jason?" she asked back.

"I believe it is Earl Grey!"

"Well then," Kirsten said with a smile, "just a slice of lemon, if you please!"

Jason grinned and took the lid off a small white bowl. Inside were lemon slices. "Of course! And you 175?" asked Jason.

"A little milk, Sir, and two sugars." I replied with a grin, not knowing that I was committing a sin against tea drinkers everywhere.

Jason poured and stirred our teas and then set a cup in front of each of us, with straws so we could drink from them, before standing up again.

"I need to go see who our visitor is. Don't go away!" he said with a smile, and he left us alone after relocking the bolt on the girl rail so we couldn't go back inside.

"How are you doing?" I asked Kirsten once we were alone.

She took a deep breath before answering. "Fine, I hope. But this is all very strange, isn't it?" she said with a smile. "I feel so... very turned on right now!" and she giggled.

I giggled too. "Yes, I know! It's easy to feel so... sexual, like this."

Kirsten shook her bound hands. "I hadn't realized it would feel quite like this. I write about how helpless and sexy the women in my stories are when they're cuffed naked like this... but to actually do it... I had no idea!"

I nodded, understanding her completely.

"These cuffs," Kirsten went on, "hold me so completely. I want to bring my arms around to cover myself, but they won't let me do that at all! I feel so exposed right now. So exposed to Jason, to you..."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked her, getting concerned. "Are you okay to go on?"

"It's not a bad thing, Annabelle. I just feel so open, especially sitting like this!" she said with a chuckle, looking down at how spread her legs were astride the bench she sat on. "I'm just not used to it, not at all!"

"Do you want to stop?"

Kirsten paused before answering. "Yes, a part of me does. But what keeps me going right now is that in my stories the women in them don't get that choice. They have to live this way, naked and cuffed and open to everyone. So, if they have to do it, so do I. I can't feel what they feel unless I do what they do. Which means having, or not having, the choices they do."

"I agree," I said, nodding.

Kirsten took another deep breath and pulled once again on her wrist cuffs. "That doesn't stop this feeling very strange though. It's an amazing life you live here, Annabelle!"

I had to agree, and I sipped my tea with a smile.

We talked for a little while longer, catching up as friends do. And as we talked I wondered what had happened to Jason and who our other visitor was. Eventually, we found out when Jason appeared at the back door to my home.

"Sorry about that," he apologized, "But I needed to make sure our visitor was appropriately attired."

"Huh?" I said, wondering what he meant, when Jason stepped aside to show he wasn't alone. It was Katie, and she was naked!

Well, she wasn't entirely naked, depending on your view. Like us, Katie's ankles were hobble chained, and her neck was connected to the girl rail by the standard chain tether. But, her hands were not cuffed behind her. Instead, she wore a metal yoke that I sometimes wore.

The yoke was a narrow collar with steel rods that extended almost eighteen inches in opposite directions, with cuffs on the ends for the wrists. From experience I knew how vulnerable wearing it made you feel At least with your hands trapped behind you, you felt like you had a little cover. But the yoke held your arms out so wide there was no cover at all! Pretty much every square inch of your body was exposed and there was nothing you could do about it!

Katie, however, seemed to love it! Her smile threatened to let the top of her head fall off, although she too was blushing deeply. But I knew Katie was into exposure like this; just read some of her wonderful stories!

I took this all in as I struggled to get up from my seat. "Hi, Katie!" I called out, happy to see her, although not expecting to see this much of her!

"Hi," she called back, "Surprise!"

I laughed and followed the girl rail back to her as Jason let her out of the house. And I bumped shoulders with her, the best hug I could do with my hands bound. "This is great, I'm glad you're here!"

"So am I!" she said with a giggle. "Like my outfit?"

"It suits you!" I laughed, and led her back to a rather nervous, yet beautiful looking Kirsten.

I introduced the both of them and they both blushed and smiled and looked rather uncomfortable with meeting each other. Yet, Katie winked at me at one point, and Kirsten shook her head and smiled, so I knew they were both okay with it.

Jason, almost forgotten, just watched us from the side, and when I looked over at him he gave me a warm smile of encouragement and inclined his head toward the house. I nodded, and he walked away, leaving us alone.

Now, if this were almost any other bondage story, I would be telling you how looking at each other's naked and helpless bodies got us all so horny that we started kissing each other. And how our kisses led to our rubbing our bodies against each other, until I eventually had Kirsten lying on her back on the grass while I straddled her face as she licked me out, while I in turn ate out a helpless Katie as she stood in front of me!

That's the way these stories usually go, isn't it? ;)

Well, believe that if you like, but really the three of us mostly just talked, and I won't bother to bore you with our girl talk. But we did find our situation rather funny, once the ice was broken, and I wont deny that an air of sexual tension didn't leave us completely. Still, we didn't fall into a hotbed of sexual passion!

Well... almost...

I think we must have been left alone in the garden for about an hour before we heard the words "Hello, Ladies!" come from the house.

I recognized the voice instantly, and resisted the urge to look. Instead I watched my friends, and was amused to see their jaws drop when they saw who it was!

Of course, it was Joe, my Sun God, my perfect being! And when I did look he had the nerve to be standing there wearing nothing but a pair of tight jeans! Oh boy!

Both Kirsten and Katie couldn't take their eyes off him, and I didn't blame them. They may have thought they knew what good looking was in a man before, but then they had never met Joe. And now here they were, looking at his perfectly chiseled body and his wavy hair and heart melting smile, while being completely unable to hide how naked they were themselves!

And smile Joe did, the sort of smile you knew you should be running away from, yet could hopelessly fall in love with. I don't know if I had just become conditioned over time to feel a wave of arousal when Joe smiled like that, but I couldn't help squirming a little and thinking some very dirty thoughts.

I don't think Katie and Kirsten were thinking anything different.

"So," Joe said into the silence, "I'm Joe. Isn't anyone going to say Hi?"

"Hi..." we all said together, like some kindergarten class, mesmerized by the new teacher... although no kindergarten class would have been thinking about their teacher the way we were about Joe!

And of course, Joe knew exactly what we were thinking, and he chuckled. He padded across the grass, indecently free of the girl rails that tethered us, and made a bee line for Kirsten who was standing next to the table. He held out a hand, "Hi, I'm Joe," he said, giving poor Kirsten another smile.

"Er... hi?" was all she could manage, looking up at him... then down, then up again, as she began to breathe a little faster at his closeness.

I caught Katie's eye at that moment, and Katie mouthed 'Oh my god!' in my direction, and grinned.

"And you are?" Joe asked Kirsten, his voice so smooth and seductive that I knew he was putting it on a bit for us. The bastard... lol.

"Er... 3... no, I'm Kirsten."

"Kirsten, such a beautiful name, and such a wonderful accent! Both suit you very, very well!" he replied, letting his eyes slowly roam up and down her naked body. I've had men's hands do that to mine, but just with his eyes Joe could stimulate me more, so I knew how Kirsten felt!

After making her shake for a moment, he turned to Katie, and I could see the poor girl pull on her wide spread arms as Joe got a completely unobstructed look at her naked body. And when he smiled, I thought she was going to collapse!

"And you are?" he asked her calmly.

"Katie... Sir," she replied after a moment.

Joe nodded. "Very lovely, the way your raised arms present your breasts, sexy!"

Katie nodded and smiled, apparently lost in his voice and eyes.

Joe turned to me and gave me a wink before returning to Kirsten. "I thought it was about time we rechecked your bonds, ladies," he said. "Jason doesn't want your safety compromised. I hope you don't mind!"

He didn't really wait for an answer, not that Kirsten could have given him a coherent one. Instead he reached out for her and took her tether chain in one hand. With his other he checked the fit of her collar, the locks and chain holding her wrist cuffs together, and her hobble chain. But while Jason had made a show of Kirsten's security being the point of his inspection, while only lightly caressing Kirsten's body as he did so... Joe made no such pretense.

Joe did check to see that all was in order, but the fingers of his free hand never left her skin... trailing here, trailing there, barely an inch of her body wasn't touched by Joe at some point. He even cupped each breast in turn, a thumb flicked across very hard nipples, and when he stroked her pussy, I thought I heard Kirsten groan.

But touching her wasn't all he did. As he checked her he whispered to her. I couldn't hear what he said to her, but if it was anything like what he had whispered to me in the past, he was making her feel like she was the center of his universe and the most desirable thing in it. His words, his voice, even how he smelled, could overwhelm us with ease, leaving us breathless and wanting.

In fact, by the time he was done with Kirsten and moving on to Katie, poor Kirsten stood panting as if they had actually had sex! And she looked at me wide eyed after a moment, and said "Wow,", very softly.

We then watched as Joe inspected Katie, turning her lithe little body into a quivering mess. Her open arms allowed no defense at all, not that she looked like she was protesting, and soon she was breathing as hard as Kirsten was.

And me, Joe didn't leave me alone. His touch, as usual, sent electric arcs flowing through me, and his closeness made me want to jump him right then and there. Since coming to live with Jason, I had gotten to know the man a lot better, both physically and as a normal person, and I knew he wasn't as shallow a man as I once thought he was. We had actually grown to be friends. The thing is, while I wouldn't normally dream of having sex with any other man than Jason, Joe seemed to be the exception! And it was funny because neither Jason nor I minded that Joe and I continued to have this physical relationship. I guess we all knew that no matter what attention Joe paid to me, it would never go further than... the fun of the moment!

So, Joe's touch and intimacy was nothing new to me, but that didn't make it any less powerful, and it made me feel better that I could enjoy his attentions without feeling any guilt about it!

Yes... be jealous! lol

It was as he was finishing getting me hot and bothered, that Jason returned, followed my Mrs. Ramirez, the both of them carrying trays loaded with food and drink. Jason's housekeeper stared at we three naked girls, all panting and trying to control ourselves, and she put her tray down and left. Joe had worked us up good, and I know I was embarrassed to be so visibly turned on and frustrated. And frustrated I was in my bonds, wishing I could reach anything that would help!

"Well, well," said Jason, putting down his tray on the table. "It looks like Joe has been entertaining you all!"

"Just checking their cuffs, Jason," Joe said, arms folded, a smirk on his face. "We can't have them doing things they shouldn't!"

All three of us glared at him, but it was Kirsten who laughed first. "You really are a devil, Joe. Really, you are. Wow!"

Giggling, Katie walked up to him, looking very sexy in her yoke, and she kissed Joe on the cheek. She opened her mouth to say something, but Joe grabbed her about the waist, lifted her up and kissed her fully on the mouth.

Kirsten and I watched... jealously, I think... as Katie was held by our resident Greek God, and when Katie was finally put down, she could barely stand. So Joe helpfully led her over to the table where she knelt on the grass.

Jason was chuckling. "Lunch, ladies? Perhaps you will serve, Annabelle."

"Oh... okay," I said, still watching Katie who was looking up at Joe who had pulled up a chair beside her. I recognized the look on her face, she was definitely hooked on Joe, and I hoped she was ready for the fun ride he would become later on!

Kirsten, older than either of us, just raised an eyebrow. "I think we have the start of a budding romance there," she said softly, smiling at Jason who helped her back onto her bench seat.

"Romance isn't a word that Joe is too familiar with, I'm afraid," I replied, looking at the food they had brought out. "Seduction and conquest are more his style."

"Hey, I'm right here!" protested Joe.

"Really? I hadn't noticed!" I said, batting my eyes at him.

He growled good naturedly and got to his feet. The next second I too was lifted off my feet, his lips on mine, and I struggled in my bonds even though it was useless. But then my struggle wasn't to get free, but simply to... well... wriggle against him for a bit. lol! When he put me down though... oh god... I hoped I wasn't leaking too much.

Kirsten watched all this silently and as Joe returned to his seat he patted Katie's head affectionately. Me, I took a moment to recover and then started putting sandwiches on plates. Jason helped with drinks and the five of us settled down to lunch.

We didn't really say much of anything, but I could see that Kirsten wasn't quite used to eating without hands. Jason had cut her food up into bite sized pieces, and Kirsten looked very self conscious eating that way, bending low to pick the food off her plate with her mouth.

Katie, on the other hand, didn't get to eat like that at all! Instead, Joe fed her, bit by bit, and she was evidently enjoying it. Joe would hold up a piece of food and Katie would get up on her knees and reach out for it with her mouth. But Joe would start to bob the food up and down, and it took a few times for me to see why he was doing that. As Katie dipped up and down to try to catch the food, it made her breasts bounce!


Eventually conversation did return, as Joe asked Kirsten how she was enjoying her bondage.

"It's an eye opener, I'll say that!" Kirsten replied thoughtfully. "The feeling of the steel against my skin, and how restrained I am... I've only really imagined them in my stories. But now... now I know how it really feels to be seen like this by men, and have no power at all over my nudity. I know how the sun feels on my bare skin, and how the grass feels around my chained feet. Even eating is different and new. And then..."

"And then what, Kirsten?" I asked, gently.

She blushed and looked at her plate. "I didn't think... well... I'd be so turned on by it all."

"It's quite natural you know, 3," Jason said quietly. "You have a submissive nature, at least sexually, which responds to just this sort of stimulus. You wrote your fantasies down as stories, and here we are recreating that fantasy for you in a safe, friendly environment. We've given you an excuse to let yourself go and simply be nothing more than a Settlement Girl for a while, and that's a good thing. Don't you think so?"

Kirsten nodded.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, 3. So why don't you look up at me and give me a smile!"

Kirsten took a deep breath, and did just that. Then she looked at me and we smiled at each other. I really wanted to hug her at that point, but I just couldn't reach her.

"Good girl," said Jason standing up. "Now, lunch is finished, and there are dishes to be done. I'll go unlock the bolt, and 175, you can show 3 how you wash the dishes around here. We can't have you girls not contributing to the work around here, right?"

"Yes, Sir," I said smartly, and after a moment, Kirsten said it too.

Meanwhile, Joe had silently stepped into the house for a moment, and he came back out carrying another chain. "I think, Jason, I'll take this one for a quiet walk!" he said, disconnecting Katie from the tether chain.

"A walk?" Jason replied.

"Just a short one, I want to show her the rest of your property!" he said with a wink.

I looked down at Katie, who was still kneeling in the grass, watching Joe. "Katie... is... is that okay?" I whispered.

Katie looked over at me and grinned. "It's just a... walk," she said, winking at me.

I watched, open mouthed, as Joe connected the leash he had gotten to Katie's collar and helped her to her feet. I don't know why I was surprised though, and I wasn't really worried. I knew she would have a good time with Joe. Still... it made me giggle.

"Enough laughing!" Jason said with mock severity, "Back to work!"

"Yes, Sir!" I replied, and he left.

"Is it like this all the time here?" Kirsten asked, as we both awkwardly began reloading the trays with our hands still cuffed behind our backs.

"No, not always. I think they were both laying it on a bit thick today, just for you!"

Kirsten sighed. "Pity!"

I giggled, and we both worked out how to carry tray loads of crockery and plates into the house with our hands cuffed. It took a little coordination, but together we were able to carefully move everything inside into my kitchen, where I showed Kirsten how to reach everything.

She was impressed, although a little nervous standing on the risers. The extra step made it a lot easier to reach everything on the counter, but you had to balance against the tether chain attached to your collar, which took a little practice and a little faith. It was never tight enough to actually pull you off, but it sometimes felt like it was.

But with practiced ease I put away the food we could keep, dumped the rest into the waste disposal, and found a dish towel so Kirsten could dry while I washed.

"I wonder how Katie is doing?" I asked as we worked, knowing what Joe was capable of.

Kirsten laughed. "When you told me about Joe, I had no idea he was so... well... male! So I'm sure she's enjoying herself quite a lot right now!"

"Oh, I bet she is. Joe can be rather wonderful that way!" I said with a sigh.

Kirsten flushed, a perfectly normal reaction when thinking of Joe, at least for a naked girl in chains. "Er... yes, I suppose so. He certainly knows how to... I can't believe I reacted that way!"

"Trust me, it's easy!," I replied, and we looked at each other and laughed.

"God, I feel so horny," giggled Kirsten. "You are such a lucky girl! And not just about Joe, but Jason too. There's a sexy man!"

I had to agree, and it made me feel warm inside.

We continued to chat as I stood with my butt against the sink, leaning backwards to hand wash Jason's china, and it wasn't long before we were done and I asked Kirsten what she wanted to do next!

She stood silent for a moment, pulling softly against her cuffed wrists before shrugging and laughing. "There's not much a girl can do bound like this, is there!"

"True," I replied. "We could go for a walk, but you've seen how far the girl rails will take us already. I often wish Jason would extend them up the hill, the view is fantastic up there! But when tethered, I'm stuck where he wants me!"

"As it should be, for your protection!" Kirsten said with a smile, and I laughed.

"Well, we could always go watch a movie, we can get to everything in the living room!" I suggested.

Kirsten shook her head. "No, something like that doesn't feel right bound like this. My girls don't get to watch movies or television."

"Okay, then I have an idea. Follow me!" I said with a grin.

A little maneuvering got our tether chains organized, and Kirsten followed me down the hall to my bedroom. We stood looking at the cage for a moment, an amazed smile on Kirsten's face.

"I was thinking," I said, "that the girls in your story do spend a lot of time caged. So, how about for the rest of your visit, we lock ourselves in until someone comes to find us!"

Kirsten looked at me for a moment, then nodded slowly. "That is something a man at the Settlement might do to a woman with no place better to be."

"It would be like we are back in the women's quarters!" I said brightly.

Kirsten agreed, and she followed me in and watched as I pulled the cage door shut. The bang of the door settling home, and the unmistakable click of the lock, made her jump, and I watched as she tried the door, pulling and pushing on it in an attempt to open it again. She seemed rather fascinated by it, and even attempted to stick her arms through the bars to reach the handle on the other side.

Of course she failed, it was designed to be unreachable by anyone inside the cage, even with their arms free, and bound as we were, there was no hope. We were caged and that was it!

"How long will we stay here?" she asked quietly, as our situation sunk into her.

"Maybe an hour, maybe a few! Unless Jason has plans, he has no reason to come get us until dinner time. And even then, he doesn't have to let us out to feed us," I said carefully, watching Kirsten's face for signs of panic. Being bound in cuffs and chains was one thing, but even an open-barred cage can cause claustrophobia in someone susceptible to it. But Kirsten seemed calm enough, which made me happy. "Perhaps... he might keep us here until you have to go back to Scotland!"

"Oh Lord. It would be nice, but really, I want my own bed tonight," Kirsten said with a laugh. "My shoulders are aching already!"

I wish I could have helped her with that, with my hands free I could have given her a massage or something. Instead we sat down on my bed and simply spent time together, enjoying our company... and not having free lesbian sex, you pervs... lol.

I'm not sure how long we stayed in my cage before Jason finally came and let us out. But when he did he saw that Kirsten had pretty much reached the point, physically, where her bondage wasn't fun anymore, and he took pity on the both of us.

"We're eating out!" he announced, and soon we were both out of our chains and dressed and on our way to Kirsten's hotel so she could change into something nicer for an evening on the town... our time as Settlement girls over.

When we finally dropped Kirsten back at her hotel, it was to many hugs and kisses and promises of more visits. But as Kirsten and I hugged for the last time, she whispered in my ear, "You really are a lucky girl, you know. Don't do anything stupid and lose this man!"

"I won't," I replied, happy and almost about to cry.

We parted as close friends, and I knew I couldn't wait to see her again.

* * *

I was snuggled up under a blanket with Jason. I was nude, as usual, except for my collar. But for a change I was unbound, which was nice!

Jason and I were watching another old movie of his together, a comedy that I was enjoying a lot, and was a favorite of his. 'The Great Race' starring Tony Curtis. It was my first time seeing it, and while it was pretty old, it was very good.

But we weren't alone though. Absent for most of the day, Chris was home when Jason and I got back and joined us for the movie, sitting in an armchair just a few feet away.

From time to time we would catch each other's eye, and his scrutiny of me made me wonder just how much of the movie he was watching. I was just glad that I was covered by the blanket, but I kept finding my attention drawn to him, a younger version of Jason.

Jason would comment on the movie every so often and under the blanket we held hands and generally just took comfort in our closeness. So I don't know if he was aware of how odd Chris was making me feel. He didn't show any sign of it once the movie ended and he gathered some things to take back to the kitchen, leaving Chris and me alone.

Chris stood up and stretched, and started for the door.

"Goodnight," I said to him politely.

He stopped, and walked up behind me where I couldn't see him without turning. "Goodnight, bound slut," he whispered... and my blood froze.

Chris sounded just like Jason.

I turned to look at him, but he was already moving through the door. I meant to call out to him, to ask him what he just said to me, but I couldn't!

Those words, the same words Jason used on me this morning when we made love in my cage, whispered the same way!

Was Chris there, watching? I grasped at the idea, but that wasn't why my heart was racing in a panic. What chilled me so much was the thought that maybe my visitor this morning wasn't Jason at all!

What was I supposed to do?

If I asked Jason if he had come to make love to me this morning, and he said no... how would I explain that? That maybe his son had... raped me?

Was it even rape? I remembered that I was very, very willing... did that count?

"Oh God," I whispered.

"What was that?" Jason asked me, coming back into the room.

"Nothing," I said, trying to smile.

"Good, then it's bed time for you, young lady. Come on!"

In Jason's bed, we made a gentle love, but thoughts of Chris kept intruding. Was it Chris who had sex with me this morning, or was he just doing a great imitation of his dad's voice, repeating something he overheard?

What is it about that guy! Why does he bother me so much? I knew I had to do something, but what? I decided to let it go for now, in the faint hope that events would resolve themselves.

The End

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