Robynís Predicament
by AJ

Robyn is my wife. I am Bob Givens. You have probably read some of my stories right here in the Leviticus Files, under another name. I even think some of you may have even enjoyed my writings. Well, those stories were inspired by the relationship I have with my wife, Robyn. She is a sweetheart. Let me introduce you to her. This is a true story, and a real life adventure.

Robyn is 32 years old. She stands about 5í3" tall, and is a delightful package of femininity, weighing in at about 115 pounds, give or take a pound. She keeps herself in excellent shape. With a silky smooth ass, mounted on shapely "dancerís legs", it is a pleasure to watch her walk, especially in high heel shoes. Here breasts are delightful, but do seem to be a little large for her frame. But, I am not complaining, you understand. When she is wearing high heels they jiggle nicely. Without a bra, she can cause cab drivers to have a wreck. Her complexion is creamy, with sparkling blue eyes, and dark reddish brown shoulder length hair. She is a pleasure to look at.

Now that we have the physical part done, let me get on with my story. Robyn is a warm, some say "hot" sexual entity. She loves to make love to me, in any way I wish. Yeah, she is submissive, very submissive. By the time we were married, she had learned to love being bound and helpless to me. She had developed an appreciation for the whip, and other torments I have foisted on her. To make the point, Robyn had developed into a delightfully sexy housewife/sex slave. It seems that I was always looking for ways to take her deeper into sexual slavery, and she was thriving on the things that I required of her.

Robyn had learned that the word "no" was not in her lexicon. If she refused me, or failed to perform as expected, she was tied and whipped, or some other punishment fitting the "crime". She had also learned that underwear was absolutely forbidden. I would allow her to wear garter belts and hose, if I so desired. I really like her in those "thigh high" hose with the elastic and lace around the top. Those came up her shapely leg to just below her pussy. Her skirts and dresses were short, and naturally, her blouses were tailored to show a significant amount of cleavage. When a woman has breasts that are that magnificent, why hide them? Her large sensitive nipples are outlined in the fabric of her blouses and dresses. Around the house, Robyn is always naked, wearing the requisite high heel shoes. I love her in those really high heel shoes as they show her legs to the best advantage.

I taught her to be a sex slave in the genre of "The Story of O" (the book by Pauline Reage). Robyn was willing and I kept advancing her sexual slavery. In fact, in keeping with the "Story of O" mentality, as of late, I had given her to a friend of mine. This friend, Jack Carsten, is a devotee of S&M and the Bondage arts. It only seemed natural to raise the level of Robynís sexual slavery, and Jack seemed to be the logical choice. I wanted her to be like "O", in that anything was possible with her, and with anyone I chose.

Jack Carstan had visited our home several times. The last two times was with Robyn being whipped and tortured, then taken sexually by Jack. When I told Robyn what I intended to do, she was hesitant, and showed some resistance. After a particularly hot whipping and sound fucking, I convinced her that this was the next step in her slavery, and that I would be proud of her progress. I knew she would submit, as it was her nature. Knowing that I would be there, also, and using her sexually along with Jack, seemed to settle the question. In her mind, the fact that I would be working her over along with Jack, it added a degree of security for her.

Jack was the perfect person to giver her to. He made her feel at ease, and proved to be a masterful lover. He was strict with her. His bondage methods were advanced, making her totally helpless to him. He administered strong, stern and painful whippings and sexual torments. Her mouth was no stranger to his cock, but as her reward, he would fuck her to exhaustion. This was "hot", and I loved it. But, I wanted to take it to a higher level. I had a plan in mind.

It was Tuesday. I came home for lunch and a "nooner". Robyn met me at the door in the fashion I liked. As usual, she was naked, wearing black patent leather high heel pumps, with four inch heels. Lately, I had added another fixture to her body. Around her waist was a small, yet strong, stainless steel chain, about the weight and thickness of a dog leash made of chrome chain. This was padlocked on her so she could not remove it. She had been wearing this chain for about for about three weeks, and grown quite used to it. I was considering making it a permanent accessory to her naked slavery.

On this particular morning, as in several other mornings, I added another length of the same type of chain. I connected the end of the chain to her regular chain, padlocking it with the lock which held her usual chain around her waist. I then brought the chain down, through the delightful crevice of her silky smooth ass, tucked it loosely between her pussy lips, and up to the front of he waist chain, padlocking the other end there. This looked like a rudimentary form of a chastity belt, but in reality it prohibited nothing. I wanted it there as a constant reminder to her that she was my sex slave, and I could do anything I wanted to her. Even if she were dressed, out shopping with a friend, that chain around her waist, with the pussy chain constantly rubbing against, and between the lips of her sensitive cunt would remind her of her status. She confided to me that the pussy chain would lightly touch her clit, keeping her constantly aroused. There were times when it nearly drove her to distraction, I notice on days when she was required to wear the pussy chain, she was more aroused than ever. When I got home from work, she damned near attacked me. She could not wait to get to my cock.

I had breakfast with Robyn, and after kissing her, fondling her, and leaving her thoroughly aroused, I went off to work, leaving her there wanting to be fucked, whipped, or just anything to get some satisfaction. I told her I would be home for lunch, so I did not want her to satisfy herself, as I wanted her hot and ready when I returned. She smiled, and agreed, looking forward to a hot love making session. When I returned home for lunch, Robyn was ready for some kinky sex, the more the better. Well, I held her off and ate a quick lunch. She begged me not to go back to work. I lied to her, telling her that the boss was on a rampage, and I needed to get back to work. She pouted, but little did she know what I had planned for her.

Before I left, I dug out a pair of Smith & Wesson police handcuffs from my "toy" box. I cuffed her hands snuggly behind her back, making sure the connecting chain on the cuffs were run behind her pussy chain. By doing this, her hands were locked behind her back, pinned there by her pussy chain. If she moved her hands or arms, the movement would automatically pull on the pussy chain, adding to the pressure on her steamy cunt and sensitive clit. Even if she sat down, her sitting position would pull the cunt chain tight into her pussy, pressing hard against her clit. This would serve to further arouse her and make her a little more uncomfortable. If she tried to move her cuffed wrists and hands, the pressure on her cunt would be increase, doubly so. A delightful torment, especially when the torment was caused by the slave being tormented. There was no relief for her. She was subject to the whims and movements of her own body, with no way to control it.

When I left she begged me to not leave her like that. She wanted me to fuck her, and to unlock her wrists. She was very aroused, and I knew she intended to masturbate as soon as I drove away. I wanted her "hot", and I wanted to control what happened to her. So, I left her chained and handcuffed, and pleading for me to show some mercy. I had a smug smile on my face as I knew her afternoon was to be far different than she expected.

Now, here is the situation. Robyn was now at home, alone, naked with high heel pumps on her pretty feet. Her hands were tightly handcuffed with steel cuffs, behind her back. She was further restrained with a chain locked around her waist, with another chrome chain running between the cheeks of her ass and the sensitive lips of her cunt. She was aroused, and couldnít achieve sexual satisfaction. To complicate things, Iíd ordered her to watch a couple of S&M porno videos that afternoon. I would be giving her a quiz on the videos, and if she got it wrong, she would receive a sound whipping, and be denied a climax. Now her afternoon was about to become more complicated.

Robyn was sitting in the family room, watching the big screen television. Her cunt chain was digging into her pussy, both arousing and tormenting her. The video she was watching was "hot". The film was arousing her even more. While the movie plot was rather simple, the action involving a rather large breasted blonde being bound, tormented and subjected to various forms of sexual abuse was definitely engaging. The bound blonde subject of this movie was subjected to a rather severe breast and pussy whipping, and required to suck the turgid cock of her master. The master required another slave to suck the blondeís pussy, but would not let her cum. The video ended with the very aroused blondeís nipples clamped as her master fucked her to an explosive cum. Robynís pussy was aching for satisfaction. She wished her husband had not made her so helpless. If she could just use her hands and fingers to satisfy her sexual hunger, she would not feel so sexually frustrated and helpless. ĎItís tough to be a sex slave,í she thought.

As Robyn was concentrating on the S&M video, and feeling the fire in her cunt, she heard a key turning in the lock on the back door to her house. As best she could, she jumped up and ran to the door, thinking it was Bob returning home to make love to her. She was excited. This was a very pleasant surprise. Her pussy was soaking and aching for him. The door opened, but it was not Bob! It was Jack Carsten!

She was frozen in her tracks. She did not know what to do. What was Jack doing here, and with a key to this house? She struggled against her handcuffs, perhaps to cover her naked breasts and pussy. Then she thought, ĎWhat am I thinking. Jack has seen me naked before. He has bound and tortured me. He has fucked me and required me to suck his cock.í Finally she gathered he wits and just stood there, naked and bound before Jack Carsten.

"JÖJaÖJack? What are you doing here?"

Jack walked up to her, grasping and pinching the nipple on her left breast. Robyn flinched, but did not pull away from Jackís hand.

Jack replied, "Well, sweet slave, I was driving in the neighborhood, and decided I needed a little bit of you. Looks like my instincts were right. Look at you, just begging to be tormented and fucked. I love it!"

Jack moved his hand from her breast to the cunt chain she wore. Grasping the chain, he jerked the chain, pulling her to him. Robyn bit her lip as the chain bit into the soft moist folds of her cunt. Jack leaned down to kiss her pretty red mouth. Intimidated and with her pussy being abused, she gladly returned his kiss.

Robyn was then pulled by her pussy chain, across the room to the telephone. The phone had a "speaker phone" option. Jack pushed the "speaker phone" button, and dialed a series of numbers. It seemed to Robyn that Jack had dialed her husbandís work telephone number. She could hear the phone ring on the speaker. Bob Givens answered the phone.

"Hello, Bob Givens speaking."

"Bob, Jack Carsten here."

"Hey, Jack, whatchadoiní?"

"Oh, Iím about to have a really good time, Bob. Iím at your house. I am pulling on a chain that is running through one very wet and sensitive pussy. The pretty little slave that it is attached to that chain is a little uncertain about her future."

Well," Bob answered, "I donít think this should be a problem. Robyn, can you hear me?"

"YesÖ yesser, I can", replied Robyn

"Good. Since Jack is there, I want you to surrender to him, and do whatever he says. If you donít please him, he will punish you until he is satisfied, then I will punish you when I get home. Do you understand?"

"Yessir, I understand," was her timid response.

"Jack," Bob continued, "if you want to lay her down on her back, to fuck her or whatever, you should change her bondage to ropes. Those steel cuffs can be really rough, especially right now. I have them on pretty tight. Up high on the refrigerator, out of her reach, you will find the keys to her cuffs, and the pussy chain. There is a small antique chest in the family room. You will find all the rope, whips and toys you need."

"Hey, Bob, thanks. Iíll take good care of her. I want to fuck and torment her, according to your rules... I donít want to injure her."

"Good, have a good time.í

"Bob, I intend to."

Jack Carsten hung up the phone. He jerked on the pussy chain again, pulling Robyn to him. He kissed her again. Robyn was dumfounded by what had just happened. She returned his kiss.

"Cunt, you are mine. You heard what the man said."

Robyn answered, trying not to show how much her pussy was hurting, "Please, Iíll do whatever you want. Please donít be too cruel to me."

Jack Carsten laughed, "Oh, youíll be able to endure what I have in mind. Hell, Girl, you donít really have a choice. You have to endure what ever I have in mind."

Roby bit her lip as she realized Jack was right. She was his to do with as he pleased. She only hoped she could please him so he would not be too rough on her. She felt very alone and helpless. She was scared, yet she could not deny the heat in her pussy was increasing.

Jack, pulling on her pussy chain, led her into the family room. He ordered to kneel in front of him. This she did, her sweet lips only a couple of inches from the fly of his trousers. She could tell that Jack had an enormous erection. He started to undress, pulling off his shirt, and then his trousers. He removed all of this clothing, shoes, and socks, with the exception of his jockey shorts.

"Slave, use you teeth to pull my shorts off me," he ordered.

Leaning up, Robyn answered by catching the waist band of his shorts in her teeth, pulling them down. It was awkward, but she was making progress. Soon, his rigid cock popped out of his shorts onto her face. She stopped momentarily to kiss the head of his throbbing cock, and then she continued her work until she was able to remove his shorts.

"Very good. Now, suck my cock," was his next order.

Robyn obeyed, moving her sweet lips over the heated head o f Jackís cock, taking the length of him into her mouth. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. Even though she was scared, she had to admit that Jackís cock did feel good in her mouth. She stated to work her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock as her little pink tongue lashed the sensitive tip. Jack moaned softly.

Before Robyn could make Jack come, he stopped her. He had other plans.

"Get up, I want to change your bondage," he ordered.

Retrieving rope from the antique chest, he proceeded. Before unlocking the steel cuffs from her wrists, he wrapped a rope around her elbows. He pulled the rope tight enough to force her elbows together in the small of her back. Only then did he remove the handcuffs. Quickly, he used another rope to secure her wrists, effectively keeping her naked and captive. He wanted her to be helpless, with no chance of escape from her bondage.

Jack sat down on the sofa, making Robyn sit beside him. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him. For the next few minutes he kissed her and played with her breasts and pussy, much like a lover might do. His cock was rigid and throbbing. In a few minutes he had Robyn panting from lust and sexual desire.

"Robyn, my dear, I think it is time to go to the bedroom. I want to torment you, and try to fuck you brains out."

She remained silent, and allowed Jack to lead and pull her to the bedroom by her pussy chain.

Once in the bedroom, Robyn was laid out on the bed. Jack tied ropes around her ankles, tying them to the bed posts at the corner of the bed spreading her legs widely. Her wrists and arms were bound behind her, and now trapped under her, pushing her magnificent breasts up to a more prominent position, offering them to Jack. She lay there, with her legs spread and her cunt exposed to Jack and any plans he had for her. At this moment, she felt very vulnerable. Even in her helpless predicament, Robyn was aroused. She watched Jack as he moved about the room. She could see his cock bounce menacingly as he moved about the room.

From the stash of toys, he extracted a medium weight multi-thronged whip. After running his hands over the inside of her exposed thighs, and sweet moist cunt, he started to use the whip. The blows were moderate at first. The soft inner skin of her thighs and pussy were his target. In a matter of a minute or two he increased the force of his blows. It did not take long for Robyn to start moaning and crying. After on particularly hard lash on her sensitive pussy, she screamed. She knew that she was to never beg for mercy, so she kept her words to herself. Unlike some other "sex slaves", Roby was not allow to use a "safe word".

Jack moved the whip up to her breasts. These were magnificent targets. Robynís beautifully firm breasts bounced and jiggled delightfully as Jack struck them with the whip. Pink whip marks started to appear on her quivering abused breasts. Robyn was experiencing pain, and arousal at the same time. It was a complex of emotions that gripped her, compounded by her bound helplessness, and the absence of her husband to protect her. She was both terrorized and aroused.

Jack finally dropped the whip on the bed. He stood there for a moment or two, stroking his cock and looking down on the delightfully helpless and well whipped Robyn. It was fun to have her to himself -- to do as he wished, with her husbands blessings. Using the key he found on the refrigerator, he unlocked Robynís pussy chain, giving him access to her smoldering cunt.

Climbing onto the bed, Jack knelt, straddling Robynís body. He moved up until his raised cock was touching her lips. He ass was resting on her raised abused breasts. Robyn did not need to be told. She opened her mouth and received his throbbing member. Jack spent the next few minutes mouth fucking her. When he was about to cum, he stopped and moved down her body until his cock was at the tender mouth of her pussy.

Jack reached down and grasped his cock, rubbing it against the sensitive folds of her pussy and the hard nubbin of her clit. Robyn closed her eyes. Her pussy was on fire, and she wanted to be fucked. Jack was teasing her. She moaned quietly, wishing his cock would enter her. She wanted to be ravished. Finally, Jack could not stand it any longer, and he plunged his raging cock into her deliciously soft and hot cunt. Robyn raised her hips to meet his thrust. It felt so good to her that tears ran from her eyes. This confirmed in her lust-fogged mind that she was as slave, and enjoyed being helpless and at the sexual whims of others.

Within a few strokes of Jacks cock, she experienced a powerful climax. It seemed as if her cum would go on forever. It was a series of cums -- one wave of hot flaming sexual explosions after another. In a minute or two, she realized that Jack had stopped fucking her. His rigid cock was still buried in her boiling pussy, but he was not moving. He was content to look down on her, watching a beautiful lady in the throes of sexual excitement and fulfillment. When she finally settled down, Jack pulled his still rigid cock from her pussy. Robyn let out a soft moan of disappointment. Jackís cock felt good to her heated passage.

Jack got off the bed. His erection glistening with her juices, bounced as he walked around the bed. After releasing her ankles, he ordered her off the bed. With his help, Robyn stood up. Jack grasped her left nipple, using it like a leash, and pulled her back into the family room. Robin, on shaky legs, struggled to keep up, trying to ease the painful pressure on her nipple.

Back in the family room Jack say down on the couch, and ordered her to kneel on the floor between his legs and facing his still rigid cock.

"Now, Slave Cunt, you have made a mess on my cock. I expect you to use your mouth and tongue to lean it up. When it is nice and clean, suck me to a cum. Do you understand me?"

Robyn did as she was told. She licked and sucked Jackís cock, cleaning it, tasting his and her juices. She had never tasted another woman, or her own juices. As she worked on his cock, she found that the taste was not bad, not bad at all. In fact, it aroused her to be made to taste her own pussy juices. At first, she thought of rebelling, but knew she would be punished for that, and would still have to obey Jack. With her hands tied behind her back, the job was more difficult, but she managed. When she was through, his cock was clean, and harder than before, throbbing with the beat of his heart.

"Robyn, you did a good job. Now, suck me to a cum," Jack ordered.

Robyn took his heated cock into the soft warm confines of her pretty mouth. She worked vigorously, and in matter of a minute or two, she made him cum. It was explosive, with white hot jets of cum rocketing from his overheated manhood, splashing into her sweet mouth and throat. Robyn struggled, yet she managed to swallow all of his issue.

Jack lay there, his head on the back of the couch as he came down from his sexual high.. Robyn was still sucking on his cock, draining it as it receded. She was well trained by her husband, and knew this was his policy of cock sucking. Jack found this to be an excellent policy. It felt wonderful.

Jack was through. He had to get back to his job. He set about to get her back into the bondage in which he found her. After handcuffing her wrists behind her, with the cuff imprisoned by her cunt chain, he was ready to leave her. Then, for the hell of it, he used another set of steel handcuffs to pull her elbows together in the small of her back. This was very stringent, and put a lot of stress on her shoulders, but her breasts were displayed to their absolute best. He thought, ĎI am sure this is tough on her elbows, but damn, she looks good like that.í

As Jack kissed her and turned to go, I walked in from the garage. Robyn did not know what to do. She just stood there in her magnificent bound nakedness. She was waiting for me to say something to her. I spoke to Jack.

"Hey, Jack! How was your afternoon?"

Jack went into a relatively long dissertation about how fantastic Robyn was, and how she obeyed him. He expressed how much he enjoyed having access to her.

When he finished, I spoke up. "Jack, I am glad you had a good time. This is a new day for Robyn,í I continued, "and her slavery to me. This is the first time she has been taken without me being present. Since it worked out so well, I want to offer this. Any time I am not enjoying Robyn, I want you to know you can come here, anytime, and enjoy her to your heartís content. All I ask is that you let me know when you are going to do this.. She is my slave, and I will control what happens to her."

Jack gave me a surprised look, and a big smile. He loved the idea. We talked for several minutes, and he kissed Robyn again, while giving her raised breasts a squeeze. He then left for his work, a very happy man.

I walked over to Robyn, and took her in my arms. I kissed, her, and told her how proud of her I was. She kissed me again and told me she was glad that I loved her, and was proud of her slavery.

Well, our relationship with Jack Carsten has continued for the last three years. He visits our house once or twice a week. Sometimes I am there, and other times he as Robyn alone. I have let a couple of my other friends have her, but Jack is the only one I have given Carte Blanche to have his way with her.

Robyn and I are more in love how than we ever were. She is more of a slave than ever, and I am more absorbed and obsessed with her than ever. It is a good life.