The Girl, the Carrot, and the Easy Decision
by Annabelle

A story from the Settlement

Anyone who has read my stuff knows how big a fan I am of Kirsten Graham and her Settlement stories. Well, I woke up one morning to find a story set at the Settlement sitting in my brain just waiting to be written, so that's what I did! And I sent it to Kirsten who loved it, which made me feel very happy! :)

Now you get to enjoy it too!


Annabelle was thinking about sex.

That wasn't so unusual for Annabelle, even though it wasn't something she talked about much, except in the middle of the night while locked in the women's quarters of the Settlement when she was especially frustrated. A succession of cage mates were all pretty familiar with Annabelle's frustrations, especially since acquiring her new belt, and even felt it themselves from time to time.

It was easy to feel sexually frustrated when you spent all of your time, and I mean all of it, completely naked, your ankles locked in cuffs connected to a chain only 16 inches long. And that wasn't all of it! There was also the collar, also steel, also quite escape proof, which in turn was locked to a two meter long chain connected to a bolt mounted in a grove on the top of a steel rail. The sliding bolt allowed you plenty of freedom to move along that girl rail, but you could never, ever leave it. Your world consisted of whatever was within two meters of that rail, and that was that.

And then there were the handcuffs. Just as secure as everything else you were forced to wear, although from time to time if you had a good reason, they were taken off. But it had to be a good reason, you wouldn't be allowed to simply walk around without your hands cuffed in some way, and the most common way of all was to have them cuffed behind your back!

For the women of the Settlement, a community of people trying to survive in a world collapsed, this was how they had to live. For an unsecured woman was a danger to herself and even maybe to others. The best way to be safe was simply not to be a position where problems can happen!

So long ago, when the Settlement was first founded, it was simply easier to keep the women of the community restrained 24/7. That, and their constant nudity, was enough to keep them out of trouble back then, and the only thing to have changed since those days was the security and variety of their bondage.

Annabelle, for example, in addition to her cuffs and collar, also wore a steel belt around her waist to which her cuffs were connected by a short chain. She had been told a year ago that this was so she wouldn't lose her cuffs whenever they were taken off, but she knew it was really because she had been thin and flexible enough to slide her cuffed hands over her butt whenever she wanted to... something she did in private in order to satisfy her frustrations. She couldn't do that now though, and the way she was bound meant she couldn't reach anything of any real use. So like the rest of the women of the Settlement Annabelle had to rely on others, especially the men, for her pleasures.

That didn't stop her from thinking about it though, especially when she was doing something mundane like washing vegetables in the little restaurant she ran, which was what she was doing now. It wasn't much more than a hole-in-the-wall kitchen really, with all the seating outside. But Annabelle was a talented cook and couples from all over the Settlement liked to come eat there for their more romantic dinners.

Alone in her kitchen, Annabelle would watch the lovers who came to eat there, the men handsome and dressed and free, while the women would all be naked and chained to the girl rails. Sometimes the men would even unlock their women's hands so they could eat properly, but most of the time the women stayed cuffed.

Very few of the women seemed to mind though, and Annabelle thought it rather erotic watching her customers dine that way.

That didn't help with her frustrations though. Especially after she met Glenn!

"There you are, 175," said a voice at the door, and Annabelle jumped, her mind wandering as usual. She turned from the wood tub she was backed up against, her hands of course cuffed behind her since she had long since learned to cook that way and could do most of the work her restaurant required without needing to be uncuffed at all!

"Glenn!" she cried out happily, and with a jingle of chains she ran over to him.

Glenn laughed and took the naked girl in his arms. He bent low and kissed her, holding her tightly, feeling her firm naked breasts pressed against his shirt. After which he stepped back and put Annabelle through the usual security check of her chains and cuffs, inspecting every link and lock to make sure she was securely bound and not in danger of violating her own safety. And as he did so, Glenn once again felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Glenn, like Annabelle, was a child of the great collapse. Not old enough to remember the world that was, all he knew was the clean devastation of the world of now.

He actually came from a land by the sea, a long way from where the Settlement called home. His father had been a doctor, a talented man who had made it his life's work to teach Glenn all he knew, knowing full well that a man of medicine would have very valuable skills indeed. And he got lucky with Glenn, because not only did his son absorb his training like a sponge, Glenn also seemed able to apply his skills in ways even his father hadn't imagined. In the world that was, Glenn could have become a leader in his profession, finding cures for the incurable and stuff like that. But once his father died, Glenn decided to travel, and his medical knowledge had saved many lives, including his own as he used it to barter his way across the territories of the many gangs, warlords and communities he had passed through.

When he came across the Settlement, he had originally planned on only stopping a little while. But like most men he enjoyed being constantly surrounded by all these naked women, and he decided to put off leaving for a while.

But that wasn't the only reason he stayed. The Settlement was also one of the most stable communities he had seen since leaving his home by the sea, and even though their hospital was small, it was one of the best equipped. And the community in turn was happy to have him. Because not only was he a talented doctor, he also had the much rarer talent of being able to make the medicines the Settlement desperately needed. Nothing fancy, but he knew how to extract from the local flora and fauna the basic ingredients for many common medicines, and was happy to show people how to do it.

And it was while working at the hospital that he met Annabelle, or 175 as he called her. Names were a very private thing for women at the Settlement. They used them with each other, and in private a man could use the name of a woman he was married to. But otherwise all the women had a number which was what the men used in public. Glenn knew Annabelle as 175, never having said her name to her, not even once.

But the day he met her, Annabelle had come into the hospital after having scalded her hand and right hip with boiling water. This was a real hazard when cooking nude and cuffed, and an occasional accident happened. Glenn had treated her burns, using an ointment he had created himself from some of the plants and herbs growing in the area, and Annabelle had been very grateful. That night she cooked him a special meal in his quarters and the two of them enjoyed themselves afterward too.

But the strangest thing happened, Glenn and Annabelle found that they liked each other... a lot! And that like grew to love and soon it became clear to the rest of the Settlement that they were a couple, even if they hadn't actually formalized anything yet.

Normally a single woman in the Settlement could be approached by any of the men, and all the men had the keys to their handcuffs. But as a sign of respect for their new doctor, Annabelle was unofficially declared off limits to all but Glenn, and the couple didn't mind a bit.

But, as time went on, Annabelle discovered that Glenn enjoyed a little fetish of his own. He loved to tease Annabelle to frustration without letting her cum, at least for a while. He enjoyed seeing her squirm, seeing the need in her eyes and in her body. He loved the way she looked at him, as if pleading for his attention, and the more she did so the more he loved her.

And Annabelle in turn loved that he loved her, even though he loved to keep her frustrated. She was happy to be his in every way he wanted!

"Mmmm," Glenn said once their lips parted, "you taste good, 175."

Annabelle laughed. "Thanks. I've been tasting the soup I've been making, but for some reason I can't reach to wipe my mouth!" she said, flapping her bound hands behind her. It had been at least a week since her hands had last been freed, and touching her face at all was completely out of the question. (In fact, most of her own body was out of her reach, something not really appreciated by those that have never spent time in bondage.) More than her freedom to go where she wanted was locked away from her!

But the reason she mentioned it was because one thing she couldn't do while bound was clean her kitchen properly, so she hoped Glenn would take the hint. The last time she had asked him directly to free her hands, she ended up getting a spanking and a lecture on safety from him. For a newcomer, Glen had caught on quickly as to how the Settlement operated, but then new men always adjusted a lot faster than new women. It probably had something to do with the men never having to be naked and chained all the time.

"Well I can take care of that!" Glenn told her, making her heart jump, until she saw him reach for a rag.

Annabelle sighed as her face was wiped. "You know that isn't what I meant," she said. "I need to clean here!"

Glenn took a look around and had to agree, but he wasn't going to let her get by that easily. "Tell you what," he said. "There's something special I'd like for lunch today. Cook it for me, and you can have your hands free later for a while, okay?"

Annabelle grinned and pressed herself up against Glenn's body, the best sort of hug she could give with her hands bound.

Glenn smiled. Annabelle was a beautiful girl, slim and lithe. Her long black hair falling to the small of her back and her wonderful tanned skin spoke of her Italian ancestry, and he often found himself lost in her dark brown eyes. He sometimes wondered what she saw in his skinny, bony body, and his hair that very often resisted combing.

"I'll cook you anything you want!" Annabelle exclaimed, obviously excited and ready to start.

"Good," he said, reaching into a pocket, "but first..."

Annabelle saw what he took out and her eyes went wide. She started to back up, shaking her head. "Oh saints and rivers, now? Please Glenn, I don't think I could take some of that right now!"

Glenn held up the small jar he had retrieved and looked at it. "Oh, I think you could, and you do want out of those cuffs for a while, don't you, 175?"

Annabelle blinked, backed up to the counter in her small kitchen, and sighed once again. "Just a little... please?" she whispered.

Glenn smiled and opened the jar, dipping a finger into its contents. There was just a little on the very tip of his pinky, but it was enough for what Glenn wanted.

Annabelle moaned as Glenn stepped close and she closed her eyes. Her thighs parted slightly and she bit her lip, knowing what was coming. His touch on her clit was almost too light to feel, and for a moment there wouldn't be anything to feel until the paste started to do its work. Two more touches, one on each nipple, and Glenn was done, and as he screwed the top back onto the jar he watched Annabelle start to squirm.

The substance in the jar was his own invention. A mixture of fresh mint and red pepper ground together into a paste. There were a few other ingredients too that he wouldn't even tell your narrator about, but essentially the oils from the mint and pepper worked together as a home made arousal gel.

And it was very effective.

Annabelle could feel her clit pulsing and warming up, while her nipples felt like two little balls of coal on her breasts. She strained at her cuffs in an effort to reach something, anything that would calm her growing need, but there was nothing she could do of course! Her cuffs and chains were of the highest quality, their designs tested and improved over twenty years of restraining Settlement women. She was never meant to reach her intimate spots by herself, so of course she couldn't. So Annabelle stood their suffering a beautiful agony of pleasure and pain, while Glenn watched and smiled.

Glenn didn't often use the paste on Annabelle, in fact lately he had started to use it less and less, her body now conditioned to react to his touch in almost the same manner. But he loved to watch her struggle in her beautiful nudity to find some sort of release from her sensual torment... and sometimes, Glenn would oblige.

Not quite now though. And while Annabelle stood moaning and squirming, Glenn picked up a carrot and started to carve it with one of Annabelle's kitchen knives. And presently, as he knew she would, Annabelle began to calm down, the initial rush over. The paste was still working on her most sensitive spots, there was no getting away from it. Even if she was able to somehow wash the paste off her body, the chemicals her skin had absorbed would still stimulate her. But after a few minutes it did die down enough so that she could function if she concentrated, and Annabelle opened her eyes to see Glenn watching her.

"Evil man," she said with a smile, rubbing her thighs together. Annabelle hated it when Glenn used that stuff on her... or did she love it? She really couldn't be sure anymore, there was so much to feel. But mostly want she wanted right now was to fuck, to have that orgasm she desperately wanted, and she looked over at Glenn hungrily.

Glenn laughed, knowing that look, but he had a plan. "First, the thing I want you to cook," he said, holding up the carrot.

Annabelle looked at it, puzzled, until she saw how he had carved it. "Oh, Gods, you aren't serious!" she exclaimed.

"Of course I am," Glenn said, stepping in front of her. "You are the hottest thing here, 175, the perfect place to cook this carrot!"

Annabelle swallowed, lifting her chest up so she could rub her burning nipples against him. And Glenn obliged, holding her close for a moment before reaching low, carrot in hand.

Annabelle gasped as she felt the carrot enter her. Of course it went in easily, the paste had her so wet she couldn't have stopped anything from being pushed into her pussy, and she felt the vegetable fill her very nicely indeed as she thrust down against it. So delicious was the feeling and so deep was her need, that she got up on her toes and started to hump the carrot while it was still in Glenn's hand, her body aching for the orgasm it had been denied for weeks.

"NO!" Glenn said firmly, swatting her on the behind. "Not yet."

Chastised, Annabelle stopped, although it took so much of her will power to do so.

"I want you to keep this inside you for the next couple of hours," Glenn told her, making her gasp. "Do NOT let it drop out, or else. Understood, 175?"

Annabelle nodded, not daring to speak. But she was amazed at what Glenn was asking from her. She felt so wet that she knew the carrot would fall out of her the moment he let go of it! But she squeezed down and it stayed when he took his hand away.

Glenn gave her another long, deep kiss, before leaving, and in moments Annabelle was alone, very horny, with a new, intimate friend to take care of.

Not surprisingly it took Annabelle a few minutes to calm down and pull herself together. The paste had done its job of thoroughly destroying her mind and turning her on, and the carrot inside her was demanding all her attention as she struggled not to let it drop.

Looking down, she was happy at least that the carrot wasn't visibly sticking out of her, so she wasn't going to be totally humiliated if someone saw her. But then Annabelle remembered that she had planned on going out for a while that morning. She needed to visit the herb garden down next to the farming side of the Settlement, a long walk at the best of times since she was forced to follow the girl rails round, rather than the more direct route the men could take. But now she wondered if she could walk at all in her state. Yet, without some of those herbs, she wouldn't be able to cook tonight. She had to get them.

So with a sigh and a groan, the chained girl picked up the little basket she carried her herbs in, and stepped outside.

The walk down to the herb garden was... interesting. Annabelle could feel the carrot inside her pussy shifting constantly with each step, massaging her insides in a way she would normally be very grateful for. Yet now she was outside in public view, and felt way too embarrassed about it all to give in and let herself cum. Besides, since she was alone a public display like that could easily be interpreted as a violation of the rules, and Annabelle was on thin ice already with the Settlement's rulers. They hadn't stuck that belt on her for nothing.

So Annabelle just had to grin and bear it as she shuffled along, pulling her tether chain along the girl rails on the roundabout route the men decided she had to take when they laid out the girl rail system. And as she walked, carrying her little basket in her bound hands behind her, she nodded and smiled at the men and women of the Settlement she passed, hoping that none suspected just how worked up she was getting.

Annabelle was out of luck though. While most of the men she passed didn't have a clue of course, most of the women did. Because it was hard to miss the flush in her face as she walked by, the way her nipples were rock hard and how her clitoris sat bright and pink and very visible. And it was only visible because unlike almost all the Settlement women, Annabelle now had no pubic hair because of another of Glenn's little ointments, a hair remover.

She was stopped once though, by Dave and a one of his girls, 93, real name Claire. Claire was not in the usual bondage that all the women of the Settlement had to endure, in that her hands were not cuffed behind her back. Instead, they were locked in a yoke attached to her collar, forcing her arms out wide away from her body. And in her mouth was a hollow gag, locked on of course as everything was in the Settlement. Annabelle thought that to be such a very vulnerable way to be bound, your body so very open and defenseless. Yet what was there to defend against?

Inside the Settlement, attached to the girl rails, every woman was completely safe. They didn't need to protect themselves from anything because the men were here to do that for them. Yet... it left you so open, so exposed... so sexy looking, and Annabelle wondered if Glenn would like to see her that way... and what he would do to her.

"Hi 175," said Dave, admiring the naked brunette shuffling along the track. "You look like you're in a hurry!"

"Yes, Sir, I am!" Annabelle said, forcing her sex addled brain to focus on something other than... well... sex. She came to a stop and stood at a respectful attention, her ankles apart, her back straight. She knew that it was customary for women to spread their ankles to the full length of their hobble chains when talking to a man, but Annabelle didn't dare try for risk of dropping the carrot.

"You must have been running, you look quite flushed," chuckled Dave, who knew full well that in their chains, women found it very hard to run anywhere, that was the point!

"Well, I am in a hurry, Sir. I have food on the stove and don't want to let it sit unattended any longer than I have to," Annabelle lied.

"Oh, of course. We shouldn't stop you then," Dave said, stepping back, and Annabelle smiled and moved on. And as she did so she glanced back and caught Claire's eye. The yoked girl seemed to smile behind her gag, which made Annabelle blush even more.

"Come on, 93," Dave said, and the couple continued on too, along a different girl rail.

It really wasn't that far to where Annabelle grew her herbs, but when your stride is limited by a short chain between your ankles, it can take a while to get anywhere! So she was happy when she finally arrived and was able to start picking herbs.

Across the way was one of the fields where vegetables were grown for the Settlement. The work was done by the women of course, since it could easily be done in Settlement bondage. Girl rails were laid across the field, which allowed the women all the reach they needed to do their jobs. Annabelle could see that a couple of the naked women working the field had their hands free, but most were still cuffed behind their backs, their jobs not needing complete freedom.

Annabelle herself had no problems picking herbs with her hands cuffed behind her. Her tether chain gave her plenty of slack in order to reach most of the herb garden, and she was used to squatting and pulling by touch. She only hoped she wouldn't pop out the carrot as she did so, because there would be no way for her to get it back in without help!

Her basket full, Annabelle began the long walk back, but she did so more slowly. The movement of the carrot inside her and her general needy state was really working against her. She wanted to cum so badly she could scream, but was afraid to. It wasn't that she was afraid of Glenn, nothing like that. Glenn gave her no cause to be scared at all... unless he was going to give her a spanking, and even then it was that... good kind of fear... if you know what I mean. It was just that Annabelle didn't want to disappoint him, so she did her best to maintain herself all the way back to her restaurant.

It was in the calm and quiet of her kitchen though, where she was finally able to truly function. Her arousal never left her of course, and thoughts of sex with Glenn kept popping into her head. But Annabelle was able to find a balance in the work she was doing and the amount of concentration she needed to do it, and was actually surprised when Glenn appeared once more at her door.

"Hi, 175," Glenn said, smiling happily at Annabelle. "You look like you have had a good morning!"

Annabelle giggled. "You could say that... I've been cooking all morning!"

"Oh, what have you been cooking?" Glenn asked, acting innocent.

"Your lunch, Sir," Annabelle replied.

"And where," Glenn asked, stepping into the kitchen, "have you been cooking this wonderful lunch for me, 175?"

Annabelle blushed and looked down, wriggling her hips a little. "Down there, Sir."

"Oh? Well, something smells good at least," Glenn said, stepping close and looking into her eyes. "Will it taste good too?"

"I hope so," Annabelle whispered, almost overwhelmed by Glenn's closeness.

"Well first let me check your chains, and then let's see."

It was very frustrating standing there so ready to cum, while having yet another security check done on you, but Annabelle was used to the men checking her chains often and thoroughly. And despite the fact that Annabelle was so obviously ready for sex, Glenn forced himself to a complete check of all her restraints, just to wring out the suspense. And as he did so, he let his fingers trace across her naked body, touching her everywhere, and feeling her tremble with need until he was ready to take out the carrot.

Annabelle closed her eyes and gasped as she felt Glenn's fingers on her sex. She moaned as he slipped into her, sliding easily inside until he could grasp what was left of the very mushy carrot that had been inside the girl for a couple of hours now. He pulled on it, gently, slipping it slowly from her and making her groan even louder.

Annabelle could feel it sliding out of her and couldn't help trying to stop it. She clamped down but had no grip at all, and soon that familiar empty feeling returned.

Breathing heavily, she opened her eyes to see Glenn smelling the carrot. He smiled and waved it under her nose and she could smell herself heavily on it, for after all it had been marinating on her own juices.

Glenn brought the carrot up to Annabelle's mouth. "Bite, and hold," he said, pushing one end toward her lips.

Swallowing, Annabelle did as ordered, tasting herself on the vegetable, and as she stood there holding the carrot in her mouth, Glenn moved close and took the other end into his mouth. He bit a piece off, chewed it and swallowed.

"Fantastic," he said, and Annabelle smiled. "You should put it on the menu!"

Annabelle giggled wondering how well that would go down with her regulars, and then thought that knowing some of them, that would be very well indeed!

But before Annabelle could lose herself in that fantasy, Glenn took the rest of the carrot into his mouth and pressed his lips on hers. They kissed, hard, biting through the carrot and eating it together. Then Glenn grabbed Annabelle and turned her around, bending her low over the cabinet.

As she heard Glenn fumbling at his clothes, Annabelle cheered inside her head... after all this time... finally!

It had been a long time for Glenn too. One custom of the Settlement he hadn't taken on was having sex with more than one woman. So when Annabelle was in denial, so was he, something Annabelle hadn't quite grasped yet, he thought. But Glenn was certainly ready now to end the drought, and he easily slipped his hard cock into the bound girl, feeling her heat surround him.

Together they started stroking, Annabelle cuffed and helpless under the larger man, taken from behind, with no choice at all, and Annabelle felt deliriously happy. She started to cum almost at once but it wasn't her first. So worked up was she that she came twice before Glenn came into her, and so horny was Glenn that he was able to stay hard and keep stroking when he was done, making Annabelle cum again before he too managed a second time.

Eventually the couple collapsed, exhausted and sated, and they sunk together to the floor giggling like teenagers.

"God damn, I love you 175!" Glenn exclaimed, kissing the top of her head.

"I love you too, Glenn," Annabelle replied, rolling against him, happy to he helpless in his arms. But she did turn to look up at him. "And... my name is Annabelle," she said carefully, knowing what it meant to give a man use of your name.

Glenn nodded. "I know, and I have to admit that it has been odd not using it. But... I didn't want to offend you."

"In private... you can use it," Annabelle whispered.

Glenn smiled. "I love you... Annabelle."

And they kissed again.

Eventually they made it up off the floor and Glenn got dressed and made an attempt to tidy himself up. Annabelle of course, could do neither, although Glenn took pity on her and at least brushed out her long hair with his fingers. But Annabelle was still a state, she looked and smelled strongly of sex, and even after all those orgasms, the affects of the paste were still upon her.

"I've got a patient to check on," Glenn told her as he brushed out her hair. "I'll be back in about an hour, then I can free your hands for a while, okay?"

"Okay," Annabelle said, smiling.

Glenn kissed her once more, then was out the door, leaving Annabelle alone once more.

The naked, chained girl looked down at herself, knowing full well how she appeared. She desperately wanted a bath right then, and knew she could find help in the women's quarters to get clean, because that was how most of the women in the Settlement bathed, with help!

Yet... what if Glenn wanted her to stay like this?

She knew from experience that Glenn liked to see her sweaty and used, and she also knew from experience that if Glenn thought she had disobeyed her, that a spanking and some more denial was soon to follow! And these past couple of weeks of sensual torture without relief had been hell!

So Annabelle smiled, the decision was easy really.

Before Glenn was due back, she was going to take a bath!

The End

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