Office Visit
by Ann

Lingering in bed, Ann's mind was racing over her plans for the day. A week away on business and she was determined to announce her return in a way that her lover would not soon forget. Best of all, she had returned two days earlier than expected and by spending the night at a local hotel instead of going home, her return was still a secret. Lust and rope would rule the evening if she was at all successful this day.

Over a week ago Ann had made an appointment under an assumed name for 2PM this very day. Her lover would probably be expecting a tedious afternoon of explaining and salesmanship to this unknown but potential client. Just to make sure, Ann called the office and asked for the secretary. In the process she confirmed the appointment and with caller ID used in the office, confirmed a detail about her cover story.

The phone call finished, Ann fell back onto the bed and ran through the details of her planned office visit. She spoke aloud to herself as she reviewed the plan --

An assumed name and purpose so that my lover will remain unsuspecting till the moment I am escorted into office. Having never met any of the other workers socially, my identity will remain unknown. So far, so good...

I need to wear something potentially sexing looking but hide its virtues under a coat or wrap. I think two dresses, a short one under a longer one but both of the same color. Wear the funky glasses I bought just for this visit and a conservative tied back hair style. My best mousy demeanor making sure that whoever was conveniently available sees me as I walk through the office. Perhaps I can catch a few people at their desks for directions or a passing hello as I follow my escort. Of course having been tied up in the office one late night I don't need directions. I wonder if anyone ever notices the too large hook that the spider plant hangs from?

Then into the office with the door left open. Now that will be appreciated. Open door so nothing out of line will take place. The surprise and expectation on my lovers face, did my escort notice?

Then to sit in the chair across the desk and by putting my finger to my lips, call for silence. Then to smile that crooked grin as the glasses are removed.  Next to drop my hair down so it plays out in that tousled look.

I will lean forward as I reach in the coat pocket and extract a small wireless switching device and push it across the desk.  Say that I am wearing the receiver nestled most snugly and firmly.  To also place a timer upon the desk with an audible ticking as the dial shows the allotted time running out.

Remove the coat to reveal a favorite blouse undone nearly to my navel and erect nipples pressed against the fabric.  Watch my lover's eyes follow the gold chain around my neck to see ends that disappear beneath the fabric.  It will be the long necklace with the little nipple loops at the ends.

The sound of a zipper, a quick lean forward and a slither as the outer skirt is removed.  As this is done, offer a glimpse of tethered nipples and shapely thighs revealed by a short skirt.  Quickly the long skirt is folded and pushed across the desk toward you bringing my scent inescapably close.

Then to begin to talk to you of a night of the river and the cottage with the beams.  To speak of the details and the feelings.  Of my sense of pleasure at yours.  Of the shudders.  Of the curve of rib and stretch of arm.  The clinch of muscles and body rhythm.  To sit and talk in your office and smolder for our pleasure.  To see if you chose to use the remote.  To wind the necklace around a finger and tug most gently.

With story done and the sand all migrated, to rise and bid good-bye.  No need to rise I say, the door I can handle.  Perhaps unsteady with a bit of blush or even glassy eyes.  Will they all see as I depart; those people who saw me enter?  What range has the remote I wonder.  What will you say to them of this visit?

Ann smiled and rolled rapidly out of bed to set all her hopes in motion.