Jake and Mari
by A. J.

Part Three

Jake held Mariís hand as they walked down through the shopping mall. They were on a clothes buying mission. A couple of new short leather skirts had been acquired, and a pair of very high heeled sandal type shoes that featured ankle straps. Jake made joke that they looked like "catch, fuck me" shoes. Mari had to admit they were very sexy, and enhanced her legs.

They sat down at a small table, at a sidewalk coffee shop. Lattes were ordered as they talked about the clothing they had just purchased. This was a happy day; two lovers, very much in love with their love for each other. Mariís slavery was progressing and she was happy in it. She wondered why Jake had not made her his sex slave earlier. While at first she had misgivings, she was now very comfortable with being Jakeís sex slave. A new element was about to be added, however.

Jake turned to Mari, "Babe, unbutton one more button on you blouse. I want to see a little more tit."

Self conscious, Mari looked around as she did so. There was no question of refusing to do what Jake asked. She looked down and saw that much of the tops of her breasts were now on display. Careful visual examination of the exposed breast top would show faint whip marks on her breasts. She smiled back at Jake as he beamed his smile of approval to her.

"I love you, Sweet Slave," he replied. "I really love you. You are the most exciting woman alive."

"Oh, Jake, I love you too," Mari answered, grasping his hand. He picked up her hand and kissed it.

"I have a surprise for you this evening," he continued. "I promised that someday I was going to let another man have you, to use and enjoy you like I do. Well, my dear, tonight is the night."

Mari, surprised, thought about asking for a reprieve, or to not do this, but she knew better. She knew the rules. She had agreed to the rules, so she would submit to Jake.

"OK, is... a... there... anything Iím supposed to do? I donít know what to say, Jake. I... will... submit, but I donít know what to do. Help me," was her answer.

Jake smiled, "Well, it is not very complicated. When we get home, I want you to undress, bathe and redo your makeup, to high fashion. Then, put on a pair of black patent leather high heels. You know the ones with the four-inch heels. Otherwise, you will be naked. I will handle everything else. All you have to do is submit the best way you know how. I am sure you will be outstanding."

At home, Mari did as she was told. She undressed, bathed, and saw to her hair and makeup. When she was through, she put on her high heel pumps as directed. She looked at herself in the full length mirror. Mari squeezed her breasts together, and ran her hand over her freshly shaven pussy. She knew she was pretty, and desirable. She knew the strange man being introduced to her sex life would want to fuck her. She hoped she would deal with it in a way that would make Jake proud. When she had completed her duties, she went into the family room where Jake was watching a B&D porn video.

"Wow, you look great. Damn, you do look good. Come here, I need to put some ropes on you. You have been free of restraints much too long," Jake informed her.

Using strands of rope he had laying beside him on the couch, Jake bound her wrists tightly behind her back. Naturally, the elbow rope came next. Jack loved the effects of the particular rope. It forced her magnificent breasts out from her chest, making them appear much larger than they were. It made her breasts more inviting to be touched, or for that matter, whipped. He sat her down on the couch beside him. With his arm around her, he was fondling her breasts as he talked to her.

"You know my friend, Charlie. He is the one I have chosen to give you to. He will be here in a couple of minutes. You know what is expected of you, donít you?" he asked.

"Yes... yes sir, I do. I will submit. Can I ask what he is going to do to me?"

"Sure." Jake replied. "He will do the same things I do to you. I am sure he will keep you bound and helpless. The whip will visit you sweet body, other torments might be used, and I am sure he will try to fuck your brains out!"

Mari was quiet, thinking about what Jake had just said. This was new territory for her. It was exciting, and very scary.

"All you have to do is submit yourself, and do exactly what you are trained to do, and whatever you are told to do. Do you understand?"

As Mari was about to answer, the doorbell rang. Charlie Bradly was here. She was about to meet her rapist and tormentor.

"Just stand over there in the middle of the floor, with your legs slightly spread and a sweet smile on your face," Jake ordered. "Tits stuck out!"

Mari did as she was told. She heard the front door open, and Jake greeting Charlie Bradly. The two men walked into the family room. Charlie looked like he had just spotted ten million dollars with his name on it.

"Charlie, you know my wife Mari. Well, I want you to meet my sex slave. Mari, welcome Charlie to our home."

Mari, hesitantly, walked to Charlie, and brushed her body against Charlieís body, her upraised breasts against his chest. She leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Charlie returned her kiss.

"Welcome to our home, sir," Mari greeted Charlie.

Charlie, quick not to miss an opportunity, put his arm around her waist, pulling her tightly against his body. He kissed her, and said, "Thank you, slave lady. Iím glad to be here." He kissed her again, squeezing her breasts as he did so. Jake offered Charlie an easy chair. He released Mari, and sat down.

Mari was ordered to parade around in front for Charlie, posing her body and bondage to best advantage. When ordered to do so, she walked to Charlie and bent over, offering her breasts to Charlie for inspection. Charlie eagerly grasped both breasts, squeezing and slapping them. He twisted her nipples and tweaked them. When he was finished with her breasts, she stood straight and pushed her pelvis to Charlie, offering examination of her pussy.

Charlie rummaged through her cunt. Before he was through, even as rough as he was, she was aroused by his manipulations. When he finished with her pussy, and stroking the front of her thighs, she turned around so he could examine her bondage and delectable ass. Charlie did so, with relish. He commented on how tight she was tied, and the faint signs of whip marks on her ass.

"Charlie," Jake started, "to give the evening a proper start, let me say that you can do as you wish with Mari. You can tie and restrain her in any way you wish. You may torment and whip her. Her tits, ass and cunt, as well as her thighs are open for the whip. You may fuck her to you hearts content. The only caveats are; her mouth is reserved for my cock, and her ass has not been trained for fucking, so no ass fucking."

Charlie smiled, "Thatís doesnít surprise me. I know you donít like butt fucking. Thatís a shame. She has one sweet ass. It begs to be whipped, and fucked!"

"Yeah, I know, but for the time being her mouth and ass are off limits," Jake replied. "I should mention that while I expect you to be strict and harsh with Mari, I donít want her injured. No broken skin, and no damage to her. Mari is a precious slave, and I love her."

"Well," Charlie answered, "when you decide to give her some ass training, let me know. Iíll be more than glad to help you with that bit of training. I look forward to enjoying her mouth too. In the meantime, I will treat your slave as if she was mine."

"Yeah, I bet you will," Jake laughed.

The two men undressed as Mari continued to pose as directed. She looked at both her "masters". Both men took good care of their bodies. Both men were sporting massive erections. It did appear however, that Jakeís cock was slightly larger than Charlieís. She loved Jakeís cock, and loved looking at it, especially when it was erect. Now she had two cocks to deal with. Charlieís cock looked good, too. Even though she had reservations about being whipped and fucked by a "stranger", she had to admit that her predicament was delicious in many ways.

Charlie got off the couch and walked to where Mari was posing, his rigid cock bouncing and swaying as he moved. He walked around her as he slowly stroked his rigid cock. He reached out and cupped her breasts. Mariís breasts were incredible and Charlie was not going to miss an opportunity to touch them. He teased her nipples and let his hand slide down her belly to her pussy. She was warm and moist. His cock ached for release as he fondled her.

"Jake, if you donít mind, I would really like to whip your slave."

Smiling, Jake replied, "Of course. How would you like her tied?"

"Well, I thought I would like her hands tied the way they are, but tie another rope to her wrists, hoisting them well up behind her back. This bends her over at the waist, and would make her sweet ass very vulnerable," Charlie suggested.

"Sounds good to me. Letís take her into the bedroom. We can do it there," Jake replied.

Jake led the way to the bedroom, while Charlie took Mari by her bound forearms, escorting her to the bedroom. He could not believe his good fortune to be able to have unlimited access to a woman as beautiful as Mari. His cock continued to ache as he looked at her.

In the bedroom, Jake walked Mari to the place where the eyebolt had been mounted in the ceiling. In a matter of a moment or two, he had attached a long rope to Mariís bound wrists, threaded the rope through the eyebolt, and pulled the rope tightly. Mari was bent sharply at her waist with her arms and wrists pulled high and behind her. Her full breasts hung from her chest, invitingly. They swayed and jiggled as she shifted her position. Charlie walked around her, fondling every exposed part of her body.

Charlie asked for a couple strands of rope. Jake complied. Quickly, yet deliberately, Charlie began to wrap a strand of rope around the base of Mariís right breast. This caused her breast to balloon away from her chest, and causing it to be more sensitive, especially the nipple. Her left breast was bound in the same manner. Mari kept quiet, but bit her lip as she endured the bit of torment.

Jake handed Charlie his favorite whip, the medium weight flogger. This whip could exact considerable pain, without tearing and damaging Mariís skin. Charlie readily accepted the whip.

Charlie brought the whip up and down across Mari silky butt. He was inexperienced in whipping a woman, and was taking it easy until he fully understood the weight of the whip and the power of his strokes. In a minute or two he had hit his stride. Soon the ungagged Mari was moaning and whimpering. She knew better that to beg for mercy. Charlie walked around her, randomly whipping her bound breasts, ass, and of course her pussy. Mari never quite knew what part of her was to be whipped next. There was maddening, yet there was an erotic element to this type of whipping. At one point he seemed concentrate on whipping her thighs. Both the backs and fronts of her thighs were fine targets. When he was whipping the fronts of her thighs, however, the whip seemed to always strike her breasts, especially her tormented nipples.

Mari, sobbing and moaning, bore it. There were moments when she want to cry out, begging for mercy. She knew better and managed to maintain her composure. She had to admit that Charlie had a talent for the whip.

When Charlie finished whipping her, he left her hanging in her bonds, while he walked around her, fondling and massaging the areas he had just whipped. At several locations, especially on her ass and the back of her thighs, he could feel the ridges of the welts left by the whip. Again he let his fingers rummage through Mariís whipped and inflamed cunt. The pain of the whipping was turning to erotic pleasure as Charlie was expertly arousing her by ministering to her pussy. Finally, he lowered her arms, releasing her from the eye bolt, allowing her to stand. Mari whispered a "thank you" to Charlie for this small bit of freedom.

Charlie turned her about, and pulled her body to his, with her back to him. This placed her bound hands at his throbbing cock. He moved his hands around her body, and grasped both her breasts. As he fondled and teased her breasts and nipples, she grasped his cock and in spite of her bondage, was attempting to stroke his cock. Charlie liked this. He made her turn her head to him so he could kiss her. This was one hot slave woman.

He lowered his hand so he could rummage through her pussy. It was a caldron of boiling pussy juices. As his fingers invaded her cunt, she rolled her head back on his shoulder, closed her eyes, and abandoned herself to what was happening. She opened her eyes for a moment, and could see Jake standing there, with a lustful smile on his face, as he was stroking his raging cock. He was obviously pleased by what was happening. To watch his beautifully submissive wife being put through her paces by another man was his fantasy come true.

"Jake," Charlie asked, "If you donít mind, I would really like to fuck your slave."

"Charlie, you know where the bed is."

He turned to his wife and said, "Mari, my sweet slave, Charlie wants to fuck you. Make it good, or you will pay for a bad fuck, with you ass."

Mari nodded her head, indicating that she understood.

Charlie turned back to Jake. "If you donít mind, I would like to fuck her in the living room, or the family room, wherever there is a couch."

Jake nodded, and led Charlie and Mari back to the couch in the living room. Charlie sat down on the couch, and ordered Mari to kneel, facing him, on the couch straddling his body and upraised cock. Carefully, because of her bondage, she did as he asked. Soon she was kneeling astride his thighs and hips, poised directly above his cock, facing Charlie. He had his hands on her hips, moving her into position over his cock.

"Mari, settle down on my cock. I want it deep inside you."

Charlie held his cock as she eased her body down, and onto his cock. She closed her eyes and moaned as she welcomed this new invasion of her passage. Charlieís cock did feel good. She never thought she would think in those terms, but her world had changed and now she was being fucked by a "strange" man who had just whipped her and was forcing his cock into her, all with the approval of her husband. Yes, things had changed.

She sat there, arms bound behind her, breasts still tightly bound, and with Charlieís cock buried deep inside her. Charlie told her to sit still while he removed the ropes from her tits. He unwound the ropes, slowly, savoring the manipulation of her breasts. When the ropes had been removed, he squeezed and rubbed her breasts to restore circulation. Now Charlie was ready for the business at hand.

As he continued to enjoy her breasts, Charlie admonished her. "Youíre gonna ride my cock, fucking me. You had better give me a good ride, or for that matter, give yourself a good ride, or I will punish you severely. You have permission to cum any time you want." Charlie reached for her face, and pulling her to his face, kissed her passionately. Mari responded, returning his kiss in the same manner. As she kissed Charlie, she started to move her hips, moving her pussy on his cock. It felt good.

Charlie was moving to match her movements. As he was doing so, he moved his hands from her hips and began slowly fondling and slapping her breasts. Her bondage pushed her large breasts out to Charlie, making it easy for him to abuse them. They shook and swayed with his assault. Her breasts jiggled with her fucking movements in addition to the movements caused by them being slapped and spanked. Jake watched his fantastic wife. This was a fantasy that he had dreamed of all his adult life. Now his dreams were coming true, in grand fashion.

Mari picked up the pace and soon was lost in the moment. After a few minutes, she was cumming. Charlie had not cum yet, and made her continue to hump his cock. Soon another climax was wracking her body. It seemed to merge into one continuous climax. The more she came, the more Charlie would slap her breasts. Finally, Charlieís cock exploded. She could feel the white hot cum being thrust into her cunt. Mari and Charlie, both, zoned out, each in their own world of red hot lust. In a minute or two, they both began to come back down to reality. Mari collapsed on Charlieís chest. His arms went around her, pulling her tightly to him as he was still humping her pussy. At long last, the two lovers stopped, and sat for a very long time with CharlieĎs receding cock still buried deep in her pussy. They were just regaining their sense of where they were and of what had just happened.

Jake helped Mari off Charlieís lap and receding cock. He released Mariís wrists and elbows. She moaned deeply as the ropes were removed from her. She had been tied very tightly for the entire evening. It was good to have the ropes removed, at least for a while.

Jake placed her on her knees in front of the couch, while he sat in front of her, next to the exhausted Charlie. Mari was kneeling between her husbandís thighs, a mere inch or two from his rigid cock.

"Sweet Slave," Jake started, "you were magnificent this evening. I can tell Charlie enjoyed himself, and you. Now you have one more task. I want you to suck my cock, and when I tell you, you are to take your mouth off my cock, and using your hands, you are to make me cum on you face and tits."

Mari would not refuse this time. She loved her husband, and had learned to obey him. With her right hand, she grasped his heated cock, and with her left hand she cradled his balls. She started to slowly stroke Jakeís cock as she massaged his balls. She slipped her pretty mouth over the head of his cock. She sucked it while her delicate pink tongue lashed the tip. His cock was very sensitive, and throbbed each time her tongue touched it. In a moment or two, she picked up the pace and was stroking his cock fast and hard, as her mouth sucking on the heated head. In another minute, Jake told her to take her mouth from his cock, and to make him cum with her hands.

In just a few more strokes, his cock erupted in her hand. Scalding jets of cum rocketed from his cock, striking her pretty face. Some of the cum dripped down to her breasts. After a few jets striking her face, she lowered the aim of his cock and let the cum spray on her breasts. When he cock was spent, she again took in into her mouth to suck it dry as it receded. When she finally released his cock, Mari used her hands to rub her husbandís cum into her breasts and on her face. Jake was proud of her.

"Wow," uttered Charlie. "Iíve never seen anything like that. Mari, you are one hot slave lady. Jake, I believe you are the luckiest man in the world."

Jake smiled, "Yeah, Iíve gotta believe that."

Mari was allowed to go to the bathroom and wash her face, but was ordered to leave the cum on her breasts. When she returned to the living room, Charlie had another erection. He ordered her to lie down on the carpeted floor, where he fucked her again. Jake looked down on the pair with an approving smile.

A short time later, Charlie dressed and left for his home. Jake took Mari to the bathroom where they took a shower together. Jake spent a great deal of time washing her body. She did the same for Jake; however, she spent a great deal of time working his cock, until he was fully rigid again. The two adjourned to the bedroom where Jake gave her another sound fucking.

Afterwards, the two lovers were lying on the bed, basking in the sexual after glow of the evening. Jake had his arm around her, hugging her to him, while she was slowly stroking his nearly flaccid cock.

"I love you," Mari whispered as she kissed him on the cheek.

"You mean you love me, in spite of what I have just put you through," he queried.

Pausing, Mari replied, "Yes, Jake, I love you. You know that! I agreed to be your sex slave, and I will make you proud. Being tortured and raped by Charlie was not as bad as I feared it would be. In fact, it was kind of exciting. You were right. Being helpless, not being able to control what happens to you, and being at the mercy of anotherís sexual whims, is very exciting. I didnít know it could be like that."

Kissing her, Jake said, "Well, sweet slave, get used to it. Your slavery is just beginning."

Jake kissed her again. Mari returned the kiss, very passionately, as her hand was stroking his semi-hard cock. She loved Jake, and was in love with being his sex slave. As she kissed Jake, and held his cock she shivered with excitement at the thought of where he would take her slavery.