Indecent Exposure
by Al Tyler

Part 1 - Arrested

Arabia. I really couldn’t believe I was here. This golden light sprawled all around…that blue sea lingering the sky…Wow! When Master came home last week and told me to pack for a brief vacation (he said nothing about location) I quivered just a little bit, but also enjoyed the thought of a brief holiday.

“Dyane, we’re heading to a country where women know their place. Saudi Arabia is a soothing place for us men and a soft trainer for a girl like you. You’re to mold your natural skills and habits to their standards. You know, walking behind me, discreetly lowering your eyes when in public and most of all never walk down the street revealing your charms as I like so much, even if in your elegant style. Did you get me, pet? ‘Case You break their rules I couldn’t but allow them to punish you as like as they punish their women. Maybe this could be a threat for you but at that place a woman is but a dog or a camel. Though, I think we need a bit of vacation. So, my dear, hurry up”.

And now I’m here on my way to the hotel’s pool. Those Arabic men are so fiercely polite. They look at me as just as they’re seeing a princess…but their looks tells about a woman pleasure toy… a slave to be used…mmmhhh. Am I dreaming about? I don’t think so! However, Master has told me to join him by the swimming pool. Entering there I couldn’t but read this warning:

Our revered female guests are kindly requested not to let somebody see most of their bodies wearing too tiny or bikini swimsuit. Islamic law prohibits it to save womanly decency and safety at all. Penalty will be five lashes and/or whatever else the Hotel’s management will see fit. We regret this international rights’ suspension in submitting foreign guests to Arabic rules but so Koranic laws prescribes for whoever walks onto our sacred land. Thank you for your patience.

Here we are, aren’t we? I must admit this warning makes its run inside of me…and my pussy is…well, you know what. But, I don’t like the idea of my Master having to abdicate his prerogatives for my so called indecent exposure. Even if my swimsuit doesn’t fit at all with rules. It just covers my nipples, cleft and buttocks while underlining my thighs and ankles bouncing onto these high heels. Well, we’ll see. Maybe that’s a simple threat not to be put in action so that all of us foreign “bitches” (ops) are kept through our paces. No I can’t really believe these sweet Arabic men could thrash a woman for doing her work. Now, my girl, let’s go and do our best.

I didn’t see Master all around there and walked to my deck chair, keeping my bathrobe stuck to my curves. Then I lay down and threw it aside…and all of the Arabic personnel’s eyes bulged out!!! I couldn’t but jiggling inside even if that warning made me a bit feared about. I spent half an hour sipping a light drink and tanning my body. So warm and relaxing this Sun. Then all of a sudden I felt a strong hand over my left shoulder. Turning to my left I saw them. Two brown skinned men, black haired, muscular, both perfectly attired in well-tailored blue suits, and I’d say sternly looking at my…charms.

“Would you please stand up, madam? This apparel of yours doesn’t fit at all with Hotel’s as well Law’s standards. Haven’t you seen the posted Warning?” Meanwhile his colleague was draping a long black silk cape over my shoulders.

“Sure I did and also thought it was a simple threat not to be really put in action. Maybe I was…terribly wrong.” I answered, quivering a lot.

“Terribly wrong? Much more than that you are, madam. You’ve broken Hotel’s requirement as just as Islamic Law. You’re now under arrest and going with us to a proper place. Please to take off your swimsuit and give it to my colleague. That will be the body of evidence before your punishment.”

“You want me to undress?! And I won’t come anywhere without my…Hey!”

A swift move and the man had my bikini in his hands. I was now stark naked, even if covered by the long cape. The man moved hasty again, threading his hands under the cape.. Mmhhh… just a second after I was…I was cuffed!! Fingering the cuffs I found they were the hinged type, you know. So! I was a dangerous one, naked and cuffed piece of female at the mercy of the …Law.

“Now, please come with us without utterly defying our patience, woman. We’ll be heading the manager’s office now. This way, please”

I saw any other Hotel’s staff member around us stealing a satisfied look on my new predicament. I saw their thoughts as well as written in front of my eyes. They thought that, finally, one of those luscious foreign bitches was down to her heels. Enough of that naked exposed as untouchable flesh! Naked & in chains to be whipped! Enjoy slut!

In the meantime we were walking through the Hall. I got other foreign guests’ puzzled glimpses. It was undoubtedly a sight: two Arabic men leading a female guest strangely attired and clearly preventing her from changing direction, or escape…in addition to it, my high heels and my hands cuffed behind made my steps a bit enticing, you know. My nipples were a bit swelling from under the cape.. And my moistened pussy drove me to wave my flanks, step by step. Many male guests in the Hall were excited and bulging. Once into the elevator Their stylish manners got to an abrupt change.

“Down on your knees, woman. Ali, take off that cape” said one of them.

“Much better. Now listen straight to me, you foreign bitch! We’re bringing you to meet your judge. He is the Hotel’s manager as like as our Sheik, the Religious Power here. He is to choose and administer the five prescribed lashes and any other punisment he’ll see fit for your misbehaviour. Remember to cast down your eyes at all. As for our national and religious rules you’re but a bitch to be properly tamed. During your punishment period you’ll be treated as such. We know your husband is just aware of your actual status and allowed all of our procedures related to. At the end you’ll be given back to your owner.”

Ali said, "Shall I collar the bitch, Yussuf?"

Yussuf nodded and Ali buckled a leather collar around my neck and clipped a leash to it, just like I was a dog. When the elevator stopped Yussuf made me to rise, pulling on my leash.

“Take off those heels, bitch! You’re heading to a place where a wiggling ass can’t gain you but a whipped ass. Try and be decent, come on,” he said, making the leash short to keep me on my tiptoes just so I coluld breath. Decent?! How could I be that? Naked, hands cuffed behind, collared and leashed…Indeed! I was a decent female slave!

We moved through a long corridor; my nipples reacted to the fresh air conditioning, stiffening a bit… treacherous those two! For Yussuf and Ali saw them and slapped my ass.

Shortly after this we entered the Manager’s office. “Well, well. What do we have here? You seem to have a thing for bringing nude female in this office Yussuf. What’s the matter this time? Indecent exposure, is it?”

“Yes El Hadj. And this foreign bitch knew the warning…and ignored it! In addition to this, when we asked for her swimsuit as a body of evidence to exhibit, she refused to go along with. This way I was compelled to restrain her. Now El hadj we wait for your honourable assessment. What should we do?"

“We have a policy here to be fully pursued anytime. Our civil and religious rules can never be broken. But also our manners are to be protected at all, in foreign point of view. If she were an Arabic woman I’d have just ordered her five lashes. But she is a foreign guest. So that my first job is to notify her owner her actual status as a bitch to be punished. In the meantime bring her to our special flat and wait there. I need his informed allowance to proceed. And keep her restrained at all; this foreign women need to be taught their exact value and position in life”

The two men bowed and grabbed my arms, heading to the door. Once in the walkway, Ali shoved a finger…up into my ass…aaahh.. And grabbed my breasts roughly handling them, while his partner went for the elevator.

“You heard El Hadj, woman. Till your punishment begins you’re to be kept restrained. The better you please us the easier it will be for you. Got it Bitch?”

I was terribly afraid and excited. Then we entered into luscious flat; stone walls, soft carpets, seats of soft skin. They removed the cape and cuffs. “Stay straight, whore, and don’t move! Good. Now Cross your wrists behind you.”

My preferred predicament, you know! Naked and being tied by two…wow …two males ready to administer their whims. I felt my thighs moistened…fear could be such erotic… in the mean time Ali had tied my hands with white rope and was dragging me to a wall to anchor the rope to a hook.

“Finally you’re at your place. Hooked as you are now, you’ll be waiting your punsishment time. Look at those buttocks, Yussuf. I dream about opening them and shove my cock deep.”

“Keep it cool, Ali. We’re not to interfere with El Hadj orders. Anyway I got your point, my friend. This foreign bitch’s tits intrigue me…maybe I could massage my dick through them…and that hairy cunt too. I guess that a pure silk one. Look Ali our bitch is cuddling the wall…maybe she likes having us here to comment on her assets. Yah, Ali do try and feel her cunt! She moistens!!!”

“A tight crotch rope is a must now. This untamed bitch needs to learn she hasn’t privileges here. Come on, man, good and tight.”

Mmmhhh. They put me on fire! My so beseeched pussy juiced and…juiced…and my nipples were so stiff they hurt. Those two guys were horny, believe me! They fondled my ass, one sticking his finger into it, while the other one groped and sucked my breasts…mmhh…pure torture, wasn’t it?

“Yussuf, she likes it! She likes being abused! These scornful whores crave to be dominated. Every man who got them this way, well… I guess he owes them at the very best. It needs a hard cock and a strong mind to put them to their heels. This cunt deserves her treatment.”

Saying so Ali shoves his hand into my mouth, making open wide and drool…drool a lot. And when I drool…well, I got pleasure from my humiliation and start drooling a bit down under…and also moan...

“That couldn’t be, my friend. Her, let’s gag and bind her the proper way. You do the thighs, I do the elbows. Good; this way the slut is well opened for inspection. Comfy, slut?”

They had tied my elbows together, making my tits protrude, and spread my ankles and thighs by tying ropes from them all around the pillar I was hooked to. I was also rope gagged; three loops through my mouth and connected to my wrists, so that my head tilted…mmgghh... up. I was helplessly opened up and couldn’t move a bit. I was at their mercy. And isn’t a woman on the edge of pleasure at her masters’ mercy? Their rough manhandling continued a lot. Each time I was close to a climax they stopped and laughed at me, calling me dirty names and things.

“So you’d like to come, don’t you, lurid slut? Pleasure is for honest women when and if their man allows it. Nothing more, nothing less. Are you an honest woman, slut? I don’t think so. WE caught you wiggling your ass and tits in front of our people. Maybe you were striving to seduce them. Now you are in a proper position. Consider your being her as a slut to be properly tamed, used, and trained to be an honest woman from now on. “Honest woman” stands for a female who knows her life is to be played with, serve her man, her sons, with honour and dignity. No more wiggling your naked ass in public.”

While being so lectured I was tied into a different predicament. They put me onto my knees, keeping me rope gagged (the rope gagging me ran all around the pillar and was ...tight). My wrists were re-tied in front and tied on my head and again to the pillar. They tightened the knots a lot then…their cocks were out of their trousers and Yussuf and Ali began to knead… and rubbing my gagged lips and …grazing my nipples…and threatening to take off my gag and make me suck them…and I was again on that damned crotch rope squeezing my pussy when…they came, sprawling their cums all around my face and tits, and breasts and…wow.!!!

Part 2 The Ordeal

Then they untied me from my kneeling position and sat me onto a couch. “Spread your legs, woman. Good!” They tied my wrists in front and pulled them up and behind my neck, tying the remaining rope down under the couch. My breasts immediately pointed forwards. Then they spread my legs a bit more and individually tied my knees to the couch’s arms. I was well opened and. helpless. Suddenly I was alone. I felt cum drying all over my face and breasts… and strangely I knew they were observing my movements by a hidden eye. I was right. Shortly afterwards my tormentors were there again. They hooded me and gagged me by an inflatable gag, pumping it to the extreme. As soon as I was silenced they untied my knees and the rope keeping my wrists up behind my head and made me stand and turn, facing (so to say!) the couch. After that, they pulled my wrists’ rope and bent me forward onto the couch. My ankles were spread and tied to sofa’s legs. I was now ready for each and every use they’d choose for me.

“Go and tell El Hadj the bitch is ready to receive her five lashes, Yussuf. I’ll take care of this whore, waiting here till he’ll be here.” I heard two different masculine steps approaching. Then…Ouch! Five burning lashes were applied to my buttocks.

I heard a familiar voice. “I feel obliged to reward your courtesy, El Hadj. I thought this appropriate punishment would be administered by your hands, not mine. Let me say your offer has touched my heart. May I offer this slave to your pleasure for the night? I only request you keep her tightly tied and gagged all the time, even when you send her back to my room, tomorrow morning. I hope you’ll be pleased and compensated for this bitch’s upset.” It was my owner talking! I… was to be loaned out to El Hady…all night…to be used and disciplined, to perform…

“This is one honourable offer of yours, Mr Tyler. Still I have an additional issue. We both agreed that Miss Dyane broke our rules and needed to be punished for it. Our social rules impact onto our people’s minds. And let me say those are simple but stern minds that need to be fully satisfied. My staff all have been informed of Dyane’s ordeal but that’s not enough. So I’m here to ask for your permit to exhibit this slave bitch during her short transfer to my rooms in a most humiliating way, as a like as a just sold off slave should suffer. I was thinking about having her dragged all around, hands tied behind her, naked, gagged and leashed, an inscription onto her ass such as “temporary slave of the Law” (that would be made by a washable ink, of course). My simple fellows would be extremely happy in seeing their principles respected. So what about, my friend?”

“You have my permission, El Hadj. Now if you would excuse me, I’d like to start sunbathing again. After all I’m here on my holiday. I’m completely sure my property will be in a safe place, within your rooms. See you tomorrow”

Part 3 Slave of the Law

Shortly afterwards I felt my hands being untied and immediately cuffed in front. They shackled my ankles and collared me again, this time with a cold steel collar. I could feel between my breasts the attached heavy chain. A soft click and there I was: nude, chained, and still hooded. That was not enough, believe me.

“Turn around Miss Tyler, would you?! Good. Now Hamed will mark your buttocks and breasts by an inscription: “Slave of the Law”.

I felt something like a soft brush rapidly and swiftly moving on my bottom and then it was on my breasts. All of sudden my hood was off. I was standing in front of El Hadj who was lecturing a new thug about my next predicament. I tried to placate him. “Mr. El Hadj…Sir, May I humbly express my thanks for your punisment? And…”

“And now shut up, woman! Look, Hamed, this witch tries to persuade us to lighten her condition, striving to perform as an honest woman should do. Let’s put her into a bridle gag .Good! You will drag her all around the Hotel. the beach, the swimming pool, inside the restaurant (make sure our guests have a taste of her flesh), the lounge and finally the kitchen. Tell all our men and women you met that she is at their disposal for touching, probing, groping and such. She is offered to satisfy their angry and legitimate desires till 1900. No one is to damage the State’s temporary property nor break rules. She is to be delivered to my flat exactly as she is now. In case this bitch reacts to this part of her ordeal trying to deny to be touched or such you’re allowed to whip her buttocks two times for each denial. The bit gag is never to be removed, unless her mouth is requested of. Got it, Hamed?”

“Yes, Sir of course”

“Slave, I hope you understand as a negative report about your next habits will drive you to a hard night. I could be a stern Master or a pleasurable lover. It depends from your skills in fulfilling my orders and pleasures too. So, the more you’ll be marked by Hamed’s crops the harder and stricter will be your punishments. Now nod me your understanding, slave bitch!”

I nodded (well maybe I drooled just a little bit) and Hamed yanked on the chain, pulling me along a corridor. We speedy went outside, by the pool. I saw the astonished looks from all other hotel’s clients. Some from the males couldn’t but express their excited appreciation and open disgust for my condition. I was a woman under the Law’s enforcement, rightly treated as all of us women should be when trying to top from the bottom. Then an Arab maid approached us and told something to Hamed while roughly…mmmhhh…twisting my nipples. I couldn’t but moan under her touch. They talked just a little bit, and then Hamed handled her the chain.

"You move whore! Now I’ll show you as your churning flanks can’t be enough to gain our males’ attention and that it leads to our revenge! Would you like to serve the Arabs? Well, we will see it!” While Hamed quietly sat on a deck chair, she headed for a small garden close by . There were four other maid women waiting . Brooms, scrubbers, were all around them. They addressed my naked and chained body with angry looks.

The maid holding myu chain said something in Arabic to the other women and then translated for me. “Look, sisters, El hadj’s wisdom has decreed our rights to punish this bitch till 1900. I think we all have a need to teach her how an honest woman should mold her habits here, don't we? We only have not to ruin this worthless piece of meat before El hadj could use her”

Meanwhile her “sisters” had surrounded us and began to pinch and probe my flesh…then

“Amina I think she could usefully clean up the edge of the swimming pool sweeping away the sand. Maybe we could thread a broom up into her ass and have her use it. In the meantime we could have a rest and pleasantly enjoy her humiliations. And everybody here around could see this bitch put through her paces. What do you think about?”

The hell bitch…so I was to be plugged and compelled to churn my bare ass, being so chained and bit gagged…while they…I quivered and that was not only for fear! My new captors were short of time. Someone grabbed my ass cheeks and opened them, sprawling some ointment inside… ouch! I felt it! I had been transformed into a three legged woman; should I have tried to lighten my next hard work I could easily have rest my weight…upon it…do you understand me?

“Now slave, wiggle that luscious ass and wipe off all sands here around. We want this area perfectly cleaned up within next 60 minutes, do you understand me, bitch?”

Amina underlined her speech by slapping my breasts roughly. I moaned my assent through my bit gag and went to work. Each time I pushed onto my broom, a shiver ran down my spine and trough my legs…I quivered by pleasure, some moist …you know what. It was a hard way to reward their angry looks and rude comments. They made rough remarks about my stretched asshole, how it was sucking the broomstick; some of them walked by me slapping my ass cheeks, pinching my nipples and…wow …fingering my labia, calling me dirty names and speaking aloud about the right treatment for a foreign worthless bitch. I guess any other Hotel guests were a bit horrified and…excited by my ordeal.

At last I had finally cleaned up all the area. I was panting and drooling a lot: I sincerely hoped to be released from this feminine grip, but I was wrong. My “sisters” viciously smiled at me but no one made a move. Meanwhile Amina was furiously talking to my thug. I was still naked, chained, ass plugged and gagged, dirty and…Then Amina was back handling two coiled r ropes and ordered something to my sister Fatima (the hell bitch). She approached and opened my cuffs.

“Turn around slave bitch” she ordered slapping my ass. As soon as I complied my hands were cuffed behind me…tightly. Ouch. Then Amina took her time individually roping my breasts, so that they were like two small melons while my “third leg” was pulled off…ouch.

“Did you think Arab women were fools and lacking in pride? Were you really convinced that our men could be so easily 'attracted' by your worthless bare flesh?! Do you really like to be treated as a worthless piece of meat? I think so! As a Slave of the Law you’re here to be used as we wish. Now, slave, down on your knees”.

Amina took off my bit gag, then pulling on the ropes left dangling down under my tied breasts, leashed me on my knees in front of her. She wore a grey tunic and wooden sandals. Amina pulled on my leashed breasts till I my head nearly touched her crotch.

“Now slave, my friend here is exhausted. She had been on her duty from 0400 till the exact moment you wriggled your ass here around. Do now your apologies, bitch! Lick eagerly her feet, suck her toes. Do it! And do it well, so that everyone around here could see a rich foreign bitch lick an Arab woman’s feet!” In the meantime the other one put her feet onto the ropes till my lips touched her big toe, while someone slapped my ass… I licked, I licked eagerly all dust away…she raised her feet to make me swirling my tongue down under...bleah! That was disgusting! Kneeling naked and cuffed and… I had to repeat my slavish performance six other times!!! They gagged me again.

“That’s the right way to have this foreign bitch. Amina! Maybe we could have a snack of her flesh, don’t we? Hamed, can we?...” Hamed nodded positively. My new captor grabbed my chain and made me stand.

“Come with me, slave of the law. Now you‘ll taste the lust you made us boiling into, do you bitch? Here, let me fix you in a proper way”. He clamped my nipples with steels clamps connected by a short leash and pulled up till I was on my tiptoes, heading towards the beach. It was hard to keep my balance; each time I tried to lower my heels she pulled harder on the leash, making the clips bite into my nipples.

It was a beautiful bright sunny day and the beach was crowded. As we slowly paraded, an old fisherman stopped my man and roughly groping my clamped breasts said something to him. They jerked me down on my knees (ouch!) and the old man held steadily onto my leash while the other took out my bit gag. I pressed my face close to the old man’s cock, right down until his pubic hairs tickled my nose, and caught the tip of it in my mouth. After a few minutes of slurping and sucking without effect, all at once, he fiercely pulled my leashed breasts and pushed his member deeper and deeper till I felt his cock stirring to life. When I pressed my face hard into his crotch, I could feel it prodding right at the back of my mouth.

“Keep sucking, slut,” He jerked his hips and pumped his cock deep into my mouth to get my attention . In the meantime I heard a small group gathering around us.

“Dyane, what’s happened? I can’t believe it! Where is your legitimate owner? Why are you bearing this ordeal? Now, You two horrible monsters let her alone! Let her talk to me!”

Answering this was too hard a task; my mouth was fully controlled by the old man’ cock as just as he commanded my bobbing up and down without break. Anyway, the female’s voice came from a friend of mine, a young woman called Charlize. As we were landing in this country, my Master told me that he had seen Charlize and her husband’s name on the passengers list, but we hadn’t met up with them yet. Charlize isn’t her hubby’s slave. She knew my attitude and our lifestyle but neither approved nor criticized them. As our friendship deepened, she seemed to enjoy my predicaments. Two or three times Charlize unexpectedly came to visit and chat with me;she always found me bound, naked and serving my Master. They were pleasant hours for her, I guess!

Nevertheless seeing me enduring the whip of the law away from my Master had frightened her, and in this frame of mind she had tried to help me some way. As for me this unexpected meeting doubled my humiliation.

“This bitch is our to use as we wish till this night. El hadj conversed her into a Slave of the Law. Would you like to taste the same, woman?” Saying so my former thug pressed a rough hand on my friends’ breast.

“Charlize don’t panic...ouch! Charl...mmppf!” I had endangered my leashed breasts by bringing up my head to try and answer to my friend. At I did the old fisherman at the same time pulled on my nipples and grabbed my hair taking his cock back home, while the other man raised me on my feet and entered my ass, riding me hard and fast. The fishermen came first, grunting his pleasure aloud and jerking a lot of his cream down my throat; just two seconds and the other one got off too. They made me clean their cocks before throwing me on the sand.

Several other men gathered all around us and took turns touching me, fingering my ass, groping my tits, opening my labia… again it was humiliating and exciting the same way. I went on moaning and juicing just a little bit... I was surfing into my space… I felt three fingers brushing my clit and pouching into…mmmhh. At the same time they sucked and licked my engorged nipples. I was nearly on the edge…nearly there…and they abruptly stopped! That was pain, pain pleasure induced. I heard them laughing and calling me stupid cow and such. Then they started again. And stopped again…and again my body was to explode... but they denied my…Oh My I was driven crazy. My cunt moistened…I sensed a soft cream running down through my thighs… aroused as I was I’d have done the worst to obtain my pleasure.

Hamed had joined us.“Look at this bitch, men. She is naked, chained, leashed as an animal, and groped by unknown men. Yet she is sexually aroused. She ignores her demeaning condition. This bitch would do everything to obtain pleasure. Modesty, grace, are not of her charms. She is to be treated like a bitch” he said, brushing my labias with his big toe. "I guess if we keep her up on the edge and then we cum all over her body then she orgasms this way? I think that her lower animal nature will be fully on view."

And so they did it. I became the moaning target of nearly forty men’s hands. Each of them stroked his cock and seized all of my body, tightening, manipulating, twisting, enjoying my suffering and my moans. In a short time they got off!! I was submerged by white cream all over my body and finally…my pleasure blew up, like a raging thunder. I had been reduced to my quivering knees by its intensity. I was leashed to a pole to dry off.

“You’re such a worthless slut, baby! You’re a shame for western women. I think you really deserved this, bitch!”

I raised my head from the dust and saw a tall, curvaceous brunette standing on my right. She was…stroking her man’s cock and calling me dirty names. I’d like to have my man whip you here and now, bitch, and maybe have your ass as a hole cum …” the more she talked the more stiff I saw her man’s cock. He jerked off too, spraying his cream on my face…then she wiped off his flaccid cock stroking it on my face…

“Hope you enjoy your way, slut. You’re now a hole cum, the lowest way to be used. Hope your Arab Masters could really put you through your paces. Maybe I could even convince your master to leave you here for a while. Don’t you think my charms could be of help, slave of the law? Till you ordeal ends you’re Property of the State here, and who could forecast the events?”

Then I was alone. Hamed had now locked my chain to a ring at the bottom of the post, so that I had to wriggle on my cuffed hands. The sun was so hot, enough to cook the white cream onto my body. It soon started to tingle and “pinch” my skin. I wondered about my Master and that horrible female approaching him. While I was engrossed in my thoughts a cold water jet hit me…

“Come on, slave, roll over and let me scrub you, worthless piece of meat! We won’t you be so dirty in front of El hadj. Move, bitch, go down on your knees now. Good, now open your legs”

He untied my breasts and took off the clamps; I got the full jet between my legs, crying in pain… the water hit my sensitive spots as like as a giant cock. Finally it was off. I felt my skin smooth and clean again, save for a little bit juicing down there. Hamed unlocked and removed my collar, relaeaing me from the post, and helped me to my feet and unexpectedly started to rub on me some scented oil in a gentle manner. Let me say it was a delicious torment. As just as I was fully greased, he put some high heels on my feet and clicked shut a wider, heavier, steel collar around my throat. He dragged me tottering on my high heels towards the restaurant.

It consisted of two pavilions encircled by large green meadows. By that time, I thought that I was going to be shown to a large number of people n this predicament. I was wrong.

“Slave of the Law you’re now to add pleasure to our guests’ meal. As for now you aren’t but tableware and they will use you as such. So mold your habits and be a good bitch.”

As we got inside the resturant I saw it was crowded. Hamed took off my cuffs and put me on all fours, dragging me around by a leash clipped to my collar. I had just passed by two or three tables when I felt tugged on from my right; another tug and I was stretched face upon a table, a man and his(?) woman seated on both sides. Hamed cuffed my hands in front again. He tied a rope to the the link between my wrists and stretched my hands over my head and below the edge of the table. He passed the rope under the table and wrapped it around my bent legs, just below my knees. My guests chatted pleasantly and feigned indifference, while a waiter served some couscous, strewing it on me! It was hot! I quivered with pain while their forks stuck into my body. I couldn’t but moan, tensing my body just to try and escape from this unrelenting pinching.

All at once, the woman was standing over my face. I saw her shaved crotch as he raised up her skirt and asked her companion to take off my bit. Then she relieved her bladder on my face! My God! And all the dining room clapped them, when the man gagged me before leaving the place hand in hand with that...ok, ok I’m the Slave of the Law, aren't I?

In a short time Hamed was there again. I felt him gently rubbing my body with a hot and soft towel and pouring some fresh water on my poor face. Then he made my hair into a pony tail, untied the rope, and helped me to stand up. He cuffed my hands cuffed behind me again, and a wide strap was tightly cinched around my elbows making my tits protrude (ouch!) . Two minutes later I was trying not to trip as Hamed strode quickly towards the kitchen, pulling me behind him by the leash still clipped to my collar. We entered a large place, full of busy women; the air was hot and and spicy, a lot of delicious smells lingered in my nostrils. After all I was hungry, as in the past twelve hours I had got only…you know what.

Hamed gave my leash to a tall veiled woman who seemed to be in charge there: she made Hamed a curtsey and led me to a huge mantelpiece and padlocked the ring on my collar to a ring embedded in the stone mantle. I had to bend my knees a few inches because there wasn't any slack. To make it worse she locked handcuffs on my ankles, making it even more difficult to stand. It was terribly hot for a naked and chained woman, completely helpless and unable to move! They left me unattended for the next thirty minutes, while I felt the strain in my legs grow, fearing I would strangle if they couldn't support my weight.

Then a girl approached me, stirring into a small bowl with a brush; next she gently greased my nipples and labia with some ointment. In a few of seconds I felt my nipples stiffen and my clit stirring! To be chained up and collared and unable to move was a torment, believe me! So I squirmed and waved my hips to relieve my feelings someway. The tall veiled woman had spotted my squirming and gave a sign, another girl approached me again, handling a different bowl. She too applied what was in to my nipples and cunt and ass. And I took fire! I got that ointment as cold at first…ouch! Now it was a fire raging all trough my intimate parts…all of the former pleasure has gone away. Hell’s bells! This time I moaned and squirmed and frantically waved my hips to pour out my distress, while all of the Arabian women laughed at me and most probably insulted me too. Abruptly someone poured a bucketful of water over my head.

“Comfy, bitch? Did you receive a warm welcome? We thought it as a need to teach your meat a lesson.” said my big matron, openly mauling my writhing ass. “Poor thing, I bet you’re freezing now. So I thought a way to warm you up again. C’mon girls let’s set up our big S here and now”.

I felt a long and rigid pole being pressed onto my spine while they wrapped me up with a lot of tight ropes head to toe. Well, it was a spit! Two minutes later I was put down onto supports in front of the fireplace. After that a girl poured olive oil on me and started to slowly rotate the spit Was I to be roasted alive this way!? There was a terrible heat! They alternated in rotating me, caring that my ass or my breasts and belly will be receiving the torment in turn. Also, they greased me every half an hour. Occasionally someone tested my cooking point pinching me with a huge wooden fork; afterwards she stopped my rotating to insert carrots into my cunt and anus! Quite a dish, I bet! A naked bound woman well stuffed and spitted ready to go! It was driving me crazy! Just as I was about to faint they dragged my spit away from the fireplace and in put it the centre of the room. Once there I saw the female crew gathering all around me. Then the Big Matron took off my bit gag and said something to them. One of the women came to me, lifted up her long skirt and sat on my face!

“Lick her, slave of the law! Make her taste your appreciation and humility too. All of my friends here have to be rewarded for your stupid offence. Beware of your attitude, my western slut. Should one of my women say you’re inadequate, I’ll whip your thighs as a first target and your tits as a second. In no way you’re to stop your licking even under my whip. Do your best now!”

Rhe woman had a smooth and hairless crotch, very well cared for. I took it as a pleasure, and strived to do my best. Soon I heard my woman gasping and frantically scrubbing herself onto my face; once on the edge she grabbed my head and buried my face deeply into her, screaming aloud her pleasure.

I was drawing back my breath when a second one took her place. My slight unsteadiness in going back to work gained me five swift and hard strokes on my thighs . Rest assured that I drove to pleasure the second woman in a shorter time! I nearly forgot to mention as someone was unrelentingly but gently stroking my clit while I was on my duty, so that they drove me nearly to the edge…before leaving me unfulfilled! The bitches!

Fifteen women later I had been changed into a wild thing, desperately moaning and begging for pleasure…anyway! They laughed at me, while two or three of the crew pissed on my body.

“I bet you’ll be cooled down this way, Slave of the Law: You’re here to be punished not to be pleased . El Hadj has marked you as a fucktoy, a worthless piece of meat to be used at our whims. Now you are to be left alone in your actual predicament to meditate your sins and prepare yourself for the next ordeal.”

Her next words were pronounced in Arabic and I didn’t understand them. Anyway I was dragged back to the fireplace and set to dry off . This time, as they unlocked the spit, I was turned face down and the ropes seemed tighter as all of my weight pulled them a little bit more. Incredibly, I had just dozed off when my ropes were cut off all at once and I crashed onto the floor. I tried to recollect my aching and chained limbs and moaning in pain, turned my head on the left to look at my new assailant. Charlize? Taking advantage of the empty room (all of the femal crew was on a break) she had entered to free me. Pity I was tightly cuffed and chained and she had no key! Anyway she pointed at the door and urged me to hop there, as fast as possible. I did it with half a heart, fearing to meet Hamed and to uselessly endanger my friend. In short, my legal ordeal had a fixed end. What if someone interferes? Would I be mistreated more? would I be judged and punished for Charlize’s action?

Anyhow we were outdoor in a bundle of seconds. I was still chained and gagged and gestured Charlize to hurry and take me out of my bonds before somebody could recapture me. Something was wrong! I saw her nasty smiling as just as she clicked an extra notch my cuffs and viciously twisted my nipples:

“I will now deliver you to Hamed, reporting your untrustworthiness in accepting and enduring your ordeal. I will tell him how you begged me to try and help you, promising that you would be mine to use and abuse once at home. So that your whore attitude will be clear in itself. Do you know what will be the sentence under their Law? Permanent slavery, my “dear” friend! Your Master will be adequately paid for you and you’ll become permanent property of the Law. How does it sound?”

Charlize furiously dragged a frightened me towards the main building. I squirmed and opposed her efforts that were well beyond my strength. Suddenly Hamed appeared on the scene and roughly asked Charlize to give him an account of her actions, while I was put on my knees head down and bum up. I listened to the fake tale and heard Hamed's grunting and his unintelligible murmuring as Charlize was presenting her false story. When my false friend reported my promise to submit to her authority once back home, he roared and planted his foot on my neck, crushing my nose to the ground. They shook hands and parted friends, Charlize being assured that I would be converted in property of the Law for life.

Hamed led me to a green meadow in front of the Hammam. Ordering me to lay down, unlocked my ankles and tied each of them to a stake, obscenely spreading out my legs. I had been spread eagled and couldn’t move an itch. Some words glistered on my stomach and a deep manly yet unknown voice read them:

“This Slave of the Law is here to be used in public. As a soon to be Property of the State she is a person of limited rights so that everyone is allowed to fuck all of her holes. No harm or injuries are allowed. This public allowance lasts at 1830.“

“Good, very good indeed. So, we have a hot one here, and for free I bet it! Well, pet, let’s have a snack! Nice piece of meat…very nice…come on slut, move your hips and tighten that cunt of yours…you’re…so good. Do you like my cock, slave bitch?”

An enormous cock jammed into my body. He was a tall muscular man enjoying my slavish condition a lot. “…mmghhyes…” I couldn’t but mumble unintelligible sounds. It was fast, furious and unexpected. A tall big western man was fucking me. In the next fifty minutes he was followed by three Arabs, five men and three western women…at last I fainted just a little bit and my cunt was well swollen. My femalr raper treated me the worst way; they put wooden clamps onto my tits and slapped and even plugged my ass with a ginger root…can you imagine the tingle…

The sun was quickly declining as I wriggled in my bonds. All of a sudden Hamed and two others were over me. I saw a trolley to which they strapped me... ouch, tight. Wide leather belts bound me at waist, breasts, armpits, wrists, ankles, thighs. Even my forehead was strapped to the trolley. Hamed handled the trolley and we moved on. We ran all over the Hotel’s compound and again I was shown off to everyone we met; sometimes they asked Hamed to touch me, pinching my exposed flesh here and there, and engaging him in small talk about the Law’s provision about me We made a stop at the Hotel Lounge. It was a luxury large room magnificently furnished. A long pile carpet covered a marble floor running from the entrance to the reception desk; there were some long semicircular sofas in white leather spread all around the hall. A small group of men were sipping a cocktail at the lounge bar on my right; they seemed plainly unconcerned by me. I wondered if a naked slave dragged in chains to undergo such a public shame and humiliation was a standard to them. Some of the men looked me over and smiled at what they saw, the others feigned indifference. I was in turmoil; a few hours ago I had been a free woman under my Master's protection and love; now I was to be labelled as a mere object and displayed naked and chained, as an animal. On the other side my body betrayed me as my nipples became stiff under the males’ glances.

Hamed positioned me right in the centre of the room and left me to hand a bunch of papers to the receptionist, who started reading them and taking notes. I heard them talking in English about my passport or such. While I was completely absorbed in my effort to understand what Hamed was talking about, a slim feminine hand grasped a curl of my pubic hair making me yell with pain! Charlize was there again, viciously smiling at me. Three formally attired young women darting piercing glances to my flesh, surrounded her.

“Happy to see you again my dear! I congratulate you on your actual , and so I hope, definitive achievement in life. Now we can see who you really are: a naked slaveslut led in chains. I wonder if you’ll ever wear dresses and have a make up other than tight ropes and whip marks. Yes this is a wonderful thought! Come on ladies, don’t you think this bitch needs to be taught a stricter lesson in dignity? After all, all of us western women suffer a bit of mistreating here, cause of her unworthy misbehaving, don’t we?”

A slim brunette said, “Say, what if we tighten an additional belt up through her cunt? I see it as the only spot inexplicably unattended, though I thought it was the main punishing spot on a female’s body. Adding to it, as we have here a bitch soon to be “a public property” with no way back, I think it is good for her to try and understand that she doesn’t ever own anything save for her duty to serve her betters.“

I had thought that at least “my” western women would have taken pity on me and shown a bit of solidarity: even Charlize – so I thought- would have feared my fate might soon be hers. On the contrary, they all looked both aroused by my slavish condition and angry that I had made a laughing-stock of all foreign women. Anyhow, the brunette unfastened her leather waistband and gave a tip to Charlize behind me. They looped it to the belt around my waist then run it trough my thighs and up behind my spine, bisecting me in two! Ouch!

“Enjoy your last lover, lurid bitch! This is your last chance to get off at your whims. I bet the rest of your life won’t see you coming again for free! I nearly forgot: Who do you figure will be a surrogate to your beloved Master’s pleasure? Hamed agreed to inform me about your Master’s movements after your conversion to “property of the law status”; I’ll do my best to offer him myself as a loyal and faithful slave, instead of you, wretched bitch! Our long friendship will breed our intimacy. I’ll give him my shoulder to cry on over your loss, and maybe something else to…relieve him. Think about it in the long years to come, slave, and be a good girl. Bye, Bye!”

Should I have been able to talk I woud have roared myself hoarse. That bitch! Charlize had faked her friendship and sexual shyness for a long time, all with the aim to appropriate my Master’s lifestyle and pleasures and plot this event. Maybe if I hadn't travelled here she would have tried to eliminate me in a different way! I swore to make her pay dearly her acts, but in the meantime I was just an animal chained for public lust. While struggling against my bonds and squirming I saw Hamed coming back to me, a small envelope in his hand. He opened it and showed me the contents: there were my passport, my jewels, my room key. I froze: What did it mean? Why was he taking away my things?

“Slave I’m going to report your attempt to escape to El Hadj; you have to be judged again and condemned to a different penalty. According to the law you can’t live here as a free person, at risk of endangering our Society and its sacred rules; in my perspective you’ve lost your chance to be free again, but this is entirely up to El Hadj’s wisdom. In my view I really bet you’ll have a hard time as a public bitch the rest of your life! Yeah, you’ll be a mongrel cur of a western bitch and I do hope to use you a lot of times! Now we’ll put you in your place between other useful objects in our depository; there you’ll wait for your next assignment and meditate upon your incredible sins. Here, let me tighten that belt up your cunt a bit more. Wow, smell your juices, slave! You can’t but act a s a bitch even now, do you? Tsk. tsk..”

We went to the floor below, passing through many doors and I shivered as the light slowly subsided. Was I really to be shut up in a dark room? Naked, tied up, gagged, and absolutely unattended? That was a nightmare! Hamed opened a creaking door and I quivered as we entered into a dusty cold and dark room full of trolley cases and such. He padlocked my trolley to an eyebolt in the floor and left the place, bolting the door. I heard his steps going away for a bit. Once alone I burst into tears. Just a few hours ago I enjoyed my time serving my beloved Master in a happy way; now I’ had been enslaved by the Law, whipped, groped, fucked, and had to confront a life in chains at El Hadj’s mercy. My soul needed a break and I dozed off.

Part 4. Property of the Law

I woke up in a different room, empty except for a pulpit and some eyebolts in the stone floor; two men on my sides held my arms. As El Hadj and my Master entered the room, my heart pounded! Was he there to free me? None of that! El Hadj gestured and my thugs chained me to the floor, clicking shut sturdy chains round my wrists, neck, waist and ankles. Then I was told to kneel and spread my knees. Despite of my past misfortunes, I felt more naked and vulnerable here alone with these people (and in front of my master) than out in the hotel’s compound. All at once my Master and El hadj left the room leaving one of the men to keep an eye on me. I knelt there for a long time fearing that he would take advantage of me, but he just sat apart looking bored.

Some time later they came back with a man wearing what I supposed to be a a religious habit, who sat behind the pulpit. I desperately tried to cast an appealing glance to my Master, but he seemed absent minded and feigned a little bit of disgust at my condition. El Hadj reverently handed some papers to the religious man, who started reading them.

“ So we have here a female guilty for indecent exposure, now decently set up to undergo the Law's rigour. The papers say that she has been arrested and submitted to a temporary enslavement ,consented to by her Master. This is good. Furthermore, El hadj has wisely reported her attempt to bribe one friends of her – named Charlize – in freeing her; at that time she was a slave and couldn’t do that. So she broke the oath to submit to the Law, and the worst of all, she promised the use of her body when it didn’t belong to her. It is commonly understood as a slave owns nothing! Moving from this, I can’t but declare her dangerous and order to be enslaveed as Property of the State, as we have to defend our world and its sacred rules from such an offense. El hadj, you are designated as legal custodian and will deal with her ex owner – whom I feel sorry for- who is entitled to an indemnity for the forfeiture of his property. This bitch will be kept here and used and trained at your choice. When the time comes we all want a well trained and humble slave bitch to serve our community. I also command you to keep her naked and in chains, or restricted at your whim, no matter as in a public or private place. She has no more human dignity at all. She is to be sexually used by our men and women as a public slut on request. You’ll watch her habits and provide the right discipline when and if needed. As just as we want her to endure her slavery as long as possible, no effective damages or injuries sould be allowed to this Property of the State as a direct consequence of her slavery. She is to be kept strictly but in a good condition for a long time to pay for her sins. Slaves are values that yields fruit even when sold out. This particular one is not to be sold again! The State will be her only owner for life and it is commonly understood as the Law doesn’t provide for manumission of public property. Again, El Hadj, you will be in charge for this. To clearly display this animal as public property, you’ll tomorrow pierce her labia and lock a with padlock. The key will be given on request, of course, but the padlock is never to be removed except when she is beiung used. As the Law compensates the ex-owner I’ll allow him a last brief period of use at his pleasure. Mr. Tyler, would you please.?”

I saw him approaching me, a fierce glance into his eyes while he unstrapped my gag and filled my mouth with his cock. Even in that sad occurrence I felt happy to please him a last time. Abruptly he withdrew and knelt in front of me. I saw his lips moving but heard no sound, while his hand brutally twisted my nipples. In my turmoil I became aware that he was trying to secretly say something to me. This was a bit of consolation, even if I didn’t understand a word. Having repeated his message three times he shifted behind me and filled my ass…wow. That was a fast and furious ride. As lhe jerked off his pleasure I came too, desperately wanting him again. Then he drew back, still panting just a little bit, and left the room. No words, no glances, nothing! I was a public property now! My past life was over. I swooned.

A sharp pain awoke me. I opened the eyes and found myself lying on a decorated marble floor in a different room. I was still naked and chained to the floor and a bit confused. I also sensed a prickly bite through my legs…all at once I remembered!! As the judge ordered they had locked my labia. The small padlock stretched down my petals and the Arabic letters letters engraved on it marked me as Property of the State! My nightmare had begun. I gave myself up to grief; no more Dyane, no more loving but harsh fondling from my beloved One, nothing! I was property, a piece of meat to be used for pleasure and such. O My! While I indulged in my thoughts hot salty liquid sprinkled on my back. El Hadj was emptying the bladder!

“Finally you're awake, bitch! I'm a kind man, and thought a shower was in need to refresh your ideas. Is your new predicament comfy ? I told the blacksmith to pierce you up to the clit, so that the padlock tingles it as like as you move. In my view a well lubricated bitch is a good bitch, and I bet you should thank your Master for this. Now on your fours, dirty bitch! My cock needs your worship."

As I crawled to my new Master and took him between my lips, the padlock worked its way and I was struck by wave after wave of pleasure; that was a hellish device! An object conceived to induce pain and humiliation, nearly pushed me to get off in this mean condition. My mind wandered and I lost my attention to my task.

“ I told you to lick, stupid slave. Who gave you permission to suck!? That will be a reward in proper time. Now I have to punish you and delay my pleasures.”

“Master I beg for your pardon, Master. This one believed to please you. Ouch!”

“A slave pleases her Master fulfilling by his whims, without thinking or acting any other way. A slave doesn’t think nor act or live if her Master doesn’t see it fit. Do you understand me, unworthy bitch?”

“Yes Master, please accept this one’s apologies. Please forgive this one, Master”

“Forgiveness is Allah's property and I’m only his servant. Look at this thing. This is called “The perfect wife ‘s pear”. It is a smooth and firm yet expandable cock head, remote controlled so that I can expand its wideness to the point I see fit…once plugged it into your ass, of course. The last time I used it the slave’s ass was ready to receive my hand. Now slave turn around, put your head down and your ass up!”

I sensed him plugging my ass… I can’t say it was unpleasant. My Master had done it a lot of times the worst way. He slowly but roughly inserted the device and clicked the remote one, two, three, four, five…times till I cried in pain.

“Here you are, bitch. From now on, it’s time to honour you with my cock.. c’mon take it, up to your throat…yes, this way…move those buttocks slave, squeeze it or I’ll whip you out…” He galloped in my mouth, keeping my nipples as reins and …ouch…twitching them. A lot of jism abruptly engulfed my throat. As just as he collected himself he stuck a crop trough my lips, and left the room. A short time later he was back there.

“I bet you’re in need of a bit more serious training, slave. My aim is to delete each and every tracks of self, so I’m pleased to inform that your ex owner – and they say: ex husband – has been richly indemnified with a great amout of cash and a fresh new slave bitch. I guess he is going to fly home as he’d just asked for my services to pack the new property for the return journey. Our chambermaid reported a lot of moans – I know you understand me – coming from his room. So, my stupid bitch, your past life is over! You’re a slave, an unnamed thing to be used for pleasure. At times, my pleasure will be lending you out to my people and such. You will be daily whipped for discipline and as likly for pleasure. And you’ll learn to endure your Master’s attentions with grace and gratitude or suffer the consequences. Your purpose in life is to serve me and nothing else. Now let’s go back to work; I don’t want to break off your training, so I’ll take you for a walk. Now I’m going to unlock those chains of yours, be a good girl!”

El Hadj drew out a wooden yoke from a chest and put it on my shoulders. “Open your arms slave. Good! And now stand straight.”

He locked a collar around my neck and cuffed my wrists on both sides of the yoke. It didn’t weigh too much, even if that position left me openly exposed and ready to be groped. Then he made me wear high heels and hobbled my feet. The heels forced me to arch my body just a little bit and tighten my calves…mmmhhh, the “perfect wife’s pear” worked together with my cunt’s padlock tantalizing my sensitive spots as I tottered behind El Hadj.

“We are about two miles away from our left luggage. We’ll run through a small village of ours; they are simple but genuine minds who revere the Law’s power; a naked slave in chains is a standard here, so you’re hopeless to gain compassion or such. You’ll be looked at as a dog. Nice! I see your cunt likes that padlock of yours. You’re juicing a lot, bitch! Let’s go.”

He told me the truth. In a bundle of minutes we were walking on a dusty road running through a long line of poor huts. I saw old men and women looking at me with disgust; at times someone approached us and asked El Hadj permission to touch me. They simply didn’t ever see a western woman enslaved and couldn’t take their eyes (and hands) off me. It was so demeaning and…exciting too.

It was a hot and sunny day. My restrained condition, the yoke, those two tantalizing things in my rear and cunt made me profusely sweat. El Hadj realized it as we stopped in front of a grey small building. He dipped his sash into the small basin of a fountain and rubbed it all over me. It was cold, and my spots flamed on the new sensation. I quivered and moaned, wriggling my hips and …and he blindfolded me.

“It is not customary to let a slave track this place and have a look inside. As we enter the depository area I’ll lock your leash to the wall and you’ll wait there. No words, no moans, no moves! You’re a good bitch soon to be. A dog obey his Master. Should I hear you anyway, those nipples of yours will know my bullwhip and you’ll spend your next night in my shed. My horses would be happy to have such holes’ set at their disposal.”

Once inside I felt the thing in my ass …widening; then he left me chained to a wall, patted my ass and went away. I couldn’t but listen to the different voices there. There were two or three different men and something like muffled female cries and moans. Were there other free or enslaved women?

Pricking my ears I heard El Hadj’s voice. “I can’t betray my oath, my dear friend. I’m in charge of the Property of the State here and have the power to deal about its use. As just as we dealt with, here is your financial reward for your work here. That’s the slave meat we chose for you. I guess if we may ask a favour of you anyway. Three honourable guests of ours have especially enjoyed your actual property’s charms and bid for its disposability. They’re in Europe now and would like to dispose of your courtesy at their estate for a month. I bet it could be an opportunity for a nice staying and a lot of intensive training for the bitch. So what about it?”

I got It! El hadj was asking my beloved One to lend out his new property. That hell of a man had brought me there to make me suffer, again my fate.

“I think it is a deal El Hadj. Tell them we’ll fly there as soon as possible. I’ll let them enjoy her for a month. Now it’s time to go. My warmest thanks for all your efforts to sustain me in this sad event. I do hope my ex-slave will gain from this opportunity and be a better slave than she was in the past.”

'Gain from this opportunity?' I lost my mind! Was he talking about me? While I was in a turmoil, someone took my leash and I was dragged away. After a few steps they brought me to a halt; inadvertently my foot touched some of a steel thing and I heard a moan…a female moan. I thought she had to be my new Master’s property packed for travel and I flew into a fury! I hit the thing one, two, three times! Was she going to be my beloved Master’s pleasure thing? A well marked slave is a good slave, is she? So furiously I kicked the thing, I didn’t hear the men laughing at me. All at once my blindfold loosened just for a seconds, and I froze! Charlize was in that cage, naked, chained, and gagged… Was she really? Again they pulled my leash and I tottered again on my heels. I heard a typical elevator’s buzz and then they seated me on a leather coach, strapping me to it still in my yoke and chains. None had said a word. A few times later I knew it! I was on an airplane. Had I been sold again to one of El Hadj’s guest? Most of all, where was my beloved One? I was certain I heard him.

“Here, slave, let me have a look to your eyes. They say you’re a beauty.”

It was my Master!!! Should I be free I would hug him as ivy twines round the oak.

“Take it easy, pet. I know you’re happy to be here and I’m too. I bet you would like to understand the recent events, wouldn't you? Charlize came to me just before your conversion into Property of the State, reporting to me your attempt to escape. She didn’t know that I looked after your ordeal to avoid serious damages, and I saw that bitch’s attempt to trick you into slavery for life. So I discussed the case with El hadj and the Judge you saw and they agreed with me to punish your ex-friend. Just before your trial I accepted her as my slave and, believed me, whipped her and caged her. You know the latter events. It has been agreed that her penalty will be slavery for life in your place: I bet that’s a right decree. Yet you still have to suffer some consequences for your bad habits in there. You surely heard El Hadj’s talking about three gentlemen bids on my property’s use. Well, you are that property, my beloved pet. We’re now flying to their place; you’ll be the resident slave at their Estate, while I’m going to enjoy all of the facilities there. Now it’s time to take off your bit. Would you like to say something to your Master, my cherished property for life?”

Easy, my pounding heart. I kissed him back deeply and…

The End

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