Riding Cowgirl
by Ann Bounded

This is not much of a story, more of a technical self bondage description, intended for self bondage enthusiasts only. Anyone who wants to try this, feel free to contact me for tips! I know my English is horrible and I suck at writing, so please be nice to me.

'Riding cowgirl' has always been one of the most difficult and draining positions for me, I can never last more than five minutes. I wasn't sure whether it was because I lacked the determination or the correct technique, but I was going to change that. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and I had the entire house to myself. I needed to use the kitchen for this scenario and it would probably take a while, so it's good that I didn't have to worry about them coming back early.

This devious scenario had been floating on my mind for a long time and I cannot wait to put it to test. Basically, I would be tied, straddling an air pump somewhere above ground level. To get free, I would have to ride the pump to inflate a raft float which would then deliver the keys to me to free my hands. (More on release method shortly.)

Important stuff needed:

Inflatable raft float
Air pump with extra long tubing (foot air pump for bicycle tires)
Hitachi magic wand
Old back pack
Old foam-type pillows
Lots of duct tape
Basic bondage stuff
Too-large-for-comfort dildo

First, I had to find a suitable location. It had to be higher than ground level and steady enough to withstand all the shaking and humping without giving way. So I chose my kitchen island, which was in the middle of my kitchen. It's mainly concrete and bolted solidly to the floor, perfect!

Next, I duct-taped the deflated raft float to a side of the kitchen island. It was fastened tight enough to hold it in place, but not so tight that it would constrict airflow. I taped the handcuff keys needed for my release on the side of the raft facing inwards.

Then, I filled the back pack with old foam pillows and the air pump. I cut open a small hole where the pump pad was, and duct taped the dildo firmly onto the air pump. Then I positioned the hitachi wand carefully and taped it inside the back pack such that my clitoris would rest on it when the dildo was fully inside me. I made sure the back pack was packed full and threaded the pump tube and hitachi wand's wire out of the zippers by the side. I covered the entire back pack with duct tape, so that there was no way I could cheat by removing the pump. The back pack was then duct taped firmly and securely onto the kitchen island top. The pump tube was also taped securely onto the kitchen island top and fixed properly to the raft to make sure air could flow and it wouldn't fall out of the pump.

Next, I undressed and put on my collar with the D ring at the back of my neck. I locked a chain high up around my waist with the excess chain behind me and locked the handcuffs onto the excess chain. Then, I hung two clover clamps with small chains onto my breasts and threaded the chains through the D ring on the collar and locked them onto the handcuffs. The idea is that I would have to keep my hands up in the middle of my back or I would be pulling the clamps which would be clamped onto my nipples later.

Lastly, I gagged myself with a ball gag and climbed gingerly onto the kitchen island. I applied plenty of lubricant and eased myself slowly onto the dildo. It's extremely uncomfortable and even hurts a little when it's totally in. I tied my ankles to my thighs and made sure to leave some slack. Just enough slack to get myself up but not off the dildo.

The clamps went onto my nipples and I blindfolded myself. I cuffed my hands behind me as fast as I could, before I chickened out. Now my hands are stuck behind my back. I had to hold them up high on my back to prevent pulling the clamps.

Suddenly, I realized the intensity of the buzzing hitachi wand on my clitoris and tried to lift myself up from the dildo. I pushed my legs together as close as I could and lifted my body up using muscles in my legs that I never knew existed. (LOL) Not surprisingly, I got tired real fast and fell back into the dildo. My hands reached down instinctively to softened my descent and was reminded immediately by my painful nipples to keep those hands high behind my back.

This cycle of avoiding the hitachi went on a few times before I remembered that I had to pump the dildo to get free! I was already panicking before I even made a single attempt to pump it. If I was having so much trouble just getting up, how could I even pump it???

I tried pushing my entire body weight down and the pump barely moved an inch! I had no time to rest and lifted myself up again to avoid the torture from the intense hitachi wand. I bit down on my gag and tried again and again. Still the pump barely pumped at all.

I felt my cheeks blushing from a mixed of arousal and panic. I huffed and puffed as I tried again and again. I bit down on my gag and tears of desperation flooded my blindfold. I breathed hard and tried to calm myself. I started exploring different ways of humping. I was grinding and thrusting my hips, trying to find a combination that worked.

After what seemed like an eternity, I found that I could pump the air pump if I thrust my hips back and grind down slowly with thrust and a little help from gravity. Still, the best I could was to pump it about a third of the way. Then I realized that because had I stuffed and duct taped the back pack, the pump was probably already squeezed half way down!

I went into the zone in self bondage where I started to think of how to cheat. (It's a sign that your self bondage has reached a pretty high standard!) I tried lifting myself totally off the dildo, but I couldn't, no matter how high I tried to lift myself. I tried sliding out of the dildo from the front, back and sides, none worked. The dildo was too long and I simply couldn't get it out of me.

I had to be a good girl and ride the cock hard.

I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up. I thrust and I ground and I lifted myself up...

The more I pumped, the more turned on I got. The hitachi wand was driving me nuts. But I didn't want to orgasm because I knew it would tire me out so much that I wouldn't be able to carry on this tedious assignment.

But the more I fought it, the more conscious I was of my arousal. I clenched my fists tightly as I held my tired hands up for fear of more pain. My thighs and buttocks were getting sorer by the second.

I got scared, so scared. I was scared that all these things were building me up for a huge orgasm. But I couldn't stop, I cannot afford to stop if I wanted to get free.

There was no comfortable position anyway.

If I let my hands down, my nipples would hurt.

If I lifted myself up, my leg muscles would hurt.

If I sat on the dildo, my clitoris would be tortured.

I just kept going and going until the inevitable happened. I couldn't stop it, I never stood a chance. A huge orgasm tore through my body, I convulsed and shook. My hips started thrusting on their own, feeling the huge dildo nestled tightly inside of me, and rubbing my clitoris back and forth on the buzzing devil. My hands pulled down towards my butt, stretching my nipples upwards, and adding fuel to the fire inside me. It was one of the largest, longest and most intense orgasm I've ever had.

Actually I wasn't sure if it was one huge orgasm or multiple ones strung together, but it sure felt goooood...

By the time the orgasm was done with me, I hunched over limply with the dildo still impaled in me and whined pathetically into my ball gag. I was completely wasted. I didn't have a single ounce of energy left in me to lift me off the devil wand yet it kept buzzing and buzzing. I could do nothing about it. I just sat there on the dildo and waited for the orgasms that were sure to follow.

A few orgasms later, I regained my composure and started to ride the dildo again. My vagina had became super sensitive after numerous orgasms. The dildo felt enormous, the buzzing felt stronger than before. The O hit me after some pumping. By now, the orgasms were smaller but much more frequent.

I went on and on, until I reached the am-I-fucked zone in self bondage. I realized the there was no way I could know for sure if the raft was inflated enough, or maybe I could have over inflated it and broke it. The only way I could know for sure was to lean back and reach my hands as far behind me as I could to feel for the keys.

Two problems: First, leaning back would push the dildo hard onto the front of my vagina and it hurt like hell. Second, my nipples would suffer. But I had no choice.

I leaned backwards slowly; the dildo hurt so much that I swore it had pushed a hole through my abdomen. Then I extended my arms backwards slowly, pulling and almost tearing my nipples off me.

Lucky break for me! On my first attempt, I found the keys. My release method worked! I released my wrists from the handcuffs and removed my blindfold. I had spent the last three-and-a-half hours in this grueling self bondage.

I got myself out of the bondage and found myself facing a even bigger problem. The duct tape left an ugly residue on the kitchen island!

I had fun cleaning up though. I plugged my holes, collared myself, and cleaned up the mess on my knees.

Like a good girl.

Love, Ann

The End

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