Bounded in the Carpark
by Ann Bounded

Allow me to introduce myself again. My name's Ann, I'm a 23 year old undergraduate living in Singapore. I stand at 1.6 meters, weigh 47 kilograms, and measure 34C-24-33.

It took me a while to recover from the tormenting session at home. I had ugly marks on my wrist and ankles, a pair of very sore nipples, painful vagina lips and very numb clitoris. For days, I had to give up pretty skirts for long jeans and long-sleeved shirts. I was so scared that my self-bondage sessions would leave me with scars and permanent damage that I completely stayed away from self bondage for months.

The new year began and school was hectic. In a way, that distracted me from engaging in my kinky hobby. My time was all spent on school projects and my final year paper. For a few months, it did seem like self bondage would be out of my life for good.

Valentine's day came and I had a date on the 14th with a boy from campus. He was the kind I like, tall and big, with a little bit of ruggedness in him.

Before the date, I had fantasized that he would take me by force and make love to me. In my fantasy, he hung me by my wrists and spanked my buttocks good. He would whip, flog and cane my behind till I submitted. He would torment my lovely lumps with nipple clamps and flog them till I wept. He would spread my legs and play with my loins, denying me orgasm over and over again, till I break down and beg him for an orgasm.

But a fantasy's a fantasy; in reality, he was a bore. He was so reserved that he didn't even hold my hands. The evening ended uneventful, and I asked for him to send me home early. I was so disappointed and frustrated. Why would a young lady like me be so obsessed with bondage? Would any guy I go out with accept my kinks? In the conservative society that I'm in, am I a freak?

My mixed emotions pushed me over the edge, and I decided to have a spontaneous self bondage session. For not the first time, I had once again turned to self bondage for relief, hoping perhaps that the adrenaline will smooth my confused and tormented soul. I grabbed a bag and dumped in my gag, ropes, clamps, butt dildo, vibrator, chains, locks and my precious hitachi wand. I wanted a scenario which would push my body to the limits, a session like the one I had at my campus' field. I decided to do my session at an old multi-storey carpark beside a bus interchange where the highest and second highest storey would likely be deserted on weekends.

I stripped out of my dating clothes and slipped on my favorite black and lacy silk panties. I tied my hair up into 2 pony tails. Not wanting to waste any more time, I just pulled on an over-sized T-shirt which barely covered my panties. I thought since it's 11pm already, it wouldn't matter. With my precious equipment bag in hand, I sneaked out of the house and got onto a taxi. The taxi driver must have had a field day looking up between my legs, because no matter how I crossed them my T-shirt was too short to cover my panties properly. The exhibitionist in me didn't mind though, and was strangely turned on instead. I gave up crossing my legs and parted my legs ever so slightly, giving him a better view. I could feel my face burning, yet my loins were churning out love juices. By now, I'm sure he would have realized my nakedness underneath my shirt. My nipples were hard and it was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra.

It seemed like an eternity but I finally reached the carpark. I took my time and went up storey by storey, surveying the area. As I went up, the number of cars in each level went down. When I reached the sixth storey, there were only 2 cars. On the seventh, there was none. The eighth storey was an open air level, and with taller buildings in the area, it was a no no. So I settled for the seventh storey. The carpark was a rather small carpark with "reverse parking" parking lots flanking both sides on every storey, and every storey was only about 50 metres long.

I dumped all my gear on the floor at one end of the carpark and placed all the keys on the other end. I took off my T-shirt, placed it inside the bag along with my handcuff key and flung the bag down onto the ground floor. My plan was to tie myself up, crawl the length of the carpark and free myself, before heading down the carpark naked to retrieve the bag with my shirt and handcuff key in it.

I was determined to tie myself up really tight, and make myself work for release. I wanted the dildo and vibrator in me first before I started on the restraints, but I suddenly realized that I had forgotten the lubricant. Not wanting to be let down by that, and fueled by my desire to punish myself, I stuck the dildo into my love hole and lubed it well with my juices. In a sadistic mood, I pushed it all the way up my backdoor without pausing, imagining myself fucked from behind. The shearing pain tore right up from behind, but I was in no mood to tolerate any whining from myself. Once the dildo went up my back door, I pushed the vibrator in and filled my love hole. Not wasting a second, I skillfully tied a crotch rope over my panties, making sure that I double it between my legs for added security, holding my tormentors inside me.

I put on my gag, which in this case was more symbolic than practical. Next, I tied my ankles together, and also tied a piece of rope above my knees. I omitted tying below my knees, so that my bare knees would rub against the floor as I crawl. Since this wasn't a pre-planned session, my mind was racing and trying to come up with ideas on how to better tie me up for this scene.

I tied myself a simple breast bondage which looked like a rope bra. I made sure it was tight, so that my breasts would stand up proudly and my nipples would point out. I consider my breasts an asset but I've never held back when it comes to punishing them, though I stop short of causing them permanent damage.

I then circled a length of chain around my neck and locked it up with my handcuffs' links in the padlock. My handcuffs dangled in the front of my chain collar. Next, I tied a piece of rope onto the ropes holding my knees together, and on the free end, tied a noose as close to my knees as possible. With my bondage almost completed, I looked around once more, making absolutely sure that I was alone in the car park's seventh storey. Feeling safe, I got down to my knees and began the final stages of my bondage. I tied my ankles to the back of my crotch ropes, leaving enough slack for my legs to open to only about 30 degrees at most.

Then I tied fishing lines to each of the two clover clamps. With a clamp in hand, I gingerly closed it over my left nipple. From experience, I knew that clamping over the nipple directly, instead of the areola, would hurt the most, and hurt it did. The familiar yet feared pain shot through my body, I quickly clamped my right nipple and the pain was instantly doubled. At this point my heart was pounding so hard, I knew that I had to hurry or fear would consume me, and I would not be able to go through this session.

Since I rarely get high without clitoris stimulation, I set the vibe to max. Now, bending my torso over my knees, I tied the ends of the fishing lines from my nipple clamps to the rope on my knee. Not in the mood to cut myself any slack, I made sure they were extra taut, so that whenever I raise my body away from the knees, the lines would pull hard on my nipples. Finally, my hands reached into the noose tied to my knees, and I pulled my arms sharply away from my knees, trapping my elbows in the noose. Without hesitation, I cuffed my wrists onto the handcuffs on my chain collar.

Now completely trapped, I took stock of my situation. I was completely bent over my knees with my forearms flat on the ground, my chin resting on my wrists and my buttocks pointing up. Any attempt to lift my torso from my knees would result in a sharp pull at my poor nipples. My arms are well trapped with my wrists locked uselessly in front of my throat and my elbows were tied together with a 15 centimetres slack between them and my knees. If I squirmed my way to the other end of the carpark, 15 centimetres were all that I've got to work with.

I might have tied myself up too tightly. It was an unrehearsed scenario with an unfamiliar bondage. I've never even tried whether I could even move at all in this position. How could I be so careless! What if I couldn't move an inch! I'll be trapped like this till morning!

Fear propelled me as I began my journey to freedom. I could move a a few inches each time if I lifted my body up with my back muscles, landed on my forearm then pulled my knees to my elbows. The only problem was that this pulled on my nipples. Every time I wormed forward, my nipples would be mercilessly pulled taut. With each pull, the pain of the clamp going on initially was re-lived again and again.

Panic came barely after I started, as I've truly outdone myself this time. Never had I been so naked and in such a comprising position. I was in a public carpark where I would be exposed if any car came up to the seventh storey! I would have nowhere to hide, and I wouldn't be able to run!

I started sobbing uncontrollably. It was such an overwhelming sense of loss and fear. I was wishing that I hadn't been so stupid, tying myself up so tightly and doing this in a public place. If I was discovered and humiliated by a group of boys, so be it. But this is Singapore, chances are people would call the police, and I'll be so screwed! My family and friends would be so shocked and devastated, they would never have imagined that the "good girl" they know is actually such a slut! A shameless and horny slut who ties herself up naked in a public carpark!

It was a while before I calmed down again. My knees were starting to hurt, the handcuffs were biting into my wrists, my back was aching, my vagina and anus were uncomfortably stretched, and my nipples were on fire. I managed to get a hold of my emotions and willed myself forward. I told myself not to think of the pain and just get on with it. I tried to ignore the pain and went really fast, not caring that my nipples were suffering. I wormed forward for maybe ten times before breaking down and crying in pain and exhaustion.

The cycle of worming and resting went on forever and I was barely 20 metres to the keys when I heard the sound of a car coming up the carpark. In my panic I wormed forward fast and furious, stopping only when I realized that the car had stopped on the sixth storey. By then, my tender and very abused nipples were hurting like mad. I was biting into my gag trying not to cry out loud when I heard the sound of a woman moaning. The car must have stopped on the sixth storey and the couple must be making out! Although it's possible to see the sixth storey from the seventh storey, I was tied way too close to the ground to be able to sneak a look.

Strangely, listening to another woman's moaning and the thought of them making out and not realizing I'm here turned me on. Coupled with the fact that I was so close to being discovered, I was extremely aroused! Although the vibrator had been buzzing away in me for like an hour or so, I've only just felt it coming to life. It was when I squirmed hard in my position, pulling my buttocks away from my ankles, trying to pull on the crotchrope for relief, that I realized that if I arched my lower back, the vibrator felt exceptionally amazing.

I figured that I must have found the angle to stimulate my G-spot. As the couple down below continued their love making, I was arching my back and pushing my buttocks up to get high. Very soon, the pain in my nipples and the new found pleasure spot pushed me to the brink of an orgasm. The orgasm was completely different from the other orgasms I've ever had. It was less intense than hitachi wand on my clitoris, more hollow than when I masturbate with a dildo, but yet more focused and the pleasure seemed to be streaming from a region I've not known. I bit down hard on my gag as I climaxed, not wanting to alarm the couple. Amazingly, I squirted plenty and my panties were soaking and warm juices ran down my inner thighs.

I rested on my knees, defeated. I was overcome by the amazing orgasm, which did not drain me, but made me more aroused and sensitive. I wanted a more intense orgasm which only my hitachi wand could give me. Summoning all my strength, I wormed forward again towards the keys.

When I was about 2 metres from the keys, the couple got into their car and left, much to my relief. Finally, I managed to get to the keys and after much effort, freed my handcuffs from the chain around my neck. With my hands cuffed in front but useful once more, I immediately took off the clamps on my nipples. Blood rushed into my nipples, bringing a new gush of pain. I slowly massaged my flattened and tortured nipples, before releasing my legs of their bondage. I removed my gag as well. I couldn't remove my breast bondage and crotch rope yet because I couldn't reach behind me with my hands cuffed in front. Gathering the gear I just removed, I made my way back to the starting point where I'd left my hitachi wand. As soon as I got my hands on the wand, I got down to my knees and pressed it hard against the rope lying over my clitoris, begging hard for the wand to give me the intense orgasm I so yearn for.

Though it's been a while since I've used the wand, it's reliability was the same. The buzz which I've so longed for brought me instant gratification, sending waves of orgasms through my body. The orgasms came and went, reality soon sunk in. I had almost forgotten that I was in a public carpark. Not wasting a moment, I grabbed all my stuff and headed down the stairs to the ground floor.

Taking a quick peep, making sure that no one was around, I sprinted as fast as my sore legs could, picked up my bag and retrieved the keys for the cuffs. As soon as my hands were free, I removed all bondage as well as the toys filling my holes. After packing up, I hailed a taxi and headed home for a much needed rest.

(As I reflect on this session, I've learnt that I should always plan any session and scenario before jumping into it. I was extremely lucky not to have been discovered in such an open setting. I was also fortunate to be able to move after tying myself up. I would still pursue self bondage in public, but definitely prepare myself better than this.)

The End

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