Bounded in the Field
by Ann Bounded

Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Ann, I'm a 22 year old undergraduate living in Singapore. I stand at 1.6 meters, weigh 47 kilograms, and measure 34C-24-33.

My indulgence for self bondage started around the same time when I first had a personal computer. I was just 16, and doing research for a school project. By a beautiful coincidence I stumbered upon a website on self bondage. I felt so wrong to be surfing such a site, but as I read the stories posted, there was a strange attraction which propelled me to read on. One story after another, I read on; foreign words like "hog tie", "leather cuffs", "ball gags" became more familar. Before I realised it I had been glued to the screen for hours.

Suddenly, I experienced something I've never felt before. My body felt warm, my head felt light and my panties were soaking wet. I instinctively placed my index finger over my privates. It was so moist and warm. It was also the very day I learned that touching my clitoris feels good. As the speed of my finger rubbing my clitoris increased, a wave of pleasure hit me. It felt so good that I nearly fainted. I had my first orgasm.

Since that day, there was no turning back for me.

I would start experimenting with self bondage. Initially I used spare cords, belts, wire, ropes, or whatever's lying around at home. I loved tying myself up in a hog tie and squirming on my bed. Imaging myself as one of the helpless woman in the stories I've read made me wet, but however rich is my imagination, something felt missing. After a year or so, school work and friends gradually made me forget about tying myself up.

I've had two boyfriends since. i was so smitten when I was with them that I became blinded to the fact that all they wanted was to have sex with me. After breaking up with the second boyfriend I iburied myself in my studies.

I do touch myself once in a while, but the orgasms never seemed to be as strong to those I've felt when I was 16.

So a month ago, I decided to surf the net for self bondage. Why not?

To my surprise, there are so many self bondage websites compared to yesteryear! It was like travelling back in time for me, as I started reading the stories. It was almost as if I was trying to make up lost time as I stayed glued to the laptop, reading storie after storie and touching myself. Orgasms washed over me, wave after wave.

I've finally found what I've been missing after all these years.

In my post-orgasm state, I purchased some items for self bondage off a website which seems pretty decent. I bought a ball gag, anal plug, vibrating dildo, wireless hitachi wand, ropes, chains and cuffs. Since my exams were in a fortnight, I figured that by the time my purchases arrived I would have an empty campusand an empty hostel all to myself!

I refocused myself to the coming examinations, and totally forgot about the stuff I bought.

They were delivered to my home address three weeks later, and luckily, I was home to sign for it. Surely I don't want my mum opening it! I tore off the packaging, hardly containing my excitement. I fiddled around with them, and resisted trying them on. I wanted to enjoy the full excitement of tying myself up on the actual day itself.

The coming weekend would be the best day to do it. The campus would be empty on Saturday night through to Sunday evening. I would start my outdoor adventure at 11 on Saturday night, and hopefully complete it by Sunday's dawn.

Saturday passed real slow, and around 10, I told my parents that I would be over at my best friend's place. Since we've always had sleep overs, they didn't think too much of it. I wore a one piece sun dress, with white bra and panties and a pair of slippers. Slinging my supplies over my shoulders in a bag, I headed straight for the campus.

The school, as I hoped, was very empty and dark. I nearly chickened out, if not for my over-driven lust.

I must avoid areas with CCTV, or places with bright lights. So lecture halls and classrooms are out, buildings are out. I picked the school field, since it is pitch dark, and the chance of someone crossing it in the middle of the night is almost zero. But since the field is very near a freeway I decided to postpone the session to 1 in the morning. I planned my session as I waited for the time to pass. I would leave the keys to my cuffs at one end of the field, then tie myself up, so that I would have to hop across the length of the field to free myself. Sweet!

As the number of vehicles on the freeway lessened, I started to get my session going. First I left the keys at one end of the field, then walked to the other end, about a hundred meters away. I then stripped naked. I've always been very proud of my body, but it felt so weird shedding my clothing in the middle of an open field.

I took some ropes and tied a simple breasts harness. I was pretty impressed with myself, given the fact that it was my first time doing it. I tied it pretty tightly, and my C-cup breasts bulged out nicely, with my nipples protruding in the cold night. I secured the handcuffs' links to the back of the harness. I was about to plug my anus when I remembered reading about enemas. I thought "Hmm.. water in my anus? How bad can it be?" My inexperience and over-enthusism took over.

I ran to a hose at the edge of the field. It was meant for washing boots, but I couldn't care less. I turned the hose on and tried many times, before successfully cupping the hose over my anus. Now that the water couldn't escape it flowed straight into me. I only turned the hose off after my tummy felt bloated. I thought "That's it? This is an enema? Ha. what's so nice about it?".

I walked backed to where my supplies were, slightly disappointed from the 'useless' enema. Keen to get on with it, I lubed up my anal plug and forced it up my anus. It wasn't easy introducing a foreign object up the anus, though the vibrating dildo was much easier. Now that the two plugs are in I pulled up my panties. I tied a piece of rope around my waist, and tied the hitachi wand's head to the center of another piece of rope. Positioning the head of the hitachi wand over my clitoris, I switched on the vibrating dildo, and tied the hitachi wand to the waist rope. Several other ropes went under my crotch and tied off at the waist rope. I wanted to make sure that the plugs wouldn't come out.

I was surprised that the vibrating dildo felt only ok to me. It wasn't as mind blowing as I've expected. I then tied and cinched my legs up at the ankles and below and above the knees. The ball gag went on next, and I made sure it was extra tight. The moment my hands left the gag, I suddenly felt so enslaved. Not allowing myself to be distracted, I picked up my 'secret weapon' for the night.

It was a pair of tiny book clips bought from a stationary store. As soon as the first one went on to my left nipple, I cried out in pain behind the gag. I've never felt such pain in my entire life. I was about to take it off when the lustful side of me resisted the pain and put the other clip onto my right nipple. My nipples now felt like they were on fire, and although I couldn't stop tears from running down my cheeks, I was so keen to experience this self bondage session that I willed myself on.

I turned on the hitachi wand, which is pressed directly on my clitoris and held tightly between my thighs. Almost mechanically, I cuffed my hands behind my back with the handcuffs secured to the breast harness.

As soon as the last click of the cuffs sounded, I felt stupid tying myself up in the middle of the field, with plugs invading my holes, and my limbs tied up. I felt so shameful and slutty.

At the very next second, the vibration of the hitachi wand could not be ignored. I've never felt anything quite like this. The vibrations were so powerful that I fell onto my knees as small orgasmic waves washed over me. Wave after wave they hit. My mind was totally blank as I got lost in it's vibrations. I've never had an orgasm as powerful as this. Not to mention a series of such orgasms, which seemed to get more and more powerful as I became more aware of it.

I was caught in my orgasms when out of the blue, a cramp hits. My stomach exerienced sharp cramps that came in succession. While I was in pain, the vibratior continued it's assault on my clitoris. The pain forced me further into the ground, rolling on my sides in pain. The pain stopped, and the vibrations brought me to another high. The painful cramps would come and go, while I orgasmed in between the cramps. As I rolled in my self-induced torture, the little devils on my nipples would get caught between me and the ground, reminding me of their pressence.

All the pain and pleasure was surely too much for me to take. I was hoping so badly that I would faint right away and wake up feeling fine.

I was caught in this torturous web for so long that my mind went blank. I could no longer think. I started squirting, wetting my panties and the whole of my inner thighs.

I've got no idea how long it was before the hitachi wand's batteries started to weaken. The vibrations were now low and very dull. Although the cramps had not gone away, I could at least catch my breath. I laid on the field for a long while before remembering that I have to get myself free. I used all I've got to get myself onto my feet. I took a hop, my breasts bounced and I was once again reminded of the clips on my nipples. After a few hops, the cramps set in again. It was so bad that I could not stand straight.

After a some more hopping I was starting to get used to the pain. Thinking that I'd made good progress, I looked up and started crying. I was only barely half way to the keys. The helplessness of my situation, however, brought a strange stirring to my privates. I became sensitive to the vibrating dildo and the weakened hitachi wand again, bringing me crashing to the ground with another orgasm.

Having picked myself up, I continued to hop towards the keys, my only way to get out of this mess.

The enema seems like a really bad idea now.

When I finally reached the keys, the relief of the situation brought me another small orgasm. I unlocked myself and untied my legs. Removing the hitachi wand, I took off all the crotch ropes, and gingerly remove the plugs from my sore holes. As soon as the butt plug came out a gush of water came out from my anus. I was free after two and a half hours.

After some much deserved rest, I picked myself up and started to pack up for home. Everything was dumped in the bag. My panties were too wet and soiled, so I ditched them on the field. I thought since my panties were gone, might as well my bra too! So off my bra went. Slipping on my dress, I headed home. All I want was a warm shower and a good sleep.

And maybe another session next week!

The End

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