by Alexis



Patty looked at herself in the mirror.  She didn’t like what she saw.  She had not liked her image for about
as long as she could remember…..in fact normally she avoiding looking at herself.  It was too damn

She realized, even at her worst moments of self-loathing, that she was not grotesque, and maybe she wasn’t
even ugly.  She was big at 5’9”, and was on the fat side of chubby.  Her ankles were not too bad, but her
thighs were thick and dappled with white fat which jiggled as she walked.  Her butt was worse…..large,
round, soft and dimpled.  She was thick through the middle, with a modest pot belly for such a young
woman, and she had very large, soft breasts with big, thick brown nipples.  Her face was round and pink,
and she had the beginnings of a double chin.  Her complexion was ruddy, and since she had given up on
being attractive, she paid little attention to makeup or skin care.  Her hair was as dispirited as she
was…….brown, and lank around her face.

Patty sighed, depressed.  She was 32 years old and resigned to becoming an old maid.  No man would ever
want her…..and she had so much to give!  Ever since girlhood she had found pleasure in the soft, pink
wetness between her legs.  How she longed to give herself to a man!  She wanted it so much…..to love,
coddle and worship a man……to cook and clean for him…..abandon herself to pleasing him in every
way…….on her knees before him …..giving up her body, willingly and happily, to anything he wanted to
do to her.  But how would she ever be able to give the gift of herself?  How would she get a man to take

 She looked at her image again, and gave herself a little pep talk.  She had an idea, and had been thinking
about it for a week.  It was crazy, and now, as she was almost ready to try it, it seemed even more stupid.
“What do I have to lose, other than my dignity?” she asked herself.  “Maybe I may lose my last hope.”  She
shivered, chilled suddenly at the thought.  It was a terrible thing to lose hope at 32.

Thirty minutes later she was as ready as she was going to be.  She had curled and styled her hair, and had
applied makeup.  Patty could be cruelly self critical, and she thought she looked like “Miss Piggy” from the
Muppets, but this was the best she could do.  She had captured her huge breasts in a new lacy bra, modestly
reduced her waistline with a cheap Frederick’s corset, and pulled her pantyhose up each beefy leg.  She
almost backed out on the dress, which was red and way too tight…..but in the end she wore it.  She put her
new 3 inch black pumps on her feet, and took one last look at herself in the mirror.  With a grimace of
distaste she picked up her purse, turned out the light, and went out into the night.

Patty paid the cabby, and he zoomed off, leaving her standing on the street.  The night was warm, and she
felt perspiration under her arms.  Nervously she took a deep breath, and opened the door.  She almost
swooned as her senses were assaulted by the sights, sounds and smells.  She had really done it!  There were
several men paying their cover charge in front of her, but this club, like many, did not charge women.  She
was disappointed in the men….they did not look as she expected, and she surmised that they were tourists.
It was only 9PM, early by New York standards, and the “in” crowd wouldn’t arrive for another couple of
hours.  She walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.  While waiting, she scanned the room, looking for
the right spot.  “There!” she thought to herself.  “A perfect place to wait….”  She took her drink, and
walked over to the dark corner, with its black vinyl bench seat and small round cocktail table.  She sat, and
looked around her.  Not much going on, but from what she had read, that would change later! She downed
the rest of her drink.  “Now!”  she decided.  “Do it now, before you chicken out.”  With nervous fingers she
reached into her large purse.  Quickly she took out several small items, and put them on the table.  With a
metallic jingle she took a shiny silver object, and reached down towards her feet.  Click.  Click.  She had
shackled her ankles.  Next she put a necklace like chain around her neck, and let a white square with
writing on it dangle in front of her.  It came to rest on her ample breasts.  She picked up a black leather
object, licked her lips, then opened her month and pushed the bulk of the gag between her teeth.  She
threaded the strap, pulled it tight, buckled it, and locked it with a tiny padlock.  A matching black leather
blindfold with soft foam lining quickly followed the gag.  Now was the moment!  She took the handcuffs,
locked one cuff on her left wrist, then put her hands behind her back, and locked the other cuff.  She had
done it!  It was Saturday night, and she was helplessly cuffed, shackled, blind and gagged in……The
Hellfire Club!

She sat, quietly, of course.  The card hanging around her neck was a sign.

It read:


I am looking to please a man, in any, and every way.

Ungag me for a drink and a chat,
Or simply take me home with you!

P.S: Mr. Bartender, Sir,
If I’m still here at closing, please set me free.

Penny sat, waiting with a sense of nervous anticipation.  She was amazed at her initiative and gumption.
She lacked the willpower to diet, or work on her looks, or educate herself in order to get a man, but now
she sat helplessly in a strange new place waiting for a complete stranger!

She had read an article in one of the New York “underground” newspapers.  That was the first time that she
had really considered the word “submissive”.  Was she submissive, or simply lethargic?  She learned that
girls who were submissive were often the subject of games that involved bondage and S&M.  She also
learned, and this is what caught her attention, that girls entered into actual relationships with men who
became their “Masters”.  Imagine!  She thrilled at the concept of giving up control…of having no decisions
to make, no worries other than being obedient and pleasing to her man.  Was this her answer?  If she was
sufficiently pleasing and submissive, would a man look past the fact that she was fat and unattractive?
Would it matter that she was not educated, or a great conversationalist?  Would he care that she was a store
clerk, who lived in a little, poorly decorated apartment.  Would he spurn her because she was not sexy, and
did not dress fashionably?  Could total submission and unquestioned love and obedience overcome all of
that?  She hoped to find out!

Patty’s eager expectation lasted only a couple of hours.  She had arrived very early to get a good spot, and
the room around her was relatively quiet for a long time.  As she sat, she slowly became less comfortable.
Her shoulders began to ache, and the cuffs bit into her flesh and hurt her wrist bones.  She had never been
gagged before, and she was surprised at the discomfort of her widely stretched jaws, and how the tight
leather strap bit painfully into the corners of her mouth.

Gradually the noise in the room increased, and Patty was aware of people around her.  One couple even sat
beside her, and put their drinks on the very table at which she sat.  It turned out to be a gay couple, and they
paid not a whit’s notice of the plump, helpless girl beside them!  Another hour passed.  Patty could hear
footsteps, and knew that people stopped in front of her, and out of curiosity a number of them bent to read
her sign.  Their responses varied.  Many laughed, some with delight, some with derision.  Nobody accepted
her offer.  She sat, gagged, blind and helpless.

A little later she felt someone in front of her.  After a moment of silence, the person sat beside her, and
roughly twisted her shoulders, so that her back and bound arms were available.  To her shock and surprise
she felt a rope looped into a harness around her shoulders, and behind her neck, and pulled tight.  She
whimpered a protest through her gag, and tried to twist away, but the hands holding her were too strong.
She felt another rope being tied to the link between her handcuffs.  A muffled cry escaped her lips when her
cuffed hands were dragged painfully up on her back, and the rope was tied to the harness between her
shoulder blades.  It hurt!  She was not at all flexible, and there was considerable stain and tension on her
shoulders and arms.  Her hands wanted to drop lower on her back, but were restrained by the rope and
cuffs, so the cuffs dug painful red welts in the flesh of her wrists.  Her fingers fluttered ineffectually.
“There!”  said a male voice.  “Much better!”  He softly rubbed her tightly stretched shoulder.  “Good luck!”
he said, and was gone!

Penny sat, shifting her weight occasionally to relieve the growing discomfort.  She sighed deeply, and a
trickle of drool dribbled out the corner of her mouth, and down her chin.  It hung for a moment, then a thin
silver thread dropped onto her left breast, leaving a dark spot in her red dress.  The club was buzzing now,
and Patty could hear a live performance on the stage across the room.  She could hear the wet smack of
leather on sweaty flesh, and the yelps of the slave girl being disciplined for the enjoyment of the audience.
“Could that one day be me?” she thought to herself.  “Is that what I want?

There were several live performances, and Patty grew tired and sore as the hours passed.  Her lips were dry
from the gag, and she longed for a drink of water.  She also needed to go to the bathroom.  After a while it
seemed as if the live shows had ended, and the crush of people had diminished.  She sat forlornly in her
corner.  “Nobody wants me…..not even as a slave girl”, she lamented, a tear slipping out from under her
blindfold, and down her cheek.

The club was almost empty now, and Patty sat in silent dismay.  She became aware of someone standing in
front of her.  “Good!” she thought, “At least the bartender didn’t forget to release me!”  She felt hands
behind her head unbuckling the blindfold.  Even in the dim light of the club hurt her eyes, and she blinked
until she could look at her savior.  It wasn’t the bartender.  It was a kindly, professorial looking man.  Patty
looked up at him with anticipation, although disappointed that he didn’t look at all like a potential master.
Rather than leather and chains, he was wearing a tweed sport coat.  The man smiled, and spoke, “I’ve been
sitting her watching you, hoping that no one else would claim you.”  Patty raised an eyebrow, and
responded with a quizzical “Mmmmmph?” through her gag.  “Two reasons,” he answered.  “My curiosity
was piqued…..and I wanted to watch your reaction to being bound and gagged for a long period of time.”
He looked at his watch.  “It’s 4AM, so I’d guess that you have been here for…what?…..six hours or so?
Patty nodded.  She twisted her body to display her rope shoulder harness and strained and hurting arms and
hands.   “Mmmmmuuuuuppp?” she accused.  “No……” he answered.  “That was done by a rather
fearsome looking fellow who already had a bound female on a leash.  Patty shuddered at the image.  A girl
on a leash!  “In his mind he was probably doing you a favor….your chances of someone stopping to read
your little plea would improve if your bondage was stringent enough to catch people’s eye.” He explained.
“In this place simple handcuffs aren’t at all unusual.”  Patty nodded.  “Well now,” he began, looking her
right in the eye, “it’s the moment of truth.”  He put his hands on the table, and leaned toward her, until their
eyes were only a foot apart.  “OK, whatever the reason, you came down here, put your little sign on
yourself, and sat in bondage for a long time.  I hope you reflected on your true wishes during that time,
because it’s now, or never.”  His hand lifted her chin, and stroked the strap of the gag where it dug into her
cheek.  “Depending on your answer, this may be the only time I ever consider your wishes or wants, so
think about it carefully and clearly…….do you wish to come with me?”  He stood back, and picked up his
drink, watching her.

“What does that mean?  What is he going to do with me?”  Thoughts flooded her mind.  “My job?  My
apartment?  How long?  What if I want to leave?”  She looked at him pleadingly, “Why won’t he ungag
me?” She tried to articulate, “My I ask a few questions?” but all that came out was
“Ccchhhhooookkkkknnnnsssh?  The man laughed.  “Let me guess,” he said, “this seems overwhelming,
and very sudden, and you would love to ask a few questions…is that about it?”  Patty nodded.  “Well,” he
answered, “remember that of your own free will you put a sign on yourself saying “take me home with
you”….isn’t that right?”  Patty sighed, and nodded meekly.  “So,” he continued, “you would have to agree
that I am giving you a chance to change your mind.  I could simply take you?”  Patty reflected a moment,
and then nodded.  “So, I don’t owe you further explanation….you can come with me, or not come with
me.”  Again he bent close to her.  “Time’s up.”   Thoughts and images flashed through her head.  More of
her bleak, boring, lonely life, or….what??  She looked at him for a moment, then slowly slipped off the
bench, and onto her knees in front of him.  She bowed her head to the floor.  He could see her arms
straining against the tight rope harness and the hard steel of the handcuffs digging into her wrists. “Up!” he
commanded, and she struggled back to her knees.  The uncertainty in her eyes was gone.  Her new Master
replaced the blindfold, and ordered her to stay.  He returned in a minute, took the key dangling from her
neck chain, and unshackled her ankles.  A piece of rope became a leash tied around her neck.  “Come!” he
ordered, with a sharp tug on her leash.  Patty clambered awkwardly to her feet, and blindly followed his
lead.  The front door opened, and she felt the warmth of the evening air against her skin.  His car had been
brought around to the door, and quickly his blind, bound and gagged acquisition was pushed through the
open door.  She fell heavily on the back seat.  Someone replaced the shackles on her ankles, then tied a
piece of cord to the shackle chain.  It was threaded through her shoulder harness above her cuffed wrists,
and her legs were drawn back into a hogtie.  She felt a coat or other heavy cloth being thrown over her, and
heard the back door slam.  The engine of the car started, and they slowly pulled away.  Night was almost
over.  Dawn was about to break…..


Her new Master may have had a kindly eyes, but there was nothing reassuring in the cold tone of his voice.
“We have a two hour drive ahead of us,” he lectured.  “You are probably afraid right now.    Good….you
should be.  You would probably feel reassured if you knew my name.” He continued.  “Too bad……I’m
not at all concerned whether you feel reassured or not.  You will call me “Sir.”  Patty whimpered softly,
and tried to roll off of her stomach and breasts.  “I want you to lie still, and be completely quiet.” He
ordered.”  Patty froze.  An hour later she was desperate go get her weight off of her left shoulder, and her
face out from where it was jammed into the seat back.  She tried to shift ever so slightly…….”I thought I
told you to lie still.” He barked.  “Oh God,” Patty thought to herself.  “What have I gotten myself into?  A
tear rolled down her cheek, and her lip trembled despite being stretched around the gag.  Desperately she
tried to calm herself.  “Don’t let him hear you cry.”

Patty was so tired!  Her hands were numb from the cuffs and the tension of her hammer locked arms.  She
could never have believed that her jaw could ache so, but then, she had never worn a gag for nine hours!
Her lips were dry and she was desperately thirsty.  She longed to stretch her legs, and even rolling over
would be an unimaginable luxury!  The ride was the longest two hours of her life, but finally the car
slowed.  She heard a gate open, then the car proceeded slowly….perhaps down a driveway.  A garage door
opened, the car pulled forward, and the engine stopped.  “Thank goodness” she thought.  “Well,” he said,
“its been a long night.”  Patty moaned softly to herself in agreement.  “I’m off for a little nap,” he said, “I
suggest you do the same…..I’ll see you in a few hours.”  “MMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH!!” she screamed
through her gag.  “Nnnnnnnnnoooophhhh!”  The car door slammed, and she was alone.

Patty gained a measure of relief by twisting and rolling onto her other side, but nothing helped the ache in
her shoulders, the cuffs digging into her wrists, or the hateful gag in her mouth.  Hours passed, and Patty
could do nothing but squirm, writhe shoulders, chew on the gag, and silently curse her new Master.  She
also spent a lot of time in self-recrimination!  “Any woman dumb enough to hatch this lame brained
scheme probably deserves whatever happened to her!” she lectured herself.  Finally, bone tired, she was
able to sleep…….

Patty awakened, startled at the sound of the car door opening.  She felt the cord holding her legs in the
hogtie being loosened, and she groaned with relief as then tension was released and she was able to
straighten her legs.  Strong arms helped her out of the car and her shackled legs were released.  A hand
picked up the leash rope and gave a sharp tug.  “Come.”  It was his voice.  Blindly she followed.  “Three
steps up, right in front of you.”  She took a couple of tiny steps until her feet encountered the first step, then
gingerly stepped up.  Like a child, she brought her second foot onto the first step before stepping up to the
second, and the third.  She was lead into a room.  From the echoes, she guessed it to be large.  There was a
metallic sound of a key in a lock and the screech of metal hinges.  The cord holding her hands high up on
her back was unknotted.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” She groaned softly at relief for her stiff and trembling
shoulders.  “Stand very still.” He ordered, and she felt a sharp blade cut the hem of her new red dress, and
slice it all the way to the neckline.  He cut the sleeves, then ripped the tattered garment off, and dropped it
on the floor.  Patty stood, shocked, as he quickly cut her bra straps, then unfastened the hooks, and released
her huge, white breasts.  They quivered on her chest, the big nipples hardening at the sudden cool air.  In
one motion he dragged her pantyhose and panties over her fat hips, down her thick thighs, and to the floor.
For the first time in her life she was naked before a man…..and blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed to

She felt the strap to her gag being unbuckled, and her lips stretched as its bulk was pulled out of her mouth,
and past her teeth.  Her jaw muscled were so tired that her mouth refused to close, but she licked her dry
lips, and was working the kink out of her jaw when her blindfold was undone.  Before she could really
focus on her surroundings she was shoved forward, still handcuffed, and the door was slammed behind her.

As her eyes focused she could see that she was in a cell.  There were stark, featureless walls, a concrete
floor, and bars on two sides.  There was no bed, but a blanket was folded on the floor.  Also on the floor
were two dog dishes, one containing water, the other some sort of food.  In one corner of the cell there was
a one inch thick layer of sawdust on the floor.  She turned toward her Master.  “No sounds.”  He began,
stopping the question that was already at her lips.  “Eat, drink.” He said.  He pointed at the pile of sawdust.
“Relieve yourself.”  He began to leave the room, then turned.  “I’ll be back shortly.”

Poor Patty looked at her surroundings, and broke into tears.  This is not at all what she had imagined!  She
had dreamed of a kind Master, firm but fair…..she would kneel demurely at his knee, gazing at him
lovingly, and scampering eagerly to the kitchen to get him a drink or something to eat at his
command…..then at night she would astonish him with the passion and artistry of her lovemaking, leave
him happily exhausted, then fall asleep beside him, curled in his arms……..

Yes, she knew about bondage, and whippings and such, but was sure that she would be such a good slave
girl, that she would seldom need such correction……and her tears and earnest eagerness to please and obey
would melt her Master’s heart and minimize whatever punishments came her way.

That was her fantasy….but this was reality.  She had never been so alone, or in such despair.  She stood
naked and cold in a prison cell.  No, it was worse than a prison cell, because they at least had a bed and
toilet, and all she had was an old blanket and a pile of sawdust on the floor.  The other reality was that she
needed to pee, and badly!  But she couldn’t pee on a pile of sawdust, could she?  She must.  She could!
She walked over to the corner, spread her legs, squatted slightly, and let it go.  It felt almost as good as
having that damn gag taken out of her mouth.  Why had she bought such a big one, anyway?  She wasn’t
hungry yet, so had no interest in exploring the gruesome mixture in the food dish.   Mentally she refused to
consider it “her” food dish, just as it hadn’t sunk in yet that this was “her” cell in “her” new home.  She
was, however, thirsty.  She stood looking at the water dish, then lowered herself to her knees.  Sitting on
her feet, she used her arms for balance as she bent over and gently began lapping.  The dish was not full,
and she had to push her face almost into the bowl for her tongue to reach the water.  “Now what?” she
thought to herself.  The blanket was softer than the cement floor, so she waddled on her knees over to the
blanket, and with cuffed hands managed to spread it out next to the wall.  She sat, back against the wall,
and cuffed hands held as comfortably as possible on the floor behind her.  She waited.


Patty was dozing when he entered the room, and her head snapped up, and her eyed darted in the direction
of the sound.  Already thinking like a slavegirl, she thought it wise to kneel, so she scrambled onto her
knees, with her hands resting on her thighs.  She knew that she had done well when she saw him smile.
“Very good.” He praised her.  “I thought it time to have a little…get acquainted session.”  He unlocked her
cell door.  “Come out, and stand, feet spread apart, and hands behind your head.”  Quickly Patty did as
ordered.  “I know your name, address, and where you work, and have already begun the process of
canceling your lease, terminating your employment, and selling your things.” He informed her.  “How?”
She thought to herself.  She began to ask the question, when he put his finger to his lips.  “Quiet.”
Remember I told you to not speak unless spoken to.  It was easy….your wallet was in your little bag of
equipment, so I had your driver’s license, your checkbook a  couple of pay stubs from your job…..you
didn’t make very much, did you?  Answer.”  “No, Sir.” She answered.  “What were you, a store clerk?”
“Yes, Sir.”  “Not much money in the bank either, and a tiny little poorly furnished apartment.”  Patty didn’t
respond.  “Well,” he continued, “let’s talk about you…..” He walked around her as he spoke.  “You are
how old?”  “32, Sir.”  “How much do you weigh?”  Patty hesitated.  “Answer me.”  “A….about 175, Sir.”
He continued to circle her, and she cringed under the close scrutiny.  “How long have you been fat?” he
asked brutally.  Patty hesitated, and started to cry.  “Answer me!”  “As…..as long as I can remember, Sir.”
He prodded a fat, dimpled thigh with a finger.  “But you continued to eat, didn’t you?”  “Yes…..Sir.”
“And you never exercised, or did anything to improve yourself, did you?”  Patty was weeping by this point.
“N…..no, Sir.”  “Where did you learn to do makeup, in a whorehouse?”  “N…..no….no, Sir.” She sobbed.
“Did you get your dress at a Salvation Army Thrift Store?”  Patty cried, silently.  “Answer!”
“No………no, Sir!”  “So!  We could sum this up by saying that you are a fat, unattractive woman who is
not very good at anything and hasn’t made any effort to improve herself.”  He lifted Patty’s chin, until she
looked at him.  “Is that about right?”  “Yes!”  sobbed Patty.  “Yes Sir…..I……I’m a worthless, fat,
lonesome nobody.”  She looked at him, suddenly angry.  “Are you happy now, Sir?” she asked.  “Is that
what you wanted?  Have I been humiliated sufficiently?”  He smiled darkly at this sudden show of spunk.
“No, my Dear…..you haven’t been humiliated nearly sufficiently.”  He grasped one of her thick nipples
between his thumb and forefinger, and lifted the weight of her plump breast.  “So you somehow managed
the initiative to buy a little bondage equipment, and take yourself down to Hellfire, and actually had the
nerve to go through with your little plan.”  Patty winced as he tugged at the breast, and rolled the thick
nipple between his fingers.  “Yes, Sir.”  “You are a silly, silly woman to do such a stupid, desperate thing.”
He lectured. “You put a sign on yourself saying that you were willing to please a man in any and every
way."” Patty yelped, and dropped her arms as he suddenly gave the nipple a hard, twisting pinch. “Put your
hands back!” he admonished.  Patty gasped at the pain, but returned her hands to the back of her head.
“You have absolutely no idea of the things that please some men.” He admonished.  “There were men in
the club that would whip the flesh off your bones, and cum while they did it.”  Patty cringed at the harsh
talk.  “There are men who would fuck you while they strangled you to death…..and for all you know, I am
one of them!”  Patty started to cry again.  “But,” he continued, “lucky for you I’m not”  He gave the nipple
a final pinch for emphasis, then released it.  Her breast flopped back onto her chest, quivering.  Her nipple
was an erect, angry red.

“Back in your cell.” He ordered.  Patty scampered through the barred door, and watched her Master open
the door of a large locker, and remove several large coils of rope and a number of other items.  “I’m going
to tell you how things are going to be, then leave you to think about it for a while.”  He picked up a coil of
rope, and positioned her hands together behind her back, palm to palm.  “Not,” he continued, “that you will
be able to do anything about it.”  Expertly he made six loops around her wrists, then threaded three cinches
between her wrists, pulled the cords so tightly that they dug deeply into her flesh, then tied the knot where
she couldn’t possibly reach it.  He talked to her as he bound her.  “I am a well known, and well respected
Dominant, and have owned and trained a number of submissives.”  He took another long cord, and
threaded a loop around her elbows.  She was to fat and inflexible for her elbows to come together, much
less touch, but he drew them under tension, then made a number of loops around her arms and body above
and below her breasts.  Patty winced.  “Ooooohhhh….” She moaned as he pulled the ropes tight, and
knotted them.  “You may think,” he continued, “that all submissives are the same.  But they are not….there
are good subs and poor subs, just like everything else.  By the time I finished with them, all my subs…or
slavegirls if you will….were not good, but excellent.”  He bent over, and picked up a sinister looking mass
of black straps and buckles attached to a huge red rubber ball.  Patty shook her head.  It was much larger
than last night’s gag, and that had had been awful!  “Open.”  He commanded.  “Wider.”  With a frightened
whimper Patty opened her mouth.  Her Master pushed the ball between her teeth.  It compressed until it
wedged firmly , then rolled over her bottom teeth, and into her mouth where it expanded again to its full
diameter.  Patty jaws were jacked open impossibly wide, and her lips stretched to accommodate the girth of
the springy sphere.  “This is called a harness ball gag, or a training gag” he explained.  “Better get used to
it.”  He pulled the straps behind her head, dragging the ball more deeply into her mouth, then fastened the
buckle.  A “Y” shaped strap attached at either side of the ball, passed on either side of her nose, and merged
into one strap between her eyes.  This strap went over her head, and buckled to the main gag strap at the
nape of her neck.  When tightened it set the ball more deeply in her mouth.  Another strap buckled under
her chin, increasing the tension of the entire harness.  Patty bit down on the resilient sphere, and tossed her
head, like a filly feeling the bit for the first time.  He picked up a wide leather collar, fitted it around her
neck, and made it tight with three buckles.  The collar fit right up under her jaw, and had a shelf which
raised her chin and tilted her head toward the ceiling.

“You, my Dear, have never been excellent at anything in your whole life.” He said, reaching for a thick
leather blindfold, “but you can rest assured that before we are finished, you will be an excellent
submissive.”  He picked up another length of rope, and using the same “loops and cinches” technique that
held her wrists so securely he tied her ankles, and then her knees.  “Kneel.”  Her ordered.  Patty whimpered
through her gag.  With her arms tied behind her, blindfolded, and with her ankles tied together, there was
no easy and painless was for her to kneel.  The only way was to simply drop to her knees on the hard
concrete floor.  “I said kneel.”  Bending her legs gingerly, Patty shifted her weight forward as slowly as
possible until gravity, and her lack of strength caused her to fall the rest of the way.  With a muffled
“Ooooffff!” she fell to her knees, then unable to maintain her balance she fell hard on her shoulder.  “I
didn’t say lay down, I said kneel!”  Patty groaned, struggling to regain her knees.  She flopped onto he
stomach, then tried to draw her legs under her, but she was too fat, too out of shape.  She tried and tried,
gasping, her breath whistling through her nose.  She began to sweat, and a stream of saliva bubbled out of
her mouth, and down her chin.  Finally she lay in an exhausted panting, soggy heap.  “Pitiful.” He
commented, reaching down to grasp the rope circling her torso, and almost dragging Patty to her knees.  He
took a couple of small ropes.  One was tied to a ring at the front of her collar.  He pushed her shoulder until
she was bent with her head to her knees.  Her breasts were so enormous that he had to push each one aside
so that the pendulous masses were laying on the outside of each thigh.  He shortened the rope from collar to
knee, and tied it off, leaving her in a tightly compressed position.  Patty was adapting her body to the stain
of bending when she felt something cold and slippery probing at her virgin asshole.   “MMMMMPPPFFF!”
she shrieked through her gag, but with her head captive at her knees, and her huge, soft ass stuck in the air,
her rosebud was totally vulnerable.  She felt pressure, then pain as something slipped inside her, stretching
her sphincter, then allowing it to close, leaving a thick, heavy presence in her rectum.  “That is a size 1 butt
plug,” he informed her.  “It doesn’t stretch you…..it merely to introduce you to the idea of anal training.
Tomorrow we will use a size 2.”  He slapped the large, fat ass playfully.  By the time we are finished, you
will easily accommodate a size 12….maybe even a ten pound size 14 made of chrome steel.” Patty
whimpered mournfully.  “Wouldn’t that feel good?” he chuckled as he took the other small rope, tied it to
her hands, then passed it down the crack in her ass, and threaded it through the rope cinching her ankles.
When he pulled it tight it drew her feet up, her hands down, and drew the butt plug more deeply inside her.
She was trapped in an uncomfortable “ball” position, unable to lift her head, move her hands, or unbend her

“Now we are ready for a little chat,” he began.  “I’m sure you’ll agree.”  Patty groaned softly, trying to
shake her head.  “Nnnnnnoooooooooopf!”  she replied.  “You are nothing at all like the other slavegirls that
I have trained.” He continued.  “I saw you last night, and felt that I could give you what you need.  If you
have no self-discipline, I will provide you with discipline.  If you can’t motivate yourself, I will provide
you with plenty of motivation.  Again he gently slapped her generous backside.  “You may not care what
you look like, but rest assured, I do.  The fact is, I would be ashamed to be seen with you…..my reputation
would suffer…..”  Patty whimpered again.  “but, I see you as a challenge……to transform you into a first
class submissive.  A slave that I will be admired by other Masters and looked upon with envy by other,
inferior submissives.”

He pinched a thick fold of fat along her hipline.  “You are fat, so I will control your diet.  You are soft, so I
will train and exercise you.  You think you are hopelessly homely, but I will make you beautiful.  You have
no self esteem, so I will break you all the way down, and build you back up again.  Every person needs to
be good at something, my dear, and you will be good at bondage.”  Patty groaned again.  “No, you don’t
have to thank me.” He said, mockingly.  “You will learn to endure, to adapt, to take pleasure and pride in
the excellence of your total submission.

She heard the sound of a clock winding, and the loud ticking as it was placed on the floor beside her.
“Your training begins right now.” He began.  “You will soon find that kneeling position to be very
tiresome, and want to roll onto your side.” He continued.  “I could tie you off to a hook above you to keep
you from rolling over, but you need to develop self-discipline.  The alarm will go off in one hour.  Until it
sounds, you are to remain on your knees. I may, or may not, check on you, but if I find you on your side
before an hour is up, you will be punished……severely.   She heard the cell door slam, and footsteps
leaving the room.  She was alone.


Patty signed deeply.  With her lips stretched around the huge ball wedged in her mouth, her breathing
whistled noisily through her nose.  Her knees hurt already from kneeling on the concrete floor.  She shifted
her weight slightly to the left, to lessen the pressure on her right knee.  “There, that’s better.” She decided.
About five minutes later her left knee was killing her, so she shifted back to the other side.  In so doing she
shifted too far!  For a moment she balanced precariously on her right leg, her bulk almost toppling her over
onto her side!  “MMMMMPHHH!” she screamed to herself.  “I can’t fall over yet!”  Patty was lucky.  She
was bound far too stringently to help herself, and if her fleshy ass had shifted a fraction of an inch further,
she would have been beyond the point of no return.  She centered her bulk once more, sharing the weight
on both her knees, then took a deep, gasping breath.

The hour seemed interminable.  Her fleshy body compressed into a ball, her aching knees, a huge mouthful
of stifling, slippery rubber, the biting straps of the head harness, blind, hungry, buttplugged………”Oh, my
God,” thought Patty, desperate to relieve the strain of the bend over, cramped position.  “It has to be an
hour.  He must have set the alarm wrong.”  It would be so easy, just topple onto her side!  She would, of
course, still be bound and gagged, but spreading her weight by lying on her side had to be better than this!
She tried to count seconds and minutes to take her mind off her discomfort, but that just made time pass
even more slowly.  She tired to think of other things, or nothing at all.  She even wished that he had tied her
so that she couldn’t roll over…..at least then she didn’t have a choice!  It took all her willpower, but she
stayed on her knees as ordered.  Finally the alarm sounded!  With a groan of relief Patty shifted her weight,
and toppled heavily onto her right side.  Relief!  “Imagine,” she thought to herself, “how wonderful it feels
to do nothing more than change position!  She wiggled and sighed.  “This is much better!”

She felt better for about two hours, then discomfort started to creep up on her.  Before it was her knees,
now it was her right shoulder, which she had bruised when she flopped heavily onto her side.  Her shoulder
joint was now pressing painfully into the concrete, with only a thin layer of skin, flesh and nerves to
separate them.  Bound as she was,  she was stuck.  She certainly couldn’t regain her knees.  She tried vainly
to roll onto her back and over to her left side, but all she did was become frustrated, tired, sweaty and
winded in the process.  She was forced to lie there, her head bound to her knees, her ankles jammed against
her ass.  She could wiggle, but she couldn’t get off her damned right shoulder.

She didn’t know how much time passed, but she knew that her entire body ached, and that every second
seemed an eternity.  Her back ached from the compressed position, and how she longed to be able to stretch
her legs!  She learned how prolonged bondage caused little things to become big.  Like how the stiff collar
jammed against her collarbone.  No big thing, but after hours it was a constant, hurting presence.  The
buckles of her head harness all dug into her scalp like tenacious little beasts.  The gag itself was beyond
awful.  Her poor jaw was stretched to an aching numbness, and her lips were dry and cracked.  She would
have loved to lick her lips, but that was out of the question.  Her tongue was stuck behind the huge ball,
which seemed to be glued to the roof of her mouth by dried saliva.  She also wished for a pillow!  Laying
on her shoulder, she couldn’t lay her head on the floor.  Instead, it just kind of drooped in the air giving her
a monumental crick in her neck.  Finally her growing weariness allowed her to doze.  She was brought back
to painful reality by the sound of footsteps.

 “Well, how is my little fat slave?” he inquired.  “Comfortable?”  Patty moaned, and tried to shake her
head.  Her bondage was so stringent that it hardly moved at all.  Did we wait until the alarm rang before we
fell over onto our side?” he asked.  “Mmmmm Hmmmmm” she whimpered.  “If you were a good
submissive, you would have remained on your knees until I returned, just to please me.”  Patty moaned in
dismay, but he laughed and said, “That will come with time…..trust me, a time will come when you will
think up things for me to do to you, and beg for them….just to please me.  She whimpered in response, then
moaned gratefully as she felt him begin to untie the web of ropes holding her in torment.  As each rope
came free she wiggled with delight, and tried to thank her Master.  “Tttthhhnnnnnnnnkkkkkuuuupp!”

It took almost as long to release her bondage as it had to apply it.  Finally her legs were free, and she was
ordered to stand.  Awkwardly she regained her feet, and he began to until her arms.  She groaned with true
happiness as the cords were peeled from her elbows.  “MMMMMMMMM!”  She wiggled her shouldered,
and stretched to the limits of her remaining confinement.  She felt him apply handcuffs around her forearms
above her bound wrists.  Then he untied her hands, slid the cuffs down to her wrists, and clicked them tight.

To her surprise and delight she felt him release the many straps of the harness gag, and remove her
blindfold.  “You may ungag yourself.” He commanded.  Patty whimpered, and tried to push the huge ball
from her mouth with her tongue.  It was impossible.  The ball was tightly wedged behind her teeth, with her
jaw jacked wide open.  “I said ungag yourself.”  Patty bend over at the waist and shook her head.  The
straps from the harness fell free, and hung, attached to Patty only by the ball between her teeth.  She
reached as far around her body to the left as her cuffed hands would allow, and tossed her head to the left,
swinging the mass of straps towards her questing fingers.  Just missed!  Again…… Again……  There!
Patty was just able to slip a finger through a loop on the harness.  Carefully she gained a better hold, then
tugged on the strap, while simultaneously twisting her head in the other direction.  Her mouth opened wider
than seemed possible, then, with a wet sucking sound the gag was pulled past her stretched lips.
“Hnnnnnnghhh!” she exclaimed, as a mouthful of drool dribbled down her chin and onto her heaving
breasts.  Taking a deep breath she dropped the awful gag on the floor.  Patty exercised her jaw, and licked
her lips.  She stood erect and threw her shoulders back proudly.  She had endured.  “What’s next, Master?”
she asked.

He smiled at her bravado, but didn’t react to the provocation.  There was a difference between breaking a
slavegirl and crushing her.  “Nothing,” he answered.  “You have earned a rest.  Eat.  Drink.  Relieve
yourself in your bucket, and get some sleep.”  He reached up, and massaged the deep strap marks on her
cheek.  “You will see what’s next soon enough.”

Patty watched as the door to her cell clanged shut, and her eyes followed him as he left the room.  The rush
of adrenaline dissipated, and she suddenly felt very tired.  Patty dropped to her knees.  She was not hungry,
but she quickly quenched her thirst by lapping at her water dish.  She also needed to pee, and with a
grimace she squatted above the bucket, and gingerly let loose a tentative yellow stream.  It splattered
against the edge of the bucket, and Patty frowned as some of the liquid splashed onto the concrete floor.
She shifted her feet slightly, and let out another stream, which struck the bottom of the pail with the sound
of raindrops on a tin roof.  When she was finished she spread her meager blanket in the corner of the cell,
and laid down.  She couldn’t lie on her back because of the handcuffs, so she wiggled onto her side.  Her
shoulders were already bruised and sore, and they screamed at the contact with the hard floor.  With a
groan Patty rolled onto her stomach, her full breasts pressed against the concrete with only the thin blanket
as cushion.  It didn’t matter.  In moments she was sound asleep.


Patty awoke, sore but refreshed.  The first order of the day was to come to grips with pooping into a pail
with her hands cuffed behind her back.  Not something that she looked forward to, but sometimes a girl’s
got to do what a girl’s got to do! She stood, and walked over to the pail.  There was a faint odor from the
puddle of yellow liquid, but it hadn’t been hot enough, or long enough for it to really stink.  She had not
noticed until now that her Master had been kind enough to leave her a roll of paper.  “Probably so that he
doesn’t have to do it for me.” She thought with a snicker.  She bent to one knee, and reached her cuffed
hands behind her for the paper, then squatted over the pail.  This time her aim was true, and the smelly
brown sausage plunked noisily in the bottom of the pail.  She found that if she stood upright until it was
really urgent, then squatted quickly, it was much less strain on her legs and knees.  Once finished she wiped
her backside with her cuffed hands, squatted to deposit the paper in the pail, then nudged the smelly bucket
with her foot to the furthest corner of her cell.  Now she was kind of hungry, so she knelt in front of her
food dish, and gobbled the unappetizing meal.  She followed this with water lapped from her water dish.
She licked the remnants of food from the corners of her mouth, then wiped her chin on her shoulder.
Finally with all her necessities taken care of, she sat on her blanket wondering what was going to happen
next.  She didn’t have long to wait.

Patty was surprised to see that her Master was not alone.  She had not considered that he might have
household help, given what was going on here, but quickly she understood.  It was a girl, and she was
obviously a maid, but different that any maid she had ever seen.  The girl was beautiful.  Her lustrous black
hair was pinned primly up on her head, and she wore a frilly maid’s cap.  Her dress was black, trimmed in
pretty white lace around the rather low cut neckline, and sleeves.  The girl was obviously tightly corseted,
and her full bodice nipped to a diminutive waist, then flared to a full, floor length skirt.  Patty glimpsed
frothy white petticoats at her hem as she walked.  She wore a pretty white apron.  She was, in every detail,
the image of a demure, Victorian maid, except…….

The girl’s hands were shackled with heavy silver bracelets connected by a 12 inch chain, and she was
gagged.  A large, white dishtowel had been rolled, then knotted.  The knot, which was almost 4 inches in
diameter had been jammed so tightly into her mouth that her teeth were forced to bite into the wadding to
keep her jaw from being dislocated.  The girl wore no lipstick, and her lips were so tightly stretched around
the knot that they had lost all color.  The ends of the dishtowel were drawn tightly at the corners of the
girl’s mouth, and knotted behind her head.  The strain of the stifling gag showed on the girl’s face, and her
eyes were misty as she fought to keep from choking on the huge, saliva soaked wad.

“This is Beth.”  He said, as he unlocked the door to Patty’s cell.  “She was brought to me four years
ago….homeless, dirty and undernourished.  I have a soft heart, and my friends tend to bring me strays.” He
smiled.  “She does not speak….nothing wrong physically, but she simply chooses not to.  I trained her,
hoping to build her self esteem, and make her useful, so that some Master might take her.”  Patty looked at
Beth, and saw, despite the strain, the affection in the girl’s eyes when she looked at her Master. “Anyway,
nobody else saw the value in the girl that I saw, and she didn’t wish to be turned loose on her own again, so
I kept her on as a maid.  She selected the Victorian motif, and I confess that I also love the femininity of the
corset, long skirts and petticoats.”  “….And the gag?” asked Patty.  “If she is mute, why must she be so
cruelly gagged?”  “She takes comfort in being gagged” he answered.  “When she is gagged, there is
obviously no pressure on her to speak.”  He reached up, and his fingers wiped a droplet of drool that had
formed at the corner of her mouth.  “Now this is kind of a war of wills.” He explained.  “I want her to
talk….and I’d love for her to go out in the world, marry and have children.  I keep her gagged every minute
of the day and night other than when she is taking nourishment, and I gag her as tightly as possible.  She
knows that if she tries to talk, I will ungag her, but she is being stubborn.  He grasped Beth by the back of
the neck with his right hand, while continuing to speak as if giving a lecture.  “This gag is particularly
harsh.  Hidden behind the knot is another wad of toweling folded into a triangular shape.  The knot pushes
the wad so deeply down her throat that she must constantly fight her gag reflex.  Observe.”  With his left
hand he pushed against the knot, forcing it fractionally deeper into her mouth, while tipping her head back
slightly.  That was all it took.  The slippery, saliva soaked wad slid against the back of the girl’s throat.
“GGGGAAAKKKKKK!”  she wretched.  The Master stepped back, as Beth bent double at the waist.  The
veins on her neck stood out as awful wet choking sounds came from deep in the maid’s throat.
“RRRRRRGGGGHHH!  “HHHHMMM!   EERRRRRKKKK!”  Her face turned purple as she fought for
air, yet he made no move to aid her.  Finally she was able to control the packing with her tongue, and push
it far enough forward.  The wretching stopped.  She coughed twice, gasped for air, snorted a gout of snot
from her nose to clear her airway, then stood upright.  She took a long, deep breath, and shook her head like
a filly fighting her bridle.  Then, to Patty’s amazement, the maid daintily lifted her skirt, curtseyed prettily,
and awaited her Master’s orders.  “See what I am facing here?” he said to Patty.  “Hopefully one day she
will rebel against this, and make a sound, but……”

The corners of Beth’s eyes crinkled in amusement at her Master’s frustration.  “Clearly”, thought Patty,
“the maid loves this little game, and truly adores her Master.”  He, typical of a man, didn’t see it.  Patty
knew, as a woman, that this maid would never speak, and never leave this house.

“On with your chores, girl” he ordered.  Beth curtseyed again, and with a swirl of petticoats she quickly
replaced Patty’s smelly pail with a clean one, filled her food and water dishes, and folded her blanket.  Of
course she could not smile with the huge knot stretching her lips to the limit, but when she looked at Patty
her eyes conveyed warmth and much needed camaraderie.  Quickly she left the room.

The Master turned to Patty.  “Now for you.” He said, ominously.  “Come here.”  Patty quickly walked the
few feet to her Master, and stood.  “Shoulders back, tits out.”  For the first time, he touched her in a sexual
manner, stroking and gently pinching her nipples until they were throbbing and erect.  “Do you like that,
little slave?” he asked softly.  “Yes Master.”  “Are your nipples sensitive?”  “Very much, Master.”  “Do
you play with them?” “S…..sometimes, Master.” “Have you ever worn nipple clamps?”  he said, reaching
into his pocket.  “No. No, Master.”  They were silver, with serrated jaws, fierce little springs, and a
calibrated control knob.  They were joined together by a foot of silver chain.  “Don’t move.” He ordered.
Patty watched the little jaws open as the clamp was poised waiting to eat her nipple.  Slowly he released the
tension, and the little teeth bit into her sensitive pink flesh.  “Oh!” she gasped, “Oh, Master!”  He tweaked
the other nipple, then it too suffered the cruel jaws of the biting clamps.  Patty gasped, and grit her teeth,
but barely flinched.  “Good girl.” He praised softly.  “How do they feel?”  “They hurt, Master!” she
answered honestly.  “It’s awful!”  He smiled.  “There are 5 settings for these clamps.  This is setting
number 1, which is the easiest.”  He reached for the clamp on her left breast.  “Let’s try setting 2, shall
we?”  The little nob was turned to the second position, allowing the spring to bring the jaws more closely
together.  “Eeeeeee!” she wailed, flinching and drawing back from the biting pain.  “Stand still!” he
ordered, reaching for the other nipple.  The second clamp was adjusted to setting 2, and Patty moaned and
whimpered as the pain coursed through her body.  “If they hurt, why don’t you try to remove them?” he
suggested with grin.  She looked at him, and he nodded his permission.  Patty reached her cuffed hands
around her hip as far as possible, but she was unable to reach the clamps, or the chain connecting them.
She shook her breasts violently from side to side, but the serrated teeth bit too firmly, and the spring jaws
were too tight to shake them off.  After several minutes Patty stood red faced from exertion and breathing
heavily.  Her full breasts heaved, but the clamps still bit into her nipples.  The tender flush was a deep
angry red where it squished out from the edges of the clamps.  “How do they feel?” he asked.  “Oh Master,
they hurt something awful!” she exclaimed.  “I don’t think I can stand it for much longer!”  “Ah!,” he said,
“That’s exactly the point.  With your hands cuffed behind you, there’s not much you can do but stand it, is

With that he adjusted the two clamps to the third setting.  “Ow!” she screamed, “Oh! Ooooohhhh!” she
moaned, “Please Master,” she begged, “please take them off!”  He made no move to remove the clamps,
but instead he reached behind the startled girl, and quickly unlocked the handcuffs, completely freeing her.

Immediately Patty reached to free her wounded nipples.  “NO!” he thundered.  “Do not touch them.  Put
your hands at your sides, and keep them there!”  With a whimpering groan Patty dropped her hands to her
sides.  She looked at him, a tear of pain and frustration running down her cheek.  “Oh, please!” she begged,
“They hurt so badly.”  “Well,” he answered, toying with her, “I’ll allow you to take them off it you
must…..but if you do, I will be very disappointed.  Patty sniffed back her tears.  “Will……will I be
punished?”  “I haven’t decided,” he answered, “but that doesn’t really matter.  What matters it that I will be
disappointed in you.”  He reached up to wipe a tear from her cheek.  “What would make me happy is for
you to turn them up to setting 4.”  “Oh no.” she whimpered, “I can’t……I just simply couldn’t stand it!”
“But,” he said, “if you were handcuffed, and I turned them up to setting 4 you would have no choice but to
stand it, isn’t that right?.”  “Yes, Master” she blubbered. “I couldn’t do anything about it, no matter how
much it hurt me.”  “Then maybe,” he answered, “you have learned that sometimes it’s better not to have a
choice.”  He jiggled the handcuffs in his hands.  “If you are interested in pleasing me….”  He thought for a
moment.  “I would like you to turn the clamps on your nipples up to setting 4, then kneel, with your hands
held behind your back.”  He touched the tip on one clamp with his fingertip, and even that gentle
movement sent a jab of pain through her breast.  “If you touch your clamps I will punish you very severely!
“Master, I can’t.” she whimpered.  “No girl could!”  “Yes you can…do it…that’s an order!”

Moaning and whimpering with fear, Patty reached up to her left nipple clamp.  She winced and a long
pitiful groan escaped her lips as she reluctantly turned the setting from 3 to 4.  With fresh tears streaming
down her cheeks she turned the second clamp up to 4, knelt down, and moved her hands behind her back.

She knelt for several minutes.  Her eyes were closed, and it felt like all the pain in the universe was focused
on her poor, crushed nipples.  Any movement caused a fresh burst of pain, which spread from her nipple
and through her breast.  It felt like it hurt to the tips of her toes!  It even hurt to breathe, as the slight
contraction and expansion of her chest tugged gently on the biting teeth.  How she longed to be free of the
horrible pain!  It was so close, all she had to do was……  It was almost as if he had read her mind.  “If you
think you can’t control yourself, you have my permission to handcuff yourself.” He offered.  “Obviously
with your hands cuffed, you don’t run the risk of being punished for violating my order.”  Patty knew that
she simply couldn’t maintain this discipline much longer.  Quickly she reached for the handcuffs, but he
interrupted her with a new piece of information.  “If you cuff yourself, I will turn them up to setting 5, and
leave your nipples clamped for an hour.”  He dangled the cuffs in front of her face.  If you maintain this
position, and keep your hands behind your back, I will leave the clamps at setting 4, and remove them in
only 15 minutes.

What a dilemma!  Fiery pain was shoot through her body from the biting clamps on her poor nipples, and
this was only on setting 4!  What would 5 feel like?  For an hour!  Could she sit here for 15 more minutes,
holding her hands behind her back?

With a deep, shuddering groan she quickly broke her position, snatched the cuffs from his fingers, and
locked her left wrist.  She returned her hands behind her back, and with a metallic “snick” the other cuff
locked around her right wrist, and she was helplessly restrained.  No more choices………

“Good,” he said, “…Much better for a slave to submit to her plight, rather than try to challenge it.”  He bent
over until their faces were just inches apart.  “As a reward, I am only going to use setting 5 on one of your
nipples.  Which one should it be?” he asked.  “No,” she answered.  “Please turn both my nipple clamps up
to setting 5 Master.”  He raised an eyebrow in surprise.  “I don’t know why,” she said, shaking her head “I
guess I’m just a dumb girl, but if there was a worse setting that 5, I’d want you to do it to me.”  “Ok,” he
answered, “as you wish!”  Quickly he turned each clamp up to its most severe setting.  Patty winced,
gasping as she was suddenly overcome by her masochistic compulsion.  “More!” she begged, “hurt me
more, Master!”  His eyes narrowed.  He had not expected her to get to this point so quickly.  “Stand.” He
commanded.  Patty climbed to her feet with a primal moan.  Her swinging breasts caused the clamps to tug
on their connecting chain.  She stood erect as he approached.  Her nipples were an angry purple color, and
the teeth of the clamps bit relentlessly.  He had an handful of lead weights, much like fishing weights, each
attached to a small hook.  He took the first weight, hooked it over the chain linking Patty’s nipples, and let
it fall until it dangled from the chain.  “OOOOOWWWWWW!!” she yelped, suddenly seeing stars as the
pain magnified.  The weight dragged her nipples and it felt like the teeth on the clamps was tearing her
flesh.  Quickly he added a second weight, then a third.  The weighs were now heavy enough that they
distorted her breasts, and her nipples were stretched taut.  “Oh Master!” she cried, “Please!  Enough!”
“One more, my little slave.” He answered, dangling a fourth weight from her distented flesh.  “Then you
may begin your hour.”  He took a piece of rope fashioned into a noose, which he placed around her neck,
through an eye bolt in the ceiling, then tied off to a cleat on the other side of the room.  There was no
tension, or threat of choking as long as she stood as placed, but it certainly precluded movement.  All she
could do was stand, and hurt.

She stood for the hour, and thought that nothing could hurt as much as those clamps and weights did.  That
was until she felt the pain when he took them off!


 Patty awoke.  As always, she slept naked, with her hands cuffed behind her.  Funny how little
inconveniences can become magnified.  Sleeping on a hard concrete floor she couldn’t lay on her back
without the handcuffs digging into her back and wrists.  Laying on her side hurt her shoulders and
hipbones, and laying on her tummy….well…..her nipples were so tender from the previous days attention
that squashing her breasts into the hard floor was not much of an option either!  In addition to that, her
waist was constricted by a thick leather belt connected to a saddle strap which was tight across her nether
regions.  The saddle strap held a size 5 buttplug deep inside her.  Her Master had judged that she had
adapted quickly to the size 1 and 2, so he skipped directly to 5!  Patty had gasped as he had patiently
wedged it inside her.  After an initial sharp pain, her impaled back entrance settled down to a steady dull
ache, which nagged her all night.  Despite being exhausted from yesterday’s rigors, she hadn’t slept well.

She lapped a little water, but she also needed to pee, and couldn’t until the saddle strap was removed.
Well, she could pee, she supposed, but what a mess it would make!  Her pee hole was covered by the strap,
so her stream would dribble out each side.  Little if any would hit the bucket, so she would foul her cell not
knowing if he would allow her to clean either her floor, or herself!  She decided to hold it for a while

Her patience was rewarded, because in just a few minutes she heard the door to the cell chamber open.  It
was Beth, the maid.  She was even more encumbered today than yesterday by a heavy metal collar around
her neck with a chain that connected to her wrist shackled then continued down to ankle shackles.  Patty
could only suppose that the girl’s ankles were shackled  by the way she walked, since the chain disappeared
under her full skirt and voluminous petticoats.  Of course the maid was gagged.  Today’s little number was
leather.  The distance from Beth’s nose to the end of her chin indicated just how big the silencer in the
maid’s mouth was.  Her face was distorted almost to the point of looking non-human!  Thick padding
covered her lips and cheeks and straps were tightly buckled behind her head, under her chin, and at the
crown of her skull.  She also wore a thick leather posture collar which was tightly buckled and dug deeply
into her jaw.

Patty scampered to her feet and looked expectantly at the chained maid.  Beth’s eyes crinkled with silent
mirth as she moved close enough to Patty to reach the buckle on the saddle strap with her closely chained
wrists.  Patty gasped as the maid tugged sharply on the buckle until it came free, then groaned with relief as
the leather was pried from the pink folds between her legs.  Without waiting for the plug to be pulled from
her ass Patty rushed to the pot in the corner of her cell, squatted, and sighed happily as she released a strong
yellow stream.  Once relieved she stood, and turned her back on the maid, and stuck out her backside.  The
strap dangled between her legs, but the plug was large, and had ridges which kept it firmly lodged up her
pink chute.  “Please?” Patty asked.  Beth’s hands were sufficiently restrained that she couldn’t reach the
strap between Patty’s legs simply by bending.  The maid dropped to her knees, snuggled up against Patty as
closely as she could, and was then just barely able to reach the strap.  She gave it a firm, steady pull, and
gradually Patty’s rosebud was able to stretch around the widest part of the plug until with a wet “shlorp!” it
popped free.  “Oooohh…..” moaned Patty.  “Thank you, Beth.”  While kneeling the maid unbuckled the
waist strap.  She stood, and started for the cell door with the various straps and the dirty, smelly plug while
Patty resumed her squat about the pail to complete her morning’s business.  “I’m dirty, sweaty, splattered
with pee and smeared with poop and smell to high heaven.”  Patty said.  “Do you think a shower might be
in the cards today?”  Beth shook her head.  She placed the dirty plug in a plastic bag, then picked up a
brown box.  She put the box inside Patty’s cell, then reached into her apron pocket for the key to Patty’s
handcuffs.  Quickly she uncuffed the girl, then exited the cell, pulling the door locked behind her.

Patty sighed, and peered inside the box.  “What next?” she thought to herself.  She reached inside, and
pulled out a card with one cryptic word written on it.  “DRESS”.  Next was a large canister of talcum
powder resting on top of a black shiny mass.  “Oh, no.  Rubber!”  She put the powder on the cell floor, and
gingerly removed the rubber garment.  It was a very form fitting cat suit with attached feet, gloves and a
full hood.  It didn’t look very large.  “I’ll never be able to get into this thing.” Patty thought as she reached
for the zipper which ran from all the way down the back.  With resignation to her fate she reached for the
powder.  She didn’t know when her Master would return, and she knew it would be bad for her if she were
not dressed when he arrived.  She sprinkled a liberal amount of the powder inside the suit, then covered
every inch of herself from neck to the soles of her feet.  She sat, and slipped one foot into the shiny black
leg.  Almost immediately her foot met with resistance from the tight, stretchy material.  She tugged harder,
and pushed her foot until the clingy rubber grudgingly began to stretch.  Finally her foot was firmly lodged
in the embrace of the rubber bootie.  Quickly she inserted her other foot, then stood.  She pulled at each leg
until the garment clung tightly to each leg up to the knee, but her thick, chubby thighs proved more
difficult!  Patty pulled and pulled, trying to compress her fat within the tight rubber.  Finally, when she
didn’t think the rubber could possibly stretch any more without tearing her legs were fully enveloped in
black rubber.  Patty stood, panting for breath.  She had begun to sweat from her exertions, so she took even
more powder, and sprinkled it copiously over her torso.

If she thought her thighs were difficult, she wouldn’t have believed how hard it was to get the rubber over
her flabby ass!  She pulled, and tugged, and jumped and poked and pressed her flesh inch by inch into the
confining rubber.  It was tighter than any girdle she could have imagined!  After 15 minutes of continuous
effort the suit was finally over her hips!  Now for the top half!  The arms were not too bad, and in only a
few minutes her hands were within the black fingers at the ends of the rubber arms.  With the zipper in the
back, Patty realized that she would have to get her head into the hood, then stand to get the rubber over her
breasts and around her shoulders. Then she would have to figure how to pull the zipper from the base of her
spine all the way up her back, and up her neck.  First thing first!

Patty ducked her head while simultaneously grasping the body of the catsuit.  She tugged it up and over her
head while attempting to wedge her skull into the tight, full face hood.  She wiggled as hard as she could,
pulled at the suit, and pushed with her head until the hood began to stretch around her skull.  The top of her
head…..her forehead….down to her ears….over her eyes……ACK!  The thing had a built in gag!  Patty
had no time to think about this development.  The pressure was too great, and there was simply no place for
the gag to go but in her mouth.  She opened wide, and the huge, long black rubber invader stretched her lips
and lodged itself firmly between her teeth as the hood snapped tightly against the back of her head.  It was
on her!  The hood had two opening in the nose, with little reinforced grommets which entered and spread
each nostril. There was also a small hole through the center of the gag.  Experimenting, she took a deep
breath through her nose, and exhaled through her mouth.  “Good,” she thought to herself.  “At least I’ll be
able to breath in this thing.”  The gag itself was hard rubber, and it had a groove into which her front teeth
settled.  Her tongue was firmly controlled, and intelligent speech was out of the question, but it wasn’t
terribly uncomfortable….at least not yet!

Her next task was to zip the suit closed.  She reached behind her with her rubber covered fingers feeling for
the zipper.  She found it, and was pleased to find a small loop of cord threaded through the hole in the
zipper’s tab.  She inhaled to take pressure off the rubber covering her torso, then zipped the suit up her butt
and the small of her back until her hand was between her shoulder blades, and she could strain no further.
She then reached her other hand over her shoulder, and was just able to grab the loop of cord, and pull the
zipper up between her shoulders, up her neck, and over the crown of her head.  “There!”  She was certain
that the loop of cord was not supposed to remain, since it detracted from the sleek blackness of the suit.
Quickly she untied the cord, and tucked the zipper tab between the rubber folds.

Patty looked down at her body through the small eye holes in the rubber hood.  The suit covered every
curve of her body in tightly stretched black rubber….not a wrinkle or pucker in sight.   It was tight, but not
so tight as to cause pain, and she was able to inhale without difficulty.  She bent at the waist, and the suit
complied, stretching more tightly over her butt, but clinging tightly to her belly.  Her breasts were two
black, shiny hills.  Her nipples, while not particularly erect at the moment, were visible bumps on the tips
of her large breasts.  She was a big girl, but the suit accentuated her curves and smoothed the bulges and
folds of flab.   She felt shapely and more attractive inside the suit.  Perhaps rubber fetishism was something
worth looking into!

It seemed as if he had a peephole into her cell,  because he walked in almost as soon as the zipper closed on
the rubber catsuit.  “Like your suit?” he asked.  “Yyessshhh, Msssssttthhh.” She answered, with a playful
curtsy.  “I’m glad,” he laughed, “because you are going to wear it for a long time!”  “Mmmmmm?” she
cocked her head inquiringly.  He was carrying a box, which he set on the cell floor.  Reaching into the box
he removed a tape measure.  “Raise your arms.” He ordered, circling her waist with the tape.  “Thirty-four
inches!”  he exclaimed.  “Terrible!”  Again he reached into the box, this time removing a bathroom scale.
“Get on.”  Patty sighed, but reluctantly complied.  “One hundred and seventy seven pounds.”  He reached
once more into the box, and removed a pair of handcuffs.  Quickly he cuffed her wrists together in front,
then attached the chain to a hook hanging from a stout winch cable, and cranked until she her hands were
drawn over her head, and she was fully stretched toward the ceiling.  He plucked another goody from his
box.  It was a corset!  It was made from the same shiny latex as the catsuit, but was heavily reinforced and
boned with steel.  He loosened the laces, and quickly fastened the 7 hooks on the busk, but didn’t begin
tighten the fearsome garment.

“It’s time to begin.” He said.  “Your weight should be 130 pounds.  Your waistline should be 25 inches
uncorseted and  21 inches corseted.”  He slowly began to tighten the laces.  “Let’s tighten you down to 30
inches now, shall we?”  He asked.  “I am going to provide you with plenty of motivation to attain the goals
I set for you.” He explained.  “Until you reach 130 pounds and 21 corseted inches, you will remain in this
rubber catsuit.”  Patty shook her head, and screamed into her gag.  “MMMMMPPHHH!!”  “Believe it. You
will be fed and watered through a tube that plugs into your gag.  Beth will help you with waste products
through a fitting in the crotch of the suit.  You will be assisted in burning calories through a vigorous
exercise regime and lots of housework.  You will sleep in very stringent bondage every night.”  He smiled
as she continued to shake her head in denial.  “Yes, my Dear.”  He said, “I am going to provide the
discipline to enable you to do what you couldn’t, or wouldn’t do for yourself.  You will think you are in
hell, but in the end, you will thank me!”  He continued to lace the corset, gradually tightening Patty down
to 29 inches.  “21 inches!” Patty thought to herself.  “That’s impossible!  In my wildest dreams I was never
that thin!”


It was, in fact possible.  It took 63 days, and they were, as he had warned, pure hell.

Each morning Patty was awakened, freed from her bonds, and fitted to a machine.  The machine’s hoses
attached to a fitting between her legs.  A probe snaked its way up her asshole, and a leech-like vacuum
device clamped itself over her urethra.  When activated, the machine introduced a huge, soapy enema,
waited ten minutes then sucked her bowel empty of all waste material.  At the same time Patty peed, and
her urine was drained into the other hose.  This was followed by a cleansing and disinfectant cycle.  Beth
would then inspect her private parts to be sure that everything was a clean and odor free as possible, given
that the girl couldn’t bath for the duration of her ordeal.  Once finished, the hoses would be removed, the
fitting would be screwed shut, and Patty was ready.

Breakfast was her only meal of the day, and it was less than satisfying!  It was dispensed in a tube, just like
toothpaste, which was fastened to the opening in her gag.  It had only 600 calories, plenty of vitamins and
minerals, but almost no taste.  Beth would squeeze the tube, Patty would suck and swallow, and the whole
thing was over in about two minutes. This was followed by water, which also was attached to the opening
in Patty’s gag.  Patty was allowed all the water she cared to drink, and as one would expect, she sweated
like a pig inside the rubber suit.  The sweat would slide down her body, and puddle around her feet.  At the
end of the day her feet would squish audibly as she walked due to the volume of sweat that had collected.
There were small openings in the toes of the rubber suit, and each afternoon Beth would unscrew the caps,
and allow the accumulated sweat to drain.

What made her sweat so?  Master had a complete workout facility in the mansion, and each and every
morning Beth would supervise Patty through an exhausting exercise regime…..treadmill, stairmaster,
stationary bicycle and Univeral Gym.  At first the rubber captive was so out of shape that she would spend
much more time resting and gasping for air than she did exercising.  Gradually, however her conditioning
improved, and as the pounds melted off, she was able to endure long, aerobic workouts.  Quickly Patty
figured out the more and harder she exercised, the faster she would reach Master’s goal, and the sooner she
would be able to take a shower!

After a full morning of exercise, Patty would spend the remainder of the day doing the nastiest, most
strenuous housework that the mansion had to offer.  This was most likely to be washing pots and pans,
scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees, or cleaning silver.  Of course if she was going to perform a
maid’s duties, she must be properly dressed!  Beth had another maid’s uniform much like the one she wore,
except it was made of rubber!  Beth would dress Patty in a black rubber skirt, with a frilly white rubber
petticoat, a white rubber apron, a white rubber maid’s cap and five inch black patent leather stiletto heels.
A collar would be locked around the captive’s neck, and she would be lead on a long leash to her work
area, where she would be locked for the duration of the afternoon.

At the end of the day Patty would stand compliantly while Beth would take the maid’s outfit off of her.
Beth would then wipe the day’s dirt from the rubber suit, and rub it down with a fresh coat of WD-40 until
the catsuit shined like new.  Clean on the outside, but hot, tired, dirty, smelly and hungry inside the suit,
Patty would be returned to her cell to await her Master’s visit.  The routine was the same each evening.
Patty would kneel submissively while he commented on her exercise (“55 minutes on the stairclimber!
Very good!”) or her housework  (“I found a streak in the silver coffee urn….you’ll have to be punished for
that!”)  Then she would submit to her nightly weigh-in and the “tale of the tape”.  Then came the

Patty’s corset was only moderately tight during the day…snug enough to keep her together and maintain
her progress toward her goal, but not so tight that she couldn’t breath to run, or bend to exercise.  It was at
night, however that Patty had to cope with the agonies of prolonged, stringent tightlacing.  He would
stretch her taut, then slowly tighten the laces until she was gasping for breath…..and then tighten them
some more!  Slowly, night by night the edges of the corset came closer and closer.  When the corset was as
tight as he could make it, her would tie off the laces, buckle a training belt tightly around the smallest part
of her waist, and pull it even tighter, then put her to bed.  Patty slept the same way each night; on her back
in a strained, spread eagle position.  “Goodnight, little slave.”  Lights off.  She would be left in total
darkness, total silence, unable to move, helpless as the nagging, aching discomfort overwhelmed her.

The special agony of corset training only begins with difficulty taking a deep breath.  It brutalizes the
trainee’s muscles, while shoving internal organs rudely out of place, as it pits the remorseless power of
spring steel against mere flesh and bone.  Patty lay in the dark, her constricted diaphragm allowing only
panting, shallow breaths.  After several hours all her senses focused on the wracking pain of her
compressed lower ribs and the unnatural bend enforced upon her lower spine.  She longed to stretch, or
twist, or bend, but she could only lie on her back, making the pitifully small movements allowed by her
bondage as she tried vainly to ease her discomfort.  Sleep came fitfully.  She knew that she slept, but it felt
like she was constantly awake.  The hours seemed endless.  Dawn was an eternity away……

Next day, the cycle would begin anew.  Release, bodily ablutions, meager food, exercise, sweat, harsh
work, and a night of lonely discomfort.

Then, one night, an eternity later………

“One hundred and twenty nine pounds,” he intoned.  Patty held her breath as he reached for the tape
measure.  “Twenty four and ¾ inches.”  Quivering with excitement, Patty stood as he laced the corset upon
the contours of her new body.  He pulled it tighter, and was about the tie the laces closed when she
whimpered into her gag.  “Mmmmmffff!,” she begged, “Tttttssstttrrr.”  He looked at her, and smiled,
knowing what this meant to her.  Quickly he closed the last little gap in the back.  This was as tight as this
corset was going to go, and they both new what that meant.  He measured her waist, just to be sure.
“Twenty and ½ inches.”  He said.  A tear formed in the corner of Patty’s eye, and slipped down a rubber
covered cheek.  She had accomplished what she had believed to be impossible!

“Good girl!” he smiled.  “I’ll send Beth to help you get out of that suit and bath.”  He started to leave, then
turned.  “By the way,” he said.  “Tonight you can sleep in a bed, and rest all day tomorrow.”

Beth arrived in a matter of moments.  She wore a satin maid’s uniform with frothy petticoats, and of
course, she was cruelly gagged.   This particular silencer was one of Master’s favorites.  It was a leather
head harness, with an inflatable bladder in her mouth.  It was inflated with a small hand pump which
screwed into a fitting on the front of the harness, and was removed after the gag had been pumped to the
desired degree of fullness.  The harness straps themselves were extremely tight, and he had pumped the
bladder until her mouth was absolutely stuffed before removing the pump.  Then came the fun part!  He
made Beth carry the pump in a pocket in her apron. Every time during the day he came upon her, she had to
stand meekly while he took the pump, attached it, gave the bladder a couple of more squeezes, the removed
the pump and replaced it in her pocket.  If by chance he came upon her a half dozen times during the course
of the day, by evening her jaw was jacked almost to the point of dislocation. Plus, the bladder had
expanded down her throat until she could barely suck enough air to sustain her through her occluded
airway.  Of course, the discomfort and impairment caused by the gag in no way allowed the maid to slack
in her duties!

Beth knew the good news, and she have Patty a warm hug,  Her eyes communicated the happiness that the
gag prevented her from saying.  Beth removed a small key from her pocket, and quickly unlocked the
zippered tab at the crown of Patty’s head.  She grasped the tab, and gently tugged the zipper. Cool fresh air
replaced the stale, damp air that had surrounded Patty’s body for so long.  Beth helped Patty grasp the back
of the hood, and pull it off her head.  Wetly the rubber penis gag slipped from Patty’s mouth, and for the
first time in over two months the girl was ungagged.  Her mouth was numb from the constant pressure, and
while unable to speak yet, she conveyed her wishes to Beth to help her out of the suit…and quickly!

In moments the catsuit was  in a wet, black heap on the floor, and Patty looked down at her body.  Her skin
was deathly white, with red blotches, and sores from the pressure points of the confining rubber.  The lack
of air and constant wetness had caused her to break out all over her body and she was covered in little
bumps.  Yuk!  Her hair was a dirty, matted mess.  Her lips were puffy after being stretched around the huge
rubber gag for all those weeks.  She had a dark crop of hair on her legs and in her armpits, and she smelled
to high heaven.

But, oh!  That body!  All vestiges of flab were gone.  Her multiple chins were history and her neck was
sleek and trim.  Her waist was slim and her hips were firm and nicely rounded.  Her breasts had retained
most of their size, and now seemed larger in comparison to her smaller torso.  Normally rapid weight loss
leaves flab and slack, excess skin, but all the work and exercise had toned her new body beautifully.  Her
butt was nice and tight, and her thighs were trim and nicely shaped.  Patty’s hands roamed up her body,
enjoying her new curves.  She caressed her beautiful large, firm breasts.  The pink nipples were already
crinkled from the cool air after weeks of damp warmth, and her fingers tweaked them until they were stiff
and fully erect.

Beth watched as Patty discovered her beautiful new body.  She could not smile around the huge gag, but
the corners of her eyes crinkled with pleasure at Patty’s happiness as she took the smelly slave by the hand,
and lead her into the main part of the house.  Patty gasped when she saw the beautiful guest suite.  It was
not the sort of place that slavegirl’s even thought about!  The room was huge, with a high ceiling and
elegant furnishings.  The bed was at least king sized, maybe larger, and was covered in a soft comforter.
The bathroom was even more wonderful, all in marble with an immense Jacuzzi tub and a walk-in shower
that was like a waterfall.  Everything that a woman might need to pamper herself was on the vanity.  Beth
squeezed Patty’s hand, then closed the door, leaving Patty alone.

This was Beth’s last task for the day.  She went back to the small, Spartan cubicle that was her room.
Sitting on her thin, firm bed, she opened the drawer on her nightstand, and removed several keys.  These
were the keys to her daychains.  Each morning after dressing and lacing her corset Beth would lock herself
in her ‘working” leg, wrist, neck and waist chains.  Each of these chains was linked by connecting chains—
neck to waist, waist to wrist, etc.  The chains were light, and permitted her sufficient movement to work,
but at the same time they were encumbering, and constantly reminded her of her slave status.  After
applying her chains she would go to Master who would remove her sleeping gag and apply whatever brutal,
jaw stretching gag he had chosen for her to wear that day.  At night Beth would remove her daychains,
change into her nightwear, remove the gag Master had inflicted upon her that day, and quickly apply her
night gag before going to sleep.  Beth was particularly happy to remove today’s gag.  She disliked the
inflatable gag anyway, and she had encountered Master ten times during the day!  Each time he had added
two pumps to an already stringently inflated gag, so by nightfall her jaw felt like it was going to dislocate!
She applied the pump to the front of the gag and opened the valve.  “Mmmmmmmm” she moaned with
relief as the pressure was released and the bladder became limp inside her mouth.  She unfastened the four
buckles of the head harness.  The stiff leather straps left deep grooves in her face when she pulled the
harness free.  Beth stretched her jaw, and licked her lips, but even as she enjoyed this brief moment of relief
she was reaching into her drawer for her night gag.  This was a thick, long black rubber penis attached to a
soft pad which covered her mouth and cheeks.  The gag had a small hole in the center, so the girl could
breath with difficulty through her mouth if for some reason her nasal passages became clogged.  Quickly
she inserted the penis into her mouth.  She moaned softly, imagining that is was a lover’s penis, rather than
inanimate rubber.  The gag buckled in the back, and she made certain the fasten it nice and tight….the way
Master wished.  It would never do for him to check on her, and find a gag less that tight!  She set the alarm,
then slipped into bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin.  She fell asleep dreaming of sucking a huge
cock and slurping cum into her mouth. Mmmmmmm.  She fell asleep dreaming about how he would gag
her in the morning.  She could hardly wait!

Patty took a long leisurely bath, slept for 15 hours, and thoroughly enjoyed her day of freedom and
relaxation.  She knew that tomorrow it was back to her cell, and whatever else her slavery might bring….


“Did you enjoy your little vacation?” he asked.  To Patty, in her present situation, it seemed like an unreal
dream.  She was naked in her cold cell.  Each wrist was cuffed with a well padded leather cuff, and her
arms were raised over her head until her toes had left the floor, and all her weight was being borne by her
arms and shoulders.  Her breasts were stretched tightly across her chest, with nipples stiff and erect from
the chilly air.  Thanks to her recently remodeled body, every rib showed, and her belly was tight and flat
from the strained position.  “Yes, Master.” She gasped.  “Thankyou.”

His hands roamed her flesh, inspecting her “new” body.  Patty felt like a horse he was thinking about
buying, or maybe a dog in a dog show.  “Very good.” He commented as he tested the tightness of her ass.
Suddenly he slapped the nicely rounded flesh, and it jiggled only slightly.  “Nice and tight.”  He continued
for several more minutes, before standing in front of her with his arms folded.  “I am pleased,
slave…….finally we have a raw material worth training.”  She looked at him in surprise.  “Master, I
thought I had been training.”  “No, slave.” He answered.  “You have merely been getting ready to train.  Up
to now you were not worth the effort, but now I think I might be able to make something out of you.  Patty
remained silent at this news.

“There are 100 separate training sessions,” he began, “and you must complete all of them.  I don’t know
what kind of slave you might become, so we have to train you for any eventuality.  “Master,” she asked,
“what do you mean….what kind of slave I might become?  How many kinds are there?”  “Oh, he laughed,
you would be surprised.”  His hand reached between her the cheeks of her ass, and a finger probed her tight
rosebud.  “You might become a sex slave, and be required to perform any act, without hesitation, for
whomever your Master might wish.  That takes a certain kind of training.”  He watched her grimace with
distaste, and smiled.  “You might become a slave maid, like Beth.  You might become a Ponygirl, trained
to run for hours pulling your Master in cart.  You might become a bondage slave, or a piece of furniture, or
a pet, or……a punishment slave.”  He watched her reaction.  A…a punishment slave?” she asked.  “What
does that mean?”  “That is a slave that exists only to be punished…..not for misbehaving, or anything like
that, but only because your Master wishes to punish you.  “That’s not fair, Master.  To be punished for no
reason!”  “Oh, I didn’t say there was no reason…there can be lots of reasons.  Maybe your Master has a
high stress job, and simply uses his punishment slave to relieve stress.  Or maybe he is angry with his wife,
and punishes you to relieve his anger….or maybe….he is just a sadist, and punishes you because he likes
to……”  A tear slipped silently down Patty’s cheek, and he gently wiped it away.  “I told you, little slave,
that you had only one decision to make, and you made it.”  He lifted her chin until she looked at him.
“Isn’t that right?”  “Yes, Master.” She answered.  “Then you have no choice but to trust in your
Karma…whatever winds up happening to you is what was supposed to happen, and you must accept it.”
She nodded.  “So I must train you to cope with whatever situation presents itself, so that you don’t
disappoint or anger your Master, or bring disgrace to yourself, or to me for having trained you badly.”
Again he forced her to look at him.  “Understand?”  “Yes Master.”

And train her he did!  The Master was very inventive, and his training regime had been refined over the
years on a number of slaves.  Each of the 100 different training sessions lasted at least a day, and they were
spread out over many months.  No aspect of Patty’s physical or psychological makeup was untested…..

 She spent days and sleepless nights impaled and aching on a endless and increasing large series of
buttplugs.  To add variety, once she had accommodated the largest of plugs, even larger dildoes were
crammed into her pussy, and the front and aft plugs were tightly strapped within her.  The two huge plugs
seemed to occupy her entire abdomen, and she could feel them rub against one another through the thin,
tender membrane that separated then.

Once her arms and shoulders had adapted to being bound tightly together from elbow to wrist in a
crushingly tight single glove, she moved on to the next level of arm restraint.  Her hands were forced up
between her shoulder blades in a stringent hammerlock position.  Gradually the straps were tightened until
her forearms were together, her wrists were locked against her posture collar and her elbows were tightly
together!  Then her arms were locked and riveted into this position, and left that way for a week!

She was gagged with a series of rubber penis gags, each one a little thicker and longer than its predecessor.
Even the smallest of these gags touched the back of her throat, triggering a gag reflex.  It mattered not,
however, to what degree the slave choked and gagged….it would not ever be removed or even loosened.
The purpose was to train Patty to deep throat the largest of cocks without gagging or choking.  Gradually
she trained herself to relax her throat, and control her gag reflex.  Eventually the only thing that kept the
gags from becoming larger was the fact that their size completely blocked her airway!  Once fully trained
on the penis gags, she moved on to the real thing!  Patty was skull fucked by one..or several… of Master’s
friends at least weekly.  Some of these men had truly enormous dicks, but Patty was able to take their entire
lengths down her throat.  She learned to gasp a quick breath between the deep thrusts down her throat, then
hold her breath when the men would cum.  They would grab the back of her head, and force their dicks
down her throat until her lips were crushed into their pubic bones, and her nose was tickled by their hair.
The thick cum would seal the huge dicks deep in her throat, making breathing impossible!  Many times
Patty would almost black out from lack of air before the man would finally release her head, and allow his
softening, slimy dick to slip out of her throat.  She would gasp for air, and use her tongue to clean the
remaining cum from the dick in her mouth. Once the pink tube of flesh was clean and shiny with her saliva
she would give it a final slurp, lick her lips, and smile in gratitude.  She had been well trained!

And how had she developed this taste for cum?  Again Master would call on the services of a number of his
fellow Masters.  Patty would be ordered to perform a variety of lewd and suggestive acts to get the men
aroused.  They would form a circle around her, and she would move from Master to Master, on her knees,
helping them to jerk off onto a glass plate.  Once she had collected the cum from at least a dozen men, she
would place the plate on the floor, and lap up the cream like a kitten.  Sucking warm cream directly from a
penis is one thing, but licking cold, stringy cum from a plate is something else!  As a final test Patty lapped
and drank the cum from 30 men.  She also drank specimens taken from dogs, horses, and even a prized
breeding bull!

Almost every month Patty had to endure some sort of isolation or sensory deprivation training.  Once she
was hooded for an entire week.  This was nothing like the hood that she wore for so long during her
enforced diet—the only similarity was a built in gag and feeding tube.  This leather hood was
excruciatingly tight and stiff, with an integral posture collar that kept her from turning or bending her head
in any direction.  There were no eye openings at all.  There were ear plugs that went deep into the ears, and
heavy muffling padding over the ears.  No light or sounds could penetrate this hood.  The hood had a steel
loop at the crown of the head, and Patty often found herself bound with her head immovable and under
extreme tension.  Patty was introduced to a rubber mummification bag.  She would hooded and her arms
would be bound to her torso with tight leather straps above and below her breasts, and at her waist.  Her
hands would be strapped to her thighs, and her legs would be strapped at thigh, knee and ankle.  Then she
would be zipped inside the mummy bag, which also would be comprehensively strapped.  Then her
mummified form would be strapped into absolute immobility to a bondage table.  Her hood would be
strapped taut at one end, and straps around her ankles and feet would be tractioned at the other end.
Padding was wedged around her head, then tied so that she could not turn or move her head even the
slightest amount.  The mummy bag had an internal thermostat linked to a hot/cold water system, and the
temperature inside the bag adjusted itself to Patty’s body temperature.  She could not hear, she could not
see, she could not move, she was not hot, she was not cold……and she stayed that way for 24 hours.

In her second month of training Patty initiated a conversation with her Master.  “Master,” she asked
hesitantly, “May your slave ask a question?”  “You just did.” He answered.  “Go ahead and ask another, if
you wish.”  Patty blushed, and lowered her eyes submissively.  “Master, I have been thinking…..I was
wondering if I might have my nipples pierced?  She looked up to judge his reaction.  “Why would you like
to do that?” he asked gently.  “I thought…..that I would be more….appealing…..to whoever becomes my
Master.”  “Slave,” he said, “your instincts are excellent, but you are premature.”  She looked at him
inquiringly.  “What do you mean?”  “I mean that you will get your nipples pierced and nice big gold
rings…..but only when you complete your training.”  “Kind of like a graduation present?” she asked.  “I
guess you could say that.” He answered.  “May I ask another question, then?”  “Go ahead.”  “Would
you…..would you get me a 17 inch corset, and let me train my waist down another 3 inches?”  “Explain.”
“Well Master, I love my new body, but I thought that a smaller waist would make these nice breasts and
hips that you gave me look even nicer!”  “You would promise that if I do this, you will work hard and train,
and wear the corset laced as tightly as possible until your waist is 17 inches?  “Oh, yes!”  “Then I will get
you one, and you can resume your tightlacing next week.”  “Oh thank you, Master!” she exulted.  “May I
ask one more question?”  “Go ahead.”  “If I get to 17 inches, will you get me a 15 inch corset?”  He
growled in exasperation, and left the room.


The Master was a fan of the “Gor” books, and was particularly interested in the positive effect on a slave’s
attitude of a device known as a “slave box”.  Patty was introduced to it during her 4th month of training.
Beth awakened Patty early one morning, fed and watered her, allowed her to use her pail, then led her on a
leash into the house.  Patty stood naked, collared and hands cuffed in front, but otherwise unbound in the
hallway leading from Master’s study to the main living area of the mansion.  Patty was feeling chipper!
Wearing handcuffs was nothing to her, and being in the house rather than the dungeon bode well for the
day.  Momentarily she heard his footsteps approaching.  “Good morning, Master.” She said brightly.
“What do you have planned for me today?”  “Ironic,” he answered, “what you said, and the way you said
it.”  “What do you mean, Master?”  “You, little slave,  are getting a little bit full of yourself.  You are smug,
over confident, and more prideful than is appropriate for a slave.”  He took her chin in his hand, and turned
her face until she looked at him.  “Master, I…..”  “Quiet!” he commanded.  “I think you need to spend
some time thinking about things a little.”  He reached down, and swung open the lid on a steel box that was
so inconspicuous that she hadn’t even noticed it.  It was dull, unfinished steel, and sat right in the hallway,
nestled against the wall.  “Get in.”  Patty looked at the box, it had a number of holes drilled in its top and
sides, but it was very small—more like a  dog kennel, and not a really big dog at that!  “Master, it’s too
small.” She squealed.  “I can’t fit in there!”  He smiled at her reaction.  “Oh yes,” he replied.  “I’ve had
many slaves spend time reflecting on the error of their ways….and bigger girls than you!”  He put his hand
on her shoulder, and pressured Patty towards the box.  With a small whimper she stepped into it, then
dropped to her knees.  “On your side, knees drawn up to your chin, hands by your neck.” He coached.
Slowly Patty adjusted her limbs to the harsh confines of the box.  Her feet were tucked right up to her butt,
and she had to bend her neck so that her head would just fit into one corner of the box.  She was still
squirming for the most comfortable position when he closed the lid, and padlocked the hasp securely
closed.  “Enjoy!” he teased as he turned and walked towards his study.

It was not long before Patty began to suffer from the unyielding confines of the box.  Her hip and shoulder
became painful from lying on the hard steel, and her knees ached from being so tightly bent.  The small
movements allowed by the box brought some minor relief but………

The hallway location of the box was a high traffic area of the mansion.  Master would leave his office at
least once an hour, Beth the maid passed by frequently, the cook passed through on the way to the kitchen,
and other people that Patty had never seen before walked by.  None of them paid her any notice.  She lay
quietly all day in growing discomfort.  When the light coming from the window’s in Master’s study began
to fade Patty knew that evening was coming.  The next time Master passed by she asked, “Master, may I be
released now?  I need to go to the bathroom.”  He continued by, as if he hadn’t heard her.  Perhaps an hour
later it was almost dark, and she heard him turn off the lamp on his desk, and leave his study for the day.
As he passed by she spoke up again, “Master?  May I be released?  My knees hurt and I really need to go to
the bathroom.”  Again, he seemed not to notice that she was there, lying in a tight little ball inside a steel
box in his hallway.

Several hours later Master passed by her box on the way to bed.  “Master….oh please…..” she begged,
“please let me out.”  This time he stopped.  “Why?” he asked.  “Because…..I’m stiff, and tired, and sore,
and I really, really have to pee…..” she answered.  “Wrong answer.” He said, and continued on to bed.
The house became dark and quiet.  Patty lay in the dark hallway, and for the first time it dawned on her that
she was going to spend the night in this confining little steel box.  She shifted her position as best she
could, bringing slight relief from the cramped position.  She lay quietly, breathing softly for a number of
minutes, then a tear slid gently down her cheek.  It was followed by another, and another, until she was
sobbing.  Then, finally, she could hold it no longer, and she began to pee.  Oh!  It felt so good!  The yellow
puddle filled the bottom of her box, then began to seep out of the holes, and onto the hallway floor.  Patty
cried even harder, knowing that she would be punished for peeing without permission, especially on the
Master’s floor!  Fortunately she had eaten very little, so felt no urge to poop….that would really get her in
trouble!  Finally, despite the discomfort, she fell asleep, curled in a little ball, lying in a puddle of smelly
urine, captive in a steel box, in Master’s hallway.

Patty wakened to the early morning sounds of a household, and immediately began to fret over what Master
might do to her for peeing on his hallway.  She was reviewing a long list of unpleasant options when to her
surprise he walked down the hall, and stopped in front of her box.  “Good morning, slave.” He greeted.
“Good morning, Master.  She answered.  “I’m so sorry about the floor…..I just couldn’t hold it any
longer.”  “…Can’t be helped,” he answered the surprised girl.  “You are not the first slave to pee on the
floor, and won’t be the last.  Beth will get you cleaned up.” He said, turning to leave.  “You mean I get let
out now?” she asked hopefully.  “No….when you figure out what you have to do…..then I will let you out,
but not until then.  With that he left.  In a few minutes Beth arrived.  She was dressed in her working
maid’s uniform, chained as usual, and tightly gagged.  She was accompanied by another household maid
who was not in bondage at all.  The other maid was wheeling a large hand truck.  Without further ado the
two maids slid the blade of the hand truck under Patty’s steel box, tipped it to lever the box and its captive
into the air, and rolled the hand truck out of the house, and onto the back patio.   Beth turned on the garden
hose, and quickly stuck the nozzle into on of the holes in the confining steel box.  Patty gasped when hit by
the hard stream of cold water.  Beth moved the nozzle from hole to hole until the box and its occupant were
clean.  Beth turned off the hose, the maids wheeled the box back into the house, and replaced it exactly in
its prior location.  While they had been outside, someone else had mopped the puddle of pee of the floor.
Finished with their chore, the maids left the cold, wet captive shivering in close confinement.  Several
minutes later Beth returned.  The full skirt of her maid’s uniform swished as she knelt beside Patty’s box.
Through the hole nearest to Patty’s hands and mouth the maid pushed a granola bar.  Patty was famished,
and greedily she reached for the food, and gobbled it down.  “Thanks so much.”  The gagged maid nodded
in response, and the corners of her eyes crinkled with understanding.  She, too, had spent time in this box!
Beth next extended the nozzle of a sports bottle through a hole in the box towards Patty’s lips.  Patty could
move her head just enough to reach the nozzle, and she sucked noisily as Beth squeezed water from the
bottle.  “Thanks again.”  Beth nodded, stood, and was gone.

Time passed.  Patty dried out, became hungry, peed on herself again, pooped like a little baby, slept, was
washed and fed….and the cycle started again…..

“Oh Master…..oh please let me out!”  she begged.  Patty had been confined in virtual immobility for 3
days, and was beginning to suffer from the ordeal.  Her knees screamed in agony, begging to be allowed to
straighten.  Her shoulder and hip bone were bruised and raw from laying on the steel floor of the cage.  Oh,
how she would love to do nothing more than roll over onto her other side!  Her eyes were red from lack of
sleep, despite being hosed down every morning she smelled of sweat and urine, her hair was a matted mess,
she was hungry and thirsty, and most of all, she was bored almost out of her mind!  “Excuse me?” he
answered.  “Master, I beg you….please let me out!” she whimpered, “Oh, please……”  “Are you
complaining?”  “N…no, Master…..but…..I…I’m ready to come out.”  “What makes you think so?” he
asked.  “I’ll be such a good girl.” She answered.  “You can do anything you want to me.”  “I can do
anything I want to you now.” He answered back.  “Yes Master, of course you are right…..but before I
might have resisted you…..if not physically, at least mentally……but now I give myself to you without
reservation…to do with as you wish.”  “What are you?” he asked.  “I am a slave.” She answered without
hesitation.  “…And why do you exist?” he asked.  “Um……..to………serve you?”  “You don’t sound very
sure of your answer.”  He responded.  “I guess you better think on it a little longer.”  With that, he turned
and left her alone.

“Oh, Master…..I beg to serve you!”

“Master, please……allow this poor slave to serve you in every way possible!”

“Oh…..I beg to be allowed to please you in any and every way!”

“Master, I exist only to serve and please you!”

“Master, I am unworthy of serving you, please dispose of me in any way you see fit!”

“Master, I beg to be a good slave, and serve you in any way!”

“Master, I beg to please you in any way possible!”

“Master, please allow me to serve you totally….!

This went on for two more days.  Each time Master passed by the small steel box in the hallway, the
captive slave would beg.

The message became increasingly urgent, and the delivery increasingly pitiful……

Then, one morning Master passed by, and the occupant of the steel box remained silent.  An hour later he
again passed by, and still the captive girl remained silent.  Three more times he passed, without a peep from
the confines of the harsh steel cage.  The rest of the day passed, without a sound……

He came by just before bedtime. “Slave, do you no longer wish to be released from your box, slave?” he
inquired.  “Oh Master……you will never know…….” She answered.  “…but you are no longer promising
to serve in any way possible and be perfectly pleasing?”   There was a moment of silence before she
answered.  “Master……it…..it came to me last night.  I was begging to serve you….but I was serving you!
It pleases you to have me in this box, so I am, at this moment serving you as best I can.”  Again she was
silent for a moment as she gathered her thoughts.  “It’s kind of a Catch 22…..I was begging to serve you
perfectly in any way…except for being in this box…..but that is not being totally pleasing, or offering total,
unequivocal service.”  She shifted slightly inside the box, and he could see the gleam of her eye through
one of the air holes.  “By remaining quiet, and accepting the box, I give you the best possible evidence of
my service and desire to please.”  “Well!” he answered in a pleased tone of voice.  “You finally got it!  A
genuine epiphany!”  A serious look came over his face.  “Congratulations slave.” He said seriously.   It
came to you faster than many.”  “Really?” she answered, not sure whether or not she was being
complimented.  “Yes…..in fact some never get it, and I finally have to let them out, or risk permanent
damage……”  He knelt beside the box.  “…..but if they never get it…..I dismiss them from further
training…..because they will never be centered…..” He stood up. “I’ll have Beth come by to let you out


Patty was given a full day to rest and recuperate from her ordeal, then her training resumed.  She had
completed 63 of the 100 training regimes that Master had stipulated for her, and she spent the next several
months enduring, and learning from, a variety of experiences.

One of Master’s friends trained ponygirl’s on a large farm out in the country.  Patty spent the 3 hour trip
hogtied, gagged and hooded in the trunk of Master’s car.  When the hood was removed she was surprised
and delighted with the change in scenery.  She spent a week on the farm, being fitted with her harness and
bridle, learning to wear the bit in her mouth, being trained to respond to the reins, the driver’s voice signals,
and of course, the whip!  Patty took to being a ponygirl like she was born to it.  Her months of exercise paid
off, and she could run the gravel roads that crisscrossed the farm for hours.  She loved the feeling of the sun
on her naked body, and she grew tan and her muscles rippled like a well trained,  healthy animal.  She
spend her nights chained in a stall, sleeping on fresh straw, and she had to lap cold oatmeal and water from
bowls while kneeling with her hands cuffed behind her.  She was sorry when it was time to leave.
Especially since her next training………

………was the worst of all 100 training regimes.  Patty was trained as a toilet slave! Master got no
particular chuckles out of this….it was not really his thing, just part of the training regime of a fully
rounded slavegirl.  After the experience in the box, Patty understood that acceptance of whatever came her
way was the path to happiness as a slavegirl.  It only lasted one day.  Patty knelt in front of Master, and was
directed to beg to be his toilet.  This she did, and he peed in her face, and all over her body.  Next Beth was
ordered to pee in Patty’s mouth, and Patty was ordered to swallow it all without spilling a drop.  Beth was
then asked to deposit a brown treasure on a plate, and Patty was ordered to eat it.  Finally Patty was bound
in a spread-eagled position.  Her head was captured inside a heavy wooden box, which opened like a pair of
stocks, and then closed tightly around her neck.  When she looked up, she saw a hole directly above her
face, and immediately knew what was going to happen next.  For the remainder of the day Patty lay
helpless while Master, Beth, and the remainder of the household staff did their business into the box.  She
was not compelled to consume the wastes deposited in her mini-outhouse, but she couldn’t avoid them
either.  Plop!  A brown, smelly mess would drop from above, and splat wetly on her face.  Patty would
keep her eyes and lips tightly closed as the slimy stuff would slide down her cheeks and neck, and onto the
floor of the box.  She found herself grateful for the urine, which although smelly, would wash away the
brown residue.  The smell was overpowering, and she found herself fighting to not throw up.  Eventually
enough people had done their business until the box began to fill, and Patty’s head lay in a disgusting
pudding of shit and urine.  She could not turn her head to the side or her lips and nose would dip into the
mess.  Panic began to creep in….concern that she would be completely buried, and drown in the reeking
cesspool……..  She was never so happy as when Beth finally released her from the box.  She stood still as
she was hosed down with cold water to clean her sufficiently to be allowed into the house.  Beth showered
until she was sure that her hair was clean, the stuff had been washed out of every nook and cranny, and that
the stench was gone.

As the weeks passed, no aspect of slavery or training short of physical mutilation was ignored.  Hoods,
every size and variety of gags, torturous bondage positions, suspensions, endurance bondage,
mummification, tickling, needles, asphyxia, clips, clamps, weights, breast bondage, wax…….

Patty knelt on a Japanese Tatami mat.  She sat on her feet, with her knees spread slightly, and her hands
resting on her thighs.  Her posture was perfect, erect torso, shoulders back, breasts out thrust, chin up, eyes
looking straight ahead.  Easy training…except that she had been in this position for over 10 hours.  Master
had ordered her to assume this position early in the morning.  “Don’t move.” He commanded.  She hadn’t.
Her legs screamed for relief, but still she didn’t move.  Her lower back ached, she was thirsty, and she
needed to go to the bathroom, but still she didn’t move.  Patty was not trained in Zen, or yoga, or any of the
Eastern disciplines.  She was not in a peaceful state, or a trance, or experiencing “inner-peace”.  No, this
was hard for her.  The only discipline she had over her mind and body was her Master’s order not to move,
and she slave’s compulsion to obey……

Patty heard footsteps, and saw movement in her peripheral vision.  She sat without a twitch as he walked
over, and knelt in front of her.  He smiled, and reached out his hands to caress her breasts.  He took her
nipples in his fingers, pinched gently, and rolled the stiff, pink buds of flesh between his thumb and
forefinger.  Patty moaned softly, as her nipples throbbed at the friction of his fingers.  “What sized rings do
you think I should put in these?” he asked.  “Master??” Patty gasped.  “Yes, little slave,” he laughed, “You
have finished your training.”  Tears formed and began to run uncontrollably  down her cheeks as she
sobbed with joy.  Master allowed her this break in discipline for a few moments, then pinched her nipples
harshly and commanded, “Position, slave!”.  Patty fought for control, a small smile on her face, and her
eyes wet with tears as she knelt under her Master’s discipline.  “Well?” he asked.  “Big ones, Master,” she
answered happily, “so that I always feel their weight, and know that I am a slavegirl.”  “OK, he answered.
“Big rings for your nipples……and for your labia!”  Patty’s eyes widened.  “As……as Master wishes!” she

Patty was pierced and ringed, with Master doing the duties, and Beth holding Patty’s hand while the thick
needle penetrated her most treasured and sensitive places.  The rings were big, but in proportion to Patty’s
height, the fullness of her breasts, and her nice large nipples.  The labial rings were smaller in diameter, but
they bounced and chimed  together musically as she walked.  For the weeks it took the wounds to heal
Patty helped Beth with her chores, exercised, and worked around the grounds.  She became even more
deeply tanned, and her hair, which had grown long over the months took on golden highlights from the sun.
She wore it in a long, thick braid down her back.  She was naked continuously, except for her most recent
training corset, which kept her laced tightly down to 17 inches.  The fat, soft, bleached blond pig of many
months ago was gone.  In her place was a beautiful amazon slavegirl with long muscled legs, a firm,
curvaceous body, and a proud, intelligent countenance.


“Inspection position!”  Patty immediately spread her feet, and put her hands behind her head.  She stood
without moving as Master’s hands roamed over her body, testing the firmness of the flesh as if appraising
an expensive racehorse.  “I am well pleased with you slave,” he commented.  “Thank you, Master.”  “I
think you are ready for your first public display…..a coming out, if you will.”  “Master?”  “There is a
gathering of people like us…Masters and slaves…..at the end of this month in the Catskills.  It is very
private, very exclusive, and very expensive.  People come from all over the world to see, and be seen, and
perhaps transact a little business.”  “Business, Master?” she asked, fearing the answer.  “Yes, slaves are
bought and sold at auction.”  Patty shuddered inwardly at the thought.  “The auction is a little crass and
commercial for my taste,” he opined.  “The best slaves, and the highest prices, come from private sales.”
“Are you……..” she bit her tongue, knowing better than to ask the question.  That was her Master’s
business, and none of her concern.

Forcing thoughts of the selling of slavegirls out of her mind, Patty prepared herself to do Master proud.
She exercised rigorously,  watched her diet, and had her corset tightened to the maximum.  Beth washed
and conditioned Patty’s hair each day, and gave it 200 brushstrokes until it gleamed in the sun.  Master had
a professional make-up artist accentuate Patty’s natural looks, and a hint of red on her lips set of the shine
of her hair, and the gleam of her golden rings.  Patty was allowed to sit in the car this time, a far cry from
being hogtied in the trunk the last time she had left the estate!  She was handcuffed and leg ironed in the
back seat.  Beth rode in the front seat, strictly gagged as always.  The windows of the car were tinted, and
Beth wore a cape with a large hood which would conceal her face during the trip.  Once at the lodge it was
not necessary to conceal restraints…all the guests  were Master’s or slaves anyway, and the staff of the
lodge was closemouthed and discrete.

Master and the two slaves checked into their suite.  It had two large bedrooms, one for Master and one for
the two women.  They would be allowed the luxury of beds during their stay.  After resting for the
remainder of the afternoon, Beth began readying Patty for the first event of the weekend….the Welcoming
Reception.  Patty was bathed, and carefully shaved, with great care to avoid nicks or cuts.  Patty’s nether
regions were massaged with a soothing lotion, until she was as smooth and pink as a newborn baby.  Her
hair was washed and braided.   Beth polished Patty’s nipple and labial rings until the gold glinted in the
lights, then attached three more interlocked gold rings to each labial ring.  These were musical rings, which
tinkled beautifully when they jangled together as Patty walked.  A heavy gold slave’s collar was locked
around her neck.  A leash of gold links was attached so Master could control his slave.  A short, but very
sturdy black leather corset clinched Patty’s waist to under 17 inches, and she donned 4 inch stiletto heels.
Then Patty stood in the inspection position, waiting for Master to apply her bondage.

He decided on something simple, yet stringent.  “Open!” he ordered.  Patty instantly obeyed, and Master
wedged a three inch black ball gag between her teeth.  He pulled the straps until they dug into her cheeks
and the corners of her mouth were drawn back until her lips stretched tightly around the ball.  He buckled
black leather cuffs on each wrist, then joined the two together.  A short piece of black rawhide was tied to
the links between the cuffs, then her arms we drawn inward and up between her shoulders in a harsh “back
prayer” position.  He pulled on her hair braid until she head tipped backwards 45 degrees, then tied the
rawhide through her braided hair.  Patty was in a fix….if she wanted relief for her neck, she had to force
her hands even higher between her shoulder blades, and to relieve the strain in her shoulders, she had to tip
her head backwards until she face was towards the ceiling.  Tipping her had back also caused the ballgag
straps to tighten, drawing the ball even more deeply into her mouth. He completed her ensemble with a 12
inch hobble chain between her ankles.   “We’re not going to the reception for another hour,” he said with
an mischievous chuckle, “but you are so beautiful when you are bound.”  Patty whimpered softly as Master
sat down, and turned on the TV.  An hour later her shoulders and neck were already aching when he stood.
“Let’s go, shall we?” he said, picking up the leash.  He gave a gentle tug.  “Make me proud,” was his only
The reception was in a ballroom, with a huge roaring fireplace at one end, and a burbling fountain in the
center.  One wall was entirely mirrored, and light and color played off the crystal chandeliers.  There were
perhaps 300 in attendance when Master walked in, with Patty following submissively behind.  Master
walked to one of the open bars in the room, and asked for a Scotch.  He turned to survey the room.  There
were Masters, Mistresses and slaves from around the world…..Japanese with girls bound in traditional
kimonos, Germans with their “gummi damen” in black latex,  several Arab Sheiks with harem slaves, a
cowboy with a bound squaw, a black Nubian princess with a white slaveboy, on and on……

The slaves bore all manner and severity of bondage.  Some of the girls were beautifully dressed and coifed,
with handcuffs being their only restraint.  Many of the slaves wore ethnic or fetish costumes, and more than
half were gagged.  Some were blindfolded or hooded, and bumped into tables and other guests as they were
led around the room.  A number of slaves were leashed by their nipples or labia, and gasped whenever they
were “encouraged” to move.  Some were very closely hobbled, or had their feet tightly bound.  These poor
slaves had to shuffle, or even hop to follow their Masters or Mistresses.  A couple of slaves were tightly
bound into a hogtie or Gwendolyn ball position.  One such slave was pulled around on a small wagon by
another slave, but most of the immobile slaves were parked around the perimeter of the room, and left to
suffer while Master enjoyed fine food and drink.  One slave was captive inside a mobile cage, while
another couldn’t be seen at all since she was completely isolated inside a heavy black wooden box.

Patty followed her Master as he made small talk with other Masters and Mistresses in the room.  Her
curiosity took priority over the pain in her shoulders, and she found herself forcing her head upright so that
she could see better.  Of course this forced her bound arms up between her shoulders until her fingers
almost touched her collar!

“Pamela!” she heard Master exclaim, “How are things in Southampton?”  “David, I am wonderful,” she
answered, “How have you been?”  Patty stood nearby and listened in on the conversation.  It seems that
Pamela was the widow of a very wealthy Englishman who had died several years ago, leaving her a
fortune.  He had collected a number of slavegirls before their marriage, and Pamela grew to enjoy this
hobby, and continued after his death.  She also developed a liking for lesbian sex, and confided to Master
that she was not really interested in remarrying, or even finding a boyfriend….she was perfectly content
having one of her slavegirls service her several times a day!  She controlled her slave with a leash tethered
to the girl’s left nipple.  The slave was very young, with small firm breasts and large nipples that had been
trained to permanent erectness.  The girl was blindfolded and gagged, but Patty could see that she was very
pretty.    After a bit more conversation, Pamela turned her attention to Patty.  “What have you got here,
David?” she asked, raising an eyebrow with interest.  “Patty is my newest project.” He answered.  “I have
been training her for just over a year, and….” He reached out, and fingered the gold ring on Patty’s left
nipple. “I am very pleased with how she has developed.  “I should say so!” responded the English Mistress.
“May I?”   “Certainly.” He replied, “Slave, attention.” He ordered.  Patty stood motionless while this
stranger examined her body.  Mistress Pamela lifting a breast, feeling its weight, then let her hand slide
over the tightly corseted waist, and over the lush hips.  She squeezed Patty’s athletically tightened butt,
stroked her thighs, then slid her hand between Patty’s legs, and kneaded her smooth mons.  The gold rings
clinked musically as the Mistress spread Patty’s pink lips, and gently tested her inner reaches.  When she
withdrew her finger, it was wet.  “Responds nicely” she said, taking her wet finger to her lips to savor
Patty’s taste.  “Mmmmm, yummy.”  The Mistress stroked Patty’s cheek, and her fingers played over rich,
red lips stretched tightly around the large ball gag.  “What will you take for her?” she asked bluntly.  Patty
squealed behind the gag, and turned uncertainly towards her Master.  “I really don’t think I’ll sell her.” He
answered with a laugh at his slave’s reaction.  “I’ll give you $200,000 for her.” She offered.  “Thank you,
but no….” “$500,000 then!”  He looked at Patty, and seemed to be thinking it over.  For the first time, it
really dawned on Patty that she was…..a possession, and that in the wink of an eye she could wind up being
sold.  And she was helpless to do anything about it!  “OK, said Pamela, “I’ll give you $1,000,000 and that’s
my final offer!”  Patty held her breath, as she watched her Master.  “Not today,” he said finally, “I’ll keep
her for now.”  Both women sighed deeply, for different reasons.  “Too bad, slave girl,” she said, looking
wistful, “We could have had such fun together.”  She turned her gaze back to him.  “Goodnight then,
David.”  “Goodnight Pamela.”

The reception lasted another hour, then broke up.  Many of the guests went to the dining room, Master
decided on room service.  When they returned to their suite Beth was still hogtied on the bed where he had
left her several hours earlier.  Master sat in a comfortable chair, and ordered Patty to kneel beside him.  She
began making urgent noises through her gag.   “MmmmmmmmPHH!
EESSSSSHHH……EEEEEEE…..OOOOSSSHH”  Clearly she wanted to speak  “Quiet slave!” he ordered.
“I like you gagged for now.”  Dinner arrived, and she sat docile as he ate.  After dinner he poured himself a
brandy, and left Patty squirming at his feet.  Finally he said, “Lean towards me so I can get at the buckle.”
With an eager whimper she complied.  The gag pulled free with a wet PLOP and a river of drool ran down
her chin.  “Messy slave.” He laughed, wiping her chin with his dinner napkin.  “Thanks so much Master.”
She answered, licking her lips and exercising her jaw to get the feeling back.

“May I speak?” she asked.  “Go ahead.”  “That was a lot of money!” she pronounced.  “Yes…..it was a lot
of money.” He answered.  “You didn’t sell me to that woman…..does that mean you are going to keep
me?” she asked seriously.  “No, slave I’m not going to keep you.”  Now Patty was confused.  “Then you
are going to sell me to someone else?” she asked.  “No, dammit, I’m not going to sell you to anyone.” He
growled at her.  “I didn’t bring you here to sell you, I brought you here to set you free…..”  “What?” she
exclaimed, stunned at what he said.  “Do you remember the night I found you? He asked.  “Yes Master.”
“You were naive, and unprepared, and unattractive and desperate for attention…right?”  “Yes Master, she
answered, “and I know how lucky I am that you took me, and not someone else!”  “Yes,” he answered,
“and look at you now.  You are a treasured jewel….a beautiful, well trained, slavegirl.  Tonight you saw a
measure of your value, and now, this one time, you get to choose.”  “How so, Master?” she asked  “Did
you ever see the film Pygmalion?” he responded.  “Yes Master, with Julie Andrews.”  “Right….well I have
been your Professor, and you have been Eliza….and now you are at the ball where everyone can look at
you.”  He held up a gold “S” studded with red, semiprecious stones.  “Do you remember that note you put
on your chest that night?”  “Yes, Master.”  “Well this is the same thing.  I will attach this to your collar.
For the rest of the weekend this tells every Master and Mistress here….and these are the best in the
world……that you are an available slave.”  “So anyone can grab me, and make me their slavegirl?” she
asked.  “No, that’s what I meant being able to choose.  This one time, and one time only….you get to
choose.  You may wander around without fear.   You may talk to Masters and Mistresses…and even their
slaves if they are ungagged.  You can ask them about their likes and dislikes, and see how it matches with
yours.  You can even “play” with them to see how you interact, and whether the chemistry is right.  In
short, you get to audition your prospective owner.  If you find someone you like, take off the “S”, kneel,
and present it to your new Master or Mistress.  Remember though, you will have made your one and only
choice, and will have to live with it. It’s a tough choice.  You might get lucky…..Mistress Pamela would be
a good choice.”  “You didn’t sell me to her for a $1,000,000, but you would advise me to give myself to
her?” she asked increduously.  “I don’t advise you to do anything….but I’m just giving you a better chance
to get what you want that you gave yourself that night a year ago. If you choose someone, fine.  If you
don’t submit yourself to anyone I will put $20,000 in a checking account for you, and you can resume your
life in whatever fashion you choose.”  Patty nodded her understanding, and a tear ran down her face…she
owed him so much…..  “What will you do, Master?” she asked softly  “I will enjoy the rest of the weekend,
then take my faithful Beth home, and maybe one day I will get her to talk to me…..   Oh,  and I will find
myself another girl to train, and hope she comes out as well as you did.”

Patty was silent for a minute, then said “I’m a very lucky girl.  Thank you, Master…..thank you so much!”
“Go to bed” he growled.


The next morning Patty bathed herself, donned her red “S” and wandered around the various meetings,
displays and competitions of the convention.  In one room a whip manufacturer was demonstrating his
products on slaves whose asses were bright pink and crisscrossed with deep red welts.  Another room had a
seminar on Japanese rope bondage and suspension, another demonstrated the latest in electro-stimulation.
In a larger room there was a panel discussion on the cultural differences in slavery.  The consensus of the
group was that Arab Masters tended to be the toughest on their slaves, and American’s the easiest.  This
was a worthwhile thing to know!  While Patty found the day interesting, she truly felt lost.  After a year of
confinement, bondage and constant training she was simply not used to wandering around, and deciding
what to do on her own.  She was also intimidated by the magnitude of the decision facing her…..this was
the rest of her life that she was thinking about!

That afternoon she attended the slave auction.  There were 20 girls and 4 slaveboys, and none of them
looked very happy at being sold.  One girl, in particular balked at standing quietly as a robed Sheik
inspected her like as a housewife might inspect a chuck roast in the market.  After a brisk whipping the
girl’s arms were drawn overhead, and she hung stretched tightly as the various Master’s hands roamed over
her body.  She was eventually sold to the Sheik, and the look on his face told her that she was not facing a
pleasant life.  Patty shivered at the sound of the girl’s screams as she was led away.

Patty wandered around for another hour.  Since it was warm, she went outside, and sat by herself in a far
corner of the patio overlooking the lake.  The air felt good on her naked body, but  as the sun set the bugs
began to bite, and she decided to go back to the room.  There was a big banquet planned tonight, but only
for the Masters and Mistresses, so the slaves would remain in their rooms.  Many faced an evening of harsh
bondage.  Patty went back to the room, and opened the door.  Master had already left to join friends for a
drink before the dinner, so Beth was there by herself.  She was dressed as usual in her Victorian maids
uniform and working chains.  She was, of course, gagged….her mouth stuffed with muffling cloth, her
teeth cleaved with a very tight dishtowel, and her mouth covered by a four inch band of cloth from nose to
chin.  She sat reading, and looked up as Patty entered the room.  Her harsh gag covered her mouth, but her
eyes twinkled, and the corners of her eyes crinkled with a greeting smile.  Patty paced anxiously around the
room for a few minutes, then came and sat naked on the bed facing Beth.  “Beth, will you give me an
honest answer to a question?”  The girl’s brow furrowed with a curious look, but she nodded.”  “As you
know, Master is allowing me the freedom to choose a new Master or Mistress, or if I wish, to go out on my
own.”  Again, Beth nodded.  “This weekend has kind of opened my eyes,” Patty continued, “and now I
really don’t think I want to choose another Master, and I certainly don’t want to be out on my own again.”
She looked down, then looked into Beth’s eyes.  “You have been Master’s only slavegirl for a long time.
Would you mind if I asked to stay?”  Again Beth’s eyes sparkled with warmth over the muffling gag.  She
stood,  moved to Patty sitting on the bed, and sat beside her.  She took the naked slavegirl in her arms, and
hugged her as best her working chains would allow.  “Then…..it’s OK with you?” Patty asked.  Beth
squeezed her hand, and nodded.  “Oh, thank you……” she exclaimed happily, “but….I have one more
question.”  Beth nodded, an expectant look on her face.  “Does…….” She hesitated.  “Master
hasn’t…….um….does Master ever……..fuck you?” Beth’s eyes took on a wistful look, and she slowly
shook her head “no.”  “Me either.” Said Patty.  “I thought he didn’t like me.”  Beth made a “wait” gesture
with her index finger, stood, and returned with a piece of note paper from the desk.  Sitting again on the
bed, she began to write on the night stand.  She wrote for a few moments, then handed the paper to Patty.

“Master injured in Viet Nam……land mine…..lost his…..stuff.”  Patty dropped the paper, stood, and paced
across the room.  When she turned towards Beth there were tears in her eyes.  “Oh….why can’t anything
ever be easy.” She sobbed in frustration.  “He spent a year training me for one thing…to be the perfect
slave, and now I am primed and longing to be used….and he can’t……….oh Beth, I don’t know if I can
face a life without sex.”

The gagged maid hugged Patty again, then stood, gathering her skirt and petticoats in her left hand, and
dropped to her knees in front of the amazed Patty.  Beth assumed the bent over slave’s position with her
forehead resting on Patty’s bare feet.  “What?????…”  Beth looked up at Patty, her expressive brown eyes
pleading above her gag.  Slowly she reached behind her head, and un-knotted the tight cloth which covered
her lower face, revealing the rest of her gag.  Beth’s lips were stretched around a huge wadding, which was
drawn deeper into her mouth by the tightly tied dishtowel which drew her lips back into a painful grimace.
Beth began to until the knot, and she groaned softly her relief as the brutal pressure was relieved.  She
grasped the wadding which protruded from her mouth with her index finger and thumb, and began to
wiggle it back and forth.  Slowly the huge wad came out of the girl’s mouth.  Beth’s eyes showed the strain
as she struggled to twist and tug the sopping wet cloth from between her tightly stretched lips.  Finally the
widest part of the wadding passed between her teeth, and with a whimper of relief, it pulled completely
free.  Beth dropped the cloth, and it plopped wetly on the floor.  She licked her lips, smiled up at Patty,

“Oh, Patty, please stay…Please!” she begged.  “You talked!” said Patty, incredulous.  “Yes.  I can talk…..I
just haven’t had anything important to say….until now.” She licked her lips again, and stretched her jaw.
“It feels strange, though.  It’s been a long time!”  “So?” asked Patty.  “Patty….I’m just like you, lonely and
unfulfilled, but unable to muster the courage to leave.  Over the past year I have taken care of you….fed
you, watered you , bathed you, rubbed feeling back into your limbs, cleaned up your messes……and……..I
fell in love with you.”  She looked up. “You are so beautiful!” she said, hugging the startled girl around her
knees, and rubbing her face against her thighs.  “Patty……er…..Mistress Patty” she smiled mischievously,
“Master will always be in charge, but once we go to bed, I beg to be your sex slave.”  Again she bowed her
head to Patty’s feet.  “I’ll do anything you ask……anything!”  She looked up again, and their eyes met.  “If
you will have me.” She begged.  “Please?” Not waiting for an answer, Beth raised up onto her knees.  Her
hands clasped the backs of Patty’s thighs and she quickly buried her face in the sensitive pink flesh
between Patty’s legs.  Patty didn’t even have time to be surprised, or ponder the merits of lesbian sex.  It
felt good, and right now, that was all that mattered!  “Just a second…” she said, pulling free of the active
lips and tongue.  Quickly she flopped on the bed, and spread her legs wide.  “Now, slave.” She ordered.
With a throaty moan of animal desire Beth reassumed her position and her tongue attached the sensitive
pink bud at the top of the engorged fleshy folds.  It didn’t take long.  With a cry of joy Patty pulled Beth’s
lips more tightly against her pussy, and crashed into a much needed climax.

The two women lay, breathing heavily and enjoying the comfort of each other’s bodies.  “Well,” asked
Beth coyly.  “Did I please Mistress?”  “Yeeeeesssssss,” Patty moaned happily, “but how can a slavegirl
have a slavegirl?”  Beth kissed her way up Patty’s body, lingering for a moist suck to each ringed nipple. “I
guess I just won’t get any rest at all!”  She nuzzled her new Mistress’ neck, then kissed her lips.  Patty
moaned softly when Beth’s tongue slipped into her mouth.  It had been so long!  He was a wonderful
Master, but both slaves had a white hot need for affection, companionship and good sex that needed to be
quenched.  Patty tasted her own arousal on Beth’s lips and tongue, and looked forward to sampling the
delights between Beth’s thighs, but for now, it would have to wait.

She broke the kiss, and gave Beth a sharp slap on her beautiful ass.  “We don’t know when Master is going
to come back.” She said.  “We need to get busy.”  “Doing what?” asked Beth.  “Oh, that’s right, you don’t
know……I was given this red “S”, and when I have selected a Master or Mistress, I am to kneel, and
present it.” She explained.  “Once that is done, I lose my special privileges, and become an owned slavegirl
again.”  The two girls climbed off the bed.  Beth straightened the skirt and petticoats of her maid’s uniform,
and smoothed her apron.  “What do you need me to do?” She asked.  “I want you to tie me up kneeling by
the door.” Said Patty.  “Tie me as tightly as you can….as tightly as anybody has ever been tied up.  I will
place the “S” in front of my bowed head, and Master will know that I have chosen him.”  She looked at
Beth.  “If you tie me tightly enough, he will know that I have suffered as I waited for him, and will be
pleased with me.”

Beth ran to the bondage suitcase to get a couple of coils of rope.  “Tie my arms behind me, palm to palm
with my elbows tight together.”  Beth made four loops around Patty’s wrists with a length of cord, then
cinched two loops between her wrists, pulling the cinches tight until the cords bit into the flesh of Patty’s
wrists.  She took a longer length of rope, making four loops around the elbows pulled tight until her elbows
were almost touching.  The cinches between her elbows took up the rest of the slack, leaving Patty’s arms
bound tightly together from elbow to wrist.  The end of the cinch rope was threaded forward under Patty’s
left armpit, then up behind her neck, under the other armpit, then back to her elbows, when it was looped
around the cinches, up and threaded through the rope behind her neck, then back to her elbows and pulled
tight.  The rope was taut everywhere, pulling her shoulders back, digging into her soft flesh, and biting
painfully where it crossed bone.  “Now my legs.” Ordered Patty, gasping with pain as the cords pinched the
skin between her elbows.  “Yes Mistress,” answered Beth.  “I’ll make it tight.”  Beth looped and cinched
Patty’s ankles, below her knees, above her knees, and at mid-thigh.  As a added little touch she took a short,
thin cord and tied the helpless girl’s big toes together.  “Kneel down, now.” Beth instructed.  Without arms,
there was no graceful way to accomplish this, so Patty dropped heavily to her knees with a grunt of
discomfort.  Beth held her shoulder to be sure that she didn’t topple over.  Patty sat back on her legs, and
Beth made a loop around Patty’s thighs and shins, forcing the bound girl’s legs to remain with tightly bend
knees and her thighs crushed against her calves.  Next she took a large dishtowel, and folded it into a four
inch wide band which she carefully placed over Patty’s eyes before knotting it tightly at the back of her
captives head.

Power had been exchanged, temporarily the Mistress was now the slave.  Patty, blind and helpless, was at
Beth’s mercy.  “Mistress, I think I know what I am supposed to do now,” she said, “so I don’t need any
more of your advice…..Open!”  Beth reached down, and picked up the same wadding that she herself had
been gagged with all day and began to cram it into Patty’s mouth.   “EEEEEERRRRKKKK!” exclaimed
Patty as the cold, soggy wad, slimy with Beth’s congealed mucus was slowly compressed and forced deep
against the back of Patty’s throat.  Carefully Beth wedged the slippery cloth past Patty’s teeth into her
cheeks until her entire oral cavity was muffled by wet, clinging cloth.  With one final push Beth forced the
last of the wadding past Patty’s front teeth.  She took the rolled dishtowel, also wet with her own saliva,
and cleaved it between Patty’s lips.  “AAAAAAKKKKKKK…….UUUURRRPPPPHHH!!” Patty retched
as the slippery wadding was dragged even further back in her throat as the towel was tightened and knotted
behind her head.  The wider band was added until only Patty’s nose peeked through the tightly tied
dishtowels.  “One more little thing….” Beth said.  She picked up a bag-like hood made from two layer of
toweling, and drew it over Patty’s head.  It fit loosely, but had drawstrings which tightened around the
girl’s neck.  There were no holes in the hood for breathing, but air could pass through it….just barely!
When Patty drew in a breath through her nose the hood drew tightly against her face as she sucked air into
her nostrils.  When she exhaled the bag inflated as her breath seeped slowly through the two layers of
toweling.  With every breath the hood collapsed and inflated, collapsed and inflated……    In only a few
minutes the air inside the hood became stale, and the moisture in her breath made the cloth hot and

Beth took a short piece of cord, and tied it to each of Patty’s nipple rings, leaving it dangling between her
breasts, then tied a longer piece of cord a the middle of the other cord, leaving it dangling down Patty’s
torso. She took a heavier cord, and tied a  slack loop around Patty’s neck.   “Bend down.” She ordered,
pushing on her shoulder.  The captive complied, and Beth quickly tied the loop around Patty’s neck to her
knee bondage, back around her neck, and back through her knees.  Patty was now bound it this submissive,
bent over position, but Beth was not finished.  She took the cord from Patty’s breasts, and squeezed it down
her torso, and out between Patty’s bound thighs, where she threaded it through the two dangling labial
rings.  She pulled the cord taut, and heard Patty’s muffled yelp of pain at the sudden tension on her tender
pink flesh.  Beth smiled, pulled the cord a little tighter, then tied it off.  Even if her neck was not tied to her
knees, Patty would be unable to straighten her body without tearing the rings out of her flesh.  Not yet
content with the stringency of the bondage, Beth took several long ropes, and tied them around Patty’s
back, and legs, drawing the woman into a tightly compressed ball.  She tugged the ropes until the cords dug
grooves into Patty’s back and bit painfully into her shin bones.

Beth stood, admiring her work.  Patty was a beautiful sight…..submissively kneeling, head to the floor,
tight, biting rope bondage, a huge, stifling gag, and a clinging, claustrophobic hood.  She looked at her
watch.  It was 10 PM.  There was no telling when Master might return.  A fashionably late dinner, perhaps
a little dancing, cognac and cigars in the drawing room with the other Masters.  She took Patty’s red “S”
and placed it on the floor next to Patty’s hooded head.  “He will be pleased,” thought Beth, but Patty was in
for a long, uncomfortable evening before he returned.  “Have fun.” She said to the bound girl, and went to

Patty knelt in growing discomfort.  He knees and back began to ache.  Cords dug red grooves into her flesh.
He hands began to tingle, then became numb.  The worst was the hot, humid world inside her hood.  Beth’s
soggy wadding was fully saturated, so it couldn’t absorb any more saliva.  With her mouth open and facing
downward, the drool inexorably soaked both the gag cloths covering her mouth and the hood. The air inside
the hood became stale and laden with carbon dioxide.  Her breath came in rapid, panting gasps which
bubbled through the accumulated drool and mucus.  The wet cloth sucked wetly against her face.  Her jaws
ached, and her lips became crushed and numb from the pressure of the gagging cloths.

Time stood still.  The pain and discomfort was endless.

“What time is it?” she wondered.  “Ooohhhhh….when will he come home?”

Finally, she heard the key in the lock.  What relief!  It was pitch black inside the hood, but she heard him
turn on the light, then heard his footsteps approach her submissive form.  He bent down to pick up the red,
bejeweled slave “s”.  He noted the tightness of the ropes and the drool seeping through the gag and hood
forming a dark spot on the floor.  “So you wish to stay with me, huh?”  “Mmmmmmmmm,” came the
muffled agreement from inside the hood.

“Interesting…….”  He a paused, and a smile crossed his face.  “…but I need to sleep on it…..”


“Goodnight, slave.”