Bounded at Home
by Ann Bounded

After several self bondage adventures, I am more than certain that this kinky hobby is what I crave. My peers look at me as a cheerful and attractive young lady, little do they know that I have a second life with self bondage. Devoting myself to self bondage instead of seeking a boyfriend or partner may seem foolish, but I'm very sure at this moment that nothing else can bring me off the edge and into ecstasy like the way self bondage can.

Ever since my previous outdoor self bondage session on the bridge, I've been plotting for a longer, more torturous and punishing session. The session was planned to be on the first day of my holidays, which was 2 months away. To prepare myself for that session, I decided not to masturbate or 'touch' myself at all till the big day arrived. Although my time was largely occupied by school work and examinations, not being able to masturbate proved to be a huge challenge. However, I was determined to 'discipline' myself, and held onto the belief that the big day would be more satisfying if I maintain my chastity till then.

A month into my self imposed chastity, I learnt that not touching myself, only made me hornier. My loins practically went into overdrive. Whenever I saw an attractive guy in my University, I would imagine him tying me up, and making me to do all kind of perverted acts. Just these wild thoughts were enough to make me uncomfortable on my seat. I would get so moist with my love juice that my panties' almost soaking at the end of the day. I started wearing only skirts and stopped wearing pants to school, because the wet spot would get too obvious on pants. A sanitary pad was an easy option, but I wanted no easy way out for me. I was keen to prime myself for the big day, and spending time in wet panties made me conscious of my sexuality.

A week before the big day, on my way home, an idea struck me out of the blue. I would put myself in a predicament where I could not stay comfortable either standing up straight or with my legs bent. I needed a place to hang my hands from and there is a very strong D hook in the middle of my room which was used to hang my cradle when I was a baby, and it should be able to take my weight.

My holidays are finally here! My big day has arrived! I turned down all my friends so that I can have the day to myself. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep the night before and woke up exceptionally early. After bidding goodbye to my parents, I fetched a bucket of ice and went to my room to prepare myself for the session. It was 10 am, and I would have at least 7 hours before my parents return, but I hadn't touched myself in months and wanted to waste no more time.

My costume for the day was a pair of black panties, a pair of black heels, and nothing else. After a short narcissistic parade in front of the mirror, I proceeded with filling a leg of a pair of stockings with 10 ice cubes. I had no idea how long that would last me. I pulled a keyring with the keys to my cuffs through the stockings' leg and tied the stockings to the door bolt. Next, I stood on a chair and looped a piece of rope to the D ring, making sure that the knot was tied right at the D ring, out of reach for my roving fingers later. Then, I tied one end of a fishing line to the keyring at the stockings, and the other end to the looped rope. This was my way to get free. When the ice melted, I would pull the fishing line for the keys.

My legs were already shaking in excitement and anticipation. I sprinkled some uncooked rice into my heels and put on my ball gag. I tied a piece of rope from the dresser to my left ankle, a piece from the leg of my bed to my right ankle, and another piece of rope about 26 inches between my legs. This effectively spread my legs wide.

Next, I lubed up my vibrating anal plug, and after much difficulty, managed to forced it in. The pink vibrating dildo, 1.5 inches thick and 5 inches long, however, went in with much ease, as I was already so moist. I tied a crotch rope, with my hitachi wand securely tied onto it and strategically placed. Next, I took 4 clover clamps with a fishing line attached to each. I reached between my legs, and clamped a clover clamp to each side of my vagina lips and tied the fishing lines on both clamps onto the rope between my legs after carefully measuring them. With those little monsters on my lips I couldn't stand up straight, and when I tried, the clamps would pull mercilessly on my poor vagina lips. With my legs bent, I clamped the other 2 clover clamps onto my already protruding nipples, and acting on adrenaline I pulled the fishing lines up as far as I could, and tied them off onto the looped rope above my head.

Before I chickened out, I switched on both vibes and my hitachi wand, pulled my blindfold over my eyes and handcuffed my left wrist. Almost mechanically, I reached above my head and cuffed my right wrist, trapping my hands overhead on the looped ropes.

The split seconds after my hands were secured were surreal. Everything was black and I felt so empty, but the every next moment all sensations came crashing in. My nipples were burning from being pulled so tautly upwards and my lips felt like they were tearing. The hitachi wand was working it's magic on my clitoris and the intruders made themselves felt with powerful vibrations. Less than a minute after I tied myself up, my first orgasm of the day came. The orgasm was long and hard, releasing the pent up frustrations of being unable to masturbate for months, but I hardly enjoyed myself, as I struggled to stand with my legs spread and bent. The orgasm shook me so hard that I moved and grinded my hips involuntarily, it was threatening to take over my consciousness. I fought hard against my orgasm to remain still, as any movement would only punish my poor nipples and lips.

Multiple orgasms washed over me. I was trapped in a cycle of pain and pleasure. If I allowed my orgasm to take over, my nipples and lips would suffer from my movements, but the hitachi wand was so powerful that there was simply no way a horny young slut like me could fight it. I moaned and screamed into my gag and tears were flowing down freely. The orgasms were so painful and not enjoyable at all.

This painful cycle carried on forever. It wasn't until my clitoris got sore and numb from the wand's abuse that I regained full control of my consciousness and emotions. The pain in my shoulders and wrists were bearable, but the pain inflicted by the rice in the heels was unbearable and there was no way I could relieve it. My legs were also so tired that they were trembling, but I could neither stand up straight nor bend my legs fully without pulling on the clamps.

I started sobbing from the pain and tugged fruitlessly at the fishing line for my release keys when it suddenly hit me that I had forgotten to draw the curtains! My neighbours across the road could definitely see me clearly from their bedrooms! I panicked and attempted to stand up straight. The clamps tugged so hard on my lips that I instinctively bent over to ease the pain, but bending over so suddenly almost pulled my nipples off my breasts! The pain shot through my head and with the unexpected exhibitionistic risk, I felt the hitachi wand came to life again. This time I lost every last bit of myself to the orgasm as it took over my body. I orgasmed and squirted over and over again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and immersed myself totally into the forced predicament I got myself into.

By the time I released myself, I'd been in self bondage for two hours. Even though I was all washed up and wasted, I wanted more. I left the vibrators inside me, though they've long stopped vibrating, and tied my ankles together and cuffed my hands behind me. I cuddled with my knees up to my chest and laid there for an hour, enjoying the bliss of post-orgasm.

The End

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