NB: This is an read-only archive of the Writings of Leviticus, taken in 2018, shortly before the previous host for the site went offline, some years after Zack, the maintainer of this site, passed away. It was taken with the consent of a friend of Zack who had credentials for the site and did not want to see all of this wonderful content lost, and passed to us at Gromet's Plaza in the hope we could give it a home.

We did not want to see these wonderful kinky stories lost to posterity, so the archive you see here is, with a few small exceptions, exactly as the site was shortly before its demise. We claim no copyright over any of the works here, and should any of the original authors wish their stories to be removed we will comply, simply email us.

We do not wish to profit from this work, it is provided for the benefit of the readership, so banner ads and affiliates have been removed, and this page is the only one which links back to the Plaza. We have corrected a few internal links so that they do not point back to the old hosting for the site. And lastly, we have removed the section of the index page that invites authors to submit new work; there will be no additions to this site.

The Writings of Leviticus
A site of Bondage, Domination, and Enforced Nudity.

This is a story site dedicated to adult tastes, and should not be viewed by anyone under 18 years of age.  So if that is you, go away!
Adult themes are not only represented but lavishly described by our very talented writers, but what we DON'T allow on this site are stories of Bestiality, Incest or Child Porn. 
You won't find gratuitous sex stories here where all the characters do is F**K and whip each other.  What you will find are carefully crafted stories with well written plot lines and characters you can believe in, for there IS such a thing as quality writing in this genre!
So, if we aren't what you are looking for, GO AWAY, we don't need you.  But if you looking for something unavailable to 90% of the adult net, pride and quality, then come on in!