Jake and Mari
by A. J.

Part Four

Mari was becoming accustomed to being used sexually by a man other than her husband. With Jake’s permission, Charlie Bradly had been to her home several times during the last three weeks. The thought of Mari being a sex slave, and having unlimited access to her was exciting for Charlie. It seemed like he couldn’t get enough of her.

While it is true that one of Jake’s greatest pleasures was restraining Mari, whipping and tormenting her, and using her sexually, the pleasure was even greater when he gave her to Charlie. Watching her being put through her paces by another man was a distinct pleasure, or better still, when he and Charlie worked on her at the same time. Mari’s sexual slavery was an all consuming passion for him.

On a recent evening, at the end of a couple of hours of strenuous sexual abuse and play, he had Mari on her knees, her wrists bound behind her, sucking his cock, while Charlie was behind her, sporadically whipping her tight ass, encouraging her to do a better job of sucking cock. It was a perfect scene for Jake. He was enjoying her beautiful mouth on his cock while she was bound and helpless, and he could watch her being whipped. A real turn on. In a matter of minutes, he could no longer restrain himself and filled Mari’s mouth with his cum. True to her training she continued to suck his cock dry, cleaning him.

As Jake watched his slave wife, he decided to take her slavery to a little higher level.

Soon there was a new surprise for Mari, however. Jake had taken his wife to a local steak house for dinner. They were enjoying wine, fine food, and a stimulating conversation. Their conversations seemed always to drift to her sexual slavery, and recent events in which she was used as a sex slave by him or Charlie. These conversations were exciting and a turn on for both Jake and Mari.

"Are you getting used to being tortured and fucked by Charlie?" Jake asked.

"Yes, I think so. I love you, Jake. But, I guess it excites me to be helpless, being taken and tormented, not being able to control what happens to me. I guess I have to admit being made to submit to Charlie is exciting. I don’t know how to explain it, but, I suppose in a real sense, being a bound sex slave is liberating. It is very scary, but exciting. I know that sounds strange, but it is. I know you are proud of me, and that makes me happy. I guess I was really born to be a slave, a sex slave, your sex slave."

Jake smiled, then he added another tangent to this conversation. "Well, I’m glad you like what’s happening, Sweet Slave, because I am adding a new element."

Mari remained silent, awaiting her husband’s words on this new addition to her slavery.

"Next Friday Charlie’s birthday. He has been a very good friend all these years. I know he is quite taken by you and your slavery to me, and of course to him. Sooo... I am going to give you to him, for the evening, for his birthday present."

Mari registered surprise, but held her tongue.

"I am going to let Charlie take you to a location he chooses. He will have you naked, bound, and all to himself. I will not be there. You will be on your own with him," Jake affirmed.

Mari responded, "But... er... I... have never been... away from you. You have always been there to... a... protect... me. What do I do?"

Jake smiled as he kissed her hand. "You just do what you are told, and what you have been trained to do. I don’t see the problem, and I am sure Charlie is going to really like having you to himself. Let’s face it. This is the next step in your slavery."

They talked about it a little more before they left the restaurant, but in the end, the plan remained the same. Mari would be Charlie Bradly’s birthday present.

Friday came. She spent the late afternoon preparing herself for the evening, or night with Charlie. Mari had no idea how long Charlie would hold her prisoner. After her makeup and hair were done, as instructed, she put on a black garter belt, smoke hose, and black patent leather heels. The heel on these shoes was at least four inches high, maybe more. They were the tallest high heels she had. She went into the family room where Jake was waiting. He was impressed by her. To him, she was the most erotic woman in the world.

After making her pose for him, he locked black leather wrist cuffs on her, and locked them behind her back. A black leather strap was used to bind her elbows together behind her back, forcing her breasts out, making them more prominent. As a final touch, he locked a black leather collar around her neck, attaching a black leather leash to the collar. He knew by dressing her this way, Charlie would be more aroused, and would tend to be more strict and exact in his whipping and torments of Mari.

Charlie Bradly arrived at the appointed time. He was stunned at Mari’s beauty and costume. The bulge in his trousers attested to the fact he was turned on by what he saw. Charlie couldn’t keep his hands off her. He grasped her breasts, teasing the nipples, and squeezing their fullness. The bonds on her elbows raised her breasts to a delightful level.

Charlie had to ask, "Damn, Jake, Mari looks great, but how do I get her to where I am going without putting clothes on her?"

"Very simple, my friend. Very simple..."

From the hall closet Jake produced a black satin cape. He placed the cape around her shoulders, buttoning it down the front. The hem of the cape came down to a few inches above her knees. Jake did not button any buttons below her hips. This insured that she would be showing a lot a fantastic nylon covered leg as she walked. He also made sure there would be some cleavage showing at the top of the cape. With her breasts pushed out, due to her elbow bondage, there was a lot of delightful cleavage Mari never felt so helpless and exposed in her adult life. Charlie was a man possessed.

"God! Who could imagine that Mari is walking out in public, naked and tied, and no one can tell. This fantastic," exclaimed Charlie.

Jake walked her out to Charlie’s car. He put her in the front passenger seat while Charlie got behind the steering wheel. As she sat down in the car, her satin cape slid open, revealing her nylon covered legs and thighs, nearly to her pussy.

Jake looked over at Charlie, and asked, "My Friend, do you want her cape open so you can see and fondle her tits and pussy, or would you like it closed?"

Charlie leered at Mari and replied, "I have tinted windows in this car. No one can really see in here. Soooo... I want her displayed, so let’s unbutton her cape."

"Good choice," answered Jake. He unbuttoned her cape, and pulled it open exposing her beautiful body from her neck to her ankles. Her breasts were prominently displayed. She was magnificent. As a final touch, Jake locked the seat belt on her.

Charlie interjected, "Hey, I want to make this a little more interesting. Let’s put these little devils on her tits."

He produced a set of spring loaded clothespins. The two pins were connected by a short delicate steel chain. Charlie teased her left nipple until it was hard. She moaned as he clamped the clothespin on that nipple. Then he repeated the same with her right nipple. Again the pain in her breasts. Of all the torments she withstood, clamps on the nipples were the hardest. She supposed that was because her nipples were so sensitive.

Now she observed the reason for the short connecting chain. When the pins are completely clamped on her nipples, the chain was taut, with each pin pulling on the other. When Charlie fondled one breast, the nipple clamp on that breast was connected to the other nipple, consequently, both nipples were being jerked, pulled and tormented at the same time. Even when he was not fondling her breasts, there was a tension on her nipples from the clamping of them, and the pulling of the short chain between the clothespins. Mari could even see how when she walked, the jiggling of her unbridled breasts would cause the pins and chain to pull at her nipples. It was a devilish arrangement. Jake was pleased.

"Mari, my love, I want you to show my friend an excellent time tonight. Obey him implicitly, and give him the best birthday a man ever had," Jake instructed her.

Mari turned her head to Jake, and kissed him. She whispered, "I love you. I’ll try to not let you down."

Jake kissed her again as he gave her breast a squeeze, which pulled on the nipple of the other breast.. He closed the car door and Charlie started the car. The evening had started.

As they drove down the street, Charlie and Mari were quiet. Finally Mari asked, "What are you going to do to me? Please... please don‘t be too cruel."

"Well," he replied, "I am going to enjoy you. I will love having you to myself, so I am going to take full advantage of it. You know you will always be helpless, and you know I’ll whip and torture you. I guess I’ll being trying to fuck you silly. If you are a good little slave, and obey me, completely, trying to make me happy, then the evening will go a little easier for you. Disobey, or refuse to do what I say, will bring harsh punishment for you. But you know that."

Mari grew quiet. She replied, "Yes, I know that. I promise I will be a good slave. I will obey you. Please, don‘t be too rough on me."

Charlie just smiled.

As they drove along, he looked over at Mari. The street lights were casting light on her and her exposed body. He could see the clamps on her breasts jiggle as the car crossed a rough piece of pavement. The nipple clips were doing their best to torment her. Her flat belly and magnificent thighs were almost too much to believe. He cautioned himself. He had to force himself to concentrate on driving, and less on her. She was absolutely too distracting.

Unable to resist, Charlie, for the first time since they got in the car, reached out and started to fondle her tormented breasts, and eventually making her open her nylon covered legs, allowing him to delve into her moist cunt. In a few moments, she was aroused as her breathing quickened, in spite of the torment of her nipples. The fact was that the pain in her breasts was being transmitted to her pussy, heating of that precious facility. Charlie grasped the chain connecting the nipple clips and pulled on it. He watched as Mari moaned and bit her pretty lips.

Charlie moved his hand back to her flat belly, instructing her, "Turn to me and lean over so I can play with your right tit."

Without thinking, Mari turned her naked body towards Charlie, and leaned towards him to make it easier for him to fondle her right breast. When she realized what she had done, and how she had cooperated in her enslavement and torment, she understood that she was in fact a slave, a perfect sex slave. There was no question in her mind about obeying Charlie. Being a sex slave came natural to her, and there was mixed feelings in this realization. Even as she thought about this dilemma, her pussy was growing more and more moist with lustful excitement.

Charlie smiled, "Yeah, you are one hot slave lady, and this will be the best birthday I ever had!"

Charlie drove across town, to an aging Holiday Inn. He chose this motel because of the way the old Holiday Inns were constructed. There was a curious anomaly in the design of these motels. In the doorway between the bedroom, or sleeping area, and the bathroom was a curious thing. The door was about eight feet high. At just over seven feet high, there was an exposed cross piece, a wooden beam, a 2X4 cross piece built into the doorway. There was no obvious reason for this. All older Holiday Inns were built this way. He often wondered if the designer was a practitioner of Bondage and Discipline. This cross piece was perfect for suspending a slave, with her hands stretched high over her head to be whipped. There was enough width to the doorway to walk around a bound and stretched slave, so the "Master" could whip any part of her exposed and stretched body. A curious bit of construction.

Charlie parked the car across the parking lot from the room he rented. He got out of his car, extracting a rather large briefcase filled with items of bondage and torment. He came around to the passenger side of the car, opened the door and helped Mari out of the car. As she turned to get out, the cape was open, and she was fully exposed. She was very nervous, looking about to see if anyone could see her nakedness.

Quickly, Charlie closed the cape, and connected some buttons. Like Jake, he left quite a few undone. When she walked, she was flashing a lot of her fabulous nylon covered legs. Her breasts were nearly exposed. At least she was covered enough to not violate any decency laws, but she was in danger of crossing that moral line. There was an added discomfort for Mari in this scene. Charlie left the chained nipple clamps on her breasts. When he covered them with the cape, the fabric was pressing down on the clamps, adding to the pain in her nipples and breasts. She was glad it was dark.

He escorted her across the darkened parking lot. She suspected that he’d parked a distance from the room to subject her to this exposure. Walking in her very high heels, her breasts were jiggling, causing more irritation from the nipple clamps. It seemed that there was always some way to torment or excite her. It seemed as if she had no control over her body and its responses.

As they approached the room he’d rented, they walked past an older couple unloading luggage from their car. The old man was awestruck by Mari. He was so taken by her, and her appearance, that he dropped his suitcase on his wife’s foot! Charlie quickly escorted her away before the enraged wife assaulted her husband for ogling Mari. Both Mari and Charlie had a laugh over this.

Once in the room, Charlie was quick to remove Mari’s cape. He wanted her naked. He grabbed her, pulling her to his body, and kissed her. Her clamped nipples and breasts were being pressed against his body. He harder he hugged her, the more her nipples and breasts were being tormented. As he hugged and kissed her, he dropped his hand to her exposed ass. He gave her several hard spanks. Mari was very careful to continue her passionate kissing in spite of the assault on her tender ass.

Finally he released her and had her pose for him as he removed his clothing. His cock was rigid, and Charlie was really turned on by the situation he found himself in. It was delicious.

He reached into his briefcase and produced a penis gag. Mari let out a sigh as she opened her mouth. He pushed the gag deep in its warm confines. Using the attached leather strap, he locked the gag deep in her mouth. "We have to make sure the neighbors can’t hear the delightful sounds you might make," he chuckled.

Again, Charlie, with his arm around her waist and his rigid cock pressed against her belly, pulled her to him. He hand went to her tormented breast. Slowly, he removed the nipple clamp from her left nipple. The pain was tremendous. She moaned and screamed into her gag. Just as she was absorbing the pain, he removed the clamp from the other nipple. Mari buried her head in his chest as she again screamed into her gag. As she stood there, dealing with the temporary pain in her nipples and breasts, she thought, ‘Charlie was right. It is a good thing that I am gagged. Someone would have heard me, and called the cops!’

Charlie brought her face up to his, and kissed her gagged mouth and the tears from her eyes. "Damn, Lady, you are the kind of woman a man would kill for." Mari hoped he would not go that far.

Pulling a length of rope from in case, he walked her over to the doorway between the bedroom and bathroom of the motel. He tied one end of the rope to her wrist cuffs, and threw the other end over the aforementioned exposed 2X4 cross piece over the door. He pulled the rope up tight, until she was sharply bent at the waist, exposing her fantastic ass and beautiful thighs

He bent over and kissed each of her ass cheeks, and patted them with his hand. Using a medium flogger, he proceeded to whip Mari’s ass and thighs. Since she was tied so tightly, she could not move, or struggle very well. In a matter of a minute or two, she was crying a moaning into her gag because of the concerted whipping she was receiving. Charlie made sure the whip struck her pussy. This was one of the more severe whippings she had ever received. When he finished, and allowed her to stand, again, she was glad she was gagged. The cops would have been kicking down the door to rescue her if she had not been gagged.

Charlie did not give her much time to recover from her whipping. As she stood there, he was wrapping a length of rope tightly around her waist several times, securing it there. Another piece of rope was tied to the front of the waist rope. Using it as a makeshift leash, he escorted her to the desk chair located across the room. This was like a small dining room chair, with a low back. When Charlie had her sit in the chair, he raised her bound arms and wrists enough to go over the back of the char. He also ran the rope tied to her waist rope between her legs, and into the delicate folds of her cunt. When she was finally seated in the chair, her arms were draped over and down the back of the char, and the "pussy" rope was pulled very tight and tied to the back of the chair. Her cunt was in serious distress. Any movement, or squirming around on her part, added to the torment of her pussy.

The rope which was still tied to her wrist cuffs was pulled down tightly and tied off on a lower cross rung at the back of the chair. She was pinned into the chair by a rope on her wrists, pulling her shoulders back, and by a very tight painful rope running through her tormented pussy. This forced her to sit up very straight, with her breasts pushed out every further. To finish her strict bondage, Charlie tied a strand of rope to each of her nylon covered ankles. He spread her legs widely, and pulled each ankle to the back legs of the chair, securing them there with her legs spread widely, and her knees bent back to accommodate the bondage of her legs. It was now virtually impossible for her to move. She was now totally subject to Charlie’s sexual and sadistic whims. It was scary, and not a little exciting.

Charlie walked around her inspecting his handy work. She looked awesome, and he was proud to have her this helpless and available to him. Again, he produced the medium weight flogger. Mari knew she was in for a rough time. As he inspected her, he brought his whip down on her creamy thighs, whipping the naked portion above her nylon hose. The whip struck the tops, and the delicate soft insides of her thighs. With her legs splayed wide by her bondage, her upper legs were and easy target. His whip left pink stripes on her soft inner thighs His whip even slapped against her bound pussy lips. Mari struggled, attempting to get away from Charlie’s whip, but her bonds were too tight. Finally, he let his whip rest.

"Sweet Slave, this will be a banner evening. I have always been fascinated by your tits. They, in a word, are magnificent. They literally beg to be tormented. Soooo... you are mine tonight. I am going to enjoy your tits. I am going to give them a sound whipping, for the sheer pleasure of doing so." Mari closed her eyes, struggling against her bonds, hoping he would be merciful. He was not.

He flicked her breasts with the whip, teasing her. Soon the lashes became more pronounced until he was literally flogging her breasts. They bounced and swayed, and jiggled in answer to his whip. Mari tried to struggle away from the whip, but this was not to be. Her bondage was too complete and too stringent. She was going nowhere, and she had to endure whatever Charlie wanted to do to her. She was jerking and crying, hot tears running down her pretty cheeks. She was a sadist’s dream.

Charlie stopped his whipping of Mari’s breasts for a moment, to allow her to regain her breath and composure. When he felt she was ready, he started whipping her breasts again. This time he deliberately brought his whip directly across her nipples. Mari screamed, and her nipples hardened, as if to invite the whip again. Charlie accommodated her nipples. His whip again stuck directly on her nipples, five more times.

Finally, Charlie stopped to give her a little respite. She was glad. She took this as a sign of mercy. He stood behind her, with his monstrously rigid cock resting on her shoulder. It throbbed against her face cheek, the pulsing of his cock matching his heartbeat. He leaned over her and grasped her abused breasts. Gently, but firmly, he squeezed and worked her breasts. They were pink and hot from the whipping she had just received. She laid her head back against him. The tears running down her face were splashing on his heated cock which was still resting against her silken cheek.

"Well, sweet slave, I am going to whip your tits some more," he announced. Mari was crying and shaking her head, hoping he would stop. He did not stop. He whip struck from above, attacking each breast three more times each. Mari was sobbing now. Charlie stopped the whipping. He sat down on the corner of the bed, sat there looking at his magnificent prisoner. His cock was throbbing and aching. He looked at her for a moment, and got back up. Again, walking behind her, he reached over and again fondled her abused breasts. His cock was against her cheek. Mari was beginning to regain her composure.

When Charlie figured she was settled down, he removed her gag. He continued to play with her breasts, as his cock continued to touch her cheek. "Slave, I took the gag out so you could get a breath of fresh air. I am going to put it back in again and finish whipping your tits."

"Oh, please. Don’t whip me any more, I beg of you. My breasts hurt so bad!"

Charlie smugly replied, "Well, I don’t have an answer for that. It’s your fault you have such fantastic tits. They beg to be played with and tormented. I simply have to enjoy them, so the whipping will continue for a while." His throbbing cock continued to rub the side of her pretty face, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her cheek.

"Please, Charlie, sir. I will do anything. Please let me fuck you, play with you cock, anything to save my breasts."

"I’m sorry, but, I can fuck you anytime I want. I can whip or play with you anytime I want. Sooo... the one thing I wanted to do tonight was to whip your tits, and whip them I will."

Mari turned to look up at Charlie, and in doing so her lips accidentally brushed the head of Charlie’s cock. His cock throbbed against her lips a she continued to ask for mercy. Her pretty lips were brushing the head of his cock as she talked.

"Well, I don’t have an answer. Unless you can offer me some unique form of sexual gratification, I fear the whipping will continue," Charlie affirmed.

Mari hesitated, and then answered haltingly, "Ch...Charlie, please, show me some mercy. Let me do something."

Charlie replied, "Well give me a suggestion."

Mari swallowed hard, and replied, "Charlie... I don‘t know. Maybe, please, let me suck you cock!"

Charlie smiled to himself. He was going to enjoy the prettiest mouth on the prettiest face in this town. Soon those full sensual lips would be wrapped around his cock.

"Well, I don’t know, I was set on enjoying the whipping of your tits."

"Please, Charlie, let me suck you cock. I’ll make it wonderful for you," Mari begged. "Let me suck you. I beg you! I’ll suck it any way you want. Please!"

"Wel, alright; turn your head and kiss the head of my cock."

Mari turned her head to face Charles cock. She kissed it, and licked the head with her delicate pink tongue. She could taste the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. His cock throbbed as she did so. Charlie walked around to in front of her, and eased himself very close, with his cock touching her lips. As tightly as she was bound, she struggled to lean forward to take his cock in her mouth. She opened her lips and took his cock in to its warm confines. Her tongue was lashing the tip of his cock, making it throb even more. Charlie withstood this erotic assault of his cock for about minute or two. Just before he had a climax, he stopped Mari, and pulled his cock from her mouth.

Quickly, he released her from the chair. Her leather bonds on her wrists and elbows remained. He helped her from the chair and stood her beside the bed. He sat down in front of her.

Looking up, he could see the whip marks he had left on her breasts. That was a real turn on. He then made her kneel on the floor, in front of him, and between his knees.

"Well, it was your suggestion. Soooo... get to it. Suck my cock, and you had better swallow all my cum. If I am not satisfied with your abilities, then back in the chair you go, and you tits will be visited by my whip," was Charlie’s answer, and order. He grasped her abused breasts and pulled her forward until her mouth was close to his cock.

Mari leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock. It throbbed with her kiss. Without a question, she took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him. Charlie was lost in her beauty and her mouth. In a matter of a minute or two, he was cumming, exploding his cum into Mari’s mouth. She struggled with his cum, but was successful in swallowing it all. She continued to lick and suck his cock until it started to recede.

Charlie helped her up and onto the bed. He was lying on the bed, with Mari, still bound, turned facing him with her breasts pressed against his body. He turned to her, and started to kiss her as he fondled her well-whipped breasts. Now she seemed to welcome this attention to her breasts. Mari had not cum this evening, and was in need of a good fucking. Her tortures and forced cock sucking had really turned her on. Charlie knew that.

As Charlie continued to kiss and fondle Mari, his cock rose to the occasion. In a manner of minutes, it was hard again, and had slipped between her legs, rubbing against her heated pussy. He grasped his cock, and forced it into her cunt. She groaned deeply at this phallic invasion. Charlie’s cock felt good. She started to move her hips, slowly humping his cock. Charlie stopped her.

"Slave, I am going to fuck you now, but on my terms. I am going to give you a spank fucking." Mari could only guess at what he was talking about, but she knew, no matter what, her ass was in trouble.

"Here’s the deal." Charlie continued. "I am going to move my cock in and out of your cunt five times. If you don’t cum in those five strokes, I will give you a spanking, of five swats on each cheek of your sweet ass, for a total of 10. I will then give you six humps of my cock, and if you don‘t cum, you will get six spanking swats on each cheek of your ass. This will continue until you cum. Do you understand?" Mari bit her pretty lip as she nodded her head in affirmation.

Charlie started moving his cock in her pussy, fucking her with five strokes of his cock, and she failed to cum, so five spanks were delivered on each cheek of her ass. Charlie moved his cock in her heated cunt her six times, and yet no cum, so six more swats on her ass. Then came seven strokes, and seven swats on each marvelous cheek. Mari was getting desperate. She wanted to cum, but she could not quite make it before he stopped fucking her, and started spanking her. Her ass was burning, and her pussy was aching for a climax.

Again, Charlie started fucking her, moving his cock seven times. Mari was humping his cock, trying to cum, but couldn’t quite make it. She was growing desperate. Her ass was being scalded by his strong hand. His spanking of her ass was serious. She wanted to cum to stop the spanking, but even more so to climax.

Eight fucking moves of his cock, then none, and still she could not quite get there. Her ass was in serious trouble. She was crying, with her tears falling on his chest, even as she was humping his cock. Her ass was in trouble, but her cunt loved his cock

The fucking and spanking continued until on cock stroke twelve of thirteen, Mari came. Her pussy exploded. Her climax seemed to be enhanced by the heat in her well spanked ass! She just kept cumming while Charlie held her tightly to his chest, driving his cock deep in her scalding cunt. Her ass was still on fire, but the heat was being translated to her pussy, raising her libido. This made her climax even hotter, and more explosive. She kept humping driving her pussy on to Charlie’s cock like a woman possessed. It seemed as if her climax would never stop. It was a glorious time to be spanked and fucked.

The two lovers lay there, basking in the sexual afterglow. Charlie started to release her elbow strap and wrist cuffs. He was done; he had now orders for Mari. "Grasp my cock," he ordered. "You are to use your mouth to clean my cock. Then you are to suck me off with you sweet mouth, while you are jacking me off with your hands. When I start to cum, you had better swallow it all."

Without question, Mari moved down Charlie’s body to his cock. She slipped the head of his cock into her mouth as her delicate hand grasped his massively rigid cock. She was surprised at the taste of her pussy as she cleaned his cock. It was not unpleasant, and the fact that he was making her do this was exciting. She began sucking in earnest, while her pretty little hand stroked his cock to a cum. Since Charlie had experienced a climax earlier, it took her a little longer to bring him off. When Charlie had his climax, it was earth moving for him. Mari was able to swallow his load of cum, but it was a struggle. Twice in one night she had sucked Charlie’s cock. She could not remember why she had been reluctant to do so.

The evening was over, and Charlie had experienced the most fantastic birthday he could ever remember. He told Mari so. She kissed him and wished him a happy birthday.

After resting for several minutes, enjoying the touch of Mari, Charlie dressed himself. After doing so, he locked Mari’s wrists behind her back. Because she had been such a good slave, he did not bind her elbows.

"You’ve been very obedient, and turned out to be a marvelous cocksucker. Since you did such a good job, I won’t put those clamps back on your nipples."

Mari turned to Charlie. She wanted to hug him for his kindness, but with her bound arms she could not do so. She pressed her body against him and turned her head up and kissed him. He embraced her and returned her kiss. While kissing her, he let his hand moved down her naked body and squeeze her will spanked ass.

Charlie kissed her again, then he placed her cape around her shoulders, and, like Jake, he left several buttons undone, so selected parts of her anatomy would be exposed on her walk back to his car. Just enough was covered to meet the standards of the laws for decency, but a lot of leg and cleavage was on display.

The ride back to Jake and Mari’s house was uneventful. Both talked to each other, as Charlie complimented her on her beauty and her sexual submission. She appreciated his compliments, and she was sure Jake would be pleased with her. She wondered what he would say when he learned that she had sucked Charlie’s cock. As she thought about it, her tit whipping was the most severe she had ever experienced, yet as painful as it was, it was exciting to be helpless, being made to endure what she could not control. She wore the whip marks on her breasts as a badge of honor. Lastly, she was glad she’d sucked Charlie’s cock. She was sorry she had hesitated. She was positive Charlie enjoyed torturing her, to force her to suck his cock. When Charlie told her that his cock would be a regular visitor to her mouth, she just smiled and nodded her head. It had been a rough night, but in a real sense, she’d enjoyed it. The fact that it had excited her, even with the pain was severe, told her that she was a slave, born to be a slave, and would do her best to make Jake happy. As she was driven through the night, with Charlie’s hand stroking her naked thigh, above her silken hose, she could not help but wonder how deep in to sexual slavery Jake was going to take her. It was a delicious, yet very scary thought.