A Quiet Afternoon
by Alexis

"Ssssshhhhh," said John. "Not, now Honey, Iím watching the game."

Bonnie stomped her foot in exasperation. "Iím by myself all week while youíre at work, and then all you do is watch sports all weekend!" she complained. "All I want is for us to talk a little bit..."

"Later....." He cut her off.

"Ooooooooo!" she yelled. "I might as well be gagged, for all you care!"

"Sure....whatever you want...." He answered dismissively.

Hurt and angry, Bonnie headed for their bedroom. Still seething, she opened her top dresser drawer, and pulled out a couple of brightly colored silk scarves. An image flashed through her head of a movie she had seen recently. Quickly she took one of the scarves, and folded it into a tight wad, then pushed and prodded the silk into her mouth. It seemed too large, but patiently she filled her cheeks, and every nook and cranny of her oral cavity until all the cloth was behind her teeth. She took another cloth, and tied several overhand knots to form a large lump, then placed the lump between her widely stretched lips and pushed the wadding more deeply into her mouth. Quickly she knotted the scarf tightly at the back of her neck. A third scarf was soon folded into a 4-inch wide band; it too was placed across her mouth and chin, pulled tight and knotted. "There!" she said to herself. "This will make my point!"

As if nothing was out of the ordinary, she walked back into the family room, and sat at the end of the couch beside her husband. If she could have smirked, she would have, but the gag was too tight, and the cloth covering her lower face masked any movement of her lips. Only her eyes displayed her smug pleasure at her own cleverness!

John glanced in her direction as she sat down, but his only reaction was too roll his eyes and sigh. Women......

Bonnie sat silently (of course!) and absently watched the game. She really didnít like football. After about an hour she began to squirm with growing discomfort. She had gagged herself too well! The silk wadding was becoming soaked with her saliva, and she coughed from the tickle as it dripped down her throat. Her lips, on the other hand, felt dry and cracked as they stretched around the silk wadding, and the corners of her mouth hurt from the tight scarf bound behind her head. She glanced at John, but he was oblivious to her plight, so engrossed was he in the stupid game.

Finally the game was over. "At last!" she thought to herself. She had already decided that she would forgive him for his typically insensitive male behavior once he showed her proper attention and demonstrated his loving concern for her well being. She was shocked when all he did was scratch his balls and change the channel to another game!

Midway through another quarter, and Bonnie was ready to beat an ignominious retreat. Her jaw ached, and her tongue was fighting a constant battle to keep the slippery silk wadding from slipping more deeply into her throat. She sighed, and her hands left her lap, reaching for the knots at the back of her head. "Leave it!" John ordered.

Her hands dropped to her lap as she reacted instinctively to his order. She turned to look at him with wide surprised eyes. She met his calm gaze, and submissively lowered her eyes as an electric shock of emotion coursed through her trembling body. Never had she felt like this....under his command! With a soft whimper she slipped across the sofa, and rested her he head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her, but continued to watch the game. Bonnie sighed contentedly, and nuzzled his neck with her gagged lips. His only reaction was a slight smile.

By the end of the game Bonnie had come to terms with her gag. Her lips had become numb, and the wadding was as wet as it was going to get, and she had learned to hold it at bay with her tongue, and control her gag reflex. If fact, she even dozed off during the 4th quarter. She sat upright as he stood to go to the kitchen. Bonnie made a "mmph!" sound through the gag, pointing at the bathroom. "OK," he said, but do not touch your gag, understand?" She nodded, and scurried off.

John was back on the sofa when she returned. He looked at her inquisitively as she walked toward him.....she had something hidden behind her back. Bonnie knelt in front of him, and handed him a note.

My gag is really uncomfortable!
Iím afraid I donít have the willpower to keep my hands away from it for much longer,
Even if you order me to do so.
Perhaps you should tie my hands behind me?

In her hands she held an assortment of scarves, belts and stockings that she had gotten from her drawer. She offered them to John, and her eyes shined with happiness above her tightly gagged mouth.

John returned her smile. "Hands behind your back." He ordered. Quickly she complied. Her chest heaved with passion and excitement, her breath whistling noisily through her nose. She could feel the wetness between her legs and her hands trembled as she crossed her wrists. Tied up! Helpless! She chewed on the soggy wad in her mouth, and moaned as she felt him secure her wrists with several tightly knotted silk scarves. She twisted her hands experimentally as he took two belts, and quickly cinched her ankles and knees tightly together. She felt his hands reach for the knot of the scarf covering the lower half of her face. "Nmmmmfff!" She shook her head. "Please donít take it out...until you fuck me!" she pleaded with her eyes. Despite her protest, he unfastened the knot, and she felt the cool air against her cheeks as the damp cloth fell away from her face. "Be still". His fingers traced the tight silk where it dug deep grooves in the corners of her mouth. He grasped her chin, tilted her head towards him and kissed her deeply. His licked the drool from her lips, and swallowed it greedily. His tongue probed for openings in the soggy cloth. She strained her tongue against the wadding, but groaned in frustration when her tongue was unable to meet his.

"I love you, Bonnie," he whispered, breaking the kiss. He reached behind her head, and unknotted the scarf. Bonnie whimpered in dismay as the pressure of the tight scarf eased. Then, to her surprise, she felt the scarf being dragged even more tightly between her teeth. "MMMMPHHH!" she exclaimed. He took the second scarf, and instead of laying it across her mouth, he wedged it between her lips over the first scarf, and proceeded to tie it even more tightly behind her head. A third scarf was then folded, and bound across her lower face. Another, large scarf was folded into a triangle, and placed on her head kerchief style, and knotted tightly under her chin. This, of course, served to clench her teeth more tightly on the wadding inside her mouth, and the two scarves wedged between her teeth. A final scarf was folded into a wide band, and was used to blindfold her tightly.

John pushed her to the carpet, and quickly used a stocking to draw her elbows together. Since her wrists were tied in a crossed position, they couldnít touch, but they were tied tightly enough to draw she shoulders back, stretching her blouse tightly across her breasts. John smiled to himself as her nipples pressed against her bra and showed as hard, little points through her cotton blouse. A final stocking was used to draw her feet to her wrists in a tight hogtie. The final knot was tied at her elbows...she would never, ever be able to get loose until he untied her. She gasped at all the new sensations and emotions that flooded her....captive, tightly gagged, wet panties, unable to get free...... She groaned, so close to orgasm....sooooo close.....

"Well," he said, "I guess you have plans for this evening. Iím going out for a bite of dinner...and then maybe a movie."

He walked toward the door and turned. "Iíll be back in a couple of hours..." She heard the door close.

For every submissive.... every potential bondage slut.... there comes an epiphany.

It is a moment of clear realization. It usually comes when you are alone, and tired, and bored, and very, very uncomfortable. The excitement has passed and the novelty has warn off. The nipples are no longer stiff, and the hot wetness between the thighs has congealed into a fragrant stickiness. Your joints ache, your bindings dig relentlessly into your flesh, and your gag seems to have swelled to...oh....three times its original size and has become a hateful stifling presence.

Then, the moment comes.

Later...much later....the door opens. Bonnie turns her blind eyes toward the footsteps, and a stifled, plaintive moan escapes through her gag. She writhes her aching limbs, and whimpers softly as her body reawakens. She takes a deep breath, and exhales a long, wet sigh. Her numb fingers flutter helplessly. How she longs to straighten her legs!

Bonnie moaned happily as she felt him unknot the stocking, releasing her from the tight hogtie. He unfastened the belts at her ankles and knees, then dragged her to her feet. "Have a nice evening?" he asked. Bonnie stumbled blindly as he led her by the arm into the bathroom. He pulled down her damp, fragrant panties, and guided her onto the seat. "Go." He commanded. Humiliated beyond words, gagged and blind, with her hands bound behind her, Bonnie spread her legs. The hot, yellow stream splashed wetly. She had been holding it for hours, and was happy for the opportunity, despite the circumstances! John helped her stand, and ordered her to spread her legs. To her pleasant surprise she feels a soothing, hot, wet washcloth gently wipe her nether regions.

Pushed towards the bedroom, Bonnie felt the buttons on her blouse being undone, and her bra being unfastened. The blouse is pushed down her bound arms, and the bra hangs loosely on her chest. The nipples began to tingle as soon as John walked in the door, and the sudden coolness makes them taut and erect. She moans as cups her breasts. He mauled the soft flesh, and then rolled the nipples between his fingers. A deep groan escapes her gagged mouth, followed by a shrill squeak as he gave each tender bud a sharp pinch. Spinning her towards him he bend, and gives each throbbing bud a wet, sucking kiss.

John pushed his wife onto the bed. Using the stockings, he bound her ankles to the bottom feet of the bed, leaving her stretched wide. Her slit was soft and wet from its recent bath, and it began to swell and open as she imagined the erotic picture of her helpless availability. It was a large bed, and her thighs began to tremble with the strain of the taut, spread position. With a deep growl John buried his head between her legs. He lapped at the fragrant dampness, and sucked strongly at the red bud of flesh at the apex of her mound. Her muffled moans signaled her reaction, and she writhed on her bound arms. Breathing heavily, John happened to glance at the nightstand, and two little clips that Bonnie used in her hair took on an erotic light. He picked them up. They were a pretty pink, but had little comb-like teeth, and a strong spring. With a mischievous cackle he sucked her left nipple into his mouth until the bud was rock hard, then quickly positioned the clip over the nipple, and released it. Bonnie howled, and thrashed as he repeated the procedure on the other nipple. Pleased with her reaction, he returned her attention to the sensitive place between her thighs. His tongue and lips worked feverishly. Every couple of minutes John would reach a hand up to flick or twist one of the clips perched on her throbbing nipples. Bonnie chewed on her gag, and a continuous keening whimper rewarded his efforts. Finally he placed his erection at the opening of her hot, slick opening and thrust roughly inside her. She screamed, bucked her bound legs as best she could as he continued to thrust himself deeply inside her. In a matter of moments the bound woman began to twitch in climax, as he began to shoot his hot sticky cum inside her. He collapsed on her chest as she gasped for breath.

"Oh Baby, that was great!" he whispered lovingly in her ear. "Mmmmmmmm" she sighed in response. John groaned, and rolled off of her. "Great....really great..........mmmm......mmmmmm" he sighed. "mmmmmmm...........mmmmmmmm................snffffft". He was asleep!

Bonnie relaxed happily after her wonderful orgasm. Her legs hurt a bit from the strained position, and the clips bit into her nipples, but not too badly. Her only real problem was the gag. Lying on her back made it more difficult to keep the soggy plug from sliding down her throat, and the steady drip of drool made her cough. She was looking forward to John releasing her from her bonds, and getting a good nightís sleep cuddled in his loving arms. John? John? John!! She screamed and thrashed, but could not wake him. He was out like a light! She lay helplessly beside his sleeping form. Eventually, tired from the events of the day, her breathing quieted, and she fell asleep.

John stirred. He had to pee. Groggily he sat upright, and suddenly realized that he had left his wife bound and gagged on the bed beside him. He looked at the clock. 3 A.M. She had gagged herself at 1 P.M. that afternoon, so she had been gagged for 14 hours! "Boy, is she going to be pissed!" he thought to himself as he stumbled to the bathroom and did his business. He left the bathroom light on, so she was bathed in soft light. He stood looking at her....beautiful breasts rising and falling as she breathed softly....each one with a pink clip firmly clasping the stiff nubbin at its summit. John wondered whether he should wake her to relieve her bondage. "No," he decided. "She is sleeping soundly. Iíll wait until she awakens."

"Hhmmmmmmh?" Bonnie awakened groggily, unsure of where she was. She tossed her head blindly. She opened her eyes, but saw nothing but blackness. A spasm of coughing reminded her of the huge soggy mass that she had voluntarily crammed in her mouth many hours earlier. She bit down, and worked her jaw in an attempt to ease the dull ache. Her hands were numb and lifeless underneath her, and her hip joints and muscles of her inner thighs were stiff and sore from being stretched wide open. Again she moaned and thrashed to the limits of her bonds, and this time John awakened. It was beginning to get light outside. He glanced at the clock. It was 6 A.M.

He leaned over to his bound wife, and kissed her on the neck below her gagged mouth. "Morning, Babe." He whispered. "MMMMMMMMM." She answered urgently.


John chuckled, and kissed the tip of her nose. "Did you sleep well?"


He moved to the foot of the bed, and looked at his helpless wife. Her slit was encrusted with the dried remnants of their orgasms. Her nipples were a dark red from the pressure of the hairclips, and the scarves covering her mouth were damp from ear to ear. Bonnie moaned softly as he released her legs, and carefully she used tired, sore muscles to bring her thighs together. "Mmmmmmmmm."

"Sit up." Quickly Bonnie complied, and just as quickly John released the scarves binding her elbows and wrists. With another soft groan Bonnie brought her arms in front of her, and tried to wiggle some life back into her fingers. She shook her hands to get the blood flowing. She was aware of the clips bouncing at the tips of her breasts. They had pinched a bit when he had first applied them to her nipples, but now they didnít really hurt. Lacking experience with nipple clamps, she was unaware of what would happen when they were removed. Without further thought she reached up and unclamped each nipple. "MMMMMMPPPPP!" she exclaimed, reacting to the unexpected sharp pain. She whimpered, and cuddled her abused flesh with her hands. "Let me help." Offered John. He bent over, removed her hands, and gave first one, and then the other nipple a soothing, moist kiss. "Mmmmmmm," Bonnie cooed behind her gag. Nothing, she thought, had ever felt better!

"Ok, Babe," he began, fingering the damp cloth covering the lower half of her face. "You put it on, so you can take it off." He stood to get dressed. "Itís Sunday, so you can rest all you want....take a shower, sleep some more...whatever you want. When you want to eat, I fix you something."

Bonnie nodded, and began to unfasten her blindfold. When it was removed, she blinked against intrusion of light. She unknotted the kerchief, then worked on the folded scarf covering her mouth as she walked to the bathroom. She stopped, stunned at her appearance in the mirror. Her hair was a matted, disheveled mess. Sweat, mascara and makeup smeared her cheeks. Her chin glistened wetly, and a rivulet of saliva dripped over her bottom lip. She bit against the sodden wadding in her mouth, and drool gushed down her chin, and dripped onto her breasts. The corners of her mouth were numb, and drawn back into a grimace from the tightly tied scarf, and her stretched lips were white from the pressure of the gag. Her fingers fumbled behind her head, and she peeled the scarf away from her face. She whimpered, as her jaws were forced even further apart to allow the knot to pass between her teeth. The scarf had left angry red grooves where it had dug into her cheeks. She opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could, and her fingers grasped the huge, soggy mass in her mouth. She pulled, and groaned with relief, as the wad of silk pulled free. She dropped it on the vanity with a wet plop, rubbing the pressure marks on her cheeks. Her jaw muscles cramped and it took several minutes before she was able to close her mouth, and even then her lips remained distorted from the long hour of being gagged. She filled a glass with water, and drank greedily, water spilling down her chest. With a sigh she went to the bathroom, then tumbled back into bed....

Several hours later she awakened. It was 9:45. She put on a robe, and then went back into the bathroom. The mirror revealed that most of the effects of the prolonged gagging were gone. Only red chafe marks at the corners of her mouth remained. She washed her face, combed her hair until it looked a bit less of a mess, and wandered toward the kitchen. John was sitting, reading the paper over a cup of coffee. He looked up, a sheepish look on his face. "Can I get you anything Honey?" he asked. "Bacon, eggs and toast, please," she answered. "Iím ravenous." She went to the refrigerator, poured a large glass of juice, and gulped half of it down. Sitting on a stool, her eyes idly scanned the headlines as he prepared her breakfast. There was an awkward silence between them....something left unsaid.

"Do you want to do anything today Honey?" he asked. "Maybe go somewhere?"

"No....." she responded. "Letís just stay home." She looked up at him. "What time do your games start?

"At noon...then a second game at four....and ESPN at 7:30.......but I donít have to watch them all....."

"Mmmm, weíll see...". She finished her breakfast, and stood up. "I really need a shower," she said to him, smiling. "I canít imagine why."

She showered, and did her normal Sunday chores, picking up, and puttering around. He paid her little attention as her errands lead her to the garage, the basement, and other bedrooms. Around noon she settled into the sofa, and picked up the remote control.

Bonnie came into the room, a mischievous smile on her face. "Whatís up Babe?" he asked and patted the seat beside him. "No," she shook her head. "I donít feel like watching." She knelt on the floor, and poured the contents of a paper back on the floor in front of him. A half dozen large silk scarves. A coil of spare clothesline. A spool of rough, brown sisal twine. A roll of duct tape. A handful of clothespins. The vibrator she used when he was out of town on business.

"I know how you hate to be disturbed while you watch the games...." She purred.