Family Birthday Visit and Home For The Holidays
by 60611

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(Sci Fi or Fantasy - whatever you want to call it, there is nothing in this that could possibly be considered real.)

She was a playmate Suzi Simpson look alike: blond gorgeous shapely, and she had been naked since the day her master had bought her.

He didn't want her to ever cover herself. That didn't mean he kept her locked up in some dungeon though, he took her everywhere with him. She followed him around his house, went with him in his car, knelt on the floor of his office, and even walked through parking lots and malls and rock concerts with him, always without a stitch or even a limb covering any part of herself.

After being his slave for six years, on her birthday he allowed her family to come and visit her. They saw where she lived, and how. Her greatest blushes had occurred: (1) when she walked through the parking lot to his car after the action in which he bought her and (2) then at the rock concert when he had cuffed her hands behind her back when she started batting the hands of free persons out of the way after she had been fondled in the crotch more than two hundred times and (3) the day her family came to visit her.

She was sitting on a narrow painful beam, with her feet spread very wide in ankle stocks and her wrists tied to her collar high behind her neck, keeping her posture erect lest her breasts be whipped, when her family arrived. She had been there for two hours, and endured their sympathy as they all tried not to mention her extreme nudity while staring uncontrollably at every aspect of it. They tried to release her ankles to no avail.

They talked about how they'd missed her, while staring at her bare feet and toes, then her legs. They talked about her life today as they stared at her pussy so blatantly exposed between her wide spread legs in the morning sun. They talked about what they were up to, while staring at the redness in her ass and her breasts bare from so many angles. They shooed away flies when they landed on her more private spots. She was thankful they hadn't brought the dog, which always was putting its nose in people's crotches.

After two hours of talking her master let her up, put nipple clips on her breasts and led her using them as a leash to the front, with the family following behind. They watched him fondle her pussy and breasts, inspecting her for his pleasure and checking her wetness and the hardness of her nipples. As she wasn't wet enough they watched her masturbate at her master's command. She lay on the grass with her legs wide, holding her inner labia open so they could see the pink of her vagina, waiting for her master to say start, then she plunged into herself with her fingers.

Now wet, they watched her do one of the chores that her master had liked that year, polishing a smooth wooden pole on the front lawn with her still wet pussy for a couple of hours, sliding up and down and side to side with her legs. Nipple clips were fastened with a chain around a pole keeping her in place (although she would have stayed there anyway if he'd just told her), and her wrists again fastened to her collar high behind her neck.

At lunchtime her master came for her and excused her from her family and took her to his room for a fuck. Then she was returned to the family, unfettered, she knelt, knees wide not covering herself, on the lawn while they sat in lawn chairs above her.

After the picnic, she and another girl were fastened in front of a six-person cart, and the gardener armed with a whip had the barefoot and utterly naked girls pull her family around the scenic estate. When the whip landed on his daughters ass, her father's adrenaline started pumping for war, but realization that this was what his daughter was now held him in check from attacking the gardener, and instead he restrained his wife who had similar if less controlled thoughts.

At 5pm her master informed them she had other chores to do and was no longer available for family visiting, but invited them back next year. When she found out what she was going to obey she was glad they had gone because it would have been bad for them to watch. She wasn't a lesbian or even bi-sexual. She got turned on by men in general or by obedience to her master's voice, but her master had company coming and he wanted her to have lesbian sex for four hours with another slavegirl on one end of the large dining room table. That accomplished, she was to be slowly hung -- not suspended by her wrists or her breasts, but with noose around her neck so that she'd turn purple with her feet twitching as she slowly strangled until unconscious. Being hung always worried her, and she was glad her master did it only about once a year, and even then only because it was all the rage at parties. She was much more stoic this time than she had been the first. He hadn't told her what he was doing, and had started shaking uncontrollably when the soft noose had been placed around her neck, and had thrashed about in blind panic when her toes slowly left the floor.

Home for the Holidays

In her ninth year with her master, he allowed her to see her family in a different way. This time, much to his displeasure he was required to be in a small Arab nation during Christmas and she could not be at his side. Since he had no use for her, rather than chaining her up in one of the solitary cells as he usually did when he left his slavegirls, he asked her if she would like to go home for the holidays. She accepted.

She had to find her own way there, by plane train and bus, and he would pick her up when he returned. She would, as a slave, continue to remain naked throughout Christmas, and was not to allow anyone to cover her under any circumstances. She was allowed to take some liberties, such as initiating conversation, sitting on furniture, and closing her knees in the presence of men, but if push came to shove she would not forget she was just a slave and her life was submission and obedience. For example if she spoke when a free person didn't want her to, in this case her family, she could be whipped. She was certain her parents would give her a lot of leeway though, much more than a slave deserved, in order to let her feel like a daughter instead of a slave. She didn't expect to get whipped even if she spilled blueberry pie on her father, or covered her breasts, or spoke disrespectfully, not that she had any intention of letting herself do such things. Aside from the fact that it was unbecoming of a slave and would reflect badly on her and her master. Her master might ask her about the details of her visit and if she made such a foe pas he would have no compunctions against punishing her for them even if he weren't there to witness them.

Immediately before her journey, her master had had her bound with handcuffs behind her back and her mouth gagged. The handcuffs also held a clear plastic pouch, indicating her destination, and various ticket purchase confirmation numbers. The walk to the public bus was a long one, as her master's estate was outside of the city by quite a ways. She stood alone and unmolested at the edge of the city at the bus stop and waited until the bus arrived. She was grateful that the gag her master had ordered was a travel gag. She often found other gags that kept her teeth apart made her jaws sore whenever she wore them for more than fifteen minutes. This gag, while not altogether comfortable, was easily bearable. She had no complaints; she was a slave and was well used to such restrictions. Too, she was gagged.

She deposited the exact change, the few coins being the only money she carried, into the bus and proceeded to the middle, near the doors, to kneel on the open floor out of the way of others who might soon board the bus she currently shared only with the driver. The bus ride to the train station was a half hour long, and as people boarded she was glanced at, as one might a piece of luggage or other obstacle on the floor to be avoided. Occasionally she was sure she was the recipient of a lingering lustful stare from a few of the men, but being naked and shapely she was used to that. At one point a boy who was scarcely as tall standing as her head with her sitting on her heels as she was came up to her. After a moments looking around he began to flick her nipples from side to side, watching her breasts bounce. She closed her eyes and waited for him to finish. His ministrations were as unwelcome as a fly landing on her breast, and she wished he would leave. It was not up to her to comment on his actions, or to resist the attentions of a free person in any way, and so she tried her best to ignore him, which for trivial incidents like this was usually her best course. Shortly thereafter the boy's mother appeared from the front of the bus, curious about what had attracted the attention of her son and had quickly pulled him away from her. The woman went behind her, and checking the travel tag convinced herself that all was in order and ushered her son back to the seats near the front, out of direct line of sight of the nude slavegirl.

The train ride was similar, having found an out of the way patch of open floor she knelt upon it for her traveling. She had been concerned that she might miss the train because while waiting in line for tickets people kept butting into the line in front of her. For hours she was the last person in line. Only when she was the only person in the line was she served. It was awkward to raise her hands behind her back through the tiny window atop the ticket booth's breast high counter. But she had stood there, facing out into the main open body of the train station while the man read her confirmation numbers from her wrists. She watched, her back to him, with her head turned to the side as far as it would go, as he placed the train ticket into her hand. She turned to face him, knelt, placed her forehead to the floor once, then stood and walked quickly toward the train and boarded.

At the airport she was three hours early, and the counter manned and the lineup non existent and she had no troubles or delay. She was assigned a seat without having the traditional consultation of 'window or aisle'. She had been curious if she would have to travel as luggage. She'd heard that being transported that way was uncomfortable, noisy, and cold, and was much thankful that her passage would be in the comfort and relative warmth of the cabin, and in a seat. She was told that it was an FAA regulation that she could not kneel in the aisle, since in the event of a crash her body could become a projectile that might kill someone. Her handcuffs set off the metal detector and she was given a full body cavity search before she was allowed to proceed. She boarded first, with the pregnant and handicapped that required assistance, and sat in the back row beside another naked slavegirl who occupied the seat next to her. Thin plastic had been placed as seat covers, as a hygienic precaution for future travelers. The stewardess put each of their seat belts on them. They were informed, which she thought was a great courtesy, that they would not be unbuckled during the trip for any reason whatsoever. Nor would they be given food or drink, or earphones for the in flight movie. In the event of a crash they would be left to burn. It was not necessary to be said that they were expected to sit there and be quiet and not cause any commotion or trouble.

Sometime after takeoff passengers began queuing for the washroom. She and the naked slave beside her slid their hips as far forward as the seat belts would allow, and spread their knees. She did not look up at the men because she kept her eyes submissively at the floor between her bare feet. However she assumed that at least a few were enjoying the sight of her bared charms while they waited their turn at the toilet. The men made no comments about them, nor were they touched. She had not expected to be touched. It was considered uncivilized behavior, much like touching another person's luggage or property, the owner might take offence or theft defense if it was done in any manor other than by accident or necessity. The displaying of her body when under the regard of men had long been automatic to her and she gave it no thought. Although, she reflected, that had she not done so undoubtedly someone would have informed the stewardess of their concern that she was an untrained slave, and as such unfit to travel unescorted and perhaps even dangerous. An improvised hood made of a towel and belt or string would be placed over her head to blind her and make her more defenseless, while inquiries were made to her master. Perhaps he would be told not to ever send an untrained slave on their airline again, or worse that he was to be fined or sued. She had no wish whatsoever to have her master receive such a call. She might be her master's favorite but any master would have her beaten within an inch of her life after a call like that. New slaves were given some latitude and grace, but experienced slavegirls were given none, at least not for failures made in the public eye. Her torture would be legendary. Even if she survived, her wounds might reduce her beauty to the point where her master might have her put down. She kept her knees widely spread the entire flight. It didn't bother her to do so, or to be watched; she'd been doing it for years. She occupied her time wondering what her master might be up to, and remembering her youth and her family.

When the movie started she watched, her master had said she could take some liberties. Without sound she missed many of the jokes that she heard the audience giggling at. The plot seemed simple enough. A young woman's mother had died leaving her the family restaurant, but she didn't do anything when the bad men came to the neighborhood and in desperation she made a bad business deal and found herself a debtor slut and was put at auction. She noticed, that although the primary character found herself fully naked, she was not beaten prior to sale, no doubt because this was a PG14 movie. At this point a fairy godmother appeared only to the audience without revealing herself to anyone even the primary character, and thrust the hand of an unsuspecting man up at the appropriate moment in the auction and he discovered he had bought her. Then, much to his surprise, and due to the many meddling efforts of the fairy godmother, he discovered in her that he had purchased a dream, and the two of them fell much in love and he gave her not only freedom but also a new restaurant, and they lived happily ever after. Clothed at the beginning and end of the film, the actress had been clearly nude for the middle hour. Throughout that hour, although many times her back ass and legs were shown as she walked away, and her bare breasts from the front or side, the actress never once had her pubic triangle shown. She wondered if the film had been edited for airplane viewers, or if the director had avoided such a common part of a slavegirl's existence for the sake of making it easier for the audience to fall in love with the man of the story. She thought the whole film was terribly simplistic. Slavegirls who did not have an innate desire to please their masters did not last long, or in her from her conversations with other slavegirls ever come to enjoy their masters.

When the plane touched down and then parked, she waited while the passengers completely deplaned. It was only the flight crew and the two slaves on board when they were released. She followed the signs to arrivals, and after clearing the last of the doors she saw the face of her brother waiting for her. In case she had not seen him he waved, an action she could not reciprocate. He removed her gag, and then the keys her master had mailed to her family were used to relieve her of her handcuffs. She hugged him forcefully, glad to be home. He hugged her very lightly the way one might hug a porcupine. She could tell he was ill at ease having his sister naked in a crowded airport and perhaps offering his jacket, he mouthed the word 'clothes?'. In frantic but short lived fear she instantly twitched her head 'no', grateful that he had not spoken the question aloud and thus embarrassed them both, perhaps calling the attention of the authorities. He nodded, accepting the situation and produced from his pocket a leather collar and leash. She knelt and he fastened them around her neck.

She asked "Master, shall I crawl or walk?" It was tradition to call any man who controlled her 'Master'. Crawling beside her owner through the wall to wall carpeted hallways of her owner's home was something she was well used to and often enjoyed, but longer distances over hard surfaces she much preferred walking. With her owner she might have shaken her breasts to please him while he considered, but with her brother she suspected that might have the opposite effect. That her brother might be embarrassed and order her to crawl to get even. She kept her chest still. Her brother took this question in stride and said "walk". It wasn't until the privacy of the family car for the trip home that the two of them broke into comfortable conversation, mostly small talk, but she was much contented.

So here she was, Christmas day at noon, sitting naked on the couch, surrounded by her family. Her mother and sister had checked her body out once, sort of checking her health and the competition, but hadn't looked below her neck in any way she noticed since she arrived. Her father did pretty well, checking her out about once every six hours, the rest of the time he controlled his eyes and his attention to her head only. She didn't know it but her father considered having an incestuous relationship with his daughters about once a month, and even raping women on the street, but although plagued by temptation he was a decent man who loved his daughters and would never let them think he thought in that way about them or other women. Her brother's attention was almost the opposite, he stared at her breasts and pussy almost all the time, looking at her face about once every six hours, and ignoring a hard swat to the back of his head from his mother about every two.

She loved being back with her family, even though she was naked, and even though no one mentioned that she, having nothing but her body, couldn't give them any presents. All she could give was sex and that wasn't appropriate. Her family had been careful only to give her presents she could eat because as a slave she couldn't own anything or take anything back with her. She was still embarrassed at being naked in front of her family, her parents and brother and sister and various aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and grandparents and so on who came by or whom they visited during the holiday week, but she did not cover herself. Except to close her legs as her master had given her permission to do, and to push the dog away from her crotch as her mother had given her permission to do. She tried to conduct herself as if she were clothed: greeting guests at the door and waving goodbye to them. The forewarned guests did their best to take her nudity in stride, and complemented her on how pretty her breasts were.

The official family portrait had her standing in back, tastefully wearing the shoulders of her brother and sister in front of her at the level of her nipples, covering her full frontal nudity, but still showing her bare legs and bare feet and a lot of cleavage. The Christmas family video however was more explicit, filming her getting the good glasses from another room and carrying them two at a time to the dining table and setting them up, and sitting opening her Christmas presents and helping to distribute them from under the tree. Reading their names from the tags were the first writing she had seen in years, as all she ever saw in her stable and master's home were things without labels or signs.

On the day after Christmas she asked her brother to take her around town to see the old haunts. Since she was a slave she was required to be leashed in this town, so he took the dog collar and leash off the dog and put it on her neck instead and led his naked sister around. She surmised that this was where he had gotten the leash he had placed on her in the airport. Although her brother was really serving her, when in public slavegirls are seen and not heard, so in order to attract the least amount of attention to herself she followed behind him without speaking the entire day, smiling in greeting to the occasional kneeling naked slavegirl chained in front of a storefront waiting for her owner to finish shopping.

When they stopped for lunch a couple of his friends were there. Old friends who recognized her. She knelt by his side with her knees wide just out of habit without concern for their eyes wandering over her nakedness, eating bits of his food from his fingers. She knew her brother would stand between her and harm, and even give his life to protect her if need be from anyone except her master (whom her brother would regard as having a superior claim to her). Nevertheless she also felt he was getting a bit of a charge out of showing off his sister to his friends like this, submissive naked obedient silent exhibitionist and pretty. Although his friends asked, and being a slave she would have if ordered, her brother wouldn't let them fuck her, or even fondle her tits. He didn't even make her spread her cunt lips for their inspection, but finally bowing to waves of peer pressure and suggestions he told her to shake her very ample tits for them. As they were leaving one of his friends reached out a hand to touch her ass as they passed, and her brother stepped between them blocking the feel with his own body. As a slave being touched is something she's specifically not allowed to resist, and she was well used to being touched without her permission, but she appreciated her brother's intervention just the same.

They walked the long way home after lunch and then she took a bath and massaged her sore feet. She'd enjoyed herself, seeing familiar places had brought back fond memories, and she'd enjoyed being with her brother who was now old enough that he was likely to move out soon, she was glad that she had experienced him at this time in his life.

On January 3 her master came by for dinner with her family. He arrived at 4pm and left at 8pm for an evening meeting with some business contacts in the area. She was to be ready to be picked up at 9am the next morning. The 6pm dinner had gone well, and her younger sister was very impressed, even enamored by him.

She and her sister spent most of the night talking about their lives. About a slavegirls sex life, submission, nudity, and freedom from responsibility and decisions about anything, past present and future.

Her sister expressed a little jealousy at the way her slave sister's life seemed so ordered. The sister was having a hard time at school and considered taking the plunge into slavery herself.

The slave girl had mixed emotions about this. Certainly she had never been happier in her life, but as her sister as a little young yet to be making that decision. By the time they went to sleep, she had extracted a promise from her sister to wait until she finished school before making that decision.

At 9am the following morning, she was ready to be picked up by her Master as ordered. Her family had put her back in her travelling bondage not knowing what else to do with her, and the naked girl waited on her knees, hands bound behind her, gag in her mouth.

All her goodbyes hand been said and the family watched from in the house as she waited for her Master. Soon his Limo drew to a stop next tot he curb, the door opened, and she was ordered inside. Without looking back she entered the vehicle and her Master's embrace. Before the car started moving again, he had clipped a chain to her wrist cuffs and began examining his property.

He asked her if she had had a good time and she nodded, lost in the touch of his hands on her helpess body. Her Master smiled and eventually settled back into his seat, his fingers buried within her.

As they drove away, the naked slave girl reflected on her trip and her family, happy for the experiance the how lucky she was to have such a kind and thoughtful Master.

Not every Master would let their slaves go home for the holidays!