by Al Tyler

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was spending my afternoon quietly, waiting for Hubby. A cold shower might have been the best to relax my senses on so hot a day. When you're hot into bondage and discipline, you need your Master's constant presence, don't you? So I was trying to relax and preparing everything for my Master and his night; it will be a night in his ropes, of course, and our lust. My body was gleaming under the shower but then a noise from the lounge drew my attention. Was he acting a new, unmerciful villain going to catch me? Was I to be the helpless victim put trough my paces and used at his whims?! I had to know. Nude (and somewhat humid) I searched the upstairs rooms; nobody was there. Downstairs, the dining room windows were open and some objects had fallen as if a storm had passed, but nobody was there. But I heard a noise! I longed for my bedroom. Fear (or something else) had hardened my nipples ... what was I to expect? At last I saw him: a tall, black-hooded, slim, muscular man, his back to the door, stealing my jewelry. He turned toward me.

His gun silenced me at once, but I screamed softly when the black hood approached me with some rope. He was going to have me tied up to go on with his theft, I thought, but none of that.

"Turn around and put your hands behind, slut."

As I complied, my pussy began to juice. He tied my wrists behind me, good and tight.

"Now, we'll make sure you'll not slip off my ropes." He began to tie my elbows snugly, connecting them tightly with three or four loops, making my tits protrude. I .was completely exposed and helpless, and excited. Who was this villain, so perfectly in control of my pleasure?

"Women are often a pain in the ass. They deserve firm discipline to suit their more natural role as love sex slaves. I intend to fit you to your role. I like you snugly tied up, and all of your bondage toys are to please me."

God! He knew everything! Only my caring hubby had this insight until now, and this guy seemed serious and well assured! I feared what he might subject me to and neared an orgasm. Swiftly now, He tied my thighs, above and below my knees, and my ankles. I could not move a muscle, but he was not through.

"I know you're a bondage slut, woman; got do something to make you properly humble and eager to comply."

He tied a rope round my tummy as he spoke, made a loop down between my thighs, cinching it up tight through my pussy and rear, and tying it behind.

"This is called a crotch rope; its a must to tame rebellious young breeders like you."

He was right.. My poor pussy was besieged. I was tamed alright, and hot-juiced. Then He laid me down on the floor and tied my ankles to my wrists, hog tying me.

"There you are, bitch; not a word, understand?"

Not a word. I was in heavy distress but hottest pleasure. Five minutes later: "Please ... Mm... untie me... I'll be good...!"

"I told you no words, slut. Now you got to be gagged," the black mask said, forcing an inflatable penis gag into my mouth and cinching the harness hard. The penis was inflated to the maximum.

"Now suck it, slave; it's the right way to spend your time until I finish my work. Then I'll be back for a nude, tied up, and gagged cunt, chick... You know what I mean, don't you?"

I knew. I was his; tied up, gagged, nude, helpless for his pleasures. He went back to his previous occupation. His cat movements were soft, swift, harmonious. Three hours and five or six orgasms later, I was exhausted. An enormous lover seemed to embrace me everywhere and make me suck his giant cock ... I had to obey his whims .... mnunh! Suddenly, He was near me.

"I think you liked this too much. Slaves have their pleasure serving their Masters, and nothing else! No fear, I'm a quiet guy, I'm not to harm you. I just want you as my sex slave, and you'll be that three days from now. I cased you and your habits these past three weeks. I know Hubby works in L. A. and comes home on Wednesday. I used your E-mail, noticed his mother got ill and needs him in N.Y. Most of all, you told him something about your three days' campus seminar in Boston. So no one could be on to rescue you, for no one knows you've been captured. Now I'll take off your gag; no screams, understand?"

I nodded; 'twas no escape possible, I had to submit. He untied the rope connecting my wrists to my ankles and made me kneel down. I knew my nipples were hard and erect, and the rope between my legs scratched my labia. He took off the gag and extracted his own enormous cock, presenting it to my mouth.

"Suck, bitch, suck it, give it all of your tongue," he said, grasping my head and fucking me in the mouth.

I was impressed! His was the hardest and longest and thickest dick I ever sucked! My emotion slowed my movements.

"I said, 'Suck, bitch!'"

The black mask screamed, spanking my buttocks hard and pinching my nipples, pulling them up and down, guiding my movements painfully to his pleasure. Sucking and licking on my knees, I began to feel His slave, His whore, His object to play with. I was nude, tightly tied, an enormous cock deep in my mouth ... 'twas a dream!

"Oh, baby, you're really a cocksucker ... I know you like it ... suck it, bitch ... you deserve this..."

He erupted, floating his scum into my throat. We collapsed for awhile; I was slowly regaining myself when he gagged me again.

"That's good for you slave; 'twas a good blowjob but we don't want you mouthy, do we?"

He left me alone. I had lost my sense of time when he returned and silently untied my legs. Was my ordeal done? No! My new Master chained my ankles with steel ankle cuffs and a short chain, allowing me only tiny steps. Then He untied my wrists and cuffed them behind me. He had untied and chained me while granting me no freedom at all! I was wavering on my feet. He was a Master, and I was to be His slave or whatever else he'd ask.

"Now, slut," he said, collaring me, "your Lord and Master is hungry. I expect you to prepare an excellent meal, just like your blowjob!"

He laughed and tugged on my leash. I hopped behind him to the kitchen, where he swiftly changed my cuffs to the front.

"Do your best, slave! I got have some rest; I'll be in the next room, be a good girl." I was chained hand and foot and gagged, cooking my new Master's meal in my own kitchen. In time I went for my Master.

"What a smell, cunt! Those luscious lips of yours know their best work, don't they?" he asked, cuffing my hands behind me again, tighter than before. "Let's try your meal now."

He tugged my leash to set me under the table, then he took off my gag but I was not allowed to eat. "Listen to me, my beautiful bitch. I want you to lick my feet eagerly all the time I have my meal. The better you do, the more I consider to rewarding you with food and water. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master, I understand. I'm happy to serve you." Crazy stuff, but what could I do?

He took his time eating, pinching my nipples often while I lapped his feet. When he was through, he tugged my leash, putting me on my feet by his side. "Time to try your ass, bitch," he said, pushing me over the table and tying the leash underneath. His cock pressed my rear, his hands squeezed my buttocks, taunting. My ass seemed like liquid fire in his grip; his prick was huge and demanding in its moving back and forth.

"I know sluts like you like to be fucked doggie style, baby! Oho baby, you're so deliciously tight, I want to put it into you to your throat, oho yes..."

"Fuck me, Master, harder... oh oh oh ... faster, oh my gooood!" He came in my ass. I'd have tried to reach my asshole, to dive my fingers into his creams and lick it from them. I had sensed his pleasure, wild, arrant, dominant, unaware of anything but his demands, my fluids gliding over my thighs. I felt this man owning me. Then he stood up.

"Let's go to the bedroom, slave. I gotta set you up for the night. Don't think you'd be so free as you are now; these cuffs allows too much, but we'll see. Come on!"

"Master, may I have some water? I'm thirsty, terribly?"

"Right now, slave! Kneel down, open your mouth and don't waste a drop," he said, unzipping his pants and extracting his cock. Salty and demeaning, but it was my Master's and I liked it. Crazy, uh?! When it was over, I was terribly hot. Then we were in the bedroom:

"I want you well restrained but available," my man said, cinching my ball gag trainer tight. That beastly locking device made me drool and drool and drool. He tied me spread-eagled on the bed, hard and tight; my cunt on display and eager to be filled.

"Moistened, uh?! I gotta do something to discipline you, slave." He tied twine to my nipples and pulled until my back arch to relieve the painful pressure, then tied the cords to the headboard. I gasped and moaned in pain.

"Good, very good indeed, cunt; that's the way I want you, juiced and moaning for release," he said as he climbed onto the bed. He jammed his cock into my cunt with no further preparation and pumped wildly. "This way, bitch, I can feel you. I want your climax, now! Obey me slave, give me your pleasure! Oh my, what a cunt, baby!"

I climaxed, obedient to his whims, and the lights were off thereafter.

Chapter 2: The Auction

My dreams came to an end when my aching jaws woke me. I had spent all night tied up (My poor nipples!) and gagged. I was alone.

"Good morning slave! Seems to me you're well adapted to your predicament; you slept like a baby." He was pushing a trolley with our (I hoped) breakfast.

"You earned a good breakfast, slut. I'm going to take off your gag, be a good girl," he said, cuffing my hands in front.

"Oh, Master! Thank for your care, my lord, I'm hungry."

"Good! Considering your schedule, you'll have to eat and drink. I'll leave you here while I make some calls. Wait for me, and regard your chains as a gift to your attitude; things could always be worst. Do you. understand me?"

"Yes, Master."

"O.K. be a good girl."

I was intrigued by his last words; whom was he calling to? And why or what for? I couldn't but expect, my pussy tingling again.

My breakfast was just over when he came back. First, he changed my hand to behind, blindfolded and gagged me again. My breasts, buttocks, and thighs were stroked and tested .... was he checking a calf ?

"Today you'll be on auction, slave. I called some friends and told them I got a bitch in need of further training. They'll be here in two hours. You'll be on display, rented to each of them for awhile, used at their whim, and well disciplined right here in your home. Think you'll be excited, don't you?"

I was. I was also frightened. I was given up to hell; no limits, no defense, no rescue. I was crazy to love this stuff. I followed his tugs on my leash to my dining room, where he took off my blindfold. I was standing before wooden pole, two meters high, with two smooth wooden shafts of different diameter protruding from the middle. I knew instantly what they were for, and shivered. My Master pushed my backside to the pole and cuffed my hands behind it. Then, he began gently but firmly to put the smaller short one into my rear, and the bigger into my cunt ... ohoh! I was anchored. Doubly fucked by immovable cocks deep inside. My position compelled me to stand on tiptoes, arching my back slightly and improving my thigh and buttock lines.

"Like your guests, bitch? I knew you'd like it, as I thought about a good way to exhibit you on auction. Surely I have to tie you up more, and tighter than this, don't I?"

So he made me secure. He drew a loop around my tummy, pulling it to the pole and compelling me to take the wooden monsters deeper inside .Then he went to my ankles and tied them very hard; I was on tiptoe and couldn't go down or up, trussed up to my invading devices.

"How do you feel, wench? Fine? Now it's time to take care of your magnificent tits, isn't it?"

I saw him neatly crisscrossing them with ropes, felt him knotting them behind me, lashing me to that beastly pole. I could hardly breathe, and moaned through my gag. Last, he bound my hands palm to palm, and my elbows, too.

"There you are! Trussed up like a turkey, slut."

He left me again, blindfolded, exposed to lure his coming guests. I ought to be an extraordinary view, nude, tied up, gagged, blindfolded, and fucked by wooden pricks, and ... on rent to them.


An hour later, I think, I heard manly voices around me. "Touch her, boys, feel how smooth her skin is, what fine tits she has. Come on, test your plaything!"

Bidding was a mess! Hands grasping, grabbing, probing, and pinching. Voices commenting on my assets and offering, then:

"I want her right now; here are your 500 bucks. Untie her and make her kneel in front of me," a deep, somewhat harsh and somewhat gentle voice said. Hands did his bidding, and a strong hand pressed me down to kneel on my heels. Again the Voice:

"Head down, slave. and you, Buds, cuff her right hand to the opposite ankle, the tighter you can, of course."

Beastly, believe me. Two different men crossed my arms in front, pulled them between my legs, and chained me that way; my asshole, buttocks, and cunt were totally exposed as I contracted into a small package and trembled in expectation.

"Now I'll whip you, slave-slut, a good fifty. I want you thank me for every blow. Take off her gag."

"I pray you, my Master, I've not been whipped till now; forgive my fear and mistakes ... please not to whip me ... please..." I answered the Voice, sobbing .

"A good reason to do it now, wench, but I could withdraw my sentence should you be fucked here and now, in the rear by our friends and me, and then clean our pricks with your tongue. Is it a deal, lurid bitch?

"Ooh! ... ooh Master! ... Yes... I'll be the best asshole you'll ever have all your life and..."

"And enough of that. Gag her and let's try her talents."

They didn't untie me until my asshole was filled with their scum. Each of them fucked me brutally, seizing my breasts as reins and riding me hard, very hard. I cried, moaned, and climaxed through my gag. When it was done, someone opened the cuffs and I collapsed on the floor. In a second they had my wrists and elbows tightly bound behind me, my ankles crossed and tied to my wrists, leaving me in an unyielding kneeling position.

When someone ungagged me, I said, "Please I need to ... mmmfff..."

The first cock was in my mouth, huge, a bit stiff:

"Lick it. bitch; that's what your tongue is for. Don't talk. Bitches don't talk. Obey!"

I heard the others laugh. A short time later, I had cleaned six cocks and was tightly tied and ... as juiced as before.

"A happy time, Buds!" my principal Monster said. "I suggest we untie her, chain her hands and feet and put an inflatable penis up her ass to train it a bit more. What about it?"

"Good idea! the chorus answered.

My poor ass was on fire. They had cuffed my hands up to my shoulder blades and inflated the device to its maximum ... 'twas near a torture to walk with it. Then they took off my blindfold. It was ten p.m.! I have been tied up and abused all the 24 hours past, and I was to be definitely enslaved now!

"Hey, buds! Would you take a look at this cage? I think we should put our slave-slut inside." My Monster carried my aluminum cage on his shoulders to the center of the room. We (Hubby and I) had bought it, dreaming of holding me steady on view while he was relaxing any other way. I had spent a lot of time in it, nude but for my gag and ties.

"So! Let's lock her into it, boys," the harsh unknown said. They put me inside, bit gagged, on my knees. Someone locked a chain from my handcuffs to my ankles so that I was compelled to ... mho ... get that huge penis in the ass, the deepest, no relief at all. After the cage was locked, my monster glimpsed my tits.

"I think that too much comfy for this slut! Why not clamp them tits?!"

He closed steel nipple clamps on my tits and connected them to the iron bars by a short chain! I pushed forward as much as I could to relieve the strain on my breasts, and the pain.

"Here we are. Come on boys; our cunt is good and secure," he laughed.

The pain was unbearable, believe me. I couldn't speak, nor move; I could just suffer and juice. They all left the room, leaving me to my thoughts. Nature guided me to rest; I was so tired, I collapsed in my bonds.

"Hey slut, come on, open your eyes." It was my monster, and he was alone.

"Look, I thought you needed some fresh air. I'm going to open your cage and take you out for a walk. Be a good girl."

The deadly bastard! When he unclasped my tits I was submerged in pure pain. Fire exploded from them when blood pumped again. Then I was out of my prison, hands chained in front, my rear popped off the penis. Nearly paradise you should say. My black masked man hooked a leash to my collar and knotted it to the doorknob.

"Don't move bitch, I have a surprise for you." Then he extracted a muffle gag and set it to my face, tightly, very tightly.

"Now you're ready for a walk, slave-slut. You'll go on all fours, doggie style, all around your home, all the streets here around. Your neighbors can finally see the bitch you really are. When I'm satisfied with our walk, we'll come back home and you'll spend the night leashed to the footboard, a bit more chained than now, to get some rest! Come on doggie!"

Chapter 3: A Bit of Novelty

I awoke early in the morning. At first I had flashes about the last night; that frenzied walk doggie-style and my new master inviting someone to fuck me there on the street. Then, I realized I was ... free! How... gotta find my Master. In the dining room, my hands were brutally drawn behind me and tied palm to palm.

"Hi bitch! Where're you going? Come on, you need a hobble. Here you are." my Monster said, cuffing my ankles by hinged cuffs. I fell to my knees.

"Please Master, I'm Hungry. Why not to untie me and let me have some food more normally please?!"

"Normally?" Your normal way is to stay tied up, all the time; that's your natural condition, slut! To be ready for me is your natural condition, understand? You gotta learn to eat, drink, rest, while truly restrained. Here's your breakfast," he said, pointing to some small cups on the floor.

"You can have your breakfast your natural way... doggie style!"

So I lapped my milk and coffee, ate my cookies and had my grapefruit that way; demeaning and exciting at the same time. When I was through, he tied me in a ball tie. Thighs, knees, ankles doubled and bound up to my torso in a straight kneeling position. My breasts were crushed against my knees .

"I want to rob some other houses, and I want you with me; should the men in blue arrive, I could always leave you to them as a gift," he laughed

"How can I go out naked and tied .. mmmfff!" I was gagged again, and he tied a rope from my wrists to my ankles and lifted me like a handbag. Fresh air tingled my skin as we walked towards his car. He put me into the trunk and drove. I cried in pain for miles; ropes dug into my flesh and my jaws ached for the prolonged inactivity. We stopped, but I heard no sound for awhile. Then the trunk lid flew up.

"Hey wench! I found something good for you, slut."

He carried me on his shoulder into a magnificent Victorian house, through to the garden. He put me down and collared me, still ball tied, in front of a kennel.

"There! This is the best solution for you, my beautiful. Your husband should use it to discipline you. I have some work to do, be a good girl!"

There I was. Bound on a green lawn, collared and leashed as a dog... Crazy stuff? I loved it! Then, "What's happening here? Poor girl; let me ungag you, who are you darling? Who has lashed you here, and why?"

She was a policewoman.

"Come on, now I'll set you free and take away from here."

So she did. Naked as I was she chose to stop at her place and dress me. Being free was strange, and we talked. I was telling my story when she seized me and said, "I found you on private property and you are trying to convince me that a man in a black mask enslaved you two days ago; strange story... I'd better bring you in until someone has checked you out, then we'll see all about it." my Heroine said, cuffing my hands behind me a bit roughly.

"No please, I'm Diane Tyler; I was captured and abused ... please don't do it ... please ... ouch!" She tightened the cuff an extra notch.

"Shut up, girl, you're in no position to give orders! I'll spank you to teach you some sense."

And she did; I got the hardest spanking of my life over her lap. At the end, my buttocks were on fire and I fell on my knees to lap her feet eagerly.

"Good girl! Up to my cunt bitch ... lick my juices ... eat me ... eat me... Now, this way ... Ohooooo!" Five minutes later, she regained herself and led me to the bedroom.

"I want you well secured, slave, and cuffed to my ankles, too." Thus positioned, we slept.

Early in the morning her voice drew me back from my dreams. My captor was in the mood. "Hey darling, stand up. I want you to dress, just a little."

Dressing ... what was that for? She put a black g-string and a pair of stiletto shoes on the bed; my hands were now in front and my ankles unfettered.

"Dress yourself, wench," she ordered, glancing at my buttocks as they danced for the stiletto's.

I did it, and she immediately cuffed my hands behind me.

"Listen, my sweet slut, I thought deeply about my situation. I've got an enormous mortgage to pay, and selling a delicious girl like you could take care of my needs for a long time. A friend of mine has agreed to pay me $100,000 for you. Of course, he is into bondage and discipline and craves a perfect slave to play with. So I'm to prepare you for him."

"Selling me ... but I'm married, I'm a free woman, not an object .... and you're a policewoman ... shouldn't you "protect and serve?"

"Shut up, bitch! I'm a policewoman, indeed, and you're nothing but goods; open your mouth, now!"

She gagged me hard and tight, folding her slip into my mouth and sealing it tape. I was silenced. I tried to kick her, and got mummified in rope from toe to thighs, then she pinned my breasts between my arms with tape, pushing my tits forward. At the end, I could only moan and move my eyelids desperately, sobbing for release.

"I like you this way, much more than before, slave. Now be good while I get your future owner. A married woman... tsk!"

Three hours later, I was still standing on my spike heels as she left me, tied and gagged. They entered the room silently; he was handsome, tall, black haired, muscular, and blue eyed.

"Oh my. I want to test her."

He pinched my protruding tits (ouch!), fingered my cunt, and dove into my asshole.

"Fine breed. Well, here's your money; I want her completely taped, head to toes, except tits and buttocks ... and ... and clamp her tits ... I like her moaning for release and eager to serve," he said to the policewoman. All he said to me was, "See you later slut."

My "rescuer" followed his instructions.

"Mho, ouch."

"That's your way, slave. Now let's tape you good and tight. ."

Beginning below my tits, my captor taped me neatly. I was strictly mummified, save for tits and buttocks. Quite a dish ... believe me. I had been transformed into a slave, an object to play with. I started to cry, my pussy to tingle. Later, someone lifted me onto his shoulder and carried me away.

"Relax slave. I'm taking you to my car, the front seat. I like to have you handy and everyone envious of my new property. All women are submissive in my country; should you have a look around (with my permission and supervision, of course) you'd see other women tied up, or chained, or disciplined even outdoors. A paradise, I think!"

I thought he was crazy but intriguing. The world of submissive females entrapped me; I longed to see it, and I relaxed. The car stopped. My Master opened the door, slipped my taped legs to the ground and, after having collared and leashed me, said, "Here we are slave! Now you must hop to your cage in our home ... come on, bitch, hop!"

This was his way to exhibit me; so I hopped fiercely, bouncing my taped buttocks and clasped tits.

"Hey Man! Fine piece of meat! Kept her tight 'til now, we hope!" some manly voices with an Arab accent said.

"That's a good way to put her through her paces; may I offer you a whip? I think she deserves a good fifty to know who is the Master," another voice said.

In the meantime, we were home. My owner tugged my leash and I entered. He began to peel off my tape until I was nude but for the handcuffs, ropes and tape gag he ordered me to my knees.

"Listen to me, slut; your trader told me you believe you have been a free woman; forget it! Now you are my slave, nothing else at all! You're not even Diane, but simply Slave. You don't need or have dresses, shoes, makeup, and so on. You'll be always nude and ready for my sexual use, tightly tied, chained, or any other restrictive way I choose. You are allowed no freedom but that necessary to clean your body, once a day.

"You are not to talk to me, unless I ask you to. You can't look at me above my cock. Break these limits and I'll punish you severely. When I have guests; you'll serve my friends and me equally. There will be no difference between us. You will obey every order they give you.

"You will spend your first night here in your cage, chained a different way, of course. I'm going to untie your legs and expect to see you moving on your knees to your destination for the night, understand?"

He did it, and I crawled to a small iron cage made of heavy bars with a solid gate. Then he chained me for the night. First He tightened my cuffs an extra notch and pulled my wrists up to my shoulder blades, where he connected them to the bars with a chain. I sat cross-legged, each ankle chained to the opposite bar. He passed my leash under my crossed ankles and pulled my torso down, then knotted it to the ceiling bars and hooked it to my collar ring. My tits squeezed out between the cage's bars, lifted to his eyes. Last but not least, Master hooked small bells to the rings on my nipple-clamps.

"I think you'll have a quiet night, beloved slave. Don't make these bells ring, even softly. You have to control your position. If you can't, I'll be here to punish and restrain you some more. Good night, pet!"

My third night as a slave in chains and I thought it was the worst of all, but instinct guided me far away from fear and through my dreams. I fell asleep, sustained by my bonds...

Chapter 4: A New Master

A hot puff of air, liquid lingering all over my body, warm and moist. I awoke, no more in my cage, no more chained... I was in a bathtub, hands tightly tied over head to a hook by white, soft cotton rope; my crossed ankles were tied the same to a hook at my feet. I was comfy, alone and sitting up in perfumed foam! I could unwind my fears and feel good, even if I was tied up.

"Nice morning, I presume, my Slave! At last, you're again with me! I need you henceforth, my dear," he continued, standing in front of me, naked and erect... That was the first time I saw him; he was handsome ... even there.

"Command me master! How can I serve you now?"

"I will unhook your hands; then you'll get my cock into your mouth and suck my sperm from it. When you've succeeded, you'll get out of the bathtub, kneel on this rug, and serve me. Finally, you are to lick all the water from my body. Do you understand, Slave?"

"Yes Master, I'm eager to suck you!" I answered softly, opening my lips to his cock.

"Good girl. Let me be rewarded for your price, ohoooo ... lick it a bit more ... suck it ... very good, bitch ... yes ... this way ... I want swamp your throat.... Oh, my... He filled me; his huge prick became enormous just before scumming and his secretions submerged me. Enough of this. I was out of the bathtub and kneeling on the rug. I washed my Lord and Master; touching him was luxurious and exciting.

"Good Slave. Now, lick me all over."

When I was done, he untied my ankles, put his hands under my armpits and helped me to my feet.

"You are a precious jewel to be kept on line. I have to meet some friends of mine, a business matter, you know. You'll have your breakfast while I dress, then I'll' fix you for the rest of the day."

My adventure began with a shower, and now I was at the same point. He squeezed my buttocks while we went to the kitchen.

"Sit down slave; I want you comfy to eat and drink!" he said, pointing me to a chair. He cuffed my ankles to the seat's back legs, hoisting my feet from the floor. A metal collar closed on my neck and hooked to a ring under the table. I was trapped, but absolutely comfy.

"I hope you'll find enough to eat and drink; Slave; you'll be waiting up for me until midnight and will have nothing else. See you thirty minutes from now."

I ate and drank and was bemused about my next predicament. I hoped he would be caring enough to ensure some.... Well you know what! I was still lost in my thoughts when he came back, perfectly attired in a well-tailored blue suit. He looked at me, clearly liking the spectacle.

"Well, Slave, now we are to fix you for the day," he said, cuffing my hands behind me. "Let's go to the bedroom."

The bedroom was luscious and sensual. He made me lie face down on the bed and doubled my leg up behind my thighs, tying them hard. I watched him bind a rope to each knee, pulling them well apart and tying off to the bed frame ... ouch. My hands were untied and re-cuffed behind my neck to the collar's ring; it was impossible to gain some pleasure. My clever master knew my inner thoughts:

"I choose this predicament for you, slave-slut; your pleasure is mine! You can't touch yourself, as that would be an unbearable offence."

"Master, please don't leave me here this way. I'll go crazy without you ... why not to plug me somewhere ... please?"

"Open your mouth, bitch! This gag suits you fine."

He used a ring gag, a nastily padded ring well inserted behind your teeth and cinched tight. My mouth was open, my tongue free, but I couldn't speak. Just lick, should my Master...

"Good! I expect to find you here, eager to please. If your cunt is dry, I'll spank you and leave you tied out in the garden for the night. Do you perceive me? Slave?"

I nodded, positive. He caressed my breasts just a little bit

"I'll be hard all day long, thinking of you here, nude, tied up, gagged, and eager to serve me. Do try and match my whims, or you'll have to confront your Master's anger, cunt. So have a good time and prepare your body for my assaults, O.K.?"

I nodded again, straining in my bonds. He was so tenderly dominant with my flesh, so firm in his masterful attitude ... exciting, very exciting... I tried to pull my thighs together, but no way, they were bound too firmly apart. I had to surrender, to be a thing everybody could use ... The ring gag made me drool; saliva ran all over my breasts, moistening them a bit ... I needed a man's big cock deep inside me ... I fell asleep.

Late in the afternoon. I was over the dining room table, ring gagged, strictly hog-tied, and blindfolded ... someone was eating his dinner over my ass, pinching and stroking my nipples brutally. Who was he? I heard him take away his dishes, my ass felt a bit more free, and thought I could hear him loading the lavatory ... so he knew the house. Maybe the Master himself. Then I was grabbed, put on the floor, and my blindfold was off. It was my master angry faced staring at me:

"Slave, I told you to prepare for me your insignificant cunt. It didn't moisten on my return and you were moaning about a huge cock deep in your throat, and some other nonsense ... now you'll get your reward, out in the garden, tied tightly to a tree, your buttocks burning from my spanking!"

He untied the rope between my ankles and wrists and made my ass fire with his hardened hands.

"Urn... mf ... Ouch ... mm, please!"

Spread over his lap, I felt his cock harden

"Shut up, slut, keep your groans for your night tied outdoors. I'll fix you so tightly, you'll not even shiver, but in the meantime," he was into my rear, brutally, arrogantly, demanding.

"Good girl, you're my doggie, get it all, you deserve this... Ohoooo..."

Luscious way to punish me, isn't it? I got it all, it was painful, but... Wow.

Sometime after: "It's time to put you're through your paces now; let's go."

So we went out in the garden. He pushed my back against the tree, my arms brutally drawn behind it and firmly bound there, elbows touching. Then he tied a crotch rope and besieged my pussy, knotting it to my elbow ropes... awful! My ankles were roped separately and hoisted up beside the tree; all my weight was on the crotch rope. Finally, he tied some loops around my breasts, squeezing them out into red, then purple melons.

"That gag doesn't suit your predicament, Bitch. This is better," he said, changing the ring for a bit gag with rings on the ends. My Master tied ropes to the rings and knotted them tightly behind the trunk. He has been trustworthy: I couldn't even shiver!

"Have a good night, slut! Tomorrow morning, I'll be here to test your cunt; should it not moisten..."

The Monster! Quiet nights ... this way ... damn it! I was hotter than ever and most in pain. The position was so unbearable and exciting ... I was firmly tied to a tree, completely exposed and helpless ... should someone in the night, I couldn't but submit. Yeah! I'm a real slut.... everybody can use me and leave me here, lashed to my tree ... I had an orgasm, furiously ... and collapsed. I got a flashback to my hubby. I saw him, my still beloved Master, joyously tying me head to toe with his ropes and gagging me. He lingered all over my body tenderly, grasping my flesh here and there, making me moan in delight with his soft violence before pumping me wildly to his pleasure and mine. Dream ... reality ... It seemed to me his strong hands were all over my body. He was pressing his cock up to my rear.... mmmmhhh... invading ... me ... ahhh ... I was instantly awake.

Chapter 5: A Surprise Party

"Hi darling! You got a long sleep today. I found you in the bathroom, asleep and handcuffed. I liked your idea so much that I brought you here, tied up and gagged more suitably for my use and desire. How do you feel, beloved? Oh, sure, here, let me free your tongue."

He was my ... Hubby! I didn't just sense it. Had I just dreamed all about my adventures? Had nothing happened for real?

"Darling, I've been captured and abused and sold ... and I was always tied and chained and desperately sobbing; I was afraid to be stolen away ... to become a slave for somebody else. I...

"You were dreaming, beloved, just dreaming," he said, smiling and gagging me again with his cock.

Yes, it has been just a dream ... or it is ... now? After filling my throat with his sperm, Hubby left me tied on our bed after gagging me with his socks and taping my lips shut. I couldn't make a sound except mumbling. An hour later he was back.

"Darling, I want you to prepare for our party at the Scott's," he said, untying me and quietly fingering my body. "You're to be the party's queen, and I want you to be astonishing. So, take two full hours to get ready, makeup, and so on. Firmly handcuffed in front, of course, Beloved!"

There we are! I said to myself. Finally I was to exhibit my talents in a scene with the best. The Scott's were the richest bondage enthusiast in the area. They host the most elegant and entertaining bondage parties I've ever seen. Beautiful women all around in different restraining devices, always accompanied by dominant men. Keen conversations between the manly guests about their partners' potentialities and charms filled the air. And some of the finest champagne ... wow! Following all my dreamed (or real?) misfortunes, it seemed an exciting eventuality to confront.

Nude but for my handcuffs, I made myself up. I couldn't do much more. Gagged, nude and handcuffed I had to wait for Hubby to get to my garments. So I knelt, opening my thighs softly, and waited.

"Amazing sight, Beloved. Now it's time to dress you!" He unbound my hands and gave me a pair of black stilettos.

"Come on darling, I want to emphasize your luscious legs and rump... Good... Come to me now. Good girl! Turn around."

So, he looped a rope behind my neck, on my shoulders, under my armpits, crossed it between my shoulder blades, passed it on front and between my legs, and cinched it to the crossing point in back. Then he pulled my wrists well up my back and tied them to the crossing point. I was well-arched, my buttocks and breasts shooting out.

"Ravishing, my dear, simply ravishing! Every man at the party will crave you! Now let's do something for your legs and your principal charm."

He hobbled my ankles with rope and I watched him look for something special in our toys. I was puzzled; we were going to a bondage-party and I was already tied and gagged; what else?

"Open your legs a bit more, beloved slave, to the extent of your hobble. Good. This way you'll have something to comfort you, instead of all those horny people you'll be surrounded by at the party. Now I want you thank your Master for his special attention to your needs. Come on dear, thank me properly."

He had plugged my cunt and rear with pricks locked into a chastity belt; they vibrated ... mmmhhh ... if I wasn't gagged, I'd have screamed my pleasure.

"So you like my solution, beloved? Now something to allow our brief journey to the car."

A long, black, hooded robe disguised my quivering body and my Master leashed me. A few seconds later, we were in the garage and I was arranged on the front seat. Everyone could see me without having any idea of my real ... attire.

An hour later, Mistress Scott welcomed us at the party.

"My dearest, at last we have the pleasure! Diane... that cloak suits you wonderfully. Here, let me help you disrobe. Oh, my ... you're exquisite ... Look at those buttocks ... and the curve of your thighs, the swelling of your tits... as usually you've done a fine job my dear Serge! I'm really intrigued; would you loan Diane to your old friend for a few seconds?"

"Sure! I'm terribly thirsty; she is all yours for twenty minutes."

I saw hubby go away and stared at Mistress Scott, awaiting her whims.

"First of all, we have to ungag you, darling ... There we are," she said peeling off the tape and hauling hubby's socks from my mouth.

"Now I want you to kneel down, here and now!"

I complied. She leaned on a high wooden stool and slipped off her heels; her feet were beautiful, long, well arched, nails trimmed and polished, very feminine... I felt strangely magnetized.

"Lick my feet, darling, all over and eagerly; should you fail to please, I'll have you in my dungeon all next week. Your Hubby agreed a month ago that your training needs serious improvement. Come on slave, Lick!"

While I performed my task, some of the guests approached and commented on my talent:

"Such a good slave you have, Lynn. If I was her Master, I'd want to keep her constantly whipped to induce the right attitude, wouldn't I?"

"Ooh... Sure, you're right Stephen, but she is not mine and I can't do it. Enough of this, slave. Get up now," Lynn said, and collared me. She took me in to the party, nude but for my chastity belt and bonds, and hooked my leash to a ring in the wall. Then she enforced my submission and juicing unexpectedly: "My friends, I pray you to have a look at this slave-girl; isn't she ravishing?! Sure she is! What a pity her principal charms are disguised by this chastity belt. So I propose, with the permission of her Master Serge, to disrobe her of it; we want her strikingly in the nude, don't we?"

"Sure! Good idea Lynn!" "A slave shouldn't be allowed to deny her Masters' view."

"She has to be completely exposed." It was a chorus.

"Wait a minute. I think the belt is to arouse her, and I can't allow that. Kindly spank her just a little bit, for the right attitude, of course!" Dear Hubby! He did it himself, and when Lynn unlocked my belt, my plugged slots silenced the guests.

Then I heard a familiar, manly voice. "Serge, my dear, I think all this stuff has gone too far. It's time to give me back my property. Diane is my slave, for I paid you one million dollars three days ago to have her delivered to my ranch for six months. I'm still waiting, my friend, and nearly out of my mind. How come?" The harsh voice was behind me; I couldn't see him but I knew him. He was the guy who paid 500 bucks to have me ... Hubby had just said it was a dream ... I was going crazy.

"Al, my dear friends, Diane is at the party for delivery. As everyone can see, she is in shape. I suggest we have a good time and then I'll be with you and your new slave on the road to your ranch. You want to use her on the prairies as a pony, don't you?"

"Right now, Serge! Look at those buttocks and those luscious legs; what a pity not to adapt them to my shafts and reins. Well, it's good for her to confront her future predicament," Al said, gagging me with a harness bit gag and cinching hard. I felt like an animal, a pony to ride ... and my plugged spots climaxed simultaneously.

"This is an unbearable impertinence! I can't allow you free orgasms, slave! Your pleasure is mine! Serge, I guess a good fifty's would put this slut through her paces; and I say here and now!"

"Al, Diane has been whipped, but rarely. I suggest we make her do a standing spread-eagle in Lynn's dungeon, both orifices plugged as now. Should any blow cause the pricks to fall, she'll have to perform sexual chores on you, or anyone you choose. What do you think?"

"Good! I also want, assuming the friendly view of any other Master here, all the other women to improve their skill in restraining Diane a bit more cruelly, their choice, until we go to the dungeon. Come on girls, this is your treat!"

I was once more a bit of flesh for everybody to use ... my pussy tingled and I hadn't still seen my new Master ... would he be my harsh guy ... that demanding cock up in my rear ... and his stern whim in dominating me ... even with his friends ... wow. A tall curvaceous brunette, leashed and collared on her knees when she entered the room, approached me sensuously balancing on the highest stiletto's I've ever seen. She licked her lips avidly, then began to untie me, softly fingering my body. I quivered, and a nice touch grasped my breasts and lingered at my inner labia ... I moaned softly in delight ... then she bent me forward and cuffed my hands to the opposite ankle. I was trapped, standing but bent over and compelled to look straight at my feet! My plugged holes were in full view! Demeaning, but...

"This way, slut! Try my Master's elect way to have me fulfill his whims."

I had sensed that the men were excited and bulging when the cuffs clicked shut; now I could see them from the right angle ... you know what I mean. When everyone had acclaimed her work, she went back to her Master's feet.

A voluptuous redhead came to me and cuddled my nipples ... mho ... that was wondrous .... ouch! My erect nipples had been abruptly crushed by steel clamps; each of them leashed. "I think this slave could be led to the dungeon this way, my friends; she needs two firm hands to be effectively conducted and a third to control the plugs ... Who would like those tasks?" I was excited and trembling and juiced, leashed by my nipples to the whip, nearly doggie style, someone ceaselessly staring at my body. I muffled my pleasure. Serge and Al handled the leashes and pulled on .... pooh.... at the same time. I felt a strong hand seize the plugs and turn them slowly ... deep inside of me ...

"Come on bitchy, right to your lesson in docility. hop, hop, and keep your leg straight on line, up with your ass ... this way this way, up ... up!"

The longest walk of my life, believe me! Everybody touched and squeezed and taunted my flesh ... every way you can imagine. And I couldn't offer my pleasure ... I was to be punished for unauthorized orgasms ...! Tantalus, who was he... By the time we got down to the dungeon, my nipples were nearly off. Serge had unlocked my ankles and spread them to rings on the floor. Al had locked my cuffed hands to my collar's ring, behind my neck; I was very well exposed, tits swelling forward! Then someone blindfolded me and tightened the harness bit gag. Soft lips surrounded my nipples and cunt. I moaned in pleasure and that was the moment I took the first blow from my Master's whip; that was a demoniac trap! The soft caressing lips relaxed my senses, driving me to the invading pricks and pleasure, while the whip compelled me to remember my slavery and submission to discipline. I contracted and relaxed every orifice, out of control! Should one of the pricks fall... Instantly, the lips disappeared followed by twenty rapid strokes on my buttocks; I cried and relaxed the inner muscles, and the vaginal plug fell to the floor.

"Finally, here we are! Now, slut, I'll have the pleasure to test your cunt," Al said, jamming wildly into me... and ... ooh ... pumping his cock back and forth.

"I'll have you this way all the time, bitch! You'll spend your day nude, bit gagged, controlled by my reins out on the prairie. Contract your inner muscles, slave... Yes, that way... I'll allow my dependents to use you at their whim until you have the right attitude in serving your Lord and Master and ohooo!"

So he came. I stood gasping and drooling through my bit, a hole to be plugged, nothing more. Complete and absolute silence surrounded me; had they abandoned the dungeon and left me in chains? My Master's sperms floated down my thighs and I shivered in expectation. My rear tightening on the plug .... ohhh... someone was moving it back and forth... Strong hands untied my ankles and retied them crossed and tight. I crashed to the floor and someone tied my legs above and below the knees. A rope from the rear plug to my cuffed hands was passed through my legs and knotted again to the plug; I was trapped and besieged, snugly besieged, but they were not through. They looped a rope behind my neck, over my shoulders and under my armpits, knotted it between my shoulder blades, and then used it to draw my ankles toward my back, arching my back awkwardly. It was frightening and pussy-tingling, you know! Who was unfastening my harness-bit? I had to thank him, or her, somehow.

"Thank you, my mouth was in terrible pain ... ouch ... may I do anything to ..."

"Shut up slave! This was only to grease the corners of your mouth comer for your long ride to my ranch; here, open wide... so, good ... and now be a good girl."

I was bit gagged again, tighter than before, and he left me alone again, or so I thought.

"Hi, lass! I think we'd have a good time on the road, won't we?" a rough voice asked, openly taunting my buttocks. "I'm your chauffeur. In the mean time, I'll get a bit from those luscious breasts of yours. Just to teach you your right position at the ranch. Here we are, slut."

He pinched my nipples and rocked me back and forth ... back and forth ... ouch ... He jammed a huge cock between my breasts and squeezed them against each other ... I was to be used this way ... exciting ... I felt him bulging until he spread his scum all over them, and my throat, and my ... face ...

"Guess now you know who you are and what you're for, don't you slave-slut? Now be good; I've got to prepare your trunk ... nice tits, very nice tits indeed." I heeded him, leaving his sperm on my skin as he went away. Later, I was lifted up and carried outside ... I felt rough sand beneath me when they lowered me to the ground.

"Look, slave, that's your limousine to my ranch." Al said, taking off my blindfold.

The car was a four wheel drive whose back had been adapted to a caged trunk, openly on view. I was to be set inside. To ensure a full view, he hooked me to the ceiling by the rope connecting my torso and ankles; I would have to rock back and forth all the long way and be seen in this condition ... a rough way to juice, isn't it?!

"This way, you'll not fret for fresh air and a bit of sun, care of your hubby, bitchy."

"Al, I specially cherish Diane's perfect tummy; rocking all the way long could ruin it and our pleasures."

"Diane is mine for six months, but you're welcome to make suggestions."

"Well, I guess the opportunity to anchor her nipples straight in front of her and her ankles behind; it could be useful to expose her some more ... and her tummy could be safe."

"Very good idea! I'll take care of the nipples, you do the ankles Ok?"

My loving Hubby! They did it harshly. The position compelled me to tighten my rear muscles ... around the plug... mho... And so we left; I had climaxed again, what an untamed bitch I am really. I was blindfolded, and I knew they had to ride country roads, far from police cars. An hour passed and I heard cattle bells and cowboys whispering. The car stopped.

"Hi Boss! Beautiful. lass you got! She seems be kept on line ... uh. uh .... may we go and prepare her barn, down to the ranch?"

These were harsh voices, and my tied, arched, nude body had aroused them. they seemed happy to have me there at their disposal. My clamped nipples became stiff ... ouch ... and my juices floated down the truck's hatch.

"Right you are, Boys! Happy to see you all again! Arrange the main house's cellar as stable one ... some straw all around, some iron rings on the walls, my preferred whips, and the necessities to restrain and discipline her, guess what I mean? We'll be there forty minutes from now. See you then, buds!"

"Serge, hope you care for her perfect maintenance in the future. I'd like to assist you in punishing her in some unexpected and exciting ways."

"Al, my friend, that is absolutely understood! Let's say we'll have a beautiful experience all together, won't we?!"

Lovely predicament. I was to be happily subdued and played by the two most sexy and demanding men I knew, free to surrender to my sensations. My Hubby had sold me but he was there to use me ... wow ... my "new" Master ... was he really new? I writhed at the prospect. The car stopped again.

"Untie her but for handcuffs and bit and carry her to the stable. We'll have a drink, won't we, my friend?" I heard Al ordering somebody while leaving the car. "Make her run to her place. Use the whip on her rump if she doesn't obey! We want her in perfect form in an hour, OK?!"

Two men opened the hatch, untied my legs ... slowly touching my ... mho ... flesh. A strong hand tightened the plug's rope. "Look slut, this is the best to train your ass to attention; the deeper, the better."

Then they put me on my feet. "Hey, Slim, look at the hatch! This slut's juices washed it! She likes the hard way, you think?"

I blushed; they had discovered me.

"Sure Bud! We're to bring the lass to the stable and punish her if ... you understand me. Now let's get on with it!" the second guy said, squeezing my breasts. They helped me to the ground, slapping my buttocks ( and plug... ), leashed me, and took off my blindfold. They were brawny, country attired, lustfully savoring their job, and ... bulging ... you know where.

"Come on lass! You'll have to run, knees up to your tummy, all the way along," Bud said, taking off my stilettos while Slim unwound a long whip.

"Should you fail a single step, I'll kiss your ass with my whip," Slim informed me, lasciviously handling my thighs. I started to run and found it tough but exciting ... you know, my tits bulging up and down, my buttocks swelling on every move, the plug deep inside me ... I had a long run on green grass to the house since the car stopped at the ranch's gate. I saw a nude, handcuffed woman, tethered by a long rope, running around a pole. She was bit gagged and stimulated by her trainer's whip should she lower her knees. Two small bells hung from her nipples and played. So I was to be in the near future, and forgot to raise my knees ... ouch

"Knees up, slave," Slim whooped, whipping my ass

"Up with your ass, shoulder up ... hop, wench, hop."

Ten lashes over my rump, and I ran so furiously they had to tug my leash to slow me down. Time passed and we arrived at the house.

"Down there, lass," Bud said, holding the plug and pushing me forwards. They were gasping and drooling a bit after our run. Twenty steps down, there was a large room with barred windows, straw all over the floor, some iron rings on the walls. My handcuffs were hooked to the wall.

"Now, my beautiful slut, you'll have to be rewarded for your recent misbehaving," Slim said and pushed me to my knees, slightly bending forward. Bud took off my harness bit gag.

"Here you are, bitch! Now, suck and lick it eagerly, but beware; my friend will whip you, forty strokes at the very best. Should I climax before the fortieth, you'll get twice as much. Then Slim will use your mouth and I'll take his place whipping you. Understand slave-slut?"

I was again on my knees, nude, helplessly driven into slavery, sucking a cock under the whip; I guess the whip strokes contracted my lips and brought pleasure to him. With his dam near breaking twice, I tried to control my pain and he came at the fortieth stroke, yelling his pleasure to the ceiling.

My back was on fire and Slim took his turn. "Please give me some rest ... ouch .... mmmfff"

"Shut up, slave! Suck it," my tormentor answered while his friend whipped me brutally.

Finally my ordeal was over. They cuffed my ankles, bit gagged and cuddled me, left me chained to the wall like a horse and went silently away .I collapsed drooling through my bit and ... down there.

Chapter 6: Introducing the Slave, and...

I woke up on a bed, dressed in a long, purple silk robe with matching stilettos. I saw a pleasant vision in the mirror, and it was me! Look at that perfect makeup's and hair, charming.

"This is my fortune to hold steady! May I have your hand, my Dear?" Hubby was gallantly lending me his hand.

"You'll be the guest of honor at dinner. Everybody's waiting, so let's go!"

Thirty or forty formally attired men and women clapped when we entered the dining room five minutes later.

"Diane, my sweet jewel," it was Serge, "here, I want you on my left, your Hubby on my right. My dearest friends, now you can admire my latest acquisition. She is a rare treasure we cherish as the very best!"

The chorus clapped. Was I a Hollywood star? I had been sold and bought as a Slave ... or a pony-girl ... did all those men and women know?! Sure! They knew and were admiring my Masters' good fortune. Soup had been served and the other guests were eating, but I had no spoon ... how could I ...

"Now my dear, it's time to get into your role," Serge said, and turned to the waiter. I saw him coming with a pair of handcuff on a silver plate. Was I to be...?

"A good pony has no hands, to drive attention to your task. You'll have to silently lap your soup, lass."

Serge handcuffed me, hands at my back, and shackled my ankles, too. There I was, handcuffed hands and feet, lapping my soup ...and juicing. As the soup was taken away; they served an enormous roast. I quivered in expectation, then...

"Al, Serge, we've admired your slave's charms and I guess it's time to feed her some meat. All the men think she has to eat it right from our laps. We'd like to have her crawl on all fours and... eat it ... eagerly."

"Sure, Buds! And you can, with our kind permission, pinch her flesh, your choice, if she doesn't eat correctly," Al answered, handcuffing me in front."

"But a pony girl can't be so attired," Serge added, releasing the knot on my robe's right shoulder.

So I crawled, nude but for my chains, around the table, stirring my back, my breasts moving up and down, up and down. My first man was fully erect and had wrapped beef all around it. he fingered my nipples and then I began to nibble him ... Five minutes later I was submerged by his scum. When I had consumed half of the manly guests, Serge ordered that I have some from the women. That was an apt task, for some of them had conformed meat to their outer labia; they made me lick and eat: Others had deeply plugged their cunts so that I had to stick my tongue inside their cunts and eat ... wow! And all of them climaxed.

"My friends, may I have your attention for a moment? I think it's time for a special dessert. We have to be deprived of Diane presence for a while."

As Serge began to speak, someone, maybe a waiter, hog tied me by locking my hands on my back and linked them to my ankles cuffs. I was blindfolded and carried off. Two minutes later, I guessed, they had laid me down on an enormous plate in the kitchen and tightly ball gagged me. They poured chocolate and vanilla and cream all over my body until I was fully sheltered by sweets and transformed into a big cake. Maybe all the guests were to lick me and pinch ... and... Before I knew it, I was back in the dining room and they started to ... you know, I had such powerful orgasms, I passed out.

Two men pumping me at once recalled me to earth. I had been blindfolded and sandwiched ... ooh ... I was fucked everywhere ... they climaxed together ... yelling, and hurled me to the floor.

"Time to put her in the barn for the night, Al!" "Good!" Hubby answered, cuffing my right hand to the left ankle and the same to the others. When we got to the stable, he said, "We want you to rest a while, slave-slut, so we allow you to be truly tied up for the night. Al, do you agree?"

"Sure, my friend."

"Please no, don't tie me too much tighter ... I'm tired. ouch!"

"Shut up bitch, you'll be tied up and gagged as we choose!"

First of all the crotch-rope ... hmmm... good and tight; then they wrapped my legs in rope, cords digging into my flesh ... bound my forearms together in front and then between my breasts to my torso ... inserted an inflatable penis gag into my mouth and pumped it well. Finally, they made me lie down and tied my nipples to rings on the wall.

"Good night, slave! Suck that prick eagerly, all night long, until you fall asleep. If you fail, we'll consider it an offense to your Masters and punish you. The liquid's level will test your docility to our whims ... bye bye."

I was alone again and sucking a creamy cognac ...captured and as happy as ever in my life thanks to my dreamy Masters

Chapter 7: Awakening

A soft buzz was sticking through my ears. I was quietly surfing onto the air…moving just a little bit towards…moving?! What the Hell?! I opened my eyes at once. I was into a trunk. I was as likely tied up as my Master had left me past night but… I was being transported somewhere and not knowing where…and most of all who was bringing me away from my barn…it seemed I was into a car’s boot.

I screamed aloud, forgetting to be gagged by a big rubber penis gag... An exciting thought, I guess, as my loins started to tingle. I spent some times letting my mind wandering through past events. I had been sold to Serge (even if for a delimited period). Undoubtedly now someone has stolen me from him and Hubby. Abruptly the buzzing engine was off. I heard doors crashing and voices.

“Ask the Devil to come and carry my new property home. I want her up to my bedroom next hour. By my footboard, of course. Cleaned, if needed and restored. Give her a bit of food and water but keep her restrained”

“Yes ma’am. Would you like her perfumed & oiled? I think she … your property stinks just a little bit”

“Nice idea. Do your best:”

Those were all unknown feminine voices to me. Anyway I was to be used (and abused) by a woman. In fact they have said “Madam” addressing whoever was in charge of my future.

“So nice a pet, this one. Have a look Jane! I guess Madam will have plenty of good time tonight. Come on Baby let’s take you out of here”

Tall, muscular but feminine, busty, green…mmmhh…liquid eyes, slim, clearly liking her work. That was my temporary thug. She had a strong but sensual grip on my breasts and thighs, lifting me off the trunk. And she was in the nude…!? Yes, she was stark naked saved for a black stilettos pair and a red collar…collar? Was I manhandled by a slave? Should they have taken my gag off I would ask about, but…

“All right, Pet, I bet you’ll walk a better way now” she said, freeing my legs “I’m mistress Devil to you. Now I’m to take off that gag. Are you going to be good and silent, Pet?”

I nodded.

“Good. Here we go. Now I guess you have a lot of questions to express. All newbie going to be permanently slaves here have them. As for now, I feel confident in allowing your first question to be solved. But remember, Pet, from now to the next permission to speak may run a lot of time, depending on your actual and future habits in training. So be careful, slave.”

I was a bit quivering. Also my freed legs shook violently for blood flushed again after a long time. I needed to know where, who, why. As an experienced slave I knew as my first requested thought had addressed to my new owner or such… so I went easy.

“Mistress Devil, may this one know whom is honoured to serve now and if Master Serge and Master Al are aware of my being here? As a loyal slave this one feels compelled to ask about them.”

“Pet, your new owner is Mistress Scott. You’re definitely a piece of Her Property now and I guess the rest of your life along. No one will know or uncover where you actually are. Most probably your past Masters will come across your missing without finding evidence or such. Mistress Scott is actually at Serge’s estate sharing their efforts. She will fake to discover evidences of Mafia’s thugs around. At that point your past owners will strive to contact those persons. And they will deny anyway. You’re definitely lost, my pet. You’re here to be fully enslaved and wholly committed to Mistress Scott’s service. I know you knew each other. I also guess you think she can’t easily do that, cause of her friendship for your husband and Serge and, most of all, for her social habits. Maybe you guess all the other people at her periodical parties know you and could report your presence to husband. Well you’re wrong! You’re not to be sheltered into Scott’s estate. After your preliminary training you’ll be here, mostly chained to the wall of Mistress Bedroom. I forgot, pet, we’re in the Caymans now; and all the surrounding here around belong to your Mistress. And only Lynn Scott and her lawyer know about this place of hers. Put behind you all your past lives, pet. You’re to rebirth as a piece of property, cherished, cared for, but property at all. Is that enough Pet? I think so. Now let’ go.”

While she was talking, her fellows had retied my arms behind me…they also made my elbows touching…ouch …and my nipples protruding and stiff. Then, as just as a steel collar clicked shut around my neck, Devil snapped a leash onto it and hauled me to the house we have been in front of.

I gathered my data and my pussy her juices…I unmistakably had been stolen away from life (and luscious Masters). I had to face a real enslavement. No hope, no escape. Lynn Scott had planned this a lot of time ago I guessed. Through the years I guessed her desire to own me a few times and reported to Hubby. My beloved had accepted these warnings as ones of her appreciation and convinced me she was not dangerous. He told me also that masters/Mistresses Code in BDSM inhibits from such habits. Slaves are property but each Master (Mistress) has earned that property through his her path to. Stealing a slave is crime not a play.

But in the very matter of fact I was a stolen slave facing a harsh future. Once again I was naked, tightly tied and leashed as a pet. My swelling breasts were abruptly touched by the whip… “Ouch”…thwack “ouch” tweak, thwack…”Mistress this one regrets her habits, thank you Mistress for your guidance”

“Excellent Pet! I tested your attitude by whipping your breast “(the deadly bastard!?) –“I think you’ll do the very best for your Mistress, don’t you?”

Once inside Devil gave my leash to a male butler waiting by the main door.

“Up in the shower room, Philip. Lynn wants her a bit refreshed. Give her a bath, oil and perfume her and a bit of good food and water. Then the ring on the footboard. Let her as she is now. I know you’re the best to”

“Well Miss Devil, I’ll strive to be. What if she misbehaves …?”

“As usually, Phil. At your wariness.”

Philip drove me to the shower.

“They told me your past name was Dyane, Pet, didn’t it? Now it’s Pet. No more Dyane. No more womanly habits. You are a Pet. A cherished property, a female toy to be pleased with. You’re not even human too, or at least you are within limits your owner will set up. Now, rules n. 1: you’re not to speak unless told to. You can say “yes” by juddering your breasts left to right, and “thank you Mistress” by wiggling your ass or say “no” (when requested to) by bending forward and presenting your butt. Only when and if your mistress (or guests of her choice) request of you can talk in a proper third person manner. Even if you’re not valued as human, your movements and habits gotta be gracious and feminine and charming at the very best or you’ll suffer the consequences. Is that understood?”

I wobbled my tits vigorously.

“Good Pet. Back to work now”

He hooked my leash to a ring on the wall and left. Slowly air’s heat was pleasurably increasing. It was relaxing even if I started to sweater a lot. Tem minutes later I realized it was a Hammam room. Well a so said Turkish bath fitted the scene. A stolen slave, a luscious harem and such…

My blood quietly runs all along my body... especially trough my most sensitive. Tied as I was I couldn’t test them but knew them...Moisting and…well you know what. I found myself cuddling my helpless conditions…tits were hard as rock…hips rousing up and there…up and there…it seemed I was lost again and again…naked, helplessly tied up and collared…mmhhh…

“So, you’re enjoying the heat, Pet, don’t you” said Philip

“…mmm. Yes Master…me…”

“…Master?!... I’m not your Master, Pet. You haven’ a Master here! You have a Mistress, Lynn Scott her name. And most of all you’ve just broken rule n.1. Or did I allow you to speak?!!”

He was angry. I bent forward and presented my ass to his whims. He slapped my cheeks twenty or thirty times. Then gagged my sobbing mouth with a bit gag, hard and tight and blindfolded me. In the meantime room’s temperature was hotter than before.

“I hope you learned your first lesson, pet. Now it’s really time to clean you up”

I sensed him unhook my leash and pull. I followed demurely, quivering thighs and ass burning. Then a cold water jet was hurting me all around. It was a shockingly but exciting test for my nipples. I felt them protruding a bit more stiff…damned unruly slave bitches we are, don’t we? Philip continued his work, softly drying my body with some sort of soft rags. His hands were strong but kind someway…he rubbed my breasts, my armpits… then he did my thighs expertly undoing my tension. Then we’re going to the core…my love spots I mean, but he disappeared all at once…

I would have screamed but I was tightly bitted and blind…and on the edge again. I thought they were putting me to my heels. As a slave pleasure is not my thing, save for serving my masters or...Mistress, So that orgasms denying could be a tool to drive me to attention... The quicker I relaxed the better .Instantly I felt delicate hands pinching and opening my labia. A woman... again?! I pushed my hips forward and met …her lips…wow!!! She was licking me dry…and…I climaxed one... then two... three times. As I was gasping for air, my unknown user probed my ass with his hand and sprayed some cream inside. It was fresh and pleasantly. Then a thick rod was plumbed into my ass... deeply…the ultimate touch in my debased state.

Next the same hands went ahead oiling all of my body. And that was a scented one; I savoured mint, sandal, and incense. My skin infinitely liked it. I felt like a radiant sun now and ready to serve my fate…

Unexpected pleasures and all that body caring had relieved me of any tension related to my new predicament. I was terribly hungry and thirsty too. As Lynn had ordered I was now quietly following my leash to an unknown place where I hoped to find some meals.

“Here we are, Pet. Kneel down for me.” It was Phil again. He took away my gag.

“Now open your mouth Pet, and taste this superb steak. Better you gain some strength for your next hours will be a bit harsh I presume. Good. Now what about a sip of wine? I knew you liked it.”

Philip served my meal patiently and a bit sternly, you know. In fact each time I relaxed my position just a little bit, bending forward or such; he roughly twisted my nipple, lecturing my habits. Aside from that He expressed approval of my posture by…well two probing finger deeply into my ass…Anyway I felt quickly restored.

“Now I’m to put you in a proper position to wait for your Mistress. Down to your heels, slave!”

He tied my ankles together, the ran a rope over my shoulders, down under my armpits and knotted it in front between my breasts, and drove the remaining rope around my thighs, tightening and ouch…pushing my head down.

“Open your mouth, pet. Wider…wider…relax…good pet!”

It was a ring gag and that wasn’t enough. A chain connected the ring onto my collar to something solid behind me. I heard the lock closing.

“Now open your eyes, Pet. Your Mistress will probably arrive next hours. This is your new home (save when you’ll be stored away for puns, of course). Comfy? I think so. Stay there and wait, slave. But remember: never to look directly at your Mistress!”

And there I took a pew, on my knees, naked, ass plugged, tied up, collared by a luscious bed. Would I be in Lynn’s pants when entering this room I‘d be instantly taken away by pleasure. Is there someone who hasn’t dreamed about such a scene? …

Chapter 8: Meanwhile…

“Take it easy, men! You both can’t be so unsteady all at once for a slave’s missing! Property is property, after all. I understand you hate this occurrence but, anyway, you lost her. Now let’s stick together our brains and strive to do our best to find her path. Is it Ok?”

“What the hell are you bubbling about, Lynn!? Property…? You were talking about my wife. And my slave of course. Primarily she is my soul mate, half the apple and so on. I can’t but hunting those who had taken he away. And when I’ll get them…”

“Serge, I regret Lynn’s tone but she is right. They have stolen our property. Think of her like that and keep it cool. We’re both businessmen. We know mind coolness is strategic in targeting our goals, don’t we? I just sent one squad of mine to detect hints all around the estate. In the mean time, my friend, collects your thoughts and do try and remember if someone has showed a particular interest in Dyane. Come on buddy, I know there should be more of evidence than we have now”.

“Good. I think to go and steady up your men seeking. Should I find some tracks I’ll call you instantly up? Ok?”

“Ok Lynn. Keep in touch” answered Serge demurely.

“Stupid dicks. All they can think about is a bunch of holes to use at their whims. So woman isn’t but a piece of meat to be enjoyed uh? I’ll show you big men! From now on your precious one is mine to keep. I’ll break her to my pleasures….maybe next time they’ll see her she would be naked and on leash, driven by my dog to her kennel and barking aloud…as the bitch she is…nice way…mmmhhh” Lynn mumbled to herself while running her Land Rover on the prairies.

Shortly afterwards she saw the men and stopped the car.

“Nice to see you here, Mistress Scott. Are you doing …?”

“Here to help you Bud. Haven’t you still found some of evidence?”

“Nope. Come with me to the camp” he answered.

Lynn’s arrival focused all other men’s attention to the female body she displayed. After all, they were in search of a pleasure’s female and some of them had tasted her charms. They were riding from early in the morning, visioning and talking about Dyane’s charms and slavish kills. They were excited…and now this curvy rich female was there …alone.

Lynn sensed their disguised lustful glances. She was excited in a way. Being a dominant, so an evident male interest gave her a sense of power, but…it was also exciting in a strange way. For she flashed trough being overpowered by these nerds, roughly stripped and tied up and …

“Nice to see you all. Do I follow you by car or is there any horse for me?”

“Sure. Come with me Madam” said a stud, black haired, tall guy, and the greenest eyes you can think of. He led Lynn some hundred yards in advance, towards some bushes.

“This snooty bitch” he thought “wiggle and jiggle that smart ass of yours if you like. A horse? I think you will like yours, slut”

As likely as they were amidst the bushes, so unseen by the group, he produced a pair of steel cuffs and snapped them onto Lynn’s wrists cuffing her hands behind.

“There. Much better now. Listen to me, cunt. I want to fuck you, here and now. Nothing else but for your sucking my cock after and lick it clean. I guess you’ll enjoy it. And know you like this treatment, even if you play this crazy stuff of being in command in the rest of your life. As likely as you satisfy me you’ll be free again to hunt that other bitch of yours. No one will know of your…entertainment. No scream or I’ll kill you and report you’ve been assaulted by Dyane while I was bridling horses. Understand?”

Lynne was moistening. That abrupt reality lined up her thoughts. The way she was restrained had made her tits protruding …she was heavily and faster breathing….her mouth was invitingly open…

“…so you want to fuck me, you dirty stud. How come you thought to…?”

“Quiet, stupid bitch” he answered slapping her face “quiet. Time for you to learn to address your male’s superior the proper way. Now kneel and beg me to fuck your worthless bunch of holes. I’m a one word man: I fuck you, you give me pleasure and then we go on our search. Even if I think this is the occurrence to teach you some proper manners. Now kneel, slut!”

“Fuck me Master, rough and hard. This worthless cunt begs you to use her. Anyway…anytime…please Master uses your bitch.” This was a fainting Lynn, head down, ass wiggling, invitingly.

Her captor padded Lynn’s ass a bit and hauled up her skirt, revealing the black thong. “Nice ass, Slut. You have a thing for attracting males, I see. Good for my friend here.” He ripped off the tiny panties and handled her ass cheeks, widening them.

“Now take it all, you Bitch! And let me hear your appreciation for your Master’s cock filling this worthless shit hole. Come on whore! Thank me for fucking your ass!”

“…Ooh…Master you’re so big you’re ripping me apart…thank you Master…mmmhhh…this worthless slut strives to have your cum up into her ass…harder... Master, harder I beg you!” Lynn’s moans and ass bouncing up and down her intruder made him speedy harder than a rock. The man furiously began to groan and move faster.

“Good Bitch…up to your throat…enjoy my dick…now take my loads up to your ass. This is what you need…oh God!” He erupted collapsing onto the kneeling and cuffed woman for a brief moment.

Lynn was in heaven. Her captor couldn’t have known that her only pleasure as a submissive relied on anal and Rape…and bondage. She had climaxed two times while the male was pumping into her.

“Ok bitch. Got to work now. Stand up!” he said, opening her cuffs.

“Now you’ll show me how much you cherish your Master’s cum. Stick your finger up in the ass and lick my cream off... Now.”

A trembling Lynn obeyed the order. Red luscious lips sucking her creamy fingers time after time…dreamy eyes closing by pleasure…hips swiftly undulating…then, “Your cream is off, Master. May this one serve you any other way?”

“No madam. As I said before now it’s time to forward our work. You’re a beautiful woman, and piece of ass I should say. The pleasure you gave me was immense. I’m pleased with you”

“Thank you Sir. May I know your name, now?” “Name is Adam”

“Well, Mr Adam, I guess this was a first step in our… cooperation, you know. This was my first time as a submissive and I must frankly admit…that I liked it”

“You’re welcome Madam. Now would you mount this one?” he answered giving to her the reins of a grey stallion. They rode back to camp.

“I got something to get from my car. Please just wait for me just a little bit”

So said Lynn rode to her car; they saw her catching a shoulder bag by the side window and riding back again.

“Ok men let’s go. May I suggest we open our rides on a 180° each? This way we could cover a lot more of space to check upon. Should someone detect a hint he could warn all the others by mobile phone. So what about?” Lynn hoped they would have put up with her suggestion. If s, she’d have spotted all of her bogus hints all around without being seen. The men were visibly talking to each other and considering Lynn’s proposal. After all they were all professional hunters and such a suggestion tickled their skills. So they agreed and separately rode their paths. Adam alone was a bit puzzled. He had sensed something unusual in Lynn’s thought, even if it apparently had a sense.

“Better to keep an eye on this piece of cunt. I want but interfere with that Dyane’s recovery and my Boss interests. It seems as she hides some tricks” he thought heading on Lynn’s tracks, caring to be unseen from her perspective.

Lynn headed for an exact point. She had planned for a black limousine to be there, two men openly storing into the car’s trunk some of Dyane’s dresses (she had stolen them during the past night) and to be apparently uncovered by her. Then there would be a brief fight, whose end would have found Lynn aware they were from Sicilian Mafia, for they would have addressed her as

“Bottana” (whore) “Fimmina fitusa” ( lurid bitch) and such.

Shortly she arrived to the spot.

“Hey Vic who’s is this Bottana?”

“Donna know but better to take her with us” answered the second mafia man.

Next he caught Lynn’s leg and tried to dismount her. Lynn reacted kicking him away and started to call for help.

“Help… I don’t want to….leave me away. Help!”

Adam had seen the entire scene. He rushed his horse and flew onto the man who was still handing Lynn. It was a brief fight for Lynn’s thugs had to fake a runaway.

“ Vic, let that fimmina fitusa away. Come on, let’s go back , Don Siciliano waits for news, come on!” Once in awhile they were driving the limousine away.

“ Are you Ok, madam?”

“ Sure Mr Adam, thank you…shouldn’t you…”

“ Part of my work, madam. Who were those two…I heard them talking about …Don Siciliano… and then calling you a …”fimmina fitusa”… dunna know what they mean”.

“ Look Adam, I think they were from mafia. Don Siciliano is one of the most named big boss in New York. And most of all have a look. These are Dyane’s dresses pieces. They were loading some other into car’s trunk. I fear Dyane has been kidnapped by Don Siciliano. I saw him in a BDSM party, last year in Los Angeles. He had three slave girls for the night and the next morning they were in need of serious medical help. Poor Dyane! I am afraid we’ll not see her again. Come on we need to inform Serge and Al of this dreadful event.”

Adam called all the others searching at a gathering point while Lynn rushed his way back to estate. She was smiling in a strange way.

“And now, my dear big dominant males, let’s see your skills. While you’ll be looking for a way out, I’ll be enjoying Dyane’s tongue right up my pussy.”

Anyway, who can uncover the future?

Chapter 9: The Caymans

Phil had been stunned by Dyane’s charms. His long time as Lynn Scott’s butler had allowed him to enjoy a lot of bunnies who were mostly absolutely unaware of their inner submissive attitude and in need of a long and hard training to display it. Dyane was none of that. She was a natural, charmingly submissive female. Even if she was scared by her actual predicament, her body and mind showed her pleasures in being a slave! She was a perfect jewel to be pleased with. Unfortunately that was an expensive toy.

“I want to own this slave. This luscious cunt gotta be mine. I have to find my way to steal her and go on with my quiet life here. Years from now I could also gain some money loaning her to selected gentlemen. I need a way to deceive Lynn. Maybe I’ll find something to properly punish that hot bitch.”

Three hours later Phil was ringing somebody by his mobile. “Hi, it’s me. How do you do old chap? Fine?! Me too. I guess you’re in search of a stolen property, don’t you? Is Lynn Scott still there? I see…yes you’re right! Dyane is here. yes I look forward to your mail, see you”.

Shortly afterwards Phil was browsing his e-mail.

“ Here we are! I knew Adam is a smart guy. Let me see…”

From: Adam
To: Phil
Ref: property
Just as you warned me ( that was three months ago) about Lynn’s idea to steal Dyane and own her as a slave, I had been informed by my boss Serge that he was going to enjoy a six months ownership here at the Estate. So the risk you addressed with was a real one. I tried to set up some security issues around that chick. Her barn had been wire checked and remote. And that bitch had succeeded into her goal! Anyway, I’m coming to your place. Lynn asked me to, after our brief intercourse during Dyane search. I detected her submissiveness and used it to our goals and my pleasure too. I think this could be a standing point in our plan.
See you tomorrow. Be well!

The phone rang. “Phil here.”

“Phil, Mistress Lynn will be at home eight hours from now. She mailed me asking for Dyane to be sent to the airport nude, bit gagged, chained. She is also to be leashed to the main gate and put at our ground staff’s disposal . You’re to supervise her habits providing her security. Also, prepare her for going back home leashed to Mistress’ car back bumper. A bit of exercise will do her a lot of good. Did you get it?”

“Sure. See you Devil.”

This occurrence had to be used at the very best. Lynn and Adam’s arrival put Phil’s mind at work. Bad reprimands, harsh humiliations a bit too severe to free women were often unbearable to the Estate’s crew. As for slaves those weren’t but toys, so what’s the problem?

Phil knew that most of the crew part would be pleased in having the upper hand. Should they have been properly enthused …Lynn could have been easily disposed of…as a new estate’s slave. A fake fax should be sent to the Firm noticing the new Phil’s general power of attorney and the order to address him any further problem or request. Phil had to run to his errands. Two maids were sent to prepare Dyane. She was to be locked into the car’s trunk well chained. He will be alone but for Adam and Lynn, the latter completely sidetracked by Dyane’s nude and chained charms bouncing on the road. Adam will suddenly grab her to gag, cuff and lock in the trunk. Once at home Phil and Adam will make the crew aware of the events putting the soon to be slave at their disposal. Great ! ‘Twas a good plot.

Phil selected two pair of cuffs, a ball gag and a blindfold and put them in a bag. He had time for a short relax before leaving and headed to Lynn’s bedroom. There was a stunning Dyane, still leashed to the footboard and a bit drooling.

“Well, time to test my future asset. Those luscious lips seem inviting…here we are…now Pet lick it…yes this way I know you like it, Pet. Now bob your head…up and down yes and twirl your tongue on it… good, very, good slave. Ohh...yes”. A collapsed Phil popped out of Dyane’s mouth and gagged her again.

Someone knocked the door. “Come in.”

“I’m here to set up her for journey, Phil. Are you ok?”

“Sure I am, Betsy. I just tested her skills just a little bit. And I guess she is fine. Our Mistress will be extremely pleased with her. Put her in the trunk thirty minutes from now.”

“Yes sir.”

Phil left the room and headed to the cars depot. Once there he concealed the toy bag under the backseat for Adam’s benefit.

“Well, here we are.” He mumbled, looking at Dyane being dragged nude and chained and locked into the trunk.

“Betsy. We’ll be back home at seven p.m. Please take care of mistress' dinner and everything she could be in need of. You know, it has been a long way home. She will be extremely huffy as always. I’d like to have a joyful and peaceful dinner and night, understand?"

“Sure Phil we’ll do our best.”

“Fine. See you later.”

Phil knew that a call to Adam was now a must. Till now, the plot had been undefined as for Lynn’s capture. They had previously discussed matters related to the Crew’s seeing Lynn’s being converted into slavery and their reactions. Now the best way was to give them a fact; their Mistress will be given to them as a present, their salaries ensured anyway…and their pleasure too. Consequently Adam had to perform the capture into the car.

“Here’s 08210 Scott.”

“Phil here, Commander. Connect me to Miss Lynn, if you please.”

“Hi Phil, is everything ok there?”

“Sure it Is Madam. I will be at the runway half an hour from now. Pet will be set up as for your orders. Anything else?”

“I have a guest here. Name is Adam. I’d like you to treat him at the very best.”

“So it will be. May I talk to him just a little bit, just to collect details of his, I should say, special tastes?”

“Sure. Here is Adam.”

Adam took the phone. “Pleased to meet you, Phil. I do presume you’re a professional. So let’s go to the core. I’m a simple man. Ham and eggs, black coffee in the morning; two or three soft drinks in the afternoon, dinner of your choice. I like to train females slaves. Would you mind finding somebody for me? I know that Miss Lynn’s estate has a lot.”

“That won’t be a problem, Mister Adam. May I strive to offer you something during our ride home? It will be my honor and pleasure to make your stay here enjoyable.”

“Ok Phil, I got it, see you.”

“See you, Mister Adam.”

Quick and easy. Phil was now approaching the runway. He got a call. "Phil, here is Steve, Ground staff’s chief. I know you’re to set up Pet at the main gate. Keep moving and you’ll find two men of mine at the main gate to help you.”

“Thanks. Did they charge their pistols?”

“Sure thing, Phil. They always go armed around..” and with loud laughs the call was cut off.

Once at the Gate, Phil stopped the car. Two tall men approached him.

“Good Morning Mr. Phil. We’re to collect the luggage and help you with it. How do we…?"

“Nice to see you guys. It is inside the trunk. Here, get the keys and tell me where I could drink something to freshen me up. Everything is up to you for the next two hours. May I presume that you’ll do your best?” “I think so, Mister. Look straight in front of you, that is our break zone. Have a nice time. We’ll call you up just in time to welcome Miss Lynn.”

"By the way. Treat my luggage as well as yours .You may enjoy your work but you can’t damage or ruin or put it at risk in any way. Am I understood?”

“Sure, we’ll do our best.”

Phil left for the break zone while the two guys were drawing Dyane out of the trunk. They both enjoyed themselves in grabbing, mauling, and fingering that luscious helpless body. Dyane couldn’t but moan and whimper under their caresses. They uncuffed her ankles and dragged her to the gate, while the taller one roughly mauled her ass cheeks. Once there a metal collar and a similar waist band were locked up on her and double locked to the gate. Dyane stood now, naked accessible and helpless.

“Hey Pete, what would you like as appetizer? Mouth, ass. .make your choice, it will be a long “ gray line” till Miss Scott’s landing. This slut needs a good dick…or two…Look at her tits!! So swelling…”

“Right Sam. Let’s do it. I’ll do the mouth. Let’s ride her hard and fast. I wanna take her breath away” he answered unlocking the bit gag and replacing it with his cock. Their synergy in entering Dyane was so fast and furious to lift her just a little bit, so shortening the collar’s and waist band grip to the gate. They came at once. Sam kept on pumping her ass while Dyane licked Pete’s limp cock. Then it was his turn to be wiped. Dyane’s thighs were marked by a lot of fluids dripping. Sam gagged her again and they left.

Phil, having enjoyed the sight was ravished by jealousy. He was terribly in need to have that female at his whims, but that will be in the future. As for now, they (he and Adam) had to pursue their goal, and nothing else. What if Dyane’s hubby and Mr Serge should pursue their search and maybe find her here in the Caymans’? Well, he thought, a well trained Lynn could easily assure them that she had found Pet and kept her in training to give them back a better sub. And the better she deceived them the better she would be treated.

Phil shouted, “Come on buds! Lynn is here. Bring back the cunt to my car. Quick!”

An exhausted Dyane was leashed to the limo’s bumper and the ride back home began. It was a slow pace to allow the slave not to trip in her chains. Meanwhile Lynn was avidly looking at her and rocking her hips just a little bit over Adam’s hand.

“Look at this slut, Adam. No matter how roughly they used her she seems to have enjoyed it as well. Look at her cunt, it is still glistening…I wonder what it would be like to bite those nipples while getting off under your assault. Do you imagine her moaning….wow.”

“In the meantime why not to sample my stiffness, honey slut? I know you’re thirsty. C’mon baby lean over and get it, now!”

Lynn couldn’t but obey and quickly her mouth was filled up by Adam’s rigid cock. She swiftly started to bob, also slightly caressing it.

“No hands slaveslut. I want only your lips and tongue on it! Here let me remind you of your natural role in front of me!” Adam cuffed Lynn’s hands behind her and grabbed her hair to induce a faster and deeper bobbing.

“This way Miss Lynn. Taste your master’s cock and do cherish it, for this will be the last time you’ll so quietly get it, comfortably driven home in your limo, classy attired and so on. You’re a beautiful female, Lynn, even if I do appreciate a naked and chained slaveslut a little bit more. Do you understand me, honey? For that is your status from now on: a slave, a domestic animal. Phil and I have plotted your new life. Once back home you’ll call your staff. You are to tell them to address me as your attorney in charge of every and each issue about your property and your personal daily life too. Phil will be addressed the same. Keep up your pace, slave; I know you’re excited but don’t be sloppy, ok? Now immediately after your speech you’ll strip and kneel in front of me begging to please your Masters. And remember: all of your staff has just agreed with your conversion to slave status. We granted them best working conditions and the right to discipline you. So it could be the hard or the easy way. Your choice, slut”

“mmmhh…Adam, Master I’d be your slave, I’ll give up to you…mmfff”

“To me too, slave?” asked Phil while Adam shoved his dick a bit more deeply in Lynn’s mouth.

“…ommhhh.. Yes Master I’ll give up to both of you all of me. I just hope you give me the honor to serve your dicks all my life..and mmfff”

“Serve our dicks? Look Phil, the richer they are the lower they crave to be. Listen, slaveslut, our dicks are none of your business!"

Chapter 10 An unexpected payback.

We’d just covered half the way to the estate, as a black Hummer crashed the limo from the right. The impact threw us in a mess. Adam tumbled forward, his head making a bizarre angle between the front seats; a bloomy Phil, the steering wheel well stuck up in his chest, moved like a puppet. I had been luckily untouched by the crash and stood there, still chained to the bumper, while a still cuffed Lynn strove to get out.

Four men drew out from the Hummer and neared us, one carrying something like a leather sleeping bag over to Lynn .

“’Come on boys, Don Siciliano’s waiting for these two sluts. Vic, try and pamper that one just a little bit, even leaving her chained; and Vic, I said “pamper”, did you get me? As Don Siciliano always keeps his word…”

“Hey, take it easy Frank! Pussies are made to be fucked, aren't they? I reckon this one is a bit too scared, as for now, to be of some use to me. Where should I put her?”

“Take her to the car. Give her something to drink, put her safety belt on and come back to help me. We have to pack this slut for Boss’ benefit. Hurry up, man.”

I moaned, “Please , please I need to stretch my arms, the sooner the better, as a cramp is running on me…please..” Whether it was be a real pain or not, I started to collapse, acting as a trembling puppet. Frank strove to open my cuffs and let me lean backwards on him, so that I got partially free for the first time since the very beginning of the adventure. I collapsed into the dust and hugged his boots, babbling about my thirst. Holding a flask, Vic was there again.

“Here, pet, open your mouth; this will take away you thirst”

“Thank you, Master…may I have some more, Master?”

“I’m not your Master, ”bedda fimmina” not that lucky, I mean. We’re simply here to ransom you from that beastly woman and lead you back home.”

“Back home?! Do you mean I’m going to back in my Hubby’s arms…really?”

“Not quite, Dyane,” answered Vic, handling a ball gag to Frank, who cuffed me again, hands behind my back.

“Hey, why did you put the cuffs back on? Why should I…mmmfff...”

“As a matter of fact, we’ve been ordered to take you to Don Siciliano. He saw you sometime ago at a party and very would like to “see” you in a more private way. He ordered us to treat you as an honoured guest, but“naked and in chains” of course. So relax and enjoy your next and definitive trip. We got some work to do before leaving.”

When the men helped me into the Hummer, a waft of fresh and pleasurable air hit my wriggling body and made my poor tits stiffen. A new enigma wandered throughout my brain. Who was this Boss? Furthermore, being the final frame as drawn by that Frank, I wasn’t to be set free or meet hubby again. Maybe a new and unknown collar waited to be cinched around my neck for life!

In the meantime, Frank and Tom had changed Lynn’s cuffs to the front and 'persuaded' her to lay on her back and slid into the leather sheath. Actually, it took a lot of slapping her ass to achieve the goal. At last, being the female at her place, they swiftly belted her body down, head to toe, so that she couldn’t move an inch.

As they zipped up the sheath, Lynn screamed, “You assholes, hey how do you think I could breathe in here? Are you going to kill…mmmfff...”

“Shut your fucking mouth up, whore. Here is a mouthpiece to hold and breath through. Don Siciliano wants you alive. You’ll be his pleasure toy, slut; I reckon you have never had such an opportunity. An enormous cock, a lot of stamina (as like as every Italian stud, of course) and a fierce assert on females’ natural inferiority to Us Men. Leaving aside his money… and unrelenting need to have more of it. The latter three slaves lasted in a few weeks. Yet, as you are (I should say, were) a wealthy one, I forecast that my Boss will particularly enjoy debasing you anyway. Isn’t your life’s dream, bitch? I bet it is!” said Frank, zipping the sheath up to her head.

They loaded her into the trunk and turned their attention back to Adam and Phil, still in the damaged limo, and looking for life signs. Was I going to involuntarily witness a shooting? Nope, as the guys abruptly came back to the Hummer, lit the engine and we left. No noises, just a soft buzz pampered my ears; the soft couch tingling my skin and I relaxed a little bit, despite being so neatly chained, naked and led to an unknown fate by two strangers. I had even sensed Vic, as he was leading me to the car, pleased in touching my helpless charms, no matter on his latter words. I got even his fellow staring at my tits a few moments before they helped me in here. Both of them had their pants bulging! Should all the Boss gang be so endowed, my eventual slavery could resolve to the best…Should I have to spend my life without Hubby… So rummaging through my thoughts, I doze off, leaning down on the seat for just a moment before two automatic belts drew off the upper side and cinched my body tightly, ensuring a safer trip.

Later, my mouth ached when I woke up , moaning . In my dreams, I was showering at home and Hubby had just sprayed his white cream all over my breasts; in the matter of fact, big drooling caused by my ball gag flooded down there. My moans drove their attention back to me, as the belts cinching my body down swiftly rolled back up and disappeared. Some more gurgling and moans left my throat as I managed to sit back again, and Frank viciously helping me, taking my poor tits as handles.

“Nice of you to be here again, “BEDDISSIMA”. It takes a short time to get to our place, so be ready to meet the Boss. Don Siciliano is an Old Style Italian gentleman; he likes to treat his females as bitches in private. On the contrary, despite you’re being a naked and chained female slave (as I iterated, this is his very liking) you’ll be treated as a queen , a Beauty Queen. So mind your words, for his formal kindness is as sharp has his erotic fury.”

I found this Frank’s speech scaring, yet intriguing. As we shortened the time to Lynn’s ( former) place, I tried and detect what was in store ahead. The large area immediately before the main building seemed set up for a ceremony . There was a big wooden platform, and a tall man standing on it talking to the former Lynn’s crew, who were gathered around him.

The Hummer stopped and they dragged me out, naked and in chains, and the man came down the platform stairs and approached me. I had glimpsed him as tall, muscular and bulky and as his sturdy figure came closer I saw his perky white teeth shining in a smile as well as two sharp blue eyes that scanned all of my body. At his wave, Vic took off my cuffs and gag, leaving my shackles on.

“May I introduce myself, my dear? My name is Luigi Siciliano. I’m happy to welcome you here, Miss Tyler. Did my men offer you a comfy trip?” He kissed my hand in a formal manner. Amazing! Really amazing ! I stood before him, naked chained and at his disposal…and this powerful One addressed me as a revered guest…still in chains, of course.

“Yes, thank you Mr. Siciliano. I appreciated your car’s comfy couch. I even had a nap coming here.”

“Good. I think my men have told you that you’ll be my revered guest. I know you’ll appreciate some of my home rules, or so I hope. Yet, kindly follow my Lucia here. She will care for your necessities. I know you recently had a hard time, so that I very would like you to refill your energies and charms and all. I’ll wait for you at dinner time, I ordered a marvelous Italian menu to please you. Last but not least: I do hope you will follow Lucia’s suggestions for the night, as they comes directly from me. Anything to say, my dear?”

Being still hobbled in chains, I knelt and kissed his shoes, maybe wriggling my flanks a bit. I knew that men like this attitude.

“Very well done, Miss Tyler, I thank you for it, though it was a bit too early to do it. I think we’ll have a lot more of it, in the next time to…appreciate our attitudes , shall we? Now , let me attend to my other guest’s needs. Lucia take her away, please. I’ll be in the dining room at 20:00.”

A leash snapped to my collar and Lucia dragged me towards the house. I saw the leather sheath drawn out and put down on the dust. Mister Siciliano stood before it, a fierce glance on his face, while they worked on Lynn’s straps. A look at the events was a must for me, so I stopped, despite Lucia's hurry to drag me inside.

Mister Siciliano now held Lynn’s hair and shook her like a roller coaster does; being still cuffed, hands on her back, the breasts swung back and down adding some indignity to her debasement. The former perfect gentleman I met before, had been changed into a fury. “You dirty bottana, did you really believe you could fool me?” he screamed. “We’ve got an agreement. My men's fake fight with you at Serge’s estate had to help your stealing away that cunt. Once done you should have sent three of your slaves to me, Devil being one of them, and submitted yourself to me for the next two weeks. Should you have performed this way, we’d both be happy now, but none of it happened! As per your stupid actions, you’re now my slave for life, all of your's is now MINE, and you’ve even lost your cherished and stolen jewel: Dyane. Did you see your staff ‘round her? I’ll have you spread eagled on the soil, all of the males will use at their whims, while your ex female attendants will sit on your face and release their bladders right in your throat. Once this ordeal is over, you’ll be prepared for me. Got it, slut? FOR ME! Now put this cow through her paces, I got something to attend to elsewhere.”

At that moment, Lucia tugged on my leash again, and I started walking, losing sight of the events behind me. Lucia didn’t say a word, all the way along. Her gentle ways brought me around, and once we were in a large bathroom she locked my leash to a bolt right under the shower, and turned the on water tap…ouch… it was the hot one. In a few seconds my poor body progressively relaxed, as a still silent Lucia gently scrubbed me, easing my sore muscles and such. This time gave me the opportunity to look at this singular girl. Mid thirties, dark haired, big liquid brown eyes, well marked lips, a curvy figure, slender ankles. She was a beauty altogether. A silent one. A quick dry and she did my hair swiftly. As we were before a mirror I couldn’t but appreciate her work. Having my make up done I couldn’t but feel astonishing!

“Lucia you’ve done excellent work on me! I haven’t looked like this for a very long time. How may I thank you? Ask me for anything and I’ll do it for you.”

She smiled and opened her mouth, pointing a finger inside. As I didn’t understand at first, she neared me and took my hand inside. Poor thing ! Just a piece of her tongue was in there. She couldn’t talk nor effectively moan at all!

“Was it a punishment, Lucia? Is that Mr. Siciliano so cruel?” I was really scared; Mr. Siciliano’s politeness and intriguing sensuality couldn’t match such a cruelty.

However, Lucia kept smiling and this intrigued me. I saw her writing a note which she showed to me in a few minutes:

I’m Luigi Siciliano beloved wife. I know you’ve sensed his dominant self; beyond this, he is the most generous, intelligent, brave man I ever met. We’ve known (and loved ) each other since our childhood and shared a common path in life. As we grew older (he was going to become the Boss) he asked me to marry him and I gave him my hand. I knew his inner needs and enjoyed them at the very best. A man runs, a woman obeys – this is my natural oath to Life, and I guess it’s the same for you, Dyane. We lived happily for a long, long time (and we still are) till a sad day. At that time, Luigi had called his board to gather around and solve some serious problems. They were all Old style gentlemen; powerful, rich, honourable, and well asserted in their dominant role. I know you understand, within this frame, what perfection was in need to honour them with my being there. I did my best, until one of Luigi’s guest ordered me to kneel and serve him orally. I’m a natural submissive, you know, yet that request bothered me; I feared to offend my beloved master and husband, and dared to suggest to the man his need to request Luigi’s permission. Asserting so, though it has been a correct formal request for a slave, I seemed to challenge a man’s authority. He screamed that a slave exists to be enjoyed in whatever way her Owner see fit, that she no say about it and so on. I heard all the other guests comply and tried to catch my husband’s glance; I found it. He stared at me sternly for a bit; then he ordered me to suck and swallow him at all. My punishment for such a misbehaving should have arisen in the next time. So, I bowed my head and served that man; being my mouth busy, I couldn’t but listen all the other guests asserts about me and my punishment to be. Some voted for death, for my unbelievable arrogance couldn’t certainly be corrected: A man guessed that a Boss like Luigi couldn’t tolerate such a stupid cunt like me to ruin his honorability this way, so that he could purposefully sold me to a brothel. Luigi was silent; he listened and (I thought) waited. As just as my man filled my throat with his cream, I moaned in joy, swallowed his load and knelt again to my husband feet, head touching his shoes, waiting for his say. His next words froze my blood. My tongue had to be cut off to teach me my proper place at a man’s feet: I was to become a mute female flesh to be pleased with and nothing more. As I was his cherished property, only his knife could do it, the next night. Furthermore, I had to lick and suck all the men there, for that night would be the times to perform it correctly using my tongue; and he wanted it to be unforgettable for all of them. Luigi tore off all of my garments, cuffed me, hands on my back, and put his slave wife to work. Three hours later, I was so exhausted and my tongue so numb, that I meekly felt his knife sliding away my meat and fainted. Later in the night, I woke up in our bedroom, a surgeon working on my wounds; Luigi stood by me, tears filling his eyes and gently lingering mine. He told me that he had chosen this extreme cruelty to save my life, and prevent any other involuntary misbehaving to be punished in the future by his colleagues. In front of them, from that moment on, I would have been a punished slave, the perfect mute female to be used and abused (or such). I our bedroom, in our hearts I would always have been his treasure. For he loved me. Beyond any other thing. Out in world, he is Don Luigi Siciliano, The Boss; in my heart he is my husband, my soul mate, my Master and I’m his slave, wife, treasure. So, I bet your next time here will be a lot more easier to spend. Take him as a man and don’t fear his erotic fury, many times I got scared in seeing him savagely aroused, yet I never got injured and mostly unpleased.

I was astonished! Lucia had summed up her life and her inner emotions such a remarkably way it touched my heart. I knew we shared the same attitude towards our men. However, I had a heroine before my eyes; I hugged her and felt her heart pumping…marvellous! A few minutes later Lucia left me alone for a while, and soon after she came back, carrying a bundle of chains and shackles. She locked a wide yet smooth iron belt around my tummy.From ringbolts on its sides two 6 inch chains connected to cuffs, which she immediately snapped on my wrists. I could lift a spoon to my mouth or shake somebody’s hand, but I could absolutely not defend my charms in any way. Lucia then encased my feet into some heels so arched to push me on my tiptoes. She and snapped two wide metal shackles on my ankles, a six inch chain connecting them. As a final touch, smiling Lucia gently sprayed my tits with a pink powder, enhancing them in a sluttish way. I had been changed into a pleasure doll, finally ready to meet my fate, as the Boss’ wife took my leash dragged me forwards.

Passing through a long hallway, we met a woman; feminine, busty yet with a slim and curvy figure. She wore black high pumps (same as mine, I guess) that clearly stressed her thighs. A single glove encased the arms hiding them behind her back, a leather string running from the arm binder’s ring between her legs to the collar in front, bisecting her pussy and titillating her clit. A leather hood covered her face. Someone has drawn words onto her breasts and flat stomach. They said: 'You need a long spoon to dine with the Devil. Much better to have it well packed.'

So this was Devil, the Lynn’s former slave mistress! Looking at her severe yet soft predicament , I wondered about Luigi’ sense for balance; Devil looked restrained yet sensuously relaxed in her predicament. Lucia, sensing my amazement; gently rubbed Devil’s clit; as she put her finger to my lip, the juices’ smell hit my nostrils. I was right! Devil enjoyed her slavery too.

Some more tottering on my tiptoes led us to a large and luscious room. A long oak table, classical old style seats by it, a stone fireplace, several candlesticks lighting up the place. Mr. Siciliano waited for me, being comfortably sat at the table, a high wooden stool stood by him, its legs wrapped by a black silk robe. Lucia gave him my leash and left the room.

“My dear Dyane, you’re really a beauty tonight. I do hope you enjoyed my wife’s efforts to your well being? I think so. Now, please to sit down on this stool, and we’ll have some pleasurable foods and conversations too. My dear?”

Crazy, uh?! Despite of my being nude and chained, I felt muddled and pleased with his manner. Following his gentle tug on the leash, I sat there, while the Boss locked my ankle chain down to it. It was a pleasant seat, smooth and comfy.

“May I know what is your non dominant hand, pet?”

“Sir, that is the left one, Sir.”

“Good. Now let me fix you In a proper way for our pleasant dinner to come.” He unlocked my left hand, before shortening the right chain until my cuffed hand was stuck to the waist belt.

“Much better now. A well confined female in light yet serious distress always adds a bit of spice to my daily life. Are you comfy, my dear?”

“Yes, I am, thank you. May I ask you…oh God!” A huge, smooth, rampant artificial cock plugged my pussy all at once, and kept on pumping at a slow yet…mmmhhh, intriguing pace.

“I bet you’re now comfortably sat, slave. Come in!” he shouted. Four butlers came in, carrying finely graven silver plates that smelled deliciously, and a big wooden box they set it in front of the fireplace.

“May we carry on, Sir?” asked one of them.

“Sure. In the meantime we’ll taste this appetizing roast beef, shall we? Serve my guest first, if you please. Dyane, have a morsel, dear.”

Whether it was the plug ravaging inside me, or my non dominant hand shilly-shallying, I found eating that exquisite course a bit tricky. Mr. Siciliano openly enjoyed my trouble, casting lustful glances at my body.

The now open wooden box revealed a X-shaped steel frame, a hooded naked female body strapped to it, so that her feet and hands pointed to the ceiling, being her crotch obscenely exposed. Lynn was there again, much more distressed than me. A butler plugged both her holes with two huge candles and lit them. As for her pose, the wax drops hit her most sensitive parts from the very beginning, drawing out her muffled moans.

“Dyane, my dear, I nearly forgot to mention that you absolutely aren’t allowed to orgasm now, for I very would like to be delighted at your conversation too. Besides, as my dominant self asks, I do hope you fail to fulfill this order of mine, of course. May I suggest you mind your next move, as your old friend Lynn could be an example of my skills. Do you see her labia? I will keep the candles waxing them un till her pussy will be sealed. At that time my butlers will cut off the candle digging into her anus and seal it too, the same way; then she’ll be back into the box and wait for us in my bedroom. Did you notice that I said “us”? I hope you’ll be pleased with being tied up to my footboard, suitably gagged and blindfolded, of course. Being there you’ll be pleased by your old friend Lynn’s moaning and crying, for I intend to use her and make her suffer this night. Enough of this; I guess it’s dessert time.”

An apricot pie, brandy flavoured, came next, its smell tingling my nostrils; Luigi approached me, grinning. “I savoured your efforts, slave, even if I regret it’s time to help you.” He locked my left wrist back into its cuff and shortened the chain so both hands were now fixed to the small of my back. Nice “help” notion, I bet! Afterwards, he cut a slice of pie and repeatedly brushed my clit (mmmhhh!) with it. Once the pie was well sluiced into my juices…he presented it to my mouth. Slice after slice, I was in a turmoil, the ceaseless and mounting heat in my loins, together with the lustful taste I had now to enjoy, led me on the edge. As I eagerly licked the thing from Luigi’ hands, I rode the monster digging into me as a fury. My pleasure’s smell intoxicated the air. Just a bit before my jerking off onto it, Luigi stopped his feeding me and slapped my breasts.

“I told you not to come, slave. Relax yourself and save your strength for the night to come. This blindfold will keep your eyes away from my next surprise.”

All at once, my pussy felt empty. “Don Siciliano, Master, ouch I’m engulfed with…mmmfff...” A huge penis gag had abruptly filled my mouth and was tightly cinched behind my head. I had been gagged with my former invader; it had a well known taste, you know, yet an unknown flavour had been added to… I was still trying to spot it, when I dozed off, as Lynn’s muffled crying under Luigi’s whip filled my ears.

I recovered from my drugged dreams in the former Lynn’s bedroom. A short chain locked my steel collar to a ring screwed to the footboard, and my wrists and ankles were similarly chained to it. I could neither stand, nor sit or such. Being still gagged and blindfolded, I could only lay, listen to all of the room’s events and…juice.

Lynn babbled and cried as Mr Siciliano vigorously fucked her. “Fuck, you dirty moron! You’re breaking me in two…take that cock of yours…ooh… away…Mass…Master! Take me, take me…oh God!”. The bed creaked, as I went into raptures over Luigi’ furious pumping the poor Lynn’s ass. Then I dozed off again.


I can’t manage to remember how I could have been transformed into the elegant woman who now sat at the breakfast table, pleasantly chatting with Luigi Siciliano. A golden stud neck chain locked me to a bolt on the floor, this being the only bondage device to restrain me. A mirror sent back a perfect look; fresh air combo, sexy make up, a luscious red silk robe, red high pumps.

“Dyane, my dear, you’re positively stunning today. I bet you had a good time last night.”

“Yes, I did. May I ask you anything about Lynn? I heard your…argument had stressed out her …”

“Would you like to name it as arrogance? Yes, I guess it; besides I think that such a coarse evil whore is in need of a bit more attention to be sure the lesson is positively driven home. Anyway, stop worrying about the woman who stole you from your Husband; she is going to get her reward in due time. Now we have a problem to fix.”

“Is there anything I could do to assist you?”

“My breakfast time is short now. I’m to leave you alone, leaving your collar’s key onto the table. Will you use it and fly away, or (as I very would like) wait here for me? What is your say, Dyane?”

“Luigi, you’ve unexpectedly changed my fate to a better one, in a powerful yet gentle way. Deep in my heart I crave to be back into Hubby’s arms, I know you understand me. Yet, since a slave’s goal is to serve and reward her Master’s pleasure, I feel the urge to thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I’ll wear your collar with pride until you’ll choose to free or sell me.”

His eyes gleamed as he stood and kissed my hand. Just before leaving the room he turned back and smiled.

I spent the next hour sipping my tea, thoroughly waited on by a silent Lucia. Different emotions matched my thoughts. My life had improved; I was a beloved slave again, no fears or pain in store ahead of me, save for those proper to a pleasure slave. Furthermore, the passion that linked Luigi to Lucia and that granted balance to his using an other female for his pleasure. Pleasure, not pain, was the way for this extraordinary couple. It reminded me of my beloved. I sighed and called to Lucia for another cup of tea.

“Wouldn’t you rather sip a beer, instead?“ said a deep, warm manly voice…my poor heart! Serge stood behind me, broadly smiling.

“ Serge, how did you …? God, I’m terribly happy to see you. Are you Luigi’s guest? Can you take me away? How is Al, tell me something about him, please? Tell me something, you brute, don’t you see I’m…”

“ My, my; I see you’re the same mouthy girl I lost some time ago. Take your time, woman. You still are mine to enjoy for a long time. Al has unveiled Lynn’s plot. A lucky business occurrence drove Luigi to my Company, so that I asked him to help us. As I mentioned Lynn, he told us she faked him too, and enrolled in our “army”. So, you’re going back home, my lucky slave. Hands on your back!”

I gasped as he tied my elbows and then my hands tight. The red robe tensed on my nipples and Serge took his time with them. Then the key clicked open my collar and he dragged me out. The Sicilianos were on the porch, both smiling at me; a long black limo waited by them. Serge pushed me forward into it.

“ Dyane, I arranged with Luigi for you to have a brief vacation here. You surely have known Devil; she was my soul mate a lot of time ago. My particular tastes didn’t match hers so we parted. Luigi told me about her new attitude and I think I might try her again... maybe for a long time, maybe not. Anyway, I can’t attend to your needs anymore, even if you’ll be mine dispose of all the next year. Now I leave you to my assistant, follow his orders as if they were mine. As soon as possible, I’ll be back to you. Good bye.”

What?! Have you ever sat into a limo? The softly darkened inside makes you feel lonely; I looked at the guys outside, trying to move them to pity my plight. They smiled and waved hands as the car moved. I wept in my bonds, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Then a gentle hand wiped them, coming out from behind me. “Welcome home, love.” Hubby was there again!

The End