Jake and Mari
by A. J.

Part One

It had been one of those frustrating evenings. Jake loved his beautiful wife. She had proved to be submissive to him. Over the years they had played at Master and sex slave, but there was always an underlying current of resistance from Mari. Even when they engaged in "vanilla" sex, she would tend to resist turning loose and enjoying the action. This was one of those evenings.

Jake had tied her hands behind her back, and had spanked her delicious ass prior to fucking her. Even though her pussy juices told him that she liked what he was doing, her actions indicated that she was just tolerating him. She just lay there as he tried to excite her. It was as if it was her duty to submit, and she wanted him to just get it over with so she could watch a little television or go to sleep.

Jake was angered. He had just had it! This is not the way he wanted to live his life. Often he had looked at his wife, and marveled at how hot she looked. She was a being of stunning beauty. What a waste. All that hot beauty, and not to be able to fully enjoy it.

He slipped his cock from her pussy in disgust, rolled her on her side and started to untie her wrists. Back in the deep recesses of his mind he wanted to keep her tied, whip and torture her, force her to be his sex slave. He wanted to, but he restrained himself. No need to go to jail for spousal abuse.

"Why are you untying me," a surprised Mari asked.

"Look, I have had it. You donít feel anything for me, or what we are doing. You just tolerate me and what I want to do with you. I donít want to be tolerated. I want to be desired. I want you to want what I want. So, Iím saying enough. No more. Iím tired of being frustrated!"

More heated words were passed, with her begging for Jake to understand why she could not fully submit. He had heard it all before. She said she was brought up to be a lady. What would people think if they knew she allowed him to tie her up, and whip her? They would think she was "kinky", or weird. It would be embarrassing.

Jake retorted, "I donít care what other people think. This is our life, and our sex life. I know what I want, and you tell me you like what we do. Then you act like I am some repulsive creature that you have to somehow endure. Well, Lady, as of tonight, you donít have to endure any more!"

Jake walked out of the room and into the bathroom, turning on the shower, the noise of which drowned out her whining about loving him and trying to make him happy.

Jake closed the bathroom door and got in the shower. The hot streams of water striking his body felt good; however it only served to make his unsatisfied cock even harder. With in a minute or two, his hand dropped down to his rigid member. He needed relief, so he jerked it off. As he vigorously stroked his cock, he fanaticized about Mari, and having her as his bound sex slave. Even as he climaxed, that act angered him. Why did he have to do that, when the most beautifully sexy woman in his life was in the next room?

When Jake exited the shower, Mari was in bed, presumably asleep. He went downstairs and watched television, eventually falling asleep on the couch.

When Mari awoke the next morning, she found that Jake had already left for work. She was hurt, and she hated herself. Deep in her heart, she loved it when Jake restrained her. She loved being tormented by him, and she especially loved when he forced her to do sexual acts that she could not do on her own. Her strict Catholic upbringing taught her that all this was wrong, and she should not enjoy such hedonistic things. Now she was afraid she was going to lose her husband and their marriage. She had to do a lot of thinking, and make some serious decisions.

Jake got home late that afternoon. He was still angry, and just did not want to go home. Finally, he did go home to face another evening of sexual frustration. When he got home, he was greeted with a surprise. He walked in from the garage, and through the kitchen towards the family room. As he approached the door to the family room, Mari stepped out into the hallway. She was magnificent...

Mariís long raven black hair hung to just below her shoulders. Her creamy complexion was complemented by her blue eyes. The way she was dressed was the surprise. She was naked, wearing only a lacy black garter belt, smoke hose and black patent leather high heel pumps. The heels on those shoes had to be at least four inches high. His cock jerked to attention.

Her large breasts swayed delightfully as she walked, His eyes went from her pretty face, to her jiggling breasts, down her flat tummy, past her shaved pussy and down her hips and legs. She was a vision. Jake was delighted by the way she presented herself, but he was angry because he felt he was being teased.

"Whatís all this about?" he questioned.

"Well, Iíve been thinking about last night. I am very sorry things turned out that way, and I thought you might like to see me dressed like this."

Jake looked at her, and answered, "Yeah, I really like to see you like this. You look hot. But letís face it, the problems we have are still there. Some black lace will not solve our problems."

Mari went to him and put her arms around his neck. "Jake, look, Iím really sorry. I will try to do better. I will really try to be what you want me to be. You want me to be your sex slave, well, I am willing to give it a really big try."

Jake pushed her away, answering, "Mari, thatís our problem. I donít want you to Ďtryí to please me. I want you to want this as much as I do. Anything less simply will not work."

Mari tried to kiss him, but he turned his face away from her. She could see the hurt and temper in his eyes.

"Jake, what do you want me to do," she pleaded.

"Thereís nothing you can do. As far as I am concerned, itís over. I canít live like this. Seeing you like this, and knowing that there will be no real satisfaction is more than I want to deal with any more!"

"Bu...but... canít we talk about this?"

By this time they had walked into the family room, and Jake sat down in his Lazy-Boy recliner. Mari stood in the middle of the floor, not knowing what to do. Jake had to admit, she looked great.

"Sit down," Jake replied, "Iíll listen for a minute."

Mari, still dressed in her sexy attire, sat down on the couch across from Jake. If he had his way, giving the way she looked, he would have taken her to the bed room and ravished her.

"I donít know what to say," she said. "I know I love you, and I want to please you. I am sorry for the way Iíve been, but I just donít know what to do. What can I do to save this marriage and make you happy?"

Jake sighed. His cock was still rigid, all because she looked so damned good.

"Well..." he replied slowly, "the only way this can work is for you to submit to me, completely as my naked, bound sex slave. You will be subject to my every sexual whim. If you refuse, or resist, I will restrain you, torture and torment you, even rape you until you agree to do what I want you to do. You will be punished and restrained much more than you could ever imagine. Your life will be to serve me as a complete sex slave, in every sense of the word."

Mari sat there quietly listening to Jakeís every word. Cautiously she replied, "Jake, I donít know..."

Angry, Jake answered her hesitation. "Mari, to hell with it! Things arenít going to change. It is useless to go on!"

Mari brought her delicate little hands to her face. A tear appeared in her pretty blue eyes. "Jake, please. Iíll do as you say. If I donít submit and make you happy, then I expect you to punish me, severely. Iíll make this work. I want to be your complete sex slave."

"Mari, you donít know what you saying. You cannot, or will not do it. Let me tell you what I expect. You will have to dress exactly like I tell you, no matter how revealing, at home and in public. You will be subject to being tied, chained, or restrained in a number of fashions. I will whip you, clamp your nipples, whip your tits and cunt, and any number of other torments for the shear pleasure of doing those things to you, and for your punishment for failing to comply with my demands. No sex act will be refused by you. If you refuse, you will be punished until you do it. Do you understand?"

She looked at him with pleading eyes and replied, "Yessir, I do."

"You will never question what I do to you, or have you do. Refusal or resistance will be met with harsh punishment. Also, I told you some time back that I wanted to give you to another man, to be used as a sex slave like I use you. You resisted. Well, that will happen. You will submit to, and fuck anyone I tell you to."

"Oh, Jake, I donít know..."

"I do know. It is a logical progression of your slavery. He will have the same rights as I do to use and punish you. Thatís the way it has to be. IĎm through fucking around with this thing. This is going to be for real Ė a major life style change. We are going to do this thing, or we do nothing at all."

Mari sat quietly, and then responded, "O.K., Iíll submit to you, and whom ever you choose. Do I have to suck his cock like I suck yours?"

Jake smiled inwardly, "Well, Iíll give you that, temporarily, but when I say so, you will suck his cock, too. Iíll let you get used to another master first, but you can count on sucking other cocks."

Mari seemed relieved, at least for the time being. She got up and walked to Jake. She dropped to her nylon covered knees in front of him, her hands moved to his crotch. "Jake, I love you. I am sorry for the problems in the past. Please, letís keep us together. I donít want to lose our marriage. I donít want to lose you. Iíll submit to you, without question. Youíll have to help me. If I canít do something you want, or balk, you will have to make me do it. OK?"

Jake leaned down and kissed her trembling lips. "OK slave, but expect me to be more demanding and crueler than you ever imagined. You WILL be my sex slave, in every sense of the word."

Mariís voice dropped to a whisper, "I know, I know."

"Stand up," Jake ordered.

Respecting his command, she stood up. Jake was pleasured with a view of her decorated nudity. She was magnificent, and now he was about to have her as his naked, bound sex slave. The future was bright. His cock ached in the confines of his trousers. Jake stood up, and took Mari in his arms, hugging and kissing her. Mari responded with passionate kisses. She could feel his cock pressing against her belly.

Jake broke there embrace, and taking her hand, he led her to the bedroom. Once there, he retrieved a length of rope from the night stand. Quickly, he turned Mari about and tightly bound her wrists behind her back. A second rope was used to bind her elbows, nearly forcing them together in the small of her back. Her magnificent breasts were forced out in a more prominent position, properly displaying them. Jakeís cock ached.

On his orders, Mari lay down on the bed, and worked herself to the middle of the mattress. As instructed, she lay on her belly and breasts. More rope was added as Jake tied strands to her ankles, pulling her legs wide and tying them to the bed posts. Now Mari was helpless. Her arms were secured behind her back, with her lying on her stomach. Her legs were widely spread, with her ankles secured to the bed posts. She felt very vulnerable. She felt Jake get onto the bed beside her. She looked to the side and saw the he had a couple of handkerchiefs in his hands.

"Open your mouth, slave," Jake ordered.

Reluctantly, she did so. Jake stuffed one handkerchief into her sweet mouth, effectively gagging her. Using the second cloth, he tied it tightly around her head and mouth, securing the gag wadding in her pretty mouth. Now she felt helpless and very vulnerable. Then Jack made her some more. He forced a pillow under her abdomen, which raised her delectably vulnerable ass off the bed, making it a better target for a whip. The scene was set.

Jake leaned forward, and planted a passionate kiss on each of her ass cheeks, while he fingered her exposed pussy. Mari moaned with lustful pleasure. Jake got off the bed and went into his closet, where he retrieved a multi-strand whip. In knowledgeable circles, it would be described as a medium weight flogger. He laid the flogger on the bed next to Mari as he undressed. Once he was naked, he picked up his whip. His cock throbbed in anticipation.

He walked around the bed, looking at his beautifully helpless wife. This was heady stuff. His mind was reeling with all the possibilities and his cock was so rigid it was uncomfortable. He dared not touch it for fear he would cum prematurely. Her bondage held her on the bed for him. She was still dressed in her garter belt, hose and high heel shoes. He pretty blue eyes looked at him, from over her gagged mouth. There was lust and fear in her eyes.

Jake approached the bed, and leaning over he stroked the silky skin on her ass. She was really a thing of rare beauty. He then stood up, and ran the strands of the whip between his fingers. He was a man with a mission. Raising his hand in the air, he flourished the whip, and brought it down across Mariís ass. She moaned and flinched. Again he struck her ass. The pink striations from the whip were appearing on her creamy skin. This was exciting to him. As he whipped her, she struggled to no avail. He could see her pussy, and he could swear he saw pussy juice gleaming on her nether lips.

He stopped for a moment, to allow Mari to regain her composure. Changing his position slightly, he put he hand on her heated cunt. He worked in fingers in and out of her heated passage. Mari moaned louder, and as best she could, she was humping his hand and fingers. When he was sure she was sufficiently aroused, the brought the whip down sharply, striking her sweet pussy lips. Mari jerked sharply at this assault on her most private of areas. Quickly, Jake struck again. His whip was quick and rapid. Mari was crying and screaming behind her gag. Suddenly, she stiffened her body. Then she started to hump the pillow under her abdomen. She was humping, as if she was fucking an invisible lover. Jake gave her pussy another ten strokes of his whip, and then just stood there in amazed lust as he watched his wife cum as the result of a pussy whipping. It was a thing of beauty.

Taking advantage of Mariís bound position, Jake climbed onto the bed and settled between Mariís bound legs. With her ass raised on the pillow, her cunt was completely accessible from behind. Jake, with his belly against her sweet ass cheeks, slipped his rigid cock into her well whipped pussy. Her bound hands and arms were pinned between their bodies. She opened her hands to feel Jakeís stomach. Mari moaned from behind her gag as she felt this welcome invasion of her heated passage.

Jakeís cock was up for the occasion. He rode her ass and pussy hard. Mari, still heated from her cum at the end of Jakeís whip started humping his cock. She was complete out of touch with reality. All she knew was that she was delightfully helpless, and filled with her husbandís cock. Her climaxes just kept coming. She was awash in a sea of lust. In a matter seconds, her pussy exploded into an enormous climax. The effect was so tremendous, she passed out momentarily. Jake, who had not reached orgasm, stopped fucking his bound wife, and pulled his cock from her soaking pussy.

When Mari came back from the ozone, Jake had released her ankles and had rolled her over onto her back. He sat astride her bound body, his heated cock lying on her taut stomach. He leaned forward and removed her gag. As she was breathing in the fresh cool air, he eased himself up toward her head, until his cock was resting on her chin. Her magnificent breasts were cushioning his ass cheeks

He put the tip of his engorged member against her sweet red lips. Mari knew what she had to do. She opened her lips and took his cock into warm confines of her sweet mouth. Jake started to fuck her mouth. The evening had been almost more than he could stand. Within a minute or two, his cock exploded, jetting steaming cum into her mouth and throat. Mari struggled with his issue, but was successful in swallowing it all. This was the first time Jake had cum in her mouth. In the past, she would never allow it. Now, she had no choice. Strangely enough, she liked the tangy taste of his cum.

Jake made Mari keep his cock in her mouth until it had receded. It seemed natural to her to keep licking and sucking it. From the look on Jakeís face, she knew he liked what she was doing. Finally, Jake slipped his cock from her mouth. He moved off her bound body, and lay down beside her. He hugged her, pulling her to his chest.

"I love you, sweet slave, I love you," he whispered as he kissed her on her cheek.

"I love you, M...master," Mari replied. There was a tear of happiness in her eye. She was happy.