Enslaving Abbey
by A J

Part Four

The sound of the door opening to Abbey’s “cell” awakened her.  She forgot where she was.  She was startled to find that she was in a strange place.  Quickly she rolled over in the bed, and realized that her wrists were bound behind her back.  Instinctively, she struggled against her bonds while her mind was racing, trying to figure out where she was and why she was naked and bound.  As she struggled to free her wrists, she looked at the door.  When she saw Alex Krueger she remembered where she was, and why she was bound and in a strange bed.  Abbey ceased struggling lay back on the bed, submissively waiting for Alex Krueger to give her an order.  She missed her husband and her home, but she was Alex Krueger’s prisoner, subject to his whims.  She had her apprehensions, but knew of no way to stop or prevent what happening to her.

Alex Krueger smiled, “Good Morning Abbey.  How are you doing this morning?”

He was wearing a short robe, similar to the one he'd worn yesterday.  He was still a commanding figure, and she remembered to respect him and show obedience.

“I’m fine, Sir.  Please, if you don’t mind, I really need to go to the bathroom.”

Alex gave her a thoughtful look, and replied, “Everything in its own good time.  First, you have a job to do.  Sit up on the side of the bed.”

Abbey did so.  Alex moved closer to her, and opened his robe revealing his rapidly rising cock.  His erect manhood was throbbing to match his heart beat.  The hot purple head touched her chin.  Abbey did not need to be told what to do.  She leaned forward, and kissed the tip of his pulsating cock.  After running her tongue over the purple head, she took his cock into her mouth.  She then realized that she was still stimulated from the evening before.  She had been aroused by her husband on her trip to Krueger’s place.  After being turned over to Krueger and his minions, she had been constantly bound, whipped, fondled, made to suck a cock several times, and had been fucked once.  At no time had she been allowed to have a climax.  Her pussy was aching for relief.  She wondered when that would come, and what was going to happen to her.  She realized, also, that she was really missing her husband, Jim.  She had agreed to submit to sexual slave training under the control of Alex Krueger, but she seriously missed being with her husband.

Abbey also realized that she was famished.  She had not eaten since lunchtime yesterday.  Now, in addition to needing to relieve herself, and being sexually frustrated, she was very hungry.  If any of these needs were to be addressed, she felt she had to make sure Alex was satisfied with her obedience, and talent as a sex slave.

About the time she thought Krueger was about to cum, he stopped her.  He pulled away from her, extracting his rigid cock from her mouth.  In a real sense, Krueger had a magnificent cock, and Abbey was beginning to enjoy the feel of it in her mouth.  She wondered what it would be like to be fucked by his massive member.

“Enough, now,” Krueger said, “it's time for you bath.  Come with me.”

Krueger led her into the bathroom attached to her bedroom/cell.  He turned on the water, and while it was heating up, he released the lock connecting her wrists, and removed her leather ankle and wrist cuffs.  He then took off his robe, and ordered her into the shower.  He followed her.  This was the first time since her husband had bound her the day before, that she had the use of her hands and arms.

The shower was large enough for four or five people, so there was plenty of room for Abbey and Krueger.  Krueger handed her a bottle of liquid body soap.

“Abbey, when you are in the shower with your master, it is important that you bathe him.  Be very thorough, and show him pleasure.  Pay particular attention to his cock and balls.  Now”, he ordered, “Bathe me, and make sure I like what is happening.”

She set about bathing Krueger.  Making sure she had plenty of the liquid soap on her hands, she began to cover every inch of his muscular body, making sure he was clean, and using a massaging movement of her hands, making sure he enjoyed his shower.  As she was working on Krueger’s body, she secretly relieved herself in the shower, hoping that he would not know.

She saved her attention to his cock and balls until last.  Using a new amount of soap, she began to “shampoo” his cock and balls.  After she rinsed the soap off, she applied a new hand full.  Again, she worked his cock and balls.  As she rinsed his groin area, she kissed and licked the head of his now rigidly throbbing cock.  As she started to stroke his cock, while holding his balls with her other hand, Krueger stopped her, and pulled her hands above her head.  It was then that she noticed a pair of chrome handcuffs hanging from the ceiling on at chain.  Alex Krueger moved her hands up to the steel cuffs and quickly locked them on her wrists.  Again she was a naked restrained prisoner.  It seemed that nothing was done to her without her being bound or restrained in some way.

Silently, Krueger concentrated on bathing Abbey.  After soaping and rinsing her, he kept fondling her breasts and cunt.  This managed to raise her libido to the “red hot” level.  It was for naught.  About the time she was going to have a climax, Krueger stopped playing with her pussy, and pulled his hand away.  Abbey moaned with sexual frustration.  Oh, God, she wanted to cum!  She twisted in her bonds, rubbing her fine legs together, hoping to achieve some sexual satisfaction.  She wished Krueger would fuck her, or better, she wished that Jim were here to fuck her.  How she missed him.

Krueger turned off the shower water, and released her wrists.  Handing her a towel, as they stepped from the shower, he instructed, “Dry me off with the towel, but you are to use only your lips to remove the water drops from my cock and balls.”

Abbey used the large towel to dry his body, and as ordered, used her mouth to dry his cock and balls.  With a repeated kissing motion, she was thorough and his cock remained rigid, throbbing with his heartbeat as Abbey dried his cock.

When she had dried his body, cock and balls, Krueger said, “OK, I will let you alone for 20 minutes.  You are to fix you hair, and do you makeup in a high style.  Someone will be here to take you to breakfast at that time.  Be ready, or you will be whipped.  If you try to satisfy yourself, you will be severely punished.  Understand?”

Krueger turned and left Abbey’s cell, locking both doors as he did so.  She worked hard and efficiently.  She desperately wanted to use her delicate fingers to bring herself to a climax, but did not dare.  She noticed that there were several video surveillance cameras mounted on the walls of her cell. 

At the appointed time, she was ready, wearing only a pair of red patent leather shoes that had been left for her, along her ankle and wrist cuffs and collar.  These items had been left on her bed.  Small padlocks were left also.  She assumed that meant that she should lock her cuffs and collar on herself, with those locks.  She did so.  The collar was somewhat wider than the one she wore yesterday.  There were four “O” rings mounted at the cardinal points of the collar.  Once locked on, it forced her to hold her head up high, and to stand straight.  When Alex returned, he locked her wrists behind her back again, and attached a leash to her collar.  She followed him as he tugged on her leash, leading her from her cell and the basement.

The kitchen smelled of eggs and bacon.  Her meal had been placed on the table, along with a cup of steaming coffee and some whole wheat toast.  Krueger led her to her chair and instructed her to sit.  She was greeted with yet another surprise.

The chair provided for her was vastly different.  Mounted in the seat of the chair was a large rubber dildo, a rubber cock, if you will.  With her bound arms, it proved a little difficult, but she managed.  Abbey eased herself down on the upraised rubber cock, letting it slip into her steaming cunt.  The cock was very filling as it was quite large.  Being impaled on a rigid rubber dildo did nothing to calm her sexual frustration.  It only caused her pussy to be hotter.  It was then that she noticed that the chair was also equipped with leather “seat belts.”  Krueger buckled the seat belt tightly across her lap, effectively locking her to the chair, and on the dildo.  A small padlock on the buckle of the belt insured that she would not get up from the chair until Krueger was ready for her to get up. 

Her wrists were released, and she was allowed to eat.  She was starved and ate her breakfast with abandon.  As she ate, she was thinking about her predicament.  She had never been free here at Krueger’s house, and had not been allowed sexual gratification.  She could only surmise that this would continue, much to her frustration.  The bondage, and perhaps the torture, she could handle, but being denied gratification was sheer torture, the worst.

When she finished her breakfast, Girard came into the kitchen to get her.  Before releasing her from her chair, he again locked her wrists behind her back.  There was an added dimension, however.  After he had locked her wrist cuffs together, he then pulled them up, up between her shoulder blades.  Her fingers could almost touch the back of her collar.  Using another padlock, Girard locked her wrists to the ring in that back of her collar, locking her wrists up high behind her back, her hands now being located between her shoulder blades.  The position of her wrists was not too uncomfortable, but there was a constant tugging on her collar.  Now she knew why this collar was wider.  A narrow collar would have choked her and been very uncomfortable with her wrists lock to the back of it.

Girard released her from the chair, and helped her off the large dildo, assisting her to stand.  Once Abbey was standing, she realized the particular advantage of her bondage.  While her bondage was rather strict and rigid, her hands were well out of the way, and her complete body was now open to fondling, whipping and torment.  On one hand she was somewhat excited about the possibilities, and on the other hand there was a degree of terror.  This was a lethal combination for an aroused woman, who had been whipped, sexually assaulted, and not allowed any type of sexual gratification.

Abbey was led back down to the basement “orgy room.”  There she was met by Krueger.  This is the first time she had seen him dressed.  A black T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and black Wellington boots was his attire.  In his hand, he carried his reliable multi-thonged whip.  The leather handle of this whip resembled an erect cock.

“Abbey,” Krueger greeted, “welcome to our slave school.  I hope you liked your breakfast?”

“Yessir," Abbey replied, meekly.

“Fine, come here so I can fix you.”

Krueger walked her to the center of the room.  There, hanging from the ceiling was a steel cable, with a hook on the end.  He hooked the cable to the front ring of her collar.  Krueger knelt down, and attached ropes to Abbey’s ankle cuffs.  She was ordered to spread her legs, which she did.  Krueger attached the ropes to steel rings mounted in the concrete floor.  Now she was bound with her legs widely spread.  Using a remote switch clipped to his belt, he caused a winch in the ceiling above her to activate.  The cable was pulled back into the ceiling, pulling her up straight.  As she reached the point of nearly standing on her toes, he stopped the cable movement.  Now Abbey was standing very straight, being pulled up by her neck, with her wrists locked behind her and pulled up high, locked to the back of her collar.  Her legs were spread, making her cunt very vulnerable.  She was very helpless, and uncomfortable.

As Alex was attending to the helpless and naked Abbey, Girard was opening another of the cell doors next her own cell.  From that cell, he led another woman.  She was younger than Abbey, pretty, blonde and petite.  While Abbey was of moderate height, she was well built.  Her legs and hips reminded one of a chorus line dancer, while her narrow waist and large breasts commanded attention.  The new prisoner was slimmer, more athletic than and not as voluptuous as Abbey.  Her pale pink nipples complimented her soft blonde hair.  Faint whip marks could be observed on her breasts, thighs and ass.  She was a petite beauty.

The new girl was bound as was Abbey.  Her wrists were locked behind her back, and a wide collar was affixed to her neck.  A rubber ball gag, mounted on a leather strap, was tightly fixed in her mouth.  She was naked, wearing only high heel shoes, much in the way Abbey was.  Her tanned skin was delightfully smooth.  She was a natural blonde as her pussy fur matched that found on her pretty little head.  Unlike Abbey, her pubis was not bare.  At Jim’s insistence, Abbey had sought laser treatments to permanently remove her pubic hair.  This new slave was now being led from her cell by Girard, who had attached a leash to her collar.

Krueger was fondling Abbey’s breasts and cunt as Girard was bringing the other slave out of her cell.  As Abbey watched, a leather strap was wrapped around the other girl’s elbows.  Girard pulled the strap until her elbows were tightly bound together in the small of her back.  He then placed spring loaded clips to the girl's nipples.  It was obvious this captive was in some distress.  Abbey’s pussy was getting hotter with Krueger’s ministrations, and her sexual deprivation was more frustrating as she watched this new slave being handled by Girard.

Kruger spoke, “Abbey, I would like you to meet a classmate.  This is Caron.  Caron is going to be married very soon, and her lover and future husband wants her to be a sex slave.  She has volunteered to come to our establishment to be trained.  Soon she will graduate and become a dutiful wife and sex slave to her husband.  She has been here over a month.  Hopefully, she had learned her lessons well, and will graduate soon.  You could learn a lot about being an obedient slave from Caron.”

Caron looked at Abbey over her gag.  Abbey tried to smile at her, although her concentration was being interrupted by Krueger’s attention to her pussy.  Krueger instructed Girard to bring Caron to where Abbey was tied.  Once there, she was ordered to kneel in front of Abbey.

Krueger spoke again.  “Now, Ladies, here is what is going to happen.  Abbey we know that you have never been touched by another woman.  Well, we are going to take care of that right now.  Caron wants to pleasure you. Don‘t you Caron?”

Caron looked at Abbey, and nodded her head in agreement.  Abbey momentarily panicked.  “No, please.  Don’t do this.  I have… never… been… with another woman.  Please… that‘s disgusting.  I‘ll do anything but that.”

Abbey’s plea was interrupted as Krueger sharply slapped her right breast.  Almost immediately, he cruelly slapped her other breast.  Rapidly he struck each breast about four times each.  Her ample tits bounced and shook deliciously as they were assaulted.  A shocked Abbey was silenced.  She moaned loudly, and the closed her mouth, biting her lip to keep from calling out or screaming.

“You know better than to protest!” Krueger spat!  “You are a slave, and you will do as you are told.  If you don’t, you will be punished until you do as we say.  Do you understand?”

With a tears running down her pretty cheeks and an ache in her freshly slapped breasts, Abbey replied, “Yessir, yes sir.  I’m sorry.  Please, I‘m sorry.”

Krueger ordered Caron’s gag removed.  Still holding his favorite whip, he stepped behind Abbey.  The scene was set.

“OK, people, here’s the drill.  Caron, you are to suck Abbey’s cunt until she cums.  Abbey, you have been wanting to have a climax, so now’s you chance.  Caron, you know what to do, so do it, now!”

Caron leaned forward and kissed Abbey’s pussy.  She then placed her mouth on Abbey’s cunt lips and allowed her delicate pink tongue to lick her clit.  It was like an electric shock.  Abbey instinctively tried to pull away from Caron’s hot mouth and tongue.  As she did so, Krueger brought his whip down sharply across Abbey’s ass.  Abbey jumped forward to escape the whip, which promptly pushed her cunt tightly against Caron’s mouth.  Caron’s tongue pushed into the depths of Abbeys heated pussy.

Caron kept sucking Abbey’s pussy, and Krueger set up a slow cadence with his whip on her ass.  Caron was building a fire in Abbey’s cunt while the heat from the whipping was raising her sexual temperature.  Periodically, Krueger would snake the whip around Abbey’s helpless body and strike a blow at her tits.  Abbey did not know where the whip was going to strike next.

Caron was merciless, and an accomplished cunt licker.  Between the whipping and Caron’s assault on her pussy, Abbey was losing contact with reality.  She was lost in the blazing heat of an erotic fog.  The sexual heat continued to rise, but as she was very close to a climax, Girard quickly pulled Caron away from Abbey’s pussy.  Abbey screamed from frustration. 

“Oh, NO!” Abbey screamed.  “Please, please don’t leave me like this!"

She begged for a climax.  Her hips were humping an invisible lover.  She looked down at Caron and begged her not to stop.  She closed her eyes and prayed for relief.

Krueger moved around to Abbey’s front.  With her eyes closed, and her hips still moving to the cadence set by Krueger and Caron, she was still lost in a lustful haze.  Krueger raised his whip and brought it sharply down and up, crashing into Abbey’s pussy.  Abbey jumped, but the whip struck again, even harder.  It was like she had been stuck with lightening.  Almost immediately, she was tossed into the throes of a massive climax.  The pain of the whip on her heated pussy was causing her to cum.  Her hips were humping and heaving as if she were fucking an invisible cock.  Krueger continued to slowly whip her pussy.  It seemed as if her climax would never end.  Abbey had been made to come from a whipping.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Abbey came back to “earth” and opened her eyes.  Krueger, Girard and the kneeling Caron were all watching her with amazement.  They were seeing a thing of rare beauty.

“Omigod… please…” Abbey spoke with an exhausted whisper.  “Please forgive me.  Oh God, that was wonderful.”

Her head drooped down, and then she looked back at Krueger.  “I never knew a whip could make you cum.  I’m sorry I protested.”

Krueger wrapped his arm around her and kissed her while fondling her breasts.  Abbey returned the kiss.  She had never been so completely consumed with a particular sex act, or for that matter sex, and sexual slavery.  Krueger continued to hold her tight to his body as he released the steel ceiling cable from her collar.  She collapsed into his arms. As Krueger was still holding and fondling her, she looked down at Caron.

“Caron, thank you, thank you.”

Caron just smiled back at her.  Caron was being escorted to a couch on the other side of the room where Girard required her to kneel in front of the couch and suck his cock.  Abbey noticed that as Caron was sucking her tormentor’s cock, he was using a light weight whip, flicking it at her breasts, to urge her on to better sucking efforts.  It seemed to be working.

Krueger took Abbey to one of the king-sized beds in the corner of the basement room and had her lay down on the bed.  This was somewhat difficult as her wrists were still pulled up high on her back and attached to her collar.  She managed as best she could.  Her stringent bondage caused an interesting effect.  It forced her chest and breasts up, offering them up to whomever wanted to touch or torment them.  Krueger ordered her to spread her legs, which she did.

Abbey watched as Krueger undressed.  As usual, his cock was massive, and rampant.  It was erect and stuck straight out form his body.  As he walked, it swayed menacingly.  Krueger had not fucked Abbey since she was turned over to him.  She logically concluded that she was about to be fucked by her keeper.

Krueger produced a couple of rather nasty looking spring loaded clips.  Without hesitation, he clamped one of the clips to her right nipple.  Abbey gritted her teeth and moaned quietly.  Deftly, he attached the second clip to her left nipple.  This time she groaned loudly behind her clinched teeth.  Krueger ignored any expressions of pain or discomfort.

Her tormentor then moved onto the bed and in between her spread legs.  Even though Abbey had just experienced a red hot climax as a result of Caron’s sweet mouth and tongue, and Krueger’s whip, she was still aroused and was watching him as he prepared to fuck her.  She had never seen a cock so large, and wondered if it would hurt her.  She wanted to be fucked.  She would have preferred her husband, but given that she had no choice, she would submit to Alex Krueger.  She wanted a cock inside her cunt.

Krueger knelt between her legs and stoked his heavy cock.  She watched as beads of pre-cum made the head of his cock shine.  Finally, with a smile on his face, he leaned forward and inserted his phallus into her waiting cunt.  It was large, and it was filling, but there was no significant pain.  She reasoned that her recent climax had prepared her for Krueger.  In a very few moments, he was riding her like a bull.  His cock was pounding and driving into her heated depths.  She became a mad woman with the passion of Krueger’s assault.  In a few more strokes of his cock in her cunt, Abbey again exploded in an orgasmic release.  As she was cumming Krueger was slapping her clamped breasts.  The maltreatment merely caused her to be more aroused, and her climax was explosive! 

Kruger could contain himself no more, and his cock exploded with red hot jets of cum.  Abbey could feel the heated spurts inside of her belly.  It seemed that Abbey fainted for a few seconds.  The level of lust and passionate excitement was too much for her to endure!  As she was cumming again, Krueger abruptly removed the nipple clips from her breasts.  While the pain was significant, it only seemed to enhance her climax.  Abbey was learning her lessons at “sex slave” school.  The morning of her first day at the home of Alex Krueger was monumental.