Bounded for Torture
by Ann Bounded

After months of intensive studying, I was finally done with my exams in May, hence marking an end to my days in the university. There are many people and things which I would fondly remember, but for now, I'm eager to move onto the next stage of my life. God has been kind to me, I've already secured a job and would be working from July onwards. Which meant that I've got two full months of vacation!

I left for Japan with a couple of my friends right after our last paper and spent a couple of weeks there. While the trip was fun, it was frustrating because I had no chance to pleasure myself! I promised myself a hard and long session when I got home.

A few days after I was back in Singapore, a perfect opportunity presented itself. My parents had to leave town for two days, and I had the entire house to myself!

I spent a whole day thinking of what scenarios to do, and how to make full use of my time. Outdoors was ruled out, because it would be too dangerous in public. Especially in Singapore: It is a conservative country and land is scarce, and I'm fearful of insects, so forested areas wouldn't work for me either.

After much consideration and research, I've decided on two short scenarios and a long one. The short ones would be physically challenging and a test of my endurance, while the long one would be sexually torturous.

There were also other new elements which I had planned for myself, I wanted to experiment with an imaginary master, and also deprivation of my senses .

The day finally came, the day that I would be punished and tortured. After joining my parents for breakfast and bidding them goodbye, I started my preparations. I needed a lot of ice, so I went down to a local mart and bought a 5 kg pack. After struggling home with it, I stuffed it into the freezer and continued with my preparations.

I drank plenty of water to hydrate myself and cleared my bowels. After a refreshing warm shower, I shaved my privates. It felt amazingly smooth and tender to touch, but it was really more itchy than sensual though. I dried my hair, and as I looked into the mirror I saw a sweet looking girl with fair and smooth skin. I wondered how different I would look like after this session.

The costume for the entire session would be just a thong. A white thong which is a size too small.

For the first short scenario, I let my imagination took over...... In my imagination, I had a Master. He was tall and strong, with firm but gentle and warm hands. He wore nothing but a pair of black briefs which held in his 7 inch manhood. He had no face and only a voice, but he is all to me. His words are my commands and I would never doubt him or disobey him.

He spook in a deep baritone "Ann, you've been a naughty girl. I want you to get your blindfold, iPod and a clothes hanger."

I gathered the items which Master wanted and kneeled down in front of him, awaiting his orders.

He asked "Have you shaved like I told you to?"

I answered "Yes Master." I spread my knees and pulled my thong to one side for Master's inspection.

He said "Good, but Ann has been too naughty, so Ann must be punished. I want you to put on the earphones and play the white noise you've downloaded on your iPod, and then hold your iPod in the front of your thong. Put on your blindfold and hold the hanger in your hand."

I got up to my feet and did everything Master said.

"Now, I want you to spank yourself 25 times over each breast and 25 times over each side of your butt cheek. You will count out loud. Do you understand?"

I meekly replied "Yes Master."

I've never been spanked, much less spanked myself, but I had to obey Master.

"What are you waiting for? Begin now."

Master's voice faded away and was replaced by a loud static white noise. bbbbuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

I decided to start with my buttocks. Gathering all my courage, I held the hanger up and swung it around to hit my right cheek. Sssssslaaapppppp! The pain shot right up to my head! "One Master!"

The pain was sharp and unbearable, but I didn't want to disappoint my Master. Holding the hanger up, I spanked myself again, this time catching the edge of my buttocks. "Two, Master!"

I told myself to breathe hard and concentrate on the task and not the pain. The blindfold and white noise did a fantastic job of isolating me from the outside world. All I could feel was the pain tearing through me and all I could think of was to do what Master said.

It was an eternity, but I made it through 25 spankings on each side of my buttocks. I held the hanger up, preparing to punish my left breast. I took in a deep breath and swung the hanger down. Ouuuccch!!!!!!!!! The pain was much worse on the breast than on the buttocks. It was so painful that tears started flowing and my body started shaking involuntarily.

"One, Master!" I was determined to finish the spanking no matter how painful it was. Master said that I was naughty and needed some punishment, and he must be right. I will spank myself to make Master happy and to learn how to be a good girl.

"Ahhhhh....! Two, Master!"

Fifty spanks later, my task was completed.

"Good girl, take off your blindfold and iPod. You may have a rest."

"Thank you... Master"

I took them off and went in front of the mirror. I was horrified and shocked when I saw my once smooth and fair breasts were covered with u-shaped red and warm welts and my buttocks were sore and very red. I was scared, but luckily it didn't look like there would be any permanent scars, even though they stung really badly.

I started preparing for the second scenario. I tied an end of a rope to a hook on the ceiling and tied the other end into a noose. I always knew that being in the Girl Guides would pay off some day. Next, I put five ice cubes into a pair of stockings for my ice release which held a pair of scissors. I tied a length of fishing line from the scissors to the knot of the noose. When the ice melted, I would be able to pull the scissors in and free myself.

Next, I took two short stools and placed them about 3 feet apart. I stood on them and starting tying an improvised spreader bar made from a vacuum cleaner part onto my knees. It took some effort to get the knots tight enough to make sure that my knees were spread wide.

I wore my ball gag and plugged in my earphones for the white noise. Next, came the part I dreaded most, I gingerly placed my clover clamps horizontally over my nipples and screamed in agony as they bit into my love buds. I tied fishing lines onto the clamps and tied the other end into the spreader bar, bending my back. Unless I yanked them off my nipples, I wouldn't be able to stand up straight no matter how much I pulled on them.

I coiled a loop of rope around my left wrist, making sure that there is enough room for my right wrist. The blindfold came on and I slipped the extra length of rope through the noose, and my right wrist through the rope. bbbbuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... Is all I could hear, and darkness is all I could see.

I breathed hard and slowly wriggled to the edge of the stools. Sucking in a deep breath, I let my feet slip off the edge of the stools, kicking the stools behind.


I landed on my toes and pulled my nipples really hard. I had miscalculated the length of the noose and it was too short. I could only stand on tip toes with my legs bent and arms stretched high above my head. Every time I tried to straighten my legs, my nipples would be pulled taut.

I stood tip toed in that difficult position for less than a few minutes before my legs started to shake uncontrollably. I gripped onto the noose, hoping that I could support my weight with my arms, taking the burden off my legs, but I could only manage it for a few minutes before my arms gave way. I was back onto my toes and my legs started shaking again. I tried to straighten my legs again, but was painfully reminded by my sore nipples.

The torturous cycle continued and I wondered how much longer my legs could take it. I pulled on my release, and as expected, the ice would take a while more to melt. As desperate as I was, I decided to try yanking the nipple clamps off. BIG MISTAKE. I knew that I only had courage for one attempt, so I wanted to make it count. I took some deep breath, counted to 3 and stood right up, pushing my heels to the floor and pulling myself up.


The clamps didn't move at all, instead, it pulled tighter and dug into my nipples more. The pain made me cry again, and by that time, my shoulders and thighs were aching as well. I remained in the difficult position for as long as I could before my muscles gave up and I hung limply by my wrists. My wrists and shoulders were hurting from supporting my weight and yet I do not have enough left to stand on tiptoe.

My consciousness left me as I hung there like a piece of meat, moaning from the pain. I tugged on the release line, and was surprised to find it loose, which meant that ice release did its job and the scissors could be reeled in. A new lease of life was injected into me, I stood tip toed and starting pulling in the scissors. As soon as I've got the scissors and cut myself loose, I removed the clamps and collapsed onto the floor from exhaustion.

"Ann, did I say that you can rest?"

"No... Master..."

"Then get up and fix your next scenario. NOW."

As instructed by Master, I got up to my feet, with my spreader bar attached, walked awkwardly downstairs to retrieve the rest of the ice and a pail. Then I hobbled slowly back to my room with the pail of ice and used a plastic bag to contain all the ice and placed it into the pail. I poked some small holes at the bottom of the bag so that the melted ice can flow out and tied the top securely. The release keys were tied together with the top of the plastic bag using one end of a paracord. I took the other end of the paracord and hobbled slowly towards my study desk.

(My study desk is big and sturdy, it would definitely be able to support my weight if I sat on it. The desk is against my window which is tinted and has stainless steel bars which are bolted to the wall.)

I had earlier cleared my desk, and all that was on it were my Hitachi magic wand plugged into a electronic timer, two dildos, some ropes, a roll of electric tape, a pair of clean panties, my leather cuffs, and my handcuffs.

I sat on my desk and shifted my buttocks in until my back was against the rails. I picked up the smaller dildo and licked it wet, before stuffing it up my rear end. It took a lot of work, but I was sure it would be worth it. I sucked and licked the larger dildo and worked it up my love hole. My thong held them in nicely. Next, I took off my ball gag and stuffed the panties into my mouth. Although it was a clean pair, it still felt weird having my panties behind my lips and not on my hips. I taped my fully filled mouth shut. The electric tape was so sticky that I couldn't open my mouth no matter how hard I tried.

I quickly tied a breast bondage and tied the spreader bar to my chest, and my torso onto the rails. Next, I tied the Hitachi magic wand onto my clitoris with a crotch bondage. I made extra sure that it wouldn't move an inch.

By now, a part of me was having second thoughts, so I had to hurry on. The other end of the paracord which had my keys was tied to a part of the rails where I could reach. I put the leather cuffs on my wrists and cuffed a pair of handcuffs on each of the leather cuffs' ring. Double checking that everything was in place, I put on my blindfold and earphones again.

Taking an enormous leap of faith, I turned on the Hitachi magic wand and handcuffed my left wrist to a rail on the far left. Shifting as much to the right, pulling my left hand taut, I reached blindly for as far right as I can, and handcuffed my right wrist to a rail.

Finally, my bondage was completed. The torture has just started.

I sat on the desk with my hands out stretched and bound to the rails at shoulder height. My knees were brought up to my chest and my legs were forced apart by the spreader bar. In my position, I could not move an inch. I could not see with the blindfold on, could not hear beyond the white noise and could not make any audible sound while gagged.

All I could feel were the straining of my muscles, the invaders of my loins, and the Hitachi wand resting on my clitoris, ready to prowl. I had the electronic timer set to on for 3 minutes for every random period of time between 0 to 30 minutes. I sat there for a few minutes, thinking to myself, that this wasn't too bad. I was comfortable enough, maybe I could make it through the entire bag of ice.

Out of the blue, the wand starting buzzing!

It was tied too tightly to my clit. I couldn't shift it away and it was getting too intense and unbearable. The uneasiness soon gave way to pleasure, and just as I was starting to feel an orgasm building, it stopped. It went dead. The pleasure had to wait. I told myself that it was ok, and tried to make myself comfortable while waiting. It wasn't long before the wand started again. I rocked my hips as much as I could, trying to stimulate my love holes by pressing them against the desk. Just as I was about to reach an orgasm, it stopped again.

Frustration was building inside of me. My body got warmer and I started sweating. Breathing through my nostrils was hard with all my panting and huffing. The position wasn't that comfortable after all. My arms started to ache because I couldn't rest them, my legs felt cramped because I couldn't stretch them and the dildos were making their presence felt with every second as they pried me open and started to hurt whenever I moved. The dildo in my rear end was exceptionally painful because I had to rest my weight on it.

Apart from all of this, I had to endure the Hitachi wand which always brought me close but never allowing me to have an orgasm. I had planned on having an orgasm every time it was on, but I've estimated the time I needed to reach one wrongly. Instead of having an orgasm filled session, I was having an orgasm denial session.

I was so exhausted but all the ongoing torments were keeping me awake. The blindfold and white noise worked wonders. They blocked out the entire outside world and as the time passed I couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain and torment I was feeling. I drifted into a surreal state of mind that robbed me of my consciousness and I was nothing but a nameless object.

This went on forever until I got lucky. The Hitachi magic wand vibrated twice, back to back, giving me 6 precious minutes of buzz. My body went crazy and out of control, I pulled against my restrains, unable to hold back my orgasm. I struggled for air as I tried to breathe in as much air as I could through my nose. The lack of air made me felt light headed as I shook and convulsed with the orgasm washing over me. After the orgasm, I sat there totally wasted and sitting in a pool of warm liquid. At some point of the orgasm, I must have lost control of my bowels.

In between my tortures, I kept tugging at the paracord to see if it was light enough for me to reel in. After a while, I pretty much give up on tugging, surrendering to the bondage which held me in place for more tortures.

A long time later, I decided to pull on the paracords again. To my relief, it was light, and I guessed the ice had all melted. I reeled in the cord slowly with my fingers, an inch at a time. After suffering one more Hitachi wand torture, I finally held the keys in my hand. I struggled a little before releasing my hands and all my other bondages. I was hungry for more pleasure, but I didn't even have the energy to hold my Hitachi magic wand. I laid there wasted. The long session lasted just under six hours. I dozed off on the floor and woke up rwo hours later.

I cleaned up the place, kept and hid all my toys, and took a warm bath. All the muscles in my body were aching; even those that I never knew existed. My privates were sore and sensitive. I had marks on my body, which would probably fade away in a day or two. I've truly pushed myself over the limits, and it was well worth it.

The End

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