Abbey’s first morning under the care and training of Alex Krueger had been more than she anticipated. She would have never believed that she could have a climax from being pussy whipped, and she would have never believed that she would enjoy the mouth, tongue and touch of another woman. Her morning had been nothing but hot blazing sexual pleasure. Her afternoon was to be different.

Shortly after lunch, Abbey was taken back to her cell were she was given an enema. After completing this embarrassing routine, her hands were again locked behind her back. As with her morning bondage routine, again her bound wrists and hands were pulled up between her shoulder blades and locked to the back of her collar. This was a stringent bondage position. It also signaled that things were going to happen to her, and her tormentors did not want her to be in a position to interfere with her torment. As soon as her arms and hands were securely out of the way, Girard gagged her. He used a penis gag. This is a devilish device. It is a black plastic dildo, the size of an erect cock, mounted on a leather strap. The plastic cock is inserted in the slave’s mouth. The strap is wrapped around the slave’s head and buckled, tightly, effectively locking this plastic cock deep in the slave’s mouth. It is a stringent gag, filling her mouth, and very effective.

Girard took custody of her, and walked her out into the orgy room. There she was required to kneel on the floor at the end of a coffee table. After requiring her to bend over onto the table, Girard tied her in position. Abbey was afraid.

Slave, here’s what’s going to happen now. Your husband has indicated that he wants your ass to be opened so it can be used in the future. While he does not particularly enjoy ass fucking, he knows others do. So he wants you to be open so others can use you rear passage when they want to.”

Abbey wanted to protest, plead for mercy, but her gag denied her that communication. She could only wait and see, and experience what Girard was going to do to her. She never felt so helpless in her life. Abbey looked over her shoulder and watched as Girard produced a “butt plug” from a drawer under the coffee table. It was not the largest “butt plug” she had ever seen but it was not insignificant. It was flesh colored with sculpted end. The designed meant that once it had been inserted in to her ass, it would not come out of its own volition. As long as her wrists were locked high behind her back, she would not be able to expel it. It would remain firmly in place, in her rectum, until it was removed by another person, or her hands were released. Girard was using KY jelly to lubricate this butt plug. After doing so, he squeezed a dollop of the slippery stuff on his large finger. He then spread some on her little ass “button” and inserted his finger in her. Working his finger in her ass, he loosened her up a bit. Next came the butt plug. Girard eased it in, until it was firmly lodged in her. It was not terribly uncomfortable, but she definitely knew it was there.

Abbey was then released from the coffee table, and made to stand up. She could feel this new invader of her body. Girard made her walk around the room several times. With every step she took, she could feel the butt plug working in her ass. After a few minutes, it began to feel relatively more comfortable, even arousing. She supposed the thought of her ass being invaded while she was helpless to object was a part of it. Another sexual predicament that was being imposed on her, and she could not object. That in itself was arousing to her. To her chagrin, Abbey had to admit to herself that she definitely had a slave mentality. Even if she wanted to object, her body was betraying her and her libido was on the rise.

She was made to wear the butt plug for five days. Each morning she was required to give herself and enema, and then the butt plug was inserted. It was removed from time to time for necessary bodily functions, and at night. Each day, the size of the butt plug increased, until on the fifth day, the plug was the size of Krueger’s cock, which was considerable. During this time, when she was fucked, the butt plug seemed to make it more intense.

The fifth day found her on her knees sucking Krueger’s cock. Being fucked, sucking someone’s cock, and the ever present torments and whippings seemed to be a way of life. Living without these things would never have occurred to her now. She was having a hard time remembering what it was like not being sexually used and abused on a daily basis, for that matter, hourly.

On this particular day, her hands were not bound. As she sucked Krueger’s cock, she was stoking it with her right hand while her left had was cradling and massaging his balls.

You are a fantastic slave, Abbey,” said Krueger, “you are learning your trade. You are becoming an excellent cock sucker. You husband will be very proud of you.”

Abbey continued sucking, but nodded her head to let Krueger know she appreciated his compliment.

Abbey,” he continued, “take my cock from you mouth, and kneel at the coffee table.”

Abbey knelt at the coffee table, with her face and tits pressed down on the top of the table. Instinctively, she moved her hands behind her back, expecting to be bound. She stayed in that position as Alex Krueger knelt behind her. Using steel police-type handcuffs, he imprisoned her wrists and arms behind her. Next she could feel him parting her ass cheeks, and fumbling with the butt plug. Krueger pulled the butt plug from her beautiful ass.

He let Abbey absorb the removal of the butt plug, then he slowly eased his cock into her cunt and began fucking her. Since she had not been allowed to have a climax all day, she was aroused. Krueger’s cock felt good. His fucking of her was rhythmic, and not as vigorous as he normally was. This was fucking was gentle, designed to arouse her. About the time when she thought he might let her have a climax, he pulled his soaking cock from her pussy.

Abbey wanted to scream with frustration. Her pussy ached. She wanted to cum, wanted to be fucked. She was so aroused and frustrated that it was all she could to hold her tears. Almost instantly, however, she felt his cock touching the little brown bud of her ass. His cock was lubricated with her pussy juices, and her ass was moistened by the KY jelly that had been used on the butt plug. With a concerted effort, Krueger’s cock invaded her ass. There was discomfort, but the pain was not too bad, not as bad as she had expected. Her cuffed hands were in tight little fists as she anticipated severe pain that never came.

Krueger commenced to fuck her ass. Her ass tightened around his cock. Even though she had been opened with butt plugs, she was tight, putting delightful pressure on his rigid cock. Her ass felt good to him. As he was fucking her, he was rummaging through her pussy, and teasing her clit. In a minute or two, the ass fucking took on another element. It was feeling good. With the movement of his cock, and the fondling of her pussy, she had a climax in a few minutes. Krueger kept fucking her, and she was on her way to another climax when he came in her ass. She could feel the hot cum filling her rear passage. Krueger leaned down on her and hugged her as he came down from his orgasmic high. Abbey reasoned that she far preferred a cock in her pussy, but, ass fucking was not bad, not too bad at all. Kruger released her and let her go clean herself after her initiation to being fucked in the ass. Another step had been taken to complete her slave training. It seemed that every step brought new torments, newly acquired sexually talents, new revelations, and new delights. She never knew a woman could be so sexually aware, and aroused, nearly constantly. She was surprised that she could manage while being bound all the time. She took her helplessness as a way of life. She was to have a surprise in her training regimen. On day six of her imprisonment in the House of Krueger, things became more complicated and her slave resolve was tested.

She had been fed an early dinner, and was returned to her cell with instructions to give herself an enema, and do her hair and makeup in a high fashion style. When she was through, her raven hair hung to her shoulders. Her makeup accentuated her blue eyes. Her full lips were delightfully red. Abbey even used a little of her lipstick to make her nipples a little brighter hue of pink.

She was wearing her collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, and a pair of black patent leather high heel pumps. She wondered what was going to happen. It seemed that she was being prepared for another sexual event. This filled her with both trepidation and excitement. She resolved that there was not much she could to about the situation, so she waited to see what was going to happen. In her heart, she wished this ordeal was over and that she could be returned to her husband. She missed Jim and their cloistered life. She loved him and hoped that he still loved her. She closed her eyes and thought of him as her left hand caressed her breasts and her right hand moved down to her moist pussy. She was careful not to give herself a climax as she knew Krueger could see her on closed circuit television.

At about 7:30 P.M., Girard came down to her cell. He locked her wrists behind her back, with her bound wrists resting on her silky ass. He attached a leather leash to her collar. She was taken upstairs to the library of the house. This is the place where she was first turned over to Alex Krueger. As she entered the room, she saw three men. Alex Krueger was there, seated in an easy chair. On the floor, kneeling beside his chair was Caron. She was naked, with her hands bound behind her back. Her black leather heels matched the black leather collar around her neck. Krueger was holding the end of the leash of the collar on Caron’s neck in one hand while with his other hand he was fondling her breasts. Caron smiled, but was silent as Abbey entered the room.

Seated on the couch next to Alex Krueger were two younger men. Both of the younger men were dressed in black silk robes, similar to the ones that Krueger and Girard wore. The men were seated, having a drink. They were relaxed and the robes worn by the young men were open. They were naked beneath the robes, and their semi-erect cocks were visible.

Abbey, welcome to our little group,” Alex greeted. “I want you to meet two special people. First is my son, Hans, and his college friend, Klaus.”

Abbey bowed her head slightly, and replied submissively, “I am pleased to meet you, Sirs.”

She stood there, naked except for her bonds and high heel shoes. She could feel the hot eyes of Hans and Klaus looking at her. She looked down at their crotches, and saw that their cocks were rapidly becoming rigid and erect. She was already guessing that she was to be the entertainment for these young men, just barely in their 20’s. Even though she was older by some 15 years, the look on their faces told her of their lust for her.

Come, Abbey,” Alex ordered, “come close to Hans, so he can inspect you. You are to obey him and Klaus completely, as you do me.”

Hans leaned forward as Abbey stood in front of his chair. His cock was now very hard, and almost as large as his father’s cock.

Abbey, that’s a pretty name, for a pretty slave,” Hans said. “Come closer and offer me your tits.”

Abbey leaned forward, allowing her magnificent breasts to hang down as an offering to Hans. He reached up and grasped both her breasts. He kneaded them as he would bread dough. He pinched and twisted her nipples. When he was through examining her breasts, he had her step closer so he could rummage through her cunt. She stepped closer and spread her legs as in finger invaded her pussy. This he did in great detail, leaving her aroused and breathless. Finally, after running his hands over her legs and thighs, he inspected her silky ass. Even though she was humiliated about being displayed like this, she was nevertheless aroused by the attention being paid to her body.

Dad, she is really hot. I love the whip marks on her tits and ass. How long has she been here?” Hans questioned.

This is her first week.” Krueger answered. “Her husband has sent her here to be trained. She has over a week or more to go, if she learns her lessons well enough. Any problems, however, she will be kept here much longer. I want you and Klaus to have your way with her tonight; or for that matter as long as you are here. You know the rules around here for the treatment of slaves. Anything is possible with her. You can bind and hurt her, just don’t injure her.”

While Alex and Hans were talking about her, Klaus was inspecting her. He was particularly interested in her ass. In fact, he was finger fucking her ass. Abbey was doing her best to submit as she did not want to displease Alex.

Well, if you don’t mind, Dad,” Hans stated, “I would like to take her down to the basement and enjoy her.”

Krueger smiled, looking at Abbey, and said, “Go, have a good time. Enjoy her to the fullest.”

Hans and Klaus stood up, and took possession of her. Hans led her by her leash down to the basement, while Klaus following behind her. He marveled at her shapely legs and tight, but luscious ass. He was hoping he would have an opportunity to enjoy Abbey’s sweet ass.

Once in the basement, Klaus spoke, “Hans, Man, I can’t believe that a chick this hot is ours to do what we want. Are you sure?”

You heard my Dad. He has been letting me have access to his slaves since I was about eighteen years old. You can do anything you want to her. Tie her, whip her, fuck her, make her suck you, and I know you, even fuck her in her ass. Isn’t that right, Abbey?”

Abbey swallowed hard, and looked at Hans with fear in her eyes, meekly replying, “Y…yy…yesser… that’s right. Please, don’t be too cruel… to me.”

Hans smiled, “Well, Cunt, that is going to depend on you. You had better do your best to make us happy.”

Abbey swallowed hard and nodded her head, “Yessir. I promise to do my best.”

She felt very vulnerable, more so now than she had during her stay with Alex Krueger. By now both Hans and Klaus had removed their robes and were naked, ready to have their way with her.

Let’s get this thing on the road,” Hans told Klaus. “Abbey, come with me.”

Abbey walked over to Hans, and stood before him. He just stood there, stroking his cock, looking at her. He reached out and pulled her to him, with his arm around her waist. He turned her a quarter turn so he had access to both her breasts as he hugged her.

Using he free right hand, he grasped her left breast, commenting, “You know, you have got one hell of a set of tits. They are magnificent. I‘m going to enjoy playing with them.”

Abbey humbly replied, “Thank you… sir. I’m glad you like them.”

Hans continued to maul her breasts, and then raised his hand and slapped her left breast. Quickly, he slapped her right breast. Her magnificent mounds bounced and jiggled in a most delightful way. Hans slapped each breast again. Abbey had closed her eyes and was biting her lower lip as she withstood the assault on her breasts.

Cunt, I want you to raise your tits to me. Push them out as far as you can, so it is easier for me to slap them. Like my Father, I love to slap tits, and I really like slapping yours.” Hans ordered.

Abbey did as she was told, raising her breasts, making them more vulnerable to Hans’ assault on them. He slapped them even harder than before. His rigid cock became even harder as he continued his attack. Klaus just stood there stroking is cock. He had never seen anything so hot in his life. He just could not believe that he and Hans had total sexual control of this beautiful slave/wife, and could do anything they wanted with her. If she objected to anything they wanted to do, they could punish and force her to do their bidding.

By now Abbey was moaning and gritting her teeth, an errant tear running down her soft cheek. David Rayne must have told Alex about the incident when he was slapping her breasts. Now, she was being tested to see how good a slave she really was. She would do anything to keep from calling out. Hans then did something curious. He released Abbey and made her stand there. Tears were running down her cheeks and her breasts were colored pink, evidence of them being slapped.

Now, Slave Cunt, I order you to stand there, with your tits out as far as you can push them. Stand there, and do not move as I slap your tits again. Do you understand?”

Tearfully, Abbey replied, “Yessir, I… understand.” She forced her breasts out as ordered. She wanted to beg him not to be so cruel to her, but knew better.

Hans raised his hand and struck her left breast. Abbey shifted on her feet, but maintained her position. A total of five slaps, hard, on each breast was administered. Abbey was quietly sobbing, but stood as she was told, and never attempted to pull away from what Hans wanted to do to her. Her delicate bound hands clinched and twisted as her tits were being abused. During this entire assault, she kept her breasts pushed out, offering them to Hans.

Wow, Cunt,” Hans exclaimed. “You are one hot slave. My dad has taught you well, and you have learned your lessons.”

Abbey held her silence. She was waiting for what ever else was going to be done to her.

Cunt, come with me. You next project is at hand.” Hans affirmed.

He led her to the middle of the room were the whipping post stood. Quickly, he changed her bondage of her wrists to the front. Her arms were raised and tied tightly to a ring high up on the whipping post. A black leather belt was used to strap her waist tightly to the whipping post.

Now, Klaus, here is how you whip a slave,” Hans instructed, “tie her helplessly. Make it tight so she cannot hurt herself. If she struggles too much, she could injure herself. Do not listen to her cries. She just wants you to stop whipping her. You make that decision. Just don’t injure her, or break her skin. Isn’t that right Abbey?”

Abbey closed her eyes, and haltingly replied, “Y…yes sir… that’s… right.”

Hans had selected his father’s favorite whip, a multi-thong medium weight flogger. Without any hesitation, he brought the whip sharply across her ass. The blow was significant, but Abbey was becoming accustomed to being whipped. The pain was no less, but her ability to absorb and endure these torments had significantly improved. She would not show significant reaction until the whip had struck a few more times.

Hans loved whipping women, especially one as beautiful as Abbey. Her body was magnificent and seemed to be made to bind and whip. His cock was so hard it was uncomfortable. His whip was true and was leaving a tattoo of striations where it landed. He let it drift down to the backs of her thighs. Her legs were things of beauty. Her thighs were a great target for his whip. The fronts of her thighs received their fair share, too. Abbey was doing the “dance of a slave”. She was attempting to avoid the whip, and absorb the pain of the lashes. Her evasion tactics were futile, and she had to experience every bit of pain Hans gave her with his whip. Then he brought the whip up to her abused breasts.

The whipping post was strong, yet narrow. Her breasts protruded on each side of the post, making them an easy target. Hans could not resist attacking this magnificent pair of breasts. His whip struck her left breast. It leaped and jiggled magnificently as it was struck. Its nipple hardened as if begging for another lash. Her right breast was similarly treated. Pink whip marks were beginning to show up there, on top of the marks left from the slapping of her breasts.

Hans was enjoying whipping Abbey. Klaus was inexperienced, yet he was so taken by what was happening that he was stroking he cock as he was watching Abbey’s torment. By now, Abbey was sobbing and screaming. She tried to stifle her screams, but it was just not possible. Finally, Hans stopped whipping her. He handed the whip to Klaus.

Klaus had no experience, and his whipping of her was haphazard. Hans was a master in the vein of is father, but Klaus had a lot to learn. His whip hurt Abbey, but not in the way that Hans did. Hans hurt her, his whip could also excite. When Hans had finished whipping her, he rummaged through her pussy. He found it to be hot, and soaking in pussy juice. She had suffered, but the whipping aroused her.

Hans finally told Klaus that she had been punished enough. Hans walked over to Abbey, and while fondling her breasts and playing with her pussy, kissed her. Abbey, being a good slave, with tears running down her pretty cheeks, returned his kiss.

Now, sweet slave,” Hans addressed her, “are you going to obey us?”

Abbey was still crying, “Y…yy..yesssir. I will obey you, Sir.”

Are you gonna do what we tell you to do?” questioned Hans.

Abbey swallowed hard, and humbly replied, “Yes, yes sir, I’ll do anything you want.”

Excellent,” Hans replied as he stood there, still fondling her whipped breasts and delving into her cunt. “If you mean that, ask Klaus to fuck you in the ass,” he ordered.

Abbey turned her tear streaked face to where she could see Klaus, and asked, “Klaus… sir… please… will you fuck my ass?”

Klaus was not sure how to answer, but said, “Yeah, yeah, sure I’ll fuck your ass. But, you’re going to suck my cock too.”

Abbey looked back at him, tears still staining her cheeks, replying “Yessir… anything you want.”

Hans released her from the whipping post, but quickly locked her wrists behind her back. Abbey stood there, her body still stinging from the whip, could only think that she was always tied up. Everybody wanted her helpless. ‘Perhaps,' she thought, ‘maybe it is for the best. That way there is no question about me submitting to anything anybody wants to do to me.’

Hans walked her over to a couch. He sat down, and ordered her on her knees in front of him. On his orders, she started to suck his throbbing cock. He lay back to enjoy this exquisite pleasure. Abbey was kissing and licking his cock. She took it into the warm softness of her mouth. Her tongue was lashing the sensitive cock head. Hans was moaning as she plied her talents on his throbbing cock. Klaus knelt behind her and was fondling her pussy and breasts. His rigid cock was touching her bound hands. As best she could, she grasped his cock, squeezing and stroking it to the limits of her bondage. Both young men were enchanted with her.

In a few minutes, Hans offered Abbey’s mouth to Klaus. Quickly Klaus got up and sat down on the couch. Abbey, still on her knees, moved over to Klaus and started to suck his cock. Hans watched Abbey. She was very pretty and the sight of a rigid cock in her mouth was a total turn on. She had learned her lessons well and was an excellent cock sucker. Right before Klaus started to cum, Hans stopped Abbey. There was a plan.

Hans ordered her to get upon the couch, putting her knees on either side of his thighs, facing him. He helped her until her pussy was poised directly above his cock. He lowered her onto his rigid cock until it was completely buried in her pussy. Abbey moaned at this phallic invasion. Now she was sitting on his lap, facing him, with his cock buried deep in her pussy. His cock felt good to her. She had been denied satisfaction, and this felt good. She had a hot aching juicy cunt, aching to be fucked. It felt good to Hans. She was going to be a good fuck. He wished she was his slave, instead of her being married to someone else.

Hans pulled Abbey down on his chest, with her breasts being pushed against his body. He kissed her as he moved his cock in her pussy.

Klaus,” Hans said, “now is the time. Let’s sandwich this little slave. While I fuck her cunt you ream her ass.”

Klaus needed no further instructions. He went to the task. He lubricated his cock with KY jelly from the coffee table, and eased his cock into Abbey’s ass. Abbey had never been fucked like this. She could feel both cocks working her. She was excited by the sheer stimulation, but the predicament was terribly exciting. To be bound, and to be taken by two young virile men, and to not have a choice was very exciting. Hans was kissing and mauling her breasts as he and Klaus worked their cocks in her. It was more that she could stand. Within about 30 to 45 seconds she was cumming. He climax came in waves. It would not cease. Waves and waves of scalding cums just kept washing over her. She had never been so aroused in her life. If the truth be told, the whole week, or so, of sex slave training had raised her libido to levels she had never known. All she could think of was satisfying her keepers so she could receive some sort of sexual satisfaction. She was now trying to dream up ways to excite Krueger, Girard, and the new additions to the staff. She reasoned that it would bring them great pleasure, as well as herself. This would mean less cruel punishment and torture, although, she had to admit a lot of that treatment was a turn on.

Both Klaus and Hans were amazed at how hot she was. It wasn’t long before they both were cumming. This slave was a treasure to be enjoyed. They both were consumed by her beauty and eagerness to please. Her husband was one lucky guy.

This orgy went on all night. At one point, Hans and Klaus “gang” fucked her. They took turns fucking her, stopping just before they had a climax. The idea was to see how many times they could make her cum. They lost count, but kept fucking her until they had a climax and were exhausted. Abbey felt like she had been fucked by a truck! Soon all three fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning when Abbey awoke from her exhausted sleep, she discovered she was alone. Hans and Klaus had left and she was in her cell. They had locked the cell door behind them. Amazingly, her hands were not locked behind her. She lay there for a few minutes to get her bearings. She remembered how two young men had ravished her, making her do sexual acts that she had never thought about. In the one week at the House of Krueger, she had changed. Now, her dominate thoughts were not escape, but how to please those who held her as a sex slave and prisoner. While the whippings and torments were painful, and at times cruel, because it was of a sexual nature, it was arousing. As she lay there thinking about her imprisonment time with Krueger, she found her pussy becoming warmer and moister. She slipped her fingers into her tender pussy, and massaged her sensitive clit. When she looked at the whips and restraints on the wall, it turned her on. She also noted that she had been bound for so long, that it felt strange to wake up in bed, and not have her hands bound behind her back.

How she had changed. She wondered if Jim would be pleased by what had happened to her. She hoped so. Abbey got out of bed and walked to a full length mirror on the wall adjacent to her bed. She was afraid to bring herself to a climax with her hand. She knew there were closed circuit cameras watching her, and Alex Krueger might not approve of her satisfying herself and she would be punished. She could see faint whip marks on her body. She ran her fingers over these markings, and the feel of them she found pleasing and erotically exciting. She decided to take a shower and get ready for the day. While taking her shower she realized how sensitive her pussy was. She had been fucked more than she could have ever imagined. Hans and Klaus were insatiable.

Abbey was losing track of time. She only hoped she would be released to her husband before long. She really missed him. Abbey wanted him to see how good a slave she could be. She had not heard from him during her stay at Haus Krueger. She hoped he still loved her.