Katie Tribute
by AR

This very ordinary piece is my humble tribute to the fabulously talented author Katie whose wonderful stories have entertained me over the years at this terrific forum.

This is my first attempt at writing a story of any kind. I humbly request you to post comments that are constructive...

Part 1

As a child I became aware of the special feeling of being nude at a very young age. I was about 18 when I first realised that I wanted to experience the feeling of nudity somewhere outside and not just in the confines of the bathroom... in those days we lived in a small settlement which bordered some woodlands. The woods did not have dangerous animals, we would occasionally hear of peacocks or deer emerging near the settlement... they had some high fencing for a few acres of land within the woods near the settlement to keep out the wilder animals.

We had a small community club with facilities for playing table tennis, tennis, badminton etc. This club was right at the border of the woodlands. I often left home saying I was going to play around there. Over time, gradually exploring the woods nearby, I realised that the woods were very isolated and no one ever ventured there.

My typical attire would consist of a t shirt, a short skirt & I always wore modest white cotton panties. My breasts were small and pert so I never wore a bra. I used to love wearing cute shades of pink and had a lot of such clothes. one morning I left home and went straight to the woods. I ventured in until the trees hid the settlement then got behind a big tree and took off my skirt. I balled up the skirt in my hand and ventured further in, it felt naughty to walk around in a t shirt and my panties. I walked around for half an hour put my skirt back on and went home.

The next day I left at the same time from home. My mother was busy with household work and rarely bothered since our settlement was a very safe community. This day I ventured further inside, the grass here grew fairly tall, so I felt bold and took off my skirt again. Today there was one small difference, I had not worn panties at all. It felt great to be naked from waist down. My t shirts were generally short, so even if I had a skirt on you could see my waist... now I felt elated with the feeling of a soft breeze flowing over my legs and between my labia, I had prominent lips and hardly any pubic hair so the feeling was special... I touched myself between my lips and was a bit shocked to be so wet. I felt strangely excited and realised that I was quite aroused.

I walked around more and explored the woods. After a while I noticed one of my friends a shy boy named Evan walking across the woods. Fortunately he had not seen me yet. I hid behind a tree and tried to put my skirt on but was so nervous I couldn't move... he walked away without seeing me. That made me realise that I needed to be more careful. I put on my skirt and went home soon after Evan left.

After a couple of days I felt the need to go back to the woods. This time I ventured deep inside. After a good walk I took off my skirt and t shirt and walked around with only my shoes on. I felt good to be nude. I had the clothes in my hands initially, After a while I grew adventurous so I hid my clothes behind a tree and walked around naked for more than an hour.

Since the soil was not soft I didn't remove my shoes but I felt great to walk around with a necklace around my neck and shoes on my feet and everything else in between so exposed, my nipples grew erect and my lower lips became more and more wet as I kept walking.

This nude walk became my routine and I would spend several hours every week walking around the woods naked.

I was too shy to get nude in front of anyone else but I enjoyed being nude in the woods and gradually got used to it. Over time I became more adventurous and would venture to the edge of the woods while still nude and peek into the settlement but I was never caught and I enjoyed the weekends doing this a lot.

My first opportunity to be naked with people came by chance... my parents had to go to another place due to an emergency and left me back as they didn't want me to add to the stress of their trip. They spoke to a distant aunt who also lived in the settlement and she agreed to let me stay with her. She was more of a family friend and less of a relative. She had a daughter who was on a short break from university. I noticed while staying there that her daughter often lounged around the home in a bikini and sometimes even topless... she would take a shower, wrap herself in a towel and come down for breakfast and basically wear just the towel until she had to dress up to go outside. I realised this aunt was pretty relaxed as far as clothes were concerned. After a couple of days her daughter left and I was left with only her in the house.

I got a naughty idea; my mother had just packed 3 pairs of clothes since they expected to be gone only for a week. I said I would do the laundry; I went outside and managed to get my two used pairs hung loosely on the ropes in the backyard. I kept hoping the strong afternoon wind would blow them away and I could claim they were lost. What happened was just what I had hoped for; the wind blew the clothes out of sight. I also had loosely organised some of my aunt’s towels, so when she went out to collect the dry clothes she felt I had made a mistake and gently chided me for not securing them well enough. I now had only the pair I was wearing. A thin t shirt and pair of skirts and panties. I went out to play and made sure the clothes got dirty. When I reached home aunty saw the state of the clothes and said I needed to wash them, I agreed, went inside wrapped a towel around myself and handed her all my clothes. She put them into the wash bin and said she would wash them the next day. I acted like I was comfortable in a towel for the rest of the evening, I had dinner with her, went to my room, took off the towel and slept nude.

The morning after, my aunt realised that I still had only the towel on. She asked me if I felt uncomfortable I told her since the weather was fine, I was comfortable in the towel.

A little later I had a naughty brainwave and I told her that I was getting an itchy feeling around my chest where I had tightly wrapped the towel. She surprised me by saying since we were alone around at home if I felt uncomfortable I didn't need to wear the towel. I casually took it off and acted like I didn't feel the difference. Aunty went into the kitchen to cook and I was very happy to be able to walk around naked. I helped her cook, clean and did all my chores nude and enjoyed every minute of it. By afternoon the washed pair of clothes had dried and I was forced to wear them as I didn’t want her to suspect anything; however I decided not to wear the panties and hid them. so I just had a thin white t shirt and a pink short skirt on. My skirt was quite short but I felt I could manage without the panties.

Part 2

I went to the backyard after lunch and stood in the wind, my skirt flew up around my waist but since no one was around, I just stood there and let the wind caress my labia and enjoyed the feeling.

After a while I walked back in, my friend Evan came around, he knew I was now staying with my aunt. He was a shy but friendly boy who I was always comfortable around and actually liked. I knew he had a crush on me because of the way he hung around me at school and also because he always was ready to help me with school work. Since he was so harmless and such a nice boy I always smiled and chatted with him a lot.

He came home, had a sandwich which my aunt quickly made, then asked me If I would like to join him for a walk. I agreed. After a while I gradually steered our walk closer to the woods. When we neared the club, I suggested that we walk into the woods.

Evan was a bit surprised but said ok, so we walked in; once inside I steered him towards a small clearing with some waist high rocks in it which was one of my favourite places (I had found this place during one of my nude walks). We sat down… I sat on a rock, Evan sat next to me and we chatted about school, about movies and other mundane things.

After a while I stood up on the rock while Evan was still sitting, Evan realised his shoelace was untied and got off the rock and put his knee on the ground to tie the lace.

I realised this was an opportunity and stood on the rock with my legs slightly apart, Evan looked up when I began talking about watching a new movie... he initially looked at my eyes then suddenly he realised that he could see my labia under my skirt. The expression on his face was priceless.

I had planned to give him a look for just a second or so before jumping down from the rock but the look of sheer joy and adoration on his face made me feel so happy.

I stood there with my legs apart and kept talking, poor Evan simply couldn’t stop staring at my moistening nether lips; he seemed lost in adoration and had this happy smile on his face. To tease him I said my legs were getting tired and I was planning to get down, he said I reminded him of some actress in that pose and asked if I could stand longer so he could recollect. It was the silliest possible reason but I was enjoying myself too much to refuse.

After a few minutes (or maybe seconds) I realised I was getting too wet down there to keep the charade going, I got down from the rock and asked Evan if he would walk me back home, Evan said that wonder woman normally stood like that, I laughed, Evan seemed a bit lost for the rest of the walk home. He escorted me inside, then asked me if we could go walking again in the evening…

I agreed, gave him a smile and said let's go to my room, my aunt had to go out for shopping, she seemed to have a rethink seeing Evan at home, but she realised we were just good friends as we got out a game of scrabble and sat down to play. She got ready and told me she would be back in an hour and walked out…

Evan asked me what I wanted to do; I said we could leave the scrabble game and do something more interesting… I called up my aunt and said we were going to the club to play badminton, she said that was ok as long as I got home by dinner time.

We walked to the club. The club was empty; we picked up the rackets and played a game. After finishing I told Evan I’d like a swim. We had a small swimming hole where most kids used to play a short walk from the club house. When we went there no one was around, I guess being summer vacation most of the kids were away on holidays. I acted as if I had suddenly realised that I didn’t have a swimsuit. I asked Evan if he would turn around so I could take off my clothes and jump in naked. Evan looked like he was almost hyperventilating.

He immediately turned around; I quickly stripped off my t shirt and skirt and jumped in. Evan stripped to his swimming trunks and jumped in, we swam for a while Evan gave me a respectful distance and tried his best not to stare when he swam by. I decided to reward him; I walked out naked from the pool.

Evan walked out from the pool right behind me and before I realised what was happening he picked up my clothes. I was a bit scared since I never expected Evan to do anything like that. He told me, “Katie I think I know what’s going on. You are a closet exhibitionist, when you stood on top of the rock today and showed me your beautiful vagina I thought that was by mistake but I’ve been thinking about that... your behaviour now has convinced me that you are exploring your boundaries, I know that you are not really trying to seduce me but then you never needed to because I’ve always adored you.” Until then in shock I had covered my breasts with my left hand and my vagina with my right hand while he was talking.

I was mortified to realise that Evan knew what I was trying to do. For some reason the idea that he had my clothes and I had nothing to cover myself with made me very aroused, I felt my nipples becoming hard and my pussy was very wet. I decided to be honest and told Evan everything, about my nude walks about the special feeling I got being nude, I even told him that I was feeling very aroused. After all this I took my arms away from my body and let him look at me, I had nothing on; I was naked like the day I had been born. God what was happening to me! I knew I was taking my friendship with him to a whole different level.

Evan smiled and said, “You can be naked anytime you want with me Katie, I’ll never break the trust you have in me.”

Evan said he would hold my clothes and asked me if I would like to walk naked to the woods with him. We took a short cut to the woods and I did my usual nude walk except I had Evan in front of me smiling every time he looked at my face, at my breasts and my nether lips … after a while my hair and body had dried up and I told Evan I wanted to go home. I was really aroused and I needed relief, Evan handed me my t shirt and skirt and took me home. He said he would meet me the next day, he quickly gave me a kiss on my left cheek and left. I ran up to the bedroom, took off my clothes, inserted my fingers into my creaming vagina and keep touching myself until I came. It as the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. Once the afterglow finished, I felt tired and realised that I hadn’t checked if my aunt was home or not. Fortunately she had been out in the backyard the whole time…I had dinner with her and went to bed, I was too emotionally tired and fell asleep instantly.

Part 3

I woke up the next morning. I was almost convinced that the entire episode with Evan was just a dream. It seemed too good to be true, that I had a friend with whom I could indulge in my deepest fantasies and yet someone who would not judge me for it and accept me as I was... during the entire time with Evan and later on at home when I thought about it I realised that I never felt guilty about what I had done, I had enjoyed every second and I knew I wanted to do it again.

I walked down wearing a towel and told my aunt that I’d like to wear one of her daughter’s outfits if that was all right with her. Aunt had no problems with that, I checked the girl's wardrobe and found a really thin frock. It basically fell to mid thigh and looked perfectly respectable but I knew that when wet or if I walked wearing it in the bright light it would be about 80% transparent. I wore the frock and nothing else. I had breakfast with my aunt, just as we finished Evan came home and said he wanted me to play monopoly at his place. Aunt had a ladies party to attend later that day so she was happy for me to spend the day playing with Evan.

I knew Evan’s dad worked overseas, however I had expected to find his mother at home. Evan’s mom had gone out of town for a two-day conference. Evan had the place all to himself. We played monopoly for an hour. While playing I was losing badly, and beginning to lose interest. Evan noticed this and decided to stop the game.

Evan looked at me said, “Katie,it's time to get naked.” I had never seen Evan behave so confidently with me, he saw that I looked a little scared and said, “I know you enjoy being naked, I don’t want you to spread your legs or do anything, all I’m asking is for you do what you like to do the most.” He gave me his best smile.

I relaxed and took off my frock. Evan picked it up and said he would keep it in his wardrobe since I didn’t need to wear anything around him. I meekly nodded. We sat around on the couch and talked, did all the things we used to do except I had nothing on. So far I had been sitting demurely while I didn’t cover my breasts I did sit with my legs folded, After a while I wanted more, I wanted Evan to look at me like he had when I stood on the rock exposing my labia to him. I walked up to the chair in front of the couch and sat on it with my legs spread apart.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was getting very aroused. My labia began to become moist and I knew my nether lips were opening up. I realised that the more Evan stared at me and looked at the bits girls always kept so hidden the more I was getting aroused.

Evan got up and started walking, while walking he would look at me and say, “Wow Katie, your nipples are getting erect,” then he’d talk about something inane. Suddenly he’d look at me between my legs and say, “I’d love to shave the little hair you have on the top of your vagina.” He kept referring to my not so private parts in almost every sentence he made. Evan could tell that I was very aroused because I was practically dripping moisture down there.

Evan walked up to me, held my hand and told me to walk with him. He took me to his car and asked me if I would like to go for a ride. Since our community was near some big woods, it was a fairly long drive to the city and he said he would drive in the opposite direction further in the woods and then we could go on a hike. He walked me to the car and I got in obediently, I was still scared of being seen by anyone else so he said he’d keep the shades up. He very carefully opened up a white towel on the passenger seat next to him and said I could sit on it, Evan knew of my very wet situation down there but didn’t mention it, still the fact that a boy had such intimate knowledge of me made me even more aroused.

He kept the shades up and we drove on the road, once we got over the highway traffic Evan took a left turn and took a short mud road into the woods. He stopped the car and I got out. When I took my first steps into the woods I realised how much my trust in Evan had grown. Here I was miles away from my home, as nude as the day I’d been born except for a white small coral necklace around my neck and my white Nike walking shoes. I had no ID, nothing with me. Evan held my hand and walked into the woods. Evan assured me he had checked out this area online and knew that while there was a walking track it was very rarely used...

We walked along a little while, suddenly I noticed a couple walking ahead of us... they had not seen us yet but I panicked. Evan quickly cut across the track and told me to hide behind a mid-sized tree, I hid myself but still managed to find a way to keep looking at them from a crouching position. Evan walked on within a few seconds the woman spotted Evan and waved. The couple walked towards Evan, as they walked closer I realised the woman didn’t exactly look dressed for walking.

She had on the skimpiest shorts I’d ever seen and a tight short top. She was pretty with an athletic build, her partner the man walking next to her had very strong looking legs indicating he was an athlete of some sort. They had open friendly smiles as they came up to Evan. They told Evan they loved walking on isolated trails so had come today and enjoyed the solitary trek. The girl’s name was Shannon & the guy who turned out to be her boyfriend was called Mike. After a few minutes, I realised they seemed to be genuinely nice people. Evan apparently reached the same conclusion; he turned and gave a look to me which I understood.

Evan told them that he was not alone; he said he had a friend who was with him but was actually nude. If they were uncomfortable with that they were welcome to walk on, however if they didn’t mind she would like to meet them. The man and woman looked shocked for an instant but within seconds were smiling and said they’d like to meet the “liberated” girl.

With my heart thudding in my chest I walked out from behind the tree. The man and woman broke into big smiles looking at me. Shannon said, “Well well, I was thinking I’m dressed skimpily and here walks in a pretty girl all nude. I guess I’m over-dressed.” I told them that I was Evan’s girlfriend (there I’d said it) and that I was doing a naked hike not because of a dare or anything but because I felt like doing it. I instantly liked Shannon because of her open smile and warm manner.

They joined us on our walk, I was so comfortable with them that I almost forgot my nudity; they had some biscuits and water that they shared with us. After a while Shannon looked at Mike and said, “I’d like to be honest with you guys, we came here because Mike won a bet with me and I actually walked nude for 30 minutes today in the walking trail.” She and Mike exchanged a look and then she took off her clothes!

I noticed quickly that she was shaved down there so her nether lips were visible... she had small breasts like me. As we walked further in, she came close to me and said, “Katie, I think you really enjoy this, your nipples are quite erect and while I don’t think you noticed when you sat down we could see your vagina and you my friend are quite wet and I am sure that’s not sweat.” I was embarrassed to realise that she had noticed this so I shyly nodded...

When we got back from the walk, they said they’d see us off to our car. When we got to the car, Shannon put on her clothes, she and Mike realised that I didn’t have any clothes in the car. Shannon hugged me and said, “You go girl, how bold you are.” Mike said he’d love for Shannon to be as liberated as me. I gave him a chaste kiss and we waved good bye as we started our car and left. They had given us their contact numbers and we’d promised to stay in touch.

Being naked for so long in front of near strangers I was way too aroused by the time I got in the car. I sat on the towel and looked at Evan as he was driving. I touched myself lightly between my legs. I knew I had to come, I had no option. I started playing with myself. Evan knew he couldn’t keep driving with me giving him such a spectacle; he pulled over and stopped the car. I was beyond caring now, knowing that I was masturbating in front of a boy was such a turn on. I kept playing , touching all my special places & I screamed as I came…

When I finally became aware of where I was, I looked at Evan, he looked like the happiest boy I’d ever seen. He started the car and drove us home.