Enslaving Abbey
by A J

Part Three

About three days had passed since David Rayne had been a visitor to our home, and a sexual tormentor of my wife, Abbey.  What happened that night had a profound affect on both of us.  My fantasies were realized, and Abbey had been introduced to a whole new world of sexual slavery.

Abbey now knew that I would require her to submit to another man, a master in the arts of Bondage, Discipline, and S & M.  We talked about what had happened, and found it to be exciting, and a new element to our sex life.

Of particular interest was David Rayne’s suggestion that I seek the service of another master to train Abbey.  She was not sure about this, but I was.  I had be given the name of Alex Krueger.  Mr. Krueger and I had several telephone conversations concerning his style of training and the arrangements for Abbey’s stay at his place.  I explained that there would be certain expectations in the training of my wife.  He fully understood, and agreed to my demands.  On two occasions I visited his home, and training facility, and was very impressed.  He displayed a pretty young blonde woman who was in training.  Her husband to be wanted her to be a complete abject well trained slave before they were to be married.  She had been a prisoner of Alex Krueger for nearly two months.  He let me watch as she was whipped and made to suck the cock of her tormentor.  This “slave in training” seemed content in her slavery, and was aroused by Krueger’s treatment of her.

Krueger lived in a large house, with spacious secluded grounds in the hill country a few miles outside of town.  He had acquired a great deal of wealth that made him financially independent.  He had turned his interest in the sexual slavery of women into his avocation.  He was well known in S & M circles, nationally.  As a result his services were in demand.  Because of my relationship with David Rayne, he was willing to take Abbey under his wing.  His basic training course for new sexual slaves was two weeks, possibly longer.  That decision would be his, and his alone.  I would not be able to be part of the training process.  He would provide me with video tapes of her training, and on occasion, I could watch what was happening from a secure hiding place, but she must never know that I was there until the training course had been completed.  I agreed.

Krueger made sure that I understood that while under his “care”, she would necessarily be available for any sexual activity which interested him.  There would be no restrictions in that area.  As a critical part of her training, if she were to refuse any sex act, she would be punished and forced to comply.  I would not be allowed to bring any clothing for her, other than the cape she was to wear in transit.  I was told to bring several pairs of high heel shoes, so she would not have to wear the same pair during her training.  She would be required to wear such shoes all the time.  I liked that.  I packed several pairs of high heel shoes, of different and similar styles, all of which had heels that measured at least three to four inches. Keeping her naked and bound for the duration of her training appealed to me.  Everything else depended on what I wanted for Abbey’s training.

I agreed with his demand for her constant sexual availability.  I wanted her to be fucked at least once a day, and made to suck cocks several times a day, and be made to swallow all the cum she received.  She had never been fucked in the ass, so I wanted him to open that sweet facility.  While I had no particular interest in ass fucking her, but others that I gave her to might be, so I wanted her prepared.  Any other sexual training and activity would be up to Krueger.  Bondage and Discipline as well as sexual availability was to be a critical part of her training.  When at all possible, I wanted her in bondage and whipped routinely.  I liked her to be restrained and helpless.  I wanted her to grow more and more used to it.  Even if she was not tied or restrained, I wanted her locked up, or chained by the neck to the wall, etc.  We reached an agreement, and she would soon be delivered to him.

Abbey was not sure.  Outside of her submission to David Rayne, she had never been with another man since she had married me.  The thought of being under the control of Alex Krueger, without my being present was a scary thing for her.  Finally, when she realized how insistent I was, she agreed.  I explained what would be expected of her during her stay under Krueger’s training.  It was obvious that she was afraid to be without me, but she said she understood.  She submitted.

On the day of her delivery to Krueger‘s place, according to Alex Krueger’s instructions, I prepared her for the trip to her place of incarceration.  First, she was bathed, and her hair and makeup were perfect.  Her wrists were locked behind her with leather cuffs.  A leather strap was wrapped around her elbows and pulled tightly, causing them to nearly touch in the small of her back.  Matching leather cuffs were locked onto her ankles, along with a matching leather collar around her pretty neck.  Her lush breasts were forced out from her chest, making them look even more delicious and vulnerable.  To complete her dress, a pair of black patent leather pumps, with 4-inch high heels were placed on her feet.  She was magnificent.  I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but Krueger was specific.  He did not want her whipped or fucked for 48 hours prior to delivery.  She could be teased and aroused, but she was not to be allowed any sexual satisfaction.  He wanted her to be sexually frustrated on arrival for her training.  A black cape was draped over her shoulders to hide her nakedness and bondage.

Prior to taking her out to the garage, and our car, I used gauze and surgical tape to “blindfold” her.  A large pair of large dark sunglasses were put on her face to hide the fact the she had been blindfolded.  Now she was ready.  While at Krueger’s she would not know where she was, nor how to escape and how to return home.

On the long drive to Alex Krueger’s estate, I opened Abbey’s cape and fondled her breasts and pussy.  She looked fantastic.  She sat there, bound and blindfolded, heading to a sexual imprisonment, and being taken there by her husband.  Yet, as we drove along, she was becoming aroused by my fondling of her.  At one point during our trip, we stopped at a secluded spot next to the highway.  I spent time kissing and fondling her.  At one point, Abbey begged me to fuck her.  I resisted. 

When we got back onto the road, both Abbey and I were aroused.  I made sure she did not have a cum.  I could tell she was very sexually frustrated.  By the time we arrived, early in the afternoon she was very aroused, but I would not let her have a climax.  I kissed her before we got out of the car.  Abbey returned my kiss, and whispered, “I love you, Jim.” 

We were met by a young man at the front door of Krueger’s home.  We were escorted inside and taken to the library of the house.  This was a large room, lined with shelves containing books and video tapes.  On closer examination, it appeared that Krueger has a considerable collection of pornography, especially pornography involving sexual slavery of women.  Someday, I would love to peruse this library and its contents.

We made ourselves comfortable.  The young man who brought us into the house removed Abbey’s blindfolding bandages.  She was allowed to keep her cape on for the time being.  As we were about to sit down, Alex Krueger came into the room.  He was an imposing figure.  Alex Krueger stood at least 6’ 4” inches.  He appeared to be trim and very athletic.  His blonde hair framed his ruggedly handsome tanned face.  He steel gray eyes told of his inner strength, and denoted a trace of cruelty.  He was wearing a black satin robe and black sandals.  The robe flared as he walked, reveling tanned muscular legs.  He was confident and clearly in control of his world.

“Good evening, Jim,” he said, extending his hand.

I took his hand and shook it.  We exchanged greetings, and then I introduced Krueger to Abbey.

“Abbey, I am glad to meet you”, was his reply.  “Your husband told me you were beautiful.  He wasn’t kidding."

Abbey blushed, “Thank you Sir."

Krueger smiled and continued, “Has your husband told you what to expect here at my place,” he asked.

Abbey quietly replied, “Yessir.  I have been told about what happens here, and what I must do.”

Alex smiled, “Well, that’s very good.  We don’t want any surprises.  Jim, if you don’t mind, I would like to see your slave.  I want to see what I have to work with.”

I stood Abbey in front of Krueger, and unbuttoned her cape.  She closed her eyes and gently bit her lower lip as I removed her cape.  Abbey stood proudly as Krueger looked her over.  I watched Abbey.  She was naked and still bound at the wrists and elbows.  The bondage made her body even more outstanding.  Her high heel shoes made her legs look good and forced her ass out.  They also made her stand straighter, with her breasts raised.

“Jim, you were correct.  The woman is stunning.  Abbey, turn around so I can see all of you.”

Abbey did as she was told.  She was obeying like I expected her.  I was proud of her.  I could see the black robe Krueger was wearing was beginning to exhibit a tent like bulge in front, indicating that he was getting an erection from what he saw of Abbey.

He walked around her, touching and probing her.  Squeezing a breast, patting a buttock, running his hand down her belly, and delving quickly into her pussy.  Abbey’s breath quickened as Krueger inspected her.

“Abbey,” Krueger started, "while you are here, among the chastisements and ordeals you will experience, you are aware that I will use you sexually, in any way I want, and you will have no right to refuse anything demanded of you?”

Abbey was quiet for a moment, “Yes… Sir… I… uh… understand that.”

“I want you to tell me why you are here, may I ask?”

“I love my husband.  He wants me to be his sex slave.  By coming here, he thinks I will be a better sex slave.  I want to be his sex slave, and I want to make him happy by being his sex slave,” was Abbey’s soft reply.

“Now that you understand, and have agreed to come here, there is one final caveat for you.  Once your husband leaves here, and you are still here under my care, you will be my prisoner, unable to leave until I say so.  If you escape, we will hunt you down.  You will be punished severely for your escape efforts.  Once your husband leaves you here, you are my property until I release you.  I own you and I will do what I want with you.  There will be no way out, no matter how you might plead or beg.  Do you agree to these demands?”

Abbey was taken aback by this last statement of Krueger’s.  There was both terror and sexual excitement in her heart.  Part of her was excited by her predicament, yet part was very afraid.  She paused, and then with her head bowed, she agreed.

“On you knees,” he ordered.

Abbey did so.  Krueger walked up to her, and opened his robe to expose a massive hard-on.  He cock throbbed with each beat of his heart.  Abbey’s mouth was only an inch or so from the heated purple head of his cock.

“Abbey, as a sign that you agree to come here to my place for training, and agree to whatever happens to you, and further agree to submit to any sexual demands I make of you, I want to take my cock in your mouth and suck it.”

Abbey moved forward, and opening her sweet lips, took his cock into her mouth.  Her tongue was lashing the sensitive tip of Krueger’s cock as she was working her delicate mouth around the throbbing head.  I watched Abbey working on Krueger’s cock.  This was heady stuff, and very stimulating.

“Jim, she is good.  There is a lot of promise here.  She should make an excellent sex slave."

Krueger continued to stand there with Abbey working on him.  He looked at me and said, “If you want, you can leave us now.  Girard will show you out.  You can take her cape with you.  She will have no need of it.”

I walked over to Krueger, and shook his hand, even as I looked down at my wife sucking his cock.  I leaned down and gave her breast a squeeze as I kissed the top of her head.  She kept sucking Krueger’s cock as she has been ordered to.  As I walked away with Girard, Krueger spoke again.

“I will have a courier deliver a package to you, every other day.  By my estimates, she will need to be here for a fortnight.  I will let you know if she needs further training,”, Krueger asserted.

I was escorted from the Krueger house by Girard.  I was excited about placing Abbey with Krueger, yet I was missing her already.  No matter what you may think of me, I am madly in love with Abbey, but I am also in love with her being my complete bound naked sex slave.  The rest of this story is from information I pieced together from later conversations with Krueger, watching video tapes made of Abbey’s ordeals and training, and from Abbey herself.

Abbey continued to suck Krueger’s cock after her husband left her at the house.  She was scared.  Her predicament was beginning to settle on her.  Here she was, naked, bound and being used sexually by a total stranger.  She was going to be tortured and sexually abused, and there was nothing she could do but cooperate.  The predicament was rather daunting, yet it erotically stimulating.  Abbey knew that she was a slave at heart, and that this was her logical future.

As she knelt there, with this massive rigid cock throbbing n her mouth, her thoughts ran the gamut of sexual excitement to trepidation.  She knew she had agreed to come here and be trained as a sex slave, but why?  She knew she loved Jim, and wanted to please him.  There had to be more to this.  She realized that there was a hot excitement about being helpless and subject to the sexual whims of who ever had control of her.  Even the punishments, whippings and tortures, while painful and at times terrible, they were arousing and did heighten her sexual pleasure.  Her mind was in turmoil.  Fear, lust, love, and a little guilt were partners in her emotions.  While she twisted her wrists in her bondage in a futile attempt to escape, she nevertheless found her bonds to be exciting.

Krueger spoke, “Take my cock from you mouth, and let me show you something that I expect of you.”

Abbey obeyed, and let his rigid cock slip from her mouth.  As a good faith gesture, she kissed the head of Krueger’s cock after it was free of her mouth.  Krueger smiled.

“Abbey, I am going to ask you a few questions.  Anytime you are faced with a cock, such as now, I want you to place your lips to my cock, just barely touching it.  If you have to be told to do this in the future, you will be punished.  You are expected to do this automatically.”  Abbey did so.  Her soft red lips were just touching the head of Krueger’s erection.  Her sweet delicate tongue was gently flicking his cock.

“Now when I ask you a question, you are to answer me quickly, without hesitation.  When doing so, you are to make sure you lips stay in contact with the head of my cock.  That will give me pleasure because you lips are fluttering against my cock as you talk.  My cock will feel your hot breath and the vibrations of your voice.  Always make sure that this is always the case.”

Abbey replied, “Yessir, I will.”  His cock throbbed from the fluttering sensation of her lips.  It was delicious.

“Very good.  You learn quickly.  That will keep the need for tortures and whippings to a minimum.  Now, let me ask you, how long have you been Jim’s bound slave?”

Abbey replied, “About 11 years.”  Her lips touched his throbbing cock the whole time.  A little of Krueger’s pre-cum was being transferred from the tip of his cock to her lips.  She could taste it.

Krueger continued to ask very personal questions.  On one question, she hesitated to answer.  He stepped back from her, and seemingly from nowhere he produced a medium weight multi stranded flogger.  He quickly brought the whip down across her breasts three times.  Each quick lash was harder than the one before.  Abbey gasped and cried out with pain.

Krueger stepped back to Abbey, placing his cock against her lips.  “Now, you can see how the game is played.  You are to never hesitate or refuse to obey an order, and to always answer a question when you are asked.  If you don’t, you will be punished immediately.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes… yes sir, please, I do understand,” Abbey gasped.

Krueger continued to ask personal questions.  Questions about how it felt to be whipped, had she ever has a climax from being whipped, what was Jim’s favorite position or punishment, when did she lose her virginity, had she ever used her fingers to bring herself off, had other lovers tied and whipped before she met Jim, what did she think about being given to David Rayne, did she like the taste of a cock, did she like the taste of cum, had she ever sucked a pussy, had her pussy ever been sucked by another woman?  The questions were endless, and caused Abbey to blush, but to avoid having her breasts whipped again, she was quick to answer.

Krueger bent down and took her face in his hands. “Abbey, you love being a bound slave, don’t you?”

A tear formed in the corner of her eyes.  “Yes… yes sir… I think do.  I love being a sex slave to my husband.  I want him to want me, and I want to be whatever he wants me to be.  I love what he does to me.”

Krueger wiped the tear from her cheek, “You are very afraid, right now, aren’t you?”

“Yessir, I am,” was her reply.  As she answered, Krueger ran his hand down to her pussy and delved his finger in her heated passage.

He smiled cruelly, “You have reason to be afraid, but, your cunt tells me you are turned by your predicament.  Is that not so?”

Abbey closed her pretty blue tear filled eyes, “Yesss… yes sir, I’m sorry, but I do admit that.”

“So, on one hand you want to escape and be with your husband, and on the other hand, you are aroused by being my property.”

Abbey kept her tear filled eyes closed and just nodded her head.

Krueger spoke again.  “Just so you understand.  While here, you will be tortured and whipped for our pleasure and your training.  If you enjoy being whipped and tormented, then that is a bonus for you.  I will not injure you, nor will I allow anyone else to injure you.  But, you are a slave, and for the time being you are my property.  You will learn to love the whip, the torments and bondage.  You will beg to be fucked.  You will know sexual excitement that you have never known before.  You will learn to submit to anyone I give you to, and you enjoy sexual slavery as you have never before.”

He stood up, still looking down at her.  Abbey looked up at him.  In her field of vision were his handsome face and his throbbing erect cock.

“You will obey me to the most infinite detail, or suffer the consequences.  If you are a good slave, you will be rewarded.  If not you will be punished.  I will allow you to enjoy your bondage, tortures and sexual requirements.  You are going to be here for those reasons, so you might as well enjoy it.  It will make the whole experience more exciting.”

Finally, Krueger finished his questions.  He backed away, and ordered her to remain on her knees.  He left the room.  Abbey was too afraid to move, or get up, even though her knees were beginning to get tired and hurt.  In a few minutes the young man, Girard, entered the room.

“Get up, slave.  Let's go to your room,” were his orders.

He helped her up, and clipped a leash to her collar.  Jerking the leash, he led her from the library, and down the hall.  Her high heel pumps were clicking on the cut stone floor.  She was very conscious of her nakedness.  Her breasts bounced and jiggled lasciviously as she walked behind Girard.  Her arms ached as they had been tightly bound behind her for several hours. 

At the end of the hall, Girard unlocked and opened a door.  Inside the door was a set of stairs, leading to the basement.  He flipped a switch, lighting the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs was another locked door.  This opened into a large room.  Abbey could see lounging chairs and couches, along with two or three large king-size beds.  There was what appeared to be a whipping post.  Hung from the wall were hundreds of feet of ropes and chains, along with a vast array of whips and leather restraints.  This was a very well equipped sexual torture chamber and orgy room.  Along the far wall were four doors.  Girard took her to one of the doors.  This was to be her room.  When the door was opened, there was a second door, a door made of steel bars, much like a jail cell.  Inside, were another king-size bed and a bathroom.  More whips and restraints were mounted on the wall of this room.  She was indeed a prisoner, and escape was to be impossible.  To say the least, Abbey was intimidated.  In every sense of the word, she was a prisoner, and no one but her husband knew she was here.

Girard unhooked the leash from her collar, and hung it from a hook on the wall.  While she stood there, Girard quickly undressed.  His cock was rampant.  He seated himself on the side of the bed.

“Slave, kneel down here, and get my cock in your mouth,” he ordered.

Fearing retribution, Abbey knelt down and took Girard’s cock into her mouth.  As best as she knew how, she was sucking his cock.  Things were happening very fast.  It seems that everyone wanted their cock in her mouth.  She had to admit to herself that a large throbbing cock in her mouth was arousing.  Both Krueger and Girard had large, hot, throbbing cocks.

Girard reached down and grasped the sensitive nipple on her right breast.  He twisted and pulled her nipple.  She winced in pain, but continued to suck his cock.

“Slave,” Girard growled, “you had better get to work on my cock, or your tit will know the reason why!”

Abbey renewed her sucking efforts.  She knew she was doing better when he heard Girard’s breath quicken and as he eased the pressure on her tormented nipple.  In a matter of a few moments, he was moaning and his cock was throbbing.  She worked harder, and finally his cock erupted in a hot driving cum, sending jets of scalding cum into her throat.  Abbey continued to suck his engorged member until it started to recede.  She made sure he was totally satisfied with her efforts.  Finally, as she knelt before Girard, with her right nipple tingling from its torment, she could not help but reflect what was happening to her.  In a matter of about two hours in this strange mansion, Abbey had sucked two cocks, her breasts had been whipped, and her nipple and breasts punished.  She did not even have time to think about what was happening to her.

After Girard had recovered, he had Abbey stand up.  He released her elbows and wrists.  She was relieved.  Her arms had been bound tightly behind her back for about five or six hours, or more.  They were stiff from such a long and stringent bondage.  Girard had plans for her.

He quickly tied a rope to her wrist cuffs, in front of her.  This rope was passed through a hook at the top of one of the four tall corner posts on her bed.  The rope was pulled up tight, stretching her, exposing her body to Girard.  He spent the next several minutes examining her body.  He spent time fondling her breasts and teasing her nipples.  He ran his hand down onto her smooth ass and her thighs.  Finally, he spent considerable time rummaging through her pussy.  When he finished, he leaned forward and kissed her.  In fact, he kissed her several times.  By the time he was finished, Abbey was very aroused and was desperate to be fucked.

Girard extracted a whip from the chest of drawers, much like the whip which had been used on her by Krueger.  He came to her with the whip.  He leaned down and kissed her.  She returned his kiss to please him.  He kissed her again, while fondling her breasts.

“Slave, every evening, just before you go to bed, you will be whipped.  You have permission to get used to it as it is the usual ritual.  Now, turn your ass to me.”

As Abbey did so, Girard struck her with the whip.  After a few hard strokes, she tried to avoid the whip.  He would have none of it.  A second strand of rope was used to tie around her waist, tying her tightly to the bed post.  Girard produced two spring loaded clips.  The clips were connected by a short chain.  After installing the clip on her right nipple, he wrapped the chain around the bed post, subsequently attaching the other clip to her left nipple.  The clips were painful, but they had another mission.  If she struggled too much, or pulled back from the bed post, her nipples would be painfully pulled by the clips. Now she could not avoid her punishment.  Girard struck again.  It did not take long.  Soon she was crying, asking for mercy.  None came.  When Girard felt she had enough, he replaced the whip in the dresser drawer, untied her waist rope, and released her wrists from the bed post.  Abbey was made to remove the clips from her own nipples.  The pain was intense.  She was not allowed to rub or massage her nipples to ease the pain. Girard ordered her to get on the bed and open her legs.  His cock was massively erect, again.

Abbey did as she was told, and Girard climbed between her open legs, and after slipping his cock into her pussy, fucked her soundly.  She could feel his cock in her cunt.  It felt good.  It took her mind off her aching breasts.  She hated to admit it, but it felt really good.  After all the sexual activity today, she wanted to be fucked, and to have a wonderful climax.  It seemed that the abuse she had endured aroused her even more.  She had obeyed every thing they wanted, and felt she would be rewarded with a climax.  Girard, however, made sure Abbey did not have a climax, leaving her frustrated, and wishing her husband was there to give her a cum. 

Instead of cumming in her pussy, Girard pulled his cock from her cunt as he was having his climax.  His ejaculation rocketed from his cock, splashing on her belly and breasts.  Smiling, he reached out and spread his cum on her breasts and belly.  Abbey was aroused by what he was doing, but very frustrated as she was not allowed to have a climax.  She even begged him to fuck her to a cum.  He ignored her pleading.  After having his way with her, Girard dressed, and left the room, looking both doors behind him.  Before leaving, he locked her leather wrist cuffs behind her back.

Abbey was alone, in a strange place, a prisoner of a stranger, and her cunt ached for her husbands cock, or by now, any cock, and satisfaction.  She wanted Jim to hold and cuddle her.  She felt very alone and helpless.  Her wrists were still locked behind her back, eliminating the possibility of her seeking her own relief.  Girard cum was spread on her, and there was nothing she could do about it, or her predicament.  Abbey felt alone, very alone, and very helpless.  She quietly sobbed as she fell into an exhausted and frustrated sleep.