by AJ

Well, I am back with you. If you remember, I am Abbey’s husband, Jim Bryant. I have just finished telling you of Abbey’s stay and training at Alex Krueger’s house. I sent her there to learn to be the consummate sex slave. I have not had access to her during the more than the three weeks of her stay there. Alex has regularly sent video tapes of her training and how she has been used sexually, along with the torments, whippings and tortures she has endured. On several occasions, I was able to go to Alex’ house and watch her from behind two way mirrors or on closed circuit television. I really like the way she has come along under his training.

Now, don’t get the idea that I was alone and celibate for three weeks. Remember Caron? Well, Alex gave her to me several times. She is a bride to be, and her soon-to-be husband has required her to be trained prior to their marriage. Caron’s training has been extensive. She spent nearly three months at Krueger’s place. She is so well trained that Alex let me take her home several times. I transported her in the trunk of my car and kept her locked in the newly equipped dungeon in my basement. She is looking forward to her wedding, yet she has learned to revel in her slavery. Her new husband should be very pleased with what Alex has done with her.

Now, back to Abbey. On her last night at Haus Krueger, she spent the night in the Master’s bed. Oh, yeah, he tied her, and whipped her, lightly, only to arouse her. She was so happy that she had made Alex happy, and that he was pleased with her slavery, that Abbey did everything she could to please him. She even admitted to him that she was very grateful for his training of her. This is what I wanted Krueger to do with her. Now that she was leaving Krueger’s home, Abbey had one more little surprise awaiting her. I suppose this was my test to see just how submissive she is, and how much of a slave she has learned to be.

* * *

Abbey was very excited. This was the day that she would leave Krueger’ establishment, and return to her husband and her home. She hoped Jim still loved her and would be proud of her.

She awoke from a restless sleep, and took care of her morning rituals, including the requisite enema. Girard made his usual appearance. On this morning, as he required her to suck his cock before he restrained her, Abbey fell to her task. She gave his cock a sucking like she had never before. With her hands free, she stroked his cock while she took his throbbing phallus into her warm mouth. While she sucked on his cock, her tongue was lashing the sensitive tip. Her other hand was holding and massaging his balls. It was obvious that Girard liked what she did. Soon his cock erupted again, as it had every morning since Abbey came to Haus Krueger.

After she finished, and refreshed her make up, Girard locked Abbey’s hands behind her back, and affixed a leash to her collar. He then led her upstairs to the main part of the house, her high heel shoes clicking on the rich parquet wood floor as she walked. Abbey was very excited. She wanted so much to see Jim. She could hardly wait to be held and kissed by him. She wanted to have her husband fuck her, to show how much he loved and wanted her.

Girard led her to the Library. Krueger met her just outside of the library door. He took her leash, and spoke to her.

“Abbey, we want you to know we are proud of you and your progress. We know you husband will be very pleased with you. You are an extraordinarily beautiful and dutiful sex slave. Any master would be proud to own and have access to you.”

Abbey smiled and stood on her toes to kiss Alex Krueger. He grasped her breasts as he returned her kiss.

“Thank you, Sir”, she replied. “I hope Jim will be happy with what I have become.”

“I’m sure he will. Now, it is time for you to go.”

Alex pulled on her leash and lead her through the door into the library. There, sitting on a large opulent leather couch was David Rayne! Abbey looked around the room, and did not see her husband. She was at a loss for words. David Rayne stood up and walked to her.

“Well, Abbey, I am sure you weren’t expecting me. The truth is that Jim has been delayed, and asked me to come collect you. You are to go with me.”

David put his arms around her, and pulled her to him, kissing her. Abbey returned his kiss, as her obligatory duty, but she was disappointed. She so wanted to see her husband.

“Where is Jim?”, she asked. “I thought he would be here.”

“As I said, he sent me to collect you. He will be waiting for you at home. Now, let’s be on our way. We have a long way to go”, David Rayne replied.

David then asked, “I am asking you to submit to me, and come with me, knowing that I can, and probably will, do anything I want with you. I may take you somewhere else, and keep you for awhile, and have my way with you. This is a test of your training. I have told you that your husband has told you to come with me. Do you submit?

Abbey just stood there, not knowing what to say. She was helpless, with her wrists bound behind her back. She was naked, save for her high heel shoes. She was a “captive”, and a slave. She had to trust David and Alex. She would have to go with David, hoping to see her husband very soon. She was confused and disappointed, but knew she had no choice but to obey David Rayne.

David Rayne watched her pretty face. She was confused, and searching for an answer. He spoke again. “I have asked you to submit, but in reality, your submission is not necessary. You are a slave, and I could just take you forcibly. If you want, I’ll make the decision for you.”

Abbey looked at David, detecting the bulge in his trousers, and quietly replied, “Yessir, I submit to you.”

David Rayne pulled her to his body, fondling her breasts as he kissed her. “God dammit! You are one hot slave. It is very tempting to just kidnap you and keep you forever!”

David turned to Alex and said, “I have brought her cape, but I see no need for it. She can travel naked. My limousine windows are deeply tinted. We need to fix her for the road, do you have some additional ropes?”

Alex said, “Yes, I quite agree." He turned to Girard. "Girard, prepare her for travel.”

Girard had in his hand a small leather case, resembling those which doctors carry. From the case he extracted several items. First, he blindfolded her with a leather “sleep” mask. Next, using a penis gag, he silenced her by strapping the gag deep in her pretty mouth.

A length of rope was wrapped around her elbows and tightly tied, pulling her elbows together behind her back. Girard turned to David Rayne.

“Would you like for me to install a cunt rope? It will keep her rather tractable during your travels.”

Smiling, David replied, “No…, no, I don’t think so. I may have use for that facility. I want it to be available to me.”

Girard nodded knowingly, “Yes, I understand, Sir. Might I suggest a pair of nipple clamps. Reminds her of who she is.”

“Why, yes, I like that. Do you have a pair that are linked together?”

Smiling, Girard pulled a pair of nipple clamps from his trouser pocket. These clamps were indeed connected with a short light weight chrome chain.

“Abbey, stick your tits out so I can put clamps on them”, ordered Girard.

Abbey made a soft moan, barely audible. During her stay at Haus Krueger her nipples had been clamped several times. This was brutal torment for her as her nipples were so sensitive. She did as she was told, however. With her elbows tied tightly behind her back, her breasts were already raised prominently. She struggled to push them out further. Girard sucked each nipple to make them harder. He was successful.

Carefully, and deliberately, he installed a spring-loaded metal clamp on each nipple. It took all her will for Abbey to remain still. These clamps were indeed connected with a short chain. The chain was so short that there was constant pulling tension on each nipple. Girard grasped one of her breasts, squeezing it. It automatically pulled on the other nipple. Satisfied with his handy work, he stepped back to admire his efforts, and to watch the pain filled Abbey deal with her tormented breast.

“Excellent”, spoke David Rayne. “I think we are ready to travel now.”

Abbey was still wearing her collar and leash, and her wrists and elbows were still tightly restrained behind her back. Alex came to her, and grasping her clamped breasts, spoke to her. “Abbey, we will miss you. Your husband has told me he wants me to be a visitor to your home. I am sure you will be seeing me before long.”

Poor helpless Abbey! Alex’s words did not surprise her. She knew Krueger and her husband would arrange future liaisons. It only seemed natural. In fact, Krueger’s son, Hans, had told her that she might be required to return to the Krueger House for a refresher course.

Now she was standing here in Krueger’s library, naked, gagged, blindfolded and bound. Her breasts were on fire. Her only garments were her high heels shoes, collar, leash, clamps and ropes. That seemed to be how her future would be. She felt helpless, and more than a little afraid, yet, her pussy was responding. The idea of being a helpless sex slave, knowing that you were totally in the hands of people who could do anything they wished to you, and require anything of you, was arousing. Anything was possible with her. She was amazed at how she had changed at Haus Krueger.

David Rayne pulled on her leash. “Come little slave, it is time to leave. Master Krueger has more slaves to train. Besides, I am looking forward to having you all to myself in the car.”

David led her from the house and into the garage. The morning was chilly. He smiled as he watched her breasts jiggle as she walked and her clamped nipples harden in the chill morning air.

Abbey's naked bound body felt the morning air. This jiggling of her breasts caused the nipple clamps to bite even more. It was then she realized that she had been a bound naked slave in Haus Krueger for more than three weeks, yet she had never been outside of the building. She had no real idea about what the house looked like. She could feel the concrete walkway under her high heel shod feet. She could sense they had walked into the garage. She heard a car door open. David spoke to someone.

“Charles, sorry it took so long. We had to get her ready for travel. We’re ready to go.”

“No problem, Mr. Rayne. My time is your time. Wow, she is one good looking slave cunt.”

“Yeah”, replied David. “She is outstanding. Before we get to our destination, I will give you a chance to know her first hand.”

“Hey, thanks”, Charles replied. “I’m looking forward to that.”

Abbey felt Charles grasp her bound arm, “Now slave cunt, let me help you into the car.”

She was eased into the car. The seats were leather, but they were not cold. It felt as if they were heated. Undoubtedly this was a real limousine, as David Rayne had said. Once seated in the car, Charles put her seat belt on. The he grasped her ankles and separated them.

“We just want to make sure you are helpless, yet available to Mr. Rayne.”

Abbey felt clips being connected to her ankle cuffs. It was obvious that the clips were attached to the rear floor of the limo. Now her ankles were locked in a spread position, making it easy for any one to delve into her pussy. Charles availed himself of the opportunity. She felt his hand and fingers probing her cunt. In a matter of seconds, her breath became more rapid as she was aroused by Charles’s hand. She silently cursed her body for responding so quickly. There was no denying it. She was aroused at being a bound, naked sex slave. Her pussy was very sensitive to the touch, as were her nipples. Everything about what was happening to her was arousing, yet very scary. Alex Krueger had done his job very well.

Charles squeezed each of her breasts and tugged on the clamps, then left her and closed the door to the limo. She felt David Rayne sit down beside her, as Charles got behind the wheel and started the engine. As the limo pulled away from the Krueger house, she realized that she would never be able to find her way back here, or for that matter, find her way from this place.

As the limo headed down the highway, David occupied himself by playing with her breasts and pussy. Soon she was very aroused, nearing a climax. David sensed this. He kissed her gagged mouth and eased up on his manipulation of her. Abbey was frustrated. For the last three weeks, she was only allowed to cum when her captors so desired, which was not very often. If she had not been gagged, she would have begged David Rayne to be allowed to cum. She would do anything to please him, to be allowed to cum.

David reached over and removed her gag. While playing with her tender breasts, he kissed her. Abbey was quick to return his kiss. His hands on her breasts felt good, but still tormented her tortured nipples. If Jim wanted her to be a sex slave, then he was getting his wish. Surrendering to David was all she could think about.

“My dear Abbey”, David spoke. “You are one hot little sex slave. I saw that in you when I first met you. It took Alex to bring that out in you. You have made a marvelous transformation.”

Abbey, somewhat breathlessly answered, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Now you are tied so your tits are raised to me. I want you to stick them out as far as you can. I want to whip them.”

Abbey did as David asked. She sat in the limo, bound, with her breasts raised as far as she could, awaiting David’s whip on them. David was quick to respond. Being blindfolded, she could not see what he was doing. From a pouch in the car, he had produced an small lightweight multi-thonged whip. He brought it sharply across her breasts.

Abbey flinched, but regained her posture and pushed her breasts out again. David did not want to miss the opportunity, and swung the whip again. Abbey’s breasts bounced under the assault, but jiggled back to their position. The whipping continued. The nipple clamps were burning with a red hot fire. Abbey was beginning to whimper, but she maintained her position and absorbed the whip lashes. As she was beginning to sob, David stopped the whipping.

Abbey sat there, biting her lip. There were tears in her eyes, and her breasts were burning from the whipping they had just received. She was thinking that she was bound, naked, in a strange car, in a strange place, with two strangers who had total physical and sexual control over her. She wanted to see her husband. She ached for him, yet, she had to admit, even in her pain and fear, she was aroused by her predicament. After being at Haus Krueger, the thought of not submitting never crossed her mind. Her only thoughts were to please whom ever had control of her. Part of her felt that she should resist, but the main part of her psyche loved what was happening to her. Whatever David Rayne wanted, she would submit to. The burning pain in her breasts was being transmitted directly to her boiling cunt.

Abbey sat there, her breasts burning from the whipping she received at the hands of David Rayne. Her pussy was hot and wet. As she sat there she heard a noise that sounded distinctly like a champagne bottle being opened. Then she could not mistake the sound of this delicious beverage being poured into a glass. David Rayne put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. “Abbey”, he declared. “Here is to you, a beautiful slave, and here is to your magnificent, expertly whipped tits.”

David held the glass to her lips. She drank the cold wondrous liquid. It was refreshing and laid easy on her tongue. A few drops fell onto her heated breasts. David bent down and licked the champagne from her breasts, and in the process sucked on her clamped nipples. Abbey’s boiling point just went up. Her heated whipped breasts now felt wonderful, and more heat was added to her cunt. She heard David drink from the glass.

“Yes”, he said with a lust filled voice, “You have come a long way. You are magnificent. I have something I want you to take care of.”

David Rayne kept his arm around Abbey, put the champagne glass in a glass holder in the door of the car, and kissed her, again. She returned his kiss as he cupped her breasts. He then lifted her up and placing her on her knees on the floor of the limousine, between his legs. Unzipping his trousers, his rigid cock sprang from it’s confines. As David’s erection exited his trousers, its purple head bumped Abbey on the chin. She knew what was expected of her. David encouraged her by grasping the nipple clamp chain, and tugging on it, urging her to do her best with his cock Right now, she was so aroused that she welcomed David’s cock to her mouth. She only wished someone would fuck her and give her a climax.

Taking David Rayne’s cock into her mouth, she worried it like a terrier dog. Very soon, David was moaning and his cock was pulsating in her mouth. A few more seconds and he was groaning deeply as his cock exploded in her mouth. Abbey struggled, and was able to swallow of all his issue. As she knelt there, sucking David’s cock dry, she realized that the limo had stopped. She heard the back door of the limousine open and felt the cool outside air on her naked body. Sensed that someone got into the car and was sitting next to David Rayne. She heard David take another drink of champagne.

“Abbey”, David spoke. “Charles, my driver is sitting next to me. His cock is massive, and aching. Seeing you has caused him to have a rigid hard on. Since it is your fault, I want you to move over and kneel between his legs, and suck his cock. I want you to remove the ache from his cock, make him feel better.”

Abbey did as she was told, and soon Charles was enjoying the sweet pleasures of her sweet submissive mouth. In a minute or two, however, Charles stopped her, and pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Mr. Rayne”, Charles spoke, “I’ve just got to fuck this lady, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not”, was David Rayne’s reply. “Let me move over to the jump seat, and you can lay her on this rear seat. Don’t let her have a climax.”

Charles smiled, “you got it.”

Abbey, still kneeling on the limousine floor, and already aroused from sucking David’s cock, pleaded with him. “Please…, Sir…, please, if you fuck me, please let me have a cum. I’m so aroused I think I will lose my mind.’

David Rayne grabbed her hair and pulled the blindfolded Abbey’s face up to him. With his right hand he vigorously slapped her right breast. Just a quickly, he slapped the left breast, only harder. He slapped each breast four times. Abbey was gasping with pain.

“Slave! You know better than that! You know your pleasure is not critical. Charles wants to fuck you, and fuck you he shall. Now I have told him NOT to give you a climax. Now, shut up and get up here on the seat, and spread you legs for his cock. Don’t open your mouth again, except to take a cock in it! You better not have a cum without my permission.”

Charles did fuck her on the limousine seat, and he did have a magnificent cum. Abbey was not allowed such pleasure. By the time Charles was finished with her, she was quietly sobbing from sexual frustration. A few tears escaped her blindfold.

Soon the limo was back on the road. She was seated next to David Rayne. She was still naked, still bound, and still very much aroused. It seemed to her that everybody was requiring her to satisfy them, and yet they were intent to leave her miserably aroused, with no relief. After she had sucked Charles cock, she had begged both Charles and David to let her cum. Both declined her pleading. It did not help that David continued to share his champagne with her. The alcohol only helped to inflamed her passions.

“Abbey, I want you to steady yourself. I am going to remove the nipple clamps from your tits. You know they hurt worse coming off than going on.”

Abbey bit her pretty lip, “Yessir, I know.”

David Rayne pulled the clamp from her right nipple, quickly followed by the clamp in the left nipple. The pain was tremendous. She squirmed and groaned loudly. The burning pain in her nipples was transmitted to her cunt. David began to massage both breasts, finally easing the pain, and making her breasts feel good, arousing her to an even higher level.

There were tears of frustration in her blindfolded eyes. Not only did she crave sexual release, she was also humiliated. She had begged two strangers to satisfy her, yet both declined. She wondered what was going to happen to her. She was beginning to wonder if David Rayne might even take her prisoner and not take her home to Jim. All she could do was to sit and ride as best she could. From time to time David would play with her breasts or pussy, all of which kept her aroused.

“Sir”, Abbey spoke as she rode next to David Rayne. “May I ask a question, please?”

“Yes, you may.”

Abbey was silent for a moment. “Sir, will I ever see my husband again?”

David smiled and answered, “Why do you ask that?”

A tear ran from Abbey’s blindfolded eyes, “I just love him so much, and I want him so much. I know I am a slave, and I will surrender to you, but I was in hopes that he still loved me…” Abbey fell silent. She did not know what else to say.

“Well”, David replied as he fondled her breasts, “I am sure, eventually, you will see him. For right now, however, you are mine to do as I wish.”

David slapped her breasts several times. They bounced and jiggled, deliciously. “For right now”, he continued, “You are mine, so no more questions.”

A subdued Abbey whispered her reply, “Yessir.”

After a long ride, she sensed that the limo was now on city streets, as opposed to being on a highway. Soon she felt the car turn into a driveway, and into a garage. Since she had been denied clothing for her travels, she was glad the limo was in a garage so she could not be seen. Then again, whose garage was it, and what was going to happen to her?

After the car was stopped and the engine turned off, David and the driver helped her out of the limo. She was lead by her leash from the garage and into a house. Abbey stumbled, but even with her wrists and arms bound behind her, she caught herself. She pulled back on the leash, seemingly to resist. David jerked her leash, pulling her to him. His left hand grasped her exposed nipple. He twisted it cruelly. Abbey gasped in pain.

“Slave”, David spoke sharply. “I hope you are not resisting. I’ll pull the nipples off your tits. Now stand up, and do what I tell you!”

Abbey apologized, and begged forgiveness. David answered by slapping both of her breasts. Jerking on her leash he lead her into this strange house. She was lead down a flight of stairs, into a basement. It had the same feel as the basement of the Krueger house. Once again, she was to be a prisoner, hidden from the public, and held incommunicado. She was being held in another basement while no one in the outside world knew she was there. Strangely enough though, it scared her, and aroused her.

David stopped Abbey, and pulled her to his chest. He hugged her and kissed her while squeezing her sensitive breasts. She returned his kiss because she knew it was expected, and because she was still very much aroused.

“Abbey, we have reached our destination. I am going to remove your blindfold, and introduce you to someone”, David said.

Abbey’s pussy ached as she thought, ’Someone else to torment me and use me.’

Abbey replied to David, “Thank you, Sir.”

Her blindfold was removed. She blinked her eyes to adjust them to the light. In her line of vision, she saw that she was in another orgy room, not unlike the basement at the Krueger house. It was a well equipped torture and orgy room. Also, she observed another woman. This woman was a raven haired beauty with a great body. She too was naked, wearing only high heel shoes. Her wrists was tied, and pulled high above her head. She was gagged and her body showed signs of having been whipped recently. David Rayne walked her over to the bound and whipped woman.

“Abbey, I want you to meet my wife, Carol. She is a slave much like you, and is here in the custody of another master. She is a graduate of Haus Krueger. Like you, she has been extensively trained by Alex Krueger. In fact, in the fall she will return to Krueger‘s for a refresher course. Who knows, perhaps you will be sent back there with her.”

Abbey smiled at Carol. David’s wife nodded her head to Abbey. Her gagged mouth prevented a smile or words of any type. Abbey wondered if she was going to be made to suck this woman’s pussy.

“Now, I want you to meet this other master to whom I have trusted my wife.”

David turned her around, and to her shock, there stood her smiling husband, Jim. David dropped her leash, she turned and ran to Jim. He embraced her, kissing her frantically while his hands explored her body. He made no attempt to release her wrists and arms, just kept kissing and hugging her. It is obvious that he wanted her to remain bound. She was home, home to be her husband’s complete naked abject sex slave. She was where she wanted to be. Life was good!

* * *

Well, you have it. Abbey is home. Yes, I had been tormenting David Rayne’s wife. We have decided that each man should have access to each other’s slave/wife. The future looks bright, and very exciting. Yes, I am seriously considering sending Abbey back to Krueger’s place with Carol Rayne. It will be good training and conditioning.

While Abbey was gone, I had my basement renovated into a fine dungeon and orgy room, much like the one at Krueger’s house. It is smaller, but very well equipped.

I was glad to have Abbey back. Yes, I do love her, very much. But, now she is a total sex slave, and more woman than any man could imagine. Oh, yes, I will send her back to Krueger’s for a refreshing of her training. It will be good for her, and remind her that she is a slave. Understand, however, she is my slave, and I will never let her go. I love this woman, and I also own her. It doesn’t get much better than that. I am very glad to have her back home.

Oh, yes, in case you wondered, both David Rayne and myself fucked Abbey that night. Carol was fucked, also. We even required Carol to lick Abbey’s pussy. Likewise, she was made to suck Carol’s cunt We made both slaves cum several times. We lost count of their climax’s. I know Abbey had at least ten cums.

Abbey is home, lying in the bed next to me. She is sleeping. I have pulled the covers from her body and can see what a magnificent creature she is. Her hands are locked behind her back in wrist cuffs. She tells me that she is very used to being bound while sleeping. She is lying on her side, with her back to me. I move close to her and put my arms around her. I gently grasp her breasts My cock is rigid and is slipping between her legs. Her magnificent ass is pressing against my belly. I am sure that in a few minutes Abbey will be awakened by my cock moving in her sweet cunt. Yeah, life is really good!