Jake and Mari
by A. J.

Part Four

Over the next few months Mari became more of a sex slave than ever to Jake.  It seemed as if he always had a plan, or new idea for enhance her sex slave position.  It seems there was always a new surprise, or new angle.  She readily accepted her new life.  Sexual slavery became her, and she knew it.

An example of how things were going happened last Thursday.  Jake needed a new pair of shoes, so went to the mall on Thursday evening, taking Mari with him.  Jake added his own touch, however.

First, he had Mari make sure her hair and makeup was done.  She was naked, wearing a pair smoke gray high heel pumps, with matching smoke gray thigh high hose.  The tops of the stockings were held up by elastic sewn into the stockings which were then topped off by a delicate black lace.  Using leather wrist cuffs, he locked her slim wrists behind her back.  A leather belt was used to bind her elbows, pulling them closer together, forcing her magnificent breasts out, raising them more prominently. She was already wearing a black leather collar, locked to her neck.  Jake topped this off with a black cape.  This cape was the same one used by Charlie Bradly when he took her to the motel on his birthday.  Jake made sure there were enough buttons in use to avoid raising any eyebrows at the mall, at least most of the eyebrows, well, many of the eyebrows.

The cape came down to about three inches above her nylon clad knees, showing a delicious amount of leg.  Jake did button more buttons at the top, covering her breasts.  Later, at the mall, if the atmosphere was right, he might unbutton one or two of the top buttons to show a little cleavage. 

Mari was nervous.  She had been taken out in public before, bound and naked, like she was now, but never into the close confines of a mall.  Mari reasoned that she was Jake's slave, and hoped for the best as she could do nothing about her condition.

Out into the car, and down the boulevard to the Mall.  It was a rather upscale mall, and it was Thursday evening.  Mari reasoned that the crowd would be a little more sophisticated, and perhaps the mall would not be too crowded.  Jake drove his car into the parking lot near the entrance to the mall.  He helped Mari get out of the car.  Once out of the car, he made sure her cape was fitting just right.  He liked what he saw.  He knew he was going to have a hard time keeping his hard cock from showing.

As Mari walked down the mall with Jake, she never felt more obvious that she had ever felt.  In reality, the average person would only think they saw a very pretty woman wearing a stylish cape, thinking she was fully dressed with an outfit that matched her shoes and stockings.  In reality, she was naked, and bound, totally helpless to Jake.

Jake and Mari walked down the mall past the shops.  He had his hand on her shoulder.  Once in a while he let his hand slipped down her back to her bound wrists, and then to her ass, just for a moment.  They window shopped for a bit with Mari getting used to her restrained naked condition.  She could see an image of herself in the windows.  She looked like a pretty stylish woman, not the bound sex slave that she was.  They stopped in front of the display window of a jewelry store to look at the latest offerings.  Jake put his arm around her shoulders and turned her to face him.  Pulling her to him, he discretely slipped his hand in the front of her cape and squeezed her breast as he kissed her.  As he finished the kiss, he released her breast and straightened her cape.

"Lady, you are one hot slave," he quipped.  "Damn, I love you."

Mari whispered, "I love you, too."

She leaned forward and kissed Jake, again.  She did love him, and loved being his slave.  She couldn't imagine why she had fought it.  It seemed so natural now.

Finally, they came to Jake's favorite shoe store.  Mari walked in ahead of Jake, who lingered at a shoe display just inside the door.  She dared not sit down without Jake present, just in case her cape rode up displaying more of her than should be shown.  With her wrists and elbows locked behind her back, she would not have been able to mediate the situation.  She looked around the store and one salesman, and no other customers.  Finally, Jake came to her, and she sat down.  Her cape did ride up a little, and opened in front, show a considerable amount of her nylon covered legs, especially her well shaped thighs.

"Jake," Mari pleaded, "could you please pull my cape down to cover my legs, a little, and close the front.  I don't want anyone to see my pussy, please."

Jake smiled and looked at Mari's predicament.  A lot of really fine legs were being displayed.  Part of his mind thought, 'Why deny the world the sexy beauty?'  The other part knew he needed to do something.  Quietly, he did pull the cape down a little bit, covering some of her thighs.  He did leave considerable thigh on display.  As far as the open front of the cape, he did bring the two edges together, sufficiently covering her legs.  However, it was a tenuous cover at best.

Jake turned to Mari and said, "Sweet slave, I have closed your cape over you thighs, but it is a balancing act.  If you squirm around, or move your legs, the cape will probably open, showing off those great thighs of yours.  SOOOooo... the caveat to you, be careful, because if your cape opens because you could not sit still, it stays that way.  Everybody will get a good look at fantastic pair of legs."

Mari smiled, "Oh, thank you, Jake.  I really appreciate it."

Jake and Mari were interrupted by the male salesclerk.  He was a young man, perhaps 23 or 24 years old.  As he asked Jake what his needs in shoes were, he could not take his eyes off Mari.  He took Jake's order, and disappeared into the back room to secure the desired shoes.  Mari was setting very still, trying her very best to not lose the cover of the cape over her legs and thighs.

The salesman returned, and pulled up a stool in front of Jake.  He had brought a couple different styles and sizes.  As he was fitting Jake, Mari had to cough.  Not a serious cough, just a little tickle in her throat.  But, having said that, her life became more complicated.  As she was coughing, she forgot to concentrate on holding her legs still so as to not disturb the cape.  When she finished her cough, she looked down, and the majority of her thighs were exposed.  Her pussy was still covered, but she reasoned that if the salesman leaned down, he could look up what was left of the cape and see her delicious facility.

She did not know what to do.  She remained quiet, and stilled herself.  There was no way to close the cape with her bound arms.  Jake seemed to be preoccupied with the shoes offered to him.  The salesman, however, did not miss anything.  He was not about to miss this magnificent display of a pair of great legs and thighs.  In between waiting on Jake, he made sure he looked at Mari's legs.  Mari was painfully away of his attention. 

At Jake's request, the salesman went back to the storeroom to get another pair of shoes.  Jake was not satisfied with what he was seeing.  When the salesman departed, Mari quickly turned to Jake, seeking his help.

"Jake, Sir, please, my cape is open.  Please close it, please."

He smiled, "You know what I told you.  I'm afraid you did not concentrate, so the cape will have to remain like it is."

Mari held her silence, but her eyes were pleading with him.  Jake smiled and ignored her.  The salesman came back, at nearly a dead run.  As Jake was trying on this new offering, the salesman was continuing to enjoy Mari's situation.  He was very nearly drooling on himself.  Then, Jake complicated the scene.

Jake leaned down to pick up one of the shoes he was trying on, and in doing so, placed his hand on her right nylon covered thigh, as if to balance himself.  In doing so, he pulled her legs open, slightly, and caused the cape to show more leg and thigh.  Mari held her breath.  He even slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, nearly to her cunt.  In her mind, she knew her pussy was now visible to the salesman.  Jake moved his hand, but ignored the now fully exposed leg.

Mari's eyes meet the salesman's gaze.  She was blushing, and he was grinning.  Quickly, she looked away from his leering smirk.  She sat in silence waiting for Jake to pick a style of shoe he wanted.  She was glad there were no other customers in the store.  Only the clerk was getting an erotic show.  Finally, Jake made up his mind.  He handed the shoes to the clerk, and stood up, reaching for his wallet.  Mari was afraid to move, but knew she had to.  In order for her to stand on her own, she had to slide forward to the front edge of the seat.  In doing so, the cape rose again and opened, fully showing off all of her legs and her pussy.  The salesman was enthralled.  He just stood there looking at her.  He was totally captivated by the display.  Mari stood up as quickly as she could, without Jake's help.  As she did so, she lost her footing, tripped and fell to the floor.  With her wrists locked behind her back, she could not fall gracefully.  She was not hurt, but her cape rose and opened more, revealing that she was both naked and bound!

Jake, slowly, leaned down and helped her to her feet, straightening her cape.  Mari was close to a panic.  Jake put his arm around her, steadying her.

"Are you alright," he asked.  "You have got to be careful, Dear, especially with your 'handicap'."

As Mari was started to voice her answer to Jake, the shoe clerk spoke.

"Uh... ah... Sir... is she naked and tied up?"

Jake turned to the clerk and answered, "Why, yes, why do you ask?"

The clerk stuttered, and answered, "Well, we don't see much of that in here, no, not very much.  I just wanted to make sure she was alright, not in trouble, or anything."

Jake turned to Mari, "Sweet slave, tell the man you are alright, you are my sex slave, and that I have your permission to have you this way."

Mari blushed again, and stuttered, "Y...yes... yes, he is my master, and I am his slave.  H...he can do anything he wants to me."

"Is that a collar locked around her neck?" the clerk asked.

"Of course," replied Jake.  "That is her slave collar.  I put it there."

The salesman whistled and uttered, "Wow, that's awesome.  Congratulations, Sir.  You are a lucky man.  I ain't gonna call the cops, man.  If you want her that way, then I think she should stay that way."

Jake smiled, "Thank you for understanding.  Yes, yes, I am a very lucky man, and yes, I do want her that way.  If you would please, ring up the shoes.  I have other errands to run."

As the clerk was ringing up the sale, Jake decided to ad a little spice to the deal.  He told Mari to walk into the back room of the store, inviting the salesman to come with him and her.  Mari did as she was told, and like puppy dog, with his tongue hanging out, the salesman followed.  Once in the store room, Jake unbuttoned and removed Mari's cape.

Jake turned to the amazed salesman, and said, "Just in case you did not get a good view out in the store, I thought I would treat you to a better view of my slave.  Mari, turn around slowly so the man can see you."

With a blush on her face, and a jiggle in her fantastic raised breasts, Mari did as she was bid.  She turned slowly, allowing the sales clerk to fully enjoy her bound nakedness.  While the situation was disconcerting, she realized that she was also turned on by her situation.  'Slave, that's what I am.  I am a slave, and I love it. I'm a hopeless slave,' she thought, smiling to herself.

Finally, Jake brought the show to a halt.  He told Mari to come to him, which she did.  He put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him, pushing her raised breasts against his chest.  Grasping her left breast he fondled it as he kissed her.  Mari returned the kiss and pushed her breast hard against Jake's hand.  The salesman was speechless as he watched this erotic display.  His cock ached in his trousers. 

Jake broke the kiss and moved his hand away from her breast.  He smiled at the clerk as he picked up her cape from a stack of shoe boxes.  Her cape was put back around her shoulders, and buttoned, leaving a couple of the top buttons undone to show some of Mari's cleavage. 

"Well, did you enjoy the show?" Jake asked.

The sales clerk answered, "Damn, I guess!  Man, she's awesome!"

Jake shook hands with the now nearly speechless shoe clerk, picked up his new shoes, and left the store with his arm around Mari.  As they walked down the mall, he turned and looked back at the shoe store.  The clerk was standing in the mall, in front of his store with a bulge in the front of his trousers, watching a very beautiful, bound, naked lady being led away.  It was all the clerk could do to grasp what he had just seen, and what he had just enjoyed.

Jake turned to Mari, kissing her on the cheek as he patted her on her ass.  "You were magnificent, but, you know, I'll probably have to whip you for displaying yourself without my permission."

Mari smiled, did not reply.  She kept her tongue.  Down in her deepest emotions, she enjoyed this latest addition to her slave life, and she had to admit to herself, that she was looking forward to Jake's whip, and his cock.  She had noticed through all of this episode, not only did the shoe clerk have an erection, she could tell Jake's cock was rampant.  As she walked, she could feel the heat between her thighs, and steaming moisture in her pussy.