by Annabelle

Part 3

Hi everyone. I was really happy to find out how much a lot of you liked my last story about Jason and, given a lot of urging, I am writing another one. And of course, it wouldn't have happened at all without the help of Zack and Graham! I can't say how much I appreciate the help they have given me! Hope you like this one too! :)

For background, read Graham's Settlement stories.


As the time for the dinner approached my anxiety increased, and when we started the prep at the restaurant Saturday night I was really worried that I couldn't pull it off and I would embarrass myself, and more importantly, embarrass Jason.

I really had no time for worrying during the dinner though, as I heard yet another crash of a falling plate of food just outside the kitchen door, accompanied by one of my servers shouting "Fuck it!"

"Antonio!" I yelled from my place by the hot plate, and I looked over at where the young Italian stood scrubbing out some pans at the cleaning station. He turned to look at me, a nervous flush on his face and gave me a look as if to say 'Do I have to?'

I would have grinned if I was in a better mood, but I just nodded my head in the direction of the dining room, since my hands were now cuffed behind me, and gave him my 'Yes, you better damn get out there now!' look.

I could understand his reluctance though. Antonio was as nude as the rest of us, and probably had counted on being safe and half way hidden at his station. But he hadn't figured on the girls dropping plates half the night, and since he was cuffed in front and wasn't involved in any actual cooking, he was the only person capable of cleaning up!

But, that meant going out into the dining room naked, and I heard the cheers all the way back here the first time the handsome Antonio did that! Not that I could blame the women who were cheering! But now he cringed every time another plate fell, and if I didn't know better, I would have thought the girls were doing it on purpose!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

* * *

Friday was nothing to speak of really. I woke up feeling better than when I went to bed, and after some loving care from Jason it was back to work at Catturata.

Now we added the tether chains and rails to my crew's training, which was no problem for the guys and a big problem for the women, who had to learn how to navigate their food carts and the girl rails at the same time.

I suppose I should, at this time, clear up a little mystery someone asked me about. Just how do you hide a bunch of slots in the floor so they don't look weird?

Well, the answer is, not to make them look like slots in the floor!

The guy who thought this up was pretty ingenious, one of the kink-friendly designers that Jason brought in to handle that side of the redo. All the rails were installed flush with the floor, and inside all of them was a rubber strip, exactly the same material flexible fridge magnets are made of, except a little thicker. This rubber strip was also magnetic, and it stuck to the underside of the top of the steel rails, blocking the slot. The rubber was even contoured to fit into the slot as well, lining up flush with the top, so unless you knew it was there it wouldn't look like a slot at all!

So, if you pushed down through the slot in the girl rail with a finger, you could push the rubber strip down fairly easily. But take your finger out and the rubber would spring back, pulled back by its own tension and held in place by its magnetism. Thus, the ball in the rail that the tether chains were attached to would push down the rubber strip as it went by, but once passed, the strip would resume its place in the rail.

It really worked great, and Jason was so happy with the result that the same system was put in my house, which is why I get to have vanillas over from time to time without their being aware of anything weird, and probably why Chris didn't notice anything the night he showed up. The only down side is that it takes a bit more effort to pull the tether chain along the girl rail, since it doesn't exactly glide anymore.

But with the right decorative pattern on the floor, you couldn't tell the rails from the rest of the lines, unless you knew where to look for them. And that was a part of our training at Catturata on Friday, learning where we could go and how to get there. So that was our Friday morning, learning how to deal with the girl rails.

Saturday the restaurant was closed for the day, with all of my 'regular' employees given the day off. It was just going to be us. And, it was the first time we all got to see each other naked. We all gathered in the dining area first, and only Charlie didn't look nervous, but then he didn't have to strip like the rest of us. And for a moment, before anyone said a word, we just looked at each other and tried to look brave.

"Okay," I eventually said, taking charge like I was supposed to. I may be submissive by nature, but not here, not in Catturata. This was my place. "Okay, this is it. You guys have done great in training for tonight, and I'm proud of every one of you. But it's reality time, and the reality is that we will have to work nude today, all day. And that starts right now."

"Why can't we wait until tonight to take our clothes off?" asked Faith, one of my servers, a pretty African-American.

"Because we need time to get used to it. If we were to wait until tonight, then the chances of any of us simply locking up and chickening out is pretty good. If we strip now though, by tonight we will be somewhat used to the idea, and maybe even too busy to really worry about it. Besides, if we can't handle even being naked right now in front of each other, we have no hope of working the dinner tonight. Right, guys?

Everyone nodded, but none very enthusiastically.

"So, here is how it goes today," I continued. "I'll take the girls with me into the office where we will all strip and get cuffed up. And yes, today we use the real things, not the Velcro ones we have been practicing with. And Charlie will help the guys out here in the dining room. And when we are ready, we'll meet here. Okay?"

Again nods, and without another word I headed for the office Charlie and I used for the business side of the... well... business.

Amanda was the first to follow me in, followed by Sandra and Carmen, and finally Faith, who closed the door.

"Okay," I said, and I reached for the hem of my T-shirt. I hadn't bothered with a bra today, knowing that i would be naked for quite a while, and it took no time at all for me to remove my shirt, shorts, sandals and panties. The others were a little slower off the mark, but I was quickly joined by Amanda, who was the only one smiling, and the last one to completely disrobe was Sandra.

We all stood looking at each other, all of us blushing, when Amanda suddenly got the giggles. And it was just what we needed as we started giggling and laughing, five naked girls in an office, breaking the tension with laughter.

Eventually I had to get back to business though, and feeling somewhat better I opened the box Jason had delivered the day before with our custom made bondage gear. Earlier, Jason had gotten measurements from all of us, and had the cuffs and collars specially sized. He wanted us to look our best, and to be as secure as possible, and he didn't skimp on the price. The four collars I took out of the box all sparkled, and looked wonderful. I of course was already wearing mine, but it too shone as Jason took the time before I came to polish it while it was still on my neck... while I was tied to his bed dealing with a rather intense little vibrator.

Anyway, inscribed on each collar was the name of the girl it belonged to, and while they didn't know it yet, Jason was going to gift each of the girls their collar after the dinner.

All were unlocked, and I took a few minutes to show each girl what they were going to be wearing, before locking them around their throats. As I stood next to these naked girls, each in turn holding their hair up so I could see their necks, I could see them breathe a little faster, and blush a little bit as the cold steel touched them. And each one, even Amanda, avoided my eyes as the lock clicked shut.

It made me wonder just what they were feeling, although it was evident that this ring of metal, just like my own collar, was affecting them. And the thought crossed my mind that each of these girls reacted like... well... like me! Could it be that they all had a submissive streak in them too?

I thought back to when we were doing interviews for staff, and how Jason insisted on helping out. I let him because I knew that we needed a crew for tonight, as well as competent employees for Catturata's regular hours. But it was Jason who made the final picks of the girls. He had hand picked each one of them, and only now did I see why. Somehow, he knew.

But we were far from done, and while the four girls tugged at their collars and exchanged nervous comments, I went back to the box and started digging out the ankle chains.

Now, Jason would have started by cuffing their hands behind them, as he always started with me, but I wanted to keep the girls comfortable. So instead, once I had sorted out whose was whose, I bent over and locked my own ankles first.

For me, this was a familiar feeling, the grip of cold steel above my ankles, and the chain connecting them and shortening my stride. But still, it sent a wonderful thrill through me. But in the back of my mind was the knowledge that I didn't have access to the keys. Charlie had them, and would keep them until we were done tonight.

"You okay?" Amanda asked me, breaking me out of my train of thought.

"I'm good. Come on, you next." I replied, hoping she didn't notice that I was blushing too at my enjoyment.

Each girl in turn stepped forward, as I knelt and snapped closed their shackles, and soon all five of us were identically hobbled.

They all started walking around the office, looking down at the shiny new jewelry they wore, and a couple of them even smiled.

"This feels so odd," said Faith. "Not like the Velcro cuffs at all. These feel so solid!"

"That's because they are, dum dum," chimed in Amanda with a grin, and we all laughed.

There was quite a din in the office, with all that jingling chain, and I had to wave to get everyone's attention. "We're not done yet!" I called out, and pulled out the matching cuffs they would be wearing.

Again, the cuffs were sized to each girl, and in turn I began locking their wrists behind them. And as I did, again I sensed a quickening of their breathing, a flush to their skin, and yes, even the hardening of a nipple or two as the locks snapped shut, and I had to smile as each girl walked away twisting and turning their wrists and arms in an attempt to see just how much movement they had. Of course, it wasn't as much as they wanted, and now that they couldn't shield their fronts from anyone's gaze, I could see how embarrassed they were.

But what they didn't know was that their cuffs were different from mine. Not in how they looked; they were identical to the wide, thick steel cuffs I would be wearing in a few minutes, and were equally secure. But the difference lay in how far apart they were.

Their cuffs were separated by a three inch chain, which wasn't a lot, but three times as much as the single link that connected my cuffs. And this was because they were all new to this, and needed the extra separation to do their jobs and keep them from suffering any aches and pains any sooner than they had to.

But I couldn't put on my own cuffs yet. "Now, out into the hall," I ordered, heading for the door.

"Oh, God," said Sandra, and we all giggled again.

The five of us carefully stepped out from the safety of the office, looking about to see if anyone could see us. No one could, but that would soon change of course. Still, it was human nature, and even someone as used to this as I was, still looked.

"Last step, then we can join the guys," I said, crouching down for the tether chains that lay ready for us.

"I don't know if I can do this," Faith said, looking very nervous.

I stopped and looked at her for a moment, before standing up and going to her. "Sweetie, it's okay. I understand your fear, really I do," I said. "And if you want to stop, you just have to say so, it's okay. But I think you can do this, really. You have it in you, you all do. Yes, this is going to be embarrassing, but that's all it will be. No one is going to hurt you, or touch you, or make you do anything you don't want to. Other than our nudity and bondage, it is just going to be another night at work for us!"

"'Other than our nudity and bondage', she says," chuckled Amanda, and we all smiled.

I looked at Faith, who was biting her lip. She nodded and took a deep breath, tugging at her cuffs in a familiar way. "Okay," she said softly.

A sudden idea occurred to me. "Do you want a hug?" I asked, I have always been big on hugs, and all of them knew it by now.

She looked at me, surprised, then nodded. So I reached out and hugged her, forgetting for a second that we were both nude. It did feel odd hugging a naked woman, our breasts pressed together along with all that other body contact. But the hug seemed to help Faith, and I took a minute to hug each of my friends in turn, passing on my strength, I hoped.

"Okay, to finish," I said finally, and I reached down and started picking up tether chains. The reason I didn't do this in the office was because the office was one of the few places the girl rails didn't go. And as I locked each chain to each girl, I wondered if they realized that until these chains were unlocked, they couldn't even reach the clothing they'd worn to work today, nor they could put it back on while in bondage.

I was about to lock my tether chain on when I remembered that I had left my cuffs in the office, so I darted back in, retrieved them, and came back out. The others waited patiently, and I remember how beautiful each of them looked locked into their shiny cuffs and chains, and wondered if I looked near that good.

With a click, I was now as connected to the girl rails as they were, and with practiced ease two more clicks trapped my hands behind me. We were committed.

"Right," I said with a brave smile, "Let's go see the guys!"

I led the way along the rail, the five of us shuffling along in our hobble chains like a naked coffle of slave girls, and only a few steps took us from the hallway where the office was situated out into the main dining room. We were greeted with cheers from the guys, who were sitting at a table in the middle of the room, although all we could see of their nudity was that they were bare from the waist up.

A horrible thought crossed my mind that, for some reason, the guys didn't get naked and chained at all, and that is was just us girls caught in this situation. And that thought made me feel rather vulnerable. But I couldn't take the thought seriously because I trusted Charlie to make sure the guys followed through.

Still, because of the guy's encouragement and silliness, I did feel embarrassed walking out in full view of them, and in moments all five of us girls stood blushing and smiling and looking anywhere but at the guys. I could also see each of my servers trying to bring their hands around to cover something, anything, but of course their bondage defeated them. That was what it was designed to do!

"Okay, guys, okay," I eventually said. "That's enough, and thank you. But... I think it's your turn now! Come on out, and let us have a look at you!"

The other girls agreed with me, and all of us quickly started calling the guys out, smiling and giggling.

Sean, Alan and Antonio all looked at each other with nervous smiles, and then, with a bravado that was more false than real, they stood up to reveal that they were, in fact, just as naked as we were. But, since they were all three cuffed in front, they were able to hide their cocks with their hands as they walked around the tables and came over to us, dragging their tether chains along the dining room rails.

They stopped to face us amid embarrassing cat calls from some of the girls.

"Guys, come on. Hands to your chests!" I ordered. "You've seen ours, now we should be able to see yours. You certainly wont be able to cook like that!"

Embarrassed, the guys did as ordered, and the girls cheered and laughed and soon the guys joined in. And, I noted with a smile, Sean's sports car didn't overcompensate for anything! All three guys were beautiful in their nudity and obviously took care of themselves. It would be fun spending time in the kitchen with them.

The guys had an additional problem though, one their hands had barely covered, and of course we girls noticed right away how aroused the men were. But while it wasn't as noticeable on us, I could tell that not a few of us were affected a little too. But that was to be expected. After all, we were all young, attractive and human!

"So it's true about the tattoo," Sean said to Amanda in an attempt to distract things, pointing down.

Amanda smiled and turned to show off the tattoo I had noticed when we had first stripped down. She and I were the only two girls completely bald down there, and someone had tattooed a rose on a stem directly on one of her pussy lips, the stem curling above her pussy to a half open rose blossom. There was writing too, but it was too small to read unless you got up really close, and I wasn't that nosy. But still... ow!

Amanda seemed proud of it though, and while her blonde complexion showed off her blushing quite well, her brazenness surprised me. But as I watched her and Sean looking at each other, I suddenly realized that all her teasing had hidden something. She was actually attracted to Sean, and him likewise. And that made me happy.

But... work to do.

"Okay," I said a few times until I had everyone's attention. "Now that we have all had a good look, we need to get on with stuff."

"Sure, Chef," Sean said, followed by assents from the others. I could tell they were all still uncomfortable with all this, but it pleased me that they were ready. I was feeling rather proud of them, and hoped they would enjoy the reward I had for them all later.

So I smiled, and hoped I looked more confident than I felt. I was supposed to be the leader here, yet all this naked and bound flesh, especially the guys, was distracting!

"Right. Well," I continued. "We were going to just practice like yesterday. But, Jason Laird told me this morning that he has other plans. We are opening for lunch!"

Yes, the expected gasps of surprise and other typical comments from my bound audience.

"Not to the public, of course not! No, this is a one-time deal, a sort of dress rehearsal for tonight. Some couples who are in on what is going on here will be here for lunch. They all belong to one of the... adult clubs, in Phoenix, and for them this lunch is a sort of a prize for winning a contest or something!"

"You're kidding, right?" Amanda asked.

"Nope! Donít worry though, they know the rules and everyone will be safe. But Jason wanted us to practice with them before the dinner tonight, just to get used to serving and cooking for real people. So, ladies, I need you to set up four tables of four, and each of you will take one of the tables and serve whoever sits there. And until they come, keep practicing with the plates of marbles. And guys, we have prep to do, we will be serving the same menu we will be using tonight. Okay?"

Everyone said okay, but Faith asked, "How long are we going to stay cuffed? Not all day, right?"

"Thanks, Faith, I had almost forgotten. We are all going to stay cuffed until after the last of our lunch guests has gone. Then we will take a break and have our arms released while we eat and reset. Then back into the cuffs until after the dinner."

"And the neck chains and other stuff too?" she asked.

"No. We are nude for the duration, guys, and that goes for the hobble chains and neck chains too. There really is no point in getting out of them today, and let's face it, the longer we're like this, the more used to it we become."

All were silent after I said that, but none, not even Faith, looked like they were about to change their minds. If my hands were free, I would have clapped then to get us started. But with my hands behind me all I could manage was to shake my chains. "Let's get to work!"

I won't bore you with our prep, and the silliness in the kitchen as my two chefs kept throwing food at each other until I told them to stop. Then they threw it at me until I gave them my 'Boss is getting mad' look. But we all managed to get ready before the first of our lunch customers showed up, shown in by the still dressed Charlie.

But, getting back to the manager thing for a moment... standing naked in my kitchen and bound as I was, I had a hard time keeping myself in the headspace I needed to be in to be in charge. I guess that's the way I react to guys, but the only thing that helped was the food, and knowing that my role that day wasn't one of being a bondage plaything, but a Chef!

Anyway, while I wasn't privy to how the girls were doing out front, pretty soon we started getting orders on the computer screen at my station, and appetizers were started.

Interrupting for a moment, let me explain that this screen was another piece of gear that Jason had been happy to buy for the Catturata. We had a wireless computerized ordering system here. Each girl carried around with her a handheld pad that looked rather like an iPod. On it was the whole menu, in icon form, plus a few other buttons for various things. So when she took an order, she just had to punch it in with the table number and send it, and it came through here in the kitchen before the girl even left the table. This was great because we didn't have to worry about bad handwriting or losing tickets. And the system even logged the time the order came in, with a count up clock attached to each one so I could see how long a table had been waiting for their food. It made things run so much more smoothly, and I loved it!

The only problem today was that the girls now had no place to put the handhelds, which normally went into the short aprons that were a part of their uniform. We finally solved that problem Friday, when Charlie brought in some custom made pouches that the handhelds could fit in. Bound by a rope around their waists, the pouches hung on one hip, and they had a see-through front, which meant the girls could use them without having to pull them out. It was still awkward, but better than having the girls depend on their memories and coming back to the kitchen to tell us each order.

So as soon as orders appeared on the screen, we got to work, and I got to watch my guys in all their naked glory!

They were magnificent, maneuvering around the kitchen like their bondage hardly mattered. Very little was out of their reach, and working together, Sean and Alan were able to keep up just fine.

With my hands cuffed behind me I was little practical help. But I stayed close and tasted everything, the guys bringing spoons up to my mouth whenever I asked them to, and I even impressed the both of them by preparing the cold salads without any help at all.

We got so busy that our nudity and bondage were almost forgotten at times, although I would catch all three of the guys staring at me from time to time, which of course would make me blush. But then I enjoyed looking at them too!

As food became ready I helped to plate it, and once satisfied I attempted the delicate process of moving each plate onto the trolleys that would convey them out to the dining room. I was very nervous though. Trying to do it by touch and memory, lifting each plate slowly and easily, trying to keep it level, and not set it down with too much of a jerk. And that was usually when I fully felt my bondage, especially with the guys looking at me at the same time.

There was usually at least one of the girls waiting in the kitchen for their trolley to be ready, and once all was safely transferred they would take control of it, giving me a nervous grin. Each girl would make three trips with their trolley this lunch time, starter, main course, and desert. Serving just one table each.

Tonight, there would be twelve tables, with each of them responsible for three of them. A lot more work for them and for us. But lunch was about testing the system, and us I guess, to find out if we could really do it.

I had a few moments between the main courses and desert to head out to the main dining room. I didn't go all the way out, I guess being naked and bound might have had something to do with that, but I stood in the doorway to see first hand what was going on out there.

Three of the girls were there, each standing by their tables.

Carmen stood facing her guests, obviously embarrassed yet chatting quietly with them, smiles all round.

Sandra was collecting plates, and I got to watch her back up to the table and pick things up with her hands cuffed behind her. The expression on her face told me that she was very aware of the fact that she was practically brushing the people at the table with her nude body, and also that every eye was on her as the beautiful girl went through her motions. And I knew right then and there that those people would never think of table clearing the same way again.

Faith, I knew, was in the kitchen, chatting shyly with Antonio while waiting on her dessert order. But it was Amanda that was drawing my eye. She stood with her back to her table, flushed, her nipples obviously very hard, while one of the men at the table had her bound wrists in one hand as he tested and showed off her lovely cuffs to the rest of the table. For a moment I was concerned about the contact, but Amanda obviously didn't mind, and our customers seemed genuinely interested in her bonds.

At that point, Amanda saw me watching, and winked. She mouthed "come on out" to me, but I just smiled and shook my head, heading back to the kitchen. A few minutes later she came in, pulling her trolley. "God, I am so horny right now!" she said loudly with a giggle, and exchanged a significant look with Sean, who grinned right back, although I thought I detected a slight blush on the man.

Smiling myself, I managed to get Amanda's desserts onto her cart without incident. But before Amanda left, she winked at me again before moving to where there was room. And with a huge sigh, she stretched the only way we can when bound like this, arms up and out behind our backs, while bending forward at the waist. She did this where Sean could plainly see her, and as I watched him stop and stare I knew my hussy little friend was doing all that just to tease the hell out of him. Her position showed off every curve of her body in a way I know guys really like, and I'm sure the little wriggle she gave her butt as she stood up again was purely accidental.

Amanda left the kitchen smiling, and left Sean at half mast, which he noticed me staring at.

"I think we are pretty much done here, Chef," he said to me to cover his reaction. "You have the last of the deserts now."

"Thanks Sean," I replied with a grin and a wriggle of my own, feeling rather naughty myself for some reason, "You guys can clear down now."

Sean smiled, but I could see he was embarrassed too. "Thanks, Chef."

Our embarrassment was not yet at an end though, because a few minutes later, the reason we were naked in the kitchen was realized, as Charlie escorted in two of the couples that had been dining. I had been told earlier that these people were the owners of the adults-only club that our diners came from, and that Jason had arranged this kitchen visit just for them.

The two women in the party were obviously more pleased to see the naked guys than the men were, and I noticed with a grin how the guys tried to subtly place something between themselves and the newcomers. I didn't blame them, if the interested looks I was getting were anything to go by. But my time at the Sandhills Spree had taught me how to handle being stared at.

"This is Chef Annabelle," Charlie was saying as he brought them in, "and her very talented kitchen staff."

"Wow," said one of the women, "you weren't kidding! They really did cook naked, and cuffed too!"

One of the men, a large smile on his face, walked over to me extending a hand. I stepped out from behind my counter, pulling my tether chain along the rail as I did so, and only then did he notice that I was as naked and bound as the girls he had already seen. Of course it took a moment for his slow male brain to process that I was indeed, quite naked, and that I obviously couldn't shake his hand, which made him chuckle.

"I wanted to compliment the Chef on such a wonderful lunch," he said, still smiling, his eyes never leaving me. "The food was great, and the service... well, I have never seen better!" This last comment made his party laugh, and brought varying smiles to the rest of us.

"I'm sure we have been a unique dining experience," I replied, trying to stay professional. "And I hope you will return to try the rest of our menu sometime."

"Oh, no doubt about that. Although I suspect the service wont be quite the same?"

I shook my head and laughed. "No, today was special. Not for the general public."

"A shame, but maybe you guys should start a catering service!" he said with a laugh, and of course we joined in.

"How can you cook chained up like that?" one of the women asked, and for a few minutes we invited our guests to come around and watch us work, which I think impressed them quite a lot. Eventually though, Charlie herded them out and soon my whole crew, the girls included, were waiting in the kitchen for the last of the diners to leave.

The guys continued to clear down and clean their stations, but the girls all stood with nothing to do, pulling and tugging on their cuffs, and I could see they were eager for that break I had promised them.

Now, if this were a Graham Settlement story, none of us would have been allowed out of our cuffs today. But I had my reasons for doing so.

First, since this was probably the first time any of my people had been cuffed for any length of time, they probably weren't used to it at all. And having your hands bound behind you does put an unnatural strain on shoulders, backs and arms. So physically a break would do them all a huge amount of good. Especially if I wanted them to be at their best tonight.

Also, we needed to eat too, and eating without hands wasn't something I could ask them to do, because there was no job related reason to do so. I eat without hands a lot at home, but that was a fetish thing. Hardly the same!

And finally, we needed to turn Catturata around and get it ready for the dinner tonight, and that was faster and easier done with our hands free.

But we had to wait for Charlie to come release us, he had the only keys, and he would only do so once the restaurant was empty.

It didn't take too long though, and soon we gathered next to the office where our office manager happily started unlocking locks. And as each of us were released from just our cuffs, we smiled and rubbed our wrists and stretched in ways we couldn't before. And I also thought a certain shyness had returned, as arms could now be brought across bare chests, and that made me smile considering that there was very little we hadn't seen of each other by now.

"Okay," I said as we were released, "Let's get something to eat, then we have dinner prep to do, and the dining room needs to be reset!"

"YES CHEF!" everyone called out loudly, which made me smile. But then Faith asked yet again if they really needed to stay naked and in the rest of their chains.

"Yes, you do!" I said sternly, yet with a smile, and Faith sighed but accepted it.

"Chef?" said Charlie, still holding the keys in his hand. "I'm missing two."

"What, who?" I asked, wondering who wouldn't be there to get uncuffed. And that was when I noticed that he was right. Two of my crew hadn't turned up to be released... Amanda and Sean.

I was about to ask where they were, when Sandra and Carmen came back from the kitchen where they had gone to get some food, giggling as they did so. "Chef, come quick, but stay quiet!" Carmen said, and curious I followed them back into the kitchen.

They led me along the girl rails we were all still tethered to, to the wine room. Catturata didn't have a real cellar, so Jason put in a climate controlled room to store all our wine in. The girls stopped at the door and motioned for me to be quiet and listen, and sure enough from inside the room we could hear the panting cry of someone having sex.


If this had been any other day, I would have fired the both of them. But today... well... I understood a bit better. That wasn't to say I wasn't mad at Amanda and Sean, but I understood how the sexual tension of the day was having an affect on all of us, and at least the pair of them had waited until service was over! They weren't going to get away with it completely though.

I shooed away everyone else who was listening and had a quick word with Charlie, before going back to the wine room to wait Amanda and Sean out. And it wasn't long before the door opened and Amanda, her hair coming apart from her pony tail a bit, her naked body a bit more sweaty than it should have been, stepped out.

She was smiling broadly as she did so, that is until she saw me, then she blushed deeply and couldn't look me in the eye.

"Checking our wine inventory, were you?" I asked, arms crossed, wishing I had my jacket on. I had to be a boss right now, which I felt was harder to do while naked and chained, but I did the best I could.

"Sorry, Annabelle..." Amanda started to say.

"Sorry, Chef," I corrected.

She glanced up at me, I think I shocked her. "Sorry, Chef," she continued, "But..." was all she could manage after.

That was when Sean stepped out too, happily with his flag lowered. He saw us and looked startled, then guilty.

"Jeez... the pair of you," I said, trying to suppress a grin. "Did you have fun in there?"

Amanda and Sean exchanged a very embarrassed look with each other, but I could see... and smell, that they certainly did have fun in there, and I started to laugh even though I didn't want to, which embarrassed them further.

"Sorry," I said after a moment. "This really isn't funny. Any other day, you know?" I asked them, and they both nodded, a scared look in their eyes. "But... considering what is going on today, you still have your jobs."

"Thank you, Chef," said Sean, relaxing, and Amanda said thanks too.

"What really shocks me though, is that it is the two of you! Really, Amanda... Sean?" I said with a grin.

They both smiled, and I could tell from the way they glanced at each other that this might not be just a one time thing for them anymore. Feelings? Cool!

"Well," I continued, "No more. Not here. You guys will have to... wait. Now go clean up and get something to eat, we have work to do soon."

"Yes, Chef," they both said, and headed for the office to find Charlie and have their cuffs taken off. They were going to be out of luck, though. I had told Charlie to go out on some errands, and to leave the keys visible on his desk. A desk that was out of reach of all of us. He wasn't to come back until it was time for us all to be recuffed, which meant that Amanda and Sean would have to stay cuffed the entire day! I said they weren't going to get away with it.

In the kitchen, Alan had been carving meat from our Gyro oven for our lunch, and with our hands free we all had no problems at all building our own Gyros and eating them. And a minute after I joined them, Amanda and Sean appeared, still cuffed, wondering where Charlie had gone. I told them he had left, and the look in my eye told them why, and poor Amanda looked crestfallen at me and at the rest of us as we got our food together.

Sean however, stepped up. Since he was cuffed in front, he put together lunch for the both of them, and I think we all smiled as Sean helped Amanda to eat out in the dining room where we all sat together, feeding her bit by bit. And from the look she had on her face, I think she really enjoyed it. Cool again!

We had about an hour after we were finished with our meal, to get done the things that were easier with our hands free, and then Charlie returned and we all had to get cuffed up again.

"Don't I even get a minute?" Amanda exclaimed, shaking her bound wrists behind her. "I really need to clean up!"

I had to agree, she still had an aura of sex about her, although I don't think any of us by now looked exactly pure. So I told Charlie to give her ten minutes, but no more, and we continued on with our prep.

And far too soon, the Dinner was upon us!

* * *

A friend of mine who acts in plays once told me that a bad dress rehearsal usually meant a good opening night. Well, for us it seemed the opposite was true too. Lunch had passed almost without incident, yet for some reason the girls were having problems with our invited dinner guests. True, there were a lot more of them, but no more really than we are used to serving on other, busy nights. Still, Amanda and the others didn't have to do it naked and chained up like Settlement girls!

Our diners were a special group though. All of them were contributors to the 'Writings of Leviticus' story site, the very one you are reading this account on now. Peter Loaf was here, and Katie, and Jennifer Harrison, and Master Darios (who uses the pen name mrhungry) and many others, past and present. Even the reclusive Van was here, making a rare excursion from his private island in Puget Sound, where his opulent mansion made Bill Gates' house look like a shack.

But that wasn't the wildest part. At least four of the writers present were well-known mainstream authors, with three of the four having had movies made of their mainstream work. And all four of them had first gotten published on the Leviticus story site before making it big elsewhere. I'd tell you who they were, but that's why we had to sign those confidentiality agreements. It might not do their book sales any good if it were known they wrote bondage fiction under another name! If you are reading this and weren't at the dinner, then sorry, maybe your invitation got lost in the mail. ;)

Zack, my editor, told me that they owed their success to something called 'The Leviticus Method of Publishing and Promotion', or something like that. I'm not sure how it went, but apparently it worked for them! Zack said that if I had ever read a book that was so bad I was surprised it was even published, let alone it being a best seller, the author had likely used the Leviticus Method. Van had used the Leviticus Method to create two separate personas, each pen name a best-selling author in two separate genres, mysteries and Romance.

Still, it was fun knowing that they were so successful, and that they had come all this way to eat here and meet their fellow writers. This was the first time many of the Leviticus writers had ever met each other in the flesh, and both Jason and Zack had worked hard to make the event happen! They had even turned the evening into a sort of awards thing, because every so often Zack would quiet everyone down and give out a plaque or trophy. You should have seen the size of the one Peter Loaf got for being the most prolific contributor!

So that was who we were entertaining tonight, and they were certainly entertained! Zack, who was doing his best to make this an occasion to remember, had all my servers come out of the kitchen at once at the start of the dinner, and from the speechless stares they got as they shuffled out nude and cuffed, I don't think everyone had really believed him when he had told them what we were doing here. They didn't stay silent for long though, and looking through the window in the kitchen door, I could see all the girls blushing with embarrassment as the diners applauded!

The business of serving started soon after, and my order screen was soon filled with virtual tickets that my chefs worked to complete. I did salads and helped to plate the starters, working quickly despite the fact that my hands were cuffed behind me, while my guys did everything else, and soon food started leaving the kitchen only a little slower than normal. What helped was that the girls followed orders and didn't rush all tickets into us at once. I told them to spend at least ten minutes at each table before moving on to the next, so that we didn't become overwhelmed.

But once food did start going out, accidents started to happen, and plates began to drop. Still, it could have been worse, and as the evening went on the girls found their focus, and no more meals were lost!

But that wasn't all that was happening though. Throughout the evening, either Charlie or Jason would bring someone back to the kitchen to see how we were doing, and I would have to stand, embarrassed, and smile as I was introduced to yet another stranger! Still, most of the names I recognized, especially the famous ones, and it was a pleasure to meet them all. Especially one writer that I was very eager to meet, yet I hadn't been told was coming!

"Annabelle, is that really you?" I heard from the short hallway that led out of the kitchen toward the dining room, and I looked up to see who had spoken. Standing next to Jason, who had a huge smile on his face, was a rather striking looking woman with wavy dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked to be in her late thirties, and was beautifully dressed. I had never seen her before, yet I instantly knew who she was because I didn't know anyone else in the world with a Scottish accent.

"Kirsten?" I asked, smiling back.

Kirsten Graham grinned and held out her arms. "Hi! Come over here, so I can give you a hug!"

I practically squealed with happiness as I hurried as best I could around the counter, following the girl rails because I had to. And as I came fully into view I saw Kirsten flush and smile as she got her first, good look at me.

"Wow," she said as I got close. "This is so... wonderful!"

Kirsten and I had been emailing each other for a long time now, ever since I sent her my first fan mail after seeing her stuff on the Leviticus site. Since then I have read everything she's done, including her three books, and was extremely honored to be included in her Settlement universe after she modeled a character after me. Since then, we have always bounced ideas off each other, and I couldn't write this story, not to mention some others, without her input and blessing. (And did I mention that I was fond of her Settlement style bondage? I think it has appeared once or twice in my work. ;)

"You're wonderful, Sweetie!" I said, coming right up to her and wishing I could hug her. But she hugged me, a little tentatively I admit, probably because of my nudity. But I was so happy to see her, to finally meet her, that I didn't care.

She didn't hug me for long though, pushing me back a little so she could get a good look at me.

"I didn't know you were going to be here!" I exclaimed.

"Well," said Kirsten, "You can thank your man here for that. He finally convinced me to make the trip. And it has been so worth it, wow. Look at you!"

I grinned at Jason and turned around so Kirsten could see all my bondage, a bondage she created in her great Settlement stories.

"You like?" I asked.

"Oh my, of course! When I saw the girls outside, how they were chained, it was truly amazing. And to see you now, I can't tell you how much it means to me."

"I'm glad you're happy," I said, pulling at my cuffs and again wishing I was free to give her a hug.

"I am... but, I was hoping you would grant me a favor," she replied.

"What's that?" I asked, curious.

She opened her mouth, but didn't speak. Instead she blushed and almost giggled. "You know," she said after a moment, "Normally I wouldnít dare ask such a thing, with you naked and all, and us out in public like this."

"This isn't exactly public," I said with a giggle, but then remembered the large group of people in the other room.

"It's not exactly the nice little private getaway I had planned for either, Annabelle," Kirsten said, raising an eyebrow. "But as I was saying... what was I saying? Oh yes... my, that wine is really lovely, Jason. You have a good cellar here!"

"Thank you, Kirsten. Only the best for my Annabelle!" Jason said formally.

"Yes, she is a darling, isn't she... so lovely in her chains. Oh yes, the favor...,"

Jason and I waited patiently for a moment for Kirsten to evidently gather her courage and ask, and we weren't disappointed.

She smiled, and it was a more devious smile than ones I had seen before. "Well, I didn't want to ask your waitresses, but seeing you now... when was the last time you had your chains properly checked?"

"What?" I asked, before I understood what she was asking, and I blushed and looked down. "Er... no one has checked my chains today."

"What, no one?" she replied. And she turned on Jason. "You do know that it is for her safety and security, that she be checked often!"

Jason nodded solemnly. "Very true, Kirsten. Perhaps you should show us how it is done!"

Kirsten nodded and stepped toward me, but before she touched me she looked me in the eyes. I nodded slightly, to let her know it was okay, and she proceeded to give me and my chains the same sort of examination she described in her books.

She started with my wrist cuffs, running her fingers all over them... pulling at them and testing they were securely locked. Then she moved to my collar, her fingers at my neck as she tested the fit and admired the shine. She examined every link of the chain that tethered me to the girl rail, and pulled hard on it to see if it would pop out, before moving to my ankles and hobble chain.

Every move she made seemed deliberate and very thorough, although as she examined me her hands would brush my skin... here, there... sending shocks through me and pushing me into some sort of subbie head space. By the time she was done, I stood silent and still, my ankles apart... a little hot.

I wasn't the only one a little flushed if Kirsten's face was any indication. But dear readers, this wasn't about any girl-on-girl thing, oh no... This was all about the bondage and my helplessness, and I knew that if given the chance, Kirsten would love to try it.

"Wow," she kept saying as she stood up, "What you have is done so well. The workmanship, those cuffs are so solid, so unforgiving!"

"I know," I half whispered.

She reached out to touch my collar again, but Adam, one of my chefs, yelled out from back in the kitchen "CHEF, we need you back here!"

Kirsten jerked her hand back, and I shook my head to break the spell. "I really need to..." I started to say.

"You should get back to work," Kirsten also said.

"I will see you later, right?" I asked, looking at both her and Jason.

Jason spoke up. "If not tonight, definitely tomorrow. She will be coming by in the morning for lunch!"

That made me really happy, and we hurridly hugged again so I could get back to work. But I had to smile as I watched Jason take Kirsten's arm and steer her toward our wine closet saying, "Now, enough of that Chianti. Let's say we treat you to a nice Veuve Clicquot."

"The '04?" Kirsten asked him.

"Of course!" Jason replied with a satisfied smile, knowing a true wine connoisseuse when he met one. "And I think I can dig up a good Scotch for later. I'd be interested in your opinion."

Kirsten giggled, a sign to me that she had already been sampling our wine collection, and strode off arm in arm with my... captor?

I was really happy to see Kirsten, and it did a pretty good job of lifting my mood from the worries of service. But I wasn't the only one the evening was affecting. As my servers came in and out for food, I would ask them how it was going out there, and how they were doing.

All of them, even Amanda, confessed to being very nervous at the start, especially with our dining room being a full as it was. But over time they all seemed to get into it, and were even having fun!

Sandra told me how she had gotten a similar examination from one of the writers, I can't remember who. He asked her permission first of course, and then checked her bonds pretty through, convinced they weren't really real. But when it proved to be true, Sandra told me that he had been very impressed indeed. But Sandra also told me how nervous and exciting it had been, being examined like that, and I knew just how she felt... wow!

Faith spoke about how the famous author at one of her tables was trying to convince her to fly back with him to his home city. While Carmen talked about how attentive everyone got when she appeared at a table. Even just clearing dirty plates made everyone stop talking as they watched the attractive Latina girl do her work, and Carmen had never before felt so self conscious. But she was still enjoying herself.

Amanda seemed to be the only one having problems though. She was the one who had dropped most of the plates tonight, and her frustration over it all was making her more angry than happy.

"Just calm down, okay?" I said to her quietly, our conversation covered by the noise of the kitchen.

The little blonde just stood there, looking at the floor, unconsciously pulling at her cuffed wrists. "I'm sorry... I just..." she tried to say.

"You just, what?" I asked, carefully putting another plate on her serving trolley.

She looked up at me and then glanced over at Sean, whom I noticed she had avoided talking to since I caught them both having sex in the wine room. "I guess... I'm just sorry about earlier. I didn't want to let you down today."

"It's okay, Sweetie," I replied, stepping close to her. "I do understand. You don't need to keep beating yourself up over it, okay?"

Amanda nodded, then put her head against my shoulder for a moment, the best we could do without being able to hug.

I think that was all she needed though, because as the evening went on, she calmed down and started to enjoy herself too.

My good mood didn't last though, and soon the worry of running a kitchen like this took over again.

It might have gone on for the rest of the night, but just as we were starting on desserts, Charlie came in to speak to me.

"Annabelle!" he called out, "You are needed out front."

"I can't, Charlie," I replied, a little irritated. "we have a house full of desserts to get out!"

"Jason wants you to join him at his table for dessert. He insisted!" Charlie replied firmly.

"Well tell Jason that he will have to wait, we're busy!"

Alan, who was helping me set plates, said, "It's okay, Chef, we can handle this. All the hard work is done already!"

"Not really," I replied. "You both have enough to do..."

"ANNABELLE!" yelled Charlie, which made me jump because I had never heard him yell before. "Annabelle. Your staff can handle it. Jason wants you now!"

I looked wide eyed at Charlie, and then at my crew, who were also staring in surprise. But Sean was the first to recover and he and Alan assured me that they could work without me for a while.

To be honest, I knew they could do it. Desserts are easy, and with my hands cuffed any help I gave would be token at best. But this was my kitchen and I was loath to leave it... and again, to be honest, I was a little scared of actually stepping out into the dining room like this.

But, apparently I had little choice because no one was going to ride to my rescue. So I gave in and nodded, and after a few parting instructions, I let Charlie lead me out into the dining room.

Now, I had been peering at all the diners through the safety of the window in the kitchen doorway, but now I was stepping out among them, naked, my hands cuffed behind me and connected to the rails with a tether chain.

Conversation in the room actually did stop when I appeared, and I was very aware of all those eyes looking at me. Then someone at a table nearby said "Well done, Annabelle, the food is great!" And the sentiment was echoed again and again while I stood there blushing and smiling, my bad mood evaporating almost as quickly as Charlie leaving me alone!

It was Jason himself who came to my rescue, and I shuffled along beside him, following the girl rails because of my tether, all the way to his table. Although a part of me was scared enough to want to run the other way... But then that was one of the reasons the girl rail was invented, to stop any girl attached to them from doing just that!

At Jason's table were several people. Joe was there, with a date of course. Joe gave me a warm smile that made his God-like features shine, while his date looked at me jealously for a moment before returning to her food, and I got the immediate impression that Joe hadn't told her what was happening here tonight. Still, I wasn't worried that she would talk about what was going on here. I knew that Joe could be very persuasive when it came to getting women to do what he wanted, and I trusted him not to let her reveal any of our secrets. Besides, from the way she kept glancing at him, it looked like that spell was already cast! Zack was also there, accompanied by a lovely woman who I found out later also wrote for the site, although she didn't want me naming her in my story.

The seat next to Jason was also empty, because, as he said when he sat me down, I was his date for the night. And the way he said that made me smile even more, even though he had brought me out of the kitchen to be seen by everyone. And I'm sure my embarrassment satisfied the evil little glint I saw in his eye as he pulled out a chair for me.

But... I didn't see Chris. And I don't know why, but I actually felt hurt that he hadn't come. Of course Chris wouldn't be there, this wasn't his thing after all, and it wasn't as if we were friends or anything. I was the woman... well... I was Jason's woman. But I didn't even realize that I was hoping he would come until I saw that he hadn't.

But I couldn't dwell on it, there was just so much more going on! So I sat down on the cold leather seat and tried to find a comfortable position because of my bound arms. I did feel rather embarrassed sitting naked among all these clothed people, but, apart from Joe's date, everyone was friendly and supportive. Still, I think all the men at the table looked more at my chest than at my face, although that was pretty normal. Face it guys, even if you think we don't notice, we do!

Zack, who I saw bore a resemblance to Jason in some ways, started asking about my writing. And I had to apologize for not doing much lately because of the restaurant and everything. Jason took over and turned the conversation into a different direction though, setting a glass of wine with a straw in it in front of me while placing his other hand on my bare thigh under the table.

His touch made me jump, and when I looked up at his face he gave me a quick wink and a slight grin. So I smiled too, and leaned forward to drink my wine, while his fingers started to caress my inner thigh under the table cloth.

It felt really good, but I was so conflicted! What if someone saw him basically feeling me up, while I sat naked beside him. Worse yet, his fingers were starting to drift further and further up my thigh, and I knew where that would lead if I let him. But I was really helpless to stop him, bound as I was, and I didn't want to speak up and draw anymore attention to myself than I was already.

So for several minutes I had to try to look normal as he tormented me under the table, while handling whatever conversation was thrown at us. And I hoped the flush on my face was being attributed to my embarrassment!

He really can be mean sometimes... lol.

His actions stopped though when Faith appeared. She was the server for the table, and this was the first time I got to watch one of my girls from the customer perspective.

She really looked lovely in her chains, and had obviously gotten over most of her embarrassment, because she approached us with the professional smile and attitude I already knew she had in her.

"Hi!," she said smiling broadly, and giving me a wink. "Are you ready for dessert?" Behind her she had brought along her trolley, and on it were plates of the two desserts on offer tonight. Tiramisu, an Italian cake, and Cannoli, a cream-filled fried pastry.

Rather than take orders for this, I had the girls simply fill trolleys with enough for each table, and ask the customers then and there what they would like. And it worked rather well as everyone at my table chose their deserts and Faith served them.

Watching Faith, I could see why our service was so popular, and that our practice sessions over the past week had really paid off. Faith displayed a wonderful grace as she stepped back to her cart, deftly picked up a plate, and walked around the table to place it in front of Zack's companion. In doing so, she had to step between the two of them, and that put her smooth, bare bottom right next to Zack's face, something I don't think he objected to at all!

Faith had to repeat this for each of us, bringing her naked body a breath away from all of us, and I wondered how many of the men, and even the women, here tonight really had to resist the urge to reach out and touch their server. She was just so very sexy in her service, as were all the girls tonight, and it made me very happy indeed to see that our ideas for the dinner had been a success!

The only hiccup with Faith's service was that we were both sharing the same girl rail for our tether chains, and mine stopped hers from going all the way around the table the proper way. She quickly solved it though by going round to the rail on the adjacent table and serving from there, even though she had to stretch a bit more to reach. But again, I don't think the guys at the table minded, especially Joe who happened to be right next to her. And as she put his plate down in front of him, Joe leaned over and whispered something in Faith's ear that evidently got her blushing, something Joe found very easy to do to women!

But Faith was able to finish and once she was done serving, she smiled, winked at Joe, and left us alone, and I looked down to see that I had been given a slice of almond Tiramisu, with no way to eat it. Jason again came to my rescue though, and would occasionally put a fork full of the amazing cake in my mouth when asked. Although, I did get a little embarrassed by the amused looks I got from people around me, seeing the naked girl getting fed.

My embarrassment was about to go into overdrive though, because, shortly after we started our desserts, Zack stood up and called the room to order.

"Thank you everyone," he said, "It has been a great evening, with wonderful food, and before I announce our last award, let's give a round of applause to Annabelle, our executive chef who has literally slaved away all week getting this dinner ready for us! Annabelle?"

He started clapping and everyone joined in, and Jason urged me to stand, so I did, smiling and blushing all over again.

"And let's not forget our beautiful waitresses, who showed a lot of courage and loyalty tonight by serving us in their delightful... outfits!"

Again there was a lot of applause, even louder, and all the girls in the room stopped what they were doing and started smiling and blushing as much as I was!

"And I have to say," continued Zack, "that those of you who haven't visited the kitchen yet, really should. Because even the kitchen staff who prepared this meal, did so nude and chained. And those young men are well worth the look, ladies!"

He grinned and a lot of the women laughed, and I took the moment to sit back down again.

"But, the next award is for the Best New Writer. To be eligible, the recipient had to have posted for the first time during this year and had to have contributed at least three stories. This year the contest wasn't even close. The winner is... Annabelle!"

There was applause and people turned to see me sitting next to Jason. And I was shocked! An award, for me?

"Stand up, Annabelle. I can see you won't be able to take the trophy right now, so we'll hold it for you. Folks, I've done a lot editing, and I've never seen anyone with so much native talent. If she used the Leviticus Method to promote her work she could be the next J.K. Rowling, as I'm sure J.K. herself would tell you if she had been able to attend this year's dinner. Of course writing is a lot of work, as you all know, and Annabelle has her career as executive chef of this restaurant. But I hope she will have time to exercise her writing talent, not just for the website but for the benefit of the world of literature."

I stood up to more applause, and I think that it were possible to die of embarrassment, they would have been calling an ambulance for me right then. But I just smiled and took it, and almost got to sit back down again. But, I was suddenly attacked by a woman about my age, light blonde, and full of energy!

Well, she didn't actually attack me, unless you count a power hug as assault. But I was certainly surprised to have this stranger suddenly hug me so hard. "Annabelle, oh Annabelle!" she cried. "You look fantastic, I am so jealous! What I would give to strip down right now and be forced to display like this... wow.... This is so great!"

"Er... hi?" I said, wondering who she was, although I had a sneaking suspicion I knew already.

"Oh... sorry... it's me, Katie!" she said with a grin, letting me go.

I was right, and grinned right back. I love Katie's stories, and Katie herself was a fun person to know. "HI!" I cried out, and we hugged again, or at least she got to hug me in my bondage.

"God, you look so great, so sexy! I really am jealous! But, I can't stop to talk now. I'm meeting some other people."

"Oh no!" I said.

"Donít worry! I'm here in town for a few days, so I know we will get a chance to get together, okay!"

"That would be great, Katie. I'd love to spend some time with you!"

"Me too, Annie!" she said before planting a kiss on me and rushing off.

I was glowing, really... so much going on in so little time. The award, the compliments on the food and my restaurant. The hard work my crew had put in, paying off so well, and the sacrifices they had made in exposing themselves so completely to all these strangers. Not to mention my own nudity and bondage, something usually kept private, made so public. Unlike at the Spree, where everyone had been a stranger, here I was doing it in front of people I knew, which made it that much harder!

All these events generating all sorts of emotions... it was crazy and exciting and lovely and overwhelming all at the same time!

So all I could do for the rest of the dinner was sit quietly next to Jason, eating cake when he fed it to me, and smile.

People started to leave after dessert, and most stopped by our table to say goodbye and offer more congratulations, which kept my happy buzz quite high.

Charlie was the only one still working the dining room, seeing people out the door, while the rest of the crew had retreated to the kitchen. I knew they were probably very anxious to finally be released, especially Amanda who had been cuffed up since well before lunch. But our instructions were that no one was to be unlocked until the last diner had left the building.

I was actually quite comfortable in my bonds, but then I could wear them for days at a time if I had to. But I could sympathize with my staff, who were all novices, which was why during dinner Jason and I had a crew setting up a little reward for them all in the fenced off back patio, another place they couldnít get to because of the rails.

Our table was the last to clear, and as Jason played host he inclined his head toward the kitchen and nodded. It was okay to go.

The guys and girls were happy to see me.

"Wow, that was really wild!" Sandra was saying, jumping up and down and still full of energy. "I cant believe we all just did that!"

The others agreed, and I was glad to see that all of them had smiles on, even tired ones.

"You guys were excellent!" I said to them all, wishing I could hug them. "I am so proud of every single one of you! You made us shine, you really did!"

"Thanks, Chef," said Sean, and the others echoed him warmly.

"Are we going to be unlocked soon?" Amanda asked, a little concern in her voice.

"Very soon," I assured her. "But first, just a few things, a quick team meeting."

"A very strange team meeting," Sean said, and everyone laughed. Because it was strange indeed with all of us naked, and all the women cuffed behind their backs. But my team all found a place to perch and waited for what I had to say.

"Okay," I said. "First up, I really meant it when I said you guys did great. You did. You can be proud of the work and sacrifice you put in this past week. And Jason thinks so too, and he told me to tell you that he is doubling your special pay for the week. You have each earned two grand for this!"

I smiled as they cheered and laughed, then brought them back to order.

"Second, you impressed the hell out of all our diners tonight, you gave them something none of them really expected and they appreciated that. Charlie says there is a shit load of tips waiting to be divvied up among you, so be proud of that too!"

They were, but settled more quickly when they saw I wasn't done.

"Third. Remember that group we served at lunch? They were so impressed that they have booked us for a full repeat dinner service in a few months. Yes, that's right, we get to do this all over again! But... only if you want to. I won't be surprised or upset if any of you don't want to do this again, no one is forcing you. But it would be great to have my crew together again. We work well like this, and it should be easier next time, now that we know what to expect. So let me know, okay?"

"Well, I'm game!" Amanda said, standing up and dancing. The others laughed and a couple of the other girls joined in, the guys yelling some mildly suggestive things at them.

I had to laugh too, and was tempted to join in the dance, but in the back of my head a little voice kept telling me that I was the boss, and even though I was as naked and bound as the rest of them, I still had to maintain a little decorum.

Eventually everyone settled down again, and I was able to get to my last point, their surprise.

"Okay, last thing. Jason and I, in thanks for all you have done, have set up something for you on the back patio. You can go see it as soon as all your cuffs and chains are taken off you. But... there is one catch. I would advise that you not get dressed yet, come out naked."

This made them all pause.

"You mean go outside, naked?" Faith asked me quietly.

"I do. It's for all of us, so I will be out there too. Besides, you know how well fenced off that area is, it's as private as in here, and I think you will really like it. Do you trust me?" I asked, looking at each one of them.

They all glanced at each other for a moment, then nodded.

"Good, then lets get out of these chains!" I said with a smile.

Charlie was waiting for us in his office with the keys, and I made sure he released me first of everything but my collar, which he didn't have a key for. I wanted to reassure my crew that it was safe to go out back naked, by going first. Besides, I wanted to see their faces when they stepped out.

As Charlie worked on freeing the others, I walked through the kitchen to the back door, happy to be able to stretch again, and when I stepped outside into the evening air, it really felt good on my naked body.

I was also happy to see that all was ready. A huge, 10 person hot tub with all those fancy contoured seats and water jets was set up and bubbling away. And on some side tables was pizza and beer from the pizza place across the way, which we all loved.

I was eager for the tub though, and didn't hesitate to climb right in, the hot water soothing aching muscles as soon as they were immersed.

"Oh my God!" said Amanda, peering around the half open door, a big smile on her face. "HEY GUYS!" she shouted back inside, "ANNIE PUT A HOT TUB IN!"

I scowled at Amanda for ruining the surprise, but had to laugh as she practically ran over and jumped in. Soon followed by all the others who, one by one, some happily, some tentatively, all came out of the building and joined us.

All eight of us, five girls and three guys, naked in the tub together, our legs bumping and rubbing up against each others, aware of our nudity yet not worried about it anymore. We had really bonded over the past week, and I think what made me the most happy was that here, in this group, I had finally found friends that didn't make me miss the ones I had left behind so much.

Our hot tub pizza party lasted only an hour though, and that was a good thing really since I'm sure that under the rolling water a few hands and feet wandered around a bit too much, considering the alcohol. But eventually people started leaving, and soon it was just Amanda and me.

I climbed out when I started to feel like the lobsters I used to cook, and sat down on one of the wooden benches to let the night air dry me. Amanda waited a moment, then climbed out too. But she picked up one of the towels Charlie had thoughtfully provided, and dried off before wrapping it about herself and joining me on the bench.

We sat quietly for a moment before I got a fit of the giggles.

"What now?" Amanda asked, smiling.

"You... and Sean?" I said, grinning.

She started to giggle too, and we both laughed until we couldn't anymore.

"He's cute," Amanda finally defended. "and wow, what a bod."

"And he knows how to use it," I added.

"And he knows how to use it, yes." Amanda agreed.

"You going to keep seeing each other?"

Amanda shrugged. "Maybe. Do we get to keep the hot tub?"

"Oh yes. That's here for keeps. Donít ever let anyone tell you I don't take care of my employees!"

"Cool. Clothing optional?"

"Well, maybe you had better ask before stripping off and diving in."

"That's cool," she said with a nod. Then she looked at me. "Are you Jason's sex slave?"

"What?" I asked, almost shocked.

"Oh come on, Annie! Look at us! Look at what we just did!" Amanda exclaimed. "You think that anyone strictly vanilla would have even considered hosting an event like this one, and that's without all our nudity and bondage. And we all saw who those people were, and that you are one of them! You write for a bondage web site? Jesus, Annie!"

I didn't know what to say, was she mad at me?

"And then there is that collar of yours, Annie. You know, I have never seen you without it. And the rails we were all attached to, don't think I haven't noticed you have the same thing at your house. So, what do you expect me to think? Are you his sex slave?"

"Would there be something wrong if I was?" I eventually was able to ask.

"No... of course not. I'm a pretty kinky bitch myself, you know that. But Jeez, Annie, that's a pretty big secret you have probably just shown everyone who works here!"

"Well," I said, feeling rather uncomfortable about it, "I'm not Jason's sex slave. We just have... well... an arrangement,"

"Is that why he has put you up here?"

"Jesus, Amanda, you go for the jug, don't you!" I said, annoyed. "Donít you think I have earned this place, that I have worked hard for it... in the kitchen!"

Amanda just stared at me for a moment, a hard look on her face, which then quickly softened into a smile. "I know you did, hun. You're the best boss I've ever had. Which is why I just want to make sure that you're okay." She put her hand on mine. "You are okay, right?"

"Yes, I'm okay!" I said standing up and moving away. "Why does everyone always assume that a bondage relationship has to be an abusive one?"

"Well you have to admit... the whole whips and chains thing!"

"There are no whips!"

"Really? How boring!"

I turned to look at her, startled, only to see her smiling at me. The bitch, she had been pushing my buttons deliberately, and I had to laugh.

"You are evil, sometimes," I said, chuckling.

"I know, Annie," Amanda replied, standing up and tucking in her towel. "But if I wasn't then my street cred would go all to hell!"

"Yeah, your important Scottsdale street cred. How much money does your family have again?" I asked her.

"What, you can't be an heir to a fortune and not have street cred too?" she said with a grin. "Anyway, I'm off. Long day and all. We will continue this conversation later. I want to know all about your life with Jason!"

We hugged and then I was left alone.

I sat naked behind Catturata for a while longer, but as I cooled off from the hot tub and drank a little more beer, I started to feel energized again, so I went inside.

Amanda was long gone by then, and even Charlie had gone home after turning off most of the lights, leaving me alone in my restaurant, which didn't often happen.

And even though I had just spent almost the entire day there naked, it felt odd being nude while the place was so quiet. I wandered about in the dark in just my collar, touching things, looking at things. I stood for the moment at the Maitre D's station at the front doors, the only part of the inside of the restaurant that wasn't shielded by tinted glass, confident that I couldn't be seen in the dark. I even spent a few minutes in our walk-in freezer, shivering in the cold and enjoying the experience.

When I went back to my office to get my clothes, I picked them up and looked at them. I really didn't want to put them on. I had such a good time today that it seemed to me that putting on my clothes really would end it, and I wasn't ready for that. A part of me wanted to call everyone back and keep the party going.

But I was alone now... naked... a little horny... and I didn't want to get dressed yet.

"Fuck it," I mumbled, and I grabbed my purse and locked my office behind me, leaving my clothes inside.

My heart started pumping faster as I made sure the restaurant was locked up as well, the alarm set, while trying not to consciously think about what I had the sudden urge to do. Yes, it was crazy, but I was in the mood for crazy, it had been that sort of day.

Our employee parking lot was accessed through a gate in the fence surrounding the back patio, and, still naked, I very carefully cracked the gate open and looked around. There were a lot of businesses surrounding us, but our lot wasn't directly visible from the street, so I grinned and quickly scampered to my car.

As I ran, a part of me wondered how fast I would go if hobbled, but I figured that doing this naked was risk enough... at least this time.

I don't think anyone saw me, but I quickly unlocked my car and slid in, the seat feeling weird against my naked body, and put my seat belt on. In moments, I was on my way home, sinking low in my seat because I felt so very exposed. I was naked in my car, no clothes with me at all, driving home late at night, and it made me laugh! What a fun way to end a great day!

I was lucky that traffic at that time was light, and made it all the way home without incident. I was still giggling though when I parked my car, and wondered what Jason or Chris would say if they knew I had just driven home nude.

Jason might make me do it nude and chained next time, but not before taking every precaution to make sure I was safe first. While Chris... I'm not sure. Would he find something like that sexy? Does he find me sexy at all?

I don't know why I was starting to obsess over the guy, maybe it was just the beer, but somehow his opinion of me counted!

I was tempted to walk into Jason's house like this to ask Chris what he thought of me, but I wasn't that dumb. Instead, I headed to my own home and got ready for bed.

Jason had left out my usual sleeping cuffs for me, and after putting them on and locking myself in my cage, I settled down on my futon pad to sleep, letting my thoughts simply drift as I smiled and faded away.

Amanda had been right. Long day and all.

End of part 3

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