Bounded on the Bridge
by Ann Bounded

The new school term has started. Ever since my daring, almost outrageous, self bondage in the school field, my face turns red every time I passed by the field.

The memory was bitter-sweet, filled with pain and a strange after-taste of pleasure. As much as I'm physically pushed to my limits, the bondage and torture brought me to an ecstasy I've never felt before. I decided that I shall have a light session of self bondage first, and if it still excites me, then I'll go for a longer session. I'll decide if self bondage's the hobby for me after the two sessions.

Although I read a lot on self bondage, I don't really put my knowledge to use. I still think it's really weird and embarrassing that a young lady like me would have to resort to tying myself up to get the high. Nonetheless, I remained convinced that the light session of self bondage should be able to show me what I really want.

I thought long and hard for an interesting session until an idea came to me during a lecture. Since I like self bondage and prefers an outdoor session, I would cuff myself to the side rails of a bridge! The idea was so scarily brilliant that I felt something building up in my loins. I've decided on a bridge over a highway. The traffic on the bridge is not too heavy, and the chances of me meeting someone who knows me is almost zero. I figured that this session shouldn't last more than half an hour.

The release method would be for me to "reel" my keys in. The keys to my cuffs would be tied to one end of a 25 meter fishing line, and the other end would be tied to my cuffs. To release myself, I would have to pull the line in until I reach the keys.

The opportunity for the self bondage session came on a day with no lectures in the afternoon. I made my way home as fast as I could to prepare for the session. I took out my handcuffs, anal plug, vibrating dildo and the vicious pair of nipple clamps. I tied the fishing line to the keys and the cuffs, wrapping them in a cardigan. From my wardrobe I selected a short and white spaghetti strap sundress, and a matching pair of cute undergarments, which I usually save for special occasions. I lubed up the anal plug and managed to get it in after a lot of hard work. The dildo went up the rightful cavity. I put on the panties and the extra small panties hugged my butt well and did a good job keeping those plugs in. After some consideration, the bra was ditched as I opted for a more natural feel.

The thought of going bra-less was exciting me even more. I slipped on my sundress, picked up the cardigan, and wrapped the cuffs, keys, and clamps in it. I chose a pair of heels, bided my mum goodbye, and left home for my self bondage session.

It was a 10 minute walk to the bridge. By the time I reached the middle of the bridge, my legs were trembling. My thighs were moist. Was it the lube or was it my love juice? I do not know. I stood frozen in the middle of the bridge for a good 5 minutes. My mind went blank, and I wasn't thinking. My consciousness finally took charge and I proceeded on with the session.

Taking a quick look to both sides of the bridge and seeing that no one else is on it, I reached under my dress and switched on the vibrating dildo to the highest setting. Just as I did that I spotted a middle age lady coming up the bridge. I quickly stood by the side rails and pretended to be looking at the cars on the highway passing under the bridge. Being more of a clitoris person, I've never orgasmed on virginal stimulation. But the vibrating dildo does give me little waves of pleasure and something to think about.

It seemed like forever, but the lady finally got off the bridge. Looking around once more, feeling safe, I took a clamp and reached into my dress from the top. My nipples were already erect, so clamping them was easy. I didn't want to be easy on myself, so I let the clamps bite directly on my erected nipples instead of the areola. My pinkish and tender nipples were crushed mercilessly by the clamps and the pain shot right up to my head. Using whatever courage left in me, wasting no time, I cuffed my hands in front of me to the rail and dropped the keys onto the side of the bridge in front of my feet.

Now I'm stuck in the middle of the bridge with my hands held immobile to the rail. With the cardigan sitting on top of my wrists over the cuffs, I hope no one would suspect anything. Now that the initial adrenaline has faded, the clamps are making themselves felt again. The pain peaked with every breath I took. The plugs were getting increasing uncomfortable as well. The anal plug threatened to slip out with every exertion I made. If the anal plug slipped out, I'm sure anyone passing behind me would see the obvious shape against my flimsy dress! The dildo continued vibrating without giving me a break.

A panic attack set in.

Once again I felt stupid doing this. If I'm caught by anyone, I'm pretty sure I'll be handed over to the police! What would my parents and friends think? My picture would be splashed all over the papers and everyone on the campus would know! Tears started flowing freely.

In the midst of my panic, a group of boys, in their 16s or 17s, crossed the bridge. I stood as still as I could. They probably thought that this young lady with long hair must have been ditched. As they came close, I started imagining the horrible things they would do to me if they knew I cuffed myself to the bridge. Scenes of them grabbing and squeezing my breasts hard, spanking and squeezing my buttocks, pumping me with the dildo, all this flashed past in my mind.

The moment they were a couple of steps past me, with their backs to me, a huge orgasm came. The fear of discovery, pain in my nipples, and endless vibes from the dildo pushed me over the edge without me knowing. The panic must have masked the orgasm which was building up. It was the first orgasm I've ever had without clitoris stimulation, and it felt so much different! It wasn't as intense, but felt like it came from somewhere deeper. Not wanting to alert the boys, I held back all my groans and moans and squeezed my thighs tight, hoping that the orgasm would pass soon.

By the time they left the orgasm had faded. The pain in my nipples shot right back. My feelings went from pain and pleasure to pain and discomfort. All I want now is to go home. I quickly pulled the fishing line and got to the keys. A lady crossed the bridge before I could release myself. I waited until she was off the bridge, then uncuffed myself. With anticipation and adrenaline gone, it suddenly seemed too dangerous and risky to reach in and remove the clamps. So wrapping the cuffs and keys in the cardigan, I hurried home.

On my way home, the plugs and clamps made me a little horny again. So I was absolutely delighted to see the note my mum left for me when I reached home. She was out for yoga classes, which meant that I could use my hitachi wand!

I very seldom use the wand when there are others at home, because I moan really loudly with it.

Feeling like a little slut, I went to my room, took off my dress and paraded in front of my body length mirror. What a sight, I thought to myself. The clamps bit defiantly on my pink nipples atop my round and perky C cups. My firm behind was wrapped by cute and tiny panties, hiding secret plugs known to none but felt by me. My slender legs were wet on the inside from my love juice. I'm not a narcissistic person, but in my pre orgasm trance I couldn't help myself. =)

I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed my hitachi wand. Still feeling a little exhibitionistic, I went to my balcony and laid down on the floor. I flicked the switch on and the vibration of the wand sounded like music to my ears. Pressing the head of the wand to my pubes, orgasms after orgasms washed over me. I stubbornly refused to give myself a break, holding the wand tightly against my clitoris with one hand and pumping the dildo hard with the other. I fucked myself silly, thinking of the scenes of the boys violating me on the bridge. A rush of warm liquid gushed out from my privates. I finally let go of the wand when my body could take no more and my hands were paralyzed. I curled myself up in a ball and wandered off to post orgasm dreamland.

I could hardly walk straight later that day.

Maybe I should start planning for the longer session.

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