by Alexis


Mary Edmonds was the perfect image of femininity as she stood in the dappled sunlight.  The sun's rays
were tinted a montage of gold, green, blue and red as they streamed through the stained glass windows, and
the pearls, beads and sequins on Mary's dress glistened and sparkled like so many prisms and diamonds.
Today was her wedding day, and her splendid gown accentuated the lush curves of her body.  Full breasts,
tapering to a tiny waist, then flaring hips which gave shape to the long skirt encircling her legs.
What was odd, however, was that there was no one else present to appreciate her beauty.  The church was
empty.  No minister, no groom, no parents, no guests, just Mary standing at the altar.  Also odd was the fact
that it was only 6 o'clock in the morning, and the wedding guests would not arrive until 3 in the afternoon!
Mary sighed, and stirred slightly.  Even her small movement caused the ten petticoats under her gown to
swirl around her ankles with a soft rustle.  Underneath the petticoats, Mary's legs were caressed by the
finest white silk stockings, and upon her feet were white brocade and beaded pumps with six inch heels.
Also white, and very difficult to see even if Mary had lifted her voluminous skirts, was the thin white cord
binding her ankles together.  There were 6 loops of cord, with a tight cinch between her ankles.  Her knees
were similarly bound, the sheer stockings offering little protection from the cords biting into her flesh.  With
tightly tied legs and ankles, together with six inch heels, Mary teetered, constantly straining to keep her
balance.  Her efforts accounted for the small movements that were the only indication that this was a live
woman, and not a mannequin.
The beautiful bride's arms were encased in long satin gloves, with pearl buttons from her wrists almost to
her shoulders.  More of the thin white cord bound her hands tightly together palm to palm, and another
series of wraps and cinches drew her elbows together behind her back until they touched.  The digging
cords compelled her shoulders back, thrusting her full breasts against her bejeweled bodice.  Her long,
flowing train was fastened at each shoulder with a pearl pin, then cascaded down her back, and out across
the floor.  It also served to completely conceal her tightly bound arms.
Mary's blond hair was piled into a mound of golden swirls upon her head.  Her headpiece was white satin
with pink flowers.  Her veil was a chiffon cloud. It was sheer, but with several layers, so that it was almost
opaque.  Under the veil Mary's eyes were covered by a tight blindfold made of foam and white leather
buckled behind her head.  Her red lips were stretched around a large leather plug, which filled her mouth,
jacking her teeth apart while depressing her tongue.  The gag strap was also of white leather, and buckled
behind her head.  The fullness and opacity of the veil made the gag and blindfold invisible.
The final item of restriction was also not visible on the helpless bride.  It was an exquisite, but unbelievably
tight corset which helped compel her hourglass shape.  How could anything that looked so beautiful be so
severe?  The garment was white satin, with baby blue velvet piping, and white lace trim.  The corset pushed
her already ample breasts upward, straining the lacy white bra.  Mary's waist, which had been 25 inches
before corset training had shrunk through  rigorous, continuous tightlacing to 21 inches un-corseted, and,
was further compressed by steel to a breathtaking 16 inches!  A year ago, when Mary had planned this day,
and ordered her beautiful $5 thousand gown from the best bridal shop in the country, she had intentionally
ordered the waist at this wasp-like size, knowing that she could not be married until she had dieted,
exercised, and corset trained down to this tiny waistline.  With a 36 inch bust line, a 16 inch corseted waist,
and 36 inch hips flowing into a long full skirt flared by frilly petticoats, Mary's body was a series of lush
curves, intriguing hollows and hidden delights.
The captive woman fluttered her fingers and sighed softly.  The barely audible rush of air came through her
nose, since the gag strap tightly compressed the foam padding across her lips and cheeks into an airtight
Mary wondered what time it was.  The blindfold kept her in total darkness, and after many hours the body
plays tricks on the mind.  Mary knew that she had dressed, and been bound at eight o'clock on Friday night,
just before James was to begin his bachelor party.  She also knew that she would be married at 4:00 the next
She assumed that she would be unbound to be married, but given the nature of some of her outrageous
bondage experiences over the past year, that was far from sure.  Even if she was untied for the ceremony,
she still faced being bound for almost 16 hours!
The tightly bound girl twisted her neck and shrugged her shoulders, looking for some relief from the harsh,
shoulders back, elbows together bondage.  Many women with slim builds and narrow shoulders are able to
touch their elbows behind them with little strain, but Mary was average sized and athletic, and her elbows
did not touch easily.  Even after months of bondage training, it was still necessary to force her elbows
together, pull the rope deeply into her flesh, and cinch it tight.  Even with the gloves covering her arms,
Mary could feel the tender grooves being dug into the skin above her elbows by the cord, and the slow, but
inexorable loss of feeling in her fingers.  She took a long, deep breath, and exhaled slowly, air whistling
through her nose.  Even breathing was difficult, with her diaphragm compressed by the corset, her shoulder
blades arched from bound elbows, and her lips stretched around the stifling presence of the mouthfilling
gag.  "Golly!," she thought to herself, "I'd kill for a drink of water."
On top of everything else, her feet were killing her!  Standing all night on 6 inch heels was one more
discomfort that she had to bear.  She tried to shift her weight from one foot to another, but that was difficult
since she was blind, didn't have arms for balance, and was suffering with tightly bound ankles and knees.
She teetered slightly, her feet wobbly under swirling skirts, but was able to catch her balance.  If she fell,
she failed her final test, and if she failed, she would not become Mrs. James Edwards, and that was
something that she had worked for, and wanted more than anything in her life.
"God," Mary thought to herself, "this gag feeling like its growing inside my mouth."  A small sigh escaped
around the foam padding compressing her lips, but there was no one to hear it.  No one was present to be
moved by her plight.
More time passed.  Was it hours?  Mary could not know.  Even as well trained as Mary was, her mind and
body began to rebel at the stringency of her dilemma.  This, she supposed, was what real bondage was all
about—beyond masturbatory fantasy, beyond stiff nipples as she offered her arms to tight ropes, and
eagerly opened her mouth to accept the largest of gags, and certainly beyond the joyous eroticism of the
first minutes, when her senses were acute, testing the tightness of the rope as it stung her wrists, or thrashing
her thighs together as she writhed in a strict hog-tie, always looking for loose knots, then finally aware that
she was powerless to get free, resting, breathing hard through her gag, accepting that she was totally
helpless.  Mary had learned that anyone could tolerate a few hours of even the most difficult bondage, and
even enjoy it.  It was later, much later; after the arms lost their feeling, and the gag became a hateful,
nagging presence, and she was tired, and bored, and hurting, and all the fun was gone, that the reality of her
submission would hit her like a hammer.  She had willingly allowed this to happen, and that decision, the
only one she was allowed to make, meant that she would remain as she was until another human being
decided to release her.  Imagine that!
Mary thought back over the months, to the many times that she had been restrained in one contorted
position or another, and swore to herself that when she was released that was it!  She vowed to leave, and
never again allow herself to be rendered so helpless.  But, the next time would come,......and it really
wouldn't seem so bad.... so she would hold her elbows together so that they might be bound even more
tightly, then beg for a larger gag, and spread her lips wide with a twinkle in her eye is it was jammed in her
mouth, and buckled cruelly behind her head.  Mary sighed softly, and waited.
An eternity later Mary heard the creak of the church door opening, then the sound of someone moving down
the aisle towards her.  She turned her head in the direction of the sound, and an inquisitive "Mmmph?"
escaped her lips.  The footsteps were those of another girl.  Like the bride, she was wearing a long dress,
pink in color, and had flowers in her hair.  Like the bride, she was beautiful.  Her name was Cissi Miller,
and she was Mary's life long best friend, her Maid of Honor, and for the last year, her bondage trainer!
"Well, did you have a restful night?" asked Cissi teasingly as she came beside the helplessly bound bride.
Mary shook her head and moaned mournfully when she recognized her friend's voice.  It was Cissi who had
bound and gagged her so stringently so many hours ago, and Mary hoped fervently that Cissi was to be her
deliverer.  She gave a most heartfelt, pitiful whimper, and turned her head toward Cissi's voice.  "Oh, quit
the poor little me routine," said Cissi, "or I'll really give you something to be sorry  about!"  As she was
talking, Cissi inspected the bonds that she had applied so carefully the prior evening.  Yes, the wrists were
still securely tied, and the elbows were corded tightly together.  Since Mary was wearing gloves, Cissi was
not able to feel Mary's hands to see if they were still warm, signaling good circulation.  Instead she took a
pin from her corsage, and lightly pricked Mary's bound hand in the palm.  "MMMPPP!", Mary exclaimed,
reflexively closing her hand into a fist.  "Good," said Cissi.  "Still have feeling, so your circulation is OK.
It would be a shame if I had to untie you."
Mary whined shrilly through her nose, and tossed her head in anger, but Cissi only laughed.  She gently
lifted Mary's veils to inspect the blindfold and gag.  The blindfold was still firmly seated across the bride's
eyes, and the gag was tightly in place.  Cissi could see the welt in Mary's cheek where the gag strap had dug
in her flesh.  A small stream of wetness drooled out the corner of Mary's mouth around the gag, and down
her chin.  "Naughty girl!" said Cissi, dabbing at the saliva with a lace handkerchief.  She reached around
behind Mary's head, and began to unbuckle the gag strap.  Mary moaned in happy relief, then screamed
loudly as Cissi pulled the buckle another notche tighter.  "Ummmmppp!"  "Well, that certainly woke you
up," said Cissi with a chuckle, "now stand still."  With that, Cissi lifted her dress off the floor, and dropped
gracefully to her knees in front of Mary.  She carefully lifted Mary's dress, and parted the many soft
petticoats like so many gossamer spider webs until Mary's legs were uncovered.  With a practiced swipe of
a very sharp penknife, Cissi cut the tight cords from her friends knees, and then her ankles.  Mary groaned
with pleasure as the cinctures were peeled from within her flesh, and she was at long last able to move her
legs.  Cissi quickly reemerged from beneath Mary's gown, stood, and took the bride-to-be by firmly by the
arm.  "Come on," she said, "we might have some early arrivals who might not understand.  Mary uttered a
muffled "Mmmmf" of compliance, and with Cissi's supporting hand, was able to wobble on unsteady legs
back up the center aisle, and into the bride's waiting room off the sanctuary.
"It's almost over, Mary," said Cissi soothingly to her bound, gagged and blind friend.  "In 1 hour you will
walk down the aisle, and become the wife and property of James Edwards, but until then, you still belong to
me!"  Cissi lead the helpless bride to the center of the room, and bent to pick up a 3 foot long spreader bar
that she had brought along to the church.  Once again she dove beneath the lacy folds of Mary's dress, and
locked one ankle, then tugged Mary's feet apart, and locked the other ankle.  "UNNNGH!" Mary cried out
softly, for fear of falling.  Cissi tossed a rope over a pipe that ran near the ceiling, and then tied the rope
with a cinch between Mary's already bound wrists.  The cinch served to make the rope binding her wrists
bite even more deeply.  Mary moaned, then a soft, inquisitive "Mmmmp??" escaped her lips as she felt her
arms being pulled up behind her.  Cissi pulled until Mary's arms were almost vertical, forcing her captive to
bend over sharply at the waist.  Cissi lifted Mary's veil, and studied her friend's face.  With the gag so
tightly strapped, and her lips numb from having been gagged for so many hours, Mary could not stop her
saliva from dribbling out around her gag, and onto the floor in front of her.  Cissi looked lovingly at her
friend, seeing that while tired and hurting, she had the resolve to see this through.  Cissi bend down and
whispered in her friends ear, "Mary, this is for you.  Best of luck!"  With that she again dropped to her
knees, and burrowed beneath Mary's dress, and the multiple undergarments.  It was utterly dark under the
many layers of fabric, and warm and moist from Mary's exertions.  Cissi's knelt between Mary's spread
legs, and her hands roamed up the captive's thighs, above her stockings, to the sheer, white panties which
barely covered Mary's plump mound.  Cissi tugged the wispy garment down to Mary's knees, and her
questing lips and probing tongue searched out  the core of Mary's femininity.  Cissi had no prior experience
with lesbian love, but she had been eaten enough by her boyfriends to know exactly what to do.  She homed
instinctively on the most sensitive spot.  Her lips nibbled Mary's pink flesh, and then her tongue lashed the
stiff clit.  Mary sighed happily, emitting little muffled whimpers in response to the intimate contact, and
thrashed her body to the limits of her stringent bondage.  The long night of discomfort was forgotten, lost in
the joy of the moment.  For many minutes Cissi knelt within the clinging folds of Mary's bridal gown,
enveloped in satin and lace , and the tangy essence of her friends arousal.  Mary's whimpers and moans
became more intense, until finally Cissi took her over the edge, and Mary strained against the ropes,
shuddering in the throes of a powerful orgasm.  All the tension of hours in bondage was released in a few
powerful moments.  Cissi continued to lick and nibble the fragrant pink orifice until Mary's trembling
subsided.  She pulled up Mary's panties, unbuckled the spreader bar from her captive's ankles, and
extricated herself from the lush folds of Mary's gown.  Cissi smiled and took a deep breath and licked her
lips, as she watched her captive gather herself after the uncontrollable burst of emotion and energy.  Mary's
full breasts were heaving, her breath whistling in and out of her nostrils, sweat dripping off the end of her
nose, and a trickle of drool dripping from her gag.
Cissi looked at her watch.  "Have to hurry!"  she said, leaving her still bound friend as she went into the
powder room.  Quickly she wiped her face, and freshened her makeup, then returned to Mary.  She untied
the rope between Mary's arms and the pipe, and allowed her friend to stand.  She reached behind Mary's
head, and unbuckled the blindfold.  Mary's eyes we allowed to see light for the first time in many hours, and
the beautiful bride blinked, whimpering as the light hurt her eyes, the sweat stinging them.
 After a moment she could see well enough to make out Cissi's form, and she rolled her eyes at her friend,
moaning softly.  Cissi smiled, and reached again behind the bride's head, and unbuckled the gag.  It was so
large, and Mary's jaws were numb enough, that she could not expel the plug from her mouth without help.
She groaned in frustration, and shook her head, trying to sling the invader free, but finally had to turn to
Cissi with a pleading whimper, "Mmmmp??"  Cissi grasped the leather, and slowly pried the huge plug
from between Mary's teeth, where it had been compressed for many hours.  Like it had a life of its own, the
foam plug expanded, and Mary whined her discomfort as it stretched her lips, then popped free with a wet,
sucking sound.  Mary moaned as a large stream of saliva which had been trapped behind the gag flowed
down her chin, and onto her chest, where it glistened like liquid jewels.  Slowly the girl was able to close
her jaws, lick her lips, swallow, and finally, speak.  "Oh, Cissi!" she moaned gratefully, "Oh, thank you!"
Cissi looked at the bride's swollen, dry lips, and cheeks creased by the tight straps. "Pretty bad, eh?" asked
Cissi with an understanding smile.  "Oh, you have no idea!" exclaimed Mary.  "It was so big, and you made
it tighter than necessary to keep me silent." she said reproachfully.  "Don't get a smart tongue, Missy, or I'll
put it back in, and even tighter!" responded Cissi, tweaking Mary's nose.  "James and I once discussed the
merits of having you go down the aisle bound and gagged, so that all those present would see how things
really are....but we decided...."  She smiled mischievously, "I could still do it you know!"  "Oh, no!"
pleaded the captive.  "Please untie me.  I'll be a good girl."  Cissi smiled, and kissed Mary on the cheek,
"Let me freshen up that messy face."  Cissi quickly took a towelette and wiped away the sweat and old
makeup, and then expertly remade Mary's face.  She was beautiful, and her appearance belied the ordeal
she had just experienced.  "Mistress, I can't feel my hands.  Will you please untie my arms?" asked Mary in
a submissive little girl voice.  "Tsk, tsk." Cissi laughed, and spun Mary around, quickly peeling the ropes
away from Mary's tightly bound elbows.  "Ohhhhhhh!" Mary groaned with joy, able for the first time in
hours to relax her taut shoulder muscles.  "That feels soooooo good!  Cissi allowed Mary a minute to stretch
and twist away her aches and strains, then commanded her to stand and face her.  Mary obeyed, standing
before her friend with her wrists still bound.  "Other than that little treat I gave you a while ago", Cissi
began with a self conscious giggle, licking her lips to recapture her friend's wonderful taste,  "I have not
given you a wedding gift."  She reached for a box on the table, "Now I would like to give you something
that I picked out, just for you....something so that you will think of me today as you are going down the
aisle, and whenever in the future James chooses to use them."  Cissi opened the box, and Mary gasped at
what she saw.  Two of the largest diamonds she had ever seen, a matched pair, but in settings unlike
anything she had ever seen.....not earrings, certainly not cufflinks.....little silver jaws.......  "Oh, my!, said
Mary, her eyes wide with alarm.  "Not?......."  "Yes, my darling, and made just for you!"  Mary's gown was,
cut low in the front to accentuate the lushness of her body, so her proud breasts were an inviting target.
"Stand still!" Cissi commanded.  It was easy for her to reach down the front of Mary's bodice, slide a bra
strap off of her shoulder, and free a plump breast sufficiently to pinch Mary's pink nipple into throbbing
stiffness.  Cissi and Mary looked eye to eye as the silver jaws enveloped Mary's blood engorged nipple.
When Cissi's grip was released and the little teeth claimed their prize, Mary closed her eyes and moaned
softly.  So small, so beautiful, yet they hurt so much!  Cissi returned the breast to its satin and lace cradle,
leaving the jeweled clamp biting into Mary's tormented pink bud.
She repeated the same process on the other nipple, and Mary whimpered, and bit her lip against the pain.
Again the two girl's eyes met, and Mary's glistened as she fought back tears.  "Don't you dare cry, and ruin
your makeup," chuckled Cissi, "or you can be married with mascara running down your cheeks.  Mary
snuffled through her nose, her lips trembling.  "Aren't you going to thank me?" Cissi taunted.
"T...Tttthank...you...Mistress," Mary gasped against the pain, "Thank you for your gift...thank you for
hurting me so beautifully."  She bowed her head submissively as Cissi, brought her veil down in front of her
face, and walked behind her to free her wrists.  "Oh, Cissi!" gasped Mary as the ropes were untied.  "It was
so tight that my hands are numb!'
Cissi smiled.  This is exactly what she wanted.  Even unbound, Mary was still a helpless captive, since her
lifeless hands were more like a dog's paws...lifeless fingers, no ability to grasp, or open a door, or write her
name....barely able to clasp her bridal bouquet.  Cissi was sure that by the time Mary's hands came to life,
the ceremony would be over, and James would see to it that his bride was once more well bound!
Cissi looked at her watch.  The guests had arrived, the organist was playing, and it was time.  She smiled
wistfully, and opened the door.  The groom's men and bride's maids were already in place.  It was her turn.
She turned to Mary.  "Good luck, Honey, and....good-bye."  With a small tear in her eye, she walked down
the aisle, took her place for the ceremony, and as the bridal march began, she watched her friend walk down
the aisle, and out of her life.   She really wasn't aware of the ceremony.
She was lost in thought...............


It's funny how life turns out.  Cissi and Mary had been roommates after high school, neither interested in
college, both taking boring, dead end jobs, evenings spent in bars, or dating a stream of losers.  Both girls
were bored stiff.  Was this all there was to life for two beautiful, intelligent women?  Seeking an outlet for
her intellect, curiosity and energy, Cissi, to her surprise,  became something of a feminist.  She attended
meetings, and voraciously read all of the trendy, feminist authors, until one day she discovered a trashy, but
fascinating book by a very popular feminist,  a lesbian. who was also a sadist!  Cissi was transfixed!  She
lost herself in the seething emotions created by stories of sexual dominance and submission.
Bondage and Discipline became her passion.  She read and re-read her book until it was dog-eared,
acquired others, devoured them, then finally mustered the courage to enter that male inner-sanctum, the
adult bookstore.   New worlds were opened to her and months of reading made her even more enthusiastic
than ever, but also more confused.  Which role should she play?  One day she would dream of being
dominant, with men helplessly bound at her feet.  The next day she envisioned being a chained slavegirl,
and the thoughts of being mastered by a man's roughened hands make her quiver with desire.  She decided
to experiment and enlisted Mary's help in her quest.  While the blond girl initially didn't seem to share her
passion, she became a willing and cooperative partner.  The two girls spent many evenings practicing
bondage,  The two women alternated being the dominant partner, and the bound slave, but always it was
Cissi deciding what they would do, and Mary going along passively with her friends wishes.
One day, while reading a B&D publication which features personal classifieds, Cissi saw an ad which was
too good to be true.  She read it over and over....
Very wealthy English gentleman seeks
beautiful, submissive young woman for
adventure, excitement....and total restraint
as my bondage slave.  As my wife you will be
pampered, adored, treasured as a precious
jewel, but spend almost every day of the rest
of your life in the most stringent of bondage.
Sincerely interested only need apply.
"Auditions" will be required.

Eagerly Cissi responded to the ad, and to her amazement she received a call from the personal secretary of a
Mr. James Edwards.  She was interviewed, photographed, screened thoroughly, and finally invited for an
It was there that Cissi's bubble burst, and she got the answer she had been seeking!  It came to her slowly,
worked out over the course of many hours in which she could do nothing but reflect ruefully on her
situation.  She had been tightly bound in what was called a "Gwendolyn Ball".  She had seen it in a
magazine, and had practiced the position on Mary, but she had never experienced it herself, and certainly
not to this degree of stringency, or for this long.  Cissi's wrists were bound together palm to palm, with six
wraps of thin cord pulled very tightly, and then 3 cinches between her wrists which caused the cord to dig
harshly into her wrists.  A slightly thicker cord was used on her elbows, again six wraps, than around her
shoulder, behind her neck, around her other shoulder, back to her elbows, then looped through the rope
behind her neck and pulled tight.  This served to tighten the elbow bondage, pull back her shoulders, and
remove any possibility that she could wiggle the rope off of her elbows.  Similar wraps and cinches were
made above and below her knees, and her ankles.  As she knelt, a long rope was looped many times around
her upper thighs and her shins, forcing her legs to be bend double, and jamming her calves against her
thighs.  A wide leather collar was buckled snugly around her neck, and a rope was tied to a ring at the front
of her collar, then looped around the cinch between her knees, and pulled tight.  This forced Cissi to bend
from the waist, until her breasts were squashed against her upper thighs, and her chin was firmly against her
knees.  Not that it was necessary, but another rope was tied to her feet, and looped through the cinch
between her wrists and pulled taut.  This rope added stress to her already tightly bound arms and legs.  At
this point Cissi was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into when another long rope was
wound around and around her body and folded legs, compressing her tighter and tighter into the
aforementioned ball.  "Last chance." the voice intoned.  Cissi knew that this meant that if she wanted to stop
the audition, it had to be now.....she would have no opportunity later!  Gasping with discomfort, the bound
girl shook her head.  "Good." said the voice.  Cissi felt a blindfold being placed across her eyes, and
buckled tightly at the back of her head.  The blindfold was wide, with a hole for the nose to stick through,
and curving edges which closely followed the contours of the cheeks.  The blindfold was very effective.
"Open." said the voice.  Cissi opened her mouth, then squealed as her jaws were stretched to the limit by an
immense ball which was compressed as it was forced between her teeth then expanded to completely fill her
mouth.  Cissi whimpered as the gag was buckled tightly at the back of her neck.  She felt a harness
arrangement of straps passing across her face, and being buckled at the top of, and behind her head.  A final
strap was buckled under her chin.  She and Mary had played at bondage, but this was something else.  This
was reality.  For the first time in her life she was totally helpless and under the dominion of a man.  There
was no "safe word".  There was no using her female charm.  There was no way to plead.  She could only
remain bound, and helpless and hurting until this man chose to free her, and she had no idea how long that
might be.  A true submissive would tremble with excitement at the prospect.  Cissi felt nothing, and as the
hours went by, she knew that she was learning a painful, but very valuable lesson.  As she lay bound, she
contemplated with admiration the power this person had over her.  A vision of herself crystallized---that of a
leather clad lionine Dominant standing triumphantly over a slave bound just the way that  she was now
bound.  The image of the slave was unclear, but there were lush curves, full breasts.....blond hair.......a
woman definitely..... a submissive, feminine woman---a woman who looked very much like her roommate,
Hours later, Cissi was freed from her bondage, and her joy at having the gag pried from between numb lips,
and the cord peeled from deep, red grooves in her flesh, was exceeded only by the happiness that she felt
from knowing that her path was now clear.
Ruefully, she excused herself from the next phase of the audition, and returned home.
As she was driving home, she was already figuring how she might entice Mary into a life of bondage.  Not
mere games like they had been playing, but total submission and true bondage slavery.  They couldn't stay
roommates forever, because she knew that Mary wanted a husband. This man might be perfect!  What if
Mary's husband needed a trainer for her?  This was a service that she would be more than happy to provide!
Her plan worked perfectly.  She showed the ad to Mary, and explained that the bondage had been such fun,
but that the Master was really looking for a lushly figured blond, whereas she, regrettably was a slim
brunette.  "Why don't you apply?"  she asked Mary. The girls discussed the pros and cons—travel, but total
submission;  stringent bondage, but with a life of luxury.  Cissi laid it on thick, telling Mary just how
attractive and sexy James Edwards was.  "There was probably little chance that James would choose Mary,
but what the heck, why not give it a shot?" she explained.  "At the worst, you will have a wonderful
bondage experience."   Mary was not sure, but Cissi kept after her, and finally, Mary agreed.
And so the beautiful blond answered the ad.  Mary was interviewed, and much to her surprise, she was
called back to audition.  The first time she looked into this man's eyes, and felt him take her small hands in
his large ones, and wrap a rope around her wrists, she was his!  "If only," she thought, "he would tie me,
and take me off to his castle, and protect me, and train me, and keep me his captive for ever and ever."  He,
in turn,  was mesmerized by her beauty, her obvious adoration, and her total submission, and he quickly
discarded the other possible candidates.  Mary was the one! He proposed marriage.  A most unusual
proposal, and an even more unusual acceptance!
Mary knelt naked in the drawing room of his country mansion.  The house was huge, stone, imposing.
James sat at his desk, tending to his affairs, seemingly oblivious to the beautiful, full breasted blond sitting
with her head submissively bowed, beside him.  After many quiet minutes, he looked up, and spoke.
"Young woman, I had over 500 responses to my inquiry, and you are the girl I have selected to be my bride,
and my slave, for the rest of our lives."  Mary was so excited that she could hardly breath.  She didn't know
if, or how, she was supposed to acknowledge this comment, so she remained silent, but she stole a quick
look at him.  He had a faint, enigmatic smile on his face, but his eyes shined with dominance.  "Well girl,
what do you have to say?" he asked.  Mary could not meet his gaze, but she was able to answer in a scared,
little girl voice, "Oh yes, I'll be your wife.....and slave."  She looked up.  "I don't mind how tightly I am tied
up, as long as it's you doing the tying!"   James Edwards laughed deeply.  "Well spoken!" he said, standing,
and taking her hand to guide her to her feet, but I'd like you to think about it, and think about it hard,
because my slavewife will be a slave for life, and if you decide that you don't like it...well....it will be too
late."  He tipped her chin towards him, and she raised her eyes.  "I know," she answered, "but I won't
change my mind."  He lead the naked beauty into the hall, then down a long set of stairs winding into the
basement.  There were many doors, but he selected one very stout, black, wooden door with a huge brass
padlock, which he opened, and lead her inside.  Mary's eyes grew wide, and she trembled as she surveyed
the sight before her.  It was a huge dungeon, and even to her novice eye, she could see that it was
completely, and fearsomely equipped!
James went to a cabinet, and took out three items.  Mary recognized a pair of handcuffs, leather ankle cuffs
with a connecting chain, and a ballgag.  James placed the three items on a bench, and turned to Mary.   "I'll
come back in one hour," he explained.  "If you're sure that you want to be my wife, under the conditions
that I have explained, then I want to find you gagged, and chained in a hog-tie when I return."  He walked
toward the door, then turned.  "If you want to leave, your clothes are in the closet, and there is $1000 in
your purse for your trouble.  No regrets, and no questions asked."  He looked at her and asked," Do you
understand?"  Mary nodded.  James smiled, and closed the door.  She was alone.
Mary knew that she didn't need an hour to make this decision, she already knew that she was hopelessly in
love with this man, and the mere thought of his tightly binding her wrists behind her, and making her his
helpless slave, made her shiver with anticipation.  "No need to put myself into bondage too quickly though,"
she thought to herself,  "First I want to explore this dungeon a little while."  Standing in the center of the
room, it was easy to identify the large pieces of elaborate bondage equipment, even though she had never
seen them in person before, just seen pictures, and read descriptions in Cissi's bondage books.  She saw
crosses festooned with straps to keep her spread wide, and totally helpless.  There were several sizes of well
padded horses, a very sturdy bondage table with hooks and eyebolts which allowed her to be bound from
every angle.  There were stocks, and several boxes and cages which would restrain a girl helplessly even if
she were not bound up inside them.  There were winches, which would haul her off the floor, and spreaders
to keep her limbs splayed widely apart, and other items that she could not identify, but whose singular
purpose was clear.  She then looked at the shelves and racks which lined the walls,  which contained every
imaginable implement of restraint and correction---whips and paddles and canes, gags and blindfolds and
collars and hoods, clips and clamps, ropes and straps and chains and locks.  Mary's knees grew weak, and
she was chagrined to feel her nipples grow stiff and erect just from thinking about things that James might
do with her.
As she walked around the room studying each item in endless fascination, a thought planted itself in her
mind, and the more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and pleased with herself for her
cleverness.  She wouldn't be merely gagged and loosely hog-tied when James returned, she would
demonstrate her love and submission by placing herself in the most stringent predicament she could come
up with, and when he found her, he would be pleased with his little slavegirl, and know by deed, rather than
by word, her commitment.  Now what to do......
James Edwards hurriedly glanced at his watch with a frown.  He had told Mary that he would be back in an
hour, but had received a call from London on an important deal, and couldn't get off of the teleconference
that would likely to go on for at least another hour.  "Oh well," he thought to himself, "either she is gone, in
which case it doesn't make any difference, or she will spend longer than intended pondering her future
while resting in a secure, but far from strict, bondage in the dungeon."  He returned his attention to the
London lawyer droning about the tax advantages of leasing vs. buying the factory in Scotland..........
"Oh god.......Oh James.......please......please come......please......," Mary begged silently, trying to
telepathically communicate her distress to James, or anyone.  She was in agony, her plan to please James
with a more inventive and severe bondage gone horribly awry.  She didn't know how long she had been
here, not yet being experienced in prolonged bondage, but she was sure it was well beyond an hour.  She
now knew that the position she had naively  selected was far too severe for a novice, even for an hour.  She
tried to remain motionless, but the stress caused her breath to come in gasps which whistled in an out of the
nose hole of the discipline hood.....the first that she had even worn.  Her nipples burned with the fire of
fierce little alligator clips, which she had so eagerly clipped to each throbbing red bud so long ago.  She was
sweating profusely inside the tightly laced leather bag, and the sweat mingled with the drool from her gag to
form a puddle under her chin, which dripped out the edge of the hood, despite the tight collar buckled
around her neck.  She was sure that her wrists and ankles were bleeding, and it was a tossup whether her
neck, or back, would break first.  Both caused her extreme distress.  She had, at first, struggled in her bonds,
but now she simply hung, soft, feeble, sad whimpers emanating from the hood, but no one around to
Finally James Edwards was able to extricate himself from his business.  He was not concerned, and did not
hurry, taking the time to fix them both a cool drink.  "Mary would probably be thirsty after having a ballgag
in her mouth for three hours," he thought with amusement.  He walked down the stairs, and opened the
heavy door of the dungeon.  He stopped, eyes wide in alarm and amazement when he saw the display in
front of him.  Mary had managed to place herself in a hanging hog-tie, with her wrists and ankles firmly
together, and her head drawn painfully back.  "How in hell...?" he thought to himself, rushing to her
...........Just reading about this bondage position in Cissi's book had given her the chills.  She remembered
thinking just how helpless the girl was, and the stress her body would have felt when she was hoisted by her
wrists, ankles and hair until her body was totally off the floor, and she swung slowly, and painfully back and
forth, until finally she came to rest...  In her desire to please James, Mary had decided to duplicate that
position---by herself!
She had really needed very  few items, considering the severity of the bondage—a pair of padded wrist
cuffs, padded ankle cuffs, and a length of cord.  She found a small aluminum cart on wheels which was key
to her plan, and moved the cart underneath a large hook hanging from a winch cable from the ceiling.  She
assumed a hog-tie position on top of the cart, and then adjusted the height of the hook above her until it was
properly positioned, then locked the winch in place.  She locked the four padded cuffs on her limbs, then
reached for the item that had aroused both fear and attraction when she had seen it in one of the cabinets.  It
was a leather discipline hood, and she gasped when she first saw it. She picked it up with trembling fingers.
She had read of such an item, but had never touched  or seen one before.  It was made of the softest leather,
thin and pliable, with laces from the crown of the head down the back to the neck.  This hood had no eye
holes, so the unlucky occupant would be in total darkness.  There were two small holes at the base of what
was obviously where the nose would go, a round hole surrounded by four snaps where a gag would be
fastened, and a hole high up in the back of the hood, which Mary guessed was where a girl's hair could be
passed if it were bound into a perky ponytail or braid.  At the base of the hood  a three inch wide leather
collar was attached, with a small hasp which allowed the hood to be locked upon its wearer.  With the lock
in place, the wearer could not remove the hood, even if her hands were free.  She would be trapped in it's
tight, dark embrace until she was freed!  The very thought made her knees weak, and she knew that she had
to wear it.  She quickly gathered her blond hair into a ponytail high up on the back of her head, then wove a
strong braid with a length of cord intertwined in her hair.  She reached behind her where the cord dangled,
and gave a couple of tugs, jerking her head back with each pull.  The cord was secure.  She sat on the cart,
and fastened a stout lock between her ankle cuffs, and locked a six inch length of chain to one of her wrist
cuffs, leaving another lock on the corner of the cart where she knew she could reach it.  Taking a deep
breath, she opened the bottom of the discipline helmet, and tugged it over her head, instinctively making
sure that the nose openings were directly in line with her nostrils.  She pulled the braid and cord through the
hole in the top of the helmet, then began to lace it tightly.  She laced from the top, pulling out slack as she
went, but when she reached the bottom she felt that there was still almost an inch of slack between the two
laced sides. "That will never do!"  she thought to herself, reaching for the top eyelets, and pulling firmly
until the two sides came together, then taking out the remaining slack in the laces.  Methodically she moved
down the back of the helmet, and when she reached the bottom the gap was closed from top to bottom, and
the leather held her head in a tight embrace.  She tied off the laces, then reached blindly for the small
padlock, and locked the collar snugly around her slim neck.  The helmet's gag was a leather plug affair
mounted on a wide leather strip with four snaps which narrowed to a buckle at the back.  The helmet was so
tight that she could barely open her jaws wide enough for the plug to slip between her teeth, but finally she
was able to compress it sufficiently, and it popped into her mouth where it resumed it's normal size.  She
snapped the four snaps, pressing the leather pad firmly across her lips, then buckled the strap tightly behind
her head.  Experimentally she tried to breath through her mouth, but found that the pad made an airtight seal
against the leather hood.  Her breath rushed in and out of the small airholes under her nose.  Now she was
nearly ready.  She thought James would enjoy it if she was suffering a small torment for him, and she had
read how erotic a girl can look with clips or clamps affixed to her nipples, so she had selected a pair, and
now, for the first time, experienced their bite.  As excited as she was, there was no need to tease her nipples
into erection, because they had been stiff since the moment she had entered this room!  She took one clamp,
and slowly released its jaws on her left breast.  It hurt!  In a reflex, she plucked it off her nipple.  "That was
terrible!' she thought to herself, "but if James has them in the dungeon, its certain that I will be wearing
them often, so I had better get used to it."  Taking a deep breath, she placed the clamp back on her left
breast, then quickly clipped the other nipple.  After a few moments she found that the initial shocking pain
was replaced by a nagging, burn----tolerable, but not pleasant!  Feeling her way in the dark, Mary climbed
on the cart, laying down on she stomach on the cold aluminum.  Her breasts were pressed flat underneath
her, her nipples surging even more erect as the cold metal caused her to shiver with a sudden chill, and the
clamps were pressed painfully into her pink flesh.  Mary wiggled until she was on the very edge of the cart,
the reached behind her for the cord attached to her braid.  When she found it she bent her knees, bringing
her feet toward her bottom, then reached to thread the cord between her locked ankles.  She tugged on the
cord, bringing her feet toward her head, and arching her back and neck painfully towards her feet.  When
she was bowed into a painful arch she threaded the free end of the cord through her braid, made a loop
around it, and tied a knot.  Working quickly now, she picked up the lock, threaded the length of chain
attached to one wrist cuff between her ankles, tugged it tight, then locked it to her other wrist.  "There!" she
through, pleased with herself, "I am helpless until James comes to release me."  There was, however, one
final step to her bondage.  She raised her hands and in the process gathered the rope connecting her braid to
her feet, and looped both the chain and the rope over the hook hanging above her.  Then, by wiggling, she
was able to slip over the edge of the metal cart until it slipped out from under her, rolling several yards
away from the momentum of Mary's fall.  The captive girl emitted a muffled cry of pain through her gag as
she fell the few inches until the slack in the hook was taken up by her weight.  There was a sharp pain in her
shoulders as her hands were pulled higher behind her, and she gasped as her head arched back another
painful inch.  She looked exactly like the girl in the book!  Her hands and feet were nearly touching, and her
body was bowed into a taut, painful arch.  Worst of all was her head and neck, pulled back until her blind
eyes were nearly facing upward, and the gag was pulled more deeply into her mouth.  The strained position
made breathing difficult, and with her mouth sealed, her breath came in ragged, wet gasps through the nose
holes in the helmet.
Mary was very uncomfortable, but also very pleased with herself.  "It probably took me 30 minutes to do
this to myself," she thought, "so James will find his little slavegirl in just a few minutes, and he will be so
pleased!"  She wondered how he would react, and wished that she wasn't blind inside the hood, so she
could see the look on his face!  Despite the stain of the position, she giggled inside her hood, "Imagine
expecting to find me lying comfortably  on the floor with simple cuffs and a small ball gag, then finding me
like this!'  Mary wiggled in an attempt to get more comfortable, chewed on the omnipresent fullness in her
mouth, and waited expectantly for him to come free her.  Her euphoria was short-lived......her pain went on
and on.........until finally, hours later, she heard him.
James ran to the winch handle against the wall, and quickly lowered his betrothed to the floor.  Mary
groaned with relief when all her weight was removed from her poor wrists and ankles.  James unhooked the
chain connecting her hands and feet from the hook, then opened his penknife, and sliced the rope holding
Mary's head pulled back into such a taut bow.  "UUUUMMMMPPPP!" she moaned in relief, as for the first
time in hours she was able to lower her head, and twist it from side to side.  "Can you feel your hands and
feet?" James asked the still cuffed, blind and gagged girl.  Mary nodded her head, and an affirmative grunt
escaped the confines of her hood.  James found the key, and unlocked the chain still holding her in a hog-
tie.  "MMMMMMM,"  came the groan of pleasure at being able to straighten her legs.  Experimentally she
wiggled her feet and flexed her fingers.  "Here," he said, taking her arm to help her, "stand up."  With his
aid, Mary was able to wobble to her feet.  She stood, flexing her shoulders and neck, with her head turned in
the direction of his voice.  "Are you all right?" he asked.  Mary took a deep breath, and mentally assessed
her situation.  She was stiff and sore, and her fingers tingled, and the clamps were still biting her tender
flesh as they clung, more secure than ever, to the tips of her breasts.  It also dawned on her that she was still
chained hand and foot, and wore the stifling helmet with the mouthstretching gag.  Was she OK?...she
pondered......in the loosest sense of the word, Mary figured that she was, indeed, OK!  She nodded her head
toward James' voice, and answered "Unnnnn.....hunnnhhh."  Now that he was sure that his bride to be had
not done herself any real harm, and in fact, had probably learned a very valuable lessen at not too high a
cost, he was amused by the situation.  He noted the silver clamps on her still erect nipples.  "Darling, do you
know just how gorgeous you look with these pretty little clamps attached to your titties?"  he asked.  "Yes, I
suppose they do look nice." Mary thought to herself, nodding silently.  "Do you want them off?"  Again she
nodded.  Slowly James took the clamp on her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and released the
bite on her poor throbbing bud.
 Mary erupted. "NNNNNNNGGGGGHHH!!!" she screamed.  She had never experienced nipple clamps,
and had absolutely no idea that after several hours it hurt much worse to take them off than the pain she was
suffering with the silver atrocity biting into her flesh.  "Oh, don't raise such a fuss,"  James said laughingly,
"If you didn't want it off, why didn't you say so."  He reached up quickly and reapplied the clamp back on
the nipple that had been released from captivity for only a brief moment.
"UMMMMMMPPPHHHH!"  Mary answered, her body convulsing in a spasm of pain and frustration.  She
shook her head back and forth, "HUHHHHNNNTT......UUGGGGHHHH!"   "Oh, I see, you don't want
them off."  Mary whined through her helmet, shook her head negatively, and thrust her left breast in James'
direction.  "So, you do want it off?" he asked.  Mary nodded and whimpered.  "Then stand still." he
commanded.  Again he gripped the fierce clamp between his fingers, and slowly took the tension off the
spring until the teeth released their pink captive.  Mary gasped in pain, and shivered involuntarily.  "Good.
Would you like the other one off?"  Mary whimpered, and nodded her head vigorously.  "Give me your
breast." James ordered.  Mary arched her back, and stuck her right breast tautly forward, the clamp sitting
perkily on its captive prize.  James released the clamp, quickly this time, and the moment the biting teeth
came free, he replaced them with his lips and tongue.  Mary groaned at the wonderful feeling as James gave
the nipple a moist, sucking kiss, and his tongue laved the hard flesh soothingly.  "Mmmmmmmm," she
crooned softly.  James walked across the room to the bench where he had hurriedly deposited the cold icy
drinks that he had brought to the dungeon.  He took his glass, swirling the liquid to make the ice tinkle, then
downing the contents with a contented smack of the lips.  "Mmmhh?" said Mary.  "Oh, I thought you might
be thirsty, so I brought you a drink," answered James, "but since you have locked yourself in that nice
helmet, I guess you won't be wanting it."  Mary complained through her gag.  She didn't need to talk to let
James know that she was angry, her sounds and body language spoke eloquently.  "Oh, are you mad at me?"
he inquired.  She nodded vigorously.  "You would like to be released?"  Another nod.  "You have a point,"
he reflected, "After all, you have been bound and hooded for hours because I was late, and all you really
wanted to do was impress me with your sincerity.  Isn't that right?"  She nodded, whimpering.  "So the fair
thing for me to do is to let you loose, so you can rest after your ordeal, right?"  She nodded.  James walked
over to her, reaching behind her head for the buckle to her gag.  Mary groaned with relief, then yelped as
the strap was tightened even tighter.  "But I am not releasing you, am I?" James asked, "because it really
doesn't matter if you are tired, or angry, or thirsty, now does it?"  He grabbed her still chained wrists, and
dragged Mary  back over to the hook hanging from the winch cable above their heads.  He attached the
hook to her wrists, then pulled the slack end until Mary's arms rose behind her back.  Holding the tension,
he grabbed the winch handle, and began winding until all the slack was taken up, and slowly her hands
began to rise higher, until she was forced to bend over at the waist, her torso parallel to the ground, with her
arms perpendicular above her.  "All that matters, my Dear, is that you will stay bound, as tightly as I wish,
for as long as I wish, and will be released only when it suits me."  Mary moaned mournfully.  "This is not
turning out at all as I had expected." she thought to herself.  She had expected him to be pleased, and
reward her with her freedom, loving cuddles, or some new, fun game.  She wiggled vigorously, fighting her
bonds.  At the same time, she was aware that her nipples were bigger and harder than ever, and that she was
feeling warm and moist between her legs.  Being a stringently bound and hooded captive; helpless until
James chose to free her made her, well,  excited!  She moaned and wondered, "What is he going to do?"
What she didn't know, although she might have visualized had she taken the time to think about it, was how
inviting a target this bent over position made her magnificent, tautly stretched ass.  White skin that had
never, ever been blemished by the marks of a whip or cane.  "Mary, my girl, you are going to learn a very
fundamental lesson today." James began, and Mary's heart almost stopped when she heard the unmistakable
sound of some article of corporal punishment whooshing through the air.  "If I had wanted you in harsh
bondage today, I would have done it to you myself." he lectured.  "I didn't want you hurting, I didn't want
you to try pleasing me.  I wanted you to do as I asked...comfortable bondage, and time to think."  Again the
sinister sound.  "Well, If you want it harsh, you can have it harsh.....I think four strokes will do it."  Mary
didn't even have time to tense her muscles, as the first stroke landed the moment the words died.  Four
strokes, quickly.  Splat!  Splat!  Splat!  Splat!  Mary screamed through her gag when the first stroke landed,
and continued the long, unbroken wail of pain until the searing impacts were finished, and only the fiery
burn, and four parallel raised red weals on her ass, remained.   Inside the hood, tears mixed with the sweat
running down her face, and her chest rose and fell erratically as broken sobs slipped softly from her
stoppered mouth.  James turned, to walk out of the room.  "Let's try this again," he said softly, seriously,
"One hour, you can still leave if you want to."  He opened the door.  "Think about how things are..." and
was gone.
Mary sobbed softly, at this moment feeling very sorry for herself.  Her bottom burnt from the caning, her
shoulders ached, probably more from her prior strained position than from the current one,  and the backs of
her legs were quivering with fatigue from the bent over position.  Other than that she was OK, but she knew
instinctively that this position could feel a lot worse after a few hours.  She had been inside the discipline
helmet for so long that she had almost forgotten about it.  The black leather now seemed like a second skin,
tight, but she had adapted, and become used to its tight, dark, claustrophobic embrace.  The gag was a
different matter!  Her jaws were aching, and she so wished that James had given her a drink, because she
was very thirsty.  This seemed funny to her, since her mouth was not dry...quite the contrary.  Especially in
her bent over position, her saliva had slipped past her stretched lips, and had gathered in a pool between her
nose and chin.  Some of the saliva was seeping between the hood and the pad over her mouth, and was
dripping down her leather covered chin, and onto the floor.  Mary tried to clear her mind.  "Serious
thoughts!"  she said to herself, trying to be stern, but it was a losing cause.  She was helplessly bound, her
head had been laced into a tight, damp, dark prison for hours, her nipples still pained her from the fearsome
clamps, and her jaw ached from the huge leather plug stretching her full, red lips.....and she was wet
between her legs.  This was her new life, and she was more than content.
The hour passed quickly, and Mary was soon aware of the door opening, and footsteps moving toward her.
She raised her head and the sound that came out of her gagged mouth was half inquiry, half greeting,
"Mumph?"  Mary was not used to being blindfolded, so her senses were not finely tuned, but she thought
she heard two sets of footsteps.  James walked over, and fondly inspected the beautiful body of his
intended. "You are even more beautiful, when you are tied," he said appreciatively, "I may never, ever let
you loose."  Mary nodded her head eagerly and cooed softly, and James laughed.  "So you are sure that you
want to be my bondage bride?" he asked.  Again the captive nodded her head.  "Well then, so be it!" James
said, "We will be married one year from today, but until then, a lot of training must take place.  Mary's
blind face looked up inquisitively, "Mumf?"  "Oh yes, there are so many things for you to learn, and
unfortunately, I will be too busy to train you personally, so I have hired a trainer who will look after you
day and night for the next year."  Mary shook her head negatively.  She didn't want to be trained by anyone
but James!  Muffled whimpers and pleas escaped from the black capsule that was Mary's head, and she
twisted in her bonds in unhappy distress.  "Oh, don't worry," laughed James, "I wouldn't put you in the
hands of just anybody. In fact, I believe you know your new trainer."
"Hello, Mary." said Cissi, "You're looking well, I see."  Both Cissi and James laughed as Mary recognized
the voice, and turned her blind eyes in their direction.  "MMMMPPP!" was Mary's muffled, surprised
response.  James walked to the winch handle, and released the tension from Mary's arms, allowing her to
lower them behind her back.  With a happy groan She stood upright.  "Mary, darling," James said, "you
look so good in the helmet, that I hate to take it off, but I'll be leaving now, and we won't see one another
for some months."  Leaving the chains on her ankles and the cuffs on her wrists, James took the key and
unlocked the wide collar, then unbuckled the gag strap, and dragged the huge leather plug from between
Mary's numb jaws and parched lips.  Mary moaned with relief. At first the helpless blond could not even
close her jaws, but in a few moments, she licked her lips, swallowed, and croaked, "Thank you Master."
James began unlacing the helmet, and very shortly was able to pull the leather away from her neck, and up
over her head.  The black leather released its prisoner reluctantly.  Mary kept her eyes closed against the
sudden bright light, tears of relief mixing with the sweat of the many hours of close, hot confinement.  She
was a mess.  Her hair was wet and matted, her face was creased by the tight seams and leather straps, her
makeup had long since been sweated away, and her lips were puffy from the pressure of the gag.  To James,
though, she was gorgeous.  "Come her, Darling." he instructed his bride.  Even with chained ankles Mary
rushed into James' embrace, the stiff points of her breasts poking erotically into his chest, and her lips rising
to meet his.  He took her in his arms, and their lips met—his probing and demanding, hers soft and
receptive.  The kiss was long and loving, and Mary sighed, softly, happily.  After a few minutes James held
her out at arms length, and looked at his bride to be.  Her eyes shone brightly with happiness.  "I'll see you
in a couple of months, my love." he said. Another kiss, and was gone.  The two girls looked at one another,
and Cissi smiled.  "Well, little slavegirl, it's interesting how life turns out."  Mary returned her friend's
smile, and shuffled over to her on chained feet, then dropped to her knees in unmistakable submission.
"Yes," she answered, "It looks like life is turning out wonderfully for both of us.........Mistress."


"I now pronounce you man and wife."  These words intruded on Cissi's thoughts, and she realized
sheepishly that she had daydreamed through the entire wedding ceremony.  She smiled wistfully, happy for
Mary, but regretting finally giving up the beautiful woman who had been her friend and personal slavegirl
over these many months.  "You may kiss the bride." intoned the minister, and Mary happily let James take
her in his strong arms.  She opened her soft lips, and sighed happily as Jame's lips met hers, and his tongue
slithered insistently into the mouth that had so recently been stuffed with a harsh gag.  James crushed Mary
to his chest, squashing her full breasts against his chest.  Mary had almost forgotten the little clips biting
into her nipples, but the pressure and friction created by James's loving embrace caused new pain, and
Mary gasped softly, shivering, knees weak, giving herself fully to her man.  It had been a year since they
had kissed.  That was the day that James turned Mary over to Cissi for training.  Since then, Mary had
experienced no romance, no tender kisses, no loving embraces, and no sex until Cissi had fed so greedily at
her most feminine spot just minutes ago.  That pleasure rekindled erotic feelings within Mary that had long
been suppressed by months of isolation, sensory deprivation and harsh restraint.   James broke their
embrace, and held his bride at arms length.  Their eyes met; his eyes shining with happiness, strength and
domination, hers equally happy, but demure, shy, almost  hesitant.  "I belong to this man," she thought to
herself, trembling, her outward shyness masking the erotic fires burning within her,  "What is he going to do
to me?"  Her mind raced, and her loins quivered, at the possibilities!
The newlyweds impatiently endured the remainder of the formulaic ritual.  Pictures, tossing the bouquet, the
reception, cutting the cake, and endless congratulations.  Clearly eager to be his, way, James thanked the
guests, led the obligatory toasts, and excused he and Mary as soon as it was possible to do so.  With a final
wave, the couple sped away in James' black Continental.
Mary was radiantly happily as she spread her dress across the gray leather seat, and stole a peak at her new
husband.  Should she sit quietly, awaiting his instructions?  No, she decided. She could not resist the
impulse to move over beside him, and nibble lovingly on his ear lobe.  "Oh, James," she exclaimed, "or
should I say Master?........."  "No, my dear", he interrupted, "James will be fine."  "Well then, James, you
were so mean to me, leaving for a whole year!" she reproached.  "Well," he answered, "I needed to make
enough money to keep you in a style befitting your beauty."  She smiled at the compliment.  "Besides, I
needed you to demonstrate total commitment, and absolute submission, and the only way to do that was to
keep apart, and subject you to strict bondage and discipline training, without love, and without sex."  He
turned and looked at her seriously.  "Now, even though your bondage will become much more difficult, you
will know that you are loved, and will soon connect bondage with sexual pleasure, and you will find your
life to be very  pleasant."  "Oh James," she said, "I already do...just the thought of your ropes digging into
my flesh makes me tremble!"  Mary gave him her sexiest look.  "I'm sure I have wet panties, I want you so
much!"  "Well then, you shall have me!" he laughed.   James pointed at the glove box, and instructed her to
open it.  Mary opened the door, and saw the shine of polished chrome.  "Take them out, and put them on
behind your back, and very tight."  The chrome object proved to be a set of handcuffs, very heavy, and with
the cuffs very close together with a hinge separating them, rather than a length of chain.  Mary looked at the
cuffs for a moment, then closed one cuff on her right wrist over her satin, elbow length glove.  She clicked it
until it was snug, looked at James, then clicked it another notch until it was tight.  Again she looked at her
husband, but his expression showed neither approval, nor disapproval.  Mary sighed, and clicked the cuff
another notch, until the steel bit harshly into her flesh.  James smiled slightly.  She leaned forward, placed
both hands behind her, and captured the other wrist in the cuff's steel embrace.  She clicked the cuff until it
too was biting painfully, then looked to James for further instructions.  He reached down, unzipped his fly,
and exposed his rapidly stiffening member.  Mary gasped.  It was not a gigantic penis, but it was nice sized,
red at the tip, and vibrantly erect........and it was hers!  "Take me." he said.  With an eager whimper she
dove at him, and he laughed as he was enveloped in white satin, flouncy petticoats, and her warm soft
mouth.  The car was filled with happy, wet sucking sounds.  Mary knelt on the floor of the car, but without
her hands for support and balance she found it difficult to control the motions of her head.  She would be
lovingly tonguing  his sensitive purple knob, when the car would hit a bump, and she would find herself
with lips pressed against his pubic patch and the length of his rod jammed down her throat.  Mary gagged
and pulled back, eyes watering, struggling for her balance and a much needed deep breath.  "No," James
ordered, "don't let it out of your mouth again."  He held her hair, and guided her lips firmly back to his stiff
member, and held her there.  She found that his control of her head helped, and she relaxed and followed his
slow pumping motion.  James was finding it increasingly difficult to keep his attention on the highway!  As
Mary sucked harder, and he came closer to climax, his foot involuntarily pressed the accelerator, and he
found, to his horror, that he was cruising down the road at 90 miles per hour!  "Just what I need," he told
himself, " is to be stopped for speeding with a handcuffed woman in a bridal gown going down on me."
Mary continued her noisy licking and sucking until she felt his entire body stiffen.  He pumped his hips,
held her head firmly, and released his pent up load.  Mary was no virgin, but she was not experienced in
fellatio, and certainly had never allowed a man to come in her mouth.  She gagged, but new better than to
fight, or try to spit the hot sticky fluid out of her mouth.  She kept her lips sealed around James' rod, and
sucked and swallowed frantically until the gush subsided, and she felt James begin to soften slightly in her
mouth.  James released her head, and Mary made a final swirl around the sensitive head of his penis with
her hot tongue, accompanied by a long, deep, slurping suck.  James groaned at the exquisite sensation.
Mary looked up at him, happy, quite proud of her self, but outrageously horny and still in need of relief.
"My turn?" she asked hopefully, licking her lips contentedly.  James laughed, but Mary didn't find his
answer at all funny.  "No my sweet, I have plans for you!  Rest assured, the wait will be worth it."  Mary
pouted, and struggled back to her seat.  She wondered where they were going, and how long she was going
to have to wait to feel James' glorious shaft between her legs.  Anyway, it was a nice day, the view was
pretty, and merely wearing handcuffs was like not being in bondage at all.  She had been wearing her tightly
laced corset for well over 24 hours now, and she found it naggingly uncomfortable, but like everything else,
she adapted.  There was one thing, however......
"James?"  "Yes my love."  "I was wondering......um..." she hesitated..."Cissi gave me a very nice present
just before we were married." "Yes?" he encouraged.  "Well," she continued, "it was little jeweled clamps,
and the have been.....on my nipples....since before the wedding."  "And?" James asked.  "Well....they
hurt....and I was hoping that you might take them off."  She studied his face for signs of mercy.  "Why don't
you take them off yourself?" he asked.  "You know why." she answered, "Because my hands are handcuffed
behind my back."  He pondered for a moment.  "And if your hands were free, would you remove them?"
"Oh yes, they hurt something awful!" she responded.  "Turn your back to me." he ordered, and gladly Mary
complied.  While watching the road, James fished the handcuff key out of his pocket, and by feel began to
unlock the cuffs.  He spoke as he did so. "I will free your hands, Mary, but I want you to know that I like
the clips on your breasts, and would prefer that they remained there."  Her hands fell free.
The bound bride sighed with relief, and rubbed her wrists gratefully.  She started to free a breast then
reluctantly, with a small whimper, she dropped her hands into her lap. Mary sat quietly at first, but gradually
all her senses became irresistibly focused on her throbbing nipples.  She did not see the scenery, she did not
feel the wind, nor hear the birds.  The burning pain at the points of her breasts became the center of her
universe.  Without thinking, one hand left her lap, and moved to the neckline of her gown, but with a pure
show of willpower, and awareness that James was watching out of the corner of his eye, she forced her hand
to return to her lap.  Minutes passed, and again and again she fought the impulse to reach into her bodice
and release the biting horrors from her tender buds.  Finally, she begged. "Oh James, please let me take
them off.  No girl could leave them on, it hurts to much."  Her eyes implored him, "I can't stand it."
"Is that so?," he asked quietly. "If you were still cuffed, you'd have to stand it, now wouldn't you.?"  She
shrugged an acknowledgment.  "If you care about pleasing me you'ld leave them alone.......but take them off
if you wish.... the choice is yours."  Mary whimpered pitifully, and her hand again reached the neckline of
her gown.  How easy it would be to cradle her soft globe, and release her tender nubbin from the burning
pain.  Wracked by indecision, but dominated by pain, her fingers moved inside her gown to cup the white
breast inside its lacy cradle.  She was just about to grasp the clip when a small tear rolled unhappily down
her cheek.  With an anguished moan, Mary swiftly removed her hand, reached for the handcuffs lying on the
seat between them, and with a few efficient motions once more had her wrists captured tightly behind her
back.  She sniffled, took a deep breath, looked at her husband, with a tentative, small smile.  "A little lesson,
my love." he said, returning her smile, "Sometimes it easier not to have any choices."  Having made his
point, ten minutes later he reached inside her dress, lovingly fondled each soft globe, then gently plucked
the clamp off of each throbbing nipple as Mary moaned with relief and gratitude.  Happily, she put her head
on his shoulder.  The handcuffs were still digging painfully into her wrists, but she did not care.
Mary dozed off, and when she awoke, it was dusk.  Surprised, she noted that she had napped for over an
hour.  What surprised her the most was the fact that she was still merely handcuffed----no harsh cords, no
stifling gag, no contorted position.  To her surprise, she found herself disappointed!  The soft moist place
between her legs was like a banked fire, waiting for someone to stir the coals, and add additional fuel.
Mary knew that total, stringent restraint was the fuel that would consume her in a forest fire of lust.
Tempting fate, she decided to force the issue!
"Gosh, I sure wish Cissi was here." sighed Mary.  "On your honeymoon? James asked, "Why would you
want your friend along?.  "Because I'm bored." Mary pouted.   "She always kept me well bound and tightly
gagged, and did fun things to me.  More fun certainly than these dumb handcuffs.........."  She looked at
James' amused reaction, and went for the jugular, "I really like having something big and hard filling my
mouth, and all I've had to chew on is that little thing of yours."  She laughed sarcastically, and concluded,
"I doubt it will be big enough to keep me satisfied!"  "Well," he answered, "I'm not really sure that I care
whether my slaves are satisfied or not.  He glanced at the road.  "Besides, we're almost at the airport, so I
have no time to mess with you."
James didn't stop at the commercial terminal, but rather circled the field to a small private hanger.  Mary
was impressed by the half dozen large, private jets which were parked nearby, and particularly excited when
James pulled the Lincoln next to the largest, and most impressive plane.  She had never been on a private
jet.  James got out of the car, walked around, and opened Mary's door.  "I'm still handcuffed!" she
explained.  "No problem," responded James.  "There's no ground crew around, and my pilot is very
discreet."  Mary shrugged, and with difficulty, climbed out of the car.  James took her by the arm, and
quickly escorted his bride up the stairs, and into the commodious cabin of the big Lear.  Mary noted four
well stuffed leather captain's chairs, plus a bench seat lengthwise along one wall, and a table.  She looked
around, and also saw a well stocked bar, and a large TV with VCR, plus a computer, and fax machine.  She
looked longingly at the comfortable bench seat.  Suddenly she was very tired.  After all, she had been awake
all night bound and helpless in the church, then had a very active day.  The adrenaline rush fueled by her
excitement now gave way to a peaceful quietude.  "Why don't you have a nap?" James encouraged.  "We
have a three hour flight, and you will need your energy when we arrive at our wedding retreat."  He gave
her a meaningful look, and she quivered with expectation.  Still handcuffed, the girl flopped on the couch.
James took a length of cord, and soon had Mary's ankles tied, cinched, and attached to one end of the
couch.  He slipped a blindfold over her eyes, and an efficient, but not punishingly large gag was pressed
between her lips, and buckled behind her head.  Mary whimpered happily as he kissed her gagged lips.  The
moderation of her bondage let her know that this was not the main event.  She went quickly to sleep.


The new bride slept like a baby until she was jostled by the jet's wheels touching the pavement of the
runway.  She remained still while the plane taxied, then turned her blind eyes expectantly in the direction of
the footsteps that she heard approaching.  She felt the cord attaching her feet to the end of the couch being
loosened, then one wrist was uncuffed, and quickly her hands were drawn behind her back, and re-cuffed.
Her ankles were pulled toward her wrists, and tied to the chain linking her cuffed wrists in a moderately
tight hog-tie.  Any struggle or movement of her feet caused the steel cuffs to dig into the tender flesh of her
wrists.  "No future in that," she decided, and lay passively while others on the plane prepared to disembark.
Mary felt two sets of hands lift her off the couch.  Her limp body came to rest in a hard, rather formfitting
cylinder of hard plastic or lightweight metal.  She wiggled to find a more comfortable spot for her hipbone,
and then heard and felt the cylinder close around her, and lock shut.  What Mary could not know was that
she was not confined in a specialized bondage transport apparatus, but rather the protective plastic travel
shell that golfers use to transport their golf bags during air travel.  Since the ego of the average golfer is
large, and his golf bag is even larger, these plastic cases are rather roomy, lock securely, and even have built
in wheels to allow a heavy bag of clubs, or a moderate sized woman, to be transported easily from the plane
to the car.  Since this was a private jet, Mary didn't have to suffer the indignity of being routed through
baggage claim!  Once stowed in the trunk along with the other baggage, Mary endured a hot, dark ride of
almost an hour before the car stopped, the trunk opened, and her personal travel container was hauled by
someone she could not see, into a place she did not know, to a fate she could hardly imagine!
Mary heard the fasteners of the plastic cylinder click open, and enjoyed the rush of cool air inside what was
obviously an air conditioned building.  They were in a warm climate, and between the car trunk, the
claustrophobic plastic carrier, her wedding dress, all the petticoats, the corset and the gloves, Mary was
completely soaked with sweat.  She felt gentle hands release her feet from the hog-tied position, then unlock
the cuff from each wrist.  She heard footsteps withdrawing, and heard the door close, and lock.  She listened
for a moment, but other than her breathing, there was silence.
The long-suffering bride flexed her stiff fingers, and tentatively lifted the blindfold.  She was in a large
bedroom, decorated in a feminine manner, and softly lit.  She removed the blindfold the rest of the way,
then reached behind her head and unbuckled the ballgag.  With a happy groan she pulled it from between
her numb lips.  It popped free and a river of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth.  She flexed her
aching jaws and sat upright.  As she looked around the room she tried to coax her tingling fingers into
unknotting the cord binding her ankles.  She was patient, and in a couple of minutes her legs were free, and
she clambered out of the plastic cylinder.  Her legs were unsteady under her, like a newborn fawn, and she
lurched over to the bed, and sat down heavily.  She happened to glance into the mirror over a large dresser,
and was fascinated at what she saw.  She was a little rumpled, but really only her tousled hair and the dark
circles under her tired eyes betrayed her ordeal.  A comb and a little makeup, and she would be as beautiful
as the bride that walked down the aisle so many hours ago!
Feeling better, and exceeding curious about what was going on, she stood, and began to explore her elegant
accommodations.  The closet was large, but there were no clothes awaiting her.  Disappointed, she entered
the huge bathroom.  All necessary toiletries were displayed for her selection, along with a pile of soft, fluffy
white towels, a bathrobe, and a sweet, floral print nightgown.  There was also a pink envelope propped
against a small vase which contained a single rosebud.  She smiled, and opened the envelope.





Mary didn't need additional encouragement!  Off came the high heels and gloves.  She quickly unzipped her
dress, and let it drop to the floor.  The mass of frothy petticoats joined the growing pile, followed by her
stocking, her bra and her panties.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  Only the corset remained.  She was
always amazed at how such an innocently feminine, lacy garment could exercise such iron control over her
posture, her carriage and especially, her respiration!  Mary loved the way her body looked when tight-laced,
but now, after hours and hours, it was screaming for release.  She silently gave thanks that this corset didn't
have a locking waist strap, and reached behind her for the bow at the small of her back.  It was double
knotted, and wet with her sweat, and it took frustrating minutes to untie.  Once undone, Mary quickly
loosened the laces, and for the first time in such a long time, took a deep breath.  "How wonderful!" she
exulted.  Quickly she unfastened the busk, and let the stern garment add to the white pile at her feet.  Even
un-corsetted, her waistline was diminutive, but after so many hours of restriction, Mary tummy felt like it
had a had expanded into a large beer belly!

The tired, but happy young woman used the bathroom, donned her nightgown, and slipped gratefully
between the crisp, cool sheets.  In moments she was asleep.


With a contented groan Mary greeted the new day by slowly opening one sleepy eye.  To her surprise, she
saw that while the window was heavily draped, there was a small slit of sunlight peeping out.  Last night she
had been too tired to notice that the room even had a window, and she had absolutely no idea what time she
had gone to sleep, how long she had slept, or even what day it was.

Remembering her instructions, she sat up, and dialed "1" on the phone.  She was a little disappointed when
a feminine voice answered. "I........I'm going to take a bath now," she stuttered, " and I would love some
clothes and something to eat."  "Yes, Mistress," the voice responded respectfully.  "I am Felice, your
maidservant, and am happy to be in your service."  Mary was impressed.  She had never had a maidservant
before!  "Thank you, Felice."  She hung up the phone with a pleased smile on her face, and headed for the
eagerly anticipated hot bath.

When she finished bathing, drying her hair, and her makeup, she walked back into the bedroom.  Her bed
had been made and the drapes were open, allowing sunshine to stream into the room.  Mary started to
admire the view, when her eyes fell on the garments laid out for her on the bed.  Her visions of a pretty
sundress disappeared.  With a slight frown, she examined her clothing more carefully.

It was black.  It was made of thin, shiny rubber.  It was tiny.

Mary picked up the strange dress.  At least she thought it was supposed to be a dress!  It rustled softly as she
held it before her for inspection.  It reminded her of a tennis dress.  The neckline was scooped, the waist
was tightly nipped, and the skirt was flared, and very short.  Under the dress was a pair of white rubber
panties, and a flouncy white mini-petticoat.  The bodice of the dress was unadorned, except for two small
holes cut in the shining rubber.  "Oh no!" she groaned to herself, "nipple cutouts!"  There were no
stockings, but her footwear was a pair of black patent leather shoes with the highest heels she had ever seen.
The shoes had a strap which buckled around her ankle, and the buckle had a little hole, with a minuscule
lock hanging open.  There was also a pair of handcuffs, and another note.
With a furrowed brow she read the note, then dutifully began to comply with her instructions.  The dress
was obviously custom made, because every square inch above the flared skirt clung to her figure like a
second skin. She zipped up the back, then settled her large breasts into the tight bodice.  The cups were
perhaps one size smaller than her normal bra.  He milky white flesh fought against the confining rubber and
her nipples popped out of the cutouts like two ripe red strawberries.  She tugged the panties up her bare
legs, and over her lush behind.  Despite herself, the excitement of the moment and the anticipation of seeing
James had made her wet between the legs, and her slick, swollen pussy squished and slithered inside the
slippery rubber.  The short but full petticoat flounced out from her hips, lifting the short black skirt and
allowing her rubber panties to show.  With a rustle of rubber Mary sat on the bed and slipped the shoes onto
her feet.  She fastened the buckles, and with a sigh of resignation, clicked the locks closed.  The arch
created by the high heels was incredible.  She was able to stand, but merely walking across the room was a
gymnastic feat.  Her legs trembled from the strain, and her feet began to ache in mere minutes.  With the
locks, her poor feet would stay arched and aching until someone took pity on her, and unlocked them.  Only
the handcuffs remained, and to her consternation the note had instructed her to lock her hands behind her
back, and click the ratchets of the cuffs exactly 9 times.  She put a cuff around her left wrist, and began to
slowly and carefully tighten it down.  Click, click.........   When she reached 6 the cuff was tight, 7 began to
gouge her flesh, 8 was painful.....click.  At 9 clicks the cuff felt like a band of fire.  She reached behind her
back, captured her other wrist, and it to suffered the same fate.  Mary took a deep breath, and walked
unsteadily across the room.  She turned her back to the door, and grasped the knob with her cuffed hands.
The act of grabbing made then tendons in her wrists stand out, making the cuffs hurt even more.  With a soft
whimper the girl was able to open the door.  She walked down the hall, then was barely able to negotiate a
flight of stairs.  Her heels caught in the carpet, and she had to cling to the banister with her tightly cuffed
hands to keep from loosing her balance.  At the bottom of the stairs she was confronted by a slick tile floor.
Slowly, carefully, concentrating on every movement, she was able to cross the room, and happily take a seat
at the circular glass table.  Her exertions made her sweat, and her breasts heaved as she panted for air.  As
she began to catch her breath, she noted that her nipples were as hard as rocks, and that her rubber skirt and
petticoat had ridden up her thighs, and that her rubber panties were visible to anyone through the glass
tabletop.  She was only beginning to admire the view out the window when she heard footsteps.  She turned
her head, and her eyes were greeted by one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen.  She had jet
black, straight hair, cut shoulder length with bangs.  Her eyes were also dark, and her eyebrows were dark
and full.  Her lips were thick, sensual, and dark red.  Her skin was the color of cafe-o-lait, reflecting a Latin,
or perhaps Creole lineage.  She was naked save for black high heels similar to the ones Mary was wearing,
and a frilly white apron tied around her waist with a large, soft bow.  The apron covered the woman's
mound, but it was so sheer that Mary could see the dark black spot at the junction of the girl's thighs.  Her
breasts were lush, with large, dark nipples.  Each nipple was pierced by a one inch ring, perhaps an eighth
of an inch thick.  The rings were gold, and glistened in the sunlight. "Good morning, Mistress," the girl said.
"I am Felice, and here is today's menu."

It was unlike any menu Mary had ever seen, and had nothing at all to do with food!


vibrating:  deduct one point!
  SMALL  no small available!


 STEEL, CAGE & CHAINS—This delightful option provides an iron head brank, complete with
 blindfold and gag and a 4" collar.  The arms are cuffed, then drawn into a hammerlock and locked
 to a ring at the back of the collar.  The occupant kneels on a triangular ridge at the bottom of the
 cage, her ankles affixed to immovable cuffs, and her big toes cuffed, under tension.  The cage has
 been custom designed, so that the occupant must be compressed into a tight ball for the door to be
 closed and locked (which it will be!) and the bars of the cage dig into the flesh of the occupant
 legs, hips, buttocks, arms and back.  The brank is locked to the top of the cage, forcing the
 occupant's head back severely.  At this point 10 linkages are made via metal cuffs at the neck,
 upper arms, waist, and thighs.  There are screw adjustment connections to the sides of the cage,
 and each connection is tightened, in turn, until the subject is under tightly stressed immobility.
 The cage is then hoisted 4 feet off the ground.
 Value: 50 points

 LEATHER, LEATHER & MORE LEATHER—The head is encased in a stiff, crushingly tight
 discipline helmet.  There is no need for eyeholes, but there are two 1/8 inch nostril ports with
connecting tubes.  The gag is 2 ½ inches in diameter and 5 inches long, crafted of leather, and
custom designed to be both airtight, and as large as can be handles without occluding the  airway.
The arms will be strapped together at the wrists, elbows and upper arm, and the legs will  be
strapped at the arch, ankle, upper calf, knee, and thigh.  The bondee will then be zipped into a
heavy leather body bag, which includes an integral head piece.  The bag laces from the crown of
the head to the toes of the feet, and experienced helpers will insure that the bag is tightened and re-
tightened until the leather creaks under the strain.  An adjustable posture collar is then tightened
over the helmet and bag, then expanded until it seats itself firmly on the shoulders and against the
subjects jawbone.  Another set of ten straps are placed around the torso and legs, and tightened
securely.  Finally, a cable is connected to a ring at the foot of the bag, and the subject is hauled
four feet off the floor, upside down.
 Value: 40 points

 encased in a one piece, inflatable two layered rubber hood.  There is a built in bladder gag, which
  is inflated to a design specification of 4 inches in diameter.  Of course the mouth cannot expand
that large, so there is considerable pressure.  The hood itself is also inflated to sufficient pressure
to force rubber stoppers into the ear openings and rubber tubes into the nostrils.  The subject's
hands and arms are encased in tight, fingerless mittens, then the arms are strapped to the torso with
rubber straps, and the entire torso is wrapped with 4 layers of sticky, stretch rubber tape until the
arms are immobile.  The legs are folded back on themselves and four layers of tape compress each
calf tightly against each thigh.  The legs are then folded up against the torso, and 10 more layers of
the rubber tape bind the body into a compressed ball.  The body is then zipped into the middle
sphere of a rubber "sphere within a sphere", which is inflated until the outer sphere is a resilient
rubber ball, and the inner sphere is totally isolated from contact with the ground.  Breathing tubes
connect the nostrils to the outside world, through airtight fittings in both balls.  Wrapped tightly in
rubber, inside an airtight rubber ball, without sight, or hearing, and unable to touch, feel or grab,
the subject is totally occluded except for smell.  The breathing tube is connectedto a 10 section,
rotating scent casket.  Every 15 minutes the device rotates, and the subject is forced to breath
through a different unpleasant odor.  The possible odors could include urine, excrement, sweaty
armpit, rotten eggs, stale cigar butts, old fish, rotting flesh, old kotex pads, garbage dump, etc.
 Value: 20 points

 HISTORY'S WORST HOG-TIE—The subject is gagged with a harness ball gag.  The ball is 3
 inches, and must be forced between the subject's teeth, before being buckled as tight as possible
 behind the head.  Straps on each side of the ball converge above the nose, and merge with a strap
 that goes around the forehead like a headband.  This strap is well tightened.  There is a built in
 leather blindfold with soft pads which cover the eyes which is buckled behind the head.  Another
 strap continues across the top of the head, where it meets the headband strap, and continues down
 to the nape of the neck, where it meets the strap holding the gag in place.  Each strap is tightened
 sequentially three times, until the interlocking web of straps is as tight as humanly possible.  The
 subject is then bound with rough, strong, scratchy sisal cord.  The elbows are circled with 5
 loops, then cinched together until they touch.  The hands are forced up the subject's back, and
 bound with 5 loops behind the subject's head in the brutal "back prayer" position.  A supporting
 network of sisal cord is bound tightly around the subject's chest and shoulders to anchor the
 hands, and then additional cords circle the torso above and below the breasts, until the arms are
 immobile.  The fingers are bound together with twine until they are unable to even flutter
 helplessly.  The subject is then bound below the waist, with cord at thigh, above and below the
 knee, at the ankle, around the instep, and finally, linking the big toes.  The legs are doubled back,
 and cord in three places crushes them together until the heels are compressed against the buttocks.
 A rope linking the ankles passes across the big toes, and is tied to the elbows.  The subject is
 arched, and the feet are extended and compressed in the crack between the buttocks.  This severe
 back arch is enhanced when cords linking the elbows are tied to the knees.  The subject is arched
 until her breasts lose contact with the floor, and the rope is tied off.  Finally, a rope is tied to a ring
 at the top of the harness gag, and the head is dragged backwards until the subject is looking at the
 ceiling.  This is tied off to the big toes.  A 3" ships hawser rope is linked to a post three feet off the
 ground.  The subject in turned onto her back, and the hawser is threaded between the elbows and
 feet, then into a winch on a second post.  The hawser is winched until the subject is drawn
 completely off the ground, with the stress at the point of maximum arch in the small of the back,
 the head draped to one side of the hawser, and the legs to the other.  A supporting web of ropes is
 tied to knees, arms and shoulders to hold the subject immobilized in this position.
 Value:  55 points


 The above positions have been judged by the USBDA (United States Bondage & Discipline
Association with an official rating of "STRINGENT".  This is based on personal observation and
experience!  Should the subject wish to upgrade the difficulty to "EXTREMELY SEVERE", the
points will be multiplied by 1.2 to get the value.  Conversely, if the subject wish to downgrade the
difficulty to "MODERATE", the point value will be multiplied by .8 to get the value.

 The points attained by use of "Starters" is added to the point value of the chosen position  ("Main
 Event"), and multiplied times the Difficulty Modifier to provide the point value per hour.
 This point value, multiplied by the number of hours in bondage, provides the total points earned.

 The bondage chamber is equipped with a special decibel meter which has been calibrated to the
 combination of gag, hood and/or other enclosure of each position.  During the first two hours of
 bondage, the system will develop the sound level of the subject's normal moan, groan, whimper
 or scream, as well as the capability of the subject to exceed the normal dB emission.  After two
 hours, if the subject wishes "Mercy", which means the immediate release from all bondage, she
 need only make a noise which exceeds the normal sound by 10dB.  This 10dB exceedence of the
 norm, has is a 3-Sigma, or 99% reliability that it is a true request for mercy, and not a random
 loud noise.  The event triggers an alarm, which initiates the release from bondage.
 If the MERCY signal is used, the subject will, of course, be required to redo the session, with the
 targeted value being raised by 10%.  I.E. the 1000 point target will become 1100 points.  Also, the
 DIFFICULTY MODIFIER of "very severe" will automatically be used in the redone session, but
 while this will affect the position, it will have no effect on the points. If the subject was already
 enduring the "very severe" modifier when MERCY is requested, the second session will make use
 of the rarely used "Barely Endurable" modifier, which would normally be 1.5 times the normal
 points. This is a sequence of events that is better not to even dwell on!  It goes without saying that
 any time spend in the aborted session will not be credited against the redone session.  It is worth
 mentioning that the MERCY option can only be used once.  The redone session must be borne
 with no hope for MERCY.  DO NOT ASK FOR MERCY LIGHTLY!!

Mary read, and re-read the fear provoking document with a furrowed brow.  Even an experienced bondager,
as fond of helpless confinement as she was, would be taken aback by what she had read!
All Mary really wanted to do now was have breakfast, spend the day with James, then disappear to the
bedroom where Mary could consummate their marriage in a night of lust, sweat passion and tight bondage.
Mary looked up at Felice.  "What about James? she asked.  "When do I get to see him?"  "Master James is
busy, but he is anxiously looking forward to your company." Felice smiled.  "He has instructed though, that
you complete this menu before joining him."

Mary frowned.  "So I am supposed to name my own poison, is that it?" she asked with a sigh.  "Yes,
Madam," Felice replied.  "A good way of saying it."  Mary reviewed the strange document, and did a little
mental arithmetic.  "If I select one of these "Main Courses", with no "Starters" and no "Difficulty
Modifier", then I am looking at between 13 and 50 hours of extreme bondage?"  She looked at Felice.  "Is
that right?"  "Yes, Madam," replied the servant, "but if you select a more challenging predicament, so could
be finished this evening."  "You mean," interrupted Mary, "that I have to begin this ordeal today?"  "Oh
yes, Madam," Felice replied, "I'm to give you a small meal, then clean your bodily cavities, then deliver
you to the play room."  "Clean my......you mean an enema?" sputtered Mary.  "Yes Madam, and a douche,
if you please."  Mary sighed, and again regarded the unpalatable listing in front of her.  "Well," she
muttered to Felice, "bring me something to eat while I work out my options."


An hour later, Mary knelt on the cold floor of a dark room.  She knew the room was large, not because she
could see into the gloomy recesses, but because she could hear the echo of the links between her handcuffed
wrists.  Her ankles were also cuffed, and a heavy chain ran from the locked leather collar to a stout ring bolt
in the floor.  She wouldn't be going anywhere.  Mary had been fed a meager breakfast of bland porridge,
but she was happy to have something in her stomach.  That was more than she could say for her bowel,
because Felice had expertly fixed her in an "ass up, body down" position, and administered two doses of a
strong colonic.  After the first dose Mary's rectum was sealed with a Bardex for twenty minutes while the
strong solution bubbled and churned painfully in her gut.  After she was allowed relief, a second, milder
dose completed the cleaning process.  The enema was astringent, so hertender opening tingled coolly, while
her insides ached emptily.  Mary sighed as she waited, even for a moment wondering if this marriage had
been the right thing to do.  To late now, for as James has admonished many months earlier, once she had
made her decision, is was binding forever.  Her thoughts were broken when she heard a door open, and her
eyes turned inquisitively in that direction.  It was a woman, but not Felice.  This one was Nordic looking
with close cropped blond hair, blue eyes, a deep tan, and the wide shoulders and muscle tone of a serious
athlete.  "Good Morning, Mrs. Edwards," she said in a formal tone, "I am Erika, your bondage Mistress."
Mary nodded and smiled, but kept silent.  "Oh, you may speak if you wish, she laughed.  "After all, you
won't be able to talk for a very long time!"  Erika smiled at her own humor, and reached for Mary's
selection off the menu.  Her eyes widened, and she whistled to herself.  When she looked at Mary, there was
respect in her eyes.  "This is pretty tough." she commented.  "I know," answered Mary, "but I want to get it
over with, and be with James."  "A pity," said Erika, "I hoped that after we were..... friends......., you  might
like to be with me."  Mary blushed and lowered her eyes.  "I......I might like to be your friend......sometime."
she answered in a small, timid voice.  Erika laughed heartily.  "That's fine," she said.  "We have lots of

Erika walked with the menu in hand to a nearby cabinet, and whistled to herself while she removed a variety
of items and implements.  "Shall we begin?" she inquired.  Mary nodded, silently, with a small shiver of
dread.  Erika released the cuffs and collar, and picked up a black leather corset.  This was nothing like the
beautiful lacy white garment that Mary had worn to be married.  This was a sinister, utilitarian garment
whose only purpose was to stringently and uncomfortably compress a woman's body.  "Hands behind your
head." Erika ordered, and Mary complied as the blond fastened the busk, and began to adjust the laces.  "An
eight inch reduction from 24 inches is 16 inches---very impressive!"  Erika used both skill and strength as
she systematically tightened the laces until she had pulled six inches off of Mary's waistline.  "Ungggg,"
Mary grunted, writhing against the sensual, but stern increase in pressure.  "I'll just tie a temporary bow,
then I'll take out the last two inches after your body has adapted." Erika explained.  "Maybe," she said,
looking Mary directly in the eye, "I'll take out more!"  A small smile crossed Mary's face.  Despite her
dread over the coming ordeal, she was having fun!  "As tight as you can get it, please Mistress." she begged
submissively, "But be sure I get a point for every inch, because I'm going to need them!"

Erika consulted her list, then turned to Mary with a twinkle in her eyes.  "You selected "extra large" as I
read it?" she inquired innocently.  Mary nodded, reddening at the cheeks.  "My pleasure!" smiled Erika.
She picked up an impossibly long and thick flesh colored shaft, and slowly smeared KY until it gleamed
wetly from end to end.  "Spread your legs." she ordered.  "Oooooooo......" Mary whimpered as it burrowed
between the lips of her pussy, but Erika was gentle, and it went in surprisingly easily, leaving about an inch
of shaft ending in a small ring protruding past the pink lips of her orifice.  Erika picked up the second dildo,
which was only slightly smaller than the first.  "Bend over."  With a sigh, Mary complied, trying to relax as
she felt the end begin to probe at her pink opening.  "Ouch!" she exclaimed as slowly but steadily the shaft
entered her most private place.  There was a slurp, and Mary gasped as eight thick inches suddenly
occupied her inner spaces.  Erika took a black strap, and buckled it to the back  of Mary's corset, then
threaded it through the ring in both shafts.   "Stand up and face me." she commanded.  Mary complied,
standing passively in front of the muscular blond as she threaded the other end of the strap through a buckle
on the front of the corset.  Erika bent her head, and gave Mary a quick kiss, sucking on her lower lip.
"Mmmmmm."  Mary responded.  While in mid-kiss Erika suddenly jerked the strap tighter.
"OOOOOHHH!" exclaimed Mary as the remaining inches of the two dildoes further invaded her wet pink
openings.  Mary went up on her toes, trying to avoid the increasing pressure, but Erika's hand followed,
pulling the strap even tighter, before closing the buckle.  "Oh, Mistress!" Mary gasped, her legs parted and
knees slightly flexed in a futile attempt to lessen the discomfort.  Mary could feel the end of the first dildo
probing against her cervix, deeper than any man had even been.  Her anal muscles raged against the foreign
presence that stretched her tender opening.  The thin strap holding the two monsters was tight against the
crack in her ass, then furrowed between her pink lips.  The strap widened, and there was a one inch hole in
the strap that surrounded her clit.  The tightness of the strap made the flesh within the circle bulge outward,
bringing the stiff red nub into greater prominence.

"What's next? Erika asked, rummaging on the table.  "AH HA!"  She picked up 5 stainless steel clamps,
and held them in her hand before Mary.  They were not fancy, very no-nonsense, and Mary was intimidated
by the size of the springs and the sharp teeth between the jaws.  "Oh, no, she demurred, "You can't mean to
put those on me!"  Erika smiled evilly.  "Yes Ma'am, you specified "severe" didn't you?"  Mary started to
complain, but Erika held a finger to her lips.  "I'm enjoying talking to you, but if you don't stop whining,
I'll gag you right now!"  Mary wanted to stay un-gagged for as long as possible, but all she could think of
was the episode in the car when she found it so hard to keep her hands from relieving the biting pain.  And
those clips were not this severe! "Mistress, can I say one thing?" she asked in a hesitant voice.  "What is
it?" Erika responded sternly.  "Mistress, would you please bind my arms before you put the clips on me?
she begged.  "They hurt so, and I want to be good, but its hard when your hands are free."  Erika nodded.
"Agreed, but I'm going to gag you now anyway, to cut out that complaining!"  Mary answered by sticking
out her bottom lip, but smiled slightly while doing so.

Erika picked up the fearsome head harness, and held it up for Mary's inspection.  Mary shivered when she
thought about what the 3 inch ball would feel like in her mouth—especially after many hours!  "Mistress,
I've never worn larger than a 2 inch ball before." Mary explained.  "I'm not sure that it will fit in my
mouth!"  "Oh, don't worry.  It'll fit!"  answered Erika.  "Open!"  Mary opened her jaws as wide as she
possibly could as Erika wedged the first third of the ball between her teeth.  When she encountered
resistance, she put one hand behind Mary's head, and pushed the ball with the other hand in a twisting
motion.  "UMMMPP!" Mary yelped as her mouth stretched wide, wider, impossibly wide!  Finally the
widest part of the ball passed Mary's teeth, and with a final shove, and a squeal from Mary,  the ball lodged
firmly within Mary's oral cavity.   Erika looked at Mary's face—red lips stretched tight around the ball,
wide open, tear flecked eyes, and nostrils flaring as her heavy breathing snorted in and out.  She reached
behind Mary's head, snubbed the strap, and fastened the buckle.  Mary whimpered as her jaws fought the
resiliency of the ball.  Erika arranged the straps over Mary's head, then fitted the sheepskin pads of the
blindfold over Mary's eyes.  "Nighty night!" she said, and plunged Mary into darkness.  The blindfold was
buckled securely, then the headband strap, the strap over the crown of Mary's head, and finally, the strap
under Mary's chin.  All the straps were tight enough to dig into the poor girl's flesh, and Mary felt like her
head was trapped in a vice.  She stood blind and silent while Erika turned her around and began to bind her
arms.  First a long cord went behind Mary's neck, across her shoulders, under her armpits, and across her
back.  This loop was tightened, forcing Mary's shoulders back painfully.  Four more loops were completed
before the final knot was tied.  This proved to be the anchor point for the arm bondage.  Mary's arms were
pulled into the center of her back in an exaggerated hammerlock, then dragged higher and higher until her
wrists met, palm to palm, between her shoulder blades.  Five tight loops around her wrists, a couple of
cinches pulling them tighter, and a knot.  Then a smaller rope was used to tie her bound wrists to the rope
passing between her shoulders at the back of her neck.  This kept her hands high up on her back while
another rope was used to bind her elbows together—more loops, cinches and knots.  Mary had grown more
flexible after months of training, but this arm position was more strained than she had ever endured.  It
became worse as another rope circled her torso just under her breasts and around her bound elbows, pulling
them more closely together, and tighter against her body.  Another rope above her breasts completed the
matter.  Mary could do nothing with her arms but flutter her fingers.

"On your belly!" commanded Erika, and with a groan, Mary struggled against the intrusive dildoes within
her belly to drop to her knees.  Once there, she bowed her head blindly until her forehead touched the
ground, then twisted as she dropped heavily to the floor.  "Umpp!"  With a grunt of effort she flopped back
onto her belly.  She lay still, chest heaving, with noisy breathing.  "Now," said Erika, "you have requested a
DIFFICULTY MODIFIER of "very severe, so I need to add a couple of options to toughen things up a little
bit from the standard position."  Mary could not see Erika pick up another long rope.  "Rather than tied you
legs together, I like them crossed."  As she spoke she spread Mary's knees, crossed her ankles, then tied six
tight loops of cord vertically around her ankles, then four more horizontally.  With her knees spread so
wide, Mary knew that she could not roll off her stomach, even with no further bondage.  "Now the fun
begins!" said Erika happily.  She took another rope, which was tied around Mary's crossed ankles, then up
to the ropes circling Mary's shoulders.  As she began to take up the tension, Mary began to arch.  Erika
knelt beside the bound girl, and wedged one leg under Mary's chest.  As she raised her knee, Mary's torso
lifted, her arms moving more closely to her bound feet.  Erika continued to lift, and take up tension in the
rope until Mary was drawn into a excruciating backward bow.  Erika tied off the rope, and when she pulled
her leg out, Mary was left with only her hipbones and stomach touching the ground.  The bow had drawn
everything else off the floor—her head, her shoulders, her breasts, and her knees.  Mary tossed her head,
and a prolonged, but muffled moan of pain escaped from around her well stoppered lips.  Erika took a
couple of pieces of thinner cord, and made a loop around each of Mary's big toes.  The free ends were
threaded through the strap holding the gag in Mary's mouth.  The bound girl's head was dragged back, and
the cords were made secure.  If Mary lowered her head, the pressure seating the gag more uncomfortably in
her mouth, and the cords cut painfully into the tender flesh at the base of her toes.  Another cord was tied to
a ring sewn in to the harness at the crown of Mary's head.  This was then threaded through a small ring
sewn into the Mary's crotchstrap between her ass cheeks.  This cord was also pulled tight.  Now Mary had
two dilemmas.  If she tried to mitigate the pain in her neck from her head being pulled so severely back, she
tugged painfully on her big toes and also tended to pull the dildo more tightly up her backside.  Erika knew
from experience that after many hours in bondage, that Mary might be looking for a little diversion, and the
dildo that seems so painful and intrusive at the moment might become a valued friend.  But now, any
pleasure would be offset by the pain of the slipknots tightening around her toes.

With the basic bondage complete, Erika left Mary rocking uncomfortably on her stomach, and readied the
suspension apparatus.  One end of the thick hawser rope was affixed to one of the posts.  With a grunt of
effort Erika knelt and picked Mary off the floor, flipped her onto her back, and laid her on her bound arms
between the posts.  She threaded the thick rope through the arched gap at the small of Mary's back, then
threaded it through the winch.  As she cranked the handle the slack came out of the rope and it began to
lever Mary off the floor.  Erika took six smaller ropes, which were tied at each of Mary's "corners" (knees
and shoulders) and at each side of her waist.  Each of these six ropes were tightened in a web arrangement.
Then Erika would crank the winch, raising Mary another painful couple of inches off the floor, then tighten
the web so that Mary was kept horizontal despite the upper half of her body handing off one side, and the
lower half hanging off the other side of the heavy hawser.

"Finishing touches, now." said Erika.  Mary could only answer with a soft whimper.  Erica then slowly and
carefully went to each rope, knot, strap and buckle, and tightened it again.  The corset was pulled two
inches tighter.  The gag, and each strap of the head harness was tightened a notch.  He hands were pulled
even higher up her back, her legs drawn toward her hands, and her head pulled tightly against her crotch
strap and big toe tie.  Mary hung in painful suspension, belly toward the ceiling, head and feet underneath,
with all her weight borne at the small of her back. The bound girl was pulled into such a stringent bow that
her crossed ankles were only inches from her head!  Mary's agony was not complete, because the fierce
steel clips remained.  The blond knelt on the floor, peering up into Mary's dildo stretched pussy.  There had
been a method to the Dominatrix' madness.  By crossing the bound girls ankles, rather than tying the legs
together, she had much better access to the pink private parts!  Erika looked at the succulent lips stretched
around the shaft of the rubber invader.  She reached up, pulled the engorged labia away from the shaft, and
gently released one of the biting demons into Mary's wet flesh.  The bound girl bucked against her bondage,
"NNNNNGGGG!!!"  Erika lifted the other lip, and it too soon had a silver molester.  Next Erika wet her
finger in the ooze coming from Mary's pussy, and massaged the bulging clitoris unto angry red erection.
Then she took the smallest of the clips, and ever so gently released the jaws over Mary's most tender flesh.
"MMMMMUNFFF!" the bound girl shrieked, spasming in her bonds.  Erika just licked her finger and
smiled.  Then she stood, the two remaining clips in her hand, and lowered her head until her wet mouth
enveloped one of the pink nipples on Mary's tightly stretched breast.  She teased the bud until it was rock
hard, then affixed the clip right at the base of the nipple.  The other nipple received similar treatment.  Was
that all?  No, there remained the weights!

Erika picked up a three ounce weight with a hook and short chain attached.  She slipped the hook through
the loop on one of Mary's nipple clamps, and allowed the slack to fall out of the chain.  Since Mary's
breasts were facing upward, the weight fell to the side, and dragged the nipple and breast with it.  A weight
was attached to the other nipple, with the same effect.  Mary's punished breasts were dragged away from
one another, around the unfortunate girl's rib cage.  Not enough for Erika, however.  The blond girl took
two more 3 ounce weights, one for each nipple, and the combined weight dragged the poor fleshy globes
even more tightly and painfully.  Erika knelt again between Mary's knees, and not wasting time with 3
ounces, attached a six ounce weight to Mary's left labia, and another six ounces to the right.  The pink folds
were stretched two inches out of the girl's pussy, and hung forlornly.  A smaller one ounce weight was then
attached to the clamp on Mary's clit, and the bound girl used her remaining reserve of energy to strain and
writhe against the overpowering confinement.

Erika stood, picked up the score card, and did some arithmetic.  "Let's see now, 55 points, plus corset,
clamps, two dildoes, the weights, extra weights.....that's 83 points....times the 1.2 difficulty
modifier....rounds to 100 points per hour.   Divide into 1000....that's easy......10 hours.  Erika bend down,
and whispered in Mary's ear, "Only 10 hours Mary.  Its 11 AM now, so you will be released in time for a
snack and a good nights sleep."  Mary could only groan a response.  "Oh yes, there is one more thing."
whispered Erika.  I have a little surprise for you, and I won't even deduct points for it!"  With that she took
a black box, with two wires leading from it, and attached one wire to a small connector at the base of
Mary's twin dildoes.  Once connected, Erika stood, and began turning the dial.  Mary's insides turned to
jelly as the shafts powered to life.  Gently at first, then stronger, until the vibrators were at full throttle,
raging side by side against the thin flesh between the two tender holes.  "See you tonight!" said Erika, and
Mary heard footsteps, and the door close.



Mary was a young, strong, flexible girl, and she considered herself to be well trained, but she had never,
ever contemplated enduring bondage such as this.  Hanging motionless, and in pain, she took inventory of
the parts and pieces of her body which were held hostage by ropes and leather and steel.  Her immediate
concerns were those parts of her anatomy most impacted by the harsh back bowed position.  That was her
back, and her neck, both of which felt like they were going to break, and neither of which would, she knew,
tend to feel any better as the hours passed!  Her gag was a hateful presence between her lips.  She know
from long experience that the gag pressing on the back of her throat would generate copious saliva which
she would struggle to swallow to avoid choking, while her lips, stretched tightly around the circumference
of the huge ball gag, would become parched and dry.  Surprisingly, her jaw hurt less now than it had right
after the gag was wedged between her teeth, but Mary knew that soon a dull, endless ache would set in, and
there was nothing to do to relieve it.  The strain on her shoulders from the strict position of her tightly
bound arms also caused pain, and she know that her fingers would soon hang numb and lifeless.  She

And then.......... she considered........there were the shafts buzzing in her belly.......

Mary had never experienced dildoes which vibrated so powerfully.  At first she tried to ignore them, but
could not.  Soon the twin shafts became annoying......then painful........until slowly her entire conscious
being was focused on the beasts within her pink orifices.  Her bondage was so severe that she couldn't
writhe, so she quivered all over at the intense sensation.  Her body began to betray her.  The labial lips, so
cruelly compressed by the biting clamps, began to swell, red and glistening around the shaft.  Her even
more tightly stretched rosebud clutched convulsively.  It too, wet from the juice dribbling down from the
hyper-stimulated pussy.  The painfully clamped clit, engorged with blood and strained to an erect angry red
as the throbs from the vibrators stimulated the sensitive nubbin.  Mary moaned wetly through her gag, the
pain of her contorted position forgotten as she concentrated on the pleasure/pain coming from her core.

And then it stopped.  Mary whimpered in disbelief, then groaned in frustration.  "They must be on a timer,"
she thought to herself.  She was nearly correct.  In reality, the plug in her pussy contained an electronic
thermometer.  When a woman nears climax, the temperature of her pussy increases due to the higher blood
flow.  The thermometer measures this increase in temperature, and switches the units off before the bound
female can reach "critical mass".  Once switched off, the microchip waits an hour, then resumes the
stimulation.  Diabolical.  As Mary came down from the unfulfilled sexual high, her tactile senses were over-
sensitized.  The ropes felt like they were deeper into her flesh, the gag felt larger, and wedged more deeply
into her mouth, her back ached abominably, the corset dug into her waist, and she could feel the two shafts,
now silent, stretching the wet, pink lips of her two private openings.

Again, the discomfort began to build.  Mary strove for even the slightest movement or change of position
that might bring a small measure of relief.  She whimpered into her gag almost continuously, a soft, pitiful
sound that would have been barely audible if there had been anyone there to hear it.  She remembered
Erika's discussion about the "Mercy" signal.  "Just one loud scream!" Mary thought to herself.  She felt
herself weakening, giving in, her discipline eroding by the moment.

And then it started again!  Again, Mary's senses focused on her weeping pussy and her stretched and
buzzing butthole.  Again, the sensation became a witch's brew of pain and pleasure.  Again, Mary neared
the heights.  Again, they stopped!

Over the next hours the cycle played out again and again.  Each time the agony of the incredible bondage
became greater, and each time the pleasure between her legs climbed to new heights.  Mary cursed and
Mary prayed, but nothing would take her over the brink to oblivion.
The blond hung in motionless agony.  Her mind had figured out the nature of the torment hours ago, but she
couldn't override her body.  Each time the vibrators powered up her eager pussy lips swelled to greet the
pleasurable feeling.  Her nipples stiffened, and the subtle quivering of her body caused all the weights to
swing slowly, providing additional stimulation to her five pink pleasure zones.

Mary knew it wasn't possible, but the tortured red nipples on her tightly stretched breasts became so hard,
and so swollen that it felt like her flesh was actually forcing open the jaws of the biting clamps!  She
whimpered urgently, fighting the cords, compelling her muscles to contract.  The small movements of her
suspended body was amplified by the dangling weights, until the minute swinging motion added fuel to the
fire's ravaging her body.  She bit down hard on her gag, and with a gasp tried to force her bound legs
together.  It was no use, she could not create any friction.  The only stimulus was the biting clamps, the
dangling weights, and, of course, the spasmodic pulsating of the twin vibrators.  She hung defeated,
awaiting the next onslaught.

The time just after the vibrators shut down was the worst, she decided.  Breathless and over-stimulated, she
suffered yet again the disappointment of a just missed orgasm, then faced the steadily growing pain and
boredom of the stringent cords, straps and gag.  The discomfort came rapidly now, after so many hours.  If
she gave in to the ropes, and hung completely limp, it was not long until the pain diminished into a numb
ache.  This was preferable to fighting.  She sighed, and wondered what time it was.

She was almost asleep when once again the twin demons buzzed back to life.  "Oh, God." she thought to
herself, willing her poor, tired body not to respond.  It didn't work!  Within minutes she was once again a
whimpering, sweaty, helplessly bound woman on the brink of orgasm, and all of her being was focused on
trying desperately to make that happen.  The area between her legs was like a seething pink pudding, soft
and hot, clutching the two rampant shafts.  Her swollen nipples stung sweetly, and the thrashed in her bonds
to make the weights tug at her flesh, adding to the surging pleasure and pain.  The captain of this ship was
her angry red little clitoris.  The exquisite nerve endings were partially short circuited by the biting jaws of
the clamp, but the vibrators caused the entire area to quiver pleasurably, and the feedback her clit received
from the other pleasure zones was mostly favorable despite the clamps and digging cords.

"If only........" she thought desperately........"Just a few more minutes....."

In her desperate situation, Mary could not possibly have heard Erika gently open the door, and pad softly on
bare feet to Mary side.  Mary also could not know that the circuit interrupt on the dildoes had been switched
off, and the twin dynamos would now buzz and burrow into her sensitive pink nests ceaselessly until
someone turned them off.  Mary heaved and whimpered, oblivious of Erika's presence.  Suddenly that small
portion of her brain still capable of rational thought finally determined that her quivering body had been
allowed to surge further toward climax than at any time since she had been bound.  In fact, the warm feeling
radiated from her nipples down to her pussy, and the area currently being mistreated by the dildoes was
virtually on fire.  "Maybe......" she thought. Erika looked down at the bucking, sweating girl, and smiled.
"Almost ready." she thought to herself.  Without touching Mary, Erika eased her head between the bound
girls thighs, until her lips were poised above the hot, wet pussy.  With a sudden movement she reached to
release the clamp on the turgid clitoris, and enveloped the red bud between her lips.  Almost a quickly her
hands reached for Mary's breasts, and she grasped the two captive nipples and twisted the biting clamps

"MMMMMMPPPHHHH!" screamed Mary as she thrashed towards a much needed climax.  She surged
against the ropes, and thrust her mound against Erika's mouth.  Erika smiled happily, and whipped the stiff,
red button with her tongue, then moved down to soothingly suck the swollen red lips which were stretched
around the dildo shaft, before returning her attention to the eager bud.  Mary moaned at the wonderful
feeling, then whimpered as Erika roughly twisted her sensitive nipples.  One more long, hard suck, and
Mary crashed over the edge.  The pain of her bonds, the tight gag, the hours of numb, boring restraint were
forgotten in the overpowering pleasure of the moment.  Despite the intensity, the orgasm was prolonged,
and Erika kept her mouth buried in the hot, slippery wetness until the captive ceased surging, and settled
into quiet contentment.

Erika surveyed her captive as she licked the luscious pussy juice from her lips.  "I'm going to love having
you as the Lady of the House," she lectured Mary, " as long as you realize who the MISTRESS of the
House really is!"

Mary was so overwhelmed by the intensity of her long delayed orgasm that she no longer felt the aches and
pains of her long hours of virtually immobile captivity.  Her body was bathed in sweat, and her breath
rasped through flared nostrils as she panted in contented exhaustion.  Even in her daze, however, she was
aware of gentle hands beginning to peel away the layers of restraint like someone would peel a piece of
fruit, until the tasty morsel inside was revealed.  Erika slowly unclipped the two clamps on Mary's swollen
labia, and Mary groaned with relief.  Next the dominant girl removed the clip from the captive left breast,
and quickly surrounded the red, tormented flesh with her wet, soothing lips and exciting tongue.  It was one
of the best feelings that Mary had ever felt, and she arched against her bonds to force more of the stiff
nipple between the wonderful lips.  Erika gave the other nipple the same treatment, but finished with a
sharp, playful nip, which made Mary gasp with surprise.  The terrible cord pulling Mary's head in an arched
position for so many hours was next to be removed, followed by the ropes holding the bound girl in her
hellish suspension.  Even as Mary was lowered to the ground, and the awful rope at the small of her back
ceased its torment, Mary began to feel the adrenaline and sex induced high leave her body, leaving her tired,
and drained, and aching.  Her long awaited tryst with her new husband, which had excited her so much
earlier, now seemed like an unwelcome intrusion.  What Mary really felt like now was about 20 hours of

Erika turned her attention to the complex harness of straps that was buckled so tightly around the captive
girl's head.  She unbuckled the blindfold strap, then peeled the sweat soaked sheepskin pads away from
Mary's eyes.  The bound girl whimpered, blinking from the sudden brightness and the sting of sweat.  Her
teary, bloodshot eyes focused on Erika, and she tossed her head in defiance, like a filly fighting the bridle
for the first time.  Erika laughed, and quickly unbuckled the remaining straps, finishing with the buckle
holding the ball so deeply in Mary's mouth.  With the strap loosened, Mary tried to use her tongue to push
the ball from between her teeth, but her tongue had no feeling after the hours of captivity, and the ball was
far too large.  Mary whimpered, and looked at Erika, trying her best to be pitiful.  Erika chuckled, and took
the strap on each side of the girl's mouth in her two hands, and gently began to tug and twist the red stopper
from between the girl's lips.  Finally, amid Mary's urgent pleadings, the ball popped free, and a torrent of
drool escaped the girl's mouth, and ran down her chin, and onto the floor.  "Ohhhhh.......Oh thank you,
Mistress!" she croaked, licking her parched lips.  Mary was still bound in a stringent hog-tie. Erika flipped
her onto her bound arms, and her mouth hungrily sought out Mary's lips.
"MMMMM..." Erika moaned, as her probing tongue licked away the saliva, and sucked in the stale rubber
ball taste from her captive's mouth.  Mary responded eagerly, surprising even herself as she returned the
kiss.  Tongues fluttered, teeth nibbled and lips sucked eagerly at one another for many minutes.  Finally,
Erika broke the kiss and sat back on her haunches like a lioness, breathing heavily.  Mary could only lay
helplessly, but her eyes burned with hunger.

Erika bent down, an impish grin on her face, and grasped the end of the huge dildo which had stretched
poor Mary's pussy for so many hours.  Slowly, with a gentle twisting motion, she eased the invader from the
bound girl's drenched love nest.  Mary moaned as it popped free, partly with relief, but partly from a vague
feeling of loss.  Erika held up the glistening black prod for inspection, then reached down until the blunt
point was touching Mary's lips.  "Clean it." she ordered.  Mary moaned, and lustfully opened her mouth to
accept the shaft, tasting herself for the very first time.  She took as much of the shaft as she could into her
mouth, sucking and slurping until the it hit the back of her throat, and she began choking on its length.
Erika withdrew it slowly, and Mary sucked her own love juice.  "Lick." Erika commanded, holding the
dildo lengthwise in front of Mary's mouth, so that her tongue could lave the pussy juice from the rest of the
shaft.  "MMMMMM." sighed Mary, happily.  Erika again bent, and removed the slightly smaller shaft
which had been wedged up Mary's backside.  "OH!" the bound girl cried out as the shaft slipped wetly from
her painfully stretched sphincter.  Mary knew what was coming next, and she whimpered as Erika held the
black invader commandingly at her lips.  "Clean it!" ordered Erika.  Mary wrinkled her nose, and
whimpered, but submissively parted her lips.  Erika touched the tip of the shaft just touching the tip of
Mary's tongue, and held it there.  Mary, her eyes closed in anticipation of having the foul thing jammed
deeply into her mouth, opened one eye to see what was going on.  She saw Erika grinning at her, and then
watched the dominant brunette pull the dildo from in front of her face, and toss it aside.  "You would have
licked it clean, if I had insisted?" Erika asked.  "Yes, Mistress" Mary answered, "If you wanted me to suck
it, you know I would."  "Good, then we understand one another." said Erika with satisfaction, "but I want
that mouth of yours to be sweet smelling....I've got other plans for it!"

Erika bent down, and rolled Mary onto her stomach.  "Oooooohhh." Mary groaned.  Every time she moved,
the cords on her elbows dug more deeply into her flesh.  Erika untied the complex cords and knots which
held Mary in her stringent hog-tie, and this time the groan was one of relief.  "Oh.  Ohhhhh!  Oh, thank you,
Mistress!" How good it felt to be able to stretch her legs!  Erika next untied the blond girl's ankles.  She
clipped a leash to her collar, and urged Mary to her feet.  The captive girl was like a new born colt—eager,
but unsteady.  Once Mary was able to stand, Erika gave a firm tug on the leash and a command to "Follow
me!".  Mary stumbled along behind her Mistress, up out of the dungeon, down the hall, and into another
large, comfortable bedroom.  Erika slipped the leather bikini bottom off her shapely bottom, and down her
legs.  Her sex was hairless, pink, and to Mary's amazement she found it very inviting!  Erika sat in a large
chair with big soft pillows.  She spread her legs wide apart, and gently rubbed her wet, pink slit.  In only a
moment it opened like a flower, and Mary could see the stiff, hooded clitoris and the slick, wet inner lips.
"Your turn, slave." said Erika.  "Might I have my arms freed, Mistress?" asked Mary meekly.  "I might do a
better job, if I had my hands."  "No, and I should whip you for even asking." answered Erika.  If you do a
good job, I just might free your arms.  If not, I may leave you bound for days!"  "But Mistress," said Mary,
a pitiful look on her face.  "My hands are numb, my elbows hurt so badly, and my shoulders ache."  "Better
do a good job then, hadn't you?A" said Erika sarcastically,  "Now eat, and do it well."  She gave a little tug
on the leash, and Mary quickly dropped to her knees between Erika's legs.  For the first time in her life her
nose was inches from another woman's pussy.  She inhaled the fragrance, and looked at the droplets of
moisture, like dew on a rose petal.  Tentatively she stuck out her tongue until it contacted the pink wetness,
then brought her tongue back into her mouth.  It tasted wonderful!.  Without further hesitation she burrowed
her lips and tongue into the inviting crevasse.  Only a woman can know how to lick another woman.  For the
next hour she serviced her Mistress through orgasm after orgasm.  Finally sated, the brunette pushed Mary
away.  The bound blond sat back on her legs, licking her lips.  Her mouth was wet, her face flushed with
excitement, and her eyes bright with happiness.  She wondered, "What's next?"  Erika stood, and
commanded her slave to do likewise.  Behind Mary, she began to untie the knots, and peel the cords from
the deep red grooves in the soft flesh above Mary's elbows.  "Oooooooooh!" Mary moaned from the pain in
her flesh, and the pleasure of release.  Once her elbows were free, Mary wiggled and shrugged her shoulders
to relieve the aching and stiffness from the hours of strict confinement.  Erika took a pair of handcuffs, and
fastened them on Mary's wrists above the ropes already binding the girl's hands.  Only then did she begin to
untie the bonds.  When the cords were removed Mary wiggled her fingers, tingling with pins and needles
from returning circulation.  "Mistress, may I use the bathroom?" Mary asked, shyly.  "The Mistress
laughed, and with a tug on the least and a sharp slap on the ass she pointed her slave in the direction of the
huge bathroom.  Mary looked longingly at the  Jacuzzi, but she was only allowed to take care of necessary
matters, then lead back into the bedroom.  Erika tightened the cuffs a little tighter, then pulled back the
covers, and the two naked girls got into bed.  Erika pulled the covers up over both of them, then cuddled
against her slave, front to back, with an arm across her body, fingers gently caressing her breasts.  She
gently kissed the slave's ear.  "You were superb today, darling." she whispered.  "Now sleep well, because
you will need to be even better tomorrow!"  Mary was exhausted, and with that thought in mind, she quickly
drifted off to sleep.


Mary awakened before her Mistress.  She felt rested, but her body was stiff and sore, her jaw ached, and her
wrists and elbow were still red and tender from the long hours of tight ligature.  Not wanting to wake Erika,
Mary resisted the impulse to stretch.  Instead, she lay still, until finally Erika stirred.  "Good Morning,
slave."  "Good Morning Mistress." Mary answered submissively.  The girls kissed, and another day had
begun.  Mary wondered where James was.  She still had not seen her new husband since her arrival!

One of Mary's cuffs was unlocked, and her hands were moved from behind her back, to in front, then re-
locked.  She was left alone in the bathroom, with the door locked.  She took a long, hot, wonderful bath,
washed her hair, applied her makeup, and slipped into a beautiful silk wrap.  After an extravagant breakfast,
Mary found herself collared, with handcuffs behind her back, and between her ankles, tightly blindfolded,
and gagged with a moderately large ballgag.  A leash attached her to a ring on the wall, and she was allowed
to sit on a hard wooden bench.  She didn't know where she was, but from the echoes she could tell that the
room was large.  After the previous day, this bondage was a trifle, but the bench was hard.  Mary sighed.
She guessed that she had been so restrained for at least several hours, and she was getting bored!
Finally she heard a door open, and was aware of footsteps coming toward her.  She turned her blind eyes in
the direction of the sound, and a curious "Mmmp?" escaped her gagged lips.  She felt hands push her head
down, and unbuckle the gag, then pull it wetly from her mouth.  Mary licked her lips, "Oh, thank you
Mistress Erika!"  "Good, guess, but wrong!" answered a familiar male voice.  "James!....er.... Master!"
gushed Mary, "It's so good to see you!"  James laughed, and fingered the blindfold across his bound wife's
face.  "You're still not seeing me, now are you?"  Delighted, Mary joined in the laughter.  "A figure of
speech, Master.  I should have said it was good to hear your voice!"  "Well," he responded, "from what I
hear from Erika, you didn't seem to miss me all that much."  Mary felt her face redden with embarrassment.
Here she was, chained and blindfolded in front of her new husband, just having completed a torrid lesbian
adventure.  And she hadn't even consummated her marriage yet!  "Oh Master, I was a captive—I didn't
have any choice......"  "Yes, but you didn't have to enjoy it so much."  A small tear escaped from under the
blindfold, and ran down the bound girl's cheek.  "Master, please punish me for being unfaithful!" she said,
totally sincerely.  James laughed.  "My Dear, you are wonderful.....beautiful, sensual and submissive."  He
reached out and stroked her chin.  "It's too bad that I am going to have to delay getting inside your
submissive nature a little better."  Mary turned her blind eyes up to him.  "What do you mean?" she asked.
"I have to go away for a week." he explained.  "I thought I'd leave you her to suffer Erika's tender mercies,
since you seem to have become such friends."  Mary shook her head.  "Oh, no!" she whimpered, "please
take me with you."  "But there is nothing for you to do......just a lot of flying, hotel rooms and meetings."
"It doesn't matter.  Please take me with you." she implored.  "It doesn't matter what I do, as long as I'm
with you!"  James thought about the matter for a minute, and a smile crossed his face.  "OK." he answered,
a smile of delight springing onto Mary's face, "I'll take you along, and I promise that you will be with me
all the time!"  He lovingly rubbed her head, enjoying the luster of her blond hair.  "Now, I have a bit of
work to do before we go." he explained.  "Felice will be along to get you ready to go."  With that he turned
and departed.  Mary sat expectantly, a broad smile on her lips.  She was going with James on a business
trip, and she could hardly wait!

Several hours later, Mary was ready to go.  Things hadn't turned out exactly as she had envisioned them!
She couldn't describe her travel accommodations, since she had been hooded into a dark, tight
claustrophobic darkness immediately after her hands had been strapped together at the small of her back.
The hood was laced until her entire face and jaw was under tension, then tied securely.  An immense,
cylindrical gag had been jammed into her mouth.  It stretched her lips apart, then her teeth fell into grooves
on the cylinder just behind the pad which covered and compressed her lips.  There were no eyeholes in the
hood, but there were pads sewn to the inside which filled the area on either side of her nose, and held her
eyelids closed.  A nose shaped plastic guard inside the hood kept the tight hood from compressing her nose.
There were two attached plugs which were forced into her nostrils, each plug had a breathing tube.  Mary
could not know it, but the gag also had a hollow tube through its center, which could be opened or closed as
the whim of her captor.  Mary could hear only muffled sounds through the hood.  She guessed that the soft
projections from the hood into her ears were to keep her from hearing.  She would find out that she was
only partially correct!  Once all of Mary's cranial orifices were invaded, her attendants turned their attention
a bit lower down.  Mary felt a cold, clinical hand slathering lubricant into the pink openings of her pussy
and asshole.  Without any preliminaries a large shaft was inserted between her lips, and pushed deeply into
her vagina.  A second, slightly smaller shaft was brusquely wedged into her rosebud, and with steady
pressure it was lodged inches into her bowel.  Mary grimaced inside her hood, as both her openings
stretched and slowly relaxed.  Suddenly she felt a new feeling—a burning sensation, and then a feeling of
pressure inside her abdomen.  She did not know it, but she had been catheterized!

Once securely hooded and plugged, she had been placed into a soft but resilient, formfitting compartment.
When she felt it surrounding her body, she thought of the boxes used to transport cameras and electronic
equipment---dense foam fingers, with a cutout for the item being transported.  She could not know that she
was almost exactly right!  Once her body and head were wedged into the custom cut opening, a series of
leather straps bound at her ankles, shins, knees, thighs, waist, chest, shoulders and neck were tightened until
she was completely immobile.  Her hands fit into a special cutout at the small of her back, and the straps
kept her elbows tightly at her sides.  Once strapped down, Mary felt the cover of the box swing closed, and
the cutout cushioning in the top mated with that on the bottom, leaving the girl completely encased in a
dense cocoon of springy foam.  The tubes from her gag and nostrils had been screwed into a fitting in the
outside wall of the case, as had wires from the protuberances in her ears.  The tubes leading from the two
shafts wedged into her lower orifices were attached to devices inside her case, near her feet.  One was a
collection bag, the other a pump.  Mary was, at this moment, blithfully ignorant of these lower tubes, the
equipment, or their purpose.  Her assessment of her confinement had been accurate.  She was locked inside
a large, sturdy aluminum box.  All the corners and edges were reinforced, and there were multiple latches
and locking mechanisms.  There were also several handles.  Mary's confinement was so tight that she didn't
move no matter whether the box was standing upright on end, or laid flat, or even turned on end with her
head down.  She could however feel gravity tug at her blood, and the sensations of her inner ear, so she
knew that she had been picked up and carried, and was now lying on her back.  If her hearing was partially
muffled inside the hood, the addition of the foam padding and the walls of the box made the elimination of
sound complete.  She did not hear the footsteps or voices, but she felt the thump of doors slamming, and the
vibration of a vehicle under power.  They were on their way!

After a time the vehicle stopped, she felt her case being lifted, carried, then dropped.  She thought she felt a
door slamming.  Some minutes later another feeling of vibration, then a swooping, sickening feeling, like a
rollercoaster.  They were flying!  Time passed.  Tightly compressed in dark silence, Mary was only aware
of the fullness in her two moist holes, and the sound of her breath whistling through her breathing tubes.
Then, much later, she felt the jarring sensation of landing, more vibration, being carried, another car trip,
being carried again, and finally, being stood on end.  "Well," she thought to herself, "I hope we have
arrived.  I'm sure ready for James to unpack me from this traveling case!"

Suddenly there was an electronic crackle in her ears, and she heard a voice.  It was James!  "How are you,
my Dear?" he asked.  "Did you enjoy your trip?"  There was a microphone, and she was wearing earphones!
Mary didn't even bother to groan or whimper, knowing that her sounds wouldn't escape the case.  "I find
this case is a wonderful way to transport a woman, wouldn't you agree?" he asked.  Mary agreed, silently.
"I'll bet you are really looking forward to my letting you out now, for a shower, and a nice dinner?"  Mary
could hardly wait!  "Well, when I told you that you would be with me everywhere I went for the week, I
meant it.....only......you are going to stay inside the case for the entire time, until we return home!"  "NO!"
Mary screamed into her gag, thrashing in her bonds.  Outside the case, however, there was no sound.  The
case didn't even wiggle from her frantic struggles!  "You are probably wondering about nourishment and
other necessary functions." he explained.  "The gag which seals your mouth, and keeps you nice and quiet
has a tube, which is connected to the outside of the case.  A large syringe will inject water and a nutritious,
but not very tasty porridge."  James laughed.  "You may lose a pound or two, which won't hurt, but you
won't starve, I assure you."  "As far as waste goes," he continued, " since we will control your food and
water, there won't be all that much.  You have been catheterized, and a tube leads to a collection bag, which
can be pumped empty when necessary.  There is also a pump attached to your back end, and we can inject a
warm, soothing mild laxative, and then pump you empty—efficient, and not at all messy."  Mary couldn't
believe what she was hearing!  "So that you won't be bored, I'll leave the sound on all the time."  It was
quiet for a moment, and then she heard the sound of TV.  It was news, probably CNN.  "Well", she thought
to herself, "at least I'll be well informed after this week!"  She heard James' voice over the sound of the TV.
"We are in the hotel, in a beautiful suite.  I wish you could see it!"  She heard him laugh.  It was a good
humored laugh, not at all sinister, or spiteful, and she relaxed a little bit.  "The bathroom is immense, with
mirrors on all the walls, and a huge Jacuzzi in the center.  I will, unfortunately, enjoy it alone!"  The bed is
bigger than king-sized, canopied, with big fluffy pillows, and a soft down comforter.  You will lay on the
floor, right beside me. I told you that we would be together, so I will have room service deliver my meals
here, and we will talk while eating.  I will feed you."  There was a minute or so of silence, then James
continued.  "We spent very little time together before being married, and you know nothing about me.  I
have a lot to tell you, I am a splendid conversationalist, and you have nothing but time---It should be an
interesting week!"

James soothing voice and moderate manner served to calm Mary.  She knew that she loved him, she had no
choice but to trust him, and it was no secret that she loved bondage.  As a loving husband, and her true
Master, it was up to him to keep her stimulated and challenged.  There was nothing worse than boring
bondage!  In fact, as she listened to him, and contemplated an entire week of stringent confinement, she felt
a warming in her loins!  "I wonder if there is a vibrator in either of my dildoes?" she thought to herself.

James was true to his word.  They spent almost every moment of the week together, including Mary
traveling to several of James' business meetings!  What she didn't know, was that there was another
aluminum case, just like hers, and that one really contained the electronic computer based components that
one of James' companies manufactured.  So it was perfectly normal to wheel the two cases into a meeting,
pop one open, demonstrate the products, replace them in the case, lock it, and leave.  No one ever noticed
that James' had only taken samples from the one case, and they would never have imagined that his bound,
gagged, plugged and naked wife was helplessly restrained inside the other case, only several feet away!
Mary actually found herself becoming aroused at the idea of James saying, "Now here is a new product that
you are really going to like!", then throwing open the lid to her case!  She could imagine the gasps of
surprise when they saw  her large firm breasts, with their red, hard nipples, surrounded by tight black leather
straps digging into her flesh!  The delicious vulnerability of her situation kept her horny all the time!  Back
in the hotel, James would feed and cleanse her, then eat his own dinner.  Mary enjoyed this private time,
when he would tell her of his life, his business, his adventures, and the many things that he had in store for
his bondage wife in the future!  At bedtime he would lay her case beside the bed, and turn up the sound so
that she could hear his breathing.  She was somehow pleased that he didn't snore. How she wished that she
was in bed with him!  Despite her predicament, the week passed surprisingly quickly.  She lost track of the
days, and before she knew it, they were back on the jet heading home.  After all of the lifting, banging,
vibration and motion of travel, she again felt the serenity of being placed upright on a solid floor, helpless
and secure in her tight, dark, silent captivity.


Mary waited for hours.  She waited quietly, of course, but she didn't wait patiently!  She dreamt of nothing,
and thought of nothing other than having James's manhood replace any and all of the three phalluses
wedged in her three pink openings.  Mary wished that he had three penises, so that she could take all three
at once!

Finally Mary felt the faint vibrations of a key in one of the locks on her cabinet.  With the sound to her
earphones turned off, and the box itself on a hard floor, she could neither hear nor feel anyone approach, so
the sound of the key startled her into alertness.  One by one the locks were unfastened, and the clasps
opened.  Fresh air!  For the first time in a week Mary felt cool air on her body.  "God," she thought, "how
precious are the simple pleasures of life!"  The top of the box was carefully opened, and Mary could feel
hands disconnecting the external leads for the earphones, and the breathing and feeding tubes from her
nostrils and the huge gag.  After breathing air which had passed through rubber tubing for so long, the
clean, cool smell of fresh air was better than the best perfume.  She breathed greedily, half afraid that the lid
would again slam shut, and she would again find herself occluded behind damp, confining rubber.  The
hands were, however, surprisingly gentle, and they had no intention of returning her to stringent
confinement.  Mary felt the straps holding her body immobile in the custom sculpted cavity inside the box
fall away one by one.  First her head, then neck, then torso, waist, thighs, knees and ankles were released,
and the hands helped her out of the coffin-like confinement.  Mary collapsed slowly to the floor.  Like an
astronaut who had been weightless for a long period, Mary had been supported by her bondage to the point
that her limbs were too weak to support her weight.  She flopped  helplessly on the floor, still hooded and
gagged, with her wrists still bound at the small of her back.   Mary felt the hands gently but purposefully roll
her onto her stomach.  Slowly the plug up her rear passage was removed.  She felt a relief of inward
pressure, and then with a slow twisting and pulling motion, the huge shaft which had held her sphincter
dilated and aching for so long was pulled free with a wet, slurping sound.  Mary groaned with relief.  She
was rolled onto her back, and eagerly spread her legs to assist with the next chore.  The gentle hands
grasped the even large dildo which was wedged inside her pussy, and with the same slow motion, it was
pulled free.  Again, Mary groaned, then gasped with delight when she heard a voice speak.  It was James!
She could not know whether the hands had been his, or whether he had been assisted by Erika, or one of the
servants.  She didn't really care, as long as her James was here!

Despite the weakness of her long ordeal and her bound arms, Mary twisted onto her side, got her knees
under her body, and with a grunt of effort, heaved herself onto her knees.  She shuffled slowly in the
direction of James's voice, then bent forward, head bowed in the classic, submissive posture of a slavegirl.
Despite being happy to have the two huge dildoes removed from her twin holes, she found herself feeling
rather empty!  "Oh James," she begged silently, "please, oh please fuck me!"

"Well, my Dear," she heard him say, "you have had quite a week!"  She felt him kneel beside her.  His
hands grasped the padlock to the collar which fastened her hood in place.  "You are probably ready for a
nice hot bath, and a good night's sleep in a soft bed."  She felt the key slide into the lock..........
"MMMMMPPHHHHH!" Mary reared up, bucking and whinnying like an unbroken filly.  She twisted away
from James' grip, shaking her head violently from side to side.  "NNNUUHH...HUUUUHHHH!"
James waited until her outburst subsided.  Mary continued to kneel at his feet, but now her chest was
heaving from exertion and her breath rasped noisily from the nose holes of the black helmet.  "You don't
wish a bath?" James asked.  Quieter now, Mary shook her head, "Nuh...Huh."  "You wish to remain
bound?"  She nodded, and resumed her submissive slave posture.  "Would you like to have your gag
removed, so we can speak about it?"  Mary raised up, and cocked her leather encased head to the side, as if
she was thinking.  After a moment of reflection, she nodded.  James reached behind her head, and unlocked,
then unbuckled the strap.  Taking the two ends in one hand, and holding her skull with the other, he twisted
the gag 90 degrees to free her teeth from the slots at the top and bottom of the shaft, then pried the huge
plug from between her lips.  It suddenly popped free, unleashing a gush of saliva which dribbled down
Mary's chin, and onto the floor.  Mary groaned softly.  It was a pleasure to be free of the gag, but also
painful as her jaw muscles cramped after having been forced open for so long.  James waited patiently until
Mary was able to close her mouth.  Her tongue gathered up some of the drool inside her mouth, and used it
to lubricated her parched, stretched lips.  Finally, after several minutes,  she turned her blind, hooded head
in James direction, and tried to speak.  "Maashhtuhhh" she croaked, unintelligibly.  She licked her lips,
stretched her jaw, wiggled her tongue, and tried again.  "Master", she said hesitantly, "I have been
helplessly bound almost continually since we were married, and all that time, I have thought about only one
thing........and it's not a bath." This attempt at humor earned a chuckle from James.  "What have you been
thinking about?" he asked.  "All I want is for you to fuck me!" she answered, "Then I'll truly be your wife,
and I'll know you are really my husband, and you can keep be tied for the rest of my life, if you wish."
"You have been a very good slavegirl, and you have earned your reward," he answered, "but wouldn't you
rather clean up and rest first?  "No!" she exclaimed.  "I want you to put my gag back in my mouth, or a
bigger one if you have one, and tighten it much more tightly.  I want you to tie me so stringently that I can't
wiggle a finger, and then I want you to fuck me silly!  Fuck all my holes.   Fuck me until you cannot fuck
anymore!"  Mary waited for his response.  When it was not immediately forthcoming, she unleashed the last
arrow in her quiver.  "Maybe," she said with a sarcastic tone, "you keep me filled with dildoes because you
can't fuck a woman properly."  She waited a moment.  "Perhaps you don't have anything that a woman
might we interested in?"  James laughed heartily.  "My Dear, be careful what you ask for....because you just
might get it!" James walked away, and Mary heard a cabinet door open.  He returned to her side, and took
her helmeted head in his had.  "Open." he commanded.  "Master, can I say something.....before you gag
me?" she asked.  "What is it?"  "I was a very bad girl to talk to you like I did......I think I should be
whipped."  "I was thinking the same thing." James responded, as he wedged the blunt end of a huge plug
gag between her lips.  He couldn't see it, but in the moment before the gag entered Mary's mouth, she was

"MMMMMMPPPPFFFFHHH!", Mary exclaimed as her teeth were jacked apart by the springy rubber.
The gag pushed inexorably into her mouth until the blunt end reached her soft palate.  Mary fought off a
choking sensation as her teeth slipped into a groove just behind the pad that covered her lower face.  The
gag was so thick that her tongue was pushed to the floor of her mouth, and even with the strap unbuckled
she couldn't open her mouth wide enough to free her teeth from the slots and push the gag out.  James left
the gag unbuckled, and turned his attention to the discipline helmet.  Since he knew that she would be laced
up for a full week, he hadn't fully tightened the lacing.  This was now remedied.  James unbuckled Mary's
collar revealing the knotted end of the laces.  He unfastened the knot, then systematically began tightening
the laces from the crown of her head down the back to her neck.  Once had had made one pass from end to
end, he started back at the top, and re-tightened each set of loops.  After a third time the edges of the helmet
were overlapped, and the laces were nearly touching.  The helmet was like a second skin, but tighter.  There
was no slack or pucker anywhere in the black leather.  Satisfied with his work, James tied off the laces.
Rather than reattach the rather comfortable collar, he went to the closet and selected a leather and steel
horror that was much like a medical orthopedic collar, except more severe, much stiffer, and capable of
being more tightly fastened.  He fixed the collar around Mary's neck, forcing her head up.  Patiently he
adjusted the series of five buckles at the back of her neck.  As each was tightened, Mary was forced to
stretch her neck and bend her head back to accommodate the rigid collar under her chin.  James tightened
each buckle again, and each time he took up a slight bit of slack, Mary felt her head become more rigidly
confined.  When fully satisfied, James turned his attention back to the gag.  Even with the straps hanging
free Mary was completely stifled.  The gag was virtually airtight, and with the plug resting against the back
of her throat, she was forced to gasp for air through snorting nostrils.  James passed the strap through the
buckle behind her head, and tightened the strap three notches before fastening and locking the buckle.  The
head of the gag was wedged more tightly inside her mouth, and the thick, airtight pad mashed her lips
against her teeth.  James picked up a small Allen wrench, and inserted it into a matching socket  protruding
from the center of Mary's gag.  When he turned the wrench internal cams within the rubber gag began to
expand the internal structure of the gag, pushing the pliant rubber external covering in all directions.  Mary
felt the gag begin to swell against the roof of her mouth, and depress her tongue even more firmly.  More
troublesome, however was the intrusion of rubber past her jacked open teeth and filled her cheeks.  James
continued to turn the socket, and Mary's cheeks swelled against the tight leather of the helmet.  When James
finally stopped, Mary looked like a black squirrel, with a big acorn stuffed into each cheek.  "Mmmmmph."
came out of her leather encased head no louder than a soft sigh.  It was the loudest sound she could make!

James took Mary arm, and helped his wife to her feet.  He went behind her back and loosened her wrists
which were crossed at the small of her back, and refastened them together palm to palm with a small leather
strap.  He picked up a single glove made of heavy black leather, and after loosening the laces began to slip
the garment up Mary's arms.  When her hands were firmly shoved into the pocket that the end of the glove,
he drew straps sewn into the upper part of the glove across Mary's shoulders and chest, and buckled them
tightly.  This would keep the glove from sliding down her arms.  Once secure, James began lacing the glove
the same way he had laced the hood—slowly and systematically pulling the edges together from end to end,
then returning to the beginning to do it again.  As the glove became tighter, Mary's forearms came together
until her elbows were touching and her shoulders were drawn cruelly back.  External straps were tightened
over the laces, one at her wrists, elbows and upper arms, then the straps over her shoulders were tightened
again.  With her shoulders drawn back, and head in its forced erect position, Mary's proud posture made her
beautiful breasts surge into magnificent prominence—two firm orbs surmounted by thrusting stiff pink
nipples.  James walked Mary to a different part of the room, and helped her to sit on the floor.  A thick
leather cuff which was heavily padded with soft sheepskin was buckled around each ankle.  She heard a
metallic click as a steel snaplink was attached to a heavy ring sewn into each cuff.  James pushed Mary onto
her back until she was lying uncomfortably on her bound arms, but that concern was only momentary as
Mary felt her legs being drawn upwards and outwards.  She was aware of the sound of the winch as slowly
her legs came off the floor, followed by her butt, then her back and shoulders, and finally, her head.  Mary
hung helplessly upside down as she was pulled higher, until her head was several feet off the ground, and
her feet were spread at least 4 feet apart.  She felt like the wishbone, when someone was making a wish!
With her legs spread so wide, her most feminine parts were helplessly displayed and available, but there
was nothing she could do about that now!  James fastened another snaplink to the heavy ring in the end of
the glove confining her hands.  This link was attached to another cable, and another winch.  When the
handle was cranked Mary's hands were pulled up behind her, drawing her back into a painful backwards
bow, with her arms and legs skyward, and her helmeted head hanging down.  This position only served to
make the magnificent breasts even more prominent!

Locked inside her helmet, Mary could barely hear James, but what he said made her blood run cold.  "I
believe, My Dear, that you requested a whipping."  Mary groaned softly.  "You dumb blond," she thought
to herself, "you deserve to be gagged, because whenever you talk, you always say something that gets you
in worse trouble!"

James picked up a thick, wide leather strap and began to slowly and teasingly warm and redden Mary's
backside.  He started on the left cheek, and the first slash left a 4 inch wide, bright red strip on the white
flesh.  His arm fell again and again, until the marks on her skin overlapped, and the entire firm globe was a
uniform red......and then he did the same thing to the other cheek.  Hanging upside down, Mary jumped and
twisted as the first blows struck, but soon her only reaction was a muffled whimper.  When James finished
her backside, he turned his attention to her lush, white thighs.  Soon they too were crimson from ass to knee,
front and back.  The leisurely beating continued for another hour, with James changing implements every
ten minutes or so......a riding crop which left dark bruises, a many tailed whip with a fiery sting, a heavy
paddle which made a "splat" when it impacted her flesh, and finally, and most painfully, the cane!
If Mary had known when it felt like to be slashed with a stout, but limber cane, she would never, ever, have
begged to be whipped.  James delivered ten cuts, three on each cheek, and two on each thigh.  The first cut
awoke Mary from the stupor one enters from having been gagged and hooded, then beaten to the point of
being numb.  It hurts, there is nothing you can do about it, so your body just "shuts down." as an act of self-
preservation.  There is no tolerating the cane, however!  The body just wants to get away from it!  When the
first stroke fell, the helpless girl gasped in agony, thrashing wildly.  By the 5th stroke she was sobbing.
After there were 10 purple weals on her bottom and thighs she was certain that she would die....and then the
main event began.......
Mary could not believe that a man would whip his beloved's sex!  When the first stinging slap of the strap
impacted the pink spot between her widely splayed legs she gasped with disbelief.  This could not be
happening!  In rapid succession there were nine more hard strokes, and her pussy changed from a soft pink
to a fiery red.  It also became wet, much to her amazement and chagrin!  Before the sting of the last blow
had begun to dissipate, Mary felt another feeling.  It was soft and soothing and altogether wonderful!
James's mouth had found the hot, wet spot between her legs!  Mary moaned with gratitude as the lips and
tongue gently laved and caressed the red, tormented flesh.  It felt so good!  He sucked one pussy lip into his
mouth, and gently chewed on it, then did the other, and Mary almost burst with pleasure.  His tongue found
the erect pleasure bud, and the bound girl whimpered, and ground her hips into his face.  The pleasure was

Then he whipped her pussy again!  Ten more strokes, harder this time.  When he was finished, he again
gently sucked and kissed the hot, sensitive flesh.  Then, another whipping!  This time he alternated between
the strap between her legs, and a small thin whip which left red stripes on her breasts, and hurt her terribly
when it cut across her stiff, sensitive nipples.  When he had all of Mary's sensitive places on fire, his lips
again sought out the slit between her legs and his fingers pinched the abused nipples.  Mary could no longer
resist the fusion of pain and pleasure.  As his lips found the red nubbin of her clitoris, and his fingers
twisted the two thrusting nipples, Mary crashed into orgasm.  All the feelings and longings from the week of
helpless, motionless captivity erupted from the core of her being.  It lasted for several minutes, and James
kept his lips, tongue and fingers at work until she began to subside.  He then left her hanging, her chest
heaving and her breathing a wet, labored effort.

Sometime later, after Mary had quieted down, James returned.  He looked at his wife, hanging lifelessly in
her bonds.  He was sure that her shoulders ached from being in the tight confines of the glove, and he knew
that the immense gag was wedged uncomfortably in her throat, and that it was a continuing struggle to
breath.  He put his hand on her pussy, and nodded, contented that the flesh was still wet and warm an hour
after her last orgasm.  Now, he decided, it was his turn to have pleasure.  If she found pleasure also...so
much the better!

James released the winch holding Mary's arms aloft behind her, and allowed her back to un-arch.  She
moaned happily at the relief of stress.  James then lowered the other winch, and Mary felt her legs come
together, and her entire body began to melt into the floor.  James guided her leather encased head down,
then her shoulders, back, butt and legs.  Mary lay quietly, arms still bound in the single glove, but legs free.
He grasped her by the arm, and pulled her upright until she stood in front of him.  He lead his wife to
another part of the room, and loudly commanded her to spread her legs.  James voice sounded muffled
inside the helmet, but Mary could understand what he was saying, and complied.  She felt him lock the
ankle cuff on her right leg in a spread position, and then the same with her left.  He put his hand in the
center of her back, and gave her a push forward, encouraging her to bend at the waist.  She did, and found a
hard wooden plank crossing her abdomen just above her hip bones.  James attached a link to the ring on the
front of her posture collar, and pulled her head down another further, until he was able to snap the end of a
short chain between the collar and a ringbolt on the floor.  Mary was left standing in a severely bent over
position, with her head held down and her legs held spread apart.  He attached another link to the end of her
single glove, and pulled her arms up toward the ceiling.  When they were perpendicular to the ground, and
under suitable tension, he snapped the chain into a ringbolt above her.  Finally, he bent in front of his wife,
and teased her two nipples into urgent, throbbing erection.  Once they were stiff, Mary gasped in pain as he
clipped a biting clamp on first one, then the other nipple.  The clamps were linked by a short chain, and
James tied a cord at the center of the chain, and then looped the other end through the ringbolt on the floor.
He tensioned the cord, until Mary's breasts began to stretch painfully, and the clamps bit more securely into
her tender flesh.  As he knelt in front of her, he put his lips beside her ear, and spoke softly, but loudly
enough for Mary to hear him, despite the leather helmet.  "As you requested, My Love..... no dildoes.  Just
my flesh and yours."  He caressed her leather covered head.  " I believe you said, "Fuck me until you can't
fuck anymore?" " he asked.  He laughed softly, then stood.  Walking around his helpless, bent over wife, he
reached out to caress her tight cheeks and inviting pink openings.  His finger caressed her asshole, then
probed gently.  Despite having been cleaved by the dildo for a week, the opening was nice and tight.  His
hand drifted downward, parting the lips.  He frowned slightly...."Wet," he said quietly, "but not wet
enough."  Mary barely had time to evaluate the implications of this statement when her backside erupted in
fire.  "Oh no, not again!" she groaned to herself.  In less than a minute James administered 30 hard blows
with the strap.  Instantly Mary's bottom turned red, and began to swell.  James took up the whip, and gave
his wife another thirty stinging blows.  Mary whimpered and a muffled cry escaped her gagged lips as the
fiery sting of the whip was replaced by the deep, searing pain of the cane.  Ten quick, agonizing cuts, then
almost instantaneously he plunged his throbbing tool deeply into her now sopping love nest.  Mary
screamed at the exquisite feeling, writhing in her bondage.  Her wiggling served to tug on the cord and
chain holding her nipple clamps under tension.  The pain of her ravaged nipples, together with her scorched
bottom and the wonderful warm shaft wedged inside her pussy was too much for her, and within moments
she was having yet another deep orgasm.  James smiled, holding his wife at the hips, and pumping heavily.
James played her like a fine violin, speeding up to build her passion, then slowing down to prolong his
pleasure and deny hers.  He allowed her to build to another climax, and timed his release to hers, so that his
spewed his seed inside her just as she was going over the edge.  Finally, they were joined as man and wife.
James stayed inside her as he grew soft, and Mary whimpered when he withdrew.

Sometime later, after James had enjoyed a glass of a fine Cognac, and Mary had endured the enforced
boredom of stringent, solitary bondage, he returned.  Again, Mary felt his hand caress and probe the areas
of his most immediate interest.  Her pussy was still warm and wet, but that was not James' concern at the
moment.  Mary shivered as she felt something cold and slippery being deposited along the crack in her ass,
then clenched involuntarily as two fingers spread and lubricated her tight, pink opening.  "Relax." he told
her in a tone of voice somewhere between a command and a suggestion.  She did relax, and while his
member was very nice, it was smaller than some of the rubber shafts that had invaded her anal passage
recently, and she found his insertion to be pleasant and pain free.  Once buried to the hilt James began a
slow, rhythmic pumping.  Mary tried to assist, but her bonds were too tight to allow anything other than a
feeble wiggle.  She stayed bend in an enforced passive state, and enjoyed the feeling of a warm, throbbing,
loving presence up her channel.  James was able to reach a hand around to the front, and gently massage the
stiff clit while he continued to pump from behind.  It took her longer to reach arousal this time, but that was
fine with him, since he was in less of a hurry the second time around.  After a pleasurable passage of time,
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards again found bliss in mutual orgasms.  Again he withdrew, leaving his wife to her
bondage and her thoughts.

Four more times he returned, alternating orifices each time, and each time he spewed his seed deeply into
her body.  After the last time, he stayed away for quite some time.  Mary stood forlornly bend over in
discomfort, the evidence of their coupling oozing slickly down her thighs, and waited.  Her arms were
beginning to go numb, and the hood and gag had rendered her head a throbbing mass of pain.  "How much
more can he do?" she wondered.  At about that time she heard him reenter the room.  His hands roamed her
helpless body, feeling the tension in her legs, the stress in her wracked shoulders, and her face beneath the
skintight hood.  His hand wondered between her legs, and gently he began to rub her slippery, wet pussy.
To her surprise the clit came erect almost immediately, and a flush of warmth and pleasure suffused her
loins.  She felt him enter her again, his manhood still rigid and insistent as it plundered her soft passage.  He
fucked her slowly and steadily......and on....and on.  "Now I know what it means to be  "fucked silly"
she thought to herself after he was finished and gone, "because I am one well fucked little girl!"
She stood in her bondage for another hour.  Then, to her surprise it was not James who released her, but
Felice, the maid.  Mary could not have known that James, sated and slightly drunk, was already asleep by
the time she was released!

 The best part of being free was having the discipline helmet removed after a week.  Mary looked at herself
in the mirror.  Her hair was a damp, tangled mess and her skin was pale and creased by the pressure of the
hood.  Her jaw ached, and there were deep red gouges at the corners of her mouth where the gag strap has
dug deeply into her flesh.  Then she looked herself in the eye, and saw the happy, shining eyes of a woman
in love.  She smiled at her image, then climbed into bed.  Her sleep was filled with dreams.

Mary awoke slowly, as if her mind was ready to go, but her body still wanted to rest.  Groggily, she took
inventory.  Her jaw was stiff, but did not hurt too badly.  She surmised that she had been gagged so much,
that her jaws were beginning to get used to being pried open, and no longer got so sore.  Likewise, her body
was only a little bit stiff, despite having been restraining into total immobility in the box, and then bound in
a muscle straining, bent over position the prior night.

Between her legs was another matter!  Mary slid her hand under the covers in a gentle exploration of the
two holes that had been so well serviced the night before.  Her pussy felt swollen, and the flesh was tender
to the touch, but Mary smiled contentedly as recalled the mind blowing delight caused by the seemingly
endless friction of hot flesh.  Her rear passage also felt tender, and the muscles ached from the unceasing
clenching and unclenching.  Her only other bothers the pressure of a full bladder, and the fact that she
smelled like a polecat from not having bathed in over a week!

She drew herself a scaldingly hot bath, and soaked away the remaining aches and pains, as well as the
mixture of love juices which were crusted around her groin.  After soaking, washing her hair, and cleaning
herself thoroughly, she toweled off and donned a pretty silk robe which was hanging on the door.  It fit her
perfectly, and she assumed it was for her.  The vanity had all of the accessories and toiletries that a woman
could want and they were all her brand.  She blew her hair dry, did her nails, applied a little makeup, and
was ready to face the day—no matter what it might hold!

With little else to do, she explored the bedroom.  There was neither a TV nor stereo in the room, and the
closets were all empty.  She looked in the dresser, but each of the drawers were also empty.  With a sigh,
she went to the window, and pulled back the curtain.  Light came through the window, but it was covered in
an opaque covering, so that she could not see out.  "Am I a prisoner in my own house?" she asked herself.
She went to the bedroom door, but before she even tried to turn the knob she knew in her heart that the door
was locked—from the outside.  She turned, and flopped down on the bed in frustration.  Maybe, she
thought, there might be a book in the bedside chest.  She turned on the lamp, and opened the top drawer.
Nothing.  She opened the bottom drawer, expecting nothing, but was surprised.  She reached into the
drawer, and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, then a second pair, a blindfold and a ballgag.  She inspected the
items, and found them to be well used.  The gag showed teeth marks, where some unfortunate former user
had bitten down on the resilient sphere.  The blindfold was soft and pliant like and old shoe, and had a
distinctly feminine, musky smell.  Sweat and perfume, Mary guessed.  Was this an oversight, or where they
left her for me? Mary wondered.  She picked up a pair of the handcuffs.  They were heavy, and very
functional and utilitarian.  Not shiny chrome, but rather dull gunmetal gray.  Their purpose was not to
enhance a female's beauty, but rather to keep her securely restrained and nothing more!

She put the cuffs down.  Stood, walked around the room, tried the door again to convince herself that she
was really locked in the room, and returned to the bed.  With a bored sigh, she flopped down and fluffed up
the pillow, then put her head down.  She tried to clear her mind, and drift off to sleep, but their was
something nagging at her.  She wondered about the girl who had bit into the gag.  A girl who was probably
beautiful.  Once prettily coifed and sweet-smelling, but soon reduced to a sweaty, helpless bound and
gagged female tidbit for her Master's appetite.  Mary wanted to be that girl, for ever and ever----always
bound and helplessly available for whenever he wanted her.

Mary picked up one set of cuffs, and clicked them around her ankles until they were uncomfortably, then
painfully, tight.  She licked her lips, then opened her mouth to accept the ball.  It was large, but not as large
as some she had worn, but Mary pulled it very tight, so that the ball was deep, and the straps cut into the
corners of her mouth.  Mary picked up the blindfold, placing it over her eyes, and buckling it behind her
head.  She could see a little light around the edge, so she adjusted the fit, and tightened the strap one more
notch.  Perfect!  She picked up the other set of cuffs, and was about to capture one wrist when the image of
that other captive girl popped into her mind---a girl in simple, but effective bondage....two handcuffs, a
blindfold, and a ballgag.  Mary knew that she could do better than that!  She put down the handcuffs, and
reached to unfasten the blindfold.  She left the gag in place, loving the way her lips looked stretched, red
and glistening, around the rubber ball.  She thought about the room.  There was not much here, but

Mary stood up, and immediately wished that she had not cuffed her ankles!  She had made the cuffs
painfully tight with her legs relaxed, and when she stood, the muscles and tendons in her ankles expanded!
"SSSHHHIIIITTTT!" she exclaimed in surprise through her gag.  It hurt!  She sat down immediately, and
thought seriously about abandoning her idea, but was determined to go on.  Now knowing what to expect,
she stood and hopped back into the bathroom.  She looked around, evaluating even the most innocent
objects with a purposeful  intent.  A washcloth.  Hair clips.  A nail clipper.  Anything else useful? No.  She
hopped back into the bedroom.  The sash off her robe.  The pillowcase off the bed.  "Now, if there was only
some rope or cord......." she thought.  All the drawers were empty.  Her eyes roamed the room.......the
window!  There were drapes on the window that opened and closed with.....a pull cord!  Mary hopped over
to the window.  It was tall, and had a curtain rod with  long cords which hung down with heavy, ornate balls
on the ends.  The problem was, the cord was one continuous length, and it passed through the pulley much
higher than she could reach.  Mary was tugging at each end experimentally to see if she could slip it free
when she pulled a little too hard, and the entire rod and curtain pulled out of the wall, and came tumbling
down on top of her.  Mary cursed through her gag.  "I wonder what punishment I will get for that?" she
wondered.  On the positive side, now it was easy to free the cord from the rod.  When free, it gave her a 15-
17 foot length of very strong, thin cord.  Mary hopped back to the bed, and looked at her little pile of stuff.
"I really need a couple of lengths of cord." she thought to herself.  "Well, I've ruined the curtain rod
anyway."  She took the nail clipper, and cut the cord into four lengths, one about a foot long, one 2 feet, one
3 feet, and the remaining 10 feet, or so.  She took the shortest cord and picked up the loose set of handcuffs.
Bending over, she made a loop around the link between her ankles, then through  the link of the second set
of  cuffs, then around each again, and finally tied several secure knots.  The open set of cuffs hung loose,
several inches from her cuffed ankles.  She took the 3 foot length of cord, doubled it over and looped it
around her legs just above the knees.  She fed the two ends through the loop, and pulled it tight.  The
remaining unused cord was short, but long enough to form a cinch between her knees, pulling the cord
around her legs even tighter.  Again, she tied a secure knot.  Next Mary stood up, and picked up the longest
cord.  She doubled over the cord, looped it around her waist, and fed the loose ends through the closed
loop.  Sucking in her tummy to make her waist as small as possible, she pulled the cord tight until it almost
disappeared into her soft flesh.  The loop was right under her navel, and she fed the long ends down
between her legs, up through the cleft between her ass cheeks, and around the waist cord, then back between
her legs.  She reached down and spread her pussy lips, allowing the cord to burrow deeply into her pink
flesh, then pulled the loose end tight in front of her, and tied a knot.  The cord between her legs was well
within her, and pressed firmly against the swelling bud.  Mary nodded approvingly at what she had done,
and sat back on the bed.  She had not been happy that the ballgag was not large enough to fill her mouth to
bursting, and now she planned to remedy that problem.  She took the washcloth, and began to stuff her oral
cavity, taking care to push her tongue against the floor of her mouth, and fill her cheeks and the pockets
around her gums full of cloth.  She pushed the packing as far back into her mouth as she could, then opened
her mouth even wider, and crammed the ball in on top of the packing.  Obviously it could not seat itself as
deeply in her mouth as before, but the washcloth became damp with her saliva, and compacted to the point
that the ball was able to fit firmly between her teeth.  Mary slipped the strap through the buckle, and pulled
it very tight.  When she attempted to fit the pin in the buckle through one of the holes, she found that she
was right in the center of the strap between holes.  Faced with either loosening the strap a little, or making it
even tighter, she opened her mouth wider and  pushed the ball with one hand while tugging on the strap with
the other.  "There!" she thought as the pin found the tighter hole.  Almost ready now, Mary made sure that
she could find the pillowcase and remaining cord, then replaced the blindfold, and buckled it tightly.  She
then took the pillowcase, and pulled it over her head.  She gathered all of the slack and loose folds, then tied
the pillowcase down so that it conformed to her head with a cord tied around her neck.  Finally she
shrugged the rest of the pillowcase down her torso until it was almost to her waist, and her arms were
trapped against her sides.  Lying down on her stomach, she brought her hands together behind her back, and
bend her knees until her feet came behind her.  She was able to grasp the loose cuffs with her hands, and
with difficulty placed a wrist in one cuff, clicked it shut, then captured and locked the other wrist.  Once
secure, she alternated tightening one cuff, and then the other.  This activity was more strenuous than one
might guess, and Mary found herself breathless.  The gag was pretty much airtight, and her breath puckered
the cotton pillowcase covering her face as it whistled in and out of her nostrils, and very shortly the front of
the pillowcase became wet under her nose.  Mary rolled onto her side, and took a long, deep breath,
releasing it slowly.  She was very pleased with herself.  She was quite a nice package for her beloved
husband!  She was already impatient for him to discover his helpless, tightly bound wife.  She hoped that he
would release only her legs, then give her a second dose of what he gave her last night.  She writhed in her
bonds, and the tight cord biting into her pussy began to do its job.......

Sometime later, when Mary was really hot and bothered, she heard the door open.  She stayed still, listening
to footsteps softly padding across the rug.  A hand touched her head confined in its makeshift discipline
hood.  It coursed down her face, stopping briefly at the wetness, then feeling the tightness of the gag across
her lips.  The hand drifted down her neck, and across the swell of her breasts, before gently tweaking her
erect left nipple.  It felt good, but the hand was gentle, not demanding.  It was not James' hand, and Mary
moaned softly in disappointment.  "Where is my husband?" she thought unhappily.  The hand continued the
pleasant fondling for another minute or so, then Mary heard the footsteps recede, and the door open and
close.  She sighed, and resumed her impatient wait.

Several minutes later Mary heard the door open and close again, footsteps, and a hand again fondled her
breasts and resumed the pleasant pinching and twisting of her left nipple.  Mary assumed from the feel that
it was the same hand as before, and she sensed intuitively that the hand belonged to a woman.
Leaving her breast, the hand rolled Mary back onto her stomach.  She squealed through her gag when she
felt each of the cuffs on her wrists and ankles tightened a notch.  The unseen hands momentarily loosened
the cord between Mary's cuffed wrists and ankles, but quickly took up the small amount of slack that Mary
had to leave in order to hog-tie herself, and retied the knots.  Mary whimpered in discomfort from both the
cuffs the hog-tie being considerably tighter, then yelped and thrashed impotently as she felt a cord being
looped around her elbows.  There was nothing she could do to prevent it, however, and quickly her elbows
were tied and cinched with cords cutting deeply into the her soft flesh.  The hands of her unknown captor
grew more confident and aggressive.  Mary found herself rolled back onto her tightly bound arms, and she
felt sharp pinches in her helplessly erect nipples.  The pink buds could not resist the erotic touching, and
soon became throbbing red, rock hard nubbins of sensitive flesh, begging for attention.  A hand left Mary's
left nipple, and burrowed into the wet area between her bound thighs.  The biting cord was pulled aside, and
the fingers ardently stroked the pink lips and swollen clitoris.  Mary's nipple did not long for attention
however, as a pair of lips grasped the pink bud, and a tongue whiplashed the swollen flesh.  Mary
whimpered happily as the familiar, wonderful fire began to burn within her.  She twisted in her bonds,
trying to spread her legs for the probing fingers, but her bonds held her tight.  The hands didn't try to loosen
her legs, but rather the fingers of one hand continued to wedge urgently into the core of her femininity,
while the other hand twisted and pulled at her throbbing right nipple.  Mary could feel the climax coming,
and she moaned excitedly through her gag.  Her chest heaved, and her breath snorted noisily like a hyper-
kinetic steam engine.  The hands and lips seemed to sense her impending explosion, and eagerly redoubled
their efforts.  Mary was suddenly over the edge, and spent several minutes in the throes of a violent,
ongoing orgasm.  As Mary began to regain her senses, she felt the fingers withdraw, and the lips release her
still erect nipple.  She heard a soft, feminine giggle, then footsteps, then the sound of the door.  Her visitor,
whoever it was, was gone, without a word being spoken.  "Well," Mary thought to herself, "that was a
certainly a pleasant way to pass the time while I wait."  Then she remembered that the cuffs had been
tightened, the hog-tie made more secure, and a digging elbow cord added to her bondage.  Her remaining
wait, however long it might be, was going to be that much more uncomfortable!


Several hours passed, and Mary lay quietly.  The cuffs were digging into her wrists, and especially her
ankles, and the washcloth stuffed in her mouth was a soggy, stifling, mess.  Once her drool had saturated the
washcloth, it had started to seep out around the ballgag, and now the front of the pillowcase covering
Mary's head was wet from her nose down to her chin, and around to each ear.

Mary heard the door open, and twisted to turn her blind eyes in that direction.  "Could that be James?" she

"Well, well," Mary heard a female voice say, " I give you a chance to rest, and I find you in a tight little
package."  It was Erika.  Mary's heart sank.  Where was James?  Erika laughed at her own humor, then
cursed softly when she realized that the key to Mary's cuffs was not in evidence.  "I'll be right back," Erika
said, "don't go away."  Mary just sighed, and waited helplessly.

Erika returned several minutes later, and rather than tease, torment or otherwise take advantage of Mary's
helplessness, she began to untie her.  Mary moaned with relief as the cord binding her elbows together was
untied, then lay quietly while the hog-tie was loosened.  Erika unlocked Mary's ankles and wrists, then
helped the girl stand.  She used a small pocket knife to cut the cord that bisected Mary' sex, and peeled it
from the red groove that it had cut in the soft flesh.  She also cut the cord around Mary's waist, and the one
circling her neck.  Mary stood passively while Erika pulled the damp pillowcase off of the blond head.
Mary sighed softly at the pleasant feel of the cool, fresh air.  Erika next unbuckled Mary's blindfold, and the
bound girl blinked at the unaccustomed light.  Finally Erika unbuckled the tight gag, and pulled the wet ball
from between Mary's lips.  "You finish it." commanded Erika.  Mary fluttered her fingers to help them
regain their feeling, then reached a thumb and forefinger into her mouth to remove the soggy, tightly packed
washcloth.  She grimaced as she had to open her jaws wide to expel it from her mouth, then dropped the it
on the bed.

"Who tied you up?" asked Erika.  "I......I tied myself," responded Mary.  "I wanted to surprise James."
"You would have had a long wait," chuckled Erika.  "James left this morning on business, and won't be
back for several days.  You are all mine."  Mary couldn't keep the disappointment off her face, but she
answered "Yes, Mistress. Thank you."  Erika frowned, puzzled by something.  "You're lying to me, Mary.
You could never have tied your elbows together like that."  Now it was Mary's turn to be puzzled.  "You
mean that you didn't come in several hours ago and tie my hog-tie tighter, and do my elbows?" she asked.
"No," answered Erika, "I haven't been in the room since last night."  "Well, after I awoke and took a bath I
found the cuffs, gag and blindfold, and decided to tie myself." explained Mary.  "Someone added to my
bondage a couple of hours ago.  I knew it was a female, so I assumed it was you."  "Not me." responded
Erika, "It must have been one of the maids, having a little fun."  Erika took Mary by the arm, to lead her out
of the room.  "I can find out who it was, if you want her punished."  "No......" answered Mary.  "No harm
was done, and if  I make myself helpless, I guess I deserve it if someone takes advantage."

Erika lead the naked girl down the hall, and they entered one of the many rooms in this wing of the house.
It was yet another bedroom, with a large dressing room and bath attached.  "James and I talked," Erika
explained, "and we decided that you had done about enough laying around since you got here."  "Laying
around?!" exclaimed Mary.  "I have been bound and gagged almost every waking minute since we arrived!"
"That's no excuse." responded Erika.  "It's time we got a little work out of you."  "What kind of work?"
Mary queried."   "You'll see, my Dear....you'll see!"  Erika pointed Mary to some clothing laid out on the
bed.  "Get dressed," ordered Erika, "and I don't want to see any looseness in that corset."  Mary sighed in
resignation, and began to investigate the various garments.  The corset was made of a very functional
canvas-like material, and was heavily stayed and very stern.  It was totally devoid of satin, lace or other
frills.  The other clothing was also functional—a heavy, gray cotton maid's uniform, with a simple white
cotton apron, a garter belt, a pair of thick, white stockings, and serviceable black pumps with a three inch
heel.  There was a black hair band so Mary could put her hair in a ponytail, and a small white cap for her
hair.  Other than the corset, there was no underwear.  Somehow, Mary was not surprised at this fact.  She
sighed, taking the corset, and placing it around her waist.  The busk had 5 fasteners, and Mary found that
she had to make the laces as slack as possible, and suck in her tummy to get the busk fastened.  It was quite
tight even unlaced, and as Mary began working the laces closed, the steel stays began to do their work.
Mary gasped as the back of the corset almost came together.  She pulled and pulled, but still could not close
the opening.  Finally she looped the free ends of the laces around a doorknob, then turned her back and
pulled away like she was a dray animal pulling a plow.  All her body weight came to bear on the open
corset, and slowly but surely the gap closed.  Quickly, keeping the laces taut at the small of her back, she
un-hooded the ends from the doorknob, looped them around her waist, pulled them tighter still, and tied a
knot.  Mary had not been tightly corseted in several days, and the strain on her torso was difficult, but she
knew that she would soon get used to it.  She next fastened the garter belt around her hips, and sat on the
edge of the bed to put on her stockings.  Once the stockings were smooth, and attached to the garters, she
stood, and looked at the dress.  Many maid's dresses are designed to be sexy, with short skirts, lacy aprons,
and frilly petticoats underneath.  Not this one, however.  It was even less flattering than the outfits James'
household staff wore.  "No," Mary thought as she buttoned the bodice over her naked breasts, "this thing is
made for work!"  Erika returned just as Mary was stepping into her shoes.  The blond stood for inspection.
"Very good!" she complimented.  "I don't have to check the corset, now do I?"  "No, Mistress." answered
Mary, honestly.  "The corset is as tight as it will fasten, just as you ordered."  "Good.  Now lets finish your
outfit, then we can get you to work."  Mary had not noticed the small bag that Erika had brought, but she
gasped in dismay when she saw what was inside!  With an evil grin, Erika withdrew a black leather belt and
saddle strap, with two of the biggest dildoes attached that Mary had ever seen!  "Spread your legs, and pull
up your skirt" Erika commanded as she slathered each shaft with copious amounts of lubricating jelly.
Reluctantly, Mary obeyed.  Erika didn't waste any time.  She spread Mary's lips, rubbed the tip of the shaft
around to spread the lubricant, then pushed it firmly into Mary's sheath.  The blond captive whimpered as
she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the invader.  When it was fully inside her, Erika's attention turned
to the other hole, which also received a glob of lubricant followed by a most unwelcome penetration.  Mary
could not help but cry out, as the size of the dildo, and the force at which it was rammed into her tender
passage, brought tears to her eyes.  Erika buckled the belt around Mary's waist, then clipped one end of the
loose saddle strap in back.  There was another clip in front, which attached to a mate on the front of Mary's
belt.  Unfortunately, the saddle strap was about an inch too short.  Erika shrugged her shoulders, then
tugged on the end of the strap hard enough to bring Mary up onto her toes.  Each dildo wedged even further
inside Mary, but with a final tug, Erika was able to fasten the front clasp. "There!" she said with
satisfaction, "That should give you a nice, full feeling for the rest of the day!"  "Oh no, Mistress, they are
too big, and its much too tight!  It's cutting me in two!" begged Mary.  "Nonsense, girl," dismissed Erika,
"Just dream, that it is James wedged inside you."  Mary sighed in resignation to her fate, and let her skirt
drop, covering the leather chastity device.  Erika reached inside her bag, and took out the next instrument of
Mary's restraint amidst much clinking and clattering.  Mary's eyes grew wide when she saw the weight and
severity of her bonds.  Erika untangled what proved to be an interconnected network of cuffs, collar and
chains.  A heavy steel collar was fastened around Mary's neck, and padlocked in place.  A chain lead down
from her neck to a steel belt.  Mary now understood the necessity of the corset, because the belt was snug
even around her corsetted waist.  In fact, Erika had to pull the two ends together before she was able to affix
the lock.  A short chain came out of the front of the belt, and split into two chains with metal wrist cuffs on
each end.  When Mary's wrists were locked the chains were long enough to allow her to move and work,
but short enough to restrict movement.  Another chain from the belt went down between her ankles, and as
with her wrists, the chain split into two chains with ankle cuffs.  This chain was indeed short, and Mary was
able to walk only with small, mincing steps.  She wasn't going anywhere.  Erika reached once more into the
bag, and Mary groaned softly when she saw the gag come into view.  "Since you have big dongs in your
other holes, you might as well have one in your mouth!" smirked Erika.  It was a replica of a make penis,
complete with the thick, mushroom shaped cap and veins along the side.  It was thicker than the average
male member, and Mary had to spread her lips wide to accommodate its girth.  It was also long enough that
the end of the gag bumped the back of her throat, and she coughed and sputtered as Erika rammed it home,
and buckled and locked the strap.  "Poor Baby!" chuckled Erika sarcastically, "Are you choking?"  Mary
nodded miserably, trying to accommodate the awful gag.  It made her eyes water and her nose run.  Erika
made noises of mock concern, "There, there now," using  a handkerchief to wipe the tears from Mary's
cheeks. "Blow." she commanded, holding the handkerchief to Mary's nose, as the bound girl complied.
"Better?" she asked.  Mary nodded, her eyes still glistening with tears.  "Good," answered Erika,  "You
better get used to it, because you're going to be gagged for a long time."  With that she padlocked another
longer chain to Mary's collar, and lead her away.  Mary whined in alarm, because Erika was walking faster
than she could keep up with ankles chained so closely together.  Erika just laughed.  Shortly the two women
were in the large portico of the mansion.  Mary saw a bucket, a brush, a mop, and a large expanse of floor in
front of her!  Erika took the free end of the long chain, and locked it to a ring on the wall.  The chain was
about 30 feet long, enough for Mary to be able to reach the entire floor, but secure enough to keep her from
wondering off.  "I want this floor to shine," she instructed, "and if it doesn't there will be hell to pay!"
Erika grasped Mary chain just under the collar, and gently shook her slave's head.  "Do we understand one
another?" she asked.  Mary looked into those beautiful, dominant eyes for a moment, then dropped her head
submissively and murmured, "Unnnnn Huhhhh." through her gag.  "Good." responded Erika.  "I'll check on
you this afternoon."  With that she turned on her heel, and left.

Mary sighed.  Amazingly, her body had somehow gotten used to the huge plugs inside her abdomen, but she
strap between her legs was annoying, the corset was tight, and the gag still made her choke and her eyes
tear.  She moved her hands exploringly, and found that she had enough slack to scrub and mop.  With a soft
moan she picked up the bucket and brush, and dropped to her knees.  The floor in front of her looked

Several hours later Mary had finished half the floor, and she thought it looked pretty good.  The floor had
been grimy, and after the first 15 minutes Mary's bucket of water had become dirty.  She wondered what to
do, since she was chained securely in the room, and there was no sink to pour out the dirty water, and
replace it with clean.  She certainly couldn't continue to use the dirty water, or the floor wouldn't get clean.
If she sat all day looking at the dirty floor and bucket, she would catch hell from Erika, and that wouldn't do
either!  Her rescue came in the form of a slim teenage girl.  Mary had never seen her before, but she was
obviously on the household staff, since she was wearing a maid's uniform only slightly less drab than
Mary's.  The girl was shy, but very pretty, with long dark hair and eyes, and a beautiful olive completion.
Mary supposed that she was Latin, or possibly Middle Eastern.  The girl entered the room without a sound.
She was carrying a bucket of clean water, which with a timid smile she placed beside the kneeling Mary.
She picked up the dirty bucket, smiled again, and disappeared.  Fifteen minutes later she was back again to
change the buckets, and then ever fifteen minutes for the rest of the afternoon.  Each time she smiled,
obviously perplexed.  She seemed to know that this was the wife of Master James, and therefore, the
Mistress of the household.  Why was she chained, gagged, on her knees scrubbing floors?
Mary was wondering the same thing!  Prior to marriage Mary had certainly done all her own domestic
chores, and she had not really contemplated that James's extreme wealth would normally have relieved her
of such duties.  She didn't mind scrubbing floors, but not while chained, and not wearing a maid's uniform!

The afternoon wore on, and as the sun was beginning to set Mary finally finished the floor.  Her little friend
the dark complexioned maid cleared away the bucket, brush and mop.  The girl smiled at her Mistress,
curtseyed, and was gone.  Mary continued to kneel on the hard floor, waiting for Erika's inspection.  The
dark haired Dominatrix returned in a few minutes.  She had a smirk on her face, and made a great show of
studying the shine of the floor and  rubbing a finger in the corner looking for dirt before she announced her
satisfaction with the job Mary had done!  Mary muttered to herself, but waited patiently.  She was in no
position to pick a fight, despite being the wife of the owner of the estate, and thus, an owner herself!

"Stand." Erika commanded, and gratefully, Mary clambered to her feet.  The floor had been hard on her
knees, and they, like most of the rest of her body, ached for relief.  Erika unlocked Mary's tether chain from
the ring in the wall, and handed her a small ring of keys.  "These are the keys to your locks." she explained.
"Go back to the bedroom, free yourself, bathe, and put on a robe."  Mary nodded her understanding.  "Then
come down to the living room, where we can have a drink, and talk about a few things."  Mary nodded
again.  "Get going." Erika commanded.

Mary gathered up the long tether chain, and started off for her bedroom.  After climbing the stairs, she was
surprised to see the little dark maid dusting in the hallway.  Even though Mary was still chained and gagged,
and wearing a dirty maid's uniform, the two were not equals.  The girl stopped, smiled, and curtseyed to her
Mistress.  Mary nodded.  She wanted to return the smile, but the gag distorted her mouth too much.  Mary
started to walk past, then stopped.  She remembered that she had the keys!  She reached for the locked
buckle at the back of her neck, but her hand snubbed up several inches short.  Mary shrugged silently, and
handed the ring of keys to the girl, and turned her back.  Tentatively the maid tried one of the keys in the
lock.  It didn't work.  Three more keys were also unsuccessful until finally the lock opened.  The girl put the
lock on the table, and undid the buckle.  It was so tight that it required a hard tug, but finally it came free
and the buckle opened.  Mary's chains were long enough so that if she bowed her head a little, she could
reach the gag.  With a soft moan of relief she pulled the huge penis from between her lips.  It came out of
her mouth accompanied by a torrent of saliva which drooled down her chin and onto the front of her gray
bodice.  Mary licked her lips, and smiled at the young girl.  "Thank you for your help today."  The girl
blushed, and bowed her head.  "It is not right!" she whispered indignantly.  "The wife of the Master should
not be scrubbing floors.......and she should not be chained and gagged..........unless the Master himself has
chained and gagged her!"  "How sweet." said Mary.  "What is your name?"  "Maria" responded the girl.
"Well Maria, thanks for your help today."  Mary leaned over and kissed the girl on the cheek.  "I appreciate
your concern," she said sincerely, "but I've never been happier."  Mary smiled again, still chained, and
shuffled off toward her room.  The maid Maria stood watching with shining eyes as her Mistress walk away.
Later, the two women had finished drinks and dinner, and had "formalized" the relationship between them.

 When James was in residence, Erika would stay in the background unless James asked for her participation.
Whether Mary was free or in bondage was totally in James' hands.  When James was out of town, Mary
would submit to Erika's authority, but half the time the women would function as rough equals, and friends.
They would shop, do lunch, play tennis, entertain, whatever.  The rest of the time Mary would spend in
bondage, ranging from mild to severe, at Erika's discretion.  This could range from simple handcuffs, to
secure restraint while doing domestic chores, to prolonged, stringent bondage.  Of course these
arrangements carried over to the bedroom.  When James was away, Mary and Erika might sleep in each
others arms as lovers, or Mary would find herself bound in bed, servicing her Mistress.  Worse yet, Mary
would often be bound into painful, silent immobility on the floor at the foot of the bed, or even in the closet,
with nothing to do but listen to the quiet breathing or her Mistress sleeping comfortably on the soft bed.

When James was in town, the bondage was even more stringent, the ordeals much longer, and as for the

It was a wonderful life for Mary, and time passed happily for many months............


Mary lay naked in a chaise lounge by the pool in all of her full breasted, golden tanned glory.  There was no
reason not to sunbathe in the nude, because the estate was large, and the pool was secluded, and sheltered
by hedges.  James was out of town on business, and this was Mary's "day off" so she was free to do as she
wished.  Erika wanted to go shopping, but Mary had preferred to relax, and stayed behind.  The day was
beautiful, and the servants were instantly available to bring her a cold drink, or anything else she wished.

Mary found it interesting that despite the fact that she spent endless time helplessly and painfully bound and
gagged, much of it performing domestic chores along side the servants, that she was still the Mistress of the
house in their eyes.  On her free days they treated her with the utmost courtesy, deference and respect,
without a hint of condescension or disapproval.  As she relaxed, Mary mused that this was probably because
the entire scheme of things around the house was sanctioned by James.  In the servant's eyes, he was God,
and anything that he condoned they supported without question.  If sje was bpimd amd gagged while
peeling potatoes, it was because he wished it so.

The sun was hot, and Mary decided to take a dip to cool down, and wash off the sheen of perspiration that
glistened like jewels on her golden flesh.  She stood, stretched, and dove into the pool.  She swam three
dozen fast, hard laps, before climbing out and toweling herself down.  She was still breathing hard when she
saw Erika come out of the house towards her.

"Hi, Erika." she greeted.  "Find anything interesting?"  "No.  Not really" said the dark haired girl.  "Dry
yourself off, and come with me."  Mary frowned, but quickly complied.  As the two women entered the
house, Erika took Mary's arm, and with a practiced ease captured the blond girl's wrists behind her back in
handcuffs.  "Wait!" Mary protested.  "Please, Erika, not today!" she begged.  The rule allowing Mary her
freedom every other day was not sacred.  Erika was prone to get into a mood.....or to get horny.  In either
case Mary often found herself tightly restrained, even on her off day.  She seldom minded, because Erika
usually had something interesting and sexy to do to her!  Today was different, however.  James was due
back in two day, and Mary wanted to work on her tan and take a golf lesson that afternoon.  After all,
tomorrow she knew that the only lessons to be learned were discomfort and boredom!  "Come." said Erika.
"Come, or I will thrash you like you have never been thrashed before."  Mary looked at the strange
expression on her Mistress' face.  Her eyes were dull, and her jaw was tense and unsmiling.  "OK, Mistress"
Mary agreed.  "I'm coming."  Erika took the handcuffed girl by the arm, and lead her into the house.
Mary's sense of concern rose when instead of turning toward the bedroom, they took the corridor towards
the dungeon.

The door clicked shut behind the two women, and Mary's eyes gradually became accustomed to the gloom
of the dungeon after the bright sunlight outside.  She looked around the room, and frowned when she saw a
piece of equipment on the floor that she had not seen before.  She turned to question Erika, but was
interrupted....."Shut up!  I've been saving this contraption, and maybe now is the right time to try it."  Erika
unlocked Mary's cuffs, and gave the blond a fierce, probing kiss.  Breathing heavily, she looked into Mary's
eyes.  "Don't fight me," she warned, "You know what will happen if you do."  Mary nodded.  "On your
knees." Erika ordered.  Mary quickly obeyed, taking the opportunity to survey the implement of her pending

It was a cage, made of heavy iron.  It looked old, and it was very, very small.  Mary shivered at the thought
of being so confined.  Erika opened the cage.  The back opened like a door, and the top opened also,
leaving the floor, the side walls, and the front wall. "Get in."  Mary shuffled forward until her knees were on
a thin ridge of metal which crossed the floor of the cage.  "Stop there, and bend over." ordered Erika.  Mary
bent down until her breasts contacted another bar running across the cage about half way from the floor to
the top.  The bar was studded with 1 inch spikes.  They were not so sharp as to cut Mary's flesh, but were
pointed enough to hurt as they gouged her soft flesh.  Erika went to the front of the cage, and adjusted a
horrible iron contraption until it was at the level of Mary's head.  "Take this in your mouth."  Mary strained
her neck forward, and opened her mouth to accept the gag.  It was segmented, like an orange, and covered
with more blunt spikes.  Erika began turning a key at the end of the metal gag, and the segments began to
open, like the pedals of a flower.  Unable to resist the inexorable pressure, Mary's mouth opened to
accommodate the expanding metal mouthful.  When her jaws were open so far that her bones began to
creak, Erika stopped, and removed the key.  The gag was so severe and so large that Mary could not get it
out of her mouth even if not otherwise restrained.  The blunt spikes bit into the roof of her mouth, and the
expanded petals filled her cheeks, making them bulge.  Her tongue was captured, and held down, so that
speech was impossible.  Erika lowered the top of the cage until it pressed into Mary's back.  The captive
girl could bend no lower, due to the spiked bar under her breasts, which now supported the weight of her
torso.  Erika grinned evilly, then pushed the top of the cage until the bars pressed into Mary's back, and her
breasts were squashed even more painfully into the cross bar.  Erika reached between the bars, and took
Mary's left arm.  It was looped under the cross bar with the elbow bent around the spike bar.  A heavy iron
cuff attached to the side of the cage was fastened to her wrist, and locked.  Her right arm received the same
treatment.  Before shutting the door on the cage, Mary's ankles were locked in cuffs on the floor of the
cage.  Once the door was closed, her toes stuck through the bars.  Erika took advantage of this to inflict an
additional torment.  A cuff was fastened to her left big toe.  Her feet were turned toward one another, and
the other toe was captured.  Erika was not finished however, there was one additional punishment.  A long,
thick steel rod was attached to an adjustable slide mechanism that traveled up and down the cage bar in the
center of the door.  The slide was adjusted until the rod was level with Mary's tautly stretched backside.
The steel rod also had a slide adjustment, this time in and out.  Erika loosed the screw, and began to push
the rod inward into the cage.  The blunt, cold end of the rod encountered Mary's helpless, pink asshole, and
began to push inward.   "MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!" screamed Mary as the un-lubricated metal brutally
pushed aside her tender flesh.  Erika smiled grimly, and continued to wedge the shaft inside Mary until it
was a full 8 inches into her rectum.  "There," said Erika, "I guess that should hold you."  There was one
more feature of the cage, which was completely superfluous to Mary's helpless condition, but which Erika
thought was a nice final touch.  An eye ring at the top of the cage was attached to a hook dangling from a
winch attached to the ceiling.  Erika pushed a button, and the winch whined to life, and began to lift the
cage off the floor.  Erika pushed the button until the cage was about 5 feet in the air, and Mary's anguished
eyes were about level with Erika's.  "I'll be back in a couple of hours." Erika said.  "I have some things to
think about.  With that she turned off the lights, and the door closed behind her.  Mary was along in the

It was about 30 minutes before Mary began whimpering.  Confinement in the cage was not just bondage, it
was torture.  Mary was bent into a ball, with the cage pressing against her from all sides.  All her weight was
borne either by her knees or her breasts.  Her knees were agonizingly pressed into the metal ridge across the
cage, and there was nothing she could do to relieve the bone against iron contact.  Her breasts were mashed
against the iron crossbeam, with the many spikes punishing the nerves in her soft flesh.  The top of the cage
kept her from rising up, the sides kept her from shifting from side to side, and the steel prod up her ass even
kept her from wiggling her ass.  Her arms were not painful, but were uselessly unable to bear any weight or
assist her in moving, even slightly.  Finally, the expandable iron pear gag held her head immobile with her
neck arched and jaws jacked widely apart.  Mary just couldn't move at all, and extreme effort only caused
the cage to swing gently.  Mary groaned against the pain of the pitiless iron.  "I wonder what got into
Erika?" she thought silently.  This was a severe as any punishment that Erika had ever inflicted on her, and
she hadn't done anything to deserve it.  It seemed like days since she had been lounging so pleasantly by the
pool, but Mary knew it had hardly been an hour.  She sighed, and waited.
Several hours later the door opened.  Mary was facing away from the door, and couldn't see who it was, but
the form that appeared in front of her was Erika.

 The dark haired girl took a small chair, and placed it directly in front of Mary, and sat down.  "We have
something to talk about." began Erika, "Or at least I have something to talk about, and you shall listen."
"Nnnnrrr." Mary answered, lifting an eyebrow in curiosity.  "I might as well get this done
quickly.............James is dead.  His chartered jet crashed and burned in Montana on the way back from the
west coast."  In an instant tears came to Mary's eyes, and an anguished moan of despair came from deep
inside her and spilled past the iron gag.  "Nooooooooo!" she cried.   "MMMMGGGGGGHHHHH!"  She
thrashed against her iron bonds, begging Erika for release.  "I heard about it on the radio while I was in
town." Erika continued.  "I had to cage you while I decided what to do."  Mary continued to sob.  "Why had
Erika felt the need to confine her?" she wondered.  "Why doesn't she release me now?"
Erika began to speak again, slowly.  "A girl only gets opportunity dumped in her lap once in a lifetime, if at
all." she began.  "I took a call from the FAA and the State Police in Montana.  The plane burned, the bodies
are not recognizable, and the wolves and buzzards scattered the remains.  They think there are four
bodies—two pilots, James, and an unknown person......a woman.  The people at the airfield said that she
was blond.  I don't know if she was a secretary, or what, but they thought it might his wife."  "Erika stood,
and looked deeply into Mary's eyes.  "They asked me........and I told then that is was you."  Mary tried to
shake her head, not understanding what she was hearing.  "I'm not greedy," said Erika.  "This estate, and a
$!0 million trust for its upkeep was set up several years ago, and I have Power of Attorney.  The rest of
James estate, and all of his business interests, will go to his relatives in England.  It is hundred of millions of
dollars, so they won't fight over a few crummy million here.  James is dead, and as far as the world knows,
you are dead too.  It will be business as usual around her, with me in charge!"  Mary sobbed softly as Erika
continued to speak.  "You know, I love you, Mary, and I hate myself for doing this, and I know you will
hate me also.   I'm sorry for that, but life isn't fair.  Understand.......you are dead.  I won't kill you, but as of
now, you cease to exist.  You will never be free again....your life will be spent as my bound slave and
servant."  Mary was numb, too despairing to be angry.  "I'll go to the funeral service, and cry as they bury
two caskets filled with burnt bones.  I don't know who was on that plane, but the marker on the grave will
say "Mary Edwards, beloved wife of James Edwards.'"  You are gone....rest in peace!"

Erika stood to leave.  "I've decided to leave you in the cage all night."  she said.  Mary's eyes grew wide,
and she whined negative sounds through her gag.  "Yes, maybe the discomfort will help you come to grips
with what has happened more quickly."  With that, Mary was again plunged into darkness, alone with her
pain, grief and hopeless despair.

The night was endless.  Muscles quivered, begging to be allowed to move, but were denied.  Her knees
throbbed and she endured the aching, stretched  implement of the shaft up her ass.  Her jacked open mouth
was a dry, parched wasteland.  Her eyes burned from hours of crying and from not having slept.


The dungeon was windowless, so Mary had no idea if it was day or night when the door opened, and the
lights were turned on.  She was blinded by the sudden brightness, and closed her eyes.  Squinting, and
blinking against the glare, she slowly opened her eyes, hoping against hope that this was all either a bad
dream, or extremely bad joke.  The immense gag in her mouth kept her head rigid, and she could not turn in
the direction of the footsteps.  Her heart sank when the person who entered her field of vision was not
James.  It was Erika.

"You look like you could use some sleep." she commented as she reached for the key which controlled the
expanded metal gag.  She turned the key and slowly the petals began to withdraw, and the pressure on
Mary's jaw was reduced to tolerable levels.  When the gag was fully contracted, Erika pulled it from Mary's
tortured mouth.  The captive blonde's lips and tongue were numb, and even without the mass of the gag
between her teeth, her cramped jaw muscled wouldn't allow her mouth to close.  Mary dropped her head to
the extent that the cramped cage would allow it, and a thick stream of saliva drooled out of her mouth and
onto the floor of the cage.

Erika began speaking,  "I know it was a rough night, but maybe it will be cathartic to you.  When I let you
out of the cage, you will be put into a small, but comfortable cell.  There is a cot, a blanket and a toilet, and
you will be well fed."  Erika reached her hand into the cage, grabbed a handful of Mary's hair, and pulled
her head up until their eyes met.  "Can you talk yet?" she inquired.  "Ye...........yes." Mary croaked.  "O.K.,
now listen," Erika resumed speaking.  "You will be left alone for 3 days, while I attend the funeral."  Tears
welled up in Mary's eyes, and Erika shook her head by the handful of hair.  "James it dead.  The world
thinks you are dead.  The house is mine.  Deal with it!"  Mary fought against the hand holding her hair, and
shook her head negatively.  "We were lovers, and I thought we were friends.  How could you do this to
me?" she anguished.  "I didn't kill James, that was just bad luck." Erika answered.  "Once you are over your
grieving, I hope things will return to normal.  We are going to be Mistress and slavegirl, one way or
another, and we can still be friends.  It is up to you."  "What do you mean?" Mary asked.  "Mary, you are
submissive, and will always be submissive..........you have been well trained.  You have also proven to be
bi-sexual, and with a little coaxing, you will become exclusively lesbian.  You don't need the house and
money....you just need someone to keep you bound and gagged and helpless, and make you feel secure and
loved.  Do you understand?"  "I....I'm not sure." answered Mary.  "Well," responded Erika, "you will have
a couple of days to think about it.  You are going to be my slave, one way or the other.  Either we are
lovers, and I will keep you in sexy bondage all the time, and we will share a bed and nuzzle each other's
pussies, or you will be a captive slave maid chained while doing household chores, and spend your nights
alone in a cell."  As she was speaking, Erika withdrew the shaft from Mary rectum, unlocked the toecuffs,
and released her ankles.  She unclamped Mary's wrists from their cuffs, then opened the door of the cage.
"Out." she ordered in a quiet voice.  Slowly, Mary complied.  She ached all over, but her knees hurt the
worst from kneeling on the hard, studded iron beam.  She groaned as she got slowly to her feet.  Her mind
was foggy from fatigue and lack of sleep, and without thinking about it, she offered her wrists to be cuffed.
"See?" said Erika with a brief smile.  "You are too well trained to ever be free again.  You need a Mistress
to look after you."  "Or a Master!" Mary retorted.  "I don't think so." said Erika.  "No Master....never
again."  With that, she clicked the cuffs on Mary's wrists, and lead her to the waiting cell.  "In you go." she
ordered.  "I'll be back in 3 days.  One of the servants will feed and water you.  Rest...and think."  With that,
Erika turned, and was gone.

Mary was so tired, that she didn't dwell on her situation.  After the agony of the cage, the hard cot looked
like a king sized bed with a goosedown comforter.  She fell into bed, and was immediately asleep.  She slept
for 24 hours, and dreamt of James.

When she awoke, Mary felt much better, but was ravenous.  She wondered when and how she might be fed,
when her eyes fell upon a shelf that she hadn't noticed the night before.  There was a large bowl with a
number of apples, oranges and bananas, a loaf of bread, a large jar of peanut butter, and a plastic knife.  On
the floor under the shelf were numerous plastic bottles of mineral water.  "Well," she thought to herself,
"my diet will be monotonous, but at least I won't starve!"  As she ate and drank her fill, another thought
came to her.  If she had food, water and bathroom facilities in her cell, there was a very good change that
she was going to be totally alone.  She wondered if she would be freed in three days when Erika returned, or
if she would be kept in isolation.  With a shrug, she decided that there was nothing she could do about it,
one way or the other.

Over the next several days, Mary thought endlessly about her situation, replaying the facts, the plusses and
minuses in her mind.  She was heartbroken to lose James.  She had looked forward to years and years with
the man she loved so deeply.  On the other hand, Mary was resolved to the fact that he was gone, and that
nothing would bring him back.  Having dealt with her grief, and cleared away the excess baggage around
James, she moved on to her current situation.  She was, in theory, a wealthy woman.  If free, she could
move in upper crust circles, and live in the highest possible style.  In reality, however, she seemed destined
to be a slave.  Would she have it any other way?  Would she, given the chance, even with all her money,
still find a new Master or Mistress, and voluntarily place herself in helpless bondage and submission?  Is
this who she really was?  If not Erika's domination, then whose?

For the first time in days Mary heard the sound of the bolt opening on the outside door, and she expectantly
turned her eyes in that direction.  To her surprise it was not Erika who appeared, but the little servant girl,

"Good day, Ma'am." she said with a brief curtsey.  "Good day." responded Mary, suddenly embarrassed to
be nude, dirty and helpless in a cell before a housegirl.  "I am under instructions to bath you and bring you
to Mistress Erika's room." said the girl.  Mary noted that the girl had referred to her as "Ma'am" while
calling Erika "Mistress".  This, she supposed, confirmed the new order in her life as much as anything.  "I
am sorry, but am ordered to keep you handcuffed." said the girl apologetically.  "Would you turn around,
and place your hands through the bars?"  Mary sighed, but complied.  She wanted out of her cell badly
enough to do anything.  Once the cuffs clicked around Mary's wrists Maria opened the cell door, and lead
her captive out of the dungeon.  Both women were silent until Mary decided to test the servant's
allegiances.  "Maria, you know that James is dead, and that Erika is keeping me here against my will, don't
you?" she asked.  "Yes Ma'am," responded Maria.  "Mistress Erika says that you are very confused right
now, and that we all must help you decide what will truly make you happy.  She said you have an important
decision to make, and that we must keep you captive for a while, so that you don't make a hasty decision."
Maria looked at her captive, and smiled.  "Mistress Erika really loves you a lot.....we all do.  We want you
to be happy." They continued to walk.  "Besides," Maria continued, "when you were helplessly chained you
told me that you had never been happier."  "But Maria," said Mary is exasperation, "That was different.
That was because of James."  "Yes," answered the servant.  "He was your Master, but now he is gone.  Why
go looking for someone, when Mistress Erika is here, and wants to take care of you?"  "Did you see that
cage she put me in?  Is that your idea of being "taken care" of?" Mary blurted angrily?"  "Yes, I saw it, and
I was puzzled,"  answered Maria, "but I am just a poor dumb servant girl, and I do not know about these
things."  "Besides, all the doors are locked, there is a guard at the front gate, and I'd lose my job if I did
anything other than follow orders.  Mistress Erika knows what is best you you."  Mary sighed to herself.
All the help seemed to be innocent conspirators, and totally under Erika's control.  "Maybe Erika is right."
Mary told herself.  "Maybe this is what I want, and I need someone else to make the decision for me."  She
followed along submissively.  There seemed nothing she could do about it anyway.

Mary had never been bathed by another woman before, and certainly not with her hands cuffed behind her
back.  She sank to her chin in the hot, bubbly water, and remained passive while Maria soaped her body
with a large sponge.  The women's eyes met when the sponge roamed across Mary's bountiful breasts, and
she could detect a small smile on Maria's face when she rubbed the sponge purposefully between her legs.
"Mmmmm." purred Mary.  "That feels nice." she encouraged.  Maria smiled more deeply, but resisted the
temptation to prolong the erotic friction.  She moved on down Mary's legs, then turned her attention to
shampooing Mary's hair, and washing the grime from her face.  Once clean, Mary was helped to her feet,
toweled dry, and led to a chair where the maid skillfully dried and styled her hair.  Maria powdered Mary's
body, applied a little lipstick and mascara, and pronounced her ready.  Still wearing the same handcuffs,
Mary was lead down the hall towards Erika's bedroom.  Mary's nipples were hard, pink nuggets on top of
her full, white breasts.  Mary wondered whether they were stiff because of the damp chill, or because of
what lied ahead!

Maria opened Erika's door, and gave Mary a little smile of encouragement as she turned to leave.  For the
first time since that awful night, the two women were alone.  Mary stood silently, breasts thrusting,
trembling slightly.  "Well?" said Erika as she turned.  Mary frowned, perplexed.  "Well what?" she asked.
As quickly as the strike of a snake, a riding crop Erika's gloved hand lashed Mary across her naked thigh.
"Unnnnhh!" Mary gasped at the sudden pain.  "Mistress." intoned Erika.  "You have gotten into bad habits,
Mary.  You always call me Mistress!"  "Yes, Mistress." Mary responded.  "On your knees." Erika
commanded, quietly.  Mary complied, but defiantly kept eye contact with Erika.  The blonde smiled at the
show of bravado, but did not respond.  "Did you enjoy your rest?" she inquired.  "It was ok, Mistress."
Mary answered.  "Did you do any thinking?"  "That's about all I did, Mistress."  "And......?" asked Erika.
"I'll serve you, Mistress." Mary responded.  "I don't seem to have any choice in the matter....but while you
may have my body, you will not have my heart....or my soul."  Erika laughed.  "That's fine for now, Mary.
I didn't expect you to be a love sick puppy." She took the riding crop, and rubbed the end across the stiff
nubbin at the tip of Mary's left breast.  "You will give me your soul, eventually, and I can live without your
heart."  Erika smiled as she pulled the short leather skirt up her thighs.  It soon became evident that she
wasn't wearing any panties.  Erika sprawled across a chair, her legs splayed wide apart, with her slit in wet,
pink prominence on a white, shaved mound.  "Eat." she commanded.  Mary looked, and unconsciously
licked her lips, but didn't move.  "Did you hear me?  Eat me!" said Erika, raising her voice.  "Mary shook
her head.  "I can't Mistress.....not now......not yet......it's not right."  Erika smiled grimly.  "Ah!" she said,
"guilt and remorse."  She closed her legs, and stood.  "I was hoping to bypass the symbolism of this
moment," she said, unzipping the skirt to stand completely nude, "but I guess you must be forced....your
guilt demands it."  The riding cropped moved across Mary's body, lingering in the nicest places.  "That's
O.K. with me" said the blond dominatrix.  "I understand completely."  Mary was dragged to her feet, and
she felt the cuffs being unlocked from her wrists.  Momentarily free, she thought of running.  Upon
reflection, she decided against it.  Erika was bigger, the doors were all locked, she was naked, and there was
a guard at the gate.  Not a very promising opportunity!

Mary stood meekly with her arms at her side while Erika tightened a leather harness around her chest and
shoulders.  It had two buckles in the front, one above her breasts, and one below.  Straps went across her
shoulders and around her back.  There were two more buckles, one on each shoulder.  Erika tightened
locking cuffs on each of Mary's wrists.  There was a foot of strap dangling from each cuff, with a hole
punched every inch.  Erika took Mary's left arm behind her back, and bent it at the elbow, taking the hand
up into the center of her back in a hammerlock.  She fed the strap through the buckle, took up the slack, and
made it fast.  The same procedure was followed with the other arm, and Mary was soon helpless, both arms
captured high upon her back, between the shoulders.  With her slave's arms now totally helpless, Erika
turned to Mary's legs.  She was told to kneel, and with difficulty due to bound arms, she plopped onto her
knees.  Erika took a strap, and looped it around Mary's folded leg at the top of the thigh, capturing her
ankle against her ass, and her shin tightly against the thigh.  Again, the same procedure on the other limb.  A
spreader bar was attached to each knee, holding Mary's legs splayed apart  A thick foam blindfold was
tightened across Mary's eyes.  "Open." Erika ordered.  Mary submissively complied, placing her tongue
against her lower teeth.  She was expecting a typical leather or rubber plug to be jammed in her mouth, but
was surprised by a wad of soft satin.  "Wider!" she was commanded as the wad continued to expand her
oral cavity.  The soft fabric sought out every nook and cranny, and Mary gagged as a wispy fold of cloth
tickled the back of her throat.  Once her mouth was jacked as wide open as it could possibly be, and her
cheeks were bulging around the immense wad, Erika began winding a sticky elastic bandage around her
captive's face.  Around and around, with each succeeding wrapping compressing the resilient wadding more
deeply into Mary's mouth.  As her saliva began to dampen the wadding, a familiar flavor began to play
slowly across her taste buds.  "Panties!" Mary said to herself, with a soft groan.  She heard Erika laugh.  "I
see it hasn't been so long that you were between my legs that you have forgotten what I taste like!" the
blond chuckles.  Mary whined, but only a soft hiss emerged the stifling cloth and tape.  Erika watched
Mary's reaction with amusement.  There were several panties, and they had been specially selected from
bottom of the laundry hamper where they had resided for over a week.  Each pair had the particular female
pungency of aroused womanhood, for Erika was a highly sexed women who orgasmed often, and spent
copiously when she did so.  One pair had been warn by Erika to exercise class, so in addition to her female
smell, the garment also smelled of stale sweat.  Another pair bore a large urine stain in the cotton crotch and
a thick shit smear at the back.  The last pair was worn by Erika during her period, and there was the taste
and smell of the bloody flow that had seeped around the plug and stained the crotch.  All these odors had
gathered strength while mingling in the clothes hamper!

Mary moaned softly, chewing on the wad.  She had no choice but to swallow when her throat filled with
saliva, because the tape across her mouth wouldn't allow her to drool. It was swallow or choke!  Erika next
took a leather head harness, which featured a headband which buckled at the back of Mary's head, a strap
over the crown of her head with a ring sewed in the top, and a chinstrap which also buckled tightly.  Erika
manhandled Mary into the desired position on the floor in front of the large comfortable chair.  Erika picked
up a couple of cruel looking, shiny metal implements.  One was a spring loaded ring, which opened then
clamped the septum in Mary's nose, and dangled on her upper lip.  It looked like a pierced nose ring, but
hurt much worse, the pain bringing tears to Mary's eyes.  The other two objects were nipple clamps, with
strong springs and fierce biting teeth.  A muffled gasp of pain  escaped Mary's gag as each clamp was
released on a defenseless nipple.  Erika took a thing chain, with a small clip at each end.  One clip was
attached to the clamp on her left nipple.  The other end was threaded through the nose ring, then down to
the other nipple clamp.  The chain was short, and Erika pushed Mary's head into a bowed position in order
to attach the second clip to the nipple.  Once fastened, the chain was taut, with the weight of her breasts
dragging painfully downward against the chain through her nose ring.  Her head was bowed against her
chest, and she could not raise up without inflicting still more pain to her nipples and nose.  Erika then tied a
cord to the ring at the top of Mary's head harness, and threaded the other end through a ring bolt in the
ceiling above them.  When this was drawn tight, Mary was in a helpless, painful dilemma.  The cord was
trying to pull her head up, but the chain dragging on her poor titties was forcing her to remain bowed.  Her
torso was held upright, and with her legs bent double and the spreader bar, she could not evade the various
pains and restraints.  Mary was totally helpless, but Erika's final step was only meant to increase the
discomfort.  Mary's bound arms were already aching from their stringent bondage between her shoulder
blades, but Erika tightened each shoulder strap until her arms crossed between her shoulders, and each hand
was pulled until her fingertips touched the buckle on the opposite shoulder.  Mary groaned pitifully, but
Erika only laughed.  Leaving Mary waiting helplessly, she made herself a drink, turned on the TV, and
draped herself across the large, comfortable chair in front of Mary.

  "Mary darling," she said teasingly, "My poor little wet pussy is less than a foot from your nose, and will be
waiting for you."  She reached down and stroked the taut chain between Mary's nose and nipples.
"Whenever you get hungry, all you have to do is lean forward, raise your head, and rub my clit with your
nose until I get interested.  In the mean time, I'll just watch TV and relax."  Erika laughed.  "Take your
time" she said.  "I've got all night!"

Mary whimpered, trying to find a more comfortable position.  There was none.  The immense wad of gag
had become a soggy, leaden lump in her mouth.  The combined sour tastes of Erika's various bodily
functions was overpowering.  Mary thought wonderingly how something that smelled and tasted so
wonderful when it was alive and clean and fresh could be so horrid.  She rocked forward slightly, and felt
the confining tether from her head to the ring in the ceiling.  She rocked back, and settled on her heels, and
a deep sigh of resignation escaped her nose.

She could tell how long she had been kneeling by listening to the TV.  There had been several sit-coms, so
it had to have been at least an hour and one half.  Ironically, one of the shows featured a newly "outed"
lesbian comedienne.  Mary thought mournfully how this was her coming out also.  James was gone, she was
no longer a married woman, and her options were girl sex, or no sex at all.

Slowly however, Mary gave in.  Like it always did, her body began responding to the harshness of the
bondage.  She felt a heat in her stomach, a growing wetness in her loins, and her nipples stiffened to red,
rock hard peaks.  Her breath came in ragged snorts through her nostrils, and he writhed in her bonds, and
chewed on the gag in agitation.  Her entire being was consumed by sexual excitement and longing.  The
reality of the situation overpowered her.  She was tightly and helplessly bound and gagged, and at the mercy
of another.  She had no say over what happened to her.  This person could administer kindness or pain,
bring love or indifference.  Mary had been ordered to lick this persons sex, and one way or the other, sooner
or later, she was going to do so.  She was powerless to resist, unable to escape.  The distinction between
Master and Mistress blurred in her mind, to the point it became meaningless.  This person was stronger, and
wanted sex, and could take care of Mary's current need.  That was most important.

With a soft groan, Mary leaned forward against the tether until her head contacted Erika's flesh.  With a
muffled whimper of pain, she raised her head, and plunged her nose into the wet, slick love opening.  The
three inches of upward movement needed to accomplish this task pulled her weighty breasts up higher on
her chest by her tortured nipples.  Mary didn't care.  She turned all her attention to small bud that she had
located at the top of the fragrant slit.  The tip of her nose rubbed across it, and it's owner sighed with
pleasure and satisfaction.  Mary wanted her mouth on that juicy morsel, but first she must bring Mistress to
arousal.  Despite the pain, she was single-minded in her task, and shortly she felt Erika shift position
slightly, and begin to grind her crotch into Mary's nose and gagged mouth.  With her mouth so fully stifled,
the girl could barely breath, and her gasps whistled through her nostrils whenever her nose was free of the
hot, wet love nest.  "O.K.!" said Erika with some satisfaction.  "Rest a moment."  Mary sat back on her
haunches, gasping for air.  Erika bent forward, and unclipped the chain from one nipple clamp, then the
other.  She removed the nose ring, but left the clamps on Mary's nipples, biting, but not tugging on her
flesh.  She also unclipped the rope at the crown of Mary's head.  Taking a pair of medical scissors, she cut
through the tape covering the lower half of Mary's face, then unwound the entire mass from the girl's head.
"Can you spit the gag out?" she asked, laughing.  Mary tried.  She opened her mouth even wider, and
pushed as hard as she could with her tongue, but the gag was too big, and packed to tightly.  Even without
binding Mary couldn't expel the sodden wadding.  She sat back, blind, and whimpering in frustration.
"O.K.," said Erika, "just this once."  The dominant blond reached forward, and grasped the satin that
protruded between Mary's stretched lips, and tugged gently.  Nothing happened, so she pulled harder, until
one panty separated from the mass.  Erika dropped the wet cloth on the floor, and reached again into Erika's
mouth, and slowly withdrew another soiled panty.  The last two came out together, along with a long stream
of saliva.  Mary groaned with relief, exercising her jaw, lips and tongue to speed the return of feeling.
"Thank you Mistress" she said gratefully, and Erika smiled.  She had won.  "Now, my Pet," she purred,
"come and eat."  With an eager, excited whine the bound girl dove into Erika's slippery wetness.  Her lips
found the hard bud, and her tongue flogged the sensitive end until Erika began to churn happily.
Still helpless, arms bound into numb immobility behind her back, Mary happily took Erika through orgasm
after orgasm.  At some point Erika released the spreader bar between Mary's knees, and the bound
submissive was able to bring her thighs together.  In her excitement, a little friction was all she needed.

 Mary's orgasm was massive, but like a well trained slave, she never took her lips from her Mistress'
service.  When Erika finally pushed her away, she sat back, happy and expectant.  What would happen
next?  As long as Mistress kept her in bondage, and did sexy things with her, it mattered nothing whether
Mary was the Lady of a huge estate, or a penniless waif off the street.  All that mattered was that she was
bound and helpless, and had no decisions to make.  Oh, yes.  She was loved, and allowed to love.  Order, of
a sort, had returned to her life.

Mary woke, groggy from a deep sleep.  She opened her eyes slowly, blinking against the daylight.  Mistress
Erika was laying beside her.  Mary tried to gently toss back the covers, only to discover that her hands were
tied behind her back.  Not so tight as to hurt, or cut off circulation, but plenty tight so that Mary knew that
she would be unable to free herself.  It didn't matter.  With bound hands she tried to slip out of bed, only to
discover that she wore a snug metal collar, which was fastened by a light, but strong chain to a ring in the
wall beside her bed.  "Oh well," she sighed to herself.  She couldn't go anywhere until Erika wakened.  She
needed to go to the bathroom, but it wouldn't do to wake her!  She would have to wait.

Wide awake, there was nothing she could do to pass the time. Her hands were unavailable, so she couldn't
even play with herself.  Gently she rocked back and forth, enjoying the feel of the cool cotton rubbing
across her sensitive pink nipples.  She heard Erika murmur, and stopped still, but Erika awoke slowly,
unaware of the mischief her slave was causing.  "Good morning." said Erika sleepily.  "Good morning,
Mistress, "answered Mary.  "Did you sleep well?"  "Yes," Erika laughed softly, "except my pussy is sore!"
"Would you like me to rub or kiss it for you Mistress?" asked Mary, innocently.  "No....not this morning."
"Then Mistress, my I go to the bathroom?" Mary asked meekly.  Erika laughed again, and fished the key to
the chain from the table at the side of the bed, and unlocked her slave.  "My hands?" Mary asked.  "No."
Erika answered.  "I like them tied.  Take care of business, then run us a hot tub.  I'll be along in a few
minutes." "Yes, Mistress." said Mary, and she scampered out of the room.

Later, after a long bath filled with many naughty gropings and much girlish giggling, the two women were
clean, and ready for their day.  Mary pretended to be crestfallen when she found out that she was to spend
another day in maid's dress, scrubbing the floors, but her sparkling eyes betrayed her happiness.  Maybe if
she didn't scrub hard enough, Mistress might punish her this afternoon??????

Life was wonderful.  Mary would always spend the day dressed in some outrageously sexy version of a
servants outfit, her loins churning in anticipation of what might happen to her that evening.  It always began
with  some form of extreme, and refined bondage; and always ended with one or both girls slurping hungrily
at each others dripping pussies.  Months passed.  Thoughts of James were in her mind less frequently, and
she cares less and less whether she were the rightful Mistress of this grand estate.  She was bound, gagged
and deliriously happy.


Mary could tell by the position of the sun that is was almost 6:00 in the evening.  "Good," she thought to
herself, shrugging the ache from her neck and shoulders.  Today had been "silver day", one of her less
favorite chores.  The household had hundreds of pounds of sterling silver--tableware, tea services, platters
and candlesticks--and once a month it was her task to clean them.  She would be dressed in a tight corset
and her gray, functional maid's outfit.  An immense harness ballgag would be wedged between her teeth,
and her lacy maid's hat would be placed upon her blond head.  She would be collared, and lead down to the
pantry, where she would be perched on a hard, uncomfortable stool.  Her ankles would be cuffed together,
with a short chain threaded through the rungs of the stool.  So as not to scratch the silver, her wrists could
not be cuffed.  Instead a leather belt was locked around her corseted waist.  There were rings on either side
of the belt.  Leather cuffs were locked around each upper arm just above the elbows, and these cuffs were
locked to the ring on the belt, keeping her elbows tightly against her sides.  There was enough room to reach
the silver piled in front of her on the table, but not enough to reach the lock on her gag, or ankles.  Mary
sighed when she saw the huge pile of silver that she was expected to polish to a brilliant shine before the
end of the day.  Next to the silver was a giant economy sizes bottle of silver polish, and a pile of clean, soft
rags.  Reaching for the first piece, she began her task at a brisk pace.  She was allowed a short break mid-
morning and afternoon, and was un-gagged for ten minutes to drink a bowl of thin, tasteless soup for lunch.
With the constriction of the corset, she couldn't eat much anyway!

Mary was on the last piece when the door opened.  She looked up happily, expecting Mistress Erika to
come and inspect her work.  If it was satisfactory, Mary would be released to bathe and prepare for dinner
and whatever activities the night might bring.  If her work was unsatisfactory, her treatment depended on
Erika's mood.  If the Mistress was feeling forgiving, and especially if she was horny, and wanted Mary's
attention to her greedy honey-hole, then Erika might give Mary twenty stripes with the riding crop, then
release her.  If Mistress was grumpy, Erika might find her wrists tied tightly behind her, spending the night
alone in the dark, cold cell in the basement.  She hated this more than anything, and tried to do the best job
possible every day so that she would earn the Mistress' favor......and her bed!

Mary's brow furrowed, and she whimpered through her gag.  It was not Mistress, it was Maria.  "Mistress
called, and said that she would not be home tonight." the little maid explained.  "She ordered that you be
placed in the cell for the night."  Mary threw down her dirty rag, and complained vociferously to Mary
through her gag.  "MMMMmmpph......UUUMMMP.......NNNNNRRRRRR!" she shook her head in protest.
Maria grasped Mary gently by the arm, and helped her to her feet.  "Now don't be mad at me," she
exclaimed, "I'm just doing what I'm told."  She turned Mary's back to her, and locked a leather cuff around
each wrist, then brought the wrists together.  Since Mary's elbows were still tethered at her sided, her
forearms met horizontally across Mary's lower back, and the two cuffs were locked together.  Leaving her
ankles cuffed together, Maria lead Mary's slow, shuffling way to the basement.  After several minutes they
reached the cell, and Maria opened the door.  Mary walked in, and bowed down in front of Maria so that
her gag might be unlocked.  "No, Mary" she explained, "Mistress has said that you should remain gagged!"
Mary whined, and her chained rattled as she stamped her foot in anger.  She never spent the night cuffed
and gagged unless Erika was really mad at her....and she had done nothing wrong!  "Besides," thought Mary
unhappily, "this was the biggest ballgag, and it wasn't fair to have to wear it all day and all night!"  Her
poor jaws would ache so by morning!  "One more thing." said Maria timidly, unhappy at having to be the
bearer of bad news, and the enforcer as well.  "You are to spend the night hogtied."  Mary began to cry at
the unjustness of this punishment as Maria helped her to lie face down on the Spartan cot.  Mary was
sniveling softly when Maria folded her ankles up behind her, and used a short piece of chain to fasten them
tautly to the leather belt around Mary's waist.  "Remember," said Maria, bending to kiss Mary on her tear-
dampened cheek.  These are your Mistress' orders.....just pretend it is her that has fixed you like this....it
will make the night seem easier."  With an apologetic smile the dark haired maid clanked the cell door shut,
turned out the light, and shut the door.

Mary had spent the night in more rigorous bondage many times.  That didn't bother her too much, but
where was her Mistress?  Tired from her hard day's work, Mary slept soundly despite the tight gag and the
hog-tied sleeping position.  She was awake, however, when Maria came to release her in the morning.  "Did
you hear from Mistress Erika?" Mary asked eagerly as soon as the gag was pried from her mouth.  "Yes,"
Maria laughed, "she said to let you have a more restful day today, and that she would "look after you" this
evening."  "Oh goody!" Mary squealed eagerly.  Being "looked after" by Erika was always a sexy

"So what are you going to do with me today?" Mary happily asked her captress.  "It's a surprise that Erika
and I thought up," answered Maria, "and you don't get to see until later!"  With that the little maid reached
up and placed a blindfold over Mary's eyes.  It was not overly tight, more than secure enough to keep the
captive girl from being able to see."  Blind, and with arms cuffed behind her back, Mary allowed herself to
be lead out of the damp cellar.  The two women went outside.  Mary knew it was still early, because of the
coolness of the air, and the wet dew on her bare feet.  They walked across grass, until Maria ordered Erika
to stand with her back against a post.  Mary obeyed, and stood compliantly as her left arm was raised beside
her horizontally, and secured to a cross member by tight ropes around her wrist, elbow and upper arm.  Her
other arm got the same treatment, and Mary was left standing tied in a cross.  Maria took a longer piece of
cord, and looped it under Mary's breasts, then around the post, then up over and across her shoulders, and
across her chest above her breasts.  When the rope was tightened and knotted Mary's shoulders were drawn
back tightly, and her chest was thrust into prominence.  The tight cord dug deeply into the soft flesh as it
framed her magnificent globes, and the eager pink nipples stood erect at the tip of each lovely mound.
Maria took another rope, and cinched the ropes above and below Mary's breasts together in the valley
between the lush globes.  This served to tighten the ropes still further, and Mary gasped softly at the pain
from the biting cords.  Another rope was looped around Mary's waist at the smallest spot, and pulled tight
until it almost disappeared into her skin.  Several more equally tight loops circled the captive, followed by a
secure knot.  Mary's ankles were bound with several loops of cord, with tight cinched both between ankles
and the post.  The same treatment was given below her knees, above her knees, and at her upper thighs.

"Maria!" Mary gasped, "That's so tight!"  The captive tried to move, but could barely wiggle.  "You never
tied me this tight before." she accused, "Are you becoming a closet dominant?"  "Yes......maybe," said the
dark servant, her eyes shining with pleasure.  "You are so much fun to tie up." she exclaimed, "No wonder
Mistress Erika loves you so much!"  Maria stood on her tiptoes, and gave her captive a little peck on the
cheek. "Now, let me finish, but first, I need to keep you quiet!"  With that she pressed a fat ballgag against
Mary's lips, and the bound girl opened wide to accept the stifling mouthful.  She bent her head forward so
Maria could pull the strap tight, and fasten the buckle at the back of her neck.  Mary whimpered, and tossed
her head, mouthing the gag.  Maria passed a wide strap around Mary's neck, and buckled it behind the post.
This greatly restricted the movement of Mary's head, but Maria was not finished.  She took another strap,
and placed it across Mary's forehead above her blindfolded eyes like a headband, then also behind the post,
and buckled.  This served to keep Mary's head almost completely immobile.  The captive stood passively,
but by that time there was very little she could do but flutter her fingers anyway!  Mary heard Maria giggle,
then felt the strange sensation of a greasy, sticky substance being wiped onto her body.  It wasn't as slippery
as oil, nor as sticky as honey.  It was more the consistency of  paste or spackle, and in fact, it was being
applied by something sort of like a trowel.  When she was covered from neck to ankle she felt something
being sprinkled on her body, which stuck to the underlying coating. After being coated and sprinkled from
head to toe, Mary felt Maria's fingers tweak her nipples into prominence, then bend down and give each
throbbing pink nubbin a long, wet kiss.  Mary moaned happily, even as a spring loaded clamp replaced
Maria's lips on her two tender buds.  She felt a moderately heavy weight being attached to each clip by a
short chain, and allowed to dangle free.  Despite the weight, her breasts sagged almost imperceptibly, and
the clamped nipples remained resiliently erect.  "There!" said Maria happily.  "If you are going to stand
around all day, you can at least be useful!"  With that she removed Mary's blindfold, and the captive girl
was able to see what had happened to her.  Her body had been coated in suet, and she had been sprinkled
with birdseed.  From each nipple hung a small, flower shaped hummingbird feeder, each one filled with
sugared water.  On the post above her head was a large, multi-station Plexiglas feeder , with a different type
of seed in each station.  A thin dowel protruded from her ballgag, and with her head help in such a
stringently immobile position, it was a perfect perch!  She was a living bird feeder!  Mary could not be
angry with the little maid, because her plight was really sort of funny.  She was going to spend the day in the
fresh air and sunshine, which was an improvement over being chained in the kitchen!  Maria kissed her on
the tip of the nose, which was the only part of her not covered with fatty suet, and left with a wave and a

 Mary stood in enforced stillness for about ten minutes before she had her first customer.  A small finch
flew to her, and landed on her shoulder.  The bold little bird helped itself to several seeds, and flew off.  It
must have passed the word to his friends, because an entire family of finches took turns plucking seeds off
of Mary's body for the next hour.  Later in the morning Mary heard a buzzing sound.  She could not lower
her head, but was able to look downward just enough to see a brilliantly colored hummingbird dipping its
long beak delicately into the flower shaped feeder.  Mary could feel the breeze of the rapidly beating wings
on the bare flesh of her breasts.  Later, a larger bird of some type landed on top of her head, and several
times during the day a bird landed on the "gag perch".  One sat for quite a while, and she could have sworn
it was looking her in the eye!  The biggest excitement of the day came when a whole flock of starlings flew
onto the estate, and she was overwhelmed when several hundred of the little birds voraciously attacked the
seeds on her body.  It was a little scary--she remembered the movie "The Birds" as the little bodies flashed
around her--but they did no harm, and left as quickly as they had come.  Despite the tight ropes and mouth
stretching gag, Mary enjoyed her day.  As the sun began to fall in the sky, she began to wait expectantly to
be released by Mistress Erika.  What might she have planned for tonight?

It was nearly dark when she saw her Mistress crossing the yard.  She whimpered happily through her gag,
and felt her nipples stiffen as the woman approached.  "Did you have a fun day?" Erika asked.
"MMMMM!" Mary answered, unable to nod her head because of the confining straps.  "Good.  Let's get
you free, and cleaned up." she said, unfastening the strap around her slave's forehead.  "I have a surprise for
you tonight"  "Oh, goody!" thought Mary happily.  In minutes the girl was free and able to remove the gag
from her own mouth.  The ball plopped out wetly, and Mary licked her lips., then thanked her Mistress.  He
hands were cuffed behind her back, and she was lead back to the house, and turned over to Maria for
bathing.  "Be sure to get that stuff out of all the nooks and crannies." Erika ordered.


Maria, like a good servant, was very, very diligent in following her orders.  There was not a single nook or
cranny anywhere in Mary's body that was not thoroughly inspected and cleansed.  Mary gasped as special
attention was paid to the pink opening winking from the crack between her ass cheeks, and her denuded
pussy.  Maria scrubbed these two openings over and over again.  One cannot be too sure!

Later, a well scrubbed, pink skinned slavegirl was delivered to Erika's bedroom.  The cuffs were still on
Mary's wrists, and her ankles had been shackled together.  Maria left the room, and Mary stood, trembling
with eager anticipation of the night ahead.  Some minutes later Erika entered the room carrying a large
haversack, which she placed on the bed.  "Did you enjoy your day?"  she asked.  "Oh, yes." Mary answered.
"The sun, fresh air, the birds......much better than being chained in the scullery polishing silver!"  "Are you
complaining, little slavegirl?"  "Oh, no........Just letting you know how much I appreciated the change."
Mary looked up at her Mistress, searching her face for any sign of anger.  A small smile played across
Erika's face, and then was gone.  Mary frowned slightly, unable to read her lover's mood.  Erika reached
up, and captured an erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger.  She looked Mary in the eye, and
pinched hard.  "Are you ready, slave?" she asked.  Mary moaned softly, "Yes, Mistress."  Erika's other
hand grasped the other nipple, and she pinched both tender buds of flesh, twisting and pulling.  Mary
gasped.  "Anything I want?" asked Erika.  "Yes.....anything.......anything you want to do to me." responded
Mary.  "Good." said Erika.  She pulled the nipples, drawing Mary closer, and kissed her slave fiercely.  Her
eyes blazed with intensity.  "I'm going to be very mean to you tonight." she promised, with one final, hard
pinch to each of the throbbing red nipples.

"Turn around."  Mary complied, and felt the handcuffs being removed from her wrists.  Before she had a
chance to rub the red marks make by the tight steel, her wrists were captured again, this time by a thin
leather strap.  The wrists were bound palm to palm, and Mary whimpered softly.  Long experience told her
what was to come next!  Erika took another longer strap, and looped it around her slave's elbows.  She drew
the strap tight until Mary's arms were forced  together, then fastened the strap.  "Bend over the chair." she
ordered, giving Mary's ass a stinging slap of encouragement.  Mary hurried, and bent at the waist, folding
herself over the back of the padded chair.  She didn't have to be told to spread her legs.  Erika took a huge
dildo, and slathered it with lubricant.  Mary saw a flash of chrome through the corner of her eye.  "Steel, not
rubber." she thought to herself.  The prod was indeed steel, and it was cold, and had no give.  Erika wedged
the blunt end against Mary's asshole, and with a slow twisting motion slowly and steadily pushed the rod
deep into Mary's rectum.  A second, even larger, chrome shaft was lubricated, and it was soon lodged
deeply in Mary's well stretched vagina.  Mary was ordered to stand, and a thick strap was buckled tightly
around Mary's waist at the smallest point.  "Relax, and exhale." she was ordered.  Mary did so, and the
strap was pulled tighter and tighter, until it almost disappeared into the soft flesh around Mary's hips.  The
captive girl could hardly breath.  "Oh Mistress....it's so tight!" she gasped.  "Are you complaining, slave?
You said I could do anything to you."  "Ohhhh....I'm sorry, Mistress." Mary answered, "I didn't mean to
complain."  Erika gave the waist strap a final tug, and fastened the buckle.  There was another strap
dangling from the back of the belt, hanging down between Mary's ass cheeks.  This strap was pulled firmly
between the girls legs, and buckled at the front of the waist.  The two huge chrome and steel monsters were
pushed further into Mary's tender passages, as the strap spread her cheeks and the pink lips of her sex.
There was also a blunt steel  knob imbedded in the strap, which contacted firmly against Mary's erect little
clitoris.  Erika took two more straps, and in short order one was tightly buckled around the girl's ankles, and
the other around her knees.  Mary stood watching while Erika prepared the rest of her night's ordeal.  A
black leather bundle was taken out of the bag, and spread on the bed.  Mary knew immediately that it was a
body sack, and she bit her lip quietly in trepidation.  "Lay here face down." she was commanded.  With a
soft whimper the bound and already helpless girl shuffled on bound ankles over to the bed, and flopped
down on the soft surface.  Without arms she wiggled like a seal until approximately in the center of the
black leather.  Erika helped position her properly, then inserted Mary's head into the stiff, structured portion
of the bag that was obviously a built in punishment hood.  The bag was pulled loosely over her shoulders,
back, butt and legs, then Erika began the long process of threading and tightening the laces which went from
the crown of the head down to the tips of the toes.  The bag was obviously designed for a woman of exactly
Mary's size.  The leather began to feel tight when the laces were within 2 inches of being fully closed.  If it
were larger, there would be baggy loose areas, if smaller there would be gaps.  Unlucky for Mary, it fit just
right!  Since there was a small amount of stretch or give in the leather, the laces were able to draw the edges
together seamlessly, with a uniform crushing tightness from head to foot.  Mary could only think of
something she had seen in a cowboy movie, where the Indians lace a poor settler in the skin of a freshly
butchered cow, and as the skin dried it became tighter and tighter until the victim could hardly breath.
That's how she felt!

It was not yet tight enough to suit Erika, however!  She went to work with a series of leather straps, which
were thin and supple enough to also stretch slightly.  Straps were buckled around Mary's insteps, ankles,
shins, knees, thighs waist and above and below her well compressed breasts.  Each strap was pulled on
notch beyond what one might consider brutally tight, and buckled.  A wide, stiff leather collar was placed
around Mary's neck, and laced tight.  The collar flared partially across her shoulders, chest and back, and
again under her chin, ears, and the back of her head.  It was really less a collar than a head restraint, similar
to those used by EMTs to stabilize the heads of accident victims.  Mary's leather encased head was now
totally immobile, tipped back, chin supported and unable to turn side to side or nod up and down.

A sturdy pole was laid dorsally on top of Mary's inert form, and more leather straps were threaded under
her leather sheathed body, around the pole, and buckled tight.  There was a strap around her forehead and
neck, more straps every six inches down her torso, and the straps continued every six inches down to her
feet.  Mary way laying face down on the bed, and being unable to turn her head could see nothing but the
bed spread.  She knew that she was tightly fastened to the pole however, and when she heard the thin, but
strong cables being lowered from the ceiling above the bed, she had a glimmer of what was about to
happen.  Hooks at the ends of the two cables were linked to rings at the end of the pole to which Mary was
strapped.  Erika picked up a small remote control, and when she pushed the "UP" button electric motors
began to whine, and Mary felt herself being slowly lifted from the bed.  Her weight was borne by the myriad
of straps, and other than the crushing tightness of the body sack itself, the suspension was not too
uncomfortable.  Even without a blindfold Mary could not turn her head to see what Erika was doing, but she
felt her making adjustments to her bondage, and heard the metallic click of connections of some sort in the
area of her crotch and breasts.  Mary could only look down the three feet from where she was suspended
horizontally about the bed.  She saw Erika place a circular metal disk on the bed directly below her.  There
was an electrical connection at the edge of the disk, and a wire ran out of Mary's line of sight.  "Stick out
your tongue!" Erika commanded.  Mary licked her lips, and tentatively stuck the tip of her pink tongue out
through the mouth hole in the leather helmet.  The confining collar under her chin made it difficult for her to
open her mouth even far enough for her tongue to slip between her teeth.  "Further!" she was ordered, and
with a whimper she stuck her tongue out as far as she could.  Erika took a heavy spring loaded clamp, and
allowed the jaws to close painfully on Mary's tongue.  "NNNNNGGGG!!" Mary gasped in pain.  The
clamp didn't have teeth, but had rough little nubs to help it hold on to her wet, slippery tongue, and the
spring was very tight.  A thin chain was attached to a small ring at the end of the tongue clamp, and a one
pound steel weight was attached to the other end.  When it was released, it dangled two feet below Mary's
head, about a foot above the metal disk on the bed.  A metal rod was attached to the end of the ball.  It was
just long enough to touch the metal plate on the bed with Mary's tongue fully extended by the weight of the
hanging ball.  Another electrical connection was made to the rod, and another wire snaked out of Mary's
sight.  The tightly compressed, suspended and tongue clamped captive whimpered in discomfort.  "I'll bet
that your poor tongue hurts with that nasty weight pulling in it, doesn't it?" asked Erika sarcastically.  Mary
could neither not her head, nor articulate, but she made a sound that sounded like "Unnnnh Hhhuuhh."  "It
will probably get tiring after a while, don't you think?"  Again Mary answered.  "Well slave," continued
Erika, "its always worse than it seems."  She caressed Mary's leather encased head.  "Let me explain.
When I flip this switch, the system is energized.  Allow me to demonstrate."  Mary suddenly began to jerk
wildly despite the stringency of her bondage as electric current surged through the twin dildoes, and the
steel knobs contacting her clit and nipples.  "UMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH!!" she gasped.  As quickly as the
pain started, it stopped.  Mary swung slowly, her breath coming in gasps.  "The current that you felt will not
electrocute you, or even do you damage." Erika explained.  For your information it is the same machine
Doctors use to stimulate the muscles of people who are paralyzed.  It makes the muscle contract, and hurts
like hell if you have feeling in the muscle, but causes no harm."  Again she flipped the switch, and Mary
writhed against the awful sensation.  "Of course," said Erika, "the device is not really intended to stimulate
the places where I have it attached!"  Again she hit the switch, and Mary shuddered.  "What you don't know
is that the circuit that powers the device runs through the metal rod hanging from your tongue weight and
the metal disk it is touching.  If you pull your tongue back into your mouth until the rod no longer touches
the disk, the circuit is broken.  Allow me to demonstrate."  Again Erika flipped the switch, and Mary was
wracked with electric pain.  Erika reached down, and lifted the weight until the rod no longer touched the
disk, and the pain stopped.  "See?" asked Erika.  "I'm going to leave you alone until bedtime.  If you can
hold the rod off the disk, you will avoid the pain.  If your tongue gets tired...well.....it will be a long couple
of hours."  Erika released her hold on the dangling weight and rod.  "Now lift it!" she ordered.  Mary
whimpered, and slowly drew her tongue back into her mouth against the resistance of the weight.  Once the
rod was clear of the disk and the circuit was broken Erika flipped the on switch, and twisted the power
control to a higher setting.  "Have fun." she said, "I just doubled the power, so you should be well
motivated to keep that tongue in your mouth."  She patted Mary's head, and turning to walk out the door.
Mary heard the door close.  Erika's words dangled in the air, just like the weight.  "......a long couple of

At the beginning Mary could hold her tongue against the weight for about 10 minutes before it slowly and
inexorably dropped and completed the circuit.  When the dreadful electrical contractions wracked her
tender insides and the pink flesh of her nipples Mary groaned, but forced herself to leave her tongue
extended.  The longer she could stand the pain, the longer she could avoid it on the next cycle.  If she pulled
her tongue back immediately, she became tired too quickly.  Once she experimentally allowed the circuit to
stay energized, and tried to endure the discomfort.  It was too much.  It was better to fight a good fight, and
try to avoid the stimulation as much as she could.  She guessed that she avoided the shock about 45 minutes
of every hour, and enduring it the rest of the time.  She had no idea how many hours passed before Erika
returned, but when the dominatrix entered the room Mary was gasping with effort, drenched in sweat, with
saliva dripping from her lips onto the bed below.  "Having fun?"  she chuckled.  "NNNNNHHH!
UUUURRRRRGGGGHHH!!" Mary answered frantically.  Erika reached down and flipped the switch to
"off" and with a sigh of relief Mary allowed her tongue to hand limply out of her mouth.  She was so tired.
Erika squeezed the ends of the clamp, and Mary's tongue was at last free.  It was dry, and felt like
sandpaper when she gratefully retracted it into her mouth.  It was several minutes before she could talk.
"Oh Mistress!" she croaked, "Oh thank you.......thank you so much!"

"Was it bad?"  asked Erika innocently.  "Oh......you have no idea....it was awful!" answered Mary.  "Are
you complaining?"  "Oh no.......no.......but......"  Mary had no real reply.  "I know, I know....but remember, I
said I was going to be mean to you" Erika laughed.  "Anyway, does your tongue work OK now?  Mary
experimentally licked her lips, and wiggled her tongue out between her teeth.  "Yes Mistress." she
answered.  "I guess it works."  "Good." said Erika as she stepped out of her outfit.  "I want you to show me
how well it works."  The dominant girl picked up the control, and slipped onto the bed directly under Mary.
She pushed the down button and positioned herself such that Mary's mouth descended directly onto the tip
of her left breast.  Mary whimpered eagerly, and her lips and tongue attacked the lovely pink bud of flesh.
The nipple surged erect to meet the hot, moist lips and tongue.  Erika sighed with pleasure and allowed her
slave to worship the sensitive nipple.  After a time she changed position, and offered her other bud for
worship.  When both nipples were wet with saliva and red from erotic friction Erika pushed the "UP"
button.  As Mary rose helplessly above her Mistress Erika rolled over onto her hands and knees, and
lowered Mary until the tongue came in contact with her ass.  Erika jammed her pink rosebud against Mary's
face, gasping as the wet tongue obediently probed the tight opening.  "Oh, that's good slave."  she groaned.
"Don't stop!"  Mary whimpered in reply, and redoubled her efforts.  Despite her ordeal, Mary was on fire,
her sex juicy with desire and her erect nipples pressed against the now inert metal electrodes.

Her poor abused tongue grew tired, but still Mary kept her face jammed between the cheeks of Erika's ass
and her tongue probing as deeply as possible into her Mistress' sensitive asshole.  "Perhaps," Mary thought
to herself, "if I please Mistress, she will let me down, and grant me some relief!"  Slavishly, determinedly
she worshipped the tight pink orifice.  When she backed off momentarily to catch her breath the little hole
glistened with saliva, red and swollen.

Finally, when Mary's poor tongue could hardly wiggle, Erika broke the intimate contact.  She slid  off the
bed, and reached for a large black leather gag, which she crammed between Mary's teeth.  "MMMMPP!"
exclaimed Mary as it was buckled tightly behind her leather helmet.  Erika picked up the remote control,
and pushed the button which raised Mary five feet above the bed.  "I have a surprise for you," she explained
to Mary, "and I want you where you won't get in the way."  With that Erika left the room.  Mary could still
not move her head, but since she was higher, her field of vision was big enough that she could just see the
bottom of the door through the corner of her eye.  When it opened, she saw two sets of feet, on was Erika's
the other were smaller, obviously female, with red painted nails.  As the two women came closer, Mary
could see more--slim but shapely legs, a tight ass, a set of prominent, pink pussyl ips on a shaven mound, a
slim waist, smallish pert breasts with large stiff nipples, and finally a beautiful exotic face surrounded by
shining, jet black hair.  The girl wore a narrow tight collar and was lead by a leather leash.  There was a
large, red ballgag strapped tightly in her mouth.  Mary gasped when she saw how the girl's arms were
bound.  The girl was slim with narrow shoulders, so her elbows were easily bound together with thin cord
which cut deeply into her flesh.  What was amazing to Mary, who thought she had been bound in almost
every way possible, was the position of the girl's hands.  With elbows together, rather than having her hands
together down her back behind her ass, the girl's arms were doubled back and up between her shoulder
blades, and tied palm to palm!  Even for a slight, supple young girl, the position was contorted, and must be,
Mary assumed, painful.  The cord around the girl's wrists was tied extremely tight, and her hands were dark,
with lifeless fingers.

"Mary," Erika said, "this is Lee."  The girl nodded in Mary's direction, but Mary was to well bound, and
too confused, to acknowledge the greeting.  Erika unbuckled the strap behind Lee's head, and pried the
large ball from the girl's mouth.  She moaned softly, but didn't say anything, and kept her eyes down turned
submissively.  Erika laid down in the center of the bed directly under Mary, and stretched sensuously.
"Your tongue is good, Mary," said Erika to the helpless, leather encased girl hanging above her, "but Lee is
better."  She tugged on the leash, and the oriental girl climbed clumsily into bed.  "Lee is my new, personal
slavegirl." explained Erika.  "Eat!" she commanded, spreading her legs.  The girl quickly obeyed, flopping
between Erika's beautiful thighs, and burying her face into the fragrant, wet mound.  While the girl
continued to worship the swollen pussy, Erika looked up at Mary, and smiled.  "Mary," she began, "I have
the house, I have a new slave girl, and frankly, I am tired of you.  A few minutes ago, you worshipped my
body for the very last time.  There will be no more privileges for the ex-'lady of the household'.  It is quite
possible that you will never be untied again, or never have sex again, or ever see the light of day again, or
even be un-gagged again.  You will be confined, and worked, and fed and watered.  You will sleep in your
cell every night tightly bound and gagged, not because I think you might escape, but because I want to fall
sleep knowing that you are helpless and hurting."  Mary greeted this news silently, but with great agitation!
She began to cry, and muffled sobs escaped her well gagged mouth as she writhed and heaved against the
confining leather.  Erika laughed.  "Don't fret....you didn't do anything wrong.  I found Lee, don't want you
any more, and you know that I can't let you go.   Besides,  I just feel like being a bitch!  With that, she
turned her full attention to the new slavegirl.  Mary could only cry, and watch helplessly as the two girls
spend the next hours enmeshed in each other's limbs, and buried in each other's pussies.  Eventually they
were sated, and oblivious to the bound girl hanging above them, drifted off to sleep.  Mary used up all her
tears, and simply hung forlornly until she too, fell asleep.

In the morning Mary was released from her suspension in the leather body sack, but she was kept hooded
and gagged, and a blindfold was added.  Her arms remained bound behind her back, with her elbows
crushed together.  She could no longer feel her fingers.  Before the blindfold was applied, Mary saw that the
maid responsible for her release and subsequent handling was not Maria.  This woman was larger and
stronger, and showed no interest in Mary other than as a piece of property to be well tied and looked after.
Her name was Samantha, she loved to punish women, and Mary would get to know her well.

Later, Mary began her new life.  She was given well used servant's uniform, shackled with heavy chains,
gagged to the point of choking, and given the most dreary, difficult chores in the household.  That night she
was taken to the basement, allowed to use the toilet, and un-gagged long enough to drink a cup of water and
wolf down a bowl of table scraps.  Then she was re-gagged, blindfolded, roped into a stringent hog-tie, and
placed face down on a hard wooden bench in her cell which would serve as her bed.  Despite the severity of
her bondage, Mary was so tired and demoralized that she quickly fell asleep.  In the morning she was roused
before it was light, fed and watered, allowed to use the toilet, and shackled for another day of toil.  For
several months she was kept to this regime--bondage and servitude without a hint of affection, no human
contact other than her "handler", and just enough nourishment to remain alive.  She never saw Erika, or her
new slave Lee.  Several times she saw Maria pass through while she worked.  The little maid looked at her
sadly, but never stopped or spoke.  Mary thought frequently of suicide.


It was early evening when the intercom from the main gate buzzed urgently.  The downstairs maid
answered.  "Yes?"  "Mary Edwards, please." inquired the voice at the other end.  "This is Ms. Erika's
Shultz's residence." the maid responded.  "Mrs. Edwards died in a plane crash with her husband some
months ago."  The voice answered with a tight laugh.  "OK," it answered.  "I'll play this game for a while.
May I then speak to Ms. Shultz, then?"  The maid hesitated, frowning.  "I don't know if Ms. Shultz is
available, Madam." she answered.  "Well," came the voice. "Tell Ms. Shultz that she either speaks with me,
or the police.....its up to her.  I'll wait five minutes."  The maid answered "Yes, Madam." and rushed to
convey the message.  In several minutes the electronic gate opened, and Cissi Miller drove up the long
driveway, parked, and knocked on the door.  Erika answered.  "Yes? she inquired politely.  "My name is
Cissi Miller." said the dark haired young woman at the door.  "I am a good friend of Mary
Edwards..formerly Edmonds.  I was her Maid of Honor when she married James, and was her bondage
Mistress before you were."  Erika's eyes opened wide in surprise for a moment, but she kept calm.  "What
might I do for you, Miss Miller?" she asked.  "I know for a fact that Mary didn't die in that crash, and that
you have kept her as a slave and defrauded James' insurance company and his estate out of this house."
"Oh?" laughed Erika nervously.  "What a silly story.  However did you get that idea?"  Cissi turned, and
motioned to the car.  Erika recoiled when she saw Maria, the little housemaid, get out and walk toward
them.  "Maria came to me with the whole story, which is taped and will be forwarded to the police just in
case you were thinking of any rough stuff."  Cissi looked at Erika like she was smelling a dead animal in the
road.  "Now, may I come in?" she asked.  "Uh....ye.....yes.  Of course."  Erika stood back, and allowed Cissi
and Maria to enter.

"Now,"  began Cissi, "we can do this the easy way or the hard way."  Erika started to speak, but Cissi held
up her hand, and interrupted.  "Shut up and listen, damn it!"  Erika looked down, and fell silent.  "We don't
want to make a big mess, if its not necessary.  If Mary is O.K., and agrees with me, we won't press charges,
provided you get your ass out of this house in 15 minutes, go directly to the office of our attorney to sign
papers admitting what you did, and relinquishing any claim over any of Mary's holdings.  Once this is done,
I want you to disappear."  Cissi looked at Erika with contempt.  "If we ever see, or hear from you again, we
will see to it that you spend a long time in jail for fraud and kidnapping.  Cissi walked past Erika, and
turned.  "Now, where is Mary?"  Erika stood still for a moment, then her shoulders slumped in defeat.  "In
her cell." she answered.  "Do you know where that is?" Cissi asked Maria.  "Yes.  In the basement." the
maid answered.  "Good, show me."  Cissi turned toward Erika.  "You stay here."  Erika nodded.  She was
no longer the tall, proud dominant, but seemed small, frail and beaten as she sat on the living room sofa and
awaited her fate.

Cissi followed Maria as the two women quickly descended into the cool basement of the mansion.  At the
end of a corridor was a heavy oak door.  It was bolted from the outside, but was not locked.  Maria pulled
back the bolt, and the door swung open, revealing a small cell at the other end of a room full of bondage
and torture devices of all types.  There was a black object in the cell that the girls assumed was Mary, but it
was impossible to tell.  The object was a smallish black box banded in steel, with stout hasps and locks.  A
leather discipline helmet protruded from a neck sized hole in the box.  The helmet was surrounded by a
black steel cage which fitting tightly around the leather, and kept the helmet rigidly in place.  There was no
sound, and absolutely no movement.  "Is that her?" asked Cissi of Maria.  "I don't know." answered Maria.
"It's possible that the box is empty, and Samantha has Mary in bondage elsewhere in the house."  Maria
spotted the key box on the wall, and began searching for the keys to the cell and bondage box.  "Samantha
treats Mary like her personal bondage toy, and there is no telling where she might be, or what is being done
to her."  She had a tear in her eye when she looked at Cissi.  "That's why I called you."  Cissi nodded in
understanding.  Once Maria had the key she quickly opened the cell, and rushed over to the inanimate black
object.  She touched the iron and leather encased object that she assumed was someone's head.  "It's
warm." she said, "Someone is inside this thing."  Maria quickly matched keys and locks and in short order
had the steel cage unlocked.  The head moved slightly, and a soft humming sound escaped the thick leather
padding.  Other keys opened the locks on the box, and the hasps came open, followed quickly by the two
panels which contained the semi-circles framing the captives neck.  As the boxes' interior came into view,
they could see that the occupant was a female.  The leather helmet was locked by a wide leather collar.  The
girl's torso was bound into a tight ball by a number of leather straps.  Her arms where bound together elbow
to elbow inside a leather single glove, the end of which was strapped to her bound ankles.  The girl's body
was covered in a thin black rubber "catsuit" which had built in feet and fingerless mitts at the ends of the
arms.  The black rubber disappeared underneath the leather collar, and Cissi assumed that the girl's head
was covered by a built-in rubber hood.  Maria quickly undid the straps binding the girl's body to her
doubled up legs, releasing her from the tight ball.  With a muffled groan the bound body unfolded.  Cissi
unlocked the collar, tore it off, then unlaced the thick leather helmet.  It had no mouth or eye openings at all,
just two small grommets  at the nose where short breathing tubes protruded.  When the helmet was loosened
Cissi tugged it free, and tossed it aside.  The head was covered in tight, seamless rubber.  There was a
zipper at the back of the head running down the entire back.  The hood was formfitting and like the leather
helmet had neither eye nor mouth holes.  The girls breathing whistled softly through the stubby tubes under
the nose.  The black leather bulged noticeably over the mouth.  "Some sort of gag." thought Cissi  as she
reached for the zipper.  She tugged the zipper all the way down the body, then roughly jerked the rubber
hood over the top of the girl's head.  At that moment they could see that the girl was, in fact, Mary.  Her
body was slick with sweat, and her blond hair was wet and matted to her scalp.  The girl opened her eyes,
blinking against the sudden light and the sting of sweat.  The eyes were dull and lifeless from hours of being
tightly blindfolded, gagged and hooded, but suddenly focused and grew wide with surprise when they saw
Cissi.   "MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!"  she said,  "UrrrrrrruuuUUUMMMPPP!"  Mary's lower face was
wrapped in thin, extremely sticky tape which covered a stretchy bandage which had been wound tightly
around Mary's face below her nose.  After the tape was cut and the bandage unwrapped the girls discovered
that Mary's mouth was stretched wide open, and that a large, soft pad was wedged between her teeth.  Cissi
pried out the soggy wadding, only to discover a thin silk scarf that had been pulled so tight between Mary's
teeth that it pulled back the corners of her mouth into a harsh grin. The scarf was tied with the knot inside
Mary's mouth.  Once it was untied, Cissi found more soft packing.  She reached two fingers into her friends
mouth, and pulled out the drool soaked cloth.  Mary licked her lips.  "How on earth.....?" she gasped.  While
Cissi had been working on the awful gag, Maria had been unfastening the single glove, and other tightly
buckled straps.  The two women helped Mary unsteadily to her feet, and Cissi grasped her friend in a long,
emotional hug.  "Oh, Mary!" exclaimed Cissi, "I'm so sorry that I didn't come sooner....I thought you were
dead."  "It's not your fault." cried Mary in happiness.  "You had no reason to doubt the police report."  A
look of concern crossed Mary's face.  "What about Erika?    And Samantha?" she asked.  "Don't worry,
Sweetheart." answered Cissi.  "Erika is upstairs, scared out of her wits, hoping we don't send her to jail for
the rest of her life.  I just found out about Samantha, but we will see about her future shortly."  Cissi held
Mary at arm's length.  "More importantly, how are you?" she asked.  "I......I'm O.K." answered Mary.
"Erika had a new girl, and didn't care about me one way or the other."  Mary surveyed the room of bondage
equipment that had been the center of her life for many months.  "Samantha was tough, but never sadistic,"
Mary continued.  "And she was so eager, and pleased with me as her toy, that its hard to be mad at her."
Mary looked at Cissi and Maria and smiled.  "You know how I am." she said with a  shrug of  her
shoulders.  "I know." said Cissi in exasperation.  "I know how you are!"  Mary laughed.  "You know what I
missed though?" she asked.  "I missed love.  I loved you Cissi.....as a friend and sister, and then I loved
James......and when I lost him, I came to love Erika......"  Mary started to cry, and Cissi took her into her
arms.  "..and she got someone else, and I had nobody."  Cissi continued to soothe her friend until the sobs
subsided.  "Shush now." she said softly.  "You have me......and you have Maria."  "Maria?" asked Mary.
"Yes." answered Cissi.  "Maria is why you are free this very minute.  She found me, and told me what had
happened."  Mary turned, and looked at the little maid.  The girl dropped her eyes, seemingly embarrassed
to look at the tall, sweaty, naked woman who was, at least officially, the head of the household.  "How?"
she asked gratefully.  "Where did you find Cissi's name and number?"  "You had a purse with you the night
Mr. Edwards brought you here after your marriage.  I cleaned the room the next day, and stuck it away in
the closet."  She looked up at Mary.  "When I didn't like what was happening to you, I didn't know what to
do....where to go.  I looked in your purse, and found a note with Cis....Miss Miller's name and number.  I
called and asked if she were a friend of yours.  When I found out that she was your roommate and Maid of
Honor, I told her the whole story."

 "Well all I can do is say thanks!" answered Mary.  "I appreciate the risk you took....you could have wound
up a captive down in this cellar along with me!"  "Yes" said the little maid, "but I love you too much to let
this go on another day."  "Cissi said that you love me, you just said that you love me."  Mary looked
puzzled.  "You hardly know me. How could you love me?"  Maria smiled sheepishly, and her dark skin
flushed with embarrassment.  "I have always been happier around women than men, even when I was in
school and all my friends were "boy crazy" she explained.  "I never did anything about it, though.  Many
months ago, when I was straightening out the upstairs bedrooms I discovered you bound on the bed.  You
were helpless, and blindfolded, and looked so beautiful."  She looked at Mary and smiled.  "I couldn't
resist!"  "That was you?" Mary exclaimed.  "Yes." answered the maid.  "I couldn't keep my hands off
you....it was so much fun!"  Mary shrugged her shoulders and continued to listen.  "It was the first time I
had ever touched a woman like that....and a few more ropes made you even more beautiful."  Maria wrung
her hands together, and looked down.  "Are you mad at me?" she asked.  Mary just laughed.  "No, of course
not!" she answered.  "First of all, you are my savior, second, you looked after me all those months and
helped me with my chores, and third........."  Mary paused a moment.  "Third.....that time in the
bedroom......it was fun!  I didn't know who it was, and have always wondered......"  A reproachful look
crossed Mary's face.  "You left me in quite a fix, as I remember."  Again Maria looked sheepish.  "I didn't
want to stop!" she said, and all three women laughed.  With that, Maria ran upstairs to get Mary a bathrobe.


"What happens now?" asked Mary after she had a bite to eat and a large cold drink.  "Well," answered
Cissi, "Erika is still sitting upstairs on pins and needles wondering the same thing.  Her slave Lee is around
somewhere, and unless she has already left, we have to deal with Samantha."  Mary thought for a moment.
"I used to care for Erika, and I don't want the fuss of police and everything.  Why don't we let her leave?"
"You're the one who has been bound and gagged for days at a time, not me!" Cissi answered.  "Whatever
you want to do is fine.  In fact, I told Erika that if she cooperated, that she might get out of this without
going to jail."  "Good." said Mary, nodding in agreement.  "Tell her to clear out....and take Lee with her!"
"O.K.," answered Cissi, "what about Samantha?"  A small smile played across Mary's face.
"Well.....Samantha is awfully good at bondage....and you probably are out of practice."  Mary looked at
Cissi with an eager grin.  "Why don't you keep her around for some pointers..at least for a while?" she
asked.  "Why don't I keep her around?" resonded Cissi. "What do you mean?  I have to catch a plane
tonight.  I have a job....I need to be at work in the morning, and you are the rightful owner of this estate and
have a bunch of stuff that you need to do."  Mary crossed the room, and knelt in front of her friend.  "Yes, I
do have an estate." she said.  "They say that money can't buy happiness, but in this case, I think they are
wrong."  She took Cissi's hand, and looked up into Cissi's eyes.  "Cissi, I have more money that we will
ever need....quit you job and come live her.  Take care of me.....and love me?" she begged.  It was not a
hard decision.  Cissi bend to Mary's upturned head and their lips met in a hesitant, gentle kiss.  "Yes...."
Cissi agreed,  "I'll stay!"  The dark haired girl stood, and picked up a pair of handcuffs.  She spun Mary
forcefully around, and quickly snapped the cuffs tightly on her wrists.  "I think you have a good idea about
Samantha." she continued as she buckled a leather collar around Mary's neck.  "I can see that she is very
accomplished, and I have a few good ideas of my own!"  Cissi next picked up a pair of nasty, spring loaded
nipple clamps. "Between Samantha, Maria and me, you should get plenty of attention!"  Mary squealed as
each nipple was teased until erect then painfully clamped.  "Oh, Mistress!" she gasped.  Cissi picked up a
large red ball gag which was quickly forced between Mary's lips.  The captive girl whimpered and shook
her head, but was unable to avoid the stifling mouthful.  Cissi attached a leash to Mary's collar, then left her
captive standing while she used the intercom.  "Maria, can you come here, please?"  In less than a minute
the maid knocked, then entered.  "Yes, Madam?" she asked.  Maria glanced at Mary, but if she was
surprised at what had happened, she  didn't let it show.  "Maria, I'm going to take care of Erika." she
instructed.  "Mary is yours for the night."  "Yes Madam.  Thank you!" answered the maid happily.  Cissi
spoke as Maria was leading her captive out of the room.  "Have fun, but don't wear her out totally, there is
lots to do tomorrow."  "Yes Madam." Maria answered.  "I already have Mary's uniform cleaned and
starched....there is lots of silver to be cleaned!

Mary shook her head, stamped her foot and protested wetly through the gag.  "Noooggghhhh!" she
exclaimed,  "Llllleeeeetttttt.....Eeeeeeeehhhh........llllloooooossshhhhhh!"  Mary whined and whimpered,
and fought the leash,  but her eyes twinkled with anticipation as Maria led her away.