Enslaving Abbey
by A J

Part Two

I sat at my desk, in my office, thinking about what had happened with Abbey last night.  Hot sex and discipline session in that seedy hotel was on my mind.  It was hot and I was still turned on by having Abbey as my sex slave, doing what I wanted with her, anywhere I wanted.  Specifically, I was turned on by what I threatened to do with her.  I had told Abbey that it would have been a turn on to display her bound nudity to another person.  The fact that she did not really object was very interesting, and an exciting element.  I don’t know why, but it kept nagging at me.

As was her habit, and my wishes, Abbey was naked when I got home, wearing only a pair of red patent leather high heel shoes, and a small apron.  The apron was nothing more than a tease as it left her breasts and pussy exposed.

She greeted me with several warm kisses as she pressed against my body.  Her hand went to my crotch where she grasped my hardening cock.  As I broke my kiss with her, she moved down my body and unzipped my trousers.  Kneeling, she extracted my cock and slipped her pretty mouth over the throbbing head.  I stood there looking down at her, enjoying her working on my cock, and taking in the vision of her pleasuring me.  I never got used to seeing her do this. 

I reached down and brought her back up onto he feet.  I walked her to the bedroom, and in doing so, she removed her apron.  In the bedroom, I retrieved a piece of rope from the night stand.  Quickly I tied her wrists in front of her.  High on the back of the bedroom door was a steel hook.  I closed the door, and raising her bound hands to the hook, I bound her there, stretching her petite frame.

I turned her to face me.  I grasped her breasts roughly as I kissed her.  Before I broke the kiss, I was twisting her nipples.  When I moved away from her mouth, her eyes were closed and was breathing rapidly.  My favorite whip was in the top dresser drawer.  This was a medium weight multi-stranded flogger whip.  It was made to whip delicate skin without causing any significant damage.  It could exact a respectful degree of pain, and not break the skin.  I picked it up, and walked back to Abbey.

“Open your mouth, Slave,” I ordered.

Abbey opened her mouth and I pushed the handle of my whip past her pretty red lips.

“Hold that.  Suck on that, and don’t dare drop it!”

Abbey closed her sweet mouth over the handle of the whip and closed her sky blue eyes.  I undressed.  It was good to have my cock free of any restraint.  I pulled the whip from her mouth, and kissed her again.  Stepping back, I raised my whip into the air, and brought it sharply across her straining breasts. 

Abbey’s breasts shuddered and jiggled under my attack.  Her nipples hardened as they were struck by the whip.  Again and again I brought my whip down on her breasts.  My cock was raging.  Abbey was moaning, yet she was absorbing my torment of her.

As she was about to start sobbing, I stopped my attack and released her from the bedroom door.  I lay her on the bed and secured her wrists above her, to the headboard of the bed.  Quickly, I struck her pussy with my whip.

“Open your legs, now!”

Abbey did so.  I struck her pussy three more times.  She managed to keep her shapely legs open, even though I could tell she wanted to close them.

I threw my whip on the foot of the bed and climbed between her legs.  I shoved my rigid cock in to her scalding cunt.  Abbey groaned from deep in her throat as she felt this phallic invasion.  I was very aroused.  Not only from what had just happened, but from the thoughts I had harbored all day.  I was fucking her with abandon.  Soon we were in the throes of a bed quaking climax. 

After a bit, I rolled off her, lying beside her with my hand on her pussy.  Eventually, I reached over and untied her bound wrists.  Abbey turned to face me, pressing her breasts against me and grasping my flagging cock.  She kissed the side of my face, using her tongue to flick my ear lobe.  I put my arm around her, hugging her and pulling her to my body.

“My dear, Sir,” she whispered, “you are hot tonight.  Was it something I did?”

“Hmmmm,” I replied.  “Yeah, it was that and other things.  But, it all involved you, my Sweet Slave.”

“What are you talking about,” she asked as she squeezed my cock.

I told her about my thoughts, specifically, the thought of exposing her to another man, and the possibility of giving her to another man.  Abbey was quiet.  I thought she would be upset and refuse to be part of any such scheme. 

She was quiet.  Then she replied, “How long have you been thinking about this, if I can ask?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  For sometime, I think.  The thought of exposing you to someone else; and even giving you to them is very exciting.  I would love to see you at the mercy of someone else.  Hell, I can just imagine you with two men, me and someone else, working on you.” I replied.

Abbey was quiet again.  She seemed to be mulling over what she had just heard.  She kissed my cheek again and was stroking my nearly erect cock.

“I am not… at all certain…about this.  I suppose if you selected the right person, and if this is what you really want to do, I guess I could go along with it.  Please, don’t forget, I am at your mercy, and that of anyone you choose.  Please, don’t let anything bad happen to me.  I love you Jim, and I want to please you,” Abbey said in a soft plaintive voice.

“Sweet Slave, you are the most precious thing in my life.  While I treat you terribly at times, I would never allow anything happen to you.” I answered as I kissed her again.

My cock was rigid again.  Abbey’s delicate hand had done its job well.  She moved down my supine body and took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck me to another cum.  Life is good.

It was Saturday.  The air was heavy with anticipation of this evening‘s adventures.  This was the night that I was to give Abbey to an acquaintance of mine.  David Rayne was a master of the Bondage and Discipline arts.  His wife Carol was a slave.  Because he was so adept at this avocation, his services had been enlisted to train several women in advanced sexual slavery.  Normally, he was a stockbroker, but his passion was his wife, and her sexual slavery to him.  While I had never had the privilege of putting Carol through her paces, I had learned from David that anything was possible with her.

Carol was an accomplished sex slave.  She and David were part of a small, but select group of B&D and S&M practitioners.  He had given Carol to other masters on many occasions, while he had sessions with the other member’s slaves.  He seemed to be the logical choice for Abbey’s first experience.

David Rayne was a ruggedly good looking man.  Women seemed to be attracted to him.  Abbey had met him a couple of times and seemed to like him.  Now she was standing in the middle of our living room, wearing only black high heeled pumps, a leather collar, and the ropes binding her wrists and elbows.  Because of her elbow bondage, her full breasts were raised on her chest.  I had thought of gagging her, but I wanted David to appreciate the delicate features of her pretty face.

Abbey was nervous.  She had never been displayed, nude, to another person.  Now she was naked, and helpless, about to be viewed by a “stranger”, tormented and used sexually.  There was trepidation, but there was also sexual excitement.  She was hoping that David Rayne would find her desirable, and she wanted to make husband happy.  She jerked to attention as the door bell rang.  I answered the door as she stood there waiting for what ever was going to happen.

I opened the door and welcomed David into our home.  We walked into the living room where my beautiful bound and naked wife stood.  She was magnificent, but it was obvious that she was uneasy, and more than a little afraid.  David walked to where she was standing.  Abbey gave him a weak smile.

“David, I want you to meet my wife, Abbey, who is also my delightful slave,” I said.

David smiled, answering, “Thank you, Jim.  Abbey, I am delighted to make your acquaintance.  Your husband did not lie.  You are one incredibly beautiful woman, and slave.”

Abbey whispered, “Th…thank y…you, Sir.”

David Rayne walked around Abbey, visually examining her.  He reached out and cupped her breast.  He squeezed her breast, and then let his hand slide out on her breast to the rigid nipple.  There he paused and pinched Abbey’s nipple, twisting it until he got a response from her.  Abbey grimaced, slightly, and gently bit her soft full lip.

“Jim, she is magnificent.  What a wonderful slave.”

“Thanks, Dave.  She is my delight.” I answered.

David let his hand slide down her belly to her pussy.  As his hand caressed her smooth pussy, without warning he quickly raised his hand and brought is sharply down in her cunt, slapping her there.  Abbey jerked with the pain of this unexpected assault on this tender area, and quickly spread her legs. 

“Keep your legs open, slave,” he ordered.

David smiled and ran his fingers into her cunt. She caught her breath as he rummaged through her pussy and touched the electric sensitivity of her clit.

“Abbey, your cunt is nice and juicy.  You must be aroused by the predicament you are in.”

Abbey had closed her eyes as David was fingering his way through her cunt.  She muttered, “Y…yes… yessir, I… uh… guess so.”

David pulled her to him, holding her close with his arm around her waist.  With his other hand he reached around to the back of her head, grasping a handfull of her raven hair.  Holding her head fast, he placed his mouth on hers, kissing her.  The kiss was long and passionate.  While he continued to kiss her, he moved his hand down to her ass and gave her several hard spanks, leaving his handprints on her silky ass cheeks.  He could feel the impact of his slaps on her ass through her open lips pressed hard against his mouth.  Abbey was moaning softly with each slap on her ass.  When he finished the kiss, Abbey’s eyes were closed and her breathing was ragged.  Her ass was feeling the heat of her spanking.  It was obvious that she was aroused.

David looked back at me, and said, “Jim, she is fantastic.  I must have her.”

I smiled and replied, “Well, she is ours to do with as we wish.  I will make sure you get your fill.”

David smiled and sat down on the couch.  I offered him a glass of wine and sat down on an easy chair next to the couch.  Abbey was still standing in front of us.

“Abbey, I want you to turn around, and show yourself to us.”

As Abbey moved about, posing and displaying her bound body to us, we drank our wine and commented on her and what we were seeing.  Finally, I felt it was time for David Rayne to experience my wife.  I stepped up to Abbey and put my arm around her waist.  It was time for proper introductions.

“David, I introduced Abbey as my wife, and of course my slave.  I am in love with this woman, and I am obsessed with her being my sex slave.  Let me set the ground rules, so we all understand what is happening.”

I was now fondling Abbeys breasts as I was talking to David.  I was standing behind her, and had pulled her back into my body.  Her bound hands are resting against my rigid cock.  She was attempting to massage my cock through my trousers.

“Most anything is possible with Abbey.  You may whip her.  Her breasts, pussy, ass and her great thighs are all targets which I favor.  You are welcome to use any number of sexual tortures on her.  I invite you to fuck her at will, for as long as you wish.  I encourage you to feel her beautiful mouth on her cock.  It will be an experience you will not forget,” I continued.

I looked at Abbey.  She still had her eyes closed.  Her face was flush.  I was not sure whether that was from arousal, or just a blush, perhaps both.  David smiled as I talked.  The whole time he was visually examining Abbey.  I left her standing there, while David and I undressed.  On my instructions, she turned slowly so we could continue to get a full view of her.  By the look of David’s rampant cock, it was obvious that he was impressed with her.

Abbey was made to stand in front of the couch while David physically examined her body.  He paused at her breasts, making sure he fully appreciated them.  Her cunt was thoroughly rummaged through.  Abbey’s breath quickened and her face was flush with arousal from his attention to her sensitive pussy.  Her ass and legs were areas of attraction.  The whole time, Abbey stood there submissively, yielding to what ever was required of her.

David sat her on the couch between us.  With his arm around her, he continued to fondle her breasts and play with her pussy.  He kissed her, letting his tongue explore her warm mouth.  Abbey was steadily being aroused.  I reached over and forced her legs open.  I delved into her pussy and found it to be hot and very moist. 

When David felt she was in the right level of sexual arousal he produced two spring loaded clamps.  The clamps were connected with a small gold weight chain.  When they were applied to Abbey’s nipples, the chain was short enough to cause a constant tension between the clamps, thus increasing the discomfort level on the nipples.  I watched her torment with erotic fascination.

Abbey gasped as her nipples were clamped.  After installing the nipple clamps, David grasped her left breast.  As he fondled that breast he put pressure on that clamped nipple.  The short chain pulled on the other clamped nipple.  This was a devilishly clever device.  It was obvious that Abbey saw the genius of the connected clamps.  She gently moaned and bit her lip as she looked down at her clamped nipples and the connecting chain.  She looked at me with a look of excitement and mild confusion.  She was being tormented by a stranger, and could do nothing about it.  David then grasped the clamp on her left nipple.  He pulled and twisted it, causing considerable pain in that breast.  Her right nipple was being tormented also.  Even if he just wanted to gently fondle a breast with the chained clamp on its nipple, the other breast, and nipple, was being pulled and tormented.  Very clever.

“Abbey, I am going to kiss you.  You are to ignore your nipples.  Ignore what I am doing to them, and kiss me as passionately as you can, and for as long as I want.  Do you understand?” David ordered.

With the pain registered on her pretty face, she replied, “Yessir, I understand.”

David kissed her open mouth.  As he was doing so, he was twisting her breasts and nipples, even harder.  Abbey was a trooper.  She did as she was told.  David broke the kiss.

“Abbey, kiss me again, and ignore your tits!”

Abbey leaned forward and again started to kiss David.  He raised his hand and slapped her left tit, and quickly slapped the right one.  I could see Abbey flinch, but she continued to kiss David.  Again he broke the kiss.

“Abbey, I want you to push your tits out further.  Stick them out as far as you can.  Make it easier for me to slap them.  Kiss me again as you do that.  Do you understand?”

She whispered, “Yessir, I understand.”

Abbey pushed her breasts out, offering them to David.  Again she kissed him passionately.  David slapped the offered breasts again, only this time it was harder.  After the third slap, Abbey flinched, and on the fourth slap she jerked her body back, nearly breaking the kiss with David.

“Slave,” David said, chastising her in a low deliberate voice, “you disobeyed me.  I told you to hold your tits out so I could slap them!”

Abbey tearfully replied, “I’m sorry, Sir.  It hurt so much.”

More sternly, David replied, “That doesn’t concern me.  I wanted to kiss you while I slapped your tits.  You have beautiful tits, and I want to slap them.  They beg to be slapped.  As a slave it is your responsibility to obey me and do what I say.   There should never be an excuse.”

David made Abbey stand up, and then kneel between his legs.  Her tear-stained face was about two inches from David’s cock.  He leaned down and again fondled her clamped breasts as he kissed her.  Abbey sat still and endured the torment.

“Abbey, you failed to obey.  You have disappointed me and your Master.  To make me feel better about you, you need to suck my cock,” David ordered.

Without uttering another word, Abbey leaned forward and kissed David’s cock.  After licking it with her soft pink tongue for a moment, she slipped her lips over the heated head of his cock.  A tear or two splashed onto his heated cock.  She went to work on him, sucking him as best she knew how.  Her husband and David Rayne had expressed disappointment her.  She wanted to please David, and make Jim proud of her.

David reached down, and hooked his finger on the chain which connected the nipple clamps.  He jerked on the chain and issued an order to Abbey.

“Suck a little harder, little slave.  Make me feel it.”  Abbey increased her effort.

As his cock was being sucked, David turned to me with a lust laden voice and said, “She is magnificent, but needs a lot of training.  You need to have someone teach her how to be a good sex slave.  It is not good for a husband to train a wife.  You love her, there will always be some reservation about how much pain to administer, how much torture to make her endure.  A third party, a qualified sex slave trainer, could make her into a much better slave, bringing you untold pleasure, and satisfaction for her.”

I nodded my head, indicating that I understood, and basically agreed with him.  The conversation ended for a while as Abbey’s sucking techniques were getting to David.  He lay back on the couch tugging on the nipple clamps, as he enjoyed her sweet warm mouth.  As he was about to cum, he stopped her, and pulled his cock from her mouth.  With both of his hands, he held her pretty face spoke to her.

“Abbey, I want you to move over to your husband and master.  Kneel before him, and suck his cock.  There will be a difference, however.  I want you to rest your shoulders on his knees, holding yourself up that way, and kneel with your ass raised so I can fuck you.  Do you understand?”

Quietly, Abbey uttered, “Yessir.”

Abbey did as she was told.  Moving in front of me, she knelt as directed and was soon sucking my rigid cock.  Her beautiful full breasts were hanging down, available for whatever David wanted to do with them.  Her nipples were still wearing those beastly clamps.  David eased down behind Abbey, and pushed his rigid, well-sucked cock into her pussy, ramming it all the way to his balls.  Abby groaned as his rampant phallus invaded her steaming cunt.  Even though she had been painfully abused, she was aroused by her predicament.  She started to move her hips, pushing her cunt back onto David’s cock, as she vigorously sucked my cock.  He then reached down and grasped both her clamped breasts.  Using them as erotic handles, David started to fuck her vigorously.

After what I had just witnessed between David and Abbey, I was ready.  In a moment or two, I was shooting hot jets of cum into Abbey’s willing mouth.  I had just observed a fantastically erotic scene, the type of thing that most men only dream about, or see in a pornographic movie.  David just kept fucking her as she kept draining my cock, using her tongue to clean it.

Even with the pain David was inflicting on her breasts, in a matter of a minute or two, Abbey was cumming.  David continued to savagely fuck her and torment her breasts.  Soon, even David Rayne could not handle the pressure and experienced an explosive climax in Abbey’s heated pussy.  He rammed his cock into her a few more times, then collapsed onto her back and bound hands and arms, still humping her soaking pussy.  My flagging cock was still in Abbey’s mouth.  He moved his hands away from her tortured breasts.  Both Abbey and David were slow in coming down from their sexual high.  The painful clamps remained in place.

Finally, David raised himself up on his knees and started to move his flagging cock in her cunt again.  As he did so, he reached down and removed the chained clamps from her nipples.  Abbey gasped and issued a deep groan of pain, gritting her teeth as she felt the clamps being removed from her breasts.  The pain of removal was much worse than the wearing of the clamps.

David lay her on the floor and put a pillow from the couch under her head.  Abbey was exhausted and relished the respite.  She had been tormented and soundly fucked by a man other that her husband, and sucked two hard cocks.  This was both physically and emotionally draining.  She lay where David had placed her.  She was helplessly beautiful lying there on the floor.  She had been tormented, and soundly fucked.  She welcomed the rest, yet, she was sexually sated.  She lay there with her pretty blue eyes closed, and could hear what the two men were talking about.  David had sat down beside me and spoke.

“Jim, she is wonderful.  She is a fantastically beautiful slave.  If you want to fully enjoy what you have, however, you should have someone train her.  She will be more secure in her role as your slave, and she will be the pleasure and treasure of your life.  I know of a good man for this type of thing.  If you wish, I‘ll give you his name.  He trained my Carol.”

“You’re right, David.  I cannot agree more.  Let me have his name and number.  I will have to think about it.  It is something for me to consider.”

I sat there looking down at Abbey, and my cock was still erect.  I spoke to Abbey.

“Abbey, you have satisfied David. I am very proud of you.  You are magnificent.”  She turned her head towards me, and beamed a tired, yet satisfied smile at me. 

After some more conversation between David and myself over a glass of Cabernet, it was time for him to go.  After dressing, he knelt down on the floor, next to Abbey.  He kissed her.

“You’re a sweet lady, and a sweet slave.  I’m sure Jim is proud of you. I hope I seen you again, very soon.”

Abbey smiled back at him, submissively, and returned his kiss.

I was proud of her.

I helped her off the floor and took her, still bound, to the bedroom where I fucked her to my satisfaction.