She knelt comfortably on the den floor, elbows and wrists bound. Her mind had slipped away when she looked at him and now she could feel his eyes upon her even though her own were closed.

He spoke to her of the chest rope he was going to tie. Five wraps above the breasts, five below. Then a cinch. He had not done it yet but he had laid the rope across her shoulders and draped it alongside her neck. It was in long loops which she could feel upon her breasts and the touch of the rope against her nipples as he lay it there still echoed. She longed to have the chest rope in place but knew she would wait and enjoy that as well.

His eyes had told her she would be bound a long time today. Layer upon layer of rope. All the possibilities lay before her and she knew he would walk the line between devouring her and cherishing her. Today she was the music and he the composer.

He was always careful and gentle with the ropes but today was special. She could tell by the care with which the ropes had been placed that this was going to be a long session. Each wrap of rope was placed carefully alongside its companion with attention to her comfort and the appearance of the rope. As he had tied her elbows she could feel him checking her wrists. He checked not the security of her wrists because that was never in doubt. What he checked was her comfort and circulation, to remind her of how he cherished her and to remind her once again in this subtle way that she would remain bound for a long time.

It seemed like it took him forever to tie the chest rope and when it was done she wished the process had gone on longer.

Now she breathed against the rope. Quietly a tremble pushed outward against the rope, a reaffirmation of helplessness and hopelessness.

What next she wondered? Would he remove her sense of sight and sound? Would he touch her as she trembled the next time? Would he talk to her? Bind her legs? Have her sit or stand? Start a fire to warm the room? Or feed her a grape? Would he get out ice or a feather? Would he move her to another room? Or bind her into total immobility? Or will it be a tie of action and reaction, driving her to squirm into exhaustion?

The only certainty would be that it would go on and on-

And she trembled with pleasure at the thought -

And in the middle of her tremble his hand touched her and the shock of it struck her mind with the certain knowledge that he knew what she was thinking.