by AJ

As Abbey was nearing the end of her stay at Krueger’s, she was introduced to more things that a sex slave is expected to do. On this particular morning, as usual, Girard came to retrieve her from her cell. He locked her wrists behind her back, and attached the leash to her collar. As was expected, she dropped to her knees and filled her obligations by sucking Girard’s cock to a fine climax. Even though she had no choice but to suck his cock, in many ways she enjoyed having a rigid, throbbing cock in her mouth.

Girard took her into a small private reading room, just off Krueger’s bedroom. The heels of her red high heel pumps clicked as she walked across the parquet wood floor. In the reading room, she found Krueger and his son Hans. Both men were seated in comfortable overstuffed chairs. A small velvet pillow was placed on the floor in front of the chair where Hans was seated. Hans’ robe was open and his semi-erect cock was visible. Krueger was the first to speak.

“Good Morning Abbey. How were you this morning?”

Abbey bowed her head, and replied, “I’m fine sir.”

“Very good”, answered Krueger. “This morning is going to be a little different. I intend to take your slavery to a little higher level. I want you to kneel between Hans’ legs”

Abbey did so. She knelt there, her knees on the soft velvet pillow, with her hands locked behind her back. Her breasts swayed delightfully as she shifted her knees to a comfortable position. Consistent with her training, she made sure her knees were spread, making her cunt available. Han’s now rigid cock was directly in front of her face. The young man had a magnificent cock. She was sure he could feel her warm breath on his manhood. His cock throbbed as she looked at it. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of this throbbing phallus.

“Abbey, here is your assignment”, Krueger said as Girard unlocked her wrists, freeing her arms and hands.

“You are going to learn to arouse a master, and keep him aroused, with a hard cock, for a seemingly endless time, until he is ready to cum. You will use both your hands and mouth for this exercise. You are to arouse him, keep him aroused on the edge of a cum, yet to not make him cum until he is ready. He may require you to do this for only a few minutes, or maybe for a hour or so, especially if he is watching a porn movie while you are working on his cock.”

“This will require to you closely watch his face, and feel the movements of his cock. If you make him cum too soon, you will be punished, severely. If you don’t keep his arousal level high, then he might want to punish you, also. When he decides to cum, assuming he does not want to fuck you, then you will always suck his cock, making him cum in your mouth. Do you understand what is expected of you?”

Abbey replied, “Yes sir, I’ll do my best.”

Krueger continued, “Very good. Now take Hans’ cock into your right hand, cradling his balls in your left hand. You are to stroke him, massage his balls, kiss and lick his cock, suck his cock, and any other form of sexual pleasure for him, to keep him hard, aroused, close to a cum, yet to not make him cum until he is ready”

Krueger smiled as Hans sat there with a look of anticipation on his face. “Now, Abbey, here is the caveat. If you do make him cum, before he is ready, you will be punished. If he is watching a porn movie, for example, he is engrossed in what he is seeing, and could easily lose control and cum because of what you are doing. This must not happen. He will not warn you that he is about to cum. That is for you to do. You will monitor him, and make sure he stays aroused, and yet he will not cum unless he is ready.”

“Now, I warn you, Hans has not had a climax for a couple of days. His cock is aching to cum. If you fail, and make him cum prematurely, that little sweet cunt of yours will be punished.”

Abbey nodded her head. She turned to face Hans and his now erect cock. He had a rather sardonic smile on his face, which betrayed a high degree of lust, and significant cruelty.

“Now, take his cock and balls in your hands, and lets see how you do. Let’s see if you can avoid being punished.”

Abbey reached forward and grasped Hans’ cock. Her delicate left hand softly cradled his balls. She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock as she started to gently stroke his throbbing member.

Abbey then heard someone else entering the room. Krueger had sat down on the easy chair next to Hans and had opened his robe. His cock was erect. Abbey looked back toward the door, and saw Girard leading Caron into the room. In few moments, Caron was kneeling between Krueger’s legs, tending to him in much the same was she was ministering to Hans.

Krueger picked up a television remote control unit and turn on a rather large digital television screen, located on the wall behind Abbey and Caron. From the sounds of the movie being shown, she could tell it was a porn movie. In particular, it was a porn movie involving sexual slavery, bondage, and discipline. Abbey knew her task would be difficult.

As the movie played, Hans and his father made comments about the action, and how Abbey and Caron were doing with their respective cocks. Both men were excited. Hans seemed to be having the most difficulty controlling himself. His voice would quicken and his cock would throb. Abbey was constantly monitoring him to make sure he did not cum before he wanted. His cock was hard, hot and heavy. She enjoyed playing with his cock and balls, but was afraid to enjoy it too much, as he might cum and she would be punished.

Abbey continued to stroke, kiss and lick Hans’ cock. She would take it into her mouth, delicately, so as not to over stimulate Hans. She let her sweet tongue tease the tip of his cock as she gently squeezed his cum heavy balls. As she did so, she could look over and see Caron working on Krueger’s cock. It was obvious she was learning her lessons well. Her soon-to-be husband should be very happy with her progress.

The S & M porn movie had been playing for about forty five minutes. There were times when Hans was nearly beside himself. His aching cock wanted to cum, but Abbey was watching carefully, doing her job. She had Hans’ cock in her mouth as she was gently stroking him she heard Krueger speak to Caron.

“Caron, my sweet slave, I have had enough, suck me to a cum, and make sure you catch every drop, and swallow it all”

Caron smiled and replied, “Yes sir, thank you sir.”

Caron quickened her pace with her stroking hand as she started to work her pretty mouth up and down on Krueger’s cock. In just a matter of about 30 seconds he was cumming. His body was bucking as his cock blasted steaming hot cum into her mouth. Caron kept her mouth glued to Krueger’s cock, taking all of his issue. Abbey was fascinated by what was happening between Caron and Alex Krueger.

As Abbey was watching Caron make a very aroused Alex Krueger cum, she suddenly heard Hans groan, “OH GOD! I CUMMING!” Startled, Abbey quickly turned her head to Hans’s cock, just in time to see a massive jet of cum rocket from his rigid phallus. As quickly as she could, she put her mouth over the erupting cock tip, in an attempt to catch the escaping jism. Just as she did, she felt herself being grabbed from behind. She was jerked away from Hans and his boiling cock. She heard Girard’s angry voice.

“CUNT! Now you done it! You disobeyed, and look at the mess you have made! Hans was not ready to cum, yet you allowed it. You are in trouble!”

As Girard was scolding her, he was locking her wrists behind her back. Quickly he produced long piece of rope which he wrapped tightly around her elbows. Girard was savage and cruel. He pulled the rope tight, forcing her elbows tightly together behind her back. She had never had her elbows tied that tight. Girard wrapped the rope tightly around her elbows several times, and tied it off. The stress on her shoulders and arms was tremendous.

“Now, Cunt,” Girard ordered, “Clean up the mess you made. Lick up all the cum you spilled on Hans. Get to it now!” He shoved her to her knees.

As quickly a she could, she did as ordered. Where ever she saw a drop or streak of cum, she quickly licked it up. She then took Hans’ cock in her mouth and sucked it until it was dry. Once this was accomplished Girard jerked her to her feet.

Scared, Abbey stood there, trying to apologized for her mistake. Girard would hear none of it. He produce a rather large penis gag and stuffed it into her mouth, locking it’s holding strap tightly behind her head. This locked the gag deeply in her mouth, nearly causing her to choke on it.

“Shut up, slave. I don’t want to hear your whining. You know the rules, and you disobeyed them. Now a price must be paid!”

Girard jerked on her collar, pulling her from the reading room, and down to the basement dungeon area. In the corner of the dungeon/orgy room was a piece of equipment that had never been used on her. She had no understanding of it use, until now.

This piece of equipment looked much like a dog house, with a pitched roof. In fact, it was a tool for the punishment of a cunt, a pussy if you will. It is commonly called a “horse”. The victim is made to sit astride this device, like you would sit on a horse. The top ridge of the “roof” fits neatly into the pussy crevice. When the penitent’s legs are tied, pulled down and tied to rings in the floor, her total weight in on her pussy, being “cut” by the top of the “horse”. Her legs are not available to take the pressure off the punished cunt.

Girard quickly walked Abbey over to the “horse”, where he picked her up, and mounted her on the sharp top of the “roof’ or ridge of the “horse“. Abbey immediately felt the sharp ridge digging into her tender pussy. Her feet could not touch the floor. In fact, her feet were about twelve inches above the floor. There was no way to ease the pressure on her pussy. Before she knew it, Girard had tied ropes to her ankle cuffs, and pulled her legs toward rings mounted in the floor. The pulling on her legs made the pressure on her soft cunt even more pronounced. Her pussy was beginning to ache. There was no way she could ease the pain.

Now, Girard added a complication to Abbey’s situation. He connected a rope to her wrist cuffs, and running the rope through a pulley in the ceiling, he pulled her bound wrists and arms up behind her back, causing her to bend forward. As he pulled her arms and wrists up, she realized that this new strained bent over position was now putting pressure on her clit. Her weight was now on her pussy, and her clit. Girard tied the rope off, leaving her in the strained bound position. Abbey could not move, or escape her torment.

Bent over as she was, her magnificent breasts were hanging slightly, and delightfully. Girard had plans for them. He grabbed a length of rope and proceeded to tie it tightly around the base of her left breast, causing it to balloon on her chest. Once this rope was tied off, he quickly bound the other breast. The compression of her breasts was uncomfortable. Girard then retrieved a medium weighted flogger from the wall rack, and approached Abbey, while flourishing the whip in the air.

“Slave”, Girard spoke sharply. “You have disobeyed. You are to be punished. Next time, you had better watch what you are doing, and treat a master’s cock accordingly.”

All Abbey could do was quietly whimper behind her gag. Girard reached out and grasped her restrained breasts. He stroked them, and teased her nipples. He gently slapped them, making them quiver. The whip came next.

Girard brought the whip up, and swung down in an arc, striking her left breast. It jerked and bounced with the blow from the whip, and jiggled back into its original hanging position. Before she could grasp what was happening, Girard struck her right breast. Now he was whipping her breasts in earnest. In a matter of seconds, Abbey was sobbing into her gag. She tried to beg for mercy, but her gag prevented that. Her breasts were on fire, and her aching cunt was almost more than she could stand. The whipping continued.

In a few minutes the whipping stopped. She could see her bound breasts. They were bright pink to purple from the torture she had just endured. Her cunt was beginning to scream in pain. Tears ran down her pretty cheeks as she sobbed from the whipping and pussy torment

Girard hung the whip back on it’s hook, and looked back at the suffering Abbey.

“Slave Cunt, I am going to leave you for a while, to think about what you have done. I’ll be back. Don’t go away, OK?”

The cruel joke was on Abbey. She was sobbing, her breasts ached, and her pussy was killing her. She held as still as best she could, but the pain was still very significant. Her tears fell on the ”horse”, and trickled down her bound legs.

It seemed to be hours before Girard returned. With him was Krueger, Hans and Klaus. Hans had Caron with him. She was still wearing her high heel shoes, with her wrists locked behind her back. On his instructions, she knelt beside him. Each of the men took their own time to examine Abbey, to see how she was being punished, and to see her suffering. She was magnificent in her pain. She could tell that each man had a massive erection as they examined her.

Alex Krueger spoke first. “Girard, I complement you on your punishment techniques. It seems that you have placed Abbey in a proper position to consider the error of her ways, and gave her time to reflect on how she will perform next time.”

“Thank you”, Girard replied. “Abbey has all the elements to make a good slave. Its just that she has to concentrate on what she must do. I think she is easily distracted. We are here to help her.”

Girard walked over to where Abbey was being tortured. He grasped her delightfully hanging bound breasts, and fondled them. Abbey just remained as still as she could. Her pussy was screaming at her.

“Well, Abby. Here you are. You have had time to consider your shortcomings. Do you think you can do a better job of “cock massaging” next time?”

Abbey, painfully, looked up at Girard and Krueger, with tears in her eyes, nodded her head in the affirmative.

Krueger spoke to Girard. “Well, I am willing to take her word for it. Let her down, and lets see how well she does.”

Girard lowered her arms, easing the strain on her shoulders. Next he released the ropes on her ankles, which were pulling her down on to the sharp ridge of the “horse”. Krueger and Girard both lifted her from the “horse”, and stood her up on her feet. It seemed the pain in her pussy was greater when being lifted off the “horse”, than when she was mounted on it. She was moaning loudly into her gag.

Abbey was still wearing her red high heel pumps. She was weakened by her torment, and was a little shaky on her feet. Girard helped her stand and to get her strength back. The whole time he was bracing her, he was fondling her bound breasts. Krueger released her elbows and wrists.

“Abbey”,Krueger addressed her, “Your hands are free, but you are not to touch your cunt. The pain will go away, but you are not to touch or rub your pussy. Do you understand?”

Abbey, still gagged, nodded her head. She was just glad to be off the “horse”. She had never experienced so much concentrated pain. Her breasts were still constricted. She had learned her lesson. She would concentrate to be the best sex slave that ever was.

Krueger spoke again. “Abbey, if you will notice, Klaus sitting in the chair in front of you. His cock is ready for you. Go to him, and lets see if you can learn from your mistake.”

A little unsteady on her feet, Abbey walked to where Klaus was seated. Carefully, she knelt between he legs, facing his erect cock. Her pussy was coming back alive after it painful tenure on the “horse”. As unbelievable is it seemed, as the pain faded from her cunt, she was becoming aroused. The pain was replaced by a sexual heat. Abbey was amazed at how her body responded to mistreatment. ‘God‘, she thought. ‘I’m hopeless. I am a slave. I cannot deny it. I am a sex slave!’

Klaus reached forward and removed the penis gag from her mouth. It took a few seconds for Abbey to exercise her jaws, which had been distended by the large penis gag. As she was moving her mouth and jaw, her delicate hands were already working on Klaus’ cock. With a smile on his face, Klaus settled back in his comfortable chair to enjoy Abbey’s attention to his throbbing cock. As she was ministering to Klaus and his cock, Girard removed the ropes from her breasts. The increased blood flow caused her breasts to ache even more, reminding her to concentrate and do a good job on Klaus.

In the meantime, Hans had taken Caron to one of the beds in the orgy room. He had her lie down on the bed, on her back, and was fucking her. Her head was at the edge of the mattress, hanging off the bed . Girard was standing next to the bed, with his cock working in and out of Caron’s mouth. Abbey deliberately ignored what was happening on the other side of the room, and concentrated fully on Klaus’ cock, and her efforts to keep him aroused and erect for as long as he wished. After turning on a television set so Klaus could watch a S & M porn movie, Krueger left the room to attend to other duties.

The movie lasted for about an hour. The whole time Abbey kept Klaus on the verge of a climax, but never allowed him to cum until the movie was over. As the film was ending, Klaus, with his face congested with lust, told her to stop working on his cock. He next ordered her to get up on the chair with him, facing him, with her legs spread on either side of his thighs. On his instructions, she lowered herself onto his cock. Abbey was aroused, and her cunt was soaking in her heated pussy juices. Quickly his cock became lubricated by her juices. His cock felt good to her.

After a minute or two, he ordered her to raise herself off his cock, and to turn around on him, placing her sweet little asshole over his cock. Once she was in position, he required her to lower herself, impaling her ass on his cock. This she did with a little difficulty. Finally, his cock was buried in her ass.

On Klaus’ orders, she started to move up and down on his cock. He was so overheated by the hour’s worth of manipulation of his member, in just a minute or two his cock exploded in a massive climax. He filled her ass with steaming hot cum. It seemed that his climax would last forever. When he finally finished, he collapsed back into the easy chair, with his cock still buried in Abbey’s ass. Klaus pulled her back to his chest so he could reach around her and play with her breasts. Finally, she could feel it receding. In a few minutes, she eased herself off Klaus. Retrieving wet towels, she cleaned his spent cock. After doing so she was allowed go to the bathroom in her cell to clean herself.

As Abbey was taking care of herself, she realized that she was still very aroused. Her pussy was steaming hot, and had not been fucked. Again, she was being denied a climax. She wanted desperately to use her hand to satisfy herself, but dared not.

A frustrated Abbey left her room and returned to the orgy room. Hans and Girard were just finishing with Caron. Klaus was still recovering in his chair. Alex Krueger approached her. He made her turn around so he could lock her wrists behind her back. Next, he turned her around to face him as he spoke to her.

“Abbey, I am proud of you. You have come along was since you entered my home. You are an excellent slave. Your husband will be very proud of you. Tonight, you will sleep in my bed, and pleasure me. This is you last night in Haus Krueger. Tomorrow is your graduation day, but tonight, I am going to enjoy you.”

Abbey was dumbfounded. She was so used to her life at Krueger’s, she had forgotten that she had been there for over three weeks. She gathered her wits and dropped to her knees and started excitedly kissing and sucking Alex’ cock. She wanted to show him how excited she was that he was pleased with her, and would allow her to go home. This was the only way she knew that she could please him. She was truly a sex slave. Krueger bent down and lifted her back to her feet. He kissed her and said.

“Enough of that now. I have things to do. You are to go back to your cell, and you will have tonight to show me how much you appreciate your time here.”