Alone in the Dark
by Annabelle

With all the fiction I've been writing lately, I haven't written much about the stuff I actually do! Well, this one is all true.


What was that noise?

I woke with a start from my doze, not moving, not that I could have moved much anyway. But my heart was racing because I was sure I heard something falling over somewhere in my kitchen.

Staying still, I listened some more, but heard nothing as the minutes went by, and slowly I began to relax again, partially annoyed, but mostly just tired at this point. I hadn't really slept all that much that night, at the most simply dozing as I dealt with my bondage. And I tried not to think about how filled I was, as I tried once more to get some sleep.

For those of you that don't know this, I sleep every night in bondage. For the last year or so I have been sleeping with my hands cuffed behind me in my leather cuffs. It was hard at first, very hard. There were nights I barely slept at all, when I wanted nothing more than to take those cuffs off and sleep like a normal person. The growing aches in my arms and shoulders and back made sleep impossible, it seemed.

But I can be really stubborn when I want to be, something I got from my Mom, and I was determined to learn how to sleep like that. So eventually, sleepless nights became light dozing, which evolved into actual sleep... and after a while I was sleeping normally again and waking up refreshed... mostly. I could never get rid of that last vestige of stiffness in my arms and shoulders when I woke, but that was nothing really.

Having my arms cuffed behind my back was the only strict bondage I slept in for a while, although I did experiment with loosely cuffing my ankles too from time to time, and every couple of months or so I would do a Settlement bondage day and sleep like that as well. But a couple of months ago, a friend suggested I start cuffing my ankles together when I slept, and I decided to try it.

It turned out to be no big deal really, it hardly made an impact on my sleep, so I have been doing it ever since. So now every night would find me sleeping naked on the futon pad in my living room, bound hand and foot!

But this wasn't how I was sleeping this night.

A new online friend of mine had helped me out with a few things, and when she learned how I slept she made a few suggestions that I couldn't reasonably refuse... they sounded like fun, and I felt I owed her. This wasn't to be a constant thing, it was just for one night... but I wanted to give it a go!

So, this night, in addition to being cuffed hand and foot, I also wore a blindfold, which wasn't a big deal either. But that wasn't all, not all of it at all! In my pussy I had a dildo, held in place by a very snug crotch rope... and to finish it off I also had a chain connecting my wrist cuffs to my ankle cuffs, putting me in a loose hogtie.

She had also wanted me to sleep gagged, but I refused. Sleeping gagged is not something I like to do, especially if I am bound so I can't get the gag out quickly if I need to. That was why I had the dildo in me, because in her words, at least one of my holes had to be filled!

So... filled and bound and feeling rather horny in my bondage, that was how I tried to get to sleep!

It was hard though, and I don't just mean the dildo! lol

I loved the way I was held, the way I couldn't straighten my legs, how the chain pulled on me. I could hear it jingle every time I moved as I tried to find a comfortable position. But the crotch rope and the dildo made every position difficult to keep. The rope was tight about my waist, and the way it rubbed between my ass cheeks was annoying. It was actually most comfortable over my pussy, but the dildo inside me was large enough that I really couldn't ignore it!

I would find myself... squeezing it... over and over again... my body trying almost to milk it. As it shifted inside me with all my wriggling, it would rub my insides and make me squirm even more. It wasn't a lot of stimulation, but it was enough to keep me distracted from sleep, and... yes... wet.

Again, there were times when I just wanted to stop and go back to my regular night bondage... but I wanted to see the night through. So I suffered in the dark, dozing lightly when I could, and eventually finding some deeper sleep.

That was why I was annoyed when I woke up. But as I lay there, trying not to squirm because of that damn dildo, I wondered if the noise was just in my head!

I couldn't see of course, even though where I lay was in full view of my kitchen. The blindfold I wore left me rather helpless that way. But I was pretty helpless in every way, and if someone was there there was no way they could miss seeing the chained up naked girl lying on the futon not twenty feet away.

Which was why my heart was racing... this was not how I wanted some burglar to find me. This wasn't some fantasy story, but real life, and I doubted that a happy ending was going to happen if someone was there.

But... as I lay still and listened, there were no more sounds, and I began to relax. I pulled at my cuffs, shifting my arms as best I could to relieve some stiffness, and did the same with my legs.

I wondered what time it was, and how much longer I had to stay bound. I had promised myself I wouldn't try to free myself until my alarm went off, but of course I couldn't see to check, which was the point.

Not knowing the time meant that I had no idea how long I would be bound... it was as if someone had actually done this to me, and I would only be free when they wanted me free... and I found that very sexy and arousing... which that dildo wanted to join in on.

I could feel it deep inside me... filling me... caressing me... and my body, acting on its own, began massaging it all over again.

This time I didn't try to hold back, I let my arousal take over as I wriggled and squirmed on my futon, sliding off it onto the floor itself. I wanted to see if I could cum this way, letting my arousal build. I was really horny and wanted that O!

But... I couldn't get any real friction going on the dildo, with it tied up inside me... and bound as I was I couldn't do anything real about it. So eventually I had to stop, frustrated and panting and moaning quietly to myself.

I thought about my friend and how she did this to me, and yes, thought it would make an interesting story too, which is why I am writing about it now. My mind was full of thoughts, and I giggled once I calmed down a bit, wriggling and squirming in my loose hogtie to get back on the futon.

But then I heard that sound again, and I froze, scared.

Was there someone there?

Was there someone watching me, silently watching the naked girl try to get off in her bondage?

I was actually pretty scared for a moment or two... wondering about just that. But when I heard nothing more I began to calm down just a bit. I really wished I could see, but the blindfold was pretty snug, I couldn't see past it. Still, I wasn't as horny as I was a moment before, even though the dildo kept pressing my insides, and I felt very, very vulnerable.

But even that passed, and I crawled/rolled my way back onto the futon and tried to relax.

I still have no idea what that sound was in my kitchen, but nothing more was heard by me, and eventually I managed to get some more sleep... still horny... still frustrated... still nervous....................... alone in the dark.

The End

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